Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A Grim Fairy Tale

Caroline sees Trent sitting in the pub as she serves Victor a slice of apple pie he didn't order. She thinks it will offset the bitter taste of the settlement. "And the bitter taste of that chowdah I just had," says Victor. He asks if something is wrong.

Max tells Stephanie Lucas was arrested, "He had a get out of jail free card and blew it. How crazy is that?" Stephanie reminds him this is Lucas they are talking about and suggests the question is redundant.

Bo and Hope grill Lucas. Lucas uncharacteristically clams up.

Phillip confronts Chloe. Morgan soaks it in.

Nicole rushes up to EJ outside the pub. He has suggested they meet there to sign the divorce papers because it's neutral territory. Nicole says, "I just want to end this depressing chapter in my life."

EJ asks, "Does that include our relationship?"

"No," says Nicole, "That's part of the morally bankrupt slam-hog chapter of my life."

Stephanie suggests Max tell Caroline to take the afternoon off. He looks over and sees she's with Victor. Stephanie goes to get an order. Max sees Trent, pulls out the picture and flashes back to trashing Trent's apartment. Imagine that... a flashback on DOOL.

Nicole says she doesn't have time to talk. EJ wants to know why she doesn't want a relationship with him. Nicole is terse, "It was a one time thing."

Max walks up to Trent, "I see you got my message." Max sits, "I've been thinking a lot about what I want. I'm tired of hating you. I'm ready to move into the uncontrollable rage and detestation stage."

Lucas thinks he will get thrown back in jail because it's his third offense. He won't tell them what he was doing at the Salem Inn. Bo says, "You never know. Maybe the judge will be more lenient this time."

Lucas says, "Not with my third offense he won't. It's mandatory... I have to go back to jail."

Bo lectures, "Since you seem to know the law so well why don't you follow it?"

Chloe says she doesn't owe Phillip any explanations. Sami overhears and butts in, "Chloe thinks she and Lucas are friends now." Chloe chuckles and leaves.

Bo comes out of his office. Sami runs over to him and demands to talk to Lucas. Bo says he can't let her do that.

Victor says he understands Caroline's concern for Max. She says she's just going to let the cards fall where they may. They agree neither of them are good at leaving things to chance. Victor plans to celebrate when the divorce papers are filed, "Citizen Kane is playing down at the retro theater. How would you like to go with me to see it?"

Nicole and EJ arrive. Nicole orders champagne so they can celebrate when the divorce is final. Caroline goes to get it. They decide to proceed without Victor's lawyer Gene. Nicole can't believe this is happening. She says it feels like just yesterday they met.

Victor flashes back to several scenes with Nicole. Nicole tells him, "Take me, Victor. Make love to me. If this never happens again we will always have Paris." Victor kisses her as she smirks. Then he has a flashback to Nicole telling him they should announce the fact they have a future together, then to the wedding, then to Nicole telling Victor she made some mistakes and wants to be a good girl as Victor chokes her. Imagine that... a flashback on DOOL.

Victor chuckles and says they've have had some interesting times. Caroline and Stephanie bring drinks. EJ pours. The excitement just keeps rolling in. Nicole toasts happy endings and good health. Victor looks across at her and everything goes blurry.

Sami begs to see Lucas. Bo stands his ground. Sami begs again and Bo caves like an imploding building. He tells her to grab a seat and wait. He tells Phillip he can talk to Lucas, too. Phillip asks about Paul's case. Bo says he can't tell him anything. Phillip walks off and Bo follows. He wonders why Phillip just didn't ask Morgan about the case, "And just when did you and Morgan become friends? That's an interesting situation."

"You're right," says Phillip, "We had to have something interesting on this show."

"I hope you didn't have anything to do with Paul's disappearance."

Stephanie and Caroline talk about what's going on at Victor's table. Stephanie wonders how Caroline feels about Victor getting divorced, "You and Victor should go out once in a while."

"Oh, we're just friends."

"You used to be more than a friend," says Stephanie, "Just out of curiosity, did you spend much time in elevators? "

Caroline thinks her life is just fine, "Can you imagine what my kids would say if I started to date?" She shifts gears to Max. She hopes Melanie is nothing like her father.

Trent doesn't know what to say. Max proposes they call a truce and go their separate ways.

Nicole asks if Victor is all right. He insists he is. EJ gets him a glass of water and encourages him to go to the hospital. "Lexie is on duty," says Victor, "I'm better off here."

Caroline watches Max and Trent. Stephanie says she really loves Max. Caroline says, "I think it's great the way you stood by him and played the role of a punching bag when he was so angry."

Max gives Trent the picture and says he won't ask again who she is. Trent says he has no intention of leaving Salem. Max just wants Trent to leave him alone. "That certainly won't be a problem," says Trent, "You'll never forgive me will you?"

