Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The orient express chugs through the French countryside. Max gets the text from Stephanie and texts her back. "I'm glad you're not upset with me. Talk to you soon."

Stephanie shuts her phone, holds it to her heart and says, "Sooner than you think." She calls the airport, "I'd like to arrange a flight to France."

"All right," says the clerk, "We have a direct flight to Paris leaving every fifteen minutes."

"That's not good enough," says Stephanie, "I need to go to Marseilles."

That's going to be tougher," says the clerk, "Our direct flights to Marseilles only leave every half hour."

Caroline comes up and asks her if she knows where Max is. "I don't think he'll be coming home tonight," says Stephanie.

"What do you know," says Caroline, "It's been a long time since I've caught a break this good."

Stephanie tells Caroline he's in France. She gives her the letter.

EJ meets Trent outside the pub, "Hello, Brent."

"It's Trent."

"Oh, yes," says EJ, "Like the river in England." Nicole comes up and Trent tells EJ they are old friends.

EJ is skeptical, "Really, Nicole? Are you and Thames old friends?"

Morgan asks Abe if Bo is around. "Of course not," says Abe, "What? Do you think he works here? " Morgan tells him she doesn't want the money.

Marlena listens and goes into Roman's office. Roman says, "We need to talk."

"What's wrong?"

"What else... Sami."

Victor talks honest cop Bo out of the evidence against Phillip with the assistance of his beeping machines. Bo hands him the tape recorder and the machines cooperate and settle down on cue.

Bo walks out of Victor's room and scowls. Kate asks what's wrong. Bo snarls, "You talk to Phillip about it. He wants a word with Phillip alone.

Ava and John decide they have a lot to celebrate. Ava says he is free now that he is rid of the disc. "You have no idea," says John. Translation: I have a copy.

Ava toasts, "To the future and starting over."

John says, "And to the beautiful woman that made it all happen."

Roman fills Marlena in on Sami, Lucas, EJ, custody and tosses in Nicole for good measure, "It seems that during the blackout, EJ and Nicole were generating their own electricity in the elevator."


Morgan don' wan no stinkin' money. She says they can give it to her father when he gets back. She leaves.

Caroline reads Max' note telling her he's off to find his sister.

Max rides. Max stares. Caroline reads.

Chelsea comes in and Stephanie tells her what Max is up to. Stephanie wishes Max wouldn't have lied to her, "Trent Robbins is the cause of all this."

Nicole and Trent start go inside. EJ stops them and asks for a word with Nicole. He asks what's going on. She says she's just grabbing a bite to eat with an old friend. "Like hell you are," says EJ, "I don't like the way Thames treats you.

Trent interrupts, "I think you two are finished."

Bo stomps off with Phillip. Daniel stops Kate and tells her not to see Victor because he needs his rest. Kate asks, "Am I making you uncomfortable? I don't want things to be awkward between us."

"Then we just shouldn't talk about it any more," says Daniel.

"Chelsea's a lucky girl," says Kate.

Daniel asks, "Do you believe in luck?"

"No," says Kate, "Do you?"

"Well," says Daniel, "I got lucky with you a few times."

"That's right," says Kate, "I squeezed you in between the seventh fleet and the Salem U rugby team.

Kate wants to go into Victor's room. Daniel tells her to sit quietly. Kate sighs, "Thanks, doc."

Stephanie lets it slip that she's headed for France. She'll fill the brat in later. She walks off and Chelsea calls Morgan, "I need your help."

Caroline tells Stephanie she is sorry Max didn't tell her in person but understands, "You're gonna miss him like I do."

OH, FOR GOD'S SAKE, GET OVER IT! HE'S IN FRANCE, NOT ON A MISSION TO NEPTUNE! Oops. Sorry for the outburst. I don't know what came over me.

Caroline heads for the hospital. Outside, she bumps into Trent and Nicole. Caroline gets in Trent's face and growls, "This is all your fault."

Caroline walks off and Trent shrugs, "What?"

EJ clues him in, "I think she's not your number one fan, Thames."

Marlena is torn between the shock value of EJ and Nicole's elevator "ride" and the juiciness of it all, "OMG! Maybe Sami will focus on Lucas now."

"I wouldn't count on that," says Roman, "While EJ and Nicole were at it, Lucas and Chloe were having a real good time themselves."

Marlena thinks they should have seen this coming, "Sami has been playing one man against another forever now." Suddenly Marlena has that epiphany that can only come to women as dysfunctional as the bimbos of Salem, "Roman! THIS IS MY FAULT!"

