Friday, August 04, 2006

Hormone Overdose

Bonnie dances as loud music rocks the room. There is a loud knock at the door. Kate comes in and tells her the TV is too loud. Bonnie says she was trying to distract herself. She offers Kate a drink.

"No," says Kate, "I don't want a drink."

Bonnie says, "My recommendation is scotch... rocks. Because after I fill you in on the disaster our kids' marriages have become, you're going to need it."

Mimi says she saw Belle and Shawn kissing. She lectures Shawn on honesty. Shawn agrees they should get everything out in the open. Mimi starts by quoting Belle's diary. Belle stares in disbelief.

Kayla pouts in the pub. Stephanie comes in and sees her. Kayla asks if Stephanie was having trouble sleeping. "No," says Stephanie, "it's love." Kayla is drowning her sorrows in Grandma Caroline's chocolate heartbreak cake. It's not helping.

"Does being in love always hurt this much," says Kayla.

"It doesn't have to," says Kayla, "But I'm afraid it does seem to be part of the deal."

Patch slams a longneck onto the counter. Della sashays over to him and asks, "Drowning your sorrows huh, how's that working out?"

"It's not," growls Patch.

"Why don't we go home," says she asks.

"If I can just figure out where that is," he says.

Lucas hugs Sami and tells her he's with Carrie for the long haul. Austin and Carrie show up holding a sack. EJ comes in and takes it from him, "Ahhh... My favorite – pastries."

Austin says he couldn't sleep and thought they needed something for the morning.

"You were at the bakery," asks Lucas.

"Wherever I was, something was cookin' ," Says Austin.

"Where were you, Carrie," asks Sami.

Carrie says she was on the balcony and the fire escape. Lucas says he was worried about her. He's glad she's OK.

They pass the pastries around. EJ talks about how romantic Paris is. Lucas suggests he and Carrie should go there.

Sami thinks she and Austin could do that too. EJ can suggest some places to go. He'll start planning for them "tout de suite."

Bonnie and Kate drink. Bonnie unloads the big one, "Belle is having Shawn's baby and Phillip got Mimi pregnant at the same time." That got Kate's attention. Bonnie fills Kate in on the IVF SNAFU. Kate can't believe Phillip didn't say anything to her.

Bonnie says, "Phillip probably wasn't comfortable about that and, besides, he wasn't very talkative while they were scraping him out of Max' racecar." Kate asks for another scotch.

"More scotch and more bad news," says Bonnie, "Earlier tonight Mimi saw Belle's diary. Belle still wants to be with Shawn."

"That little witch," says Kate.

"I'd change the 'w' to a 'b' or something worse," says Bonnie.

Kate says, "We're going to stop her before she can get started. This is war."

Mimi is ready to explode, "Did I read right Belle?"

Belle is shocked, "I can't believe you read my diary."

Mimi's on a roll, "You don't get to be indignant with me. Wanting someone's husband trumps reading a diary. I just went to read my email, and the diary came up on your computer for all the world to see. And what's more, I'd do it again. You said you still love Shawn. Really nice, Belle. What a good friend you are."

Shawn tries to calm her down. He'd have more luck stopping a locomotive with his bare hands.

"SHUT UP," says Mimi. "I came in here and found you kissing Belle!" She trains her artillery on Belle, "Do you not care who you hurt? I want you to finally admit to my face you are still in love with my husband." Belle stares.

Kayla and Stephanie decide to be two girls who are unlucky in love. Stephanie says, "He's gotta come back, Mom."

"I don't know," says Kayla.

Stephanie turns on the radio, "If your heart comes out tonight" plays. She remembers this song. Kayla says it's Patch's favorite song.

Della tells Patch, "Cincinnati is your home. And when it's time for bed you know just where you belong."

"Yeah," says Patch, "That's my life. It just doesn't feel real anymore. I miss her. She's only been gone a couple hours and I miss her."

"That's amazing," says Della.

"What," asks Patch, "That I miss her so soon?"

"No," says Della, "That you can leave this bar, drive to the airport, check your bags, get through security fly to Salem, get your bags, drive to the pub and spend half the night pouting in just two hours."

The group finishes the Danish buns. EJ and Austin talk. Austin thanks him for keeping his mouth shut. Austin says, "I just want you to know, I am the one who initiated it."

EJ says, "I'm friends with all of you. What would I achieve by saying anything. You don't need to be grateful. There is a purely selfish reason for me keeping my mouth shut."

Sami and Carrie talk. Sami thinks Carrie's situation is unfair. She knows Carrie wanted the baby. Carrie thinks Sami has turned out to be a great mom. Sami can't believe how things worked out, "You and Lucas are married and happy and me and Austin are engaged... You know, you are Will's step mom now. He will need you."