"No," says Max, "But at least I don't hate you any more." Max walks off.

Stephanie intercepts him and he tells her he's fine. He says Trent didn't give him any info about Melanie. Stephanie vows to help him find her. "No you won't," says Max.

Trent watches the circus at Victor's table.

Hope works on Lucas, "I know you weren't thinking about your kids when you left the mansion and that's not like you."

"Thinking about the kids is why I left," says Lucas. Hope wants to know why he had to go to the Salem Inn. Lucas flashes back to Chloe's call, and then the festivities in the elevator. Imagine that... a flashback on DOOL.

Hope wants him to talk. She accuses him of protecting someone and wants to know who he met there.

Morgan and Chloe meet at the Salem Inn. Chloe says she has nothing to say to her. Morgan says she has plenty to say to Chloe.

EJ looks over the papers. Nicole excuses herself and goes over to Trent. She asks if he's spying on her. He says he sees she hasn't severed her relationship with EJ. "He's helping me with business," says Nicole, "Which is none of your business. I have nothing to hide, but you are hiding a lot, including an illegitimate son. Stay out of my life."

Max says he's changed his mind about finding Melanie. He says he wants to move past hating Trent. He doesn't want to be connected to him and Melanie connects them.

Bo thinks Paul's disappearance was pretty convenient for Phillip. Phillip insists he had nothing to do with it. If you did," says Bo, "I will arrest you."

Phillip demands, "I want to talk to Lucas."

Sami butts in, "Get in line. I was here first." They haul Lucas out. Sami falls apart and rushes up to him, "You can't go back to prison!"

"I don't have much choice," says Lucas.

Sami sobs, "Lucas, I'm sorry!" Hugs.

Stephanie doesn't buy Max' story. "Just because you share DNA doesn't make someone your family," says Max, "My family is the Bradys. I love you too." Hugs.

Caroline beats on Trent because he was talking to Max. Trent says he will try to keep his distance and leaves.

Sami bawls. Bo gives her a moment alone with Lucas. Lucas tells her not to cry. Sami says she feels like she's losing him all over again. He says she won't lose him. Sami pops the big question, "What made you leave the mansion?"

Phillip butts in, "Yeah Lucas, what made you risk everything?"

Chloe insists she didn't lie, "Your father's gonna burn, as soon as they dry him out."

"You're just jealous of my relationship with Phillip," says Morgan.

Nicole signs the divorce papers, "My fairly tale marriage has come to an end."

"It was a grim fairy tale," quips Victor. He says goodbye and walks off. EJ asks Nicole to lunch but she declines. "How about dinner," asks EJ. Nicole declines. "Another elevator ride?" Nicole declines.

Stephanie says, "I don't understand why you can't meet your sister, but I'll support you." Translation, "I'm there for you."

Hope tells Bo she thinks Lucas went to the Salem Inn to meet someone. He tells her Phillip has been trying to get info on Paul's case, "I wonder if John is right that Phillip was trying to set him up."

Phillip wants an answer. Lucas evades, "No comment."

"You're gonna have to do better than that," says Phillip.

Chloe tells Morgan to get over herself. Morgan thinks Chloe is jealous. She thinks Chloe is hooking up with Lucas to get back at Phillip. Chloe walks off.

Phillip presses. Sami breaks them up. Bo hauls Lucas off as Sami makes a scene.

EJ follows Nicole outside and says he doesn't understand. Nicole says, "I don't like to share and you're in love with Sami."

Stephanie tells Max she's headed for the hospital to see L'il Joe. Max decides to stay there. Stephanie says she forgot to get her keys and heads upstairs as Max flashes back to Patch telling him not to try to contact Melanie and to keep Stephanie out of it. Imagine that... a flashback on DOOL. Max whips out his trusty PDA and looks at a picture of Melanie. "Sorry Stephanie," says Max, "I have to do this on my own."

Caroline asks Victor if things went all right. "Yes they did," says Victor, "I’m free of that greedy, conniving, murdering witch forever. Do you still want to go to the movie? How about Tuesday?"

"Yes," says Caroline, "It's a..." She chokes on the dreaded word, "...DATE." Jaws music plays in the background.

Victor smiles. His smile fades. Things go blurry. Everything happens in slow motion. Victor slides off his stool. He hits the floor. The glass rolls out of his hand and breaks, "Rooosebuuud... "


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous hberg said...

The "Rosebud" comment was freakin hysterical. How do you constantly come up with fresh material and the many writers of DOOL can't? The amount of flashbacks in this episode tells me they just ain't got nothing. Sigh, I hope they don't intend to kill off Victor, even though we never see him. I am so totally sick of Sami at this point. Give us a break. Could she be anymore unlikable? It's almost like the writers want us to hate her. She is a basketcase. I want to slap her with a trout.

