Friday, October 03, 2008

I've Seen The Goods Before

Phillip calls Morgan and leaves his umpteenth message asking for forgiveness. He wishes her the best and hangs up.

Stephanie comes into the pub to see Max. Max tells her, "Mom is upstairs and is a bit shook up. I guess I should have done some dishes while she was gone." Max vows to find a way to prove her innocence. Melanie comes up and seems surprised by the fact Caroline made bail. Stephanie says, "Don't tell me you actually believe that my grandmother killed your father."

Melanie asks, "If she didn't, what was she doing at the cemetery holding that bloody knife with his body right beside her?"

Stephanie asks, "Would you believe... she was trying to sell him a set of Ginsus?"

Phillip butts in and tells them Melanie approached him and asked him to find the real killer.

EJ calls Mary and asks if Sami is up. Mary informs him her bed has not been slept in. EJ says he didn't know she didn't come back last night.

Sami sleeps in Lucas' bed as birds tweet. She rolls over, hugs him and looks up to see EJ. "This must be a dream," she says, "So I might as well take advantage of it." She dives in for a little morning pick-me-up.

Salem Hospital! Where your health dollar never goes to waste because dead people don't care about money. Marlena is on the phone and she thanks Mickey for expediting her divorce papers. She hangs up. Kayla comes over to her, "Marlena... I didn't mean to eavesdrop, but I just happened to have my hearing aid cranked up to its maximum... a total coincidence, of course."

Stefano reads his new favorite book, 'The Art Of War,' to Johnny. John walks in and listens, "Sounds like a real page-turner. You really should give up the battle for the DiMera empire." He zones and shakes his head. Things go blurry as he looks at Stefano.

Stefano watches and asks, "John, is something wrong?"

"Nothing that a few 'ludes with an acid chaser wouldn't take care of," says John.

Phillip says he felt sorry for Melanie so he listened to what she had to say. He tells her to hang in there and walks away.

Melanie explodes, "That guy is so unbelievably hot!" Max hauls her outside to have a word with her.

Phillip goes up to the bar and talks to Chelsea. He asks how Caroline is. Chelsea smacks him over the head with her new book, "The Art Of Bratiness."

"Oh," says Phillip, "I see you've talked to Morgan." He says he didn't realize he had feelings for Chloe. He hopes Morgan finds happiness. He asks about Kate. Chelsea tells him she and Kate argued. Phillip asks Chelsea to go easy on her. "She's not that sick is she," asks Chelsea.

"It's complicated," says Phillip.

Kayla wonders how Marlena can abandon John right now. Marlena says she will help him get medical attention but can't be married to him. Kayla says she has been in this position before herself.

"Really," says Marlena, "I didn't know you were with John. It's so hard to keep track of on this show."

Kayla says "Steve was in a similar mindless fog when he came back from the dead."

"I know," says Marlena, "And he still is. But I have to move on with my own life."

Kayla says, "I hope you don't mind me saying this but I think you're making a mistake.


Kayla says she cares. Marlena - Evans - Craig - Bradford - Brady - Black - North - Black - DiMera says she's just itchin' to add to her collection of names.

John tells Stefano his headaches aren't that bad but it would help if Stefano would stop the construction at the mansion. Stefano suggests John move out if he doesn't like the noise. He suggests John see a doctor. John brushes it off. He goes for champagne. Stefano tells Johnny it will take more than alcohol to dull John's pain. EJ storms in and demands to know where Sami is.

The guy in bed with Sami has morphed back into Lucas. In a scene that has been repeated 10,000 times Sami suddenly discovers it's Lucas, not EJ, she's fooling around with. She wretches and jumps out of bed. They argue about who was kissing whom. Sami, pregnant but pure as the driven snow gasps, "What did we do last night?"

Sami dresses as Lucas promises never to make the same mistake again. They argue like a couple of first grade morons. Sorry for the redundancy. Sami is totally indignant, "How did I wind up in your shirt? Lucas!"

