Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sometimes Sex Is Just Sex

BEEP-BEEP-BEEP. Kayla's machines sound in the background as she holds SpongeBob and talks to him. We pan to the clock on her bedside table, and then pan back. Kayla sleeps. No SpongeBob. Kayla wakes up, "Where's my baby?" Kayla panics and rings for the nurse. Patch comes up. Kayla whines, "Where's our baby? I can hear him crying. We need to get our baby."

Patch puts a hand on her shoulder, "I'm sorry. Our baby's gone."

Kayla wakes. More panic. Patch tells her SpongeBob is in the ICU. Kayla wants to go check on him. Patch stops her, "I understand."

Sami... EJ... Body parts... Afterglow... Colleen-Santo music. "I can't believe we just did that," says Sami, "But Nicole upset me."

"What," says EJ, "Were you just marking your territory?"

We pan back from Lucas' ankle bracelet. "At least I get to be with my daughter and the woman I love," he says as he knocks on the door.

"I take it you guys are still involved," asks the cop with the inquiring mind.

"I don't want to be the topic of station gossip," says Lucas.

"Too late," says the cop.

"I still don't understand why she's at her father-in-law's house," says Lucas, "I just hope we can keep that snake EJ away from her."

"Too late," says the cop.

Sami says what they just did doesn't have to have a deep meaning, "Sometimes sex is just sex."

"The way you made love to me," says EJ, "I know it meant something to you." Sami hears the doorbell.

Lucas snorts, "Didn't someone tell Sami I was coming?" Rolf answers. Lucas asks, "Shouldn't you be in jail?"

"Mr. Black didn't prezz charches," says Rolf. Lucas tells Rolf he lives there now. Rolf looks confused.

Kayla is frustrated that she can't see her baby boy. "I'm right here," says Patch. He assures her the Spongster will pull through. He says a tiny officious woman came in and asked about a name. Patch suggests they get busy. He also suggests they name the kid.

Roman assures Anna that Tony loves her. Anna complains about Tony being too busy. Tony and Kate come in. They've been at the commercial shoot. Roman thinks the commercial may never see the light of day because of Kate's relationship with Martino. Kate insists she never had a relationship with him. Roman wants to speak to Kate in private. Anna and Tony leave. Roman asks how she got mixed up with a scum like Martino.

Lucas wonders how Stefano would feel if he saw him enjoying his lavish estate.

EJ and Sami talk about the twins.

Lucas decides to go up and surprise Sami. Rolf tells him where her room is and Lucas bounds up the stairs.

EJ says, "I think we should just fall asleep in each other's arms. I think I proved I'm worth keeping around."

"Really," asks Sami, "I don't remember. EJ dives in to refresh her memory.

Abe and Lexie sit and talk to the marriage counselor. Dr. Carrington asks Abe how he's coping with her job as Chief of Staph. Abe says he supports her 100%. Lexie jumps down his throat, "Except when you criticize me for working long hours." Abe tells her she's a micromanager. Abe also thinks she hovers over Theo. Lexie feels like something isn't right. Who could have guessed.

Bo and Hope sit at a desk. Bo has to sign his account of what happened at the pub. Bo's shook up about it, "Killing a guy sticks with you. Even a dirt bag like him."

"You didn't have a choice," says Hope.

Roman asks if Martino was a "client." Kate says he was, but he was a gentleman and she felt comfortable with him. She tells Roman they had dinner – just dinner – when he came back, "But if you had wanted me to do something to get information from him, I could have gotten it."

"I wouldn't have put you at risk like that," says Roman, "I think way too much of you."

Patch says, "Maybe we should think about a baby shower."

"He's too young," says Kayla, "We'll have to give him baths for a while." Kayla takes a notepad and writes a name. She hands it to him. Patch stares.

Lucas wanders down the hall, knocks on Sami's door and walks on in.


Quickly, EJ checks the "Emergency Procedures" section of the Guy Manual...


Lucas checks the same section...


The race is on.

Hope hands Bo the papers, "I'm just glad this thing is finally over with."

Bo says, "I'm not so sure about that."

Bo scowls as he looks at the papers and signs. Hope leaves to powder her nose. Bo makes a call, "Yeah... I wanna do something special for Hope I need a favor."

Anna stares at Kate. Tony says they all have things in their past they are not proud of, "Kate is self sufficient."

Anna says, "She has hooked up with the wrong people." Tony says he considers her a friend. "I rest my case," says Anna. She admits to being jealous. Tony says that's ridiculous. Anna rants that Tony is successful without her and she can't compete. Tony doesn't want Anna to feel she is walking in his shadow. He wants to do something about it. Anna gets the wrong idea and thinks he's breaking up.

Instead, Tony pulls out a ring, "We're not the same people we were when we were young. It's not the 80's any more. We're mature now, and I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together. Anna Fredricks Brady DiMera DiMera, will you marry me?" He flashes the ring. Outside, the streetlights dim.

Sami chases Lucas as he runs out into the hall, "STOP!"

"Why," he asks, "So I can watch you in bed? I'm sorry I put a little crimp in your party."

