Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Pithy Summary Of My Lousy Love Life

Austin is on the phone talking business. He hangs up. He goes over to Carrie and says, "I'm really glad you stayed. I had to take that call."

"Yes, you did," snaps Carrie, "Business has to come first, right?" Right, toots. He's the prez of his company and maybe if he actually pays attention to it, he won't lose it to some third rate bunch of corporate raiders like some other airhead we know.

"Carrie, if I could undo this, I would," says Austin.

"I should be going," says Carrie, "I have to go back to LA to face my employees."

Austin asks, "Do you have to throw away our whole future? There has to be some way to get past this. Can you forgive me?"

"That phone call," asks Carrie, "Did it have anything to do with Highstyle?"

"No," says Austin, "How could it? Highstyle has been nuked. It was about our new offices. It was about meetings that were set up weeks ago."

"AHA," says Carrie, "You were so sure about taking over my company that long ago."

Austin backpedals, "Just listen for a second. Under other circumstances I would have taken more time. I did not know you were the CEO. I wouldn't have gone after it if I knew that. Forgive me."

There is a knock at the door. It's Lucas. Sami panics, "OMG! Is it Will?"

"No," says Lucas, "I have some horrible news. Bo and Hope's son was killed in a hit and run tonight. Billie confessed to doing it."

The brat arrives at Max' garage. "Are you OK," asks Max.

"Of course not," snaps the little slime.

"Your guilt is eating at you up," says Max.

"I'm going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. Nothing will happen to Billie. She has a spotless record. That's why you have to promise you won't say anything. You didn't tell Patrick did you? Where is he?"

Heeeeeeere's Patrick... "I'm right behind you Chelsea. What are you doing here?"

"I told you Max and I have plans. She turns to Max, "Are you ready?"

Patrick answers for him, "No, he's not. I found something in your records, Max. It may be the key to setting Billie free and finding out who really did run down Zach and kill him."

Bo consoles Billie. Bo says what she is doing is wrong. Billie insists it's right.

Hope walks up, sees them hugging and goes berserk, "How can you touch her after what she has done?"

Bo says to Hope, "You don't know what's going on here."

Shock in Sami's apartment. Sami cries. Lucas tells them about the organ donation. Claire will be fine. They all talk about how it might have happened. Lucas doesn't know if it was a hit and run. None of it makes sense. Billie is in jail. Sami can't imagine what Bo and Hope are going through this. She turns to Lucas, "If anything like that ever happens to Will, just bury me next to him."

Sami decides to call Caroline. Lucas goes to his apartment to call Kate. Austin goes with him.

Patrick says there is no record of the call for the tow job. He asks Max who made the call. The brat insists Billie isn't innocent – she confessed. She works on Patrick. Patrick thinks there is something very wrong with Billie's story. He thinks she is covering for someone, "But who? You still haven't answered my question, Max, who called to tow Bo's car the night Zach was killed."

Hope riles against Billie. She isn't too happy with Bo for comforting her. Billie defends him. The guard lets Bo out. Big mistake. Hope can't get to Billie, so she attacks Bo instead. Billie says, "I know you're angry at me, and I deserve it."

Hope apologizes to Bo. He understands why she is angry with Billie, "But it's gotta stop."

Austin is on the phone with Kate. They send their love to Billie. He hangs up. "Wow," he says, "This sure puts all that business stuff into perspective."

"The way you do business," says Lucas, "causes pain and suffering too." The referee throws a flag and gives Lucas fifteen yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"Grandma couldn't even talk about it," Says Sami.

Carrie says, "I shouldn't have stayed away so long."

"You weren't here when we thought Daddy had died or Mom. Or the rest of Salem. You didn't come back because of me. You can say it."

Carrie says, "This is not about us, OK? The first time I met Claire she was so sick. At least now we can watch her grow up."

"You'll be in LA," says Sami.

Carrie says, "If you need me..."

"What can you do," says Sami, "Nothing anyone says can make Bo and Hope feel any better. This is the worst thing that can ever happen. Why does it seem like for something good to happen something bad has to happen? Claire will live, but only because Zach died. Austin will have a successful business, but only because he destroyed your company."

"You can't compare that to what Bo and Hope are going through," says Carrie.

"You lost not just your company, but your future with Austin. Are you really through with him?"

"I really believe he didn't know it was my company," says Carrie, "but it's the way he did it. Taking advantage of the mentally challenged is so cruel."