Roman, not to mention the entire audience, can't wait to hear the rationalization on this one. Marlena cobbles the warped tale, "Sami spent years seeing her mother torn between two men." Roman wonders if Sami might be just a teensy weensy responsible.

Marlena chastises him, "As a professional psychiatrist, I can assure you that no woman in Salem is responsible for her own actions."

Abe interrupts. Marlena leaves and Abe tells Roman Morgan refused the money.

EJ smooches Nicole and turns, "I'll be keeping an eye on you, Thames." EJ leaves.

Trent gets nasty, "I warned you."

Nicole asks, "Are we done here?"

Trent says, "No we are not. I need you to do a little detective work for me."

In the last five minutes, Morgan and Chelsea have gone shopping, wrapped a bunch of Bon voyage presents for Stephanie and hand her the package. Stephanie finds a beret and an electrical outlet converter inside. She also finds a phone card so she can call them every day. She digs a little deeper and finds a French translator. "Thanks guys," says Stephanie, "but I already speak passable French. In fact, I've learned to say, 'I love being your doormat, stomp all over me' in six languages."

Bo drags Phillip into his house. Phillip asks, "Shouldn't we be doing this at the station with you barking orders and making threats?"

"Speaking of threats," says Bo, "You threatened to kill Paul." Bo tells him about the recording.

"A threat isn't a confession," says Phillip.

Bo tells Phillip Victor has the tape, "Did you kill a man?"

Phillip insists he didn't. Bo asks if Phillip knows where Paul is. Phillip says he doesn't have a clue. He also doesn't know where Paul is. Bo tells him the conversation they are having is off the record. It's off the wall if you ask me. Phillip wonders why Bo wouldn't spill the beans. "Victor asked me not to," says Bo, "He asked me to protect you. This goes against everything I believe in but I did it for our father. I let my emotions get in the way of my judgment. I'm withholding evidence. I lied to protect your sorry butt." Phillip again insists he didn't kill Hollingsworth and leaves.

Abe leaves Roman's office. Marlena intercepts him and pries about Theo. She suggests a support group. Abe and Lexie are going to try to make it. He says he and Lexie have a long way to go. Roman comes out and spares us. He takes Marlena inside his office and says the warden called, "You gave me the feeling Sami wants to reconcile with him."

Marlena asks, "Is Sami interested in the warden now?"

"I think she'd be better off without either EJ or Lucas," says Roman.

John and Ava drain the liquor. EJ walks in and catches the scene on the couch, "Oh good God. I'm not in the mood for you two frolicking."

Ava wonders if EJ has ever heard of jeans and a t-shirt. She thinks he should loosen up, "I think I'll go try to find some yummy treats."

"You just make the kitchen your own," says John.

John tells EJ Ava is right – he needs to change his wardrobe. EJ says he's making other changes, "I've been Mr. Nice Guy and look where that landed me. It has to stop. I want my son to grow up strong and independent. So I have to make some changes. I have a proposition for you."

"If you ask me to step into the service elevator," says John, "I'll rip you apart."

Kate sits with Victor. She tells him Phillip and Bo left together and were acting strangely. She asks if he knows anything about that, "Of course you do." She sees the recorder and pries it out of his hand, "Do you want me to play it?" Victor stares. Kate plays and listens, "Oh, Phillip. OMG."

Nicole walks up to the three bimbos and asks for Max. They tell her he'll be gone a few weeks. Nicole says she was just wondering, because he had ordered some special wine for her, "No big deal." Nicole leaves and they all agree that was weird.

Outside, detective Nicole tells Trent Max is gone. Trent tells her to get back in and find out where he went.

Daniel comes in. Kate hides the recorder. Daniel notices Victor's heart rate is accelerating. Caroline comes in. Kate tells Victor she'll be back and leaves. Daniel tells Caroline about Victor going into cardiac arrest, "He has a tough road ahead of him." Victor wants Caroline to stay. Daniel says, "Lexie will be in to check on you. If you need anything at all, press the button."

"I need a competent doctor," says Victor.

Daniel leaves and Caroline asks if Bo was there. "Yes," says Victor, "He's a good man. Tell him I said thank you."

EJ says he has always rather admired John, "You don't capitulate."

"I do if I can find a woman who is willing," says John.

EJ says he wants to be involved in John's businesses. John says he prefers to work alone. John wonders what EJ can bring to the table.

"Legal expertise," says EJ, "and I have an understanding of my father's business dealings."

