Thursday, January 26, 2006

She Can Make Your Stock Rise And Give Off Dividends

The nurse checks Claire. Bonnie comes in. The nurse slowly turns and shuts off Claire's life support. Bonnie freaks.

Alex asks if Marlena is up for this. "My daughter needs me," says Marlena.

"Of course she does," says Alex, "But this is also where Lois tried to kill you last night, so returning to the scene of the crime might not be a very good idea." Last night... Holy Cow! I think we've hit a new day. I was beginning to think this was an episode of '24.'

"It doesn't matter to me," says Marlena, "I'm not turning my back on my family."

Alex asks, "Does that include John?" Marlena stares.

John squints. He looks in on Lois. Standing beside him, Kate says, "She gives me the creeps."

John has questions. Kate doesn't think he can trust her answers. Lois sees them through the window and says, "I seeeeee you waaaaatching me. I know exaaaaaactly what you want." John gives her an eyebrow and a smirk.

Patrick grills the cops. He asks them about the route Billie would have taken from the hospital to the spot where she allegedly stole Bo's vehicle. "Allegedly," asks the cop, ""Billie is guilty. She confessed."

"Look," says Patrick pointing at the map, "Is this the most likely spot or not."

"Yeah," says the cop, "That's it. Come on... we gotta roll. The doughnut shop gets crowded this time of day."

Hope comforts the brat, "You're not responsible. I won't hold Billie's actions against you."

The little pus sack lies, "I promise I wouldn't do anything to hurt people the way she did."

Bo comes up, "I can't do this any more. Hope needs to know how you're involved in this."

The nurse smiles and leaves. Mimi assures Bonnie Claire is fine. She doesn't need the machines any more. Bonnie is ecstatic and hands Phillip a gift basket. Bonnie turns to Shawn and says, "They have your little brother to thank for that. Or else they would have two dead babies to bury instead of one." Such a way with words.

Mimi wants to crawl in a hole, "MOOOOOOM!" Bonnie apologizes.

Marlena tells Alex she and John share a grandchild, "But I want US to spend our lives together. You were my first love, my first husband. And now we will spend all the Days Of Our Lives together." Kiss.

Lois babbles, "I know what you want John – Marlena. Just as I want Alex. But you can't have her and I can't have him, because they have each other. Life is just a bitch isn't it? Speaking of bitches, there is a bright side for you. Marlena may not want you but Kate sure does. Isn't that right, Kate? You think I don't know she used to be a hooker? I'll bet she is so much hotter than that prissy Marlena. I'll bet she does everything she can to make your Basic Black stock rise and give off dividends."

John says to Kate, "You're right. She is crazy."

"Are you sure about that," asks Lois, "Let me ask you... Is Alex right? Am I the danger to your precious Marlena or am I telling the truth, and you should be worried about Alex? Decisions, decisions. Alex will do anything to get what he wants."

Hope tells Bo this is tearing the little snot apart. Bo tries to butt in but Hope shuts him up, "Shawn and Chelsea have to come first."

The brat asks to talk to Bo in private. They go into Roman's cone of silence. Patrick sighs and goes to talk to Hope. Hope asks, "Are you here to see your girlfriend? The woman who murdered my son."

Bonnie says she didn't mean that the way it sounded. She rambles. She breaks out the gifts to celebrate Claire's recovery and Shawn and Mimi's engagement.

"She's crazy," says Kate, trying to pull John away, "She's trying to play you."

Lois shouts through the window, "Is that what you think I'm trying to do, John?"

John growls, "I think you're trying to take advantage of the fact I don't trust Alex, yeah."

"BINGO," says Lois, "That's exactly right. He has an agenda. He's trying to destroy Marlena. And you have an agenda, too, Kate Roberts. You want Alex to be Marlena's knight in shining armor so you can wind up with prince charming here."

"No," insists Kate, "I'm trying to help get Marlena back into his life."

"John," says Lois, "I know three things. Alex is in love with Marlena, Kate is in love with you and my biggest mistake was loving Alex. No... Come to think of it, my biggest mistake was not getting rid of Marlena. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

John and Kate leave. Lois becomes very calm and says, "That was brilliant, Lois. I think that worked like a charm."

The nurse says Claire is doing beautifully. Bonnie gives her biscotti as a reward. Belle picks Claire up. STOP THE PRESSES IT'S A REAL BABY! A MIRACLE! THE LIVER TRANSPLANT WORKED... IT CURED HER PLASTICEMIA!

Bonnie asks about the wedding plans. Shawn and Mimi tell her they haven't thought about that with what they have been through. Bonnie suggests they elope.

