Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A More Intense Mess

I hate to say it, but our satellite problems are back. With all the new equipment we have installed, we're getting a stronger signal, but that just means what we are getting right now is a more intense mess. I'd be OK with a terrible picture, but the problem is I can't make out what they are saying when this happens.

I ran through the recording to see what I got. By the end of the show I couldn't even tell who was on the screen. From the rest of it, this is what I could make out...

Daniel and Kate struggle. They continue their bickering. They take turns erupting. Daniel pours it on. Kate seethes. Daniel thinks she's driven by hate. Kate conks him and down goes Dan. Kate continues the same conversation, only without the irritating input from Daniel.

EJ is alone with Sydney muttering.

Brady and Nicole talk in the park as Rafe watches from the bushes. Brady thinks he sees something in the woods and searches. He doesn't find anything, so he and Nicole go back to talking and Rafe goes back to spying. Rafe conjures up a thought based on Brady and Nicole's conversation.

Kanye West bursts into Chloe's room and has a screaming fit saying while he doesn't want to take anything away from Susan Haskell, Nadia Bjorlin should have won the Best Actress Emmy for her portrayal of comatose Chloe.

Rafe has another conversation with Nurse Nellie at the pub.

Lexie and Lucas confront Melanie and Nathan about what they were doing in Chloe's room. Melanie and Nathan go off on their own and discuss the ramifications of their dastardly deed. Lucas does some chest pounding around Nathan.

Will and Mia discuss her past. Will gets dejected and leaves. Mia breaks down. Chad shows up and they have the same conversation from the other side of the triangle. Chad leaves and brooding Mia pours out her soul into her journal. Nicole shows up.

Will goes to the Java Café and has a conversation with EJ. Sydney provides the adult supervision.

We'll continue to monitor the satellite situation and let you know how it goes. The rest of the system seems to be working perfectly and other channels come in just fine. Maybe it's sunspots, although I've been reading all this stuff that says there are no sunspots any more. Really. Check it out.

The sunspots are gone. As Lucas would say, "What's going on?" Not much, it just means the sun is dying. Really. Check it out.

So think about it. If the sunspots are gone and that means the sun is dying, that means we're all toast. But now, it looks like maybe sunspots may have caused the Prevuze satellite to go haywire, and that can only mean one thing...

Prevuze has saved the world.

You don't have to thank me.

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Anonymous Berg said...

Is it possible just possible crappy writing has caused the technical issues?

I don't know about Prevuze saving the world but it has certainly saved me many of moronic hours of zoning out like droid, drooling, and oozing brain matter. So at the very least Prevuze saves lives.

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

More trouble in Prevuzeland – bummer. Despite the obstacles, Prevuze still manages to bring the faithful a snarky recap.

Kate conks him and down goes Dan. Kate continues the same conversation, only without the irritating input from Daniel.

Actually, I can hardly wait to watch Dan the man get exactly what he deserves – a whack to the head by a spurned lover. DOOL – drama, pathos, revenge, angst, and a Granny/Danny smackdown.

Will goes to the Java Café and has a conversation with EJ. Sydney provides the adult supervision.

While I’ll admit that EJ’s “do” has greatly improved, Sydney also has the best haircut.

If the sunspots are gone and that means the sun is dying, that means we're all toast.

Hmmm – toast? How about popsicles? In any case, the analogy and the links still make Prevuze the best sunspot blog on the Internet.

First it was Taylor Swift/Beyonce, and now it’s Susan Haskell/Nadia Bjorlin. All I can say is that Kanya West had better not try to snatch the best blog on the Internet award away from Prevuze and try to give it to Arianna Huffington. The backlash from the Prevuze faithful would just ruin his career!

Once again, Prevuze saves the world with a snarky good time!

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Emily said...

I agree with Berg. The writing is sooo bad that your satellite is unable to cope with the idiocy. Either that, or all that expensive equipment you have is actually so advanced that it is trying to prevent you from getting brain damage from watching such... well... crap.
Thnx for trying though!

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Apple Cider said...

Could it be the scientists were right when I was a kid, we were all gonna freeze to death instead of the scientists today who swear we're all gonna boil?

Thrilled that Prevuze comes across even with defective feed caused no doubt by a defective show.

6:26 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

6:27 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Rafe conjours up a thought.

I hope he didn't hurt himself.

Even with your technical difficulties there were enough details to let me know when to watch (Dr. Dan get sucker-whacked) and when not to (Brady/Nicole rehash).

Loved Bulldog's reveal of Sami's diary entry and Kanye West's outburst.

Prevuze, the best celebrity gossip blog on the Internet® Thanks!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I was able to read Prevuze this morning (thank goodness!) but only get to comment mow.

I did get to watch the last half of today's episode. Why would Daniel tell Kate he's just taped their conversation until he checks to see if it taped? What if he put the batteries in wrong? What if you couldn't hear anything but muffled noise being in his pants pocket? He'd be like Monk going back to the guy he thought he'd taped and saying "What? Would you say all of that again?" HAHAHAHA

And how could they be so clueless as to how Chloe got more of the poison considering how guilty Melanie and Nathan looked and acted?

Let's hope the satellite problems at the Prevuze compound are gone tomorrow. (If not will Norris be called out so he'll be able to buy a new yacht?) Thanks for the recap that you posted!

6:23 PM  

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