Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You Look Pretty Good For A Dead Man

Kate tells John, "It hurt for me to see Billie in jail."

John can't believe Billie was driving. Kate asks about Marlena. John tells her she's closer to Alex than ever. He can't blame her for being angry, "I really blew it didn't I?"

Marlena asks, "Nurse, when will he be able to leave?"

"As soon as we get the test results," says the nurse, "Then you'll have to make sure he gets plenty of rest."

"I'll do that," says Marlena.

The nurse leaves. She vows to take good care of Alex. Alex asks if Marlena is sure she wants to go back to the penthouse. She is embarrassed she let John make her doubt her love for Alex. John eavesdrops.

Max asks if Abby is going to tell the cops.

Patrick hauls the brat into Roman's office. He wants the truth, "Hit and run doesn't describe the Billie Reed I know, she's more the drunk and disorderly type."

The brat asks, "Who do you think it describes, me?"

Jennifer arrives at Hope's house. Hope sent Maggie, Julie and Alice packing. Jennifer wants to know what Hope is doing with Zach's toys. Hope doesn't know. She doesn't know how she will ever be able to let go. Jennifer comforts. "There is one thing I have to be tough about," says Hope, "To make sure she goes to jail for a long time."

"She? Who?"

"It was Billie who hit Zach," says Hope, "Bo is with her right now."

Bo tells Billie he can't keep the truth from Hope any longer.

"Max," says Abby, "I'm not gonna tell the cops or my mom, but Bo already knows."

"It was his kid who got killed," says Max, "The longer he puts off telling Hope the harder it will be."

"Hopefully Patrick can talk her out of it," says Abby.

Patrick works on the brat. He figures Billie is covering for someone, "Who do you think that is?" Silence. "So either you don't know or you aren't going to tell me." Patrick leaves.

Jennifer doesn't believe Billie would leave the scene of an accident. "My baby is dead and she is responsible," says Hope.

"Why would she take his car," asks Jennifer.

"She said hers wouldn't start," says Hope, "She has always felt entitled to Bo. Why is everyone defending her?"

Jennifer says, "You know that Bo is destroyed by losing Zach."

Hope cries, "I just don't know how he can even talk to her."

Bo insists he has to tell Hope the truth. Billie begs him to think about Chelsea in jail, "Do you want to kill her too?"

"That's jail, not death," he snaps, "You obviously don't know what it is like to lose a child like this. A lifetime of watching him to grow up to be a man – that's not gonna happen."

"I know we missed a lot of years with the brat. Do you want to miss the rest of her life too?"

"It's tempting," says Bo.

"There is nothing anyone can do to bring Zach back," says Billie, "What I can do is make sure you don't lose your daughter or your marriage. If Hope finds out she will blame you. It could be the end of your marriage. Is that what you want?"

Alex sees John standing in the door to his room. "Well, John," he says, "Are you coming to inflict more pain?"

"John's my name, pain's my game," he says, "I don't give a rats ass about your pain. I'm concerned about Marlena, though. Why didn't you tell us about Lois?"

Alex turns to Marlena, "Do you want to tell him, or should I?"

"I'll tell him," says Marlena, "Doctor patient confidentiality."

Alex says, "I am bound by that not to tell anyone about my patient unless she was about to commit a serious crime. And I'm afraid 'aiding and abetting in a lame plot' wasn't enough to warrant going to the authorities. I tried to warn the police but you made certain they didn't listen. I did tell you Lois was lying and you didn't even check out the story. What else was I supposed to do but escape? I almost stopped her until you nearly killed me."

"Yeah, well, you look pretty good for a dead man," snorts John.

Marlena piles on, "As soon as Alex was conscious he broke out and came to save me. I am only here now because of his courage and dedication. I would like to be alone with Alex if YOU TWO don't mind."

John and Kate leave. John rants, "I gotta hand it to the guy. He knows how to manipulate her. I'm gonna find out everything I can about Lois banks. There is a piece of the puzzle missing."

Speaking of having a few pieces missing, Lois struggles in her straight jacket. John comes in. He says, "This is just a scam isn't it?"

