Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Paris Hilton Without The Hotels

Note: This episode of Prevuze is best viewed with Streets of Love playing in the background, loud and continually, until it gets so bad you run out screaming for mercy. Alternatively, you may watch five more seconds of Jack insisting he has to kill himself, which will have the same effect.

Hope is on the phone trying to contact Shawn. No luck. Bo comes in. Hope tells him about the incident at the spa. Hope is wise to the fact Shawn isn't gong back to college. She is livid. She tells Bo the information originally came from Mimi, "She must have misunderstood."

"Mimi got it right," says Bo, "Shawn isn't going back to school."

Chelsea is with Max in the garage. Chelsea ain't impressed, "Why would you invest all your race winnings into a place like this? There are so many better things you could put your money into... like jewelry."

"If you want bling," says Max, "You can call, whoozit, P. Diddy, Diddy-Diddy, Puff Daddy..." Puff Daddy, no. Sugar Daddy, yes.

Max says, "A place like this, for a racecar driver, rocks." He just needs someone who can take care of the place while he is gone. Chelsea asks about their date. Max still needs to take care of Bo's bike. That's her cue to leave. She goes for a soda.

Max revs the throttle. He doesn't like the way the bike sounds. Shawn walks in and goes right to the problem. One spritz and it tunes right up.

"You know bikes," says Max.

"Yeah," says Shawn, "Especially this one. It's my dad's. I understand you're looking for a mechanic."

"Thing is," says Max, "I'm looking for more than that. I need a business partner."

Frankie comes into Mickey's office. Mickey tells him John is coming in to talk about the divorce. "By the way," says Mickey, "When you were shaving this morning, you missed a little patch right under your lower lip." Mickey asks if Frankie needs anything else.

"All I need says," says Frankie, "is any additional information you have on John and Marlena's divorce."

John steps in and says, "All you need to know is this divorce isn't going to happen."

Alex wants Marlena to look at photos of them together. Marlena asks, "Why are you showing them to me? So I will remember?"

"I'm hoping that will happen," says Alex.

"Shouldn't we look at John's photographs to remember the past," asks Marlena.

No," says Alex, "That was the other past.

Mickey tells John Frankie will be taking over for him, "You're in good hands."

Mickey leaves. John tells Frankie it's good to see him again. "By the way," says John, "When you were shaving this morning, you missed a little patch right under your lower lip."

John fills Frankie in on the whole Marlena/Alex thing, "The man has been a disaster in every way. I think he is brainwashing Marlena." He tells Frankie about Alex taking her up to the cabin.

"Sounds a little unorthodox," says Frankie.

John says, "I went up there. I dropped in unannounced. He's kissing her. Says it's transference. The only way she would come back here is if he came along. She thinks the sun rises and sets on the guy. Then I found out he's using hypnosis on her. He's abusing it. I think he wants Marlena for himself. He's hypnotizing her to block out any memory of her family and me. When I get her alone she improves, but North sweeps in and stops it. He has convinced her to get rid of me."

Frankie says, "So North is in the penthouse? Where are you staying?"

"With Kate," says John, "It's not a bad move. From her window I can look right inside my apartment. I saw North going into Marlena's bedroom from the terrace. I'm a hothead, so I went over to confront him."

"That's not being a hothead," says Frankie.

"He said he would get a restraining order against me," says John.

Frankie says, "There are a number of approaches we can take here – medical malpractice, alienation of affection, incompetent writing, but first you want to work things out with Marlena."

"If I can get her alone I can work things out," says John, "I just need the chance."

Alex says, "When we are done, if you still want to see John's photos, of course we will do that." He thinks, "What the hell is going on here? I thought I erased all of your memories of John."

Marlena sees a picture of her and Alex with curly hair.

"It was a long time ago," says Alex.

"Wow," says Marlena, "I don't' remember. I'm sorry. I guess we really were together. Was that before Roman?" Not exactly. "Maybe if you just told me everything I would remember."

"You will remember in your own time," says Alex. He pulls out the pendant.

Max talks about an equity position for Shawn. "I'm a little low on cash," says Shawn.

"I'll provide the capital," says Max. He tells Shawn how it will work, then asks, "But what about school?"

"That was the plan," says Shawn, "but I changed my mind. College isn't the place for me." Now there's an understatement...

Chelsea interrupts and says Hope won't handle this very well, "I wouldn't want to be you when she does find out."

Hope is peeved, "Why didn't you tell me? I hope you helped him come to his senses."

"How can I," says Bo, "He doesn't have any. Maybe if we give him time he'll wake up."

