Friday, October 10, 2008


Trent Robbins! Dead as a doornail with kids with the IQ of one. Max stares at Trent's driver's license. Stephanie comes in and lectures Max for disappearing on her. Max is morose. Stephanie asks, "Max what's wrong?"

Max says, "Trent's wallet... I found it in your purse."

"What were you doing in my purse," asks Stephanie.

"I had a headache," says Max, "I was desperate for a Midol."

Phillip and Melanie talk in the cemetery. Melanie whines, "I thought you just wanted to help me."

Phillip asks, "Why did you have your dead father's wallet?"

Melanie says, "Because he gave it to me."

A nurse delivers an envelope to Marlena. Marlena opens it and reads, "In regard to your pending divorce papers, the state cannot proceed without signature of both parties."

Sami walks into the mansion and gives herself a pep talk. She walks into the rumpus room as Nicole drops the baby bombshell on EJ. EJ whispers, "I, uh... I don't know what to say."

John knows, "HE SHOOTS! HE SCORES!"

Sami staggers off. John winks at EJ, "YA WEREN'T FIRING BLANKS, WERE YA, PARDNER?"

Nicole waits for a word from EJ. John decides this would be a good time to leave them alone, "SEE YA, DEADEYE!"

Nicole asks if EJ has some kind of reaction, "Are you happy, sad, angry, none of the above? I have the right to know."

Kate looks at herself in the mirror, "You've still got it baby!" Daniel's next round of lab tests will soon confirm that.

Kate decides she'll take the outfit as Chelsea walks in, takes a look at her and says, "What a joke!"

Sami wanders, "Bastard!"

EJ says he didn't think it was possible for Nicole to get pregnant. Nicole thinks he failed biology. EJ wonders why she didn't tell him sooner. Nicole says she thought he'd make her feel like a fool for being happy when he's not.

Sami walks in, "He's not happy because he knows you're lying, Nicole. You're not pregnant."

Stephanie says she has no idea how the wallet got into her purse. She gets defensive about him digging around in it. Max asks if there is a part of the day when she didn't have the purse. Stephanie says at the police station, "Melanie was there."

Melanie says her father threw the wallet at her. Phillip is skeptical. She says he gave it to her the night he was murdered right there in the cemetery.


The brat says, "Well, I guess it's true... When the going gets tough the tough go shopping." Chelsea tells Kate about going to the hospital. She says Daniel told her Kate is "unwell." She thinks this might be a ploy to get the two of them together to talk, "Well, as far as I'm concerned, after today I don't want to see you again."

A gal in the audience screams, "If you left for Timbuktu, you'd probably never see her again!"

John comes up as Marlena goes over the letter. She admits asking Elvis for his help. John says, "Yes, Elvis and I talked. He accused me of being cold and selfish and then gave me some advice."

"What advice was that," asks Marlena.

John says, "He said I should tell you this: 'Baby, if I made you mad for something I might have said, please, let's forget the past, the future looks bright ahead. Don't be cruel to a heart that's true. I don't want no other love. Baby it's just you I'm thinking of.'"

Marlena is unmoved, "When I see you all I see is a stranger. Or a strange person. Whatever."

Nicole asks, "What are you doing here, Sami?"

Sami snorts, "I am protecting my child from you — you money grubbing whore. You're just saying you're pregnant to get EJ to marry you."

EJ asks, "Why were you spying on us, Samantha."

Sami explodes, "Spying? I wasn't spying. It wasn't exactly espionage. You two were standing here about as subtle as a couple of water buffalo." She turns her wrath on Nicole, "And you are lying!"

EJ tries to remain calm, "Why do you think she's lying?"

"Because her lips are moving," says Sami, "She is barren!"

Max says sweet little Melanie wouldn't plant the wallet. Bicker, argue, fight. Stephanie thinks Melanie takes advantage of him and manipulates him. Max wants her to lay off Melanie. Stephanie can't. She doesn't want him to be used and lied to.

Melanie says Trent had her come to the cemetery to talk, "He wanted me to get Claude off his back."

"How were you supposed to do that," asks Phillip.