"Don't worry," says Lucas, "I've seen the goods before."

"You're off limits now," says Sami.

"I'm used to having Chloe in the bed," says Lucas.

Sami screams, "I'm nauseous!"

"You certainly are," says Lucas. And the juvenile crud just goes on and on... Lucas finally says he thinks Sami should tell EJ about her pregnancy.

EJ pesters Stefano about the missing manic depressive. He says he would love to stay and chat, but he has a meeting. Stefano offers to watch Johnny. EJ refuses.

Back to the Bickersons. Sami says she needs time before she tells EJ. Lucas reminds her time is short because she's starting to show.

EJ decides to take Johnny with him. Stefano tries to convince him to leave him. EJ caves in, leaves Johnny and heads for his meeting.

Max wants Melanie to stay away from the Kiriakis family. Melanie says, "Phillip isn't dangerous, although he does have a killer smile."

Max says Phillip had an affair with his best friend's wife. That degrades into more bickering for a change.

Phillip says he can't say more about Kate's condition. He lowers his voice and tells the brat Kate is really sick but says that's all he can tell her. Chelsea practically falls apart, "I was such a bitch to her!" She wants to run to Kate but Phillip tells her she can't. Chelsea asks, "Is she gonna die?"

"Not a chance," says Phillip, "At least not until the board of demons in hell votes to lower it's admission requirements."

Kayla tells Marlena John's brain scan indicates his condition might be fatal. She changes her tune and suggests Marlena go over and personally hand John the divorce papers.

Lucas comes back out and tells Sami he changed his mind, "I went too far when I said you were showing. You look beautiful."

"Are you flirting with me," asks Sami. She gets a call before Lucas can answer. She looks at the caller-ID and tells him it's EJ. Lucas wishes her luck and leaves.

EJ asks where Sami has been. Sami says, "I guess you didn't get my text message. I needed to clear my head."

"How can you clear a vacuum," asks EJ, "Where are you, anyway?"

"It doesn't matter," says Sami, "But we need to talk."

Phillip tells Chelsea Kate will beat this. Chelsea worries about the awful things she said to Kate, "I was such a bitch." Phillip tells her to stay positive. She promises him she won't go running to Kate, Phillip promises to keep her updated and then he leaves.

Stephanie runs into Chelsea and tells her granny is sick.

Max wants Melanie to start making good choices. Phillip comes out and asks to talk to her. She says yes. Max says no. "Catch ya later," says Melanie. So much for good choices.

Phillip asks, "Did he tell you what a bad influence I am?"

Melanie says, "I can handle bad."

Phillip says, "I can be handled."

Kayla says if Marlena serves John the papers he will work harder to get her to change her mind, including getting medical attention. Marlena thinks that's a good idea, but says she is going through with the divorce no matter what. She thanks Kayla and leaves.

John sucks down pills and talks on the phone. He says he knows the board has questions now that Stefano is back. He thinks the board members will be interested in what he has discovered.

Stefano walks Johnny through the cemetery, "It's a lot more fun than a playground, isn't it?" He gets a call. Stefano scowls, "John Black is a liar. Polling the board members about the idea of a new CEO? That is ludicrous. Keep me posted." Stefano hangs up and tells Johnny his uncle John is being naughty. Sami comes up and blows her oh-so-fragile stack.

Phillip tells Melanie he did some checking. He says he found stuff her dad would want to protect her from. Melanie says she's glad Trent is dead.

Sami gives Stefano a piece of her mind. Probably the last one. He wonders why she's there. Sami says she came to the church to say a prayer for a stake to drive through Stefano's heart. Stefano says EJ asked him to babysit. Sami grabs her tummy.

Chelsea says she is worried but can't get past her anger toward Kate, "Now I'm mad at her because I can't be mad at her." Stephanie suggests she could find out more from Daniel.