"No," says Belle, "You can't do that."

Marlena, Alex, John and Kate converge on the door to Claire's room. A nurse tells them Claire is off life support. Marlena is relieved. John didn't expect to see her and Alex there. Marlena says she won't stay long then is taking Alex home for TLC. Alex says he likes the sound of that.

John hurls.

Marlena looks toward Claire's door, "Shall we go in?"

"Yes," says John.

"I was talking to Alex," says Marlena.

Alex suggests the three of them go in without him and he will sit and relax. John butts in, "That's a real good decision, Alex."

Alex turns to Marlena, "Unless you would be uncomfortable without me."

"I'll be OK," says Marlena.

Kate goes in. John and Marlena stand alone outside the door.

"I know you don't want to hear this," says John, "but I think there is something more to the Lois connection. Give me a little more time, Doc."

"Please don't call me that," says Marlena, "I am marred to Alex. I think Kate was just trying to give us some time alone, which is surprising. I don't want to be alone with you. I want to see my family." She goes in. John hyperventilates.

"I didn't come here to see Billie," says Patrick.

"Are you here to defend her," asks Hope.

"Better me than Mickey," says Patrick, "I'm just here to say how sorry I am. Zach was a special little boy."

Hope breaks down, "Why did this have to happen?"

"I wish I knew."

Bo tells the brat he has to tell the truth. She begs him to keep his mouth shut. The little snot whines, "I don't want to go to prison."

Bo says, "It's out of my control."

The brat says, "Just let Billie take the blame. It's not like I asked her to do this." OH, JUST TELL THE FREAKING TRUTH, BO. AAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

Chelsea begs. Bo stares.

Belle says Mimi has been dreaming about a big wedding since she was a kid.

"The only thing that matters is that we get married by a priest," says Mimi, "The rest is irrelevant."

John comes in. Everyone is happy-happy. He turns to Shawn, "Sorry for your loss, kid. Every time you look at Claire you will know Zach is still with us."

Shawn says, "If God had to take him, at least he made Zach's liver a match for Claire. I guess we should have expected that since my blood is a match, and he was my brother."

Kate makes small talk, "Claire looks just like Phillip did as a baby. In a more feminine and Shawn-like way, of course."

Marlena takes her, "You had everyone so worried." John watches and gives another smirk.

Kate suggests talking to Mimi about the wedding in private.

"Absolutely," says Bonnie.

Alex wanders.

Patrick asks Hope if there is anything he can do.

"Yes," says Hope, "Please be there for Chelsea. Thank God she has you and her father. The best father ever."

Chelsea and Bo argue. The brat thinks they will go easy on Billie.

"The DA will make an example of her," says Bo, "I won't let that happen. The only reason this has gone on as long as it has is I'm trying to protect my wife."

"Why are you stopping now," whines the brat, "Hope will never forgive me. And she will hate you."

"I know," says Bo, "I'll have to risk that."

The brat turns on the afterburners of hate, "Shawn will hate you too. And if you turn me in, I'll hate you. Billie will hate you. You will have no one."

Bonnie says to Kate, "Mimi told me about your generous offer. What's the catch?"

"No catch," says Kate.

Bon-Bon pops a bonbon, "Yeah and these chocolates don't have any calories either."

Kate shows them Basic Black's latest design for wedding dresses.

"This is way too generous, Kate," says Mimi.

Yes," says Bonnie, "Isn't it..."

Belle goes over to talk to John, "Claire got her miracle, and it's time Mom got hers. It's time she got her memory back and realizes you are the man she loves."

"We're running out of time," says John, "I don't trust Alex. He's not who he says he is."

Alex looks in on Lois. He goes over to the cop. He tells him he's here to consult on Lois' case. The cop lets him in.

Lois is ecstatic, "I'm happy to see you."

Alex barks, "Do you realize you could have killed Marlena?"

"Maybe I went a little too far," says Lois, "But I did it because I am in love with you. There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Nothing."

Mimi wonders how she will ever pick one of the dresses. Kate suggests she try them all, "I will arrange for a fitting for the two of you."

Kate goes off. Bonnie tells Mimi, "This is too good to be true. Kate is up to something. Don't you think this is a little odd?"

Mimi says, "I think she's trying to thank us for what we did for Claire. There is no way Belle and Phillip will ever break up. And it won't cost Kate a thing. Basic Black will pay for this. To a giant corporation this is petty cash. Who has always said don't look a gift horse in the mouth?"

"That's right," says Bonnie, "As long as it isn't a Trojan horse."

