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The Horton-Brady Get Out Of Jail Free Card

Vivian walks into the Kiriakis den and finds Henderson is on the phone with the press saying no one in the house will give a comment. She picks up a newspaper and expresses concern over the wild and predatory headlines about Hope. She tells Henderson to get her breakfast, and wonders why Victor hasn't called.

Brady walks in behind her, "Because you're such a source of comfort to him?" Henderson scoots.

Vivian asks, "Why must you express your petulance in front of the servants."

"Bite me."

Victor walks up to Bo and Hope's front door, turns and yells at the press, "Get the hell out of here you pack of jackals!" He goes inside and finds Bo, "So, when did you plan on telling me about Hope?"

Boris Badenov escorts Hope into the interrogation room with Abe. Hizonner ain' a happy camper.

Sami tells Will she said yes to EJ's marriage proposal. Will is underwhelmed. Sami says she wants an honest reaction from him. Will doubts that, "You know that is the last thing you are looking for."

Rafe wanders at the pier and finds EJ talking on the phone with Stefano. He hears EJ announce that Sami has agreed to marry him. Rafe reels, "It's not gonna happen, pal."

EJ tells Stefano to keep things quiet about the engagement, "This is it. There is nothing you can do about it."

Sami says, "I hate this passive-aggressive thing. My style is more aggressive-aggressive."

Will tells Sami she's never put her kids first, "Do not start now. Not for EJ."

Rafe takes his frustration out on a punching bag. He bobs, weaves, punches, backs off and goes in for more. Fists and sweat flies. Rafe is stronger but the bag has a mental edge.

Vivian suggests since Brady is a freeloader there he should be more civil. Brady says Victor loves few people, "He loves me... Victor... Bo... Victor... Hope... and Victor. Hope branded me and Bo's world is crashing down. With his family in freefall Victor will realize he's been wasting his time with you and hopefully kick your ass out of here."

Bo tells Victor he can't take his stuff today. Victor softens. Bo says, "It's like Hope was a different person. She looked at me with venom and anger in her eyes. I'm used to that, but then she tried to kill me." Victor vows to take care of Hope and get her through this. Bo thinks many people will support Hope but not him, "I'm responsible for what happened."

Abe lectures Hope for not having an attorney. "You're not my lawyer," whines Hope, "You're my victim."

"I'm your friend," says her friendly victim. Hope don' wan' no stinkin' special treatment. Abe says he's talking about a fair trial, not a pass, "After the trial, princess Hope will get the pass."

Hope says, Maybe the jury would buy the pill excuse but not my children, Ciara and what's his name."

Vivian thinks Brady should treat his grandfather's wife with more respect, but she says she realizes his life is in shambles. Brady walks out.

"He's right about one thing," says Vivian, "I should tend to Victor in his hour of need."

Victor insists this is Carly's fault. Maggie "The Big Buttinski" Horton walks in.

Hope thinks her kids will hate her. Abe tries some esrever ygolohcysp. "All right, then," he growls, "then throw in the towel. What a legacy that will give Ciara!"

Lexie walks in, "Abe, stop it!"

Hope wants more of a beating, "He's right, Lexie."

Sami insists she and EJ have grown very close. Will doesn't buy it, "You're so polite around him"

The confused little schoolgirl asks, "Isn't that a good thing?"

"No," says the adult in the crowd, "But I don't wanna talk about it any more. I want to talk about Rafe."

Rafe beats up on the poor punching bag, "Oof... grunt... oof... grunt..."

EJ calls Boris Badenov down at the cop-shop and demands to get in to see Hope, "You'd better see that happens or I'll tell people about our little arrangement." He heads for the cop-shop.

Lexie asks for a minute alone. Abe and Hope leave.

Lexie apologizes for Abe being dogmatic and hugs Hope. Tears gush but the Society Of Women Who Have Reached The Bottom Of The Barrel In Their Professions continues. Lexie comforts. Hope tells her to tell Abe she heard what he said and that she loves Ciara. Lexie leaves. Hope blubbers.