"I didn't want to do this takeover," says Sami, "Austin didn't know. You have to know that. He wasn't trying to be cruel. Just dumb."

"How hard could it have been to find out I was the CEO," asks Carrie.

"Just know that I didn't want this from the beginning. If I had known it was your company I would have tried to talk him out of it," she lies.

Chelsea steps in to answer for Max, "It had to have been Billie who made the call to tow the car. Who else could it have been?"

Patrick asks, "Was Billie at the car when you showed up?"

"No," says Max, "She was not."

"Didn't you think that was a little odd," asks Patrick.

Max dances, "I just brought in the car. I don't know anything else."

"Something isn't right here," says Patrick, "I'm going to talk to the cops Billie confessed to." He leaves.

The brat asks if Max thinks Patrick suspects. Max thinks the truth is staring Patrick in the face but he just refuses to believe it, "I can't believe it either."

Chelsea bawls, "I make bad choices, and because of me Zach will never get to grow up. I am a horrible person."

"That's not true," he lies.

"Let's go get a burger at Buddy's or something," says the brat.

Max can't believe it, "You can't just go back to your normal life! We will have to live with this for all the Days Of Our Lives. Don't make things worse than they really are. You are letting Bo keep the truth from his wife. He's a cop concealing evidence, lying to his wife. He's my brother Zach was my nephew."

"Not by blood," says the little snot.

"Family is family," says Max, "There are a lot of people suffering. I'm wondering what will happen to Bo and Hope's marriage when the truth comes out."

"It won't," she insists, "as long as everyone keeps their mouth shut."

"We are all obstructing justice," says Max, "We could all go to jail. If you can let this happen you are not the girl I thought you were!"

Bo says this has to stop. Hope is just about ready to go off the deep end. Billie insists it was an accident, "I am going to jail. You need to put me behind you. You need to be there for each other. The most important thing we can do is be there for our children. You two need to be there for Shawn and Chelsea. Be there for them. Mourn your son and don't let anything come between the two of you."

"Nothing will," says Hope, "I can't be here. I can't look at you!" Hope leaves.

Bo tells Billie he can't let this lie. Billie says, "If you want to save your marriage, you don't have a choice."

Lucas thinks Austin is prolonging the agony for Carrie. She loves the man he used to be but not the corporate raider he has become. Her employees used to love her. Now they hate her because of him. He advises Austin to move on, "It's over with Carrie. When I found out Carrie was the CEO, I backed off. I think Sami and Nicole knew Carrie was the CEO all along. You are supposed to be the great businessman, yet you staff your company with manipulative witches. Sami had to know what was on that card. She would read a piece of toilet paper if it had something written on it. She knew what was on that business card."

Sami tells Carrie Austin tried to find who the CEO was but not hard enough, "He wanted to act fast on the deal. It's my fault. I dropped the ball. I didn't look at your business card. But Nicole was pushing Austin to do this deal and Austin listens to her more than me."

Carrie asks, "Was something more than business going on between them?"

"I hope not," says Sami, "I know she is interested in him and ruthless enough, and I guess so is he. He's a different man than when he left Salem after he..."

Carrie helps her out, "...dumped you at the altar?" Sami stares.

Bo says, "The longer it takes to tell Hope the deeper the lie gets, and the deeper the do-do gets that I will be in."

"If she finds out the truth she will never forgive you," says Billie, "Protecting our children is the most important thing. If Chelsea goes to jail she will never recover, and that would ruin my life. I know how tough it is to be there and be bitch-ho meat. I will not let that happen to my daughter. It's not just the best way. It's the only way."

Patrick talks to the cops. He thinks there is something wrong with the confession. The cops think it is pretty straightforward, "We have a confession. As far as the Salem PD is concerned, the case is closed."

Hope bumps into the brat. She asks if she is there to see her mother. The brat breaks down, "I am so sorry, Hope. More than you can ever know."

Hope says, "I know. As hard as it is..."


Lucas tells Austin he would like to see if there is something between him and Carrie. "Yeah," says Austin, "You knew she was the CEO but you just sat back and let this happen."

"Check with Sami and Nicole if you want to know who did that," says Lucas, "I backed off and now I'm asking you to do the right thing. Don't make this harder than it is."

Austin asks, "You think she's going to transfer her feelings from me to you? Forget it. Walk away."

"Thank you for the pithy summary of my lousy love life," says Sami, "Anyway we were talking about Austin."

"I didn't mean to be mean," says Carrie, "Maybe all the hurt and disappointment because of what you did and what I did when I cheated with Mike, that's a lot of pain to absorb. How can he not be different?"

