Friday, June 27, 2008

Han Solo And The Death Star

Chelsea and Stephanie share a conversation that reminds us what it would have been like if instead of George and Gracie, it would have been Gracie and Gracie. Chelsea asks, "Are you OK?"

Stephanie says, "Not really."

Chelsea says, "Let me guess... Max, right?" If the twit were any smarter, she'd rival the most intelligent planarian.

Max works as Robbins knocks on the door of the empty pub. Max lets him in. Apparently he missed their scheduled meeting. Max knew that because Robbins wasn't there. Robbins says he is there to make amends.

Bo comes into Roman's office. Bo says he and Hope had a disagreement about Chelsea. He tells Roman about her date with Daniel. "Isn't he a bit old for Chelsea," asks Roman.

"He's a bit old for Kate," says Bo. Bo asks Roman's advice.

Roman says he would stay out of it, "At least the guy's not a DiMera." Roman tells Bo Paul is missing, "Morgan is upset. Chloe claims she saw him on the pier wearing eau de gasoline." Roman says Paul never boarded his plane to south America.

EJ walks in on John and Ava. John asks how long EJ is going to keep up the charade with Sami. His marriage is over but he hasn't informed her. EJ denies it, but John calls him on it. Sami walks in, "What? Is that true, EJ?"

Stephanie asks about Chelsea's date with Daniel. They run squealing to the couch and Chelsea tells about the incident where he got her hair caught in a Mixmaster. The brat chomps on chips. Stephanie cuts to the chase, "Are you eating because you didn't have dinner? Did you skip dinner and go straight to his place for dessert?" Chelsea says she's eating now because she was too nervous to eat. Stephanie bugs her about a second date, and advises her on what to do if Daniel waits too long to call. Then she tries it on for size, "Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Jonas..."

Chelsea asks about Max. "It's a train wreck," says Stephanie, "His biological dad is in town. I have a bad feeling about them getting together."

Max mops while Trent tries to patch things up. Max doesn't want any part of it. Robbins says he came back to Salem because he wanted Max with him. He describes stopping by the fishmarket and seeing Max with MAMB.* He says he realized he wouldn't be able to give Max happiness so he flew the coop. He can't figure out why Max gave up racing.

*(Middle Aged Man Brady)

Max gets defensive about his menial job. Trent asks him to keep the relationship secret.

EJ's in a pickle. Sami grills him. John says he got his information from Nicole. At first Sami thinks it must be a lie. Then she gets on board with it. John tells EJ he's curious to see how he handles this as he and Ava leave.

Sami turns into the Incredible Hulk, "How long were you going to drag this out?"

"As long as I could."

"So you'll do anything to keep Lucas and me apart."

"No," says EJ, "I'll do anything to keep my family together." Mt. St. Sami blows. EJ defends himself.

Roman thinks he and Bo have to go slow on this. Roman decides they have to go through Paul's apartment and luggage, "If he's missing, John will be a suspect for more than drug trafficking." Roman gets a call. He hangs up and proudly announces, "We've got a search warrant."

"What is a warrant and why would we want to search it," asks Bo.

Ava and John sneak into the Rolf's laboooooooratory. Ava soaks in the scene and stalks around like a Jedi Warrior, "The only thing missing is Han Solo. Maybe we could destroy the Death Star." John stops her from clowning around and stalks through the lab. He flashes back to his torture and decides to play the disc.

Stephanie has told Chelsea Max' dad is dean Robbins. Chelsea thinks Stephanie should give Max his space. Stephanie doesn't like that idea. She came over to see if Bo and Hope could help, "If anyone's good at meddling, it's Hope."

Max says it's too late, "People already know. If you have a problem with that, pack up and hit the road."

Sami reminds EJ of the charade to get immigration off his back. She wonders if the immigration thing was a scam. EJ tells her it was.

Ava stops John from sticking the disc into the player, "For God's sake John, you could do irreparable damage, especially if it's disco music."

