Friday, October 28, 2005

Smell The Gumbo

Belle and Phillip arrive at the dance. Belle is not feeling well. Phillip wants to know if this is PPD or because they saw Shawn's car in the parking lot, "Are you nervous about seeing Shawn and Mimi together tonight?"

"No," says Belle, "But I'll whine around about it anyway."

Shawn Tarzan. Mimi Jane. "I have a new sympathy for Chippendale dancers," says Shawn.

Mimi says, "I could kill my mother for making us come as Tarzan and Jane." Shawn tells her she looks hot. She says she's cold, especially when the door opens, "My goose bumps get goose bumps."

"Tarzan take Jane back of bar and get warm," offers Shawn.

"That's tempting," says Mimi, "but I have to work."

Shawn talks about his new opportunity with Max, "If you had told me a year ago I'd be happy as a mechanic, I'd have said you were crazy. Becoming a lawyer was my mother's dream, not mine."

Mimi suggests Shawn build the garage female clientele by wearing a speed-o while he works.

Bonnie stops Roman coming in, "Hey, you can't be at Alice's without a costume."

"I am in costume. I'm dressed as a police commander."

"Nice try," says Bonnie, "No cigar. Lucky for you years ago a boy scout taught me to be prepared." She helps him with a sheriff's costume, and stabs him with the badge when she tries to put it on. Roman watches Marlena and John.

Marlena tells John the place getting busy. "The only person I see here is you," says John, "As we spend more time together, you will learn just how much I love you. And I believe you will reconsider asking me for that divorce."

Alex comes in. Bonnie has a conniption, "Doesn't anyone in this town know you're supposed to be in costume?" She turns him into the town villain - black hat. "I don't want no gunplay in my place," says Bonnie, "So, if you like, you can check your weapon."

"That's all right. I'll keep it holstered. Thanks for the hat," says Alex. He thinks to himself, "Damn, I've worked much too hard to let John get Marlena now. Looks like this villain has some work to do."

Jennifer is on the phone. Jack struggles to get it from her. Jennifer asks, "Did you say something about suicide?"

She confronts Jack. "It's not suicide," says Jack, "It's sushi-side."

"You hate sushi, Jack. You turned green when we had it on the show," says Jennifer.

"That was years ago," says Jack, "Look, when I was captive on Tony's island, they served sushi every day. I learned to love it and I know you love it, secretly, and I wanted to surprise you with it."

"Sushi and pizza," says Jennifer.

"Bad idea," says Jack. He tells the guy on the phone, "Hey, kill the sushi-side, please. Bye." Jack gets the party rolling. Bo goes for plates.

Jennifer turns to Hope, "There is something else he is not telling me. I know it."

Belle has a conniption, "Why would I be uncomfortable with Shawn and Mimi being here? They are our daughter's godparents. I do not have a problem with them being together and even if I did, I HAVE TO GET USED TO IT, RIGHT? JUST LIKE I HAVE TO GET USED TO BEING A MOTHER AND HAVING POST PARTUM DEPRESSION!"

"Waiter," says Phillip, "Over here! Prozac, please."

Mimi tells Shawn, "It's funny, you don't want to go back to college and your mom is upset and I am desperate to get the money to re-enroll and my mom could care less."

"Maybe we should switch mothers," says Shawn, "... Or not. Listen. I know how important a college education is to you. Why don't you let me dip into my trust fund? Then you can pay me back after you graduate."

"NO WAY," insists Mimi, "that's for your education."

"I told you," says Shawn, "I'm not going to school. I'm doing what's right for me."

Phillip and Belle walk up. We are all uncomfortable. I'm not sure what Belle's costume is. Given her mood, it may be the Salem Serial Killer II. AND, Streets of Love continues to play over and over and over in the background. Two more minutes and I'm going as SSK III.

John tells Marlena, "You know, once you get your memory back..." He sees Alex, then gets a phone call, "Frankie... let me guess... Yeah, I know. He's right here. I can handle things from here." He hangs up.

"Is something wrong," asks Marlena.

"In a way," says John. He takes her hand, "I want you to look into my eyes. What I have to say is very important."