"I thought you were never coming back," she screams.

Even Lucas could have figured that one out, "You're right. I'm taking my daughter and leaving."

Patch loves the name, "There is a certain grandma who will flip out, But I'm not sure Caroline is the right name for him." Kayla agrees. They settle on Joseph. "Caroline can be his middle name," says Patch.

Dr. Carrington questions Abe and Lexie about Theo's meltdowns. He thinks Theo is suffering from a disconnect from the two of them. Theo doesn't get a lot of face time with them. He advises using Theo's situation to help with theirs. Abe says he knows a good way to start.

Lucas tells the cop he's leaving. He wants him to deactivate the monitor. The cop tells him he can't do that. Sami bounds down the stairs, "Lucas, we have to talk!" Lucas goes berserk as Sami begs him to explain what is going on. Lucas is beyond rational thought, so the cop steps in and tells Sami about his house arrest.

Anna can't believe Tony is asking her to marry him. He shows her the ring again. Anna asks, "Why now?" Tony says it's always been in the back of his mind. He thinks he should have proposed on the cruise. He apologizes for being insensitive. She apologies for being a pain. Tony proposes again, and puts the ring on her finger. Anna says, "There is nothing I would like more." Applause fills the pub. Kate and Roman come over and offer hugs. Roman suggests a toast, but Tony wants to go have a private celebration. They leave.

"What the hell was that," asks Kate.

"I'm not sure," says Roman, "But I think it was wonderful and romantic. I give them six months... Three if Anna tries to cook." Kate wants to stop talking about Martino. Roman suggests another drink to honor Tony and Anna. Kate accepts.

Patch beams, "Joe Johnson. Joe Caroline Johnson." He thinks it looks good. He suggests sneaking down and looking in on Joe Caroline. Kayla thinks that's a great idea. Nurse Linda stands in the doorway. With nurse Linda there, the New York Giants defensive line couldn't get through the door, "You're not going down there. You'll have to go through me first." Kayla protests. Nurse Linda announces that the staff is running tests on Joe Caroline and they can't go see him.

Lucas insists he isn't staying. The cop thinks Lucas should get a grip on his situation. Sami decides she wants a word with Lucas. Everyone leaves. Outside in the hall, EJ listens and pouts. Sami says she didn't know Lucas was coming home. Lucas lectures, "You slept with the man who ruined our lives."

"I thought you wanted me to sleep with you," says Sami. EJ listens as Sami shouts, "EJ means nothing to me next to you."

Lucas thinks that doesn't make any sense. Sami reminds him of the email he sent telling her to move on. Lucas says he didn't know he was going to be released. Sami wants to get past this. Lucas wants his daughter, "Go get her. Now!" Sami runs upstairs.

Nurse Linda leaves. Air rushes back into the room. Patch apologizes for getting Kayla's hopes up. Kayla blubbers, "I just want my baby."

"Stephanie's busy," says Patch. He lies beside her as Kayla spirals into the depths of depression.

Abe apologizes to Lexie for not being sensitive to her needs. He asks her to consider his job as well. Lexie wants wiggle room. As they go at each other's throats Dr. Carrington says he thinks this is good since they are talking to each other without using deadly weapons. He gives them homework. He wants an outing with Theo and then they have to write out what the day was like. They agree. Carrington leaves. "Well, what do you think," asks Abe.

"I don't do much thinking," says Lexie, "But this is a start."

Bo closes the pub. He walks over to Hope and Ciara. HOLY COW! This isn't your normal SORASing. She's old enough to date Dr. Dan! Bo and Hope toast each other. Bo and Ciara dance as Hope takes pictures. They'd better be moving pictures as fast as Ciara's aging. This all culminates in a family hug.

Sami brings Allie to see Lucas. Lucas tells her how much he missed her. EJ stares at the empty bed and broods. Lucas says Allie can go to bed and they will see each other tomorrow. In other words, he got her out of bed just to send her back to bed. Rolf takes her upstairs.

Lucas tells Sami they are finished. Sami says she won't let him walk out of her life again.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Mt. Vesuvius said...

L stands for Lucas. Brilliant.

Ahh, Lucas it's just time to cut your loses and move on.

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kayla has now delicered a baby boy who is not breathing on his own at this time. Keep the story as real as possible with all so very upset and so many doubts that this child can become viable. This will call for evey ounce of love and strength fom Steve, Kayla, Sephanie and Max as well asaas Caroline Brady. People in Salam want this child to survive and do well. I believe in miracles, hopefully there wlil be one delivered for baby Steven. He has my prayers . Susan Q Goodbody

4:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Anon....
Ummmm.....it's not a real baby

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Lexie feels like something isn't right. Who could have guessed.

…and who really cares? Just asking.

Lucas wanders down the hall, knocks on Sami's door and walks on in.


Quickly, EJ checks the "Emergency Procedures" section of the Guy Manual...


Lucas checks the same section...


The race is on.

I guess this means there will not be an after-nookie cuddling session.

"Kate is self sufficient." Anna says, "She has hooked up with the wrong people."

I think the operative word here is “hooked”, as in hooker.