Joe Friday and his sidekick return to the police station. Roman rages because they couldn't find anything in their search. Officer Casey comes in and delivers Paul's suitcase. As he leaves, Morgan barges in. She asks about leads and sees the suitcase.

John puts the disc in and sits in the chair. He flashes back to Stefano saying his brain is on the disc. John huffs and puffs, "I... remember..."

Sami continues her rampage. EJ confirms he orchestrated the visa thing. He says he bribed Burke and Burke played along. He went to all that trouble so they could be together. Sami snorts, "YOU BASTARD!"

Morgan goes off the deep end and demands to know where her father is. Roman tells her they are working on it and suggests she go home and get some sleep. Morgan heads out the door, turns and softens, "Please find my father." Bo and Roman watch her as she walks out of the station.

"Poor kid," says Bo.

Roman says, "I get the feeling her dad isn't the man she thinks he is."

Max and Robbins keep it up. Max just wants Robbins to pretend he was not the biggest mistake of his life, "If you do that, we're even. Max threatens to spread dirt to his colleagues, "One word from me and your rep as a great man is history."

Robbins pontificates, "I am respected."

"So am I," says Max, "I was just given a lifetime achievement award in the Loser's Hall Of Fame."

"OMB was respected," says Robbins, "Did you inherit it?"

Sami says she will never forgive EJ for this. EJ thinks Sami is living by a double standard. He says she needs to remember the people who have forgiven her. Sami says she has learned some tough lessons, "Like putting on a body girdle to dress like a man can really pinch your boobs. But the most important thing I learned from Lucas was to be open and honest with the person you love. That and how to spray people with a fire extinguisher. You are still the same evil manipulative jerk you have always been."

EJ says if the tables were turned she would have done the same thing. She tells him there is nothing he can say that will make her trust him again.

"Well," says EJ, "Now you know how Lucas feels. He walked in on us while we were making love. Imagine how he feels." Sami yanks off her wedding ring and slams it into his chest.

Morgan arrives at Bo and Hope's house. Stephanie leaves. The viewers wish they could do the same. Morgan tells Chelsea she just didn't want to be alone. Hugs.

Max tells Robbins, "At this point there is nothing more you could do to hurt me. I'm at the bottom barrel already." Max vows to take the high road because of OMB. He asks who the girl in the picture is.

John chuckles. He says he remembers being in the chair. Ava stops him from pressing the 'play' button. John insists he has to do this. Ava begs him not to. She encourages him to destroy the disc. John's eyes water.

EJ twirls the ring, "Don't do this. You can do a lot, but not this. I know there is part of you that wishes we were married."

Sami says, "You're dreaming."

EJ accuses her of lying to him and herself. "I can't admit it," says Sami."

"But you can't deny it either," says EJ, "I know you have feelings for me. Please, Just be honest with yourself. Just for a moment." Closer... closer...

Sami stops and says, "Oh, God, you know I do!" She freaks and runs out.

Max presses Robbins. Robbins refuses to tell who the girl is. He gives Max a parting shot, "Mop that floor and earn that minimum wage." He bumps into Stephanie on the way out, "Stephanie, what a shame. A pretty girl like you could do better." Robbins leaves. Max insists it's not over with him.

Bo finds an envelope in the suitcase, "It's addressed to Morgan. Maybe I should open it. It could be that warrant we're supposed to search."

Morgan decides to stay over. "What shall we do," asks Chelsea, "Watch Acne infomercials... Mad Libs... Checkers... Cards... Morgan just wants to go to bed. Chelsea tries to cheer her up, "If anyone can find him it's my father."

"That's what I'm afraid of."

Ava asks, "It's Marlena... is that why you want to see what's on the disc?"

"That may be part of it," says John.

Ava says she really likes the John standing in front of her, "If you're happy you need to leave the past where it belongs – in the past."

John asks, "And the future in the future? And the present in the present? And let bygones be bygones? But if I use the mind disc, isn't my past in my future? Or is my future in my past? And isn't the present the future of my past and the past of my future? And where does eternity fit into all this?"