Roman comes up to the town villain who is watching John and Marlena. Roman says, "I wouldn't bother them if I were you."

"Why would I bother them," asks Alex.

"Because," says Roman, "You're afraid Doc's remembering. Then you lose."

"Far from it," says Alex, "I am her doctor. I am helping her recover from her amnesia."

"Really," says Roman, "I think the last thing you want is for Doc to regain her memory."

"I think you're confusing me with yourself," says Roman, er Alex, "Because if Marlena regains her memory, the only one who loses is you, because John winds up with his wife back, I wind up with a healthy patient and you wind up with absolutely no hope of getting back together with the woman you love."

"The only thing that matters," says Roman, "is if Marlena is happy."

John tells Marlena he thinks Alex planted the idea of a divorce in her head. Marlena flashes back to the hypnotism session. "The bond we had was powerful," says John, "All you have to do is believe. Because if you do it will empower you to fight this amnesia."

Marlena asks, "What amnesia?"

John gasps, "OMG! It's worse than I thought!"

The pizza party is in full swing. Jennifer is glad to see Jack hasn't lost his appetite. The girls take the empty boxes into the kitchen. Bo tells Jack, "I don't know if I'd have the strength to do what you are doing."

"You'd do what you have to," says Jack, "We have to protect our families."

Bo asks if there is anything he can do. Jack just wants people to watch over his family after he heads for the great beyond. "I will," says Bo, "No way Patrick Lockhart will get anywhere near your family."

"That's what I wanted to hear," says Jack. Hug. Man-hug, of course.

Jack tells Bo he'll be watching over Jennifer from the big Soap Opera In The Sky. Jennifer comes out and says she heard her name. Jack says, "I was just saying I love you so much."

"I love you Jack... so much." Hug. Not a man-hug.

"The night is young," says Jack, "Let's go dancing. I want to trip-the-light-Fandango. Come on. I want to give you a night to remember for all the Days Of Our Lives."

People scatter to get ready. Jack starts to call Mickey and Maggie to look after Jack Jr. He hesitates and says, "This might be our last big night ever, Jennifer."

Belle ain't happy. But, what else is new. She tells Shawn he has to finish college. "Why are you giving me such a hard time," asks Shawn, "You dropped out of college, too."


"You are doing what is right for you," says Shawn, "and I am doing what is right for me."

"It is not right for you," says Belle.

"I'm just taking your advice, and getting on with my life," says Shawn.

John says, "There is Belle. She has grown into a beautiful, but wacko, young woman. There is no doubt you are her mother." Marlena remembers Baby Belle. "She needs you so much. We all need you so much."

Roman watches, "Maybe Marlena is getting her memory back."

Bonnie comes up behind him and rubs his shoulders, "Some people read palms and some people read tea leaves. I read shoulders. You're wondering if Marlena gets her memory back, will she want John or you."

"John is her husband. Believe me, no one will come between John and Marlena," says Roman.

Alex dangles the bangle, "I have to make sure I didn't leave any hint of a memory of John, or Roman could stir up Marlena."

Bonnie backs up and bumps into Alex. He yells, "Hey watch it."

"Hey," she says, "You are taking this villain thing seriously. Good for you." Alex walks off.

Bonnie looks down and finds the jewel from Alex' pendant, "Well, look what we have here."

Alex notices the jewel is missing, "Where is it," asks Alex, "I had it just a second ago."

Belle tells Shawn, "Getting on with your life is one thing. Throwing it away is another." She sees John and Marlena and goes over to talk to them.

Phillip stands like a deer staring into headlights. Mimi asks how he's doing. He's suffering from Postpartum Depression Depression.

Belle says it's good to see John and Marlena together, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't be bothering you." John says it's OK – nothing is more important than Belle. Belle knows that. "Nothing is ever going to be the same," she says.

"Honey," says Marlena, "You're going to get through this. You are."

"I want to believe you," whines Belle, "But if I do, then I'll have to find another way to be the center of attention."

Marlena suggests they go freshen up.

Roman sits down with John. John says, "The way Marlena just reacted to Belle, I think she is starting to get her memory back."

