Saturday, September 12, 2009

Highly Offensive

I thought you might enjoy something highly offensive to start off your weekend:

After all, you watch something highly offensive five days a wee... uh... never mind.

The warm weather is winding down (here in the US), so go out, take advantage of it and make it a great weekend. See you on Monday.

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Blogger Applecheeks said...

I was thinking the very same thing looking at where Hope's "wound" was. LOLOL

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I had a gash on my forehead and it bled and bled and bled. I looked at the strategically and artistically placed little scrape and thought she probably wouldn't allow them to mess up her makeup with a REAL looking cut with blood running down her face. HA

I didn't think it was offensive, just funny! Thanks for the surprise Saturday edition and happy weekend everyone.

7:02 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Not to worry - that was pretty funny.

Now when it comes to offense, I hope the Bears show some on Sunday evening. The defense had better make an appearance too!

Thanks for making today a Prevuze Saturday!!

7:09 PM  

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