Kayla tells Max, "Maybe Melanie isn't so bad after all."

The Doorbell rings at the DiMera mansion. John staggers over and answers it. Marlena stands there, takes one look at his face and asks if he is all right. He tells her yes. She goes in and asks him to sign the divorce papers.

Sami flips out and then gets a call. EJ asks where she is. He's at Chez Rouge and says she should be there. Sami nukes about EJ asking Stefano to watch their son. EJ says he doesn't have to run everything by Sami when she is MIA. She hangs up. Stefano says he doesn't want to come between her and EJ. He hopes soon she and Elvis will bless him with more heirs. Sami walks off. Stefano chuckles.

Chelsea calls Daniel and leaves a message.

Kayla says, "I'm glad you aren't giving up on Melanie."

Max says, "I want to (say it with him) be there for her now that Trent is gone and she is all alone."

Melanie cries and says she feels guilty because she was so mad at Trent she wished he would die and then he did. Tender Phillip moves in and comforts her, "He didn't die because you wished it. He died when you buried the knife in his back." Melanie drops her purse and Phillip helps her pick it up. After they get the mess cleaned up, he hands her Trent's wallet, "You forgot this."

Stefano continues to read his book as he talks on the phone, "I've decided to let John Black have his audience with the board."

Marlena says she doesn't want to stick around if John won't get medical attention. John moves in and plants a big one on her.

Impatient EJ waits for Sami. Lucas comes in. He asks if EJ talked to Sami yet. "She's always full of surprises," says EJ.

Lucas asks, "Were you cool with it when she told you."

"When she told me what?" Lucas chuckles and shakes his head.

Sami worries, "Sorry for ditching you EJ, but I can't deal with you right now. I think Stefano knows I'm pregnant. Oh, God, what am I gonna do?"

The Lord booms, "Since you asked, there is this thing called birth control..."

My church doesn't believe in birth control," says Sami.

I see," says the Lord, "Does that mean it believes in hooking up with every guy in town and popping babies like fireworks on the fourth of July?"


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.


Anonymous felis said...

thanks hun

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami says to herself: 'I think Stefano knows I'm pregnant.'

Well, Stefano did say something once about having cameras set up all over the place - especially in that living room (all purpose room), so maybe he saw Sami faint and Lucas take her to the hospital - plus it would be easy for him to hawe someone in the hospital who can report back to him. Then by the same reason - he would know Nicole is also pregnant with EJ's baby - more Dimera heirs - LOL.

4:08 AM  
Anonymous hberg said...

Are tptb trying to make us sick again? I love that Sami is dreaming of EJ but come on....can't we just stick a fork into Lumi? I mean, it's obvious they are ovah so do I have to watch this stomach turning "ooops I accidently kissed a guy but am dreaming of another"? Can the writers come up with any original thoughts anymore?

Interesting twist with John and Stefano though. I am curious to see where that leads.

Phillip - Morgan - Phillip - Chloe, we all know which actress is leaving the show, why bother at this point?

Good job Prevuze! Welcome back we missed you.

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope Phillip realizes Melanie has Trent's wallet and tells Bo about it. Glad Caroline is out on bail now. It was horrible seeing her in a jail cell at her age. Maybe they will replace her with Melanie now in that jail cell? Of all of them, she is the worst in my opinion. A total opportunist, just like Nicole. She is probably her daughter.

I hope Melanie does get involved with Phillip instead of Nick. Nick and Chelsea make a much better couple and could have one of those lifetime strong loves like Bo and Hope. Apparently on soaps, no lifetime strong love is free from infidelity though. Sad huh? If it's true love, there shouldn't be any reason to be unfaithful.

I personally would like to see John and Marlena divorce and both of them move on. I am tired of Marlena's self-righteousness, and arrogance. I hope she is the vet who is leaving the show. She use to be one of my favorite characters on DOOL, but not anymore. Like so many others, the writers have ruined her character.
She was in her late twenties when I was just a teenager and watched DOOL. She just needs to retire now. No way could she ever be the matriarch of DOOL instead of Alice Horton. No one could replace Frances Reid. That is a position only she could and should have.