"I just want you to know," says Roman, "All I want is for Marlena to get her memory back."

"I've missed you so much, Mom," cries Belle.

"I'm sorry," says Marlena, "But you know what?" Yeah, we know. "I'm here for you."

"I thought having this baby would be the happiest time of my life," bawls Belle, "But it has been the worst. I am a total failure as a mother and as a wife."

Marlena reassures her, "Now, I don't want to second guess Dr. Carver, but I wonder if this isn't about PPD. I wonder if it is about losing Shawn." Belle stares.

Phillip asks Shawn if he thinks he will be happy being a mechanic for the rest of his life. Hope swoops in and announces SHE won't be happy.

Bonnie doesn't know what the jewel is, but thinks it will look good on her. She puts it in the abyss for safekeeping.

Alex obsesses. He has to find the jewel or all his work will be for nothing.

Jack returns the call to the suicide boys, "Yes, I am still interested. I need to be circumspect, and so do you." Jennifer listens. Jack continues, "Yes I understand the laws in the United States are different."

Jack hangs up. Jennifer says, "That sounded very important."

"Oh," says Jack, "It was. I was just checking my horoscope. It said if I choose to spend the night with the woman I love, we could have a night we will never forget." They decide to put it to the test.

Alex rummages around for the jewel. John comes up, "Lose something?"

"Yes," says Alex, "My car keys."

"Here," says John, "Take mine. See ya later."

Alex says, "No thanks. Marlena might need me."

"I don't think so," says John, "She's with her husband – of her own free will."

"She also filed for divorce of her own free will," says Alex.

"Before this night is over," says John, "Marlena will change her mind about me, the divorce and a lot of things." He walks away.

"We'll see about that," says Alex.

Roman tells Bonnie he isn't into relationships. "Who said anything about a relationship," says Bonnie, "I just want to have a good time."

"What the hell," says Roman, "All right." They clink their longnecks. Perhaps Roman should back off on the beer.

Hope lectures Shawn. Bo jumps to his defense. Hope drags Mimi into it. Mimi doesn’t really agree with Shawn's decision even though she has taken a leave from college herself. Hope presses. Shawn leaves. Hope tells Mimi to go talk some sense into him. That would have to be a llooonnnggg talk.

"I may not agree with his decision, Mrs. Brady, but I respect his right to make it."

Mimi starts to leave. Hope yells, "EVEN IF HE DECIDES TO THROW HIMSELF OFF A BRIDGE?"

"Waiter," says Bo, "Over here! Prozac, please."

"I can't cry about Shawn any more," cries Belle, "Phillip is my future."

"Are you sure," asks Marlena, "I know we have been apart for a while now and I don't remember a lot, but things are going to change. So whenever you start to think you are alone, please remember you are anything but alone." Bawl. Sob. Hug.

Jack comes in dressed as Captain Nitwit, "'Scuse me ma'am, are you alone?"

"I'm waiting for my husband," says Jennifer.

"Well," Jack lifts his mask, "Your wait is over."

Jennifer laughs, "Where did you get that costume."

Jack says, "A super hero never reveals his sources unless he is out to have a super time. So, how about it? Wanna dance?" Jennifer asks if he is sure. Jack says he wants to enjoy every minute he has left with her. A-whirlin' they go.

Hope ain't happy. Bo tells Shawn they need to talk, "Your mom just wants what's best for you."

"No," says Shawn, "She wants what she thinks is best for me."

Bo says, "I know I've been preoccupied with Chelsea lately, but that doesn’t mean I'm not interested in you and your brother. I'm there for you guys."

"How do I convince Mom I have to make my own decisions," asks Shawn.

Bo has the right answer, "Very carefully."

Hope talks to Belle, "I hear you don't agree with Shawn's decision to quit college." Belle can't believe Mimi isn't trying to influence him. "Between you and me," says Hope, "I'm not sure Mimi is good for him."

Bonnie walks up and says, "My Mimi is the best thing that could have happened to your son." Mimi yells for Shawn, then nods toward Bonnie, Hope and Belle.

John has Marlena imagine they are in New Orleans, "Smell the gumbo. Listen to the Dixieland Music. Fell the breeze. That's when I take your hand and ask you to be my wife." He puts a ring on her finger.