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"He had a get out of jail free card and blew it. How crazy is that?" Stephanie reminds him this is Lucas they are talking about and suggests the question is redundant.

…and how true is that?

"I just want to end this depressing chapter in my life."

EJ asks, "Does that include our relationship?"

Relationship?!!! Sex in an elevator is not a relationship. It is frat house bulletin board material. It could also be a frat house drinking game…hey, dude, where’s the weirdest place you did the big nasty?

EJ wants to know why she doesn't want a relationship with him. Nicole is terse, "It was a one time thing.

We would have to move to Chicago. There aren’t enough elevators in Salem.”

Lucas thinks he will get thrown back in jail because it's his third offense. He won't tell them what he was doing at the Salem Inn.

I’m thinking that Chloe won’t have any problem spilling the beans about their elevator tryst. Consider the symmetry…Sami looses both her men to elevator bimbos. Only DOOL writers could come up with this one and think it’s clever to boot. Geez!!!

Stephanie says, "I don't understand why you can't meet your sister, but I'll support you." Translation, "I'm there for you."

Thank you for supplying the translation Prevuze. To save time and energy, the DOOL writing staff must have a rubber stamp with that phrase and have developed carpal tunnel syndrome because it is used so often.

Thanks to Cfish for keeping us up to date on the misadventures of Shelle and to Bulldog and Prevuze for their funny photos and captions!! Of course, another shout out to Prevuze for another outstanding recap of the goofiest show on television…DOOL!!!!!!!

5:40 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Bo and Hope grill Lucas.

What’s to grill him about? He broke house arrest and he goes back to jail. No discussion. No seeing a judge. Just – ta ta.

Citizen Kane is playing down at the retro theater.

Oh yeah, I can totally see Victor going to the (probably) seedy, half-price, retro movie theater.

Imagine that... a flashback on DOOL.

These past few weeks you can really tell they have changed head writers. Remember the good ole’ DAYS, one head-writer ago, when we actually got to watch story (admittedly so-so story) and not constant flashbacks?

Caroline says, "I think it's great the way you stood by him and played the role of a punching bag when he was so angry."

I would extend that Prevuism with, "Of course, you perfected that role last summer with Jeremy."

Great report and pictures! Thanks, Prevuze!

6:13 AM  
Blogger Gordon Davidescu said...

"Just because you share DNA doesn't make someone your family," says Max, "My family is the Bradys. I love you too." Hugs. Of course, that would make Max her actual uncle, which would mean that... uhm... yeah.

Citizen Kane is playing down at the retro theater.
A photo is forthcoming. Too easy. :)

6:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope DOOL lets Victor get well so he and Caroline can finally get married and spend a few happy years together now. Since Dr. Daniel is such a fantastic surgeon, hopefully he will be able to fix his godfather back to normal after Victor collapses. I can just see Nicole now, saying, I should have waited because if Victor dies I would get more money then.

I can also foresee Trent getting murdered because we already have two suspects who would like to see him dead, Max and Nicole. Who knows how many more people he has angered in his past? And how will Melanie react when she finds out he has hidden a brother from her all these years? So suspect number three could be Melanie. With Max always trying to rescue females in distress that he cares about, he would probably confess just to save Melanie.

I agree that Sami's character has totally turned almost everyone off to her now. They were doing such a good job of repairing EJ and Sami and had the potential to make them one hot couple but now have blown that too.

I say fire all the writers at DOOL and hire Prevuze.

6:58 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"I say fire all the writers at DOOL and hire Prevuze."

I second that motion!!!

7:06 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I say fire all the writers at DOOL and hire Prevuze.

In the first episode I'd have Salem nuked. Bart would come back from the dead and team up with Max the dog. Together they'd dig out the only two survivors of the blast, New John and... Calliope. Yeah... Calliope. The four of them would work together to build a new town, New Salem, which of course is Melaswen backwards, and maybe, just maybe we could make that work.

7:42 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Flashbacks are the only action on the show.

I do hope Sami loses both EJ and Lucas she's been stringing them both along for the better part of two years. Make a choice,the blowhard or blinky.

Any more news about Ford Decker's dad and that old ruckus? Has someone found the water heater?

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Brendamouse - in a move probably due to a new head writer, they briefly mentioned Ford's father all of a sudden lost his rage for revenge and dropped the charges against Max. Hence the measley community service (must be that same judge Lucas mentions in the picture. ROFL)

Maybe Vic and Caroline can watch a double feature at the retro theater - Citizen Kane and Rocky Horror.

