Monday, December 06, 2010

The Vivian Debacle

Bo is at the hospital talking on the phone plotting to get in touch with Hope. He suggests his flunky, Officer Butbuoy, see if he can't arrange to smuggle a cell phone to Hope.

"I have to remind you," says Butbuoy, "the fact Hope had a cell phone is the reason she's in solitary in the first place. If she gets caught with another one they might never let her out again."

"Then for God's sake make sure she gets caught with it," says Bo.

Brady comes up behind him and asks where Maggie's room is. Bo says they sent Maggie home. Bo asks what happened with Maggie. Brady says it's what he said in the bogus police report. He leaves. Bo leaves. The scene improves.

Bo finds Carly and says the doc told her she'll be out of the hospital tomorrow, "They're alerting the undertaker right now." Carly thinks he's distracted. Bo says not and stops peering down her blouse.

Hope asks about Pam. The Bitch-ho says she died on the operating table.

Jennifer brings Maggie home and tells her to take it easy. "I've got weeks of gossip to catch up on," says Maggie, "I can't take it easy." She thanks Jennifer and suggests she go shopping. When the going gets tough the tough go shopping. Jennifer leaves. Maggie snivels.

Gus and Vivian are at the pub. Gus doesn't see how Vivian can pull off her revenge. Vivian explains and asks if he has the guts to go through with it, "If you can't do it, I'll do it on my own."

Victor promises he won't let Vivian hurt Kate as Stefano listens. He saunters up and wonders if they are commiserating about their respective spouses. He taunts Kate who clams up. Stefano wonders what's going on.

Bo tells Carly about Hope being in solitary. Bo thinks this means someone died for no good reason, "Young people dying from broken legs... I suspect something." The man is about as sharp as a cue ball.

The warden tells Leigh she convinced Bo Hope might be a bit off her rocker, but Hope thinks Leigh may have homicidal tendencies. The warden says she’ll protect Leigh, though.

Hope's Bitch-ho' friend says Leigh told her about the death. She says the warden and Leigh are good friends. Hope begins to see what's going on, "The warden knows and she knows I'm onto her."

Maggie tries to convince herself things are OK, "You're back with the ones you love." Apparently she has Mickey upstairs in a rocker à la Mrs. Bates. Brady shows up to see if she's OK.

Kate insists nothing is going on. She says she and Victor were just discussing a family issue. Stefano figures that must be something wrong with Phillip. He offers to help. "How," asks Victor, "By putting another hit on him?" Stefano says if Kate is confiding in Victor she's keeping something from him AGAIN.

Hope swears she will never tell she's been talking to the Bitch-ho'. The Bitch-ho' starts to munch on Hope's fish sticks and Hope attacks her. Hope leaves her unconscious and runs out of her cell.

Brady don' wan' no stinkin' thanks from Maggie. He wonders if she left the hospital too early. Maggie says that's not the problem, "You are the problem, Brady."

Victor says Kate and he were talking about Phillip and Melanie moving into the mansion. Vivian watches as Stefano demands to know what's really going on. Vivian flashes back to making plans with Gus.

Dr. Ben tells Maxine time is running out. Jennifer overhears, and they assure her they're not talking about Carly. Ben says they're talking about a patient who needs a heart transplant. "I'd suggest you offer your heart," Jen tells Ben, "If you had one."

Ben leaves. Bo comes up and tells Jennifer he's calling in a few favors.

Leigh brings Big Bertha in to see the warden. Bertha has a chip on her shoulder. The warden tells her she's being transferred, and asks the name of her arresting officer. Berth says it was Hope. The warden claims she had no idea, and says they're transferring her because of overcrowding. Another guard brings Hope in. Bertha sees her and attacks, "I'LL KILL YOU... YOU BITCH!"

Victor reiterates he and Kate are talking about Phillip. Kate tries to calm Stefano down and reminds him he ordered her out of the house. Stefano says he's disappointed in Kate and walks off. Victor tells her Stefano is just guessing there is something else going on. Kate says, "Yes, but he can't find out about the Vivian debacle."

Jennifer is with Carly talking about the host of people they know and love in common. Both of them. Jen says she knows Bo and Hope breaking up wasn't Carly's fault. Bo walks in.