I think we all knew what would happen between Lucas and Sami if they spent the night together. Now we realize DOOL is probably going to make Lucas be the father of this child as well by doing the sleepwalking sex storyline between them again. A flashback that never happened will show that one of them walked in their sleep to the other's bed, and things just happened from there. Maybe John caught it on one of his hidden cameras?

I hope John defeats Stefano, and that Stefano is written permanently off the show. New John makes a good villain. So does Victor. Stefano is just too ridiculous for anyone to believe all that he can accomplish as a villain. Writers need to be more realistic.

And it would please me just fine if Kate would be written off DOOL as well. She needs to pay for all the terrible things she does to people and has gotten away with over the years.

4:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone realize at this point on DOOL that if any of Stefano's heirs were to die, that Rolf could keep them alive?
To even do those kinds of storylines on any soap is extremely hurtful for people who have lost loved ones. I vote for getting rid of Stefano and Rolf permanently.

4:16 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Chelsea tells him she and Kate argued. Phillip asks Chelsea to go easy on her. "She's not that sick is she," asks Chelsea.
Chelsea, you self-absorbed twit, she might have lung cancer.  It could make Kate really sick and possibly kill her. 
Kayla says "Steve was in a similar mindless fog when he came back from the dead."
It was “dense Samantha fog” yesterday.  Hey, writers, why don’t you pull out a thesaurus and use the word “haze” next time.  You might not be paying attention but we sure are.  As long as I’m at it, you might want to come up with something besides “he/she has a lot on his/her plate right now”. 
Sami, pregnant but pure as the driven snow gasps, "What did we do last night?"
Let’s see.  Sami’s pregnant so she wasn’t drinking herself into oblivion.  Is a romp with Lucas a mind altering experience or so ordinary that it’s forgettable?  Since she woke up dreaming of EJ, Lucas had better ramp up his romps or it just could be Sami that is a victim of the “dense Samantha fog”.
Phillip asks, "Did he tell you what a bad influence I am?"

Melanie says, "I can handle bad."

Phillip says, "I can be handled."

Melanie was carded at Chez Rouge but is she jail bait?  Philipp moves from a married woman, to a diva wannabe, to a sorority princess, and now a shrieking underage bimbo.  Philipp is a hot guy with a lot of money.  I think he can do better.
Sami walks off. Stefano chuckles.
Did Sami take Johnny with her or did she leave him with Stefano, and why does everyone take strolls through the cemetery?  Good grief!!
“Oh, God, what am I gonna do?"

The Lord booms, "Since you asked, there is this thing called birth control..."

My church doesn't believe in birth control," says Sami.

I see," says the Lord, "Does that mean it believes in hooking up with every guy in town and popping babies like fireworks on the fourth of July?"

Oh, Prevuze, you are just too much!!!  Isn’t that just the truth?  Now Stefano knows that Sami is pregnant, and John knows Nicole is pregnant.  How many months will it take before EJ knows that they are both pregnant?
Shoot out to Mike, Bulldog, and Prevuze for great photos and captions!!!  Thank you, Prevuze, for making a really ugly Friday morning seem much brighter.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Leslie hit just about every point I was going to make (but since I’ve already typed them up I’ll post them anyway). LOLOL

The show was filled with HUH!? moments today:
Sami is totally indignant, "How did I wind up in your shirt? Lucas!" “What did we do?”

Pardon me. She wasn’t falling down drunk or zoned out on pills. Why does she act like she doesn’t remember the night before?

[Phillip] lowers his voice and tells the brat Kate is really sick but says that's all he can tell her.

