Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bills, Debt, Flat Broke, No Credit

Mimi calculates, "Bills, bills, bills! Aaaarrrggghh! She throws a fit. Shawn avoids the shrapnel. He comes over to her and asks what is wrong. Mimi says, "Now that I am managing my money by myself everything is going wrong! I can't balance my checkbook! I don't have enough money for tuition! I'm broke!" Cool tantrum.

Shawn suggests financial aid. I suggest a prozac.

Mimi explodes, "I missed the deadline!"

Shawn asks, "What about your mom?"

"She spends everything she makes and then some," says Mimi, "And now that Mickey is gone she is in debt up to her eyeballs."

Max is working in his spiffy new garage. Frankie comes in to see him.. He's glad Max is investing some of his winnings, but he isn't sure this is the way to do it, "It's pretty quiet. Do you have any customers in the pipeline. Bo motors in on his bike.

Gloriane is attending to Chelsea, "You really don't need too much in the way of a beauty treatment. Youth is beauty."

"I've waited too long to pamper myself," says Chelsea, "Now, I'm gong all out."

Gloriane says, "From all you've had done, it looks like you hit the lotto."

"Actually," she says, "I kind of did."

Jennifer thanks Hope. She leaves. Hope waits. Outside, Jennifer is pensive. She stares at a picture of Jack and Abby. Hope comes running out and tells her she forgot her scarf. Jennifer is crying. Hugs.

Jack tells Billie she can't tell anyone what he has planned.

"I will not stand idly by," says Billie, "while you commit suicide. How could you do that? Your family will want to be with you at the end... when you... you know what I mean."

"Yes I do," says Jack, "When I die a slow, painful death. I won't put them through that. I don't want that to be their final memory of me. I'd die first... you know what I mean."

"There has to be another way," says Billie.

"There isn't," insists Jack, "It's what I have to do. If you can't help me, I'll have no choice but to disappear and do it myself."

Billie says, "This is crazy Jack. It's wrong. If you don't let Jennifer say goodbye, she'll never forgive you for the rest of her life."

"I realize that," says Jack, "But I'm thinking of the audience. They'll go crazy if they have to watch one more day of this ridiculous story-line."

Jennifer tells Hope, "I've actually gone through this before – twice. Why does this keep happening to us? I hate this disease. I wish there was something I could do."

"There is," says Hope, "Let's pray for a miracle."

Jennifer says, "It will take more than prayer. It will take hard work. I'm going to find all about this disease. There has to be some experimental cure. I'm not giving up. I have to go." Hope watches as Jennifer leaves.

Chelsea gets the treatment. She is crying. "What's wrong," asks Gloriane.

Chelsea says, "My mom and I had planned to come here together. It never happened because she died. My life pretty much has sucked since then."

"I'll bet she is right here with you now," says Gloriane, "She's happy you've done this for yourself."

"Yeah, she would say it's way to extravagant," whines Chelsea.

Gloriane says, "We all need a little spoiling now and then. And when you're here you can pretend you're Cinderella going to the ball."

"Cinderella was lucky," says Chelsea, "She only had one wicked stepmother type."

Gloriane leaves. Hope finds Chelsea, "Hi Chelsea. I was hoping we could have a little chat."

Mimi thanks Shawn, "But there isn't much you can do. I know what you make at Alice's and it's not enough for parking let alone tuition."

Shawn says, "I'll use my trust fund."

Bo is Max' first customer. Frankie thinks he should hire another mechanic while he's on the circuit. Frankie is a real tycoon. One customer – double your labor force.

Max says, "You can't find enough trustworthy people."

"I know someone," says Bo, "My son. He's trustworthy. His rap sheet is less than six pages long. And he can remove stained glass from every part of a motorcycle."

"Bring him in," says Max, "I'll talk to him." Max checks out the cycle, "This bike needs attention. These are specialty parts. I'll have to order them. Would you mind paying half in advance, in cash?"

Bo rubs his beard. He flashes back to dumping the money on Chelsea. Bo no-can-do, "I'm flat broke, Max."

"That's OK," says Max, "I know you're good for it."

"I know the parts are expensive," says Bo, "That's why I haven't brought it in." Sell the yacht, Bo.

Frankie leaves. Bo says, "Max, we gotta talk about your relationship with my daughter." Only on Daze can a guy talk to his brother about his brother's relationship with his daughter.

Max plays dumb (no stretch), "What about it?"

"Little brother," says Bo, "you got a reputation. You can pretty much get any girl you want, including Chelsea. This isn't a lecture this is a warning. She's vulnerable." A warning, huh? Bo better hope the wheels don't come off his motorcycle after it's "fixed."

"I know that," says Max, "I understand. I kind of went through that myself. We'll take it slow."

Bo asks, "So I have your word?"

"Absolutely," says Max.