Carrie sighs, "Will is almost grown up. And I was already his aunt. Now knowing I can' never have children... "

"I'm sorry," says Sami, "I wish there was something I could do to help make you feel better."

"No need," says Carrie, "Austin already took care of that."

Bonnie tells Kate Mimi went to the hospital to confront the two-timers.

Kate takes a step back, "Bonnie... Do we really know Shawn is open to Belle making advances to him?"

Bonnie says, "Are we watching the same channel here? Belle is pregnant with Shawn's baby. Shawn wants kids, loves kids, mentally is a kid, and Belle will use this pregnancy and milk it for all it's worth. And I am gonna make her pay so bad..."

Kate calms her down. Bonnie wonders where Phillip is, "He knows he shouldn't be away this long. Doesn't he know who he is married to – BELLE!"

That was Phillip's cue. He walks in and asks, "Is there a party going on here I don't know about?" Kate asks him about the wreck. He tells them he is fine and wonders what they are doing here. "Do you know what time it is," asks Phillip.

"Time for some people to wise up," says Bonnie, "Or maybe it's time for me to get up and get going."

"No," says Phillip, "Will someone tell me what's going on?"

Mimi rants, "I saw this coming but poor Phillip had to have it shoved in his face, along with the windshield of Max' car. Just what a war hero with one leg and no brain needs, huh? You still love Shawn and now that you can't have him you've decided you want him back. Admit it."

Shawn tries to calm her down. Fat chance.

Shawn says in a very deliberate measured tone, "Dear... you walked in on me and Belle..."

Mimi nukes, "KISSING! I WALKED IN ON YOU KISSING! What explanation could there be for that – Kissing is good for the baby?" She turns to Belle, "Look me in the eye and tell me that you are still in love with my husband."

Belle is delighted to comply, "YES-I-AM! I will probably always be in love with Shawn."

Kayla turns the radio off. She says to Stephanie, "Patch was so much fun. You were cheated out of a lot of things." Stephanie says at least she got to see him. Kayla decides she has to move on.

Patch fiddles with the jukebox. "If your heart comes out tonight" plays.

Della wonders, "Why are you playing that crap song? My Nick would never play music like this. I've never heard this song before."

Patch explodes, "It's on the juke box, Della."

"No one has ever played it before," says Della, "You really like this tune."

"It seems like I've heard it before," says Patch.

"I guess you're remembering your past then," says Della.

Patch says, "Look, Kayla..."

Della's heart sinks, "What did you just call me? I've lost you haven't I? Are you saying goodbye Nick? Or is it Steve now?"

Bonnie claims she is just there watching the baby. Kate tells Phillip Belle is at the hospital. Look out, hospital, the Marines are on the way.

"Nice job, baby," says Bonnie.

"That couldn't have gone better if we had planned it," says Kate.

Bonnie says, "Let's just hope Mimi reads Belle the riot act."

The riot act definitely continues at the hospital. Belle isn't ashamed of her love. She reminds Mimi she and Shawn were a committed couple for a long time.

Mimi goes apoplectic, "Yes, but now you are married to Phillip. Did you miss the part in the wedding ceremony about forsaking all others and cleaving unto Phillip because when I walked in you were cleaving unto Shawn!"

Belle pulls her defense out of the bag, "When I wrote that in the diary I was taking hormones. Right after I wrote that I called my doctor. I knew my feelings were wrong. It was reminding me of my PPD and it scared me to death. The only way I felt like I could control it was to write it down. It thought it was private."

Mimi turns sarcastic, "I shoulda known it wasn't your fault. But nothing ever is, is it? So this thing you have for my husband is just a hormone overdose? Is that why you were kissing Shawn? Are you going to blame that on the hormones too? Don't lie to me and don't try to explain. I saw you kissing. Both of you seemed to be enjoying it."

Belle whines, "You have to let me explain. That's not what it meant."

"How stupid do you think I am," asks Mimi.

Belle invokes her fifth-amendment privileges on that one, "When there is a life inside of you... you want it to live. I was terrified. The cramps started to go away and I grabbed Shawn out of happiness. It didn't mean what you think. Shawn was as surprised as you are. I was surprised too."

Mimi turns to Shawn, "Is that how it happened?"

"Yeah," says Shawn, "That kiss wasn't out of love. You are my wife and I love everything about you. You changed my life. I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together. So what you walked in on is nothing you have to be worried about. I love you completely."

Belle cries, "That was wonderful, Shawn. You sure can shovel the BS when you have to."

Stephanie thought when she met the right guy everything else would be easy. She won't tell Kayla who the guy is, though. She's going to keep her mystery man a secret until she figures out what to do or gives up. Kayla thinks maybe this guy isn't the one. Stephanie assures her, "He is."