The guards drag Bertha off of hope and take her outside. The warden suggests taking Hope to the infirmary. Hope thinks that's a bad idea. The warden tells Hope her allegations about the infirmary are paranoid delusions. Hope says she wasn't trying to escape and wants to see her attorney. The warden don' think so, "I'm afraid you've lost all rights, officer Brady.

The warden decides to transfer Hope to a higher security prison. Well, if it's higher security, for sure that won't be the Salem PD lockup.

Stefano is back at the DiMera mansion. Vivian shows up and chirps like a bird as she prances around the place. She says she has answers for Stefano. The question Stefano wants answered is why she is there.

Maggie says Vivian told her about the sarcophagus caper. Brady reminds Maggie Vivian was going to sacrophagize her. Maggie still can't believe Brady would leave Vivian in there. Brady says if he had called the police they would have thought he was at fault. Imagine that, when he in fact was the one who stuck her in there. Maggie thinks Brady sounds like Victor.

The warden tells Hope she's being transferred to Northern, a prison five hours away. Hope says this isn't over, and she'll find out what's going on in the prison. The warden reminds Hope she tried to BoBeQue her husband and says she must be delusional.

"No," says Hope, "If you were married to him you'd probably want to immolate him, too."

Maggie wants Brady to see the error of his ways and says she could never approve of his ugliness. "OK," says Brady, "I'll shave if that's what you want." Maggie plays her trump card, "How would Isabella have looked at this?"

Brady says he's thought about that, "Maybe I am a bit like Victor and maybe that's not such a bad thing." He storms out.

Stefano says, "Vivian, just spit it out."

Vivian hits the spittoon on the first try. She tells him Brady locked her in the sarcophagus and Kate was involved, "That's what was going on at the pier. Kate found me in the coffin and then walked away without letting me out."

"Good call on her part," chuckles Stefano.

Vivian says Kate was in cahoots with Victor and that's the ultimate betrayal, "You've been made a damned fool of."

"Not as much of a damned fool as Victor," says Stefano, "After all... he married you."

The warden calls for an escort for Hope. Hope begs but the warden is cold-hearted, "We'll miss you here." A guard drags Hope out. Leigh walks up and tells the warden maybe they shouldn’t put Hope in a van with Bertha, "Bertha is out for blood." The warden says that's too bad, "But who cares as long as it's Hope's blood?"

Dr. Ben calls the warden. "Good to hear from you again," says Jamie the warden, "How can I help you?"

Vivian says she heard Kate is keeping a secret from Stefano, but confided in Victor, "I'll just run along." She passes Kate on the way out, "My work here is done." Kate stares.

Victor shows up at Maggie's, but Maggie gives him the bum's rush. He tells her he loves her. Maggie slams the door in his face.

Brady sits on the park bench and swills booze from a flask. He remembers Maggie's lecture. Vivian walks up and asks if he's trying to drown his sorrows. He orders her to leave, "Don't push me. You know what happens when you push me." Brady walks off.

Jennifer tries to reassure Bo. Bo ain' so sure Hope will be all right much longer.

Dr. Ben orders a heart for a transplant. "Would you like fries with that," asks the warden.

A guard tosses Hope back in her cell. Hope licks her wounds and wonders what they are going to do to her.

Stefano puffs on a cigar as Kate walks in. She says she is there to pick up some of her things and asks if Vivian told him about her part in Vivian's ordeal. Stefano says she did and he applauded Kate. He says he's still angry, though. Kate agrees she should have told him, "There is nothing between Victor and me. You are the only man I care about." Stefano softens and says the paternity tests show Chad is his son. Kate asks if he wants to talk about it. Stefano gives her the silent treatment. Kate leaves, "I'll give you some time to cool down."

"It will be a long time before I cool down," says Stefano. After Kate is gone, Stefano mumbles, "Because it's worse than you think — much worse."

Vivian is on the phone with Gus, who tells her he's in on the caper.

The warden is still on the phone with Dr. Walters. She tells Ben there are minor problems, but says they’re handling them. She hangs up and Leigh worries what if this all backfires, "What makes you sure Hope can't handle Bertha?"

"Hope will be handcuffed and Bertha won't," smirks the warden.

Jennifer asks Dr. Ben if he found a heart for the patient. He says there is a possibility of one coming in tomorrow and thanks her for her concern.