"All things I can get elsewhere," says John, "But you are family."

"Let's not forget, I wasn't always Mr. Nice Guy," says EJ.

"You wanna work for me," says John, "Let's give it a shot."

Roman and Marlena discuss Sami. Marlena wonders if Roman can't bend the rules for Lucas. "You have got to be kidding," snorts Roman, "He needs to learn a lesson." Marlena asks him to do it for her. "I'm sorry," says Roman, "There is nothing more I can do for Lucas."

Nicole struggles as Trent grabs her. Trent thinks she's falling for EJ. He warns her to stay away. Nicole tells him to stay away from her and stomps off. Trent makes a call, "Maaaaxxxx, you went on a little trip and didn't tell your old man. I'm offended."

"You want something else offensive," asks Max, "How about this." He hangs up.

Marlena works on Roman to get him to give Lucas a break. Roman caves and says he will see what he can do, "No promises, though."

EJ and John shake. "You made the right decision," says EJ.

"Prove to me that I can trust you," says John, "Do that, and we will get along famously.

Hugs and goodbyes at the pub. Stephanie leaves. Daniel comes in. He asks if there is something going on between Bo and Victor. Chelsea says she doesn't know of anything, and that calls for a face-sucking marathon.

Caroline asks if there is anything Victor wants. "Release papers," says Victor. She says she sees he still hasn't lost his sense of humor, tells him she'll be back and leaves.

Kate watches her go and heads back into Victor's room. She unwinds the tape, "I think we both know what needs to be done with this. I'll burn it... for Phillip."

Victor mumbles, "Phillip."

Bo stares out the window. He calls Abe, "There's something I gotta tell you."

Busy Abe says, "Gimme just a minute..."

Bo flashes back to his conversation with Victor. Abe pops back in and Bo cops out, "I don't think I'll make it into work today."

"That's strange," says Abe, "You're hardly ever here, but you rarely call to tell me you won't be in."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trent is going to get his ass kicked by no more Mr. Nice guy! I have been waiting for this. I bet he leaves a bruise on Nicole when he grabs her and EJ sees it. He goes all Dimera on his ass. Sweet. I love EJ working with John.

5:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, apparently laws in Salem are just meant to be broken what with Bo giving Victor the recorder which is police evidence, Kate going to burn the tape, and Roman saying he will try to help Lucas stay in Salem when anyone else would have been sent back to prison that first time he broke his house arrest (not the 3rd time.) Look how many times Kate has gotten away with breaking the law on DOOL and never paid for her crimes? I say it's high time she gets caught and punished.

Also looks like EJ may be going back to his old self. Why bother with redeeming his character then?

Sami never seems to really change either, unless it fits her needs for a few minutes. I could feel the hate between her and EJ it was so strong. So why go to all the trouble to drag the passion out between them, only to have it end like this with such venom? If they had left Lucas in prison, EJ and Sami would be having a lovely relationship now. I totally agree with EJ that Sami is unstable but I was glad the writers had her calm down and not blubber and scream so much which only makes her appear more unstable. It's hard to believe that since she knows that Chloe and Lucas had sex, that she still wants Lucas and claims he is the love of her life. Wake up and see reality, Sami! Lucas dumps you every chance he gets first thing. Your relationship with him has been on such a childish level ever since it began. That is NOT real love. You and EJ are both the same type people. You and Lucas act like two children fussing and fighting most of the time. And your tantrems are just getting more and more ridiculous all the time. Grow up, Sami, and realize the world does not revolve around you.

5:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now we can add EJ to the list of suspects who would do harm to Trent Robbins?
Nicole, Max, Stephanie, and EJ. Probably Melanie too, when she finds out what kind of man Trent really is? She will be onscreen on July 31st.

Why did the writers go so far as to redeem EJ's character if he is going back to his old self now? Makes no sense. I do think EJ and John will make a formidable pair working together as a team. If Ava is leaving DOOL by the end of summer, something must happen to her soon? Maybe it was her goons that killed Paul? We heard both Phillip and John tell someone to take care of Paul so he didn't talk, so it could have been either of them.

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Suz said...

WEll, I think EJ and John are going to be very happy together untill Stefano gets out of his hell! Then EJ will have to make a decision~as if we all don't know what that will be!

One more time: what does ROFLMAO mean?

I love Sami and Lucas sparing with each other! I think it shows their love for each other! Lucas should be mad at Sami right now, all things considerating. But I can't wait for them to get back together as they should be.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO---rolling on floor laughing my a$$ off.

