Wednesday, September 23, 2009

All Grown Up And Mature And Stuff

It looks like we're back on track with the feeds. Here's a short recap of yesterday's "lost episode:"

Victor and Kate argue, and Kate tells him she's marrying Stefano.

Lucas tells Phillip about Kate and Stefano's pending nuptials and asks him to try to stop Kate.

Phillip joins the Lucas Horton "Have you disowned your mother today" club and tries to get Kate to plead insanity.

Kate insists Stefano wasn't behind the attempt on Phillip's life.

Chad, Tad, Mia and Will discuss their school project on becoming parents.

Lucas has hallucinations, drinks himself into a stupor and passes out in front of the kids.

Chloe follows Daniel home like a lost puppy, but they wind up sleeping separately.

Pre-wedding sniping ramps up at Chez Rouge.

And with that, on with the show...

Melanie meets Phillip at the docks and tells him she's suing the SPD. Phillip counters with the Stef'n-Ho wedding bomb.

Kate shows up at Chez Rouge. Maggie badgers her and gets nasty. She's peeved that Kate used her to frame Daniel and doesn't give a damn about anyone except herself. Stefano comes up, "Maggie... do I have to remind you that you're the 'help?'"

Maggie snorts, "Do I have to remind you it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?"

"When the bride is Kate," says Stefano, "it's bad luck to see her before, during or after the ceremony."

Maggie leaves and Kate turns to Stefano, "Why couldn't we just go to a justice of the peace instead of humiliating me in public?"

Victor walks up behind them and overhears, "Why buy a trophy if you can't show it off?"

Lucas lies sprawled out on Maggie's kitchen floor. Will decides this would be a good time to join Patch and Kayla in Bora Bora. Chad doesn't think it's a good idea to leave such a mess on Maggie's floor.

Arianna is on the phone with a lowlife, "The Big Guy is about to lose his best dealer, and I want to meet him." Brady bumps into her.

Meredith surveys the results of her poker job as Sami comes to the door and fumbles for her keys.

Back at Chez Rouge, Kate and Victor trade jabs. Stefano reminds him he's a guest. Victor turns to Kate, "I have a wonderful idea, why don't I give you away?"

"That's what all of the men I've been with eventually want to do," says Kate.

Lexie tells Maggie this is difficult after seeing what Kate put Daniel and Chloe through. She looks over toward Kate and raises her voice, "Kate should be in jail. Oh dear... did my voice carry?"

Victor goes to get Kate a drink. Kate tells Stefano she wants to get on with it and get out of there. Stefano tells her there is one more thing he wants to do before the ceremony.

Sami can't find her keys, then gets a call from Sister Claire. She says she worked through some things and will talk to Rafe. She hangs up, finds the keys and goes inside where Meredith has worked the miracle cleanup of the century. Meredith watches as Sami tries to call Rafe. Realizing what Sami is doing, she hurries to turn Rafe's phone off.

Brady gets snotty, "Well, I guess Copernicus was wrong – the earth doesn't revolve around the sun, but around you instead." He rushes into the pub. Arianna follows apologizing. He tells her he's there to meet a client and not to see her. They mutually decide he can come into the pub even though she works there and when he does, they will both be civil. Brady gets sarcastic, "Well we're all grown up and mature and stuff aren't we? And I hate it."

Melanie chuckles when she finds out Kate is marrying Stefano, but Phillip tells her it's not funny. Melanie keeps it up, "I can just imagine Christmas with that family... opening presents in body armor with hired muscles standing around watching." Phillip insists Stefano is making Kate marry him. "Really," says Melanie, "Just how is he making her do that?"

"He's cleaning up after her," says Phillip, "I told her if she married him I'd no longer be her son. In the end she chose him over me."

"It's not the end yet," says Melanie.