Maggie says she's there to check on Ciara. "She's not here," says Bo, "But the guys at the Salem chapter of Hell's Angels said they would watch her." Bo heads for the station. Good thing he has a GPS, or he might not be able to find it.

Victor growls, "Tell Hope's lawyer to bill me."

Bo erupts, "I don't need your damn money!" Bo does a 180° and apologizes. He says he loves Victor and thanks him for the offer as he leaves.

Victor turns to Maggie, "Looks like my son and I have trouble communicating."

"He said he loves you," says Maggie, "He knows why you came."

Victor says he misjudged everything and thought Bo and Hope would get through things, "I was arrogant and wrong." Maggie is silent. Victor growls, "Are you going to pass on an opening like that?"

"No," says Maggie, "Let's go for a walk." Victor's phone rings. Maggie asks, "Aren't you going to get that phone?"

"What phone," says Victor.


Fade to Vivian, "All right, Victor, don't answer, but thanks to modern technology, I am your private stalker."

Hope flashes back to Ciara saying she was lying. EJ comes in for a "chat."

Sami insists she and Rafe are over, "EJ and I are compatible."

Will says, "I think you're lying to yourself."

Rafe beats up on the helpless bag. The cleaning lady says she's had enough.

Victor and Maggie sit on the bench by the pier. Things are cordial. Maggie says she's scared for Hope, "She coulda killed Bo. That's not like her. Hope likes to toy with her prey." Tears. Hugs.


Sami gets snotty, "It must be nice to be seventeen and know everything." It's better to be like Sami... thirtysomething with the mentality of an adolescent. Will decides he doesn't want to talk about it. So they talk about it. Sami insists this has nothing to do with Rafe, "I'm marrying EJ because he's changed and is being honest with me."

EJ taunts. Hope says she's sorry. EJ brushes it off. Hope wonders how EJ got in there. "Oh," chirps EJ, "Am I imposing? Did I cross a line? I'm sure all of your other victims are more concerned about not being invited to the Horton Christmas party. They will let bygones be bygones. Today I'm straight law and order. I will make sure you get what you deserve."

Bo walks in, "Don't you threaten my wife."

Abe and Lexie are at the beach with Ciara. Ciara asks if Hope will be there. Lexie tells her today it's just the four of them. She sends Ciara off to play with Theo. Abe and Lexie wonder if they have enough love between them for another young one. Maybe if the young one is a gerbil.

Vivian stalks as Maggie and Victor talk. Victor says, "You take care of Hope and I'll take care of you."

"I think you're pushing your advantage," says Maggie. Victor pushes a little more and suggests they go for coffee.

Vivian scowls, "You'd better not say yes."

"That sounds nice," says Maggie.

Vivian grits her teeth as they walk off, "You're going to stay away from what is mine or I'll teach you a lesson."

Bo orders EJ out. EJ says he said what he came to say. He turns to Hope, "You don't get the Horton-Brady get out of jail free card this time."

"Jerk," says Bo, "How did he get in here?"

"How is it the SPD is letting any of you in here," asks Hope. She says EJ has every right to tell her off. Bo doesn't think EJ has exactly led a blameless life. Hope thinks Bo should stay away from her case. Bo says how it looks is the last thing he's worried about. Brady shows up. Bo tells him to go easy and leaves.

Hope apologizes. "I thought maybe you should talk to someone who understands," says Brady, "I'll go see if I can find someone like that."

Sami and Will are at the pier. Sami tells him to stop apologizing and asks him to keep the engagement a secret. He agrees. Sami asks to be alone.

"If you want to be alone," says Will, "Maybe you shouldn't get married."

"Smart alec." Will leaves.

Rafe finds her, "Well, congratulations are in order."

Abe and Lexie talk about Ciara and Hope. Abe says Alice taught him family doesn't just mean the people you're related to. "I'm struck by your profundity," says Lexie.

"What are you talking about," asks Abe, "I didn't use a single four-letter word. God knows we've had some bad times, but now we have a new start. I think we're ready to think about more than Theo with ourselves."

"Good," says Lexie, "I've always wanted a puppy."