"Good," says Bo, "'Cause if anyone hurts my daughter, they will have to deal with me." That does not, however, include people who shower her with gifts and money she doesn't deserve so she will become more and more of an irresponsible brat.

Chelsea says she was telling Gloriane all about her new family.

Hope wants to change their relationship. Chelsea says she isn't the one who has had a problem with their relationship. Hope looks at Chelsea's bill. She goes though a rundown of everything Chelsea has had done. "Pricey," says Hope, "I assume Billie picked up the tab."

"I've been down lately," says Chelsea, "I decided to splurge."

"This is a splurge for me too," says Hope, "A few years ago Bo and I had some financial setbacks. We worked our way out of it, or we wouldn't have been able to send Shawn to college. If you're looking to go to college, you should save your money."

"I see what this is all about," snaps Chelsea, "You don't want Bo spending money on me for college."

Jack rambles on. Billie is sorry, "I have to break my word for your own good and your family's."

Jennifer comes in. She says she's sorry for being late. Jack stammers. He's glad she's late. Jennifer thinks something is wrong.

"No," Jack insists, "I'm just reminiscing with Billie."

Jennifer doesn't buy it, "Billie, is that true?"

Billie is unenthusiastic, "Yeah."

Jennifer says, "Jack kept his illness from me so long, I wonder if he's keeping something else from me."

"No," says Jack, "Nothing."

Billie says she has to go, "I have a business meeting. Victor wants me to go back to Countess Wilhelmina and do some consulting."

They talk about Billie's rocky relationship with Chelsea. Billie leaves. Jack follows her out the door, "Look, if you don't want to help me, that's fine but tell me you won't tell Jennifer. If you ever considered me a friend, consider this my dying wish."

Billie promises. Jack hugs her and she says, "I still pray you change your mind."

Jack insists, "No, I won't."

Jack goes back inside. Jennifer asks if Billie is OK, "I know she has concerns with Chelsea right now. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine," Jack notices all of Jennifer's packages, "What's all this?"

Jennifer says, "On the way home I stopped at the hospital and did research on this disorder. I figured out a way to beat it, Jack."

Mimi didn't know Shawn could get to his trust fund. Shawn says he can't, but could ask Victor for an advance.

Mimi says, "That is the nicest thing anyone has ever wanted to do for me. But I can't let you do it."

Shawn says, "I know how hard you have worked."

"I'm not going to let you get into your trust fund," says Mimi, "I'll take a semester off and get another job."

"You are amazing," says Shawn, "You never let anything get yourself down for very long." Yeah, except for her little mistake at the clinic which we've had to endure for months. "You won't take help form anyone."

Mimi says, "You have helped me every day since Rex left."

"You have helped me too."

"We're lucky to have each other as friends," says Mimi.

"Yeah," says Shawn, "Just purely friends." The friends get it on.

Mimi breaks things off and says, "I have to go. No time to waste. But thank you so much for the offer. I'll never forget it."

Mimi leaves. She stands outside the door and sighs.

Shawn huffs. There is a knock at the door. "Hey," says Shawn, "I'll bet you forgot your keys." He walks over to the door and opens it, "DAD!"

Bo announces, "I think I got you a job."

Frankie congratulates Max on getting his business started.

Max says, "It'll keep me OK financially until next season."

Frankie says, "I heard what Bo said about Chelsea."

"Frankie, I know Chelsea is vulnerable right now."

"I know you. You have a tendency to go too far, and there is no turning back," says Frankie.

Mimi is applying for a receptionist job at the spa. Gloriane says her resume looks good, but she needs to check references.

Good timing. Billie walks in and says, "No need for that. I've known Mimi for a long time." Billie and Gloriane tell Mimi they go a long way back. Billie helped create her most successful product line.

Gloriane turns to Mimi and announces, "Mimi, you have the job."

Mimi thanks Billie. Billie says, "Anything for Patrick's little sis."

Hope assures Chelsea, "If you want to go to college Bo and I will make it happen. But if you have a little money left over put, it aside or donate it."

Chelsea says, "I just worked for the Light the Night walk."

"Chelsea, I am so proud of you," says Hope, "Jennifer said Abby was saving money for helping people with aids in Africa. The good feelings you get from doing things like that will last a lot longer than your manicure."

"OK, I'll donate $10," says Chelsea, "Where is your donation?"

"I plan on writing a check," says Hope.

Chelsea asks, "You think I am a spoiled brat don’t you?" What ever would make anyone think that?

"No," says Hope, "I hardly know you. Bo and I both want you to be part of our lives. I'd love to invite you over for dinner, and get to know your brothers. If you'd give it a chance, things might not be as bad as you think."

Chelsea says, "I have some advice for you, Hope. Just because you are married to my dad, you still aren't safe. As long as my mother Billie is around, you'd better watch your back." Chelsea walks out. Hope has a mini-tantrum.