"What could she gain by sending me on this romantic honeymoon," asks Mimi.

Bonnie gives up, "OK, you go back in with Shawn. There is nothing to worry about. You don't have to look this gift horse in the mouth."

Mimi goes back inside. Bonnie worries, "You absolutely don't have to..." Kate and Bonnie exchange glances and wave. "Unless, of course, your mother is a world class horse trader."

We all make over Claire. John says she has Marlena and Belle's eyes, "I remember a time when [D]Izzy spiked a fever. As young parents we rushed you to the hospital. You're mother responded in the same ways you did."

"You mean like a totally hysterical blithering idiot," asks Belle.

Marlena shakes her head and kisses Claire, "I remember it."

John freaks, "You do?"

"I do," says Marlena, "I remember it happening!"

Bo tells the brat, "If you hate me, I'll just have to hope with time you realize it's what I had to do. I'm doing the right thing for everyone. Especially Hope. She has to know the truth. I'll hire Mickey and Minnie to represent you."

The brat asks, "Why can't you just see this would be easier if you left everything alone?"

"Listen," says Bo, "When I became a cop I took an oath. When I got married I took a vow. I'm withholding evidence and lying to my wife and that's going to stop. NOW."

Patrick tells Hope he knows how upset she is. She has to let go of the anger. Hope can't, "It's the only thing keeping me from falling apart."

Patrick says, "Anger is not the kind of thing you teach your children."

Hope goes into a trance, "Children... I only have one child now."

"You can't keep going over this," says Patrick, "Bo and Shawn are your reasons for going on."

"We have a funeral to get through," says Hope, "And a trial. Billie deserves to be punished. There is no moving on until that happens."

"If it was my son I'd want whoever did this to be punished too," says Patrick.

"Thank you for understanding," says Hope, "Excuse me." Hope leaves.

Patrick says, "I do want whoever did this to be punished, but it's not Billie."

Bo says he will testify he is basically responsible. He will testify it was an accident, that she didn't knowingly leave Zach to die, "I have to tell the truth."

"Even if it means losing your daughter," asks the little snot, "If you do this, you lose Hope for sure."

Alex says he needs to know what Lois will tell people.

"You know what I will say," she says as she turns and crosses her arms, "If that's the only reason you came, you can just go right now."

"Well," says Alex, "There is one other thing. This..." Big hot kiss. Lois moans.

Marlena says when that happened she thought John was her husband, "But our marriage wasn't legal. I am Mrs. Alex North, now and forever."

John says, "Doc, you don't mean that."

Marlena yells, "Don't call me 'Doc!' That's not who I want to be anymore. Ever again."

Kate tells Bonnie she and Mimi can go to Basic Black and try on dresses. Kate thinks Shawn and Mimi just belong together.

"Yeah," says Bonnie, "And you would do anything to keep Shawn from Belle."

"Come on," says Kate, "That's history. Belle and Phillip are married now."

"I know you're not doing this to boost Salem Style's circulation. And I know you're not doing it to say thank you," says Bonnie.

Kate says, "Excuse me?"

Consider your bet called Kate. Let's lay down our cards. The reason you're doing this for Shawn and Mimi is that you know Shawn is Claire's real daddy." Kate stares. FF.


Bonnie says to Kate, "You want to seal our deal... You gotta meet my price."

Mimi says to Belle, "She means so much to him... as if she were his own daughter." Belle smiles, "She is."

Marlena says, "I love him and right now I'm gonna go check on him." John grabs her and says, "You're not going anywhere."

Alex tells Lois, "By the time Marlena remembers who I am, it will be too late for anyone to save her."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

What a treasure trove of Prevuze gems today!!!
- The truth coming out for sweeps week.
- Max and the "Young Has Been"
- the crowded donut shop
- Claire cured of Plasticemia!!
- Don't call me "Doc" picture.

But the absolute gem, and what I LMAO over was the caption of Max and his new sponsor - Log Cabin Syrup. LOLOLOL

Lois is a hoot!! Finally a character that doesn't put the audience to sleep.

6:54 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

OMG! The "Don't call me Doc!" picture is priceless!

And what about Billie hiring Mickey - and Minnie? HAHAHAHAHHA

You know anything of interest won't be when February sweeps begin. It will probably be the LAST day of sweeps.

Fantastic Prevuze, in top form today. :)

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Marci said...

The bugs bunny picture is so funny. And i bet they do wait until sweeps to bring this all out.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is sweeps?

10:26 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

"Sweeps" refers to a ratings period

4:39 PM  

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