Thursday, October 27, 2005

Recipe For Disaster

Austin talks tech. Ohhhhh.... wireless. He is sooooooo hi-tech. Sami says Nicole is so down and out she doesn't know if she even has a computer. Austin says, "I think I can provide my Executive VP with a computer."

Sami confides, "Austin, I have to tell you I think I'm going to have a hard time working with Nicole."

"Hey," says Austin, "My company – my call."

Sami says, "I just really think you should have talked to me first before asking Nicole to move into my apartment."

"She’s living at the 'Y.' She doesn't have any money," says Austin, "Besides, I thought this was our apartment now."

Sami caves in, "Well, when you put it that way..."

Austin says, "This arrangement is just until we get up and running. I'm sure Nicole's not thrilled living with us either."

"Living with me, anyway," says Sami, "I'm doing this for you, Austin. I like working for you and your company. We'll get rich together. We'll be billionaires."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," says Austin.

Nicole reports for work. She comes in dragging boxes behind her, and immediately takes Sami's workstation.

"That's my desk," says Sami.

"No, honey, you're going to be fielding calls for Austin and me," says Nicole, "I know the right place for you."

Victor comes in to see Lucas, "Welcome back to Titan."

Lucas assures him, "I won't let you down. Austin, Sami and Nicole can't compete with me. I will do what it takes to succeed." He thinks for a moment and says, "I didn't mean to sound too competitive."

Victor growls, "How do you think I got where I am today? When you meet your competitor you don't shake his hand, you crush him."

Marie comes in. She has a flower delivery for Lucas. "I wonder if they are from Sami," asks Victor.

Hope says it's been a bad day. She can't believe Bo gave Chelsea more money.

Bo goes on the defensive, "She said she would spend it on necessities. Besides, money's not that tight right now." I guess it can't be tight if you don't have any of it, huh?

"It's not the money," insists Hope, "Chelsea can't hit you up every time she ants a spa treatment. She will be completely out of control if she keeps this up." Will be?

Jack computes. Jennifer comes in and he blanks the screen. She brought him a protein shake. "No more wheat grass," says Jack, "Do you want to hasten my death?"

"It's good for you."

"I can't... I can't do this anymore," he says.

Alex tells Frankie, "Marlena will deal with your client only through her attorney."

John doesn't take it well. He lunges at Alex. Frankie pulls them apart. "Please," begs Marlena, "Stop this. I can't take any more of this."

Frankie suggests he and John leave. "Listen to your lawyer," says Alex, "I'm going to follow through with that restraining order."

John tells Marlena Alex is no good; he's brainwashing her. Marlena wants John to go. She can't take any more.

"I'LL BE BACK," says the Johninator.

Frankie and Johnnie leave. "He's using his position to break us up," says John, "He wants to break us up, I'll break his face."

Frankie advises, "That would be a big mistake."

John snarls, "He's manipulating her mind to impose her will against me. That's something even Stephano could never do."

Alex hypnotizes Marlena, "It's time for you to forget John Black."

Bo isn't happy Chelsea spent the money at the spa. He will straighten it out with her. As soon as he gets more cash.

Hope reminds him, "You have two sons. Shawn and Zach need you."

Bo rambles, "Shawn has been great these past two months. He pleaded out of the charges against him and did his community work. He's moving forward with his life. We talked about that today." Well, I guess that answers the burning question about what happened to the charges against Brainiac. Apparently he has paid his debt to society.

Hope says, "Good."

"Look," says Bo, "I know you wanted Shawn and Belle to be together..."

"They can't be," says Hope, "I understand that."

"He's not aimless," says Bo. Witless, just not aimless. "He might get a job with Max as a mechanic."

Hope is crestfallen; her son, a greasy mechanic. Bo says, "Hey, we're a couple of blue-collar cops. That's how he was raised. It's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Chelsea is ashamed of it," says Hope, "I don't know how much I can take. Shawn, Zach and I aren't a priority to you."

Jack apologizes for snapping at Jennifer. She force-feeds him pills and the protein shake.

Jack vows, "I will do it for you." He guzzles the shake. "EEEEYYUUCCKK! I just wish I could chase it with a little pizza. I enjoy pizza. Please don't deny me my one last craving."

Jennifer snaps, "You have months to live. Why do you say that? Is there something you are not telling me?"

The flowers are from Sophie. "This job will be a real challenge," says Victor, "I think you are up to it. I wouldn't have hired you otherwise."

"I know your first choice was Austin," says Lucas, "Him working with Nicole and Sami will be a disaster."