"Your father is the only one for me," says Kayla, "But if it's not meant to be, I'm not going to stay locked up. I'm not giving up, but I am going to be happy again. And you will too, if not with this guy with someone else who is right for you."

Stephanie wonders, "Where is this other guy?"

"He will find you," says Kayla, "Why don't you try to go up and get some sleep?"

"I love you."

"I love you more."

Stephanie goes upstairs. Kayla turns the radio back on. The same song plays. It's a low-budget station.

Kate thinks there is just one thing that doesn't make sense, "Two eggs fertilized. The hospital mixed it up. What are the chances of that being an accident?"

"I'm an odds expert," says Bonnie, "I'd say zero."

"I think you are right, Bonnie," says Kate, "What if it wasn't a mix-up? What if someone did it on purpose?"

Bonnie asks, "Why?"

Kate says, "To hurt our children."

Mimi says she wants to believe Shawn. Phillip rushes in. Belle assures him everything is OK. He tells her his new leg is OK. Phillip senses something is wrong. He asks what's up, "Meems, you wanna tell me what's going on?"

The music plays. Kayla sees Patch at the door. She opens it. "I'm glad you're up," says Patch, "Can I come in?"

"Why are you here," asks Kayla, "I thought I... must be dreaming."

"You probably are," says Patch, "Listen, I still don't remember, but you got to me, Kayla. You weren't gone more than a couple minutes when I realized I couldn’t let you get away. I want you... if you'll give me a chance."

She shushes him. Kiss. Stephanie comes down and sees and smiles.


Lucas thanks Sami for her support. He's glad Carrie and her are getting along.

Austin tells EJ, "It's so hard. Everyone warned me I would break Sami's heart. She thinks she needs to be a better person for me. I really do care for her."

EJ asks, "But she's not Carrie, is she?"

"No," says Austin, "What am I gonna do?"

Lucas' cell phone rings. He turns to Carrie, I really have to take this. You are married to a very important man, with delusions of grandeur."

Austin goes over to Carrie, "We've gotta talk."

"Yeah, we do," says Carrie, "I'm sorry. I can't do this. What happened can't ever happen again – until the mood hits me."

Carrie goes over and gives Lucas a little peck on the shoulder. Carrie stands by her man as he talks on the phone.

Sami tells EJ she can't ruin that. She tells EJ Carrie and Austin had a difficult marriage, "But it's different now. We're all going to be happy." She admires her ring, "Austin gave this ring to me because he loves me and wants to marry me. I'm not going to ruin everyone's happiness by telling Austin the truth..." She lowers her voice to a whisper, "about my little secret."

"What about the letter writer," asks EJ.

"Maybe they'll stop when I'm married," says Sami, "I have this under control. She goes over and hugs Austin. Carrie and Lucas hug. EJ watches the hug fest and shakes his head. FF EJ.


Bo tells Patch, "I've got a little concern about you getting your memory back. You might want to kill me."

Sami tells EJ, "I am not gonna lose Austin. I don't care what it takes, or what I have to do."

Austin tells Carrie, "You've got no business being with my brother. You don't love him."

Mimi tells Belle, "There is one thing you will never have for the rest of your life and that is my husband."

Phillip tells Shawn, "You and Belle have the baby you've always used to dream about and I think maybe somebody did it on purpose."


Anonymous GBB said...

Sooo... there's a wormhole between Salem and Cinci?

6:31 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Yeah, my question, too. As Prevuze noted, not only did Kayla do all of that in a couple of hours but Patch got from Cincinnati to Salem while the song was still playing. What is Kayla listening to, the 24 hour "If Your Heart Comes Out Tonight" station??

Everything that comes out of Belle's mouth is total BS. I wish the next time she spouts off to someone about the baby being a sign she and Jr. belong together that person would just ask so what is Claire?

Excellent Prevuze as always. (Altho I think you made the brat just a tad too fat! HAHAHAHAHA)

6:50 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Sooo... there's a wormhole between Salem and Cinci?"

I don't know about that but there are enough worms in Salem to open a bait and tackle superstore.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

says Carrie, "I'm sorry. I can't do this. What happened can't ever happen again...

Is Carrie recycling Lexie's old scripts now too?

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mimi is such a snot. The only lies she thinks are wrong are the ones she doesnt tell.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous elisa said...

Damn Couple love songs!!!! that Patch / Kayla song is gonna be like Stand By me for jen and frankie...i will have to sap through channels because that is just to cheesy to watch.

and mimi, aside of the "truth/supposition/speculation" that she is not telling, i can't wait for her to just rant over belle and tell her everything including what she is gonna die of. i'm just sick and tired of belle playing the sick-puppy beheaded-lamb's-eyes like she was the center of the makes me gag, i just HATE that foursome.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

in all fairness it could be like 2 in the morning, no?

10:46 AM  

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