Ava says, "That's the official definition of an hour watching DOOL. If you go back we're never going to get to know each other. I was looking forward to that."

"So was I," says John. He takes the disc out of the player and locks it in a drawer.

"No looking back," says Ava.

"Not tonight," says John. Liplock.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Chelsea says, "Let me guess... Max, right?" If the twit were any smarter, she'd rival the most intelligent planarian.

…a flatworm from the phylum Platyhelminthes. I once tried to talk my nephew into naming his band Platyhelminthes but he wisely declined.

He tells Roman about her date with Daniel. "Isn't he a bit old for Chelsea," asks Roman.

"He's a bit old for Kate," says Bo. He tells Roman about her date with Daniel. "Isn't he a bit old for Chelsea," asks Roman.
Cruel, Prevuze, oh so cruel but I love it!

Chelsea asks about Max. "It's a train wreck," says Stephanie.

…and you just came to this conclusion? Obviously Stephanie does not read Prevuze.

Mt. St. Sami blows.

Prevuze combines geology and biology in another hysterical recap!!! The photos and captions also got lots of giggles out of me. Now, if only Jawn’s disc can be locked away forever, maybe, and that’s a hugh maybe, Daze will get better. Old John was sooooooo boring.

5:10 AM  
Anonymous felis said...

Blue Tahitian Moon

5:12 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

MAMB - had to think about that for a while, even with the asteriked information. Hey! It's early. My brain isn't functioning yet.

LOL at Lexi worrying about the miracle drug, Midol. Think of what it could have done for John in his bag 'o pills day. HA

”What is a warrant and why would we want to search it," asks Bo. …Bo finds an envelope in the suitcase, "It's addressed to Morgan. Maybe I should open it. It could be that warrant we're supposed to search."

Absolutely priceless. They just hand this stuff to Prevuze on a platter don’t they?! LOLOL

"So am I," says Max, "I was just given a lifetime achievement award in the Loser's Hall Of Fame."

Got that one right!

I was especially impressed by the "past is the past" philosophical musing John did. Eternity certainly is the definition of watching DOOL.

It's wonderful that at least Prevuze's brain(s) work this early in the AM!

6:31 AM  
Blogger Sarolite said...

I'm normally pro-EJami, but now I'm seeing things differently. Sami's being... ummm... yeah.

So, here's my new plan: both of them dump Sami, and she goes crazy, potentially providing hours of entertainment. EJ + Nicole, Lucas + Chloe, leaving Phillip for Morgan.

What do you think?

7:02 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

I agree with Sarolite. EJ and Lucas should both have an "intervention" breakup with Sami and tell her to her face how she only goes for dudes who are unavailable.

I read that Sami will re do the DNA tests. I wonder if they will both be EJ's or Lucas'. I think it'd make sense for them to be EJ just for drama sake. But with rumors of DOOL ending in a year, I dunno.

Ok so who is Max's sister? And what happened to the rumor that Steve Johnson had another kid?

Marlena should have a romp fling with Roman.

Ok, there's my brain fart for the day...

PS - Chelsea and Dan - Puke... She's pathetic how she guy hops.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"Blue Tahitian Moon"? What does that mean?

EJ + Nicole, Lucas + Chloe, leaving Phillip for Morgan. I'd go for that, too. Then Sami would have to try to break up Austin and Carrie or Brandon and whoever he's with since she can't find anyone new.

Talk about the ultimate nag - that Marlena yesterday with the disk. How I wish Jawn would've grabbed it and tossed it into the fireplace with a roaring fire. HA

I had to think about MAMB at first, too. Then it was my favorite Prevuism of the day. Also loved the brat stealing the jello. HAHAHA

Thanks! TGIP!

7:32 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Psh, Han Solo is no Jedi. And the Rebel Alliance via Luke Skywalker destroyed the Death Star (albeit with help) (/Nerdiness)

No one ever respects anyones wishes in this show. What's the point of privacy...