Hope says, "He has been out of school over a year already. Look at the trouble he's gotten into. He's not thinking about the big picture. Two years ago he was working for Mickey. Damn that Jan spears! If it wasn't for her he'd still be in school. He isn't making this decision without me. I'm going to find him and shake some sense into that boy."

Bo says, "Hope, you can't do that."

Frankie says he will draft a letter and send it to Marlena immediately requesting she and John meet with a marriage counselor, "I hope it gets to her before her petition for divorce is filed. Then the judge will see you were on the level and might order her into counseling. Sit tight while I go dictate the letter."

John's tight all right, "Oh, man, this has gotta work. I've gotta get her away from North before he erases every memory of me."

North hypnotizes Marlena, "Clear your mind. Picture a chalkboard from school. Picture your teacher erasing the chalk. The surface is completely clean. Three... two... one... Open your eyes. You should feel relaxed. I need you to do something, which will erase every memory of John. I just need you to do what I tell you to do. Can you do that?"

Marlena nods, "Uh-huh."

Bo stops Hope from trying to call Shawn. "Don't grab the phone from me says Hope. You just told me Shawn is throwing his future away."

"I tried talking to him," says Bo, "He said he's a grown man; he's been making his own decisions."

Hope explodes, "Decisions? How about driving his motorcycle through the stained glass window at church? What about his wreck at Lookout Point? Those were his decisions. He's not as mature as he thinks he is. This could affect his life forever."

"Not everyone needs to go to college," says Bo, "You and I didn't, which he was quick to point out. I don't see him as a corporate type."

"He was talking about law school," says Hope, "If you had been more encouraging..."

Bo says, "You want me to spend more time with him. I can't do that if every time I see him I tell him he's making the wrong decision. He's not our little boy anymore."

"He'll always be my little boy," says Hope, "I can't stand by while he makes a mistake."

"It's his mistake and his life," says Bo, "We have to give him some space."

Hope asks, "Even if I see him driving off a cliff?"

"At some point," says Bo, "we have to have faith he will take care of himself. This parenting thing is pretty hard. I think all-in-all we've done a pretty good job."

"How about Chelsea," asks Hope, "I ran into her at the spa today. With her, you definitely have your hands full." Full, yes. Full of cash, no.

Chelsea says Hope isn't too crazy about the fact Shawn's dad had a wild child with another woman. She asks about his decision to drop out of college, "Hope doesn't know yet, does she?"

Shawn says, "She does not."

"She will go ballistic when she finds out about your decision. She really chewed me out at the spa."

Shawn asks, "Why?"

"No reason."

Shawn says, "That doesn't sound right. Things will work out between you two. Other than that, how ya been."

"Considering everything, OK," says Chelsea. She looks at Max, "I found a few nice distractions."

Shawn offers to finish Bo's bike while they go out. He tells Max, "This way you get to see my work."

"Just say yes," says Chelsea. Max agrees.

As they leave, Chelsea tells Max she is surrounded by grease monkeys, "Bo, Shawn and you." Max says he's going to take her some place she has never gone before. Someplace where she can get a meal, no doubt.

Chelsea says, "Where? The penthouse grill? Paris?"

Max asks, "When are you going to start trusting me? Let's go."

"Knowing I have your complete trust means a lot to me," says Alex, "Lets look at the pictures later. Now lets focus on our future. He pulls out a document. I have a document I need you to sign."

Marlena asks, "What is it?"

"It's something that will insure your future happiness," says Alex, "You know I have your best interests at heart. So just sign here..."

Marlena signs.

"Good," says Alex, "Thank you. Wait here. I have to go fax this, and will be right back." Marlena looks at the love clock and remembers John's words. Alex faxes the divorce papers.

Frankie tells John he thinks this will work. He gives John the letter to sign and instructs the assistant to messenger it to Marlena immediately.

"Right away. "By the way," she says, "When you were shaving this morning, you missed a little patch right under your lower lip."

Frankie asks John if he has any marriage counselors in mind. John says he was going to leave that up to Frankie. They start to discuss it, but the assistant interrupts and hands Frankie the fax from Alex. Frankie says, "He beat us to the punch."

John says, "The hell he has. No way North's getting away with this."

Chelsea says, "Wait. This is the church rec-room. I thought this was a date."

"It is," says Max, "We're going Salsa dancing. The instructor is a friend who invited us to the class." He introduces Chelsea and Amber Wallace. She and Max used to date. Amber went to Mexico to learn Spanish and asked Max to come with her.

"I was still working on learning English," says Max.

"You were working on a Swedish blonde," says Amber.

Chelsea isn't impressed with Max' choice of a place to go for a date.

"What's important," says Max, "is we are spending time together. Dancing is a great way to be close." Chelsea is peeved. Max asks if he is in trouble.

