Monday, January 23, 2006


Austin computes. "This is crazy," says Nicole, "You can't throw away everything we've worked for. Highstyle no longer exists." Austin gets up and paces.

Sami agrees, "It can't be undone." Austin isn't buying it. He sits back down and continues working on the computer. Nicole's hand reaches out.

Lucas' hand reaches out. Oh, the artistry! He says to Carrie, "I'm so sorry, I promise you are going to be all right. You could start another company and ruin it right here in Salem."

"I'm a failed CEO who had a company stolen from under her," says Carrie, "My career is over. I blew it. When will I get a chance like that again?"

Lucas says, "You will get plenty of chances like that. CEO positions open up every day for bobble-heads. It's not your fault Austin took the company from you."

"That's the worst part," she whines, "I lost my future with Austin. There is no way we will get back together." Lucas slithers a little closer.

Patrick is in the police station asking about Billie. Kate comes in. Patrick says he has bad news. He tells her about Billie's confession.

Mug shot. "Billie Holiday Reed." Fingerprints. The lonely cell. SLAM! . Billie stares.

Chelsea, Abby and Max come in. "No, I can't do this," says the brat.

"You have to," says Max.

Abby says they will be with her. The brat just can't do it. Max and Abby work on her. "Bo already knows the truth," says Abby, "How long do you think he will keep it a secret from Hope?"

Bo tires to get Hope to eat. She doesn't care. She fondles Zach's favorite t-shirt. She hopes Billie rots in prison. Bo says, "There's something I gotta tell you. Something you need to know."

The brat says, "Bo won't tell Hope, and Patrick doesn't know anything."

Abby asks, "What about Billie? how can you just let your mother go to jail?"

"My mother was Rita Benson," sneers the brat.

"It was an accident," insists Max.

Abby says, "Bo and Billie were your birth parents. Billie is willing to go to jail for you. You have to tell the truth."

The brat insists Billie can get out of this. She has changed her mind and decided not to tell.

Kate can't believe it. Neither does Patrick. He says, "That is why I am here. I don't know if you are aware of this, but your daughter and I have gotten, uh, pretty close. I want to find out what is going on. It's almost like Billie wants to go to jail."

"I'm going to go talk to her," says Kate.

Billie paces. Kate comes up and asks the guard if she can have some time with Billie.

"Ten minutes," snorts Big Bertha.

Kate walks up to the cell and asks, "What are you doing?"

"Hi Mom," says Billie, "Thanks for coming down. If you're here to talk me out of this it's too late."

"I'm not buying it, Billie," says Kate, "There is no way you could have done something like this. You left the scene. That's not something you would have done."

"I know you don't want to believe I am capable of that, but I did," says Billie.

"Why don't you get a lawyer," says Kate, "I know there is more to the story. I will find out eventually, so why not just save us all the trouble and tell me the truth now?"

"OK," says Billie, "I will tell you what really happened, but you have to promise you won't tell another living soul. Believe me, when you hear the truth you will understand."

"What is it," asks Hope.

Bo flashes back to his conversation with Chelsea. He will always know he is the reason his son is dead, and Hope will feel the same way. He snaps out of it, "I just want you to know I love you." COP OUT!

"I don't' know how I would get through this without you," cries Hope.

"Somehow we will get through this together," says Bo.

Hope sees something in the laundry. She unfolds it. A drawing. It's a scribbled drawing of Hope and Zach. Rembrandt he wasn't.

Carrie and Lucas hug. Carrie gets up. Big-hearted Lucas is so sorry. Carrie says losing Austin hurts more than losing her company. She thought it was going to happen with him this time. Lucas did too, as much as he didn't want to admit it.

"I rushed in to things," says Carrie, "I got carried away," no pun intended. "After Mike, all I could think of was Austin. I never got him out of my heart."

"You came back for him," says Lucas, "You risked your heart."

"It seemed too good to be true," says Carrie.

"I warned you," says Lucas, "He is not the same person."

