Thursday, June 29, 2006

Sami Nukes Salem

Shawn looks at Mimi's rings. He paces and remembers their argument. Bonnie arrives. Shawn tells her Mimi has locked herself in the bedroom bawling. She asked him for a divorce and threw her rings in his face. Bonnie says she will try to patch things up.

Another knock. Belle and Phillip invite Shawn and Mimi to breakfast. Shawn says he can't. Meanwhile, Bonnie pounds and yells. Mimi opens the door. Bonnie comes in and sees suitcases. Mimi tells her she's leaving. Bonnie tells her Shawn is desperate for her to stay. That's why he called the cavalry – Bonnie. Bonnie says, "Belle is just waiting for you to lose your nerve and you are not gonna give her the satisfaction."

Mimi says, "Mom, it is over. I have finally lost him."

Sami works on breakfast. She has a book propped up in front of her, "Make Him Beg For More." Austin walks in and says something smells great. Will tackles him. Sami says she is making breakfast for her monkeys. Lucas walks in. He smells things and loves it until he finds out Sami is the cook. He thinks Sami is just full of surprises. First the thing with Lexie and now she is actually cooking an edible meal. Everyone is soooo happy because of the way things turned out for Sami. Lucas says he is the happiest he will ever be marrying the woman of his dreams.

The aforementioned woman meets Kate, Roman and Caroline at the pub to plan her wedding. They sit down for breakfast.

Patch and Kayla are having breakfast. Patch tells her they need to have a serious talk.

It's a breakfast-a-thon as Max and Frankie have breakfast, too, and talk about Frankie's situation. Frankie couldn't let Jack go back to the hospice. He's where he belongs.

"Until he kicks the bucket," says the ever-sensitive Max. He sees Abby and the brat come in. Frankie asks if he is back together with Chelsea.

Abby thinks the way Max was looking at the brat was cute. She wants to know what she decided about them being exclusive.

"I'm saying no," says the brat.

Sami fixes fresh squeezed orange juice. She puts a tiny bit in each glass and passes it out. Will wants some from the fridge, but Austin signals for him to drink what he has. He takes a gulp and then leaves to take a shower. Austin goes to make some calls. Sami and Lucas. Lucas wants to talk. He tells her he owes her an apology for misjudging her. He thought she was hiding something. But she was just trying to protect Abe. He knows Lexie wants to bring Sami down. That's how he knew she was telling the truth, "I don't know if you'll forgive me for blaming you without knowing all the facts."

Roman is thrilled for Carrie. "Even if I'm the mother-in-law," asks Kate.

Lexie comes into the pub. Caroline asks if Abe will be joining her. No. Lexie asks to talk to Roman. That got Kate's attention.

Outside, Lexie tells Roman she can't believe she risked everything. Abe won't even talk to her. She asks if Roman could be a go-between.

Kate says she still thinks Lexie has something on Sami. She wonders why she won't spill the beans.

Patch liked Kayla's kiss, but it brought back no sudden memories. He's afraid things will never come back to him. Kayla will settle for things like this – for now. Patch asks, "Why don't you tell me more about the past? Talk to me about Stephanie."

Frankie thinks the brat is playing games. Max the blind idiot thinks Chelsea would never do things like that. He leaves.

The brat tells Abby it's not that she doesn't want to date Max, she just doesn't want to date him right now, "When it comes to handing men, you can never give them what they want when they want it." But she would never play games.

Belle is sorry Shawn and Mimi are going through hard times. Shawn is sorry they overheard his argument with Bo. He said some things he didn't mean. Belle volunteers to talk to Mimi. Shawn tells her Bonnie isn't the most diplomatic person, so that might be a good idea. Belle goes in to help.

Shawn senses something is wrong and asks Phillip, "What's your problem."

Phillip says, "Stay away from Belle."

Mimi tells Bonnie she is wasting her breath. Belle is the love of Shawn's life. How can she keep being his wife after she heard that? "Because you love him," says Bonnie, "Shawn doesn't want this divorce any more than you do. He loves you. He married you. If he had wanted to marry Belle, nothing would have stopped him. The only way he will choose Belle over you is if you hand him over on a silver platter. Do you want him, or are you gonna let Belle take him away from you?"

Belle yells through the door and asks if she can come in. She's Belle, so no need to wait for an answer. She brings water in for Mimi and asks what the suitcase is for. Bonnie says Mimi is just not getting around to putting her winter clothes away. She suggests they should leave and let Mimi get some sleep. They go and Mimi cries.

Shawn thinks it's about time they had this talk. He and Belle were together for a long time. He can't take that back. But Mimi is his wife and his future. Belle is in the past. He respects the fact that Belle is Phillip's wife. The girls come out. Bonnie tells Shawn he shouldn't go in. Shawn asks what Mimi meant when she said she was a fraud.

Bonnie says, "You know how pregnant women are. You're a man. Which means you are in the dark about most things. The IVF situation is making her nuts."

"We didn't need IVF for that," says Shawn.

Mimi interrupts. She apologizes. Bonnie urges her to go get some rest. Mimi tells her she is tired of lying. Not tired enough to tell the truth, though.

Sami says she can forgive Lucas. She thinks they have both changed. Lucas agrees.

Will comes out choking as the apartment fills with smoke. It seems the only thing Sami can use cooking utensils for is slamming people over the head. Forget the fire department – call Homeland Security... Sami nukes Salem. Maybe that book Sami was using actually said, "Make Him Beg For Mercy." They decide they all can go to the pub for breakfast. Sami tells them to go ahead and she will get ready and follow. After they leave, Sami makes a call.