"Nicole can be formidable competition," says Victor, "especially when she's had a couple of martinis. If Nicole and Sami work together under Austin's guidance, they can be your downfall."

Nicole's stuff smells like garbage. That's because Victor threw it in the trash and Nicole had to dig it out. Sami says, "I can't believe you brought this crap into my home."

"OUR home," says Nicole, "Besides, this blouse is worth more than your whole wardrobe. I might let you wear it sometime. Of course, we're not the same size." THAT DID IT!! Sami tears into Nicole. Austin breaks them up.

Nicole wants to put Sami In the kitchen, "where she can make coffee."

Austin assigns places, "Now, shake hands and promise you will work together and get along as roommates.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS," asks Sami. Nicole smiles.

"This isn't a contest," says Bo, "I've been here for Shawn since he was born but Chelsea didn't know I was her father until a little while ago."

"It means discipline Bo," says Hope, "Chelsea needs to be responsible. I hate to say I told you so but I told you she wouldn't spend the money wisely.

Bo jumps to her defense, "She gave money to Light the Night and bought clothes for work. Then she spoiled herself at the spa, just like you did." Bo must be tired of living.

"You are missing the point," says Hope, "She lied. And you are enabling her. You've got to put your foot down. If you don't, you will create a monster. You know what? Maybe you already have."

Jennifer wants to know if Jack's condition is worse than he is telling her. Jack insists it isn't, but they have to face reality. More force-feeding. Then Jennifer goes to order a pizza.

Jack starts to spit out one of his pills, but sees Jennifer's picture and puts it back in his mouth, "I don’t want to put you though this any more, so I have to hurry the process along. He goes to the computer and types "Please contact me at this number to talk about death with dignity."

Jennifer comes out of the kitchen and says, "I can't believe it, Jack."

Frankie says John can get power of attorney if he can declare Marlena incompetent. John doesn't think they can do that.

"There has to be something inside her to remind her of you," says Frankie.

Alex tells Marlena, "John has gone to far. He is possessive and not good for you."

Marlena sees the love clock. She remembers John giving it to her, "What if you're wrong about John?"

As John leaves he turns to the penthouse door and says, "You come back to me, and you remember our love and all the good Days Of Our Lives."

Marlena remembers their wedding vows.

Here's Jennifer's big deal: "I was just looking at this pizza menu. You remember we used to order wild pizzas with pineapple and anchovies when I was pregnant and used to get all those cravings?"

"There is one craving I will never get over," says Jack, "I love you so much." Kiss.

Victor says, "Nicole was really good at Titan and now she knows Titan's secrets."

"She might have been great then, but look at them now," says Lucas, "If you ask me, Austin's new company is a recipe for disaster."

Victor says, "They are lean and hungry. Those women will do whatever it takes to succeed."

"Even murder," says Lucas.

"I'll vouch for that," says Victor, "Don't underestimate them."

"Yeah," says Lucas, "But they shouldn't underestimate me."

Nicole and Sami bicker. Sami has an idea for the business, "We have to tell everyone Austin is back in town, so I will contact the Spectator."

"Why bother with a newspaper when there is TV," asks Nicole, "We should set up a press conference."

"That's even better," says Austin, "Your opposing viewpoints make you a terrific team."

They ask Sami to make coffee. After Sami goes to the kitchen, Nicole takes Austin aside, "In the press conference I wouldn't tell people Sami is working for you, what with her being Stan and everything."

Sami thinks, "I have to find a way to get Nicole out of here once and for all."

Bo explodes, "Did you just call my daughter a monster? You don't like her. She thinks you don't, anyway."

"I'm sorry she feels that way," says Hope, "I don't want to fight with you any more. I'm going to call Jennifer."

"Nice way to change the subject," says Bo.

Jennifer answers. Jennifer tells Hope they are doing great and invites her and Bo over for pizza. Hope agrees. Can we bring wine or anything?"

"No," says Jennifer, "I didn't invite Belle."

Hope corrects her, "I'm sorry, you misunderstood. I said wine, not whine."

Bo asks for a truce. Hope thought they already had one. "We'll get through this. Just like we always do," says Bo.

"John isn't thinking rationally. Further contact with him will cause you irreparable damage," says Alex.

Marlena remembers their wedding night. Alex is on the phone, "I want a restraining order against John Black. OK, if you can't do it today, then do it first thing in the morning."

Marlena walks out of the apartment. John is standing there. She says, "I thought you'd gone."

John says, "I just couldn't get on the elevator."

Marlena asks, "You want to spend time with me, don't you?"