"By getting on my back," says Melanie, "But I gold him no. Never again." Flashback. Melanie remembers arguing with Trent and then accusing him of lying when he tells her this is the last time he will ask something like this from her. We pan in on the knife. She tells Phillip she walked away and never looked back.

Phillip scoffs. Melanie nukes and says he wasn't there and doesn't know anything about her or her father. Phillip says he doesn't believe her.

John says he has worked to bring integrity to the DiMera empire but wants to know what he can do that will impress her. Marlena says, "The man that I fell in love with was selfless."

"Which one," asks John.

"The old John was a humanitarian," says Marlena, "It was in his nature. Can you be that kind of a man?"

"No," says John, "But I'm trying. If you would open your mind I will explain how."

"If I open my mind, the air will escape," says Marlena.

Nicole tells EJ she really is pregnant. She thinks it's a miracle. "It's not a miracle when you've been with EJ," says Sami, "He's modern medicine's latest fertility drug. Why don't you just take this story to Jerry Springer?"

Jerry walks up to her and puts a hand on her shoulder, "Sami, you know I never take stories this idiotic."

Suddenly, Nicole feels a kick. Disbelieving Sami yanks up Nicole's blouse to check it out and discovers the 10th planet. Sami gasps as EJ gawks at the basketball down there, "Samantha, I think you'd better leave."

Sami stomps out, "That bastard got both of us pregnant!

Nicole wishes EJ were a little happier about this. EJ says he doesn't know how to feel right now. Nicole says she is feeling fragile. "It's true," drones EJ, "You're carrying my child."

"Yes it is."

Chelsea wants a straight answer. Kate gets a text and looks at her phone, "From: Daniel. No results yet on biopsy. Perhaps I should give you a personal exam at your place."

Kate tells Chelsea she feels fine but has had a nagging cough and is waiting for test results, "In the meantime I'm enjoying myself with retail therapy." Chelsea feels horrible. She thinks she's been selfish. Kate thinks if they talk it through they can put things to rest. Chelsea doesn't.

John tells Marlena Nicole is pregnant and Elvis is the father. Marlena about has a cow. John says Nicole confided in him because she trusts him. "If she trusts you," says Marlena, "Then you shouldn't have told me."

"Will you keep it a secret," asks John. Marlena says she'll keep it to herself if he asks her to. He says Nicole came to him for advice. He advised her to tell EJ. Marlena is shocked he did the right thing.

Spaced-out Sami runs up, "Mom! I have to talk to you! It's so important!"

Max and Stephanie have a discussion about... uh, oh, yeah, Melanie. Nothing new.

Phillip decides to go talk to his brother the cop. Melanie stops him and says there is more. Another flashback. She tells him about Trent telling her to put the knife down.

Phillip gasps, "You pulled a knife on him?"


John tells Marlena he will call and he leaves. Sami is a basket case. Marlena tells her to calm down. Sami tells her about Nicole being pregnant and EJ being the father. Marlena is calm, "I know."

Nicole thinks they should talk about it, make plans and celebrate, "Don't hyperventilate or get excited, EJ. I know I'm not the mother-type, but I've always wanted to be a mom. This is important to me."

Stunned EJ doesn't know what to do, so he does what every red-blooded guy would do under the circumstances. He consults the Guy Manual. It advises, "No matter what she says, your response should be, 'I understand.' While she's talking and you're not paying attention, you can decide what tropical island you want to go to for an extended vacation."

"This is so special for me and should be for you, too," says Nicole.

"I understand."

"I'm not going to mess things up this time."

"I understand."

"This baby is a miracle," says Nicole, "Our miracle."

"I understand."

Kate says she has had it with the brat's self pity, anger and resentment. She reminds her she has been forgiven many times but continues to judge others, "What Daniel and I did was not wrong. Disgusting, yes... wrong, no."

Max agrees he may have overlooked some of Melanie's faults but she is family, "I know she has a few problems."

"That's like saying there's a little chocolate in Hershey, Pennsylvania," says Stephanie. She says she thinks Melanie planted the wallet in her purse and wonders how she got it, "I think Melanie killed your father."