Hope thinks it would be easier if Brady just yelled at her. Brady thinks people are glossing over the reason Hope needed the pills in the first place, "What I wanted to say to you... just watch out for that voice that says you can't come back and it's hopeless. Look at the people you've helped."

"I didn't help you and Arianna," says Hope.

"That's all right," says Brady, "If I Patch things up with Nicole, I can still get some."

Rafe comes into the locker room. He and his buddy Joe banter as Sami storms in. Joe decides to get dressed. Sami asks, "Why did you congratulate me?"

"Heard you're getting married," says Rafe, "You're out of your ever loving mind and not the woman I fell in love with."

Joe taps Sami on the shoulder, "Could you hand me my pants?"

Bo shows up at the DiMera mansion. EJ answers the door. Bo threatens, "If anything happens to Hope, I will kill you."

Maggie and Victor are in her kitchen. She reminds him he said he was wrong at Bo and Hope's house. She says she was wrong, too, "I asked you to stay away and I missed you. I still don't think you should hurt Vivian's feelings."

"She doesn't have any," growls Victor.

"That's exactly what I'm talking about," says Maggie, "She's your wife. You should respect that."

Victor asks, "How about if I pretend to respect her around you?" They talk about friendship. "I'm not a spiritual man," says Victor, "But I think friendship is a gift from whoever is in charge up there. Shouldn't we just enjoy each other's company?"

"I hate to encourage you," says Maggie, "but you're right."

Gus shows up. Vivian rants, "That red headed harrigan has lured Victor into her lair." Gus tries to calm her down. Vivian says Maggie has to pay.

Brady tells Hope not to give up, "And now I'm going out there and continue to make a mess of my life."

EJ reminds Bo they have security cameras, "We may actually use them someday. So... Hope is fragile?" EJ aims below the belt, "And how's Dr. Manning doing, by the way? I get it. If I do anything to Hope, I'll incur the wrath of the man she tried to set on fire." Bo huffs off. EJ mumbles, "And I thought my relationship was strange."

Sami says she just wanted to tell Rafe about the engagement herself – at the right time, "But I'm glad you know because now you have to accept the fact that we are over."

Rafe snorts, "Great." He goes over to his locker.

Sami blows her stack, "Don't turn your back on me! I wasn't done admiring your glistening bare chest. I want you to acknowledge you did this." Rafe says he thinks EJ has conned Sami. Sami explodes.

Rafe shuts her up, "You're lying to yourself and I can prove it." Dr. Rafe moves in for a tonsillectomy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Dimera have security cameras ?! LMAOOOO Really ? Writers really ?!
So when Nicole is around these "cameras" always take a little nap..i mean where were they when Nicole talked to herself about her baby-switch mess during almost TWO years, where were they when she kidnapped the baby she had already steal from her real mother and switch with another one ?! Hein ? Oh wait where were they when she came in without problems in june to discover Ej's evil deed ? hum ? These cameras really like to sleep when Nicole is around maybe Nikki drug them..lmaoooooooo
p.s : this show sucks moreover they fired Stacy Haiduk even before she started..this soap sucks BIG TIME !

5:47 AM  
Anonymous Luci said...

Ugh, I seriously want to jam a pen in my eye after reading some of this.

Really, Bo?

And I just cannot get over how they completely butchered Sami and EJ's relationship. Who gets engaged without even DATING first? Or at least having another super hot love scene?

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Lisa said...

Thank you for basically saying all that I needed to say. The pacing of stories on this show suck. They draw out the boring stuff and gloss over what could potentially be entertaining to watch. That's the problem with every storyline. The Bo/ Hope stuff was going great, but it has kind of gone downhill since the arrest (especially with all the visitors- (huh?).

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah Luci Ej and Sami are engaged but all her scenes are with Rafe ! It is just...funny ! We get it Sami and Rafe are "the couple" with all this proping it could not be more obvious..so the Ej and Sami pairing never got a chance..c'est la vie..but if the ratings are already so low with all their angst how will be the ratings when Sami and Rafe will not even have one obstacle ?! The "awesome" reunion then...what ?!

6:39 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Rafe is stronger but the bag has a mental edge.