"Yeah, I do," says John.

Alex wants Marlena to come back. She refuses, "I have to get this resolved. When did you want to go out?"

John says, "Right now."

Marlena smiles, "All right. I'll change." Alex steams.

Frankie tells Alex to stay away. Alex says he already has called for the restraining order. "Make sure he doesn't follow us," says John. He leaves with Marlena.

Ho and Dope have arrived at the Devereaux house. Bo asks how Jack is feeling. Jack stammers around but says he is OK. The pizza arrives. Bo goes for beer.

Jennifer tells Hope she is praying for a miracle. The phone rings. Jack stumbles around, trying to juggle the pizza transaction and trying to get to the phone before Jennifer does.

Lucas is going to check out the competition. He assures Victor he is motivated. Victor has high hopes for him.

Sami downloaded the customer list. Austin tells her to put it on Nicole's desk. Sami goes over to Nicole's desk and sees a proposal laying on it. She picks it up, starts reading and thinks, "Wow. This is really good. She takes it to Austin, "I've been working on this proposal..."

Austin looks it over, "This is really good, Sami."

Austin tells Sami to go get creamer. Nicole tells her, "I saw kid snacks in the cupboards. Is Will living here? Is he even speaking to you?

Austin tells them to keep it professional. Nicole goes back to her desk, picks up the proposal and takes it over to Austin. She asks his opinion.

"What do you think about it," asks Austin.

"I think it's perfect," says Nicole.

"REALLY," he asks, "No changes?"


Nicole asks Sami for a spoon and sweetener and a napkin. While Sami is gone, Nicole takes a family picture off the mantle and sets it next to Sami's computer. She types something.

Sami brings the stuff. She sits down and reads what is on the screen:

I never want to see you again.


Have a lousy life.

Sami runs out of the apartment.

"What's wrong? Where did she go," asks Austin

"I have no idea," says Nicole.

Time passes. Well, actually, it was a commercial break. Nicole says Sami has been on break too long. Austin tells her they have to get along. Nicole agrees, "But Sami won't be able to. Before long she will self-destruct like she always does."

Sami cries in the hall. Lucas comes in and looks concerned. Sami says, "Don't act like you care, Lucas, I know you hate me."

Lucas says, "That's not true. I still love you." Sami stares.

Alex tells Frankie he can't keep him there against his will.

Frankie says, "Sooner or later Marlena will get her memory back and you can't destroy what she and John have."

"Well see about that," Alex runs out. Frankie chases.

Streets Of Love plays. John and Marlena are at Alice's. John tells her the history of the place. It used to be formal but now is casual. He wanted Marlena to be comfortable, so he brought her to a casual place.

"I'm just a little confused," says Marlena, "I don't know if these are memories or not."

"No rush," says John, "The fact you are alone with me is a good start."

"Do you have any magic words that might help me make some sense of this," she asks.

He takes her hand, "The magic words are I love you." Marlena smiles.

Jack tips the pizza guy. "I'LL GET IT," he yells. Too late. Jennifer already answered the phone.

Jennifer has a bad connection, "What did you just say? SUICIDE?" Jennifer looks at Jack, "What is going on, Jack Devereaux?"

FF on the suicidal maniac.


John tells Marlena, "All you have to do is believe. Because if you do it will empower you to fight this amnesia."

Phillip asks Belle, "Are you nervous about seeing Shawn and Mimi together tonight?"

Shawn and Mimi are in costume. Shawn tells her, "I care about you. No matter what they say it's not gonna change how I feel about you."

Jennifer and Jack dance at the Halloween ball. Jack collapses. GASPS all around.


Anonymous applecheeks said...

Loved Bo in his dog house. What a perfect place for him!

The "Johninator" crack was great.

I must say, though, the caption under the Max picture seemed very, very familiar. Now where did I see something almost exactly like that before......?

Steal from the best is what I always say. HAHAHAHAHA

6:14 AM  
Anonymous CJ said...

Lucas, Sami, Austin and Nicole are like a horrible fifty's romantic comedy. All that's needed is Doris Day and Rock Hudson singing in the background.

6:37 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

<< Steal from the best is what I always say. >>

That's harsh.

7:10 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

LOL over the "wine not whine" Belle reference. HAHAHAHA

And the Johninator.

But mostly, a LOL moment over the thought that Jr. DID COMMUNITY SERVICE. When was this?! Sometime between making out with Mimi or horning in on Philip and Belle I guess.

Excellent Prevuze and pictures today! :)

8:31 AM  

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