Melanie insists she didn't kill Trent. "I'm not buying your dimwitted routine," says Phillip. Melanie swears she didn't do it. Phillip asks, "Why shouldn't I turn you in?"

Kate lectures Chelsea for being so angry. Chelsea wants to forgive but can't. She stomps off.

Melanie flashes back to the struggle. Phillip asks, "Did you kill Trent?"

Melanie's voice shakes, "I don't know."

Max defends Melanie. He says he's positive she didn't kill Trent. Stephanie says, "There is no way you can know for sure she didn't do it unless... you killed Trent yourself."

Nicole says, "I know I'm just babbling on and you're probably tired of hearing me talk. But this means so much to me and I was hoping it would mean a lot to you, too."

"I understand."

Nicole asks, "This is huge, right? A new life. This is what it's all about! Maybe not for you, though. I wonder if you are happy I'm pregnant."

"I understand."

EJ feels cornered. He goes back to the Guy Manual, which says, "Maybe it's not your kid."

"I'm happy," lies EJ, "But I am going to need some proof the child is mine." Nicole whimpers.

Marlena says John told her the good news about Nicole and EJ just now. Sami thinks she is going to be sick. She thinks Nicole will ruin EJ's life, "She's after EJ for his money." Marlena thinks this is about Stefano.

"Great," says Sami, "So you're happy for Nicole. What... do you want to throw her a baby shower?"

Marlena chuckles, "No. I'm not happy for Nicole. I'm just happy it's not you that's pregnant."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's hard to believe that a soap that usually doesn't even have characters show while being pregnant, now have both Sami and Nicole showing! Also hard to believe that since Sami is so much farther along than Nicole that no one is noticing her baby bump! Those outfits she is wearing make Sami look huge.

I do agree though that considering Nicole's past, most guys would react to the news the same way EJ did, and say they would need proof they were the father of her baby. That should seal the deal that he does not love her. He has given her enough red flags already to prove that to her though.

I am glad Marlena and John will be divorcing soon. I don't think they have any chemistry together anymore. I say to let both of them to just move on now. John needs to be free to play the field as new John. It's obvious a lot of the women on DOOL still find him very attractive. The only man who finds Marlena still attractive is Roman. Dead Trent liked her. Why, I don't have a clue? They had zero chemistry as well. I think Marlena's Days are over now. Even she apparently doesn't notice her own daughter is well into her second trimester of pregnancy. A Mother would see this faster than anyone. She never seems to notice anything about Sami though.

4:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can totally empathize with Nicole's feelings. To be barren for years, then suddenly become pregnant is something any woman who wants a child would be rejoicing about and proclaiming it is a miracle. EJ is not very supportive and as usual will side with Sami, claiming Nicole is only after the DiMera money. In my opinion, Nicole will turn to either John or Phillip after that remark, and try hard to forget about EJ. Some men are just not worth the hassle when they are so unsupportive to a woman when she obviously needs their emotional support as well as all other kinds of support at such a time.

4:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is looking more like Melanie is blocking out Trent's murder now, remembering it in only bits and pieces to drag it out as long as possible. His contract is up at the end of October, so hopefully by then Trent's murder will be solved.

I was sorry to hear Leslie say that it will be the mayor who gets murdered next Friday. What was the purpose to bring him on as a new character for such a short period of time? I was so hoping it would be Stefano that DOOL eliminates. Looks like that will be the reason Galen Gering is brought on as an FBI Agent to investigate the mayor's murder.

Isn't anyone ever going to wonder if Nicole is Melanie's real Mother? Considering all that has gone on, you would think that at least some of them would wonder who Melanie's Mother was? Why is her last name Layton? If Nicole is NOT Melanie's Mother, then the DOOL writers should explain it to us why.

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Kate looks at herself in the mirror, "You've still got it baby!" Daniel's next round of lab tests will soon confirm that.
Will “it’ turn out to be syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, Chlamydia, or genital warts?
“Don't be cruel to a heart that's true. I don't want no other love. Baby it's just you I'm thinking of.'"
…and I really love you baby, cross my heart.  Oh, Prevuze, you and Elvis, Presley that is, are the best!!!
"No," says John, "But I'm trying. If you would open your mind I will explain how."