Lucas is beyond rational thought.

…so what else is new? This is a guy who proves he really earned the “L” tattooed on his forehead by threatening to take his daughter from Sami. Way to go, Lucas…that will surely win Sami’s affections! Apparently, he didn’t read the Gal Manual while in the slammer nor did he pay attention in his anger management classes. He was probably shooting spitballs at the other inmates.

Prevuze, thank you for another wonderful recap of Daze. I keep waiting for a viable explanation for the reason for Lucas being at the DiMera mansion. If DOOL cannot come up with one, maybe Prevuze can make one up one. Certainly, it will be the only explanation we get.

5:35 AM  
Anonymous Dazeisdum said...

I thought the writers were going to redeem Lucas. Here he is having another one of his irrational tantrums. Honestly, let the man behave like a man instead of a toddler.

5:43 AM  
Anonymous rabbit ears said...

leslie, i think ejami have already cuddled and afterglowed they're getting ready for round 2.

6:11 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Wonderful again, Prevuze!!

Loved the 'L' for Lucas pic, and the pic about SpongeBob's escape.

And Leslie, loved your comment about Lucas' anger management woes -- "nor did he pay attention in his anger management classes. He was probably shooting spitballs at the other inmates."


6:41 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

I love EJ and Sami together. Couldn't they have left them together for at least a week??? At this point I think both the guys should forget Sami. I think Lucas is a dweeb but even he doesn't deserve Sami. As for EJ he could have anyone in Salem why he wants Sami now is beyond me. Now we get to see Lumi together again - lots of whining there and I guess EJ and Nicole. Then Sami's jealousy as she goes back to EJ and on and on it goes. Someone stop the ride before I am sick.
At least they finally got to finish before the child aka Lucas interrupted them.

7:09 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Every single one of those pictures today were FABULOUS!!! Thanks for the laughs!

7:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just when things were getting GOOD...they bring Lucas back! UGH! From what I've saw of him yesterday and what I just read in Prevuze I'm not seeing a change in his character yet, seems like same ol' same ol' to me. Guess we'll have to be patient and see what happens. Not sure I'm going to like watching this epi...poor EJ gets kicked to the curb! Sami will go back to Lucas but will secretly be pining away for EJ. I have faith that Sami will come to her senses & choose EJ. I just hope this triangle doesn't drag out forever!

7:56 AM  
Blogger L2 said...


Keeping it real also means addressing the fact that a wife walked in on her husband in bed with another woman. But hey, we can all dream, right?

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Lucas apparently didn't catch the fact that he's under house arrest. He's "going to leave and take Allie with him"? Where, to the other end of the mansion??

I'm still laughing over Ciara being old enough to date Dr. Dan. Had I been sipping my coffee at the time my workplace would've had to order me yet another keyboard. HAHAHAHAHA

Loved the pictures today, especially Maggie getting dumped with the twins. Thanks, Prevuze! :D

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole thing with Kayla and spongbob (by the way, who coined that name?) is so unrealistic! (even by DOOLs standards) any mother of a premie knows that the hospital does NOT keep the mother or father away from the baby! Especially when it could die any minute! Dumb-butts.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze II? Pretty please?

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everybody making comments about Lucas needing to grow up and not throw a tantrum needs to remember that he just walked in on his "wife" having sex with her rapist who also happened to ruin their marriage. If I were in Lucas's shoes, Sami and EJ would both be counting themselves lucky to still have their heads attached to their bodies and all Lucas wants to do is take his daughter and leave? Seems like that's a pretty grown up reaction over what I would do to EJami!!!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any mother of a premie knows that the hospital does NOT keep the mother or father away from the baby!



9:34 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

I need two things:

A barf bag


Prevuse II

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is Prevuze II???? I think I may have a panic Attack if it is not up soon :)

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rolf answers. Lucas asks, "Shouldn't you be in jail?"

Uh..right back at ya buddy!

Hey Prevuze, can we get a pic of Ciara?? I want to see this SOERASing! As in soap opera EXTRA rapid aging syndrome.


11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victoria, I agree! I would also like to see the writers put EJ with someone other than Sami 1) she can be very spastic in loves scenes and 2) we would never have to hear that wretched Santeen music again!!!!

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I apologize to the Payla fans out there, but about a dozen times I've wanted Steve to say to Kayla "I wish you'd been as concerned about this baby when you were pregnant as you are now." With all of her ignoring doctor's orders and insisting she was fine, etc., I have very little sympathy for her whining now.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I had a stress test this AM and couldn't get to Prevuze until just now. Had half a notion to tell the tech I didn't need to get on the treadmill, they could just guage my stress level as a result of being Prevuze-deprived. LOLOL

And what a great Prevuze today. Hilarious 'peanut'-related pictures and I would have spit my drink at the "L" for Lucas caption if I'd been crazy enough to have liquid in my mouth while reading.

"At least I get to be with my daughter and the woman I love,"

Yeah, and how about the woman you love’s son?? It really rubs me the wrong way when Lucas says things like that.

Abe and Lexie sit and talk to the marriage counselor.

Pardon me, but