Bo thanks Carly for her support. Carly, like any good mistress is really worried about the well-being of Bo's wife, whatshername.

Hope paces, "Three women dead that I know of. They're desperate to get rid of me. What the hell is going on here?"


Brady tells Melanie, "Don't talk like that about Nicole, I have her back and she has mine."

EJ tells Nicole, "If you have any contact with Brady, all bets are off."

Kate bawls and asks Stefano, "Can't we move past this?"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this going to be Hope's way out...that she is "UNDERCOVER" to figure out the organ donars scam.
And she did all of that to get in jail as an undercover agent. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

12:05 PM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

I was tired, so I decided to take a nap rather than watch DOOL...looks like I made the right choice, since this eppi sounds like a complete snorefest

"Bo thanks Carly for her support. Carly, like any good mistress is really worried about the well-being of Bo's wife, whatshername."...Good one Prevuze! As always, 9 out of 10 times reading Prevuze is far more entertaining than watching DOOL!

Have a nice Monday everyone!

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

It would seem farfetched, even for Daze, to have had Hope take the pills and mug people just to get into the prison. But maybe they suspected something was going on and struck a deal since she was headed for the ol' greybar hotel anyway. I'm sure when she solves the case she'll get a reprieve immediately. Gag!

Just like Chad's paternity, I never saw why Kate didn't tell Stefano about the Vivian caper. Of course without these big secrets there would be no plot at all.

At least we have Stef, Mickey and Vivian today and were spared EJami, Safe, Chloe and Nathanie.

LOL over "No," says Hope, "If you were married to him you'd probably want to immolate him, too." and Maggie having Mickey upstairs in a rocker.

Thank you for the Monday afternoon break, Prevuze. I haven't see today's yet so it's new to me.

1:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but in a major organ transplant don't they do blood and tissue match test to ease the possibility of rejection?? Hey, Dr. Ben, I have this heart for your patient. That would NEVER happen in the real world.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

He leaves. Bo leaves. The scene improves.

Even a test pattern would improve the scene.

Jennifer brings Maggie home and tells her to take it easy.

OK. Who comes home from the hospital in three piece tailored outfit like Maggie was wearing? A comfy pair of sweats makes more sense. Since I have dubbed myself a member of the fashion police, what was with the satin piping on the labels of Bo’s jacket? I think the wardrobe department found that little number at a yard sale.

"Young people dying from broken legs... I suspect something." The man is about as sharp as a cue ball.

If Bo didn’t have the obvious to state, he would have nothing to say.

"You're back with the ones you love." Apparently she has Mickey upstairs in a rocker à la Mrs. Bates.

Spoiler alert for those who have never seen Psycho, and that would include me.

The warden reminds Hope she tried to BoBeQue her husband.


Dr. Ben orders a heart for a transplant. "Would you like fries with that," asks the warden.

Did he order take out from McSteal-An-Organ?!!! LOL!!!

Hope paces, "Three women dead that I know of. They're desperate to get rid of me. What the hell is going on here?"

Hackneyed story telling.

I agree Bulldog. There was no reason for Kate to not tell Stefano about Vivian. That sort of thing is right up Stefano’s alley.

I only got to watch the first half of this episode last night. Thanks to Prevuze, I’ll be able to zap what I missed, because I didn’t miss anything.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

The only thing anybody would have missed from yesterday's show was Hope getting beaten to a pulp by Big Bertha (that was good) and the dock scenes between Stefano & Victor. Those were great. We need more scenes between those two fantastic characters.

Hope begins to see what's going on,

Talk about being cue-ball sharp!

And LOL right off the bat at Officer ButBuoy.

I jotted down some comments of my own while watching the show last night. First, I loved Maggie telling Jen to go and get her Christmas shopping done for her daughter. How about Jack Jr.? He doesn't rate any presents?

And Hope's whole "escape" was lame, not to mention a OFPS moment. How far did she think she was going to get running out of solitary? She wouldn't have made it past the first security point.

And, 2nd Anonymous, I noted the same thing about the lack of tissue typing. Plus, organs only stay viable a short period of time once they are removed from the body. The warden keeping them stocked in the freezer? However, I apologize for Anon & I trying to interject logic into DOOL.

So glad I saved Prevuze for this morning!

8:01 AM  

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