"If I open my mind, the air will escape," says Marlena.

…and warm up the room at the same time because I’m sure that air is extremely hot.
“Why don't you just take this story to Jerry Springer?"

Jerry walks up to her and puts a hand on her shoulder, "Sami, you know I never take stories this idiotic."

I’m really with Jerry on this one.  Lectures…DOOL gives us lectures on drinking and driving and greening up the planet.  What ever happened to that lecture about condoms, safe sex, and, here’s a novel concept, abstinence?  EJ wants a paternity test, what, at Salem University Hospital?  They picked the Patriots by two touchdowns over the Giants in the last Super Bowl.  What makes EJ think that institution of excellent medicine could get the test results right?
Chelsea feels horrible. She thinks she's been selfish.
…and what was her first clue?
To keep up with Michael Phelps, EJ’s swimmers would have to score with six more, ahem, ladies.  Either that or Sami and Nicole could be pregnant with quintuplets.  Since her pregnancy is a miracle, let’s go with septuplets for Nicole.  That scenario is as likely as her getting pregnant in the first place.  Yuck.  I’ll tell you what is extremely likely, and that would be another outstanding Prevuze for a bright Friday morning!!!

5:38 AM  
Anonymous Philosophygirl said...

One of the things that I like (and I use that word loosely) is that EJ actually seems to be quite conflicted about Sami. He has set her up as some sort of "idealized woman" and can't quite let go of his old ideas about her even though she has long since fallen off her pedestal.

Sami, on the other hand, seems to believe that real love is unconditional love and that anyone who cares for her should accept all of her choices without question. EJ is the closest thing she has had to that in years. I think that this why she keeps coming back to him.

With the exception of the way Johnny was conceived (see below) I like how these characters seem caught up in their confusion-the problem is that they represent the worst in each other...and in many ways, bring out the worst in each other. Makes for good entertainment--but I think that they will be a hard habit for the other to break

(Quite frankly, it buggers reality to think that Sami's responses are realistic given the way that Johnny was conceived.. Not to mention that I think that there should be a ban these sorts of s/l's on all daytime shows unless they are going to deal with it with integrity. Rape is not romantic or the fulfillment of a fantasy. Rape is not about sex. It is about power and contempt. To make EJ's character a rapist does not fit and Marlena's responses are so inappropriate as well.

Okay, okay...I know that this is soap opera, but one of the things that i like is that Days is real people responding in human ways to extraordinary circumstances (demonic possession, underground lairs, ect) and always in full make up-to the extent that writers get the emotional responses so wrong--they alienate their audience...well, me anyway)

Thanks Prevuze!!

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your comments are the absolute best. Loved the Elvis song and Jerry Springer cameo.

Otherwise poor John. The writers are writing Marlena as an idiot.


6:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG - but wouldn't it have been the bomb if Jerry Springer had walked in!!! Would have made this episode worth watching!

John says he's be working on bringing integrity to the DiMera business - DUH - did I miss something; when was that???

Well, thanks, Prevuze, for another stellar performance. Can't wait to read tomorrow's big reveal!


6:35 AM  
Blogger Hotmess said...

Just donated.
And thank you.

I was sad and sore when you were satellite-challenged...

Thanks for the giggles. I would have had to donate FAR more than I did if you charged a buck for every guffaw!

PS-- Don't minimize-- put it at the top of the blog or at least make it a pop up req prior to reading Prevuze II...seriously! You should be paid, not paying!

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Along with the dead mayor, I read Nicole will trip over him. So, she will probably miscarry and pretend to still be pregnant to keep EJ away from Sami. Then, she might steal Sami's baby and pass it off as her own, driving a deeper wedge between EJami.

Or.. she could switch the lab results (that's really not far fetched) and the baby's daddy is actually Phillip. And I still think she is Melanie's mother, there are too many similarities there.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With EJ being the new Stefano, and Phillip being the new Victor, and both of them vacillating between being good guys and bad guys, no wonder we stay confused with DOOL's storylines. Max is supposed to be a strong Brady now too, but he also vacillates all the time. Most of the storylines makes all three men seem stupid.