When did he take an oath of confidentiality? And I loved it later when Stephanie told Chelsea she could probably get more info from Dr. Dan. Sure. Why not? Only the doctors on the show have no problem running their mouths about their patients' medical conditions. HAHAHA

Sami comes up and blows her oh-so-fragile stack.

On her way home Sami just decides to stroll through the cemetery on the way to church? And what was the point of having Stefano there except for more pointless hyperbole?

Great pictures. Great prevuisms. Extremely pointless show. Thanks, Prevuze.

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sami is totally indignant, "How did I wind up in your shirt? Lucas!" “What did we do?”

Pardon me. She wasn’t falling down drunk or zoned out on pills. Why does she act like she doesn’t remember the night before?"

Sex with Lucas is so forgettable

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Anon - "a flashback that never happened" is a continual DOOL trick. Just like the "sex that never happened" so that the supercouple in question can ultimately be the parents of a child in order to placate that supercouple's fanbase. The best example - Ciara. Bo is her father so the Ho and Dope fans wouldn't have a cow even though Hope had only been with Patrick for about a year.

So we all know the loud Lumi fans will get their way in the end thanks to some convenient storyline rewriting and both the twins and this new one will be Lucas' kids. Maybe Nicole's will actually be EJ's.

Good one, Mike. Loved the picture of OJ! And, as always, any reference to Squints' bag o' pills is a treat. "Nothing that a few 'ludes with an acid chaser couldn't cure." HAHAHA

Thanks, Prevuze! TGIP.

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Guess I am the only one that likes Stefano....

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no you're not. I LOVE STEFANO!!!! he is one of my favorite characters just because he is so out there. i am always amazed by the way the people of salem have no problem accepting the fact stefano wields powers that no one can imagine. i mean the chip in vivians tooth he used to control her back in the day, way insane but no one seemed shocked by the concept. or the chip in hope's brain, then the real gina appearing, and hope and stefano trapped in the castle or wherever was entaertaining. but no one is that shocked. thats why stefano rocks. same reason i watched passions. to see how far it would it go, and i was never let down by either. but passions went much farther much faster than DOOL ever will. STEFANO FORVER!

9:59 AM  
Anonymous udxtixx said...

I like Stefano too. I think they could do a much better job with him and even team him up with Victor and make victor the evil good guy and Stefano the evil bad guy.

10:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So if Sami doesn't remember it(and) or perhaps did not give consent to it. DOES THAT MEAN HE DID IT. THAT HE RAPED HER. Just a thought to all those wonderful Lumi fans. P.S. In no way am I making fun or condonning rape of any kind. I just have a sense of humor, (warped though it may be) where this couple is concerned.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Nick compared with Phillip is LOL!
And yes, I do believe Melanie is jail bait.

John as a villain is 'meh', he doesn't give an evil vibe, nor does Victor. They're the 'ends justify the means' type of person.

Sami is unsure of who she sleeps with and when she is preggers? The FOG! But I still hope it's Lucas', I was never a fan of EJami.

Max says Phillip had an affair with his best friend's wife.
Because Belle had absolutely NOTHING to do with that. And why isn't he warning her that Nick slept with Chelsea's mom and a had that fling thing with Willow.

It still bothers be how self-righteous Max, NuSteph and Chelsea can be as when they came on they were horrible people.

To even do those kinds of storylines on any soap is extremely hurtful for people who have lost loved ones. I vote for getting rid of Stefano and Rolf permanently.
What about rape victims? and people who were unjustly in jail? and people with kidnapped children? What you're asking for is ridiculous.

Re: Rape - Your comparison falls short because almost a half dozen people accused EJ of it, the situation leading to it led wholly to that conclusion, and the clincher for me was EJ saying; "I'm sorry I raped you". They retconned it to 'you know what it was', which makes the whole thing pointless now anyway.

11:58 AM  
Blogger lytninstrikes said...