Which is exactly what I do everytime I waste an hour watching this show. Thanks to prevuze I dont have to waste an afternoon.


5:50 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

EJ is skeptical, "Really, Nicole? Are you and Thames old friends?"

Come to think of it. His watch does appear to be a replica of Big Ben.

"It seems that during the blackout, EJ and Nicole were generating their own electricity in the elevator."

If that’s truly the case, I think we have an answer to the energy crisis.

"That's right," says Kate, "I squeezed you in between the seventh fleet and the Salem U rugby team.

Were they all in Kansas at the time? Kate does Kansas. Prevuze that was brilliant. Kate does an entire state, and Debbie could only manage a measly city!

Marlena cobbles the warped tale, "Sami spent years seeing her mother torn between two men."

Marlena’s professional diagnosis is that Sami suffers from The Apple Doesn’t Fall far From the Tree Syndrome.

Marlena works on Roman to get him to give Lucas a break. Roman caves and says he will see what he can do, "No promises, though."

I can’t even begin to imagine exactly what a city cop can do about keeping a person convicted of attempted out murder of the state penitentary. This whole storyline is built around a concept so ludicrous that it makes me want to scream. On the other hand, the Jawn/EJ alliance sounds like it could be interesting.

Chelsea says she doesn't know of anything, and that calls for a face-sucking marathon.

Thanks for the warning Prevuze. ZAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the Kate pictures are hilarous. Another super Prevuze Hump Day installment!!!

5:57 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Oh, yes, the Kate sleep-around marathon was down-and-dirty great! LOL

The EJ/Jawn pairing could be a really interesting story. 'Course, DOOL will undoubtedly make a mess of it.

A couple of great prevuisms today (there were many):

In fact, I've learned to say, 'I love being your doormat, stomp all over me' in six languages."

He takes Marlena inside his office and says the warden called, "You gave me the feeling Sami wants to reconcile with him."

Marlena asks, "Is Sami interested in the warden now?"

My HUH?! moment today:

"I think she'd be better off without either EJ or Lucas," says Roman.

Not because it didn't make sense. I just couldn't believe Roman actually said something that intelligent. HAHAHA

Anonymous: I've always just assumed it was Ava's goons who rolled Paul into the drink. You know they aren't going to have Philip or Jawn take the fall. This will provide the reason for Ava leaving town.

Thanks for all the laughs this AM!

P.S. Leslie - LOL at Marlena's diagnosis of Sami.

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

It must be too early in the a.m. for me. It took me quite awhile to get "If you ask me to step into the service elevator," says John, "I'll rip you apart." HHAHAHA

And one of the most honest descriptions ever - "That's strange," says Abe, "You're hardly ever here, but you rarely call to tell me you won't be in."

BTW - did anyone else want to grab that stupid package yesterday and bop that Morgan on the head with it? She spent the whole second half of the episode staring at it and whining she didn't want to open it....after the first half whining she had to know what was in it. Jeez!

Loved the Kate zingers. Bravo, Prevuze! :D

6:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a few thoughts.First prevuze is the best time saving device in recent history. Just read the day a head and save an hour. Great Job. Next, how many of you know a man who wear two thumb rings.Isn't that just a little odd? even for Max? I truely loved the banter between E.J. and Sami. It was the best dialogue and acting that I have seen on this show alllll year. Itn't it odd that Bo can turn his child in for running over his son but steals evidence for step brother.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Go ahead and take your summer vacation next week, since these spoilers show NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!

Monday, July 21st
Lucas is being transferred to maximum security; Caroline and Maggie welcome Kayla and Steve as they bring their baby home; Ava asks John if she can move in with him; Marlena discovers that E.J. is threatening to sue Sami for custody of Johnny.

Tuesday, July 22nd
Kate assures Philip the tape Paul sent to Morgan is gone; Daniel runs into Kate and they reminiscence about their time together; Bo tells Hope he's worried about Victor; while on the train, Stephanie is surprised by a stranger who enters her sleeper car.

Wednesday, July 23rd
Morgan is terrified her father is dead; E.J. tells Ava the details of her upcoming court case; Tony and Kate share a celebratory drink; Hope find Bo's behavior troubling and accuses him of knowing something more about Paul Hollingsworth's case.

Thursday, July 24th
Bo questions Philip about his involvement with Morgan; John promises to help Ava fight the charges against her; Daniel and Chelsea share a romantic dance under the stars; Max and Stephanie are ready to get off the train and track down Max's sister.