And none of the others are much better either. Why bother paying for writers who cannot write when Corday could get plenty of ideas from his viewers if he would just search the internets blogs?

I personally hope Nicole does not lose her baby when she trips, but that might be one way they can reveal she is Melanie's Mother so in the end she will have a daughter anyways. There are way too many similarities between Melanie and Nicole just to be coincidences. But it looks to me that if Nicole had gotten pregnant by Trent way back in her college days that the first thing she would have thought of when she heard about Melanie's existence was that she might be her daughter. Any of them could figure out the dates and ages and come to that conclusion.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think about that comment that Daniel made to Nicole - something like "aren't we beyond small talk?" - makes it seem like the baby could possibly be his.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Got such a kick out of Bulldog's "friendly staff" picture of Max. LOLOL

Trent Robbins! Dead as a doornail with kids with the IQ of one.

Does that mean an IQ of “1”, or the IQ of a doornail? I hope you weren’t insulting doornails with that statement!! LOL

She tells Phillip she walked away and never looked back.

Well, she had to have looked back long enough to catch his wallet, didn’t she? HA

If I open my mind, the air will escape," says Marlena.

Just about choked on my rice cake at that one.

ONE of my HUH?! moments for today:
Marlena chuckles, "No. I'm not happy for Nicole. I'm just happy it's not you that's pregnant."

You know, a couple of years back Marlena went blind for a while. Perhaps that problem is back ‘cause for a woman and a doctor she sure is unobservant.

Prevuze, I'll never be able to hear the phrase I understand again without wanting to burst out laughing.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Saggy Baskets said...

I think this is my favorite Prevuze EVAH! I just might have to cut it out and frame it. From the Prevuisms "I understand" to all the banners it was just perfect. After reading this edition I can't wait until Monday!

Now, if only someone would throw water on Marlena so we could watch her melt.

Great Work.

9:35 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Prevuze, I'll never be able to hear the phrase I understand again without wanting to burst out laughing.

I understand.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You never cease to amaze me! I think I'll actually watch, not only Friday's episode, but Monday's also! You make them sound SO interesting...I hope they're as good as they seem!

Have a great weekend everyone!

10:53 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Anon - I think you're onto something talking about switching paternity tests at the good ol' Salem Hospital. Only it won't be Nicole, it will be Sami's what, third time? She's gotten so good at it she'll change the test so Nicole's baby belongs to someone other than EJ.

What do you know - Kate actually told the brat off, something everyone should have done months ago!

I also was wondering why Melanie's last name isn't Robbins.

My favorite Prevuism today: "If I open my mind the air will escape, says Marlena. HAHAHA

Thanks, Prevuze! When pc problems prevent you from getting your morning Prevuze fix until afternoon it's stressful. But now I can relax and look forward to the big reveal in the Saturday edition. TGIP.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

Thanks for giving Hershey, PA a plug. It is after all "the sweetest place on earth". Next to Salem that is.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Philosophygirl, your last two paragraphs are correct, but the show dealt with the rape issue. Barely. Sami now 'agrees' it wasn't rape, but something else.

For the most part I agree with everything you said, including the non-rape stuff. It is entertaining to see everyone so chummy with EJ considering how Johnny was conceived. Forgive and forget, eh?

Thank you bulldog, for that picture. I love it so very much. haha.

Why should EJ LOVE Nicole, they've been on one date?? Had sex once, and just casually flirted and/or argued about Sami or Victor. If I suspend my disbelief, then yeah, couple made in heaven.

I see why he is feeling pressured, they've barely spent a total weeks time together and she wants to build a life. lol. Admittedly it's his fault for running to Sami but still, point stands.

Wondering how Stefano will take Nicole's pregnancy.

4:04 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

I've already read Prevuze. YOU are MY entertainment.

No pressure! Holy crap like the stock market doesn't have us close enough to suicide you have to put us in a vice!

OK ok ....on with the dance :::can can...can you do the can can....can you do the can....::::

Now I've stretched something important to reproducing... I'm going to bed

5:55 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...


Now, that was entertaining.

3:03 AM  

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