So how far along is Nikki anyway? She got pregnant before Sami did (4th of July), right? But Sami's in her 2nd trimester, which means in her 4th month. And Nikki's having morning sickness pretty late into it -- 3+ months when it starts? Remember Sami & EJ were together when Lucas got home from the hospital. THEN the 4th of July blackout/elevator nookie happened, when EJ was with Nikki. Bad time line, Days?

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Lucas got home from the hospital?!!! NO NO NO. Sami and EJ were caught in bed when Lucas got out of prison and was on house arrest at the mansion. It was the first time he got there and he walked in on them. That was way before the elevator jiggy.

Now that that's cleared up. I have to keep asking this. Who's xrays are hanging all over the hospital walls for all the world to see? When Nicole was in there, I think we saw lungs lit up on the walls. That could be Kate. But, when Kate was on Friday, there were lit up xrays of someones pelvis on the wall behind Lucas. No self respecting hospital will leave other peoples xrays hanging up and lit up for all the world to see. And, when EJ and Sami were yelling at each other in the hospital, where was the staff? If you hear a patient and visitor yelling that loud and harsh, somebody should be checking on it.
I, too am tired of the whiney, childish bickering between Sami and Lucas. Lucas was all sweet and concerned and the second, I'm talking the very second, the Dr said Sami was pregnant, you saw his eyebrows touch each other and his lips disappear.

So, anybody see another Morgan/Phillip thingy stirring with Melanie and Phillip?

Has Chloe left the show? Her character went to sing in the Kansas City Midwest Opera society. Don't they rehearse at the Cornfield Jr. High Cafeteria?
No offense Missourians. But, I can't really see her getting discovered there.

Interesting that Victor wanted to see Caroline in jail and actually went down there to talk to her. Yet, when Kayla found out, she went to the hospital and out to coffee with Lexie. When she did finally show up at the station, she didn't even want to go to see her mother in the jail. I liked when she had the nerve to tell Steve that she wasn't about to go home and leave her mother there.
But, you'll go to work and out to coffee with Lexie....and you're devoted to hang out bothering the other cops while they work, yet you won't even attempt to visit your mother. mmmmmmK. Makes perfect sense to me. That's why she's so adamant about Victor not seeing her. Sure, makes perfect sense to me.
Oh, and Chelsea and Hope talking at the pub about her college courses. It's a wonder the college didn't drop her completely for taking off, leaving all her classes for a pity party trip to France.

12:03 AM  
Blogger hopebbp said...

Sorry Prevuze, Sami saying her church doesn't believe in birth control, true, however, with all of Sami's "sins" why should she worry about a little thing like birth control. Besides, risky as it is, the Catholic Church does believe and encourages couples to use the rhythm method... it does work!

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Saggy Baskets said...

I sincerely hope no one donates to the "let's get Lucas a haircut fund" (not to be confused with the Prevuze fund, which I'm trying to donate to but I'm struggling with).I love his sexy longer hair.

I hope there's no more sleepwalking/frozen popsicle sex ever again in Salem. Believe it or not getting a woman pregnant doesn't equal twuwuv4eva! and not being the bio-daddy doesn't mean you can't love that child just as much. EX: Ali and EJ.

I hope NuJohn and Nicole get together and it causes Marlena to leave the country, find Shelle, never to return to Salem. I am so tired of her looking down her nose at others.

I don't think Melanie is jailbait, but if she is, she won't be forever. Hopefully by that time Phil will be tired of Chloe and take time to check out some girl who hasn't been with half his relatives.

I think that sometime down the road Mel and Phil would really work.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Melanie would be like another Nicole in the Kiriakis household.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous RightSaidFred said...

Mel as another Nicole in the Kiriakes household?

Nothing but good. :D

4:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Sami didn't plan ahead of time to stay the night at the cabin, how did she happen to have a spare outfit and hair styling tools there the next morning? The outfit couldn't have been Chloe's - not nearly slutty enough! How hard would it be to be a little more realistic about these small details?

7:15 AM  

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