Stefano asks Lexie and Abe to stand up for them. Lexie refuses. She and Stefano start bickering. Theo comes up and wants to know if they are fighting. He begs Lexie to walk down the aisle and Lexie caves in. Stefano says he has a special job for Theo and takes him off. Abe tells Lexie he wants to bring both Stef'n-Ho down.

Meanwhile, Victor taunts Kate. He asks if she is going to choose the DiMeras over her own family. She says it's not a choice. Stefano breaks things up and announces the judge is there.

Victor turns to Kate, "And so begins the life sentence you so richly deserve."

Arianna serves Brady a cup of coffee and tells him it's on the house because she snapped at him. "What," says Brady, "You're trying to get back into my good graces?" He surveys the measly cup of coffee, "I guess my good graces come cheap." Brady asks if her ex has arrived in town. She tells him he's not coming to Salem.

"Shocker," gasps Brady, "Most imaginary boyfriends tend to be fickle."

Arianna insists he's not imaginary. Brady asks her to be truthful with him. She counterattacks instead, "What about your 'ex?'"

"Nicole isn't an ex," says Brady, "She's a friend." Arianna wants to know why he's covering for her.

Sami leaves a message for Rafe as Meredith watches with unconscious Rafe sitting propped up next to her. Rafe slides down the wall into a Lucas Horton pile on the floor. Meredith jumps out of her skin, but Sami doesn't hear.

Mia tells Will she's scared and suggests calling 911. Lucas wakes up calling for Will.

Melanie defends her decision to help Daniel and Nathan with Chloe, "Your mom tried to poison Chloe several times. Kate's like that bunny with the batteries – she keeps going and going. We didn't mention the brand because they didn't pay us enough for a product placement ad. Anyway, she hasn't married Stefano yet. We gotta do something."

Stefano greets the judge as he joins the happy party at Chez Rouge. Things get started immediately. Lexie comes up the aisle scowling, followed by Victor and Kate. Victor stops at the front of the room and hands her over, "She's all yours, Stefano. You're getting one in a million." The ceremony begins.

Brady and Arianna keep it up. Brady insists Nicole is nothing but a friend. Arianna flashes back to overhearing Rafe and Nicole talking about the miscarriage. She gets a call and walks out after trading a few choice nasties with Brady.

Brady sits alone, "If your boyfriend's imaginary, who's calling you?"

Sami sits dejected and stares at her phone, "Well, I tried. Maybe Arianna knows where he is." She heads for the pub.

Lucas struggles to get up. He stands and staggers, "Whew! That first step's a doozy!" Will suggests Tad and Chad leave but they stay for the show as Lucas announces Kate is getting married. Will tries to shut him up. Lucas suggests a toast and starts searching around the kitchen for some booze. He can't find any liquor and says he'll go to the convenience store and get some. Chad grabs him, walks him over to a chair and has him sit down.

Ah... the moment that comes into every DOOL wedding. The preacher says, "If anyone knows of a reason that this man and this woman should not be joined in holy matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace." Pan in on Phillip. We wait... and wait... and wait...

*~*~*~*~*~*~ crickets *~*~*~*~*~*~

Sami comes into the pub and finds Brady. She asks about Arianna. Brady gives her that same look the tiger gave Siegfried & Roy just before turning Roy into finger food. Sami changes the subject and tells him she's looking for Rafe. Perceptive Brady senses something is wrong. Sami whines, "Listen, I know this may sound stupid..."

"I'm used to that," says Brady, "If your lips are moving, it sounds stupid."

"I have a really bad feeling," says Sami.

"That's because I dropped a fork on that chair and you're sitting on it," he says.

Meredith has moved Rafe to a seedy warehouse. She has him tied up and gets in his unconscious face, "Welcome to your new home."

Lucas asks who the guys are. They say they're friends of Will. He gets macho, tells them they aren't in charge and starts looking for his car keys. Will calls Maggie and tells her about Lucas lack of sobriety. Lucas staggers around the room. Tad and Chad reel him in.

Stefano invites Phillip to sit. He says he just came to watch, "Please, don't let me stop you." Theo brings the rings.