Almost sucked a bite of my breakfast muffin down the wrong pipe with that one. LOL

“…then she tried to kill me."

Victor is exactly who Bo needs to talk to. Ole Vic has had extensive experience in the wives-who-tried-to-kill-me-but-I-can-still-get-along-with-them department. Nicole tried. Granted, Victor hates her guts. But Kate tried twice and he’s still buddy-buddy with her. (Maybe if Nicole tried it a few more times Victor would warm up to her too.)

esrever ygolohcysp.

OK, Prevuze. It’s not nice to throw brain twisters at us this early in the morning. My caffeine hasn’t had a chance to kick in. Took me a while to “get it”.


Details at eleven?? A Salemite ignoring a ringing phone is worthy of network interruption and full-press coverage. LOLOL

I am, truthfully, dizzy after reading Prevuze. [And no heckling from the peanut gallery about when am I NOT dizzy.] These scenes just whip-sawed, willy-nilly all over the place. It's like the writers penned two dozen random scenes, put them in a hat, and pulled them out at random.

Something else the writers have done is discover bite me. First Victor, then Maggie, now Brady Brady. Nothing like being a decade or so behind the times.

So thankful that, even on the road, Prevuze is always up-to-date with our precious recap. Happy trails, Prevuze.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Betyar said...

Bo says, "It's like Hope was a different person. She looked at me with venom and anger in her eyes."...she's your wife! that's what wives DO when they catch you with another woman...

"but then she tried to kill me."...Ok...I can see how that might be cause for a little concern...

"Don't you threaten my wife!. That's my job"...Here's another 180. Bo taking his husbanding duties seriously!

"Rafe beats up on the poor punching bag", followed by "Rafe beats up on the helpless bag"...Why the frustration all of a sudden? Where they're going with this s/l is beyond me...I've never seen more 180's than on this show...

"I get it. If I do anything to Hope, I'll incur the wrath of the man she tried to set on fire." Bo huffs off. EJ mumbles, "And I thought my relationship was strange."...I'd say! Is "strange" better than being set on fire? Sometimes it's hard to differentiate...

Thanks for the recap and enjoy the rest of your travels Prevuze!

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"Bite me."

First Victor, then Maggie, and now Brady – the DOOL writers need to come up with a different expression.

Fists and sweat flies. Rafe is stronger but the bag has a mental edge.

The bag probably has better acting chops too.

Abe says he's talking about a fair trial, not a pass, "After the trial, princess Hope will get the pass."

If someone can come up with a “Twinkie defense”, you know DOOL will find a way to get Hope off with time served and community service.

Rafe beats up on the poor punching bag, "Oof... grunt... oof... grunt..."

Great – now DOOL is trying pass off a workout session as entertainment. Since I can grab a beer and watch Exercise TV with On Demand anytime day or night, I want more storyline movement and less testosterone filler. Wait just a hot sec. Hmmm – now if that was EJ…

"Jerk," says Bo, "How did he get in here?"

"How is it the SPD is letting any of you in here," asks Hope.

Along with an interrogation room, the SPD has a taunting room.

Hope thinks Bo should stay away from her case.

What do you know?! A coherent thought in the Salem cop shop. Will wonders never cease?

"I didn't help you and Arianna," says Hope.

"That's all right," says Brady, "If I Patch things up with Nicole, I can still get some."

…and Nicole is a whole lot easier.

Thanks Anonymous, Luci, and Lisa, because you saved me from having to type a security camera or pacing rant. OK, I can’t help myself. The pacing just never gets any better. The movement of some of the storylines has been excruciatingly slow. Fake baby bump/baby switch/Sydnapping/Sydnapping redux anyone? EJ’s been chasing Sami for four years. In a matter of a couple of weeks, Sami goes from loving Rafe, to loving EJ, to excepting EJ’s engagement, and onto a wedding by the end of next week. Exactly what is Sami’s definition of love, but I digress. Geez! With a mighty hi-ho Silver away, the writers scrambled to this incredibly quick conclusion. I thought that soap operas were all about romance. With DOOL, we’re stuck with the Reader’s Digest condensed version romance.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Maggie Mae said...