"I just feel bad about trying to come between you all those years ago. I guess you can't go back and fix things," says Sami.

"Yeah, I heard you in the ladies room in LA," says Carrie, " Flashback. Sami tells the attendant she wishes it could be different. She wishes she could fix things with Carrie.

"You had no idea I was listening," says Carrie, "I know you meant it."

"I'm glad you believe me," says Sami, "That means everything."

"You're being a good sister Sami, and a good friend."

"Thanks. I'm really trying to be," she lies.

"Now look who's being unrealistic," says Lucas, "You can't walk away from Carrie. She's already walked away from you."

Austin insists Carrie won't know how she feels until she calms down. He yells, "I will get her back, and do not stand in my way."

Lucas says, "Dream on. I guarantee you there is no way you will get Carrie back."

"I was interested in Austin," says Sami, "He came back to Salem when Lucas left me at the altar. He was the only one who supported me."

"He was your hero and you decided you wanted a future with him again," says Carrie.

Why wouldn't I," asks Sami, "But then I backed off when I found out you were interested in him. I wanted a relationship with my sister."

Carrie says, "I was suspicious of you. I knew you were interested in him yourself."

"I don't blame you," says Sami, "I've been through a lot since you left, Austin... Brandon... Lucas... The Salem Men's Glee Club... I would like to think I learned from my mistakes."

"I never thought I would say this," says Carrie, "But I actually think you are someone I could trust."

"Thank you for saying that," says Sami, "I ...choke... won't do anything to break that trust." Hugs.

Max is on the phone, "Come on Marty, you are my agent. No, I haven't lost my edge. There are a lot of things going on here. I have seen more death here than on the racetrack. I could be ready by spring, if I wanted to. But I have my own garage here. I'm thinking of building my own car. You can handle the sponsors, Marty. Tell them the situation. That will give me more press with my comeback. OK? Bye."

He hangs up, "Yeah, I'm gonna get press all right. Max Brady was indicted today for withholding information in the death of his own nephew. The sponsors will come running. Chelsea has to take responsibility. The truth will come out anyway. How many lives will get ruined besides mine?"

Billie paces, "I'd do anything for you, Chelsea and Bo. No matter how you feel about me. God help us if the truth comes out. All our lives will be destroyed."

Patrick asks if there is corroborating evidence. The police insist they don't need it if Billie confessed. They leave. Patrick says, "I think I know how to get the proof I'm after."

The brat is so sorry. Hope knows she is. The brat doesn't want anyone to suffer for this. Hope brings up the license. She's so glad Chelsea is taking the driving lessons before getting back out on the streets (to drive, that is). "I'm so glad you didn't have to get involved in something like this."

"I already have been," cries the brat, "I lost everything the night my parents were killed. I would never let anything like this happen."

"I know," says Hope. Hugs.

Bo steps up, "Chelsea, I can't do this any more." Hope gives the brat a look. FF on Bo getting ready to cop out yet again.


John says, "Doc, you don't mean that." Marlena yells, "Don't call me 'Doc' any more. I don't want that."

The brat whines, "I don't want to go to prison." Bo says, "It's out of my control." The brat says, "Just let Billie take the blame. It's not like I asked her to do this."

Hope says to Patrick, "Billie deserves to be punished. There is no moving on until that happens."

Bonnie says to Kate, "The reason you're doing this for Shawn and Mimi is that you know Shawn is Claire's real daddy."


Anonymous Marci said...

You've got Carrie right - duh!

6:29 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

Prevuze is so right about DOOL being an insomnia cure. Any time Jennifer and Frankie are on it's an automatic anchor for eyelids.

Wouldn't it be grand if, while Bo is in the cell with Billie, they lose the key? HA

I loved the "Bitch-ho meat"! HAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze today!

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"She's so glad Chelsea is taking the driving lessons before getting back out on the streets (to drive, that is)." LOL!! I wish just once they would actually say something like this on the show then maybe it WOULDN'T be such a insomia cure.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous applecheeks said...

Max is right about Patrick being blind (and clueless) about what is right in front of him. Patrick must also be deaf since he walked in as Chelsea was talking about hitting Zach.

Max, "If you can let this happen you aren't the girl I thought you were." What? A mean, selfish, self-centered, slutty brat? That's about the only side I've seen of her since the character has been on the show.

What a horrible day I've had - no Prevuze until 5:00 p.m. Aaaaargh!

3:01 PM  

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