Lois has left for another planet, "Whatever you say Johnny, boy. LOSER. You lost Marlena and will never get her back. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Marlena tells Alex she has something important to say.

The brat frets. Patrick brings Max and Abby in. "I've got questions," says Patrick.

"What," asks Max, "You're a cop now?"

"No," says Patrick, "Just a friend. Where was Bo's SUV taken?"

"To my garage," says Max, "I think you already know that."

The brat begs him to stop, "Why are you doing this?"

"I want to know what is really going down here," says Patrick, "It's like you're afraid of any investigation. Why is that? Do you have something you want to say?"


Jennifer and Hope ramble on. Jennifer tells her about the DVD and Frankie still having feelings for her. Hope tells her the hurt will always be there. "I know if I didn't have Bo to trust wholeheartedly, I'd be lost."

Bo has the guards let him into Billie's cell. He tells her, "I've been giving your argument a lot of thought. Lying to Hope is what's eating me up inside and that's what is going to come between us. If Hope finds out from someone else, that will be the end. I know Hope. She'll never forgive me for keeping the truth from her."

"You already have."

"And that's what's gotta change," says Bo.

"OK, well, you've got to be willing to give her up then," says Billie, "Because I know Hope, too, and if she finds out you let Chelsea drive your car, your marriage will be over."

"I don't know how she will react to anything I say," says Bo, "She is so deep in grief right now, I don't know if I will be able to her pull out of it."

"Bo, She just lost her child. She is in so much pain."

"Well," says Bo, "I wanna spare her that pain."

Billie sits down and says, "She is so lucky to have a guy who loves her the way you do, but she will turn on you if you tell her the truth. She may just go over the deep end."

Bo asks, "Are you telling me I have to continue this lie to spare my family?"

"I'm sorry Bo," says Billie, "but I don't see any other way out of it. We both have to lie to save the people we love."

"I signed the consent form," says Bo, "What the hell was I thinking? I turned a blind eye because I didn't want to be the bad guy. And now I've lost my son."

"Hope isn't the only one who is suffering," says Billie, "Zach was your little boy, too."

"It's weird," says Bo, "All the details. The accident site. Who was driving. Seeing his broken body. Having to say goodbye to him. I was there for all of it. But it doesn’t seem real." Bo breaks down. "But it is real. I've lost my boy. And I could lose my wife if I lie to her. Or if I tell her the truth. I could lose the woman I've loved my entire life."

John says, "Lois, you've been lying to us all along so why should we believe you now. Obviously you made up this whole story about Alex beating Marlena. What was the point of that?

Looney Lois laughs, "Still searching for the point like you'll get your precious 'Doc' back. Well, nothing will. You lost. Alex won. Get over it. Oh, maybe you are getting over it and she's helping you." She turns to Kate, "Is that right, honey? Are you helping him get over Marlena? The new woman in John Black's life. It doesn't take you long does it? I've been spying on you. She's hot for you. Go ahead deny it."

Kate says, "That's ridiculous."


"What was I thinking," asks John, "that I could come he and reason with a lunatic? It's good knowing they have you tied up and Marlena will be safe."

"Safe with Alex... Oh, that's rich!"

Marlena tells Alex, "The other men who said they loved me, John and Roman, always wanted something... passion and loyalty, thoughts, memories... it was exhausting. The only you thing you ever wanted was for me to be really happy. You have been so unselfish, so patient."

"Because I love you."

"I know you do," says Marlena, "That's why I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my future."

"Are you sure," asks Alex, "It won't be a very popular decision with your family."

"I would never abandon them," says Marlena, "I've grown very fond of my children. It's John. It's a marriage that never was really legal and now it's completely dead. You are the only true husband I have ever had. I am so proud to call myself Mrs. Alex North. I have a favor to ask and you don't get to say 'no.' I would like it very much if we could renew our wedding vows." Alex smirks.

Patrick wants to go to Max' garage and look for evidence.

The brat steps in, "Max, we have to get to that thing."

"What thing," asks Max.

"You know," says the brat, "That thing we made plans for."

"Our plans can wait," he says. He turns to Patrick, "Let's go."

They leave and Abby steps in, "You can't keep lying about this."

Hope wants her memories of Zach to live on. She can't stand it. She wants to go to the police station. Hope storms out as Jennifer objects.