Friday, July 25th
Steve tells Bo he was right to cover for Philip; Hope visits Kayla and is thrilled to see the baby at home; Philip receives an anonymous letter that says "I know your secret"; Morgan demands John tell her where her father is.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you read the comments in the episode before this one, you'll read where I had plenty to say on Morgan. How does she go from tearing through doors at the Salem PD and ordering Roman to arrest John, to whining to Phillip about how she can hardly bring herself to walk on her own to the postal counter. When Phillip gives the postal worker a girly tongue lashing, here's rip roarin Morgan whispering, "That was amazing." Well, that made me sick. And, true. She stared at that package as if she had xray vision.
I know they've been saying for a month now that dead-ee Paul has been killed and thrown in the river. Well, my question is WHEN will somebody find him?!!!! Let's get this show on the road. There's just so much of Chelsea acting like a teenybopper occupational therapist in love with an aged surgeon that happens to get first billing over God from Kate when it comes to healing patients, that I can take. And, can we get just a days break from whiney Morgan?

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze II - Video currently unavailable?

9:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel I must jump on the Morgan-bashing train - but my biggest complaint about her is her FAKE southern accent!! Why don't they let her just drop it already? It's not like it's important to ANY story line! Her dad didn't have a southern accent so where is it supposed to have come from??

9:59 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Prevuze II - Video currently unavailable?

Keep trying. Blogger is weird.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy reading your extra comments. I seriously can't stop laughing most days. I look forward to reading prevuze every day, so thank you for taking the time to write it.

10:24 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I was wondering what I missed this time. When did EJ ever witness Trent treating Nicole badly? Other than a couple of chance meetings at the pub that's all he's seen of them together isn't it?

Just curious.

I LOL today over Prevuze's sudden outburst over Stephanie's overreaction to Max's trip. It's OK Prevuze, you have to suffer thru every word of this stuff and that's enough to send anyone over the edge now and then!

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[I]Chelsea says she doesn't know of anything, and that calls for a face-sucking marathon.[/I]

Is that all this couple does? Where's the chemistry again? Where's the attraction? Ick.

11:09 AM  
Anonymous klaus said...

Heh, I took my vacation from this show only come back to see that Ciara has aged to what - 4? And that Stephanie is now eternally bonded to Max.

Where is he going. To the center of the earth? To Iraq? My goodness. And now Steve of all people is being the rational adult?! I want Stephanie and Max to split, or Stephanie to go.

This just like when everyone was freaking out big time because they couldn't find Max for 3 hours.

And for Sami/Ej - his reaction was so over the top.

"Sami: I'm getting out of of this nuthouse! I'm taking the kids with me.

EJ: I'll die before you take my son less than a mile from me! I'm also going to make some unnecessary threats and up this little spat we're having into a war!

Sami: I'm going to have a flashback and then thank you for unnecessarily pushing me into a corner."

Let's welcome back stupidly evil EJ.

I don't mind Morgan so much, there are so many more annoying people on this show.

Chelsea needs some sort of boyfriend questionnaire, first question being; Have you have any sexual relationships or anything you might label as inappropriate behavior with my relatives. If so, who?

I do appreciate the paparazzi thing. I thought they forgot about Max's former career.
(Wonders how old the other children are)

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just on on the DOOL page looking for spoilers and all I could see was a pic of EJ with a red bruise on his forehead (his right side) and tied to a bed in a hotel room, wearing a bright red tie and a suit. Looks like Sami will lure him to the room then knock him out and tie him up. If you can find out anything more, please post it on the comments here tomorrow. Thanks for anymore information you can contribute to this picture.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What train are Max and Stephanie on that has a sleeper car? I seem to remember it's a 4 hour high speed train from Paris to Marseille. Do some research writers, it's amazing how it can make a story believable - though they did at least figure out that Marseille is in France so kudos for that.

I'm going with the theory that Ava's goons offed Paul as a way to help/impress John. She'll be caught and go to jail and we'll never see her again. Unlike Lucas who has the characteristics of a bad rash that just won't go away.


1:01 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

So. Lisa, what your are saying is that Steph booked a flight, got to Paris, caught a passing race car or helicopter, or something very, very fast and made it to the train to jump in Max's lap all in four hours?? Gee, France has acquired a lot more land or Europe expanded at an exponential rate and is a lot closer to the US than previously thought. Or, DOOL writers are just plain STUPID.


5:35 PM  

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