Friday, December 03, 2010

Like Father Like Son

Victor comes into Maggie's room and sees Vivian there, "My God, woman, do you have a death wish?"

"Well," says Vivian, "I do kind of miss my sarcophagus."

"And we all miss you being in it," says Victor.

Maggie asks if Brady was involved in the sarcophagazation.

Melanie finds Phillip in the nurses' area. She apologizes for scaring him. One glance at Melanie is all it takes. Phillip flashes back to seeing her and Nathan cuddling, "All we have to do is go home now and forget it happened."

Nathan comes out and finds Steponme. They whirl and kiss.

Daniel arrives home and hears crying. Chloe says she can't stop the baby crying and thinks something is wrong. Sharp gal, that Clhoe.

Kate insists she was protecting Stefano. He kicks her to the curb, "For all the days of our lives."

"Suit yourself," says Kate as she leaves. She opens the door to find Chad who says he's there about the test results. Stefano invites him in as he gives an ominous "Goodbye" to Kate.

Phillip and Melanie are in bed. Two hearts... three legs. Phillip vows to wait on her hand and foot. The only foot he's got...

Stephanie begs Nathan to tell her she'll never lose her.

Stefano offers Chad refreshments, but Chad ain' interested. He wonders what's wrong with Kate. "You mean besides the STD's," asks Stefano.

The guy arrives with the test results. Stefano asks if he's the father. "The results are positive," says the guy, "You are father and son." Oh boy, Chaddie and Daddy.

Victor doesn't want to talk about Brady's involvement in front of Vivian. Maggie just wants to know that Brady and Phillip didn't know about it. Victor comes clean, "We thought it was the only way to keep you safe."

"Just go," says Maggie, "I never want to see you again."

Melanie says she wants to go back to the hospital to see Maggie. Phillip is reluctant to tell her the real reason Maggie is hospitalized, but agrees to take her.

Stephanie broods and beats herself up. Nathan flashes back to telling Melanie he loves her. Stephanie senses something is wrong. Nathan sighs, "Something happened in quarantine I should tell you about."

Daniel has settled Parker down. Settling Chloe down is a different story. She bashes her mothering skills and wonders if she's cut out to be a mother.

"You're a mother all right," says Daniel, "The question is a mother what."

Stefano pays the hospital rep for his kindness and his discretion.

Chad wonders what they do now. Stefano says he knows just the thing. He educates him on how important it is to use protection, especially with a cheap ho.

Maxine comes up and tells Nathan Mrs. Lang needs to see him, "She decided it's time for hospice care." Nathan excuses himself. There is not excuse for Stephanie.

Maggie tosses things as Melanie and Phillip walk in. Maggie claims she was just being clumsy. Melanie wonders what happened to her. Maggie asks her to ask Maxine for something for pain. Figures – Melanie walks into the room and you've got a real pain on your hands.

Melanie leaves and Maggie tells Phillip she knows what he did to Vivian.

Victor and Vivian are at the pier. Vivian wonders where things went wrong. "You were involved," grunts Victor. Vivian says she thinks they could still be a couple. "A couple of what," asks Victor. Victor gets nasty and backs her around the docks in a rage.


Stefano says he heard Charles refused to pay for Chad's education, so Stefano writes a big check. Chad thinks Stefano is trying to buy him off. "You are my son," says Stefano, "Parents never look away. Never."

Well, Vivian is dry, but Victor thinks she's all wet. They bicker at each other. Vivian vows revenge and walks off. Victor makes a call, "Meet me at the pier... now."

Nathan finds Mrs. Lang. She's upbeat. Mrs. Lang wants Nathan to remember her at her best. She talks about her late husband, and then asks if Nathan has found his soul-mate. Nathan immediately flashes to Melanie, "Yes, I have."

Phillip makes excuses for what they did with Vivian. Maggie decides it's pointless to argue morality with a Kiriakis, "You will tell Melanie the truth."

Melanie comes in, "The truth about what."

Daniel tells Chloe she has every right to be stressed out, "Uh is something burning?"

Chloe sees smoke pouring form the stove, "OMG!"

Stefano says the check isn’t to keep Chad quiet. It's for his education, "If you want to stay in Salem, go upstairs and pick an empty bedroom." Stefano says he now has to tell Lexie and EJ about their new sibling, "I regret your mother kept it a secret, but now – no secrets." He also offers to put him to work in DiMera enterprises. He gives Chad a card to go have a good suit made, "When is a good time for you to move in?"

Chad tears up the card, "Does 'never' work for you?"

Melanie is back alone with Phillip and asks what he did. Phillip weaves a tale about Vivian, "The reason Maggie stopped taking her meds... is Vivian put her in a coffin."

"Excuse me, I have to go kill Vivian," says Melanie.

Phillip gives her the rest of the story, "Vivian intended to put Maggie in there, and then Brady found out and put Vivian in there instead." Melanie wonders why Maggie was upset at Phillip. "The truth is I knew what Brady was up to, and I didn't do anything to get her out."

Mrs. Lang says she didn't marry her soul-mate, but she and her husband were happy together, "Soul-mate isn’t' all it's cracked up to be." Especially if your soul mate is Melanie.

That's not a nuclear blast you saw in Salem. It's the lasagne Chloe was preparing for dinner. Nuclear blasts are way better than Chloe's cooking. Chloe says she was just trying to welcome Daniel home. "Then you don't have to cook a damn thing," says Dr. Gropo as he eyes the Chloe buffet.

Stefano thinks Chad is overreacting. Chad says this is exactly what Will said would happen. He reminds Stefano his son EJ is keeping Will's mom from her kids. Stefano wonders what Chad’s motives are. Chad says he did it because he's sick of lies.