Also I read that John tells Marlena her husband is dead or something like it. Did he not tell her this half a dozen times before???

He who declares the 'past is the past' is always the first to dwell on it.

7:40 AM  
Anonymous tess said...

Oh Sami darling when are you going to wake up "But the most important thing I learned from Lucas was to be open and honest with the person you love." really why then did lucas lie about shooting Ej, why is lucas lying about getting his ankle monitor off?"
Lucas does everything to tear his family to bits, while EJ, albeit going about it the wrong way, does everything to keep his family together.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Yup Sarolite, I said that would be a good idea a couple of days ago. Apparently the writers haven't listened yet.;)

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze II?

9:16 AM  
Blogger Deb said...


In the new Soap Opera Digest, they confirm that EJ/Nicole and Chloe/Lucas are about to have sex.

Head writer Dena Higley says that she was looking for an "umbrella story" that involves all of Salem, and that's how she came up with the idea of a blackout. She says that a blackout is great, because it allows for everyone to get "sweaty in the dark."

Apparently Chloe/Lucas and EJ/Nicole all get stuck in elevators (albeit separate ones) when the blackout occurs, and as a result they decide to pass the time by having sex. Bryan Dattillo says that the sex scenes with Nadia Bjorlin were the most physical he's ever done on the show -- it involved alot of spinning, etc.

Oh JOY. Things are going to get complicated. Just when we were used to them being boring.

9:27 AM  
Blogger ~*Robin said...

I read some spoilers that EJ and Nicole are going to romp in an elevator as well as Lucas and Chloe when there is a power outage, so yes Sami will be all alone. Who will her next victim be?

I don't think Marlena should have another fling with Roman..she's messed with his head too many times. Why don't Ava and Roman hook up?

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you about Sami/Lucas/Chloe/Nicole/EJ! In fact, my blog today was about the very same thing!!

Come check it out...

9:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew that Higley was a Lumi supporter, but, unlike the former head writer, she has been more subtle in poisoning the gfans against EJami.

It is the usual uninspired storyline with Sami getting all the blame and being alone, while Lucas continues to feel morally superior and has her groveling and begging him to forgive her.

Adultery will reign supreme(again) and my Gal Sami will be stuck with the same old storylines of her chasing after a man, and ending up publically humliated and scorned.

EJ will turn into another Victor or Stefano who uses women like toilet paper, while Nicole will end up a new drunken troophy wife!

In other words, the same old recycled and unimaginative crap we have had to endure since Sami was a teenager.

They had a chance to crate an excitingly romantic psit of lovers from feuding families that would shake up all the inhabitants of Salem in some way, and allow new reactions to old problems, but Higley is manipulating us back to the same formuliac pap that passes for writing!

Shame on us if we allow her to do it! X-E-R-S-A!!!

10:56 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

You guys are all crazy. But that's why I love coming to this blog! Thanks for the laughs, Prevuze, and the rest of you!

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it involved alot of spinning, etc.

Deb, what does that mean? Like the elevator is spinning, he was spinning Chloe, or he had to do a lot of spinning classes to get in shape for it?? Sorry for being dense!

12:23 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Deb, what does that mean? Like the elevator is spinning

Maybe it's escalator spinning: Click Here.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that is sooo funny!!!

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Until she gets her hair caught in the thing. Ouch! :p

7:51 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Until she gets her hair caught in the thing. Ouch! :p

AHA! Maybe it wasn't a mixmaster. Maybe THAT'S how Chelseas mop got to looking that way.

2:26 AM  
Anonymous Lori said...

Okay, I've been waiting for all the Paul puns, like "paul-y-gon", etc., but I'm not swift enough to make a picture. It might be fun to do a thread of just those ... or maybe not!
First time poster -- and I LOVE Prevuze. I read first thing in the morning and then decide how much of Daze to watch. What a great service you provide to all! (and to the battery makers (for all the zapping I do))

7:13 PM  

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