Jennifer says she found the information about the disease right there on the hospital computer, "Diet and herbs can slow the disease. If you start the regimen now, you can see results in six to eight weeks."

Jack says, "I don't have six to eight weeks."

"Of course you do," says Jennifer, "This isn't false hope. I'll show you. I can get to the hospital mainframe from your computer." She starts to work on the computer, "GASP! Oh my gosh, Jack, have you lost your mind?" In a word, yes.

Gloriane asks Billie, "So you're back at Wilhelmina?"

Billie says, "I do have ideas for reinvigorating the product. Like including a budget line of skin products."

Hope interrupts. Gloriane excuses herself. Hope says, "I assume you're here to pick up Chelsea."

Billie asks, "Chelsea's here? What's she getting?"

”Just about everything," says Hope.


Hope says, "Bo gave her some money a while ago, but there is no way she would have enough left for this."

Billie says, "I made my mother promise not to give her money."

"You should have seen the wad she pulled out," says Hope.

"If I confronted her there would just be another blow up," says Billie.

Hope says, "You can't back off form being a parent just beause you think your child would get mad at you."

"You're right," says Billie, "I have to handle this before she gets into trouble."

Chelsea shops. She tells the sales clerk she can't afford the top.

"Why don't' you just charge it?"

"I don't' have a credit card. But... " BOING! "If you will take a post dated check I am sure I can get my dad to cover it."

Bo tells Shawn about the job, "You can do that and go to school at the same time."

Shawn says, "About school... I'm not going back."

KABLOOIE! "The hell you aren't."

Shawn says, "I'm grown up now, and you can't tell me what to do. I have a couple years of college under my belt and that's enough."

"Your mom will go through the roof," says Bo, "You were going to go to law school..."

"College is not for everyone," says Shawn, "It's for people who actually have brains."

Bo caves in, "OK, you can make you own decisions. But tell me you'll think about it."

"Dad... I'm not going back to school. I'm too uncomfortable riding that crowded little short bus."

Frankie tells Max, "In the past, you haven't controlled yourself."

Max rages out of control, "Frankie! I’M IN CONTROL!"

Hope knows it isn't easy being the bad guy, "Welcome to parenting."

Billie goes off to find her wayward daughter. She flashes back to their 'hooker' conversation.

Hope sees Mimi. Mimi tells her about the job. She's working both jobs now and will be taking time off from school.

"Isn't there some other way," asks Hope, "They say people don't ever go back."

Mimi insists, "I'll be going back next semester."

Gloriane passes by and says, "You better tell your roommate the same thing."

Hope explodes, "What!?"

Gloriane says, "There goes my big mouth again."

Hope says, "Shawn will go back to school if I have anything to do with it."

Shawn hits Bo up for money. Bo is dry, "If you want to swing by the house later..."

"No," he says, "I don't want Mom to think I'm broke."

"OK," says Bo, "I'll try to smooth things over on this school thing. I wish you'd become a lawyer and support me in my old age. All I want is for you to be happy."

"I am," says Shawn, "I just hope Mom sees it that way."

"Why did you unplug the computer," asks Jennifer.

Jack flashes back to working on it, and finding the best way to die, "This was the only way I could get you to hear what I have to say."

"This research could make all the difference, Jack."

"OK," says Jack, "I'll do anything you want as long as you listen. This disease is irreversible."

Jennifer says, "We have to keep fighting, Jack."

"Jennifer," he says, "you have to accept the fact I am going to die."

"Just promise me one thing," says Jennifer, "When the time comes, you will let me be there with you." Jack stares. Hug.


Q: What do Belle's brain, Shawn's brain and the cities in the path of Hurricane Wilma have in common?

A: They have all been evacuated.


Alex tells Marlena, "I just need you to do what I tell you to do. Can you do that?" Marlena nods, "Uh-huh."

Frankie says, "He beat us to the punch." John says, "The hell he has. No way North's getting away with this."

Hope tells Bo, "I ran into Chelsea at the spa today. You definitely have your hands full."

Chelsea says to Shawn, "Hope doesn't know yet, does she." Shawn says, "She does not." Chelsea says, "I wouldn't want to be you when she does find out."

In Berne, Switzerland Chloe looks into a mirror and whines, "Oh, Brady, I have a pimple. We can't go home until it goes away."


Blogger Bulldog said...

Holy cow! SO MANY things to comment on today! All of the pictures were inspired, especially "where's the SSS when you need him?". HAHAHAHAHA

The short bus reference, Chloe's pimple and Jr.'s experience with motorcycles were LOL - as is the thought he and Mimi need to "take a break" from college. Like they've ever gone anyway.

And I loved the new item, the Prevuze Perspective. We will all look forward to a new one each day.

Congrats, Prevuze - you've managed to top yourself!!!

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Anonymous applecheeks said...

Ah, Bulldog! What's left to say except ditto to all your remarks.

Prevuze, you make my day!

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