"No, he's not," sighs Carrie, "In fact, he's someone I don't even recognize."

Sami rants. She warned them. Nicole reminds her she was supposed to get the name of the Highstyle CEO.

Sami argues Nicole should have found out the name and maybe did, "You wanted Austin for yourself and saw this as a way to drive a wedge between them."

Nicole can't believe what she is hearing, "That sounds like something you would do."

"She's right," says Austin.

Hope hugs the drawing. "Don't do this to yourself," says Bo.

"I don't ever want to forget," cries Hope, "Memories are all I have left." Doorbell. "Don't' answer that," she says.

"It could be family," says Bo, "I'll see who it is."

Hope cries. She hugs the Zachasso. She promises to keep it forever.

Bo comes back, "It's Mrs. H, Maggie and Julie."

Hope goes out, "Oh, Gran..." bawl.

Although we didn't hear any promises from Kate, Billie has spilled the beans. "I can't believe what I am hearing," says Kate, "You're telling me it was Chelsea? This is insane. What are you doing?"

"I am protecting my daughter," says Billie, "I have no choice."

"Yes you do," says Kate, "You can tell what happened. You are making it worse by not telling the truth. You can't take the blame for this."

"I have made my decision," says Billie, "You can't stop me."

Kate says, "If you won't tell the truth, I will."

Sami insists she had no idea Carrie was the CEO. She would have told Austin if she did, "If I pulled a stunt like that you would fire me in a second. I can't afford that. You believe me don't you?"

"Yes," says Austin, "I believe you. If there is anyone to blame it is me." Sami takes off on Nicole again. Nicole strikes back and the insult-slinging contest is on.

"SHUT UP," says Austin, "There is no point in arguing. What's done is done. I'm giving back to Carrie what belongs to her if it is the last thing I do."

Carrie drones, "The Austin I knew never would do this."

"Obviously he's changed," says Lucas, "Business is the bottom line with him. He doesn't care who he tramples on in the process. You don't deserve this, Carrie. You deserve a man to love and respect you, someone to be there for you. That isn't my brother. The question is now that you've seen who he really is, can you give him up?" Carrie stares.

Maggie comforts Hope. She has brought food from the restaurant. Alice brought chicken soup. Hope can't eat.

Julie says she has to force herself for Bo and Shawn. Bo comes in with a coat on. He's going to check in at the station.

Hope gives him a look that would freeze molten lead, "You mean you're going to check on Billie... the woman who murdered our son."

Billie begs Kate not to tell. Kate insists, "Chelsea can beat this. We will get a good lawyer, unless Mickey is available."

Billie tells her to mind her own business for once in her life. She is doing this because the brat is her daughter and that's what mothers do – they protect their children, "You didn't do that. You let our abusive father take us." The referee gives Billie a warning for hitting below the belt.

"You know very well I was told you were dead," says Kate, "There was nothing I could do."

"Well," says Billie, "There is something I can do. I am doing it. If I am sacrificing my life for her then so be it."

The brat whines like a stuck pig. She tells Abby, "I was trying to call you on my cell phone when it happened. I know talking on a cell phone while driving is illegal in this state, so just add that to my list of crimes." Patrick comes out. He wants to talk to her.

Kate wonders how Billie could think she didn't care about her and Austin. "I don't mean to hurt you, Mom, but that's how I felt growing up. I felt abandoned. But I won't abandon Chelsea."

"So you will be there for her in prison?"

"Better me than her," says Billie, "I've been here before. I can survive. Chelsea can't. I have made my decision."

"You have no idea what you are doing," says Kate.

"I know exactly what I am doing," insists Billie, "I am not repeating the same mistakes you made. I wasn't there when she was growing up. I will be there for her now."

Hope says Billie can rot in hell. "It's not what you think," says Bo. Alice encourages him to go.

"I'll be fine," snorts Hope, "Go do what you need to do."

As Bo leaves, Hope goes after him but Alice grabs her.