Kate meets Victor at the pier. Kate worries about what Vivian will do to them, and says Phillip isn't taking it seriously because he thought Melanie was dying. Victor is worried, too, "This time Vivian won't fail."

Phillip insists he was going to let Vivian out until Brady explained what would happen. He tells Melanie about everyone who knows. Melanie softens and forgives him. Hug-a-paloosa.

Chad says he didn't even know when he got Mia pregnant, "Like father like son, eh?" He says he never got to know Grace, and neither did Stefano. Stefano suggests this could be a fresh start for them. Chad rants about his childhood and the missed opportunity with Grace. And, of course, about his mom the town pump. Stefano suggests grieving for Grace together. He says he can hand Chad the world on a platter.

Chad says he knows all about Stefano, "Everything comes with a price tag. I don't want to be a DiMera. All you do is take. I won't let you take me."

"What if I tell you that you don't have a choice," asks Stefano.

Nathan can't believe how strong Maggie is. Especially her jaw muscles, which can keep her talking forever. Nathan has changed his tune and wants to spend his life with Stephanie. And they say life can't possibly be meaningless.

Vivian is with gus in the pub. She tells him she's moved on from Maggie Horton and instead has a plan to get even with Victor.

Victor thinks Vivian may be more subtle about her revenge this time and suggests a 24-hour guard on Kate. Kate implies something is wrong. Trouble in paradise, as it were. Victor asks if she and Stefano had a spat.

Stefano tells Chad he's a DiMera whether Chad likes it or not. Chad turns and walks out. Stefano shakes his head.

Nathan and Melanie munch around on each other. He tells her Maggie has been admitted with a relapse of her MG. More munching and Nathan leaves. Stephanie decides if Nathan can survive Dungcootie Fever he can survive the news about Chloe.

Gus thinks Vivian's plan is magnificent, but doesn't know if she can pull it off.

Kate doesn't want to talk about Stefano. Victor vows not to let anything happent to his family, "And that includes you." Stefano watches.

There were no previews today. I mean, come on... we have to get every last commercial in, don't we?

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Anonymous Bulldog said...

Oh Prevuze! Don't even suggest that latest product placement or the DOOL writers will actually do it. They've used Midol, tho, so they'll have to change it to a similar product.

Nathan and Melanie munch around on each other. Either the Dungcootie fever was a great turn-on or you meant to say Steponme.

Chad tears up the card and walks out. I predict in one year he and Elvis will be at each others throats trying to run DiMera Enterprises.

At least they've finally explained why Maggie is so weak and Vivian came out of the sarcophagus rarin' to go.

LOL over Nathan has changed his tune and wants to spend his life with Stephanie. And they say life can't possibly be meaningless. and "Soul-mate isn't all it's cracked up to be." Especially if your soul mate is Melanie. Double truths!

First to comment, first to thank Prevuze, wish everyone a happy TGIF (what's left of it) and weekend.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Although I read and enjoyed it; never got a chance to comment on yesterday's post. MissScarlett, Betyar, Bulldog & Leslie pretty much covered it all though.

Must say my HUH?! moment was Rafe just getting around to looking for the gun. And LOL at EJ's little call to Sami telling her not to waste any more money or time looking for it.

Also LOL-worthy was the turkey picture today, Two hearts... three legs, and Dr. Gropo eyeing the "Chloe buffet". I hope he gives the poor woman a break. She just had a baby for pete's sake.

While he's initially resistant to throwing himself into the Dimera fold, I imagine Chad has to be stunned at Stefano’s reaction.

48-72 hours after learning he "might" be Chad's dad and less then 5 minutes after learning it was true, Stefano accepted him on the spot. He was offering to cover Chad's expenses to college, to give him a job, to move him into the house. "Family is everything."

In comparison there is the D.A. who apparently never gave Chad much of anything, including affection.

Just as Maggie told Philip he'd have to tell Melanie the truth I thought, you know who is going to walk into the room at just this moment. And....sure enough. So predictable.

DAYS followed up with the equally predictable and PUH-LEEZE scene of Nathan being thiiiiiissss close to telling Steponme he still pined for Melanie only to have the conversation interrupted.

Not just interrupted, but interrupted so he could go talk to some dying old lady who'd not been able to be with her soul-mate but had still been happily married. And decided to tell him all about it at just that moment. Yeah. Right.


12:46 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Victor comes into Maggie's room and sees Vivian there, "My God, woman, do you have a death wish?"...well, yeah!!! Isn't it obvious Vivian wants Maggie dead!?

" an ominous "Goodbye" to Kate."...So, is this the end of Stef-n-Ho? I guess it is "Like Father like Son" since Stefano & his 2 sons belong to the singlehood society!

I thought the same as Applecheeks when I read about Mrs. Lang telling Nate that "Soul-mate isn’t all it's cracked up to be."...if that's so, why did she bring it up?....Geez, nothing like settling for second best!

"Nathan has changed his tune and wants to spend his life with Stephanie."...Would it be fair to say that the Dungcootie Fever hasn't changed Nate's functional brain cells for the better?

Chad says he didn't even know when he got Mia pregnant, "Like father like son, eh?"...perhaps with one exception; Chad actually seemed to care for Mia, whereas for Stefy, Maddie was just the "town pump" du jour.

Happy Friday everyone!

3:31 PM  
Anonymous TNChargerFan said...

Nice choice of wardrobe for Clhoe today. Most new moms I know are anxious to wear the shortest skirts they possibly can. I know I'm packing one for the hospital and the trip home.

3:41 PM  

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