Billie works on Bo. She doesn't think Hope will be forgiving.

"She'll hate me," says Bo, "That's what I deserve. What is important is to do the best thing for Hope."

"Hope will never get over this without you there to comfort her," says Billie, "So please. Don't make her go through it without you." Bo stares.

The brat freaks. She doesn't know why she and Abby were ever friends. Abby reminds her she and Max have kept their mouths shut.

The brat takes out her temporary license, "I should have done this a long time ago." She takes out her lighter and sets it on fire.

Abby asks, "Chelsea, what are you doing?"

John says, "Kate, you are looking at one stupid man."

"That goes without saying, John."

"She is a nut and I bought her story," he says, "She is still saying Alex is a threat. Am I supposed to believe her now? Do you?"

"She is out of her mind," says Kate, "I don't think we can believe one word that comes out of her mouth."

"Then who beat Marlena," says John, "Her or Alex? I don't think Marlena is safe with him. I'm going to go check on her."

John leaves. Kate paces. Lois laughs like a rabid hyena. She looks out the window at Kate, "I see you. I see how much you love John. Go for it. This is your big chance." Kate walks away as the nurse ruses in to calm Lois down.

Marlena owes Alex everything. He gave her the room to feel and the time to let those feelings grow. It's as if I have real memories of our life together.

"I waited for you," says Alex, "Not only in my heart. I never loved another woman. It's always been you. You are the one true love of my life. Yes, I will renew our vows with you. I want us both to promise we will love honor and cherish each other for all the Days Of Our Lives. Promise me that I will never lose you again."

"I promise." Hot kiss. John watches and sulks.

Lois lurks somewhere beyond the edge, "Enjoy it while it lasts, Marlena. Alex will be mine. You'll find out just before you die. The truth will become crystal clear. You'll go to your grave and Alex will be mine. He's coming back to me... Alex... Alex..."

Alex signs the hospital forms. The nurse says he's free to go. Marlena says, "That means we are free to go home and start to plan our wedding." Kiss. "We've got an entire future to plan."

John agonizes. Kate walks up beside him and stares.

"If I could find a guy like that...," says one nurse.

"Alex and Marlena..." says another nurse, "It's sooooo romantic."

"They're renewing their wedding vows," says the first nurse, "I hope they live happily ever after."

The other nurse standing there says, "Where do we keep the Alka Seltzer? "

John says for the ten millionth time, "I've lost her, Kate." Big-hearted Kate comforts poor John.

The brat finishes burning the license, "There. Now it's done. Now no one will ever know the truth. No one will ever know I was the one who killed Zach."

Patrick and Max arrive at the garage. Bo's car is gone. Patrick still wants to look around, "It's the Salem PD, there has to be something they missed. I don't believe Billie was driving."

Billie says, "I loved you so much back then. It was so hard being told our baby was dead and not having you there. Hope and I have had our problems. But I wouldn't wish that grief on anyone. She will need you terribly. Just like I did." Hug. Hope walks up and watches. FF.


Patrick says, "I found something in your records, Max. It may be the key to setting Billie free and finding out who really did run down Zach and kill him."

Bo says to Hope, "You don't know what's going on here."

Sami says, "He's a different man than when he left Salem after he..." Carrie says, "...dumped you at the altar?"

Austin yells, "I will get her back, and do not stand in my way." Lucas says, "I guarantee you there is no way you will get Carrie back."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

"John's my name, pains my game." HAHAHAHA

I was about to comment about what kind of evidence Patrick thought he'd find after the cops had been over the place and then realized I was talking about the Salem PD. I see Prevuze had the same observation. LOLOLOL

And can't we all see the handwriting on the wall now? Lois/Alex ARE in a plot together to get Marlena to marry Alex or something like that. Lord have mercy.

6:24 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I agree. I'm almost expecting at some point for Alex to whip off his rubber mask (which nobody, even the crack hospital staff will have noticed) and there will be Stefano or something.

I LOL over the separated at birth picture and especially the line "That goes without saying, John". HAHAHAHAHA I'll be chuckling over that all day!

Great Prevuze!!

7:41 AM  

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