Lucas gives Carrie tea. He wants to know if it is over with her and Austin.

"I don't know," says Carrie, "I still can't believe he could do what he did. Seems like something Sami or Nicole would do. It doesn't seem possible he could change that much."

Lucas asks, "You're going to give him another chance to hurt you?"

Austin is on the phone asking if there is anything he can do to reverse the takeover. It's too late. Sami and Nicole work on him. It's over. Sami thinks he should fire Nicole. Not unexpectedly, Nicole thinks he should fire Sami. She turns to her and says, "Your sorry ass is going to be out on the unemployment line."

Sami says, "You don't even know what you are talking about."

Austin referees, "Nobody is getting fired. This was my responsibility. No one is to blame."

"Including you," says Nicole, "This is an incredible opportunity for us. It will be a success and that is good for everyone."

"Except for Carrie," says Austin. Doorbell. Carrie.

Lucas rants in his apartment, "Dammit, what is going on with you, Carrie. You can't be thinking about forgiving Austin. If you ever forgive him we got no chance."

Austin lets Carrie in and apologizes again. He had no idea. He tells her he has been trying to reverse it but it is impossible. He hopes she can forgive him. Carrie stares.

Hope hugs Zach's stuffed animals. She tells Julie and Maggie she will eat later. She appreciates all this but needs to be alone.

Patrick shoos Max and Abby off. Abby tells the brat to do the right thing as they leave. Patrick takes her into Roman's office, "I want you to be completely honest with me. I sense you know more than you are saying. What really happened? Why is Billie taking the blame for Zach when you and I both know she is innocent?"

Bo shows up at the jail cell. Kate tells him she knows Billie didn't do this. She wants him to talk to Billie. Bo steps up to the plate and tells Big Bertha to take a break. Billie says she doesn't want any more visitors. Bo says, "I'm not lettin' ya get away with this. You're not going to jail for Chelsea. I'm putting a stop to the lies right now." FF.


Abby asks, "Chelsea, what are you doing?" Chelsea burns a piece of paper.

Jennifer says, "You know that Bo is destroyed by losing Zach." Hope cries, "I just don't know how he can even talk to her."

Billie says to Bo, "It could be the end of your marriage. Is that what you want?"

Marlena says to Alex, "I would like it very much if we could renew our wedding vows." Alex smirks.


Anonymous Marci said...

Lucas is being a real sleez.

4:08 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

LOL over the "Dead Horse" label on Jen's bottle of wine and Bo's stupid husband tricks. Also chuckled at Chelsea whining like a stuck pig. I can just hear her.

I'm betting all my remaining brain cells (those not already fried over this lame plot) that Bo WON'T be "putting a stop to these lies" until at least February sweeps. Any takers?? HAHAHAHA

6:28 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

You mean that's the best they could come up with for the February sweeps? That giant sucking sound you hear is this show going down the drain.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

"Zachasso". HAHAHAAHHA

It's a wonder smoke wasn't coming out of Pard's ears with all of that heavy thinkin'.

I LOL over Billie being OK unless she hires Mickey. Maybe for a change she can hire Frankie and then Jennifer can be jealous he's not paying attention to her 24/7.

Excellent Prevuze today, a great way to start the week!

7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marci said...
Lucas is being a real sleez.

So is Sami. She and Lucas are both too sleazy for words. Yuck!

12:02 PM  
Blogger bonhopebrady said...

Chealsea is sooo spoiled. I don't even feel bad for her anymore...the bensons are lucky to be gone, hell, they probably commited suicide to get the hell away from her!!! Little demon!!!

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your comments and reading your preview every day. I'm not crazy about the current color scheme, though. It's next to impossible to read blue letters on a dark background like the main page is now. Any chance this is just a "work in progress" and you'll make the text white or something on the dark background?

Otherwise, I LOVE the site!

6:10 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

The background isn't supposed to be dark. You might want to check your computer settings.

4:10 AM  

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