Marlena flashes back, "I remember."

Alex asks the DJ to play a special request, "This has to work."

"What do you remember," asks John, "Tell me everything."

Music box music plays. "John says, "You remember me giving you the ring. How about the wedding?" Marlena is distant. "What is it," he asks.

Jack tells the DJ to lose the music box stuff and put on something with a beat. He and Jennifer hop it up.

"Damn," says Alex, "Curses, foiled again!"

Marlena says she got distracted for a moment, "I remember being engaged."

"We danced that night," says John, "Let's do it again. Maybe it will stir up another memory."

Alex stews, "I have to find that charm."

Jack and Jennifer twirl around to their wonderful memories.

Bo asks Roman if he is there alone. Roman says, "I was talking to Bonnie a while ago, just having a few laughs."

"Actually," says Bo, "She's still here. She's over talking to Hope. They don't look too happy."

Bonnie threatens, "One more snide word about Mimi..."

Shawn steps into the lioness' den, "What's going on?"

Bonnie says, "Your mother thinks Mimi is a bad influence on you." She turns to Hope, "Let me tell you something about higher education. I happen to be a graduate of Hairhopper's school of beauty with a major in manicures and a minor in pedicures, plus I'm working on a license to drive eighteen-wheelers and I only have a few hours left to qualify for home heating and air conditioning maintenance – HVAC to you, and I am this close to being certified in TV and VCR repair."

Hope says, "Well, it sounds like you've taken every course matchbooks have to offer."

"Well," says Bonnie, "We all weren't born with silver spoons up our you-know-what."

Mimi tries to calm her down.

"No," says Bonnie, "It's time Princess Hope learned what we are made of. I am not ashamed of what I am."

Mimi is embarrassed. She runs off. Tarzan follows.

Phillip is confused. He asks Belle, "What was that all about."

"It doesn't matter," says Belle, "I want you to take me home right now!"

Alex searches for the charm. Focus in on Bonnie's cleavage. Alex wonders.

Mimi wails, "She's not your mother. You don't understand."

Shawn says, "Your mother does not speak for you any more than my mother speaks for me. I care about you. No matter what they say it's not gonna change how I feel about you." Kiss.

Belle and Phillip come out. Phillip says, "See, I told you Shawn and Mimi were getting closer." Funny, I don't remember Belle wearing green face paint.

Bo asks Hope what was going on. Hope wants the rest of the evening to be about them. That's OK with Bo.

Roman lassos Bonnie, "Now, what can Sheriff Brady do to help?"

"You're off to a good start," says Bonnie.

The charm has dropped out of the abyss. Alex finds it, "Lucky charm, let's hope it's not too late."

John and Marlena dance. Marlena is remembering more.

Jack picks Jennifer up and whirls her around. He collapses. FF.


Shawn carries Claire, "We can handle her."

Phillip says, "Every time I mention the two of them together, you get very upset." Belle protests, "I do not!" Phillip says, "That's because you're afraid of losing Shawn."

Jennifer says, "I should not be leaning on you like this." Frankie says, "I've got a perfectly good shoulder going to waste here."

Alex tells John, "There is no point in trying to hide it any longer. Marlena and I are in love."


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Inspired pictures and many LOL moments today!

Bo's lack of hair certainly must explain why he wears it in that comb-over!

Got to go, but Prevuze - Rock on!

6:50 AM  
Blogger DazedFan said...

Woah buddy,

Hope...Belle...? Caaaalm down! And Bonnie? Don't even get me started...the abyss? LOL! Hey, you know what? I don't want Roman with Marlena anyway so if Bonnie wants Roman, goooo for it girl!

Great job! Lots of laughs all around.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I was amazed at the unbelievably clever Bald-Bo! Now we know why he keeps that mop of hair like that. HAHAHAHA

And if Prevuze hears Streets of Love once more and becomes the Salem Serial Killer III I will become the SSK IV if I have to sit thru one more conversation of why Jack has to kill himself.

Excellent Prevuze and pictures! Like Applecheeks said, rock on Prevuze!

6:48 AM  

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