Loved the latest misadventures of Jr. and Belle. And my favorite Prevuism: "Lexie is on duty," says Victor, "I'm better off here." HAHAHAHA

Thanks for the great Prevuze!

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With Sami being so dramatic, I expected her last scene to include the words," I can't think about that now. I'll go crazy if I do. I'll think about that tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day."
How long will it take her to add two and two and realize Lucas and Chloe in the elevator. Lucas and Chloe in an elevator...K.I.S.S.I.N.G. First comes off shirts, then comes off can figure out the rest. Let's hope Sami can.
Ok. Now I'm curious. What illegitimate son does Nicole have?....Max?
I'm still waiting for the Separated at birth picture of Nick and John Heder (Napoleon Dynamite).

9:30 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"Ok. Now I'm curious. What illegitimate son does Nicole have?....Max?"

I'm confused -- I thought Nicole was speaking of an illegitimate son that TRENT had. Prevuze -- some clarificationing, please?

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sami finds out about Chloe and Lucas next week.

Marlena tries to persuade Rolf to fix the disk next week.

Also next week Ava tells Nicole that she is getting closer to John but Marlena is in the way.

And EJ wants to find someone to share his life with and is a good mother for Johnny.

Molly Burnett will be playing Max's sister starting July 31st.

Stefano is returning September.


10:27 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I'm confused -- I thought Nicole was speaking of an illegitimate son that TRENT had. Prevuze -- some clarificationing, please?

The line as I heard it was that it's Trent's illegitimate son.

10:43 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I just assumed that she was referring to Max as Trent's "illegitimate" son.

Nicole is way too young to be Max's mother. But now, with the new half-sister, maybe that could be a here-to-fore unknown kid of Nicole & Trent's. Of course, the girl will show up and be just about Nicole's age. HAHA

11:54 AM  
Anonymous Jill said...

Sami sobs, "Lucas, I'm sorry!" Hugs.


Fantastic prevuisms today, as always, and I certainly like your blog better than I like the show. Nonetheless I can't help but use your blog to rant:

There are far to many WTF moments to count these days. I don't even understand why I care anymore. I've been a diehard Sami fan for 4 years, and I'm at a breaking point. They really couldn't make her more weak and unlikeable and genuinely stupid than they have right now.

They're flip-flopping with characters so much right now it's ridiculous even for a soap opera, and even for days. John, Phillip and Stephanie are the only consistent characters right now, and of those only John is interesting.

I really don't understand why I watch anymore.

*EJ takes off his shirt* Oh, right.

12:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trent Robbins was never married to Max's biological Mother, so legally he is Trent's illegitimate son. That is one reason why Trent doesn't want his colleagues to find out about Max being his son. He doesn't want his image as the Dean of Physics to be tarnished. It will be interesting to see what happens to him in the near future. I suspect someone will bump him off too, then a who-done-it to find out who his killer is. Caroline could be added to the list of suspects after she told Trent he will have her to answer to if he hurts Max. I figure Trent has hurt a LOT of people during his lifetime. I don't think any of the people who will be suspects will be his killer though, probably more like some college girl he is having sex with that he scorns just getting even with him.

Anyone notice like I did several weeks ago, that Trent and Max favor? Are the two actors related in real life? Prevuze can you answer this question? Thank you.

4:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard Ford was coming back as one of Trent's kids. How are they going to work that resurrection?

I vote for Morgan as the actress that can keep her shoulders pinned to her earlobes the longest in any given scene. Are we sure she's not one of Victor's kids? In one episode, Roman tells her to go home and rest. Where is home? The soroity house is closed for the summer, right? She living in a shelter or something?

Fix Chloe's eyebrows, I'm tired of her looking surprised and confused for every emotion.

Interesting on how they're working Theo. When someone asks him a question, he just stares. Very good. There's a symptom on the autism spectrum where you can't ask a child a question. They don't know what to do with questions. Questions are heard to them just like statements.

Here's an idea. Sami can take Ally, leave Johnny with E.J., go to Switzerland to spend some time with the one man in her life that loves her no matter what...WILL, and let Salem tend to itself.

I want to see a shot of Max looking out the window of the Pub at Trent. The look on his face says this caption....The Brady Pub installs a new Green security device.
With that expression on his face, who would want to come near there?

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just went to and there is a picture on the DOOL page of EJ tied up to a bed in a hotel room. That's all I could view. If anyone can tell me what is going on, please post it on tomorrow's comments. It looks to me like Sami will knock him out and then tie him up. He had a red bruise on his forehead. He has on a bright red tie and a suit. It reminds me of the time he was tied to that bed before with a shotgun pointed at him when Bo and Patch rescued him. Thanks for any information you can give on this new picture.

12:09 PM  

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