Kate takes the ring, puts it on Stefano's finger, starts crying and vows, "Till death do us part."

Stefano puts the ring on her finger.

The judge says, "I now pronounce you man and wife. you may kiss the bride. Stefano moves in.

The judge then announces, "I present to you Stef'n-Ho." Victor slowly applauds.

We move to the reception. Victor taunts Kate, "It's a pity Phillip couldn't stay for the party. I almost feel sorry for you."

On the liveliness scale, the reception is exceeded only by the Jonestown massacre. Theo livens things up when he decides he wants a glass of champagne along with everyone else. He grabs for a glass and it spills all over Kate's dress.

Maggie meets Will at the hospital. Will fills her in on Lucas condition, "They had to pump his stomach." Will is upset. Maggie comforts.

Sami tells Brady she was at a retreat. "Were you soul searching," asks Brady.

"I suck at it," says Sami.

"It works better if you have a soul," says Brady. Sami says she can't Patch things up with Rafe because she can't find him. Brady suggests maybe the two of them need time.

Meredith checks Rafe's phone and finds no messages, "It looks like no one is worried about you and no one but you knows I'm back."

Lexie apologizes for Theo's behavior Kate tells Theo it was just an accident. Theo apologizes. Kate tells him things like this don't matter between friends. She invites him to get something to eat.

Stefano turns to Lexie and smiles, "You see,... One big happy family."

"Oh, yeah," says Lexie, "One big happy family. Smooth sailing from now on."

Likewise, the Bosun's Mate turns to the captain of the Titanic, "Smooth sailing from now on."

Brady advises Sami not to decide what Rafe is thinking until she talks to him. She says she did that at the convent and it didn't go well, "Then Rafe called back and said he needed to talk to me, but hasn't called since."

Brady says he can't imagine what she and Rafe went through with Grace, but has a friend who went through a miscarriage, "I think Rafe loves you more than anything. Don't give up. Call him again." Sami pulls her phone out.

Wackadoodle Meredith rants at Rafe, "My sister loved you. She thought you loved her, but you didn't. You don't kill someone you love." His phone rings. Meredith looks down at it, "It's her again. She will never talk to you again."

Mia thanks Chad for helping scrape Lucas off the floor. He accuses her of lying about her drug abuse and hopes someday she'll tell him what really happened.

Will comes in to see Lucas.

Stef'n-Ho arrive back at the DiMera mansion. He has everything prepared just perfectly. Kate says she thinks this would be nice for a young couple really in love. She thanks him for making this nothing more than a deal, "Now it's time for me to live up to my end of the bargain. You'd better put another bottle on ice."

Stefano chirps, "We are going to be a glorious couple. You are strong but you're also lonely and there is a little girl in there who is very sad." He toasts her, "Don't be sad any more. Be happy. It's your time." Clink.

Sami gets Rafe's voice mail again. She tells Brady Rafe said he was going to leave town and thinks maybe that's what he has done, "He's moved on. Maybe I should do the same thing." We hear cheering from the Lumi and Ejami sections of the audience.

Meredith stares at Rafe's phone, "Mr. Hernandez is no longer taking calls." She turns to Rafe's lifeless body, "No one can help you. Not now. Not ever."

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Anonymous Leslie said...

Victor walks up behind them and overhears, "Why buy a trophy if you can't show it off?"

Trophy? Kate is more like the booby prize. With the lips, those are probably fake too.

Chad doesn't think it's a good idea to leave such a mess on Maggie's floor.

Mess? At least the Chadster has that one right. Lucas is the mother of all messes. Poor Will having to deal with his drunken father in front of his friends. Talk about a lovely father/son bonding experience. Whoda thunk that Sami would be Will’s most stable parent.

She hangs up, finds the keys and goes inside where Meredith has worked the miracle cleanup of the century.