"It depends on how this goes," says Chelsea. They practice. She steps on Max' toes, "This isn't me." She starts to leave but Max stops her.

Shawn gets a call. Mimi. She tells him about her new job. He tells her about his. Mimi tells him about her conversation with Hope and also tells him Gloriane spilled the beans about his college decision. "Oh, God," says Shawn, "She's going to kill me."

Hope says, "Chelsea is a handful, Bo."

"Tell me what teenager isn't," says Bo, "This isn't easy for any of us. If we stick together she'll feel like she is part of the family."

Hope asks, "Don't you think I'd want her to accept me. But she wasn't receptive to me."

"She was thrown into this family," says Bo.

"Which I'm sure is overwhelming," says Hope, "But it doesn't excuse being rude. What happened to her job at Basic Black? What was she doing at Gloriane's? It is so expensive. She had every service they offer. It had to cost a fortune."

Bo looks for a hole to crawl into, "Maybe Billie or Kate gave her the money."

"No," says Hope, "Neither one of them gave her any money." Bo sweats. Hope catches on, "OMG! Oh, no... Don't tell me... You did! You gave her money! She's playing you!" Poor Bo. Back in the doghouse again.

Chelsea says she has two left feet. Max tries to encourage her. The break is over. "Just listen to the music and don't worry about your feet."

"Easy for you to say."

"Just look into my eyes," says Max.

"That I can do," says Chelsea. The music starts and, of course, they dance like Fred and Ginger.

"Max, we did it," she squeals.

Max asks, "Are you still mad at me?"

"No," says Chelsea, "You're right. Its kid of fun." Hot kiss.

Hope is a living, breathing 50-megaton bomb, "WHY WOULD YOU GIVE HER MONEY? WHAT WOULD POSESS YOU?"

"She came to us with nothing to her name. I'm her father."

"Giving her money to live on is one thing," yells Hope, "But money for the spa?"

"I will talk to her," says Bo.

"Go ahead," says Hope, "He daddy is a pushover."

"It'll take her time to adjust," says Bo.

Hope piles on, "Your daughter is a Paris Hilton in the making without the hotels."

"OK," says Bo, "I will try harder with her.

"Now," says Hope, "you need to do me a favor. Talk to Shawn again and impress how important a college education is."

Bo says, "OK, but if he sticks to his decision we have to accept it."

Hope snaps, "No I don't!"

Shawn says he should have been the one to tell Hope, "Oh, I see. Maybe you should have known Gloriane would spill the beans if that place is 'rumor central.'"

"The petition arrived before we had time to deliver the letter," Says Carolina. She tells Mickey Frankie and Johnnie are headed over to the penthouse.

Frankie tires to calm John down. John blurts, "He's not taking advantage of my wife anymore." He pounds on the door.

Alex says, "The Calvary has arrived. I can almost hear the hoof beats."

He opens the door. Frankie and John walk in. Alex asks Frankie, "Who are you?"

"I'm John's attorney," says Frankie.

"I see. Advise your client Marlena will only deal with him through their attorneys. "By the way," says Alex, "When you were shaving this morning, you missed a little patch right under your lower lip."

John lunges at Alex as Frankie tries to break them up. FF Marlena.


Hope tells Bo, "You've got to put your foot down. If you don't you will create a monster. You know what? Maybe you already have."

Marlena asks John, "When did you want to go out?" John says, "Right now." Marlena smiles, "All right."

Sami says, "Don't act like you care, Lucas, I know you hate me." Lucas says, "That's not true. I still love you."

"Suicide," says Jennifer, "What is going on, Jack Devereaux?"


Anonymous applecheeks said...

WOW,Prevuze started off with a great zinger in its "Note of Warning" and just kept on going, especially with the recurring refrain to Frankie that he "missed a spot under his lip" when he shaved. HAHAHAHA

So Max wants Shawn as a BUSINESS PARTNER? Let's review what Shawn could bring to the business that would rate partnership:
Experience? NO
Money? NOPE
Far-fetched plot point? BINGO!

6:13 AM  
Blogger Bulldog said...

I loved the warning at the beginning, too! And the pictures were all great.

Bo made two unbelievable statements in one sentence: "I think all-in-all we've done a pretty good job" (raising Jr.). First, what does he mean WE? I think he means Caroline, Old Man Brady, Alice, Doug, Julie, Jennifer and any of the other poor unfortunate people who got stuck babysitting him 24/7 while Ho and Dope were off someplace else. And a good job?!? HAHAHHAHAHAHHA

Thanks, Prevuze! Excellent today!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

I just checked back in to see comments and saw a new picture that wasn't there this morning - the "In The Dog House" dog bone in the middle of the story. Sweet!!

12:28 PM  

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