Lexie would be ever grateful if Roman would speak to Abe. Roman agrees. Kate comes out and tells Roman Carrie is ready to leave if he can tear himself away. He goes inside without a word. Kate snaps, "You're welcome... Men! So much more trouble than they are worth." She turns to Lexie, "I'm worried about you, Lexie. I think what Sami did was a whole lot worse than you let on. Why didn't you give it to her between the eyes?"

Lexie gets something in her eye and leaves. Her cell phone rings. Kate answers and pretends she is voice mail. Sami asks why Lexie didn't tell everything.

After Sami hangs up, Kate says, "I'm on to you Sami. Now I just have to find out why Lexie is protecting you."

Max brings Chelsea flowers. The brat is coy. Abby leaves them alone. Max asks if the brat thought about what he said. The brat says she would rather be free to see other people. Too bad for the other people. Max leaves – rejected and dejected. Abby comes back and tells the brat she is too smart for her own good.

Kayla can't wait for Stephanie to see Patch. She can't reach her right now. She's a very busy person. She suggests Patch ask her about things he wants to know about her. Patch asks what she is like. Kayla says she is independent. She shows him pictures. She has a career that Kayla hates and she is sure Patch will hate it, too.

"Please don't tell me she is writing for DOOL," says Patch.


Mimi says she should have done this a long time ago. She hesitates. She apologizes for last night. Shawn tells her she is the only one for him. He takes a knee. He loves her so much. He asks if she will still be his wife. Bonnie urges her on. Mimi agrees. So much for being tired of lying. Shawn puts the rings on her finger. Belle stares, she is interrupted by her phone. She hangs up, "Looks like we have to make a stop on the way to breakfast – the hospital."

Mimi gets a call too. The egg they retrieved for her was a keeper. Everyone cheers.

Lucas, Austin and Will sit with Kate at the pub. Austin asks her to put her negative feelings for Sami aside for one day. Kate says she can do that.

Sami finds Lexie. She tells her she left a message and she wants to know why she didn't out her when she had a chance. Lexie tells her to leave it alone and leaves. Kate watches.

Roman can't wait to walk Carrie down the aisle and get rid of her for good.

The hand stalks.

"Whoa," says Patch, "That is not your typical profession." Kayla says she was upset when Stephanie told her what she wanted to do. "She takes after her papa, huh," asks Patch, "Can I meet her?"

"I'm just having a hard time tracking her down," says Kayla.

The nurse asks Shawn and Phillip to follow her. Belle and Mimi are delighted they will both be moms.

Kayla says Stephanie isn't picking up. She thought she would have called her back by now.

Kate asks Lexie why she is protecting Sami as Sami eavesdrops. She asks who was on the phone back at Sami's apartment. Lexie tells her to mind her own business and leaves.

Kate wonders, "Why are you so scared, Lexie?"

Lucas says he apologized to Sami. Austin is glad he did. He can't wait to marry Carrie.

Carrie tells Roman she got a call from the florist. They got the flowers she wanted, so all she has to do is walk down the aisle with her father.

The boys come back from their 'procedure.' Shawn thanks Mimi. She asks why. He says he was thinking of her the whole time. Smoochies.

The eggs sit in their petri dishes, one labeled "Mimi Brady," and the other labeled "Belle Kiriakis." The Hand switches the lids with the names on them and makes a fist of victory. Pan in on Mimi and Belle.


Austin says, "Tell me the truth. You owe me that much." Carrie says, "You're right. I do."

Lucas has a bag slung over his shoulder, "I'm movin' in." Sami asks, "What? Did you change your mind about marrying Carrie?"

Shawn tells Bo, "After what you did to us, you are going to stay out of Mom's life."

Mimi thinks, "Shawn already has a baby – Claire. Just none of you know it." Phillip and Belle hug in the foreground.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

So many comments, so little space...
LOL @ an hour of DOOL numbing you; Talk to The Hand; Stephanie writing for DOOL.

Thank the Lord it's a new day. I bet Kayla was glad to get out of that heavy satin-looking dress!

Kate answers Lexi's cell phone just as Sami conveeeenient.

But The Hand switching the lids on the petri dishes? How lame can you get! What would be funny is if someone else came in to mess with the samples and unknowingly switched them back.

As an added bonus, the final picture apparently involving Sami didn't come in so I get to look forward to seeing it later in the day. Just when I need a boost.

6:22 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

The Slammin' Sami picture just came in for me - well worth it!!

I see the hospital security is at it again. I'm sure glad I'm not having any kind of procedure being done there.

I must comment on the ridiculousness of Max, a big shot racecar driver with probably his choice of groupies, going after Teen Slut! Puhleeze!

Great Prevuze today, especially loved Jack needing to dull his pain with DOOL. Isn't that what we're all doing?? HAHAHAHAHA

8:35 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Just saw today's show and couldn't tell if Jack was reacting to extreme pain or having a baby. He was doing the same breathing exercises Kayla had been doing in a preceeding flashback about giving birth to Stephanie. HAHAHAHAHA

Or, should I say, he he he he, whoo, whoo, whoo whoo.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami wouldn't know that wasn't really Lexie's voicemail? HUGE eyeroll!!

Also, it kind of made me cringe when Shawn told Mimi he was thinking of her the whole time during his "prodedure." I guess I was just picturing him saying that in front of other people - I really hope he didn't. In private it would be okay though.

12:14 PM  

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