Clean up in aisle four!!! If Meredith needs a job, she's more than welcome to come to my house and perform her miracles. First, Kate knocks out Daniel, and then manages to haul him onto a bed to tie him up. Now, Meredith applies a poker to the joker and has the strength to quickly drag all that dead weight into another room. The women in Salem must be on the Barry Bonds body building program.

"He's cleaning up after her," says Phillip, "I told her if she married him I'd no longer be her son.”

With Lucas “going off canvas”, it’s good to know that Phillip will be upholding that fine family tradition of disowning Kate.

Victor turns to Kate, "And so begins the life sentence you so richly deserve."

Come on Victor – this is DOOL. There is no such thing as “til death do us part” or “happily ever after”.

Brady sits alone, "If your boyfriend's imaginary, who's calling you?"

Perhaps her brother, the cleaners, her bookie, the butcher, the baker, or the candlestick maker – not every call has to be from a significant other. Geez!

Sami whines, "Listen, I know this may sound stupid..."

"I'm used to that," says Brady, "If your lips are moving, it sounds stupid."

Excellent Prevuze very excellent!!!

Welcome back to the compound Prevuze!!! Your returning recap and photos are most stellar!!! Have a happy hump day everyone!!!

5:50 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Victor walks up behind them and overhears, "Why buy a trophy if you can't show it off?"

Today is going to be worth watching, just for the Victorisms and all the other flying snark.

Brady bumps into her.

Enough with the “bumping into each other” meetings. Are these people terminally clutzy?

"Kate should be in jail. Oh dear... did my voice carry?"

Lexi joins the snark-fest.

"He's cleaning up after her," says Phillip.

Sounds like Philip has come around to the fact that Kate is guilty.

He surveys the measly cup of coffee, "I guess my good graces come cheap."

Brady adds to the wave of sarcasm washing over Salem today.

Meredith has moved Rafe to a seedy warehouse.

The women in Salem must eat their spinach! How did Meredith manhandle Rafe’s dead weight out of the apartment, into a car, into a warehouse? Let alone doing it without anyone seeing her? [Leslie & I were on the same page here.]

For that matter, WHY did she drag him to a warehouse & tie him up. The way she's talking it appears she's going to kill him. Why didn't she just dump his unconscious body into the river?

I know, I drag things out until we viewers are screaming for someone to put US out of our misery.

Prevuze was a very welcome sight this AM! Thanks.

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'm thirding the motion that it was a great relief to see Prevuze up and running today! :D

I'm also thirding the suggestion it's ridiculous to suggest Meredith and especially Kate (who probably never hoists anything heavier than her Coach bag full of lipsticks) could drag Rafe and Daniel around. Puhleeze!

I admit I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing Kate get hers. Altho it's not in a cell with Big Bertha, I have a feeling after time with Stefano she'll wish she was back on that trawler chopping fish heads. HAHAHAHA

One more thing - don't they usually just let someone sleep off their bender? Do they always have to pump their stomach? I guess they had the hospital set sitting there and now that Chloe's left they have to use it somehow.

Loved Pard asking for sucker punch advice and the worth of Nathan's junk! Happy mid-week to all.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I guess they had the hospital set sitting there and now that Chloe's left they have to use it somehow.

Here's hoping they changed the sheets. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!

11:32 AM  
Anonymous saggy baskets said...

Leslie, I can't get past the Judd Nelson nostrils to notice her lips. I think Mickey's hiding in there.

The only stable parents Will has ever had are Austin and Carrie.

ZZZZZ never thought the day would arrive when Sami would be the most boring person on the show.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

Although I appreciate Prevuze being back at the compound, the best snark of all came on the US's Tuesday show.

Kate tells Victor she's marrying Stephano. Victor retorts "So what are you going to do, honeymoon in North Korea?" I laughed and laughed.

Looking forward to the Wednesday Steph 'N Ho wedding snarks. Yes, Kate is going to get hers and I agree with Bulldog...she'll wish she was back on the ship cohopping fish heads.

3:42 PM  

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