Talk about a 180, wasn't it Will who told Sami she was fooling herself about EJ, too?

EJ and Sami have had more of a relationship without dating than Sami has had with Rafe, and they didn't date either. At least EJ knows the real Sami, Rafe just knows her sister, Carrie.

Anyhow, I think I'm done. I can't stand how the writers have once again thrown Ej under the bus for a lesser character and the saddest part of all, they've thrown Sami under there for a much weaker character, too.

So sad Higley's finally done it, got me to quit DAYS like she got me to quit OLTL.

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Luci said...

Agreed, Anonymous, Lisa, Leslie, and Maggie.

I'm just baffled how they are basically castrating EJ for a completely contrived "love story" with Rafe and Sami.

At this point, I cannot imagine EJ with anyone else on the show so I would be happy to see James Scott more onto a show where he is actually utilized.

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

esrever ygolohcysp Actually, Applecheeks, I didn't get it until you pointed it out! I thought Prevuze was just indicating Abe had mumbled something undecipherable. HAHAHAHA

Abe and Lexie wonder if they have enough love between them for another young one. Maybe enough love but I doubt enough years. Unless she gives herself a prescription for whatever miracle drug let post-menopausal Marlena and Hope get pregnant.

EJ reminds Bo they have security cameras but neglects to mention Salem only has one security company and it's the same one that handles security for Salem Hospital. Thus explaining not only what has apparently been missed at the DiMera mansion but the elevator/patient/records tampering going on there as well.

And here's my HUH? moment: Brady Brady's compassion for Hope following the sudden inexplicable state we saw him in only a few hours earlier with Arianna/Melanie/Nicole. Wouldn't it have been more consistent (not to mention interesting) to see him come in and rip into Hope, too? Oh well. That was just too much to ask for I guess. Nobody - not even in a drunken state - has the right to do that to St. Hope.

Loved the Salem PD picture and relieved to see a Prevuze posting this morning! Thanks for reporting for us even while on the road, Prevuze. :D

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm strictly an Ejami fan; don't want no Safe!! So okay, I know this is just wishful thinking, but what if, after Rafe reveals the truth about E.J. kidnapping Sydney, Sami decides to forgive E.J. since she was guilty of hiding the truth from him for which he forgave her?

12:23 PM  
Blogger LeeLeigh said...

I know others commented about the DiMera security cameras before me, but this girl just can't help herself: What security cameras? Oh, I know, every other time when someone has broken in to snoop, the tape needed to be changed in the recorder.... yeah, yeah, that's the ticket....

EJ & Sami have had sex twice, right? Each time produced a baby. But this will be their second marriage.... hmmmm.

and to Applecheeks & Bulldog --- please help me decipher the "esrever ygolohcysp" waaaah! I don't get it.

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

and to Applecheeks & Bulldog --- please help me decipher the "esrever ygolohcysp" waaaah! I don't get it.

LeeLeigh - Try a little reverse psychology. Also remember that "accept" is the verb and "except" is the preposition/conjunction/occasional verb. If you do, you're a better person than I am.

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor Philip. Daddy don' love him. :) Brady Brady and Bo are his faves. :P

12:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the consistency of Brady Brady's character. He always sides with the criminal. Why would this time be any different?

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Philip were in trouble, Daddy would be there in a heartbeat. At least by Brady not mentioning Philip it didn't give Viv an opening to say something about "her" son.

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with all that was said above.The writers need to talk to each other and at least make an effort to use at least 3 brain cells..this is the other thing that has been on my mind after watching day this week... Salem needs a good pychiatrist any suggestions..anyone..anyone????? Have you noticed how everyone in this town is always talking to themselves too? They need Marlena!! We need Marlena. Dear Hope she needs Marlena. Brady is off the wagon! He needs Marlena. Poor Ciara and Sydney ..they need Marlena too!! Sami, we love her, but she needs her mother to kick her butt!!! Please please before my brain oozes out of my ears bring back the lady of daytime Marlena Evans!!!!!!!

PS Sami and EJ go together, BUT we need to have it come from a solid place not all this mish mash!!! Peace

7:24 PM  

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