Friday, May 29, 2009

Plan B


Norris' quick fix didn't work and our satellite equipment is still on the fritz. So now we have to go to Plan B and lay a whole new cable across the nearly unnavigable terrain on the Prevuze Compound.


In the meantime, for the record, here is a recap of some of the great stuff you have missed while we have been battling the satellite problem...

~~~***~~~ crickets ~~~***~~~

OK, so here is a short recap of some of the other things that have happened:

Melanie tells Nicole she's tired of her running her life.

Rafe asks Sami if marriage is what she wants.

Stephanie tells Owen that Melanie has a thing for Phillip and wants her out of the way.

Owen becomes more infatuated with Stephanie. He drugs her and stuffs her back in the drawer.

Brady, Melanie and Phillip team up to sneak into the morgue. Phillip plays the corpse.

Nicole tries to act nice to Sami, but Sami suspects she's up to something.

Will and Mia get closer.


Lucas tells Maggie he's starting to remember what happened the night he fell off the wagon.

Will and his friend 'T' discuss Kenzie and Mia.

Phillip sneaks into the morgue in a body bag. Daddy Owen thinks the corpse is supposed to be cremated.

Victor tells Kate about the Stef-Steph swap. He calls a meeting to tell everyone to stay out of the situation with Phillip.

Cousin Jamie warns Mia about dating Will, and tells her she lost her lease, so Mia is out on the street.

Victor and Chloe argue.

Daniel consoles Chloe and Kate finds them hugging.

Will asks Victor to use his pool for a party.

Stephanie whines and Phillip struggles on separate slabs in separate drawers.

Maggie counsels Mia.

Owen locks Brady and Melanie in a crypt.


By the way, since Norris wasn't sure he had made the fix yesterday, he only charged me half price. Later that afternoon I saw him tooling around town on his new Harley Davidson Road King. It's nice to know my money is going to a good cause.

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Anonymous I Challenge You To A DOOL said...

Hey Prevuze, sorry about all the equipment troubles. I've clicked on all of your ads a few times this week, but would love to make a contribution -- I miss my Prevuze! Where's the Donate button?

6:06 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Even tho' I tried to keep expectations low, I was still saddened by the lack of a full Prevuze.

I will say, the pictures today were top-notch! The one with Will was spit-worthy. I'm just (usually) smart enough not to have liquid in my mouth when reading Prevuze. lol

And Norris, the falling down drunk of the fall festival mud-wrestling fame, on a Harley?? That does not compute!

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Well there was enough of an excellent Prevuze recap to keep me out of Squints' bag 'o pills. Prevuze - best rehab on the internet. :D

If they continue the everyone-in-town-eventually-being-held-at-the-morgue storyline Deb will have to add the mortuary/crematorium to her Salem map.

BTW - it's been a few days now (Salem time). Owen's dad hasn't had much business. Either nobody has died since the Salem Slasher or he's a crummy mortician. The cemetery by my office has several funerals out there a day.

Well anyway, great pictures today and thanks for the recap. Good luck with Norris. TGIP!

PS: My verification word is "horsit". One more letter and it could have been something else. HAHAHA

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...


I'm more than willing to add a donation to the Prevuze cable fund. Since gas prices are going higher, Norris is going to need more money to fuel his fleight of vehicles.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

UPDATE: Norris the satellite guru has once again been summoned. He'll either be here this afternoon or Tuesday (ugh!).

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes! where is the donate link? I'll pay anything to avoid actually watching the program.

Besides with the cost of gas these days, Norris s going to need more money soon.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok. The caption under Will's picture was priceless. Good Job on that one. FINALLY, we learn where Mia has been living. I know at one point someone reminded that she got money for the baby from Nicole. But, I believe she might have blown that going to Japan and then hoping first class coming back home.
If the Wonderful, Marvelous, Super Doctor Dan was my doctor, I would change Drs. I wouldn't want him making health decisions for me while he's constantly having Chloe sex scene flashbacks. He needs a vacation. Yep...French Foreign Legion sounds like just the place.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

BULLETIN: Norris has arrived at the Prevuze Compound. He and his team of five bikini-clad biker-gals are now laying cable.

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have in this prevuze that Melanie told Nicole she's tired of her running her life. Actually, it was MIA..not Melanie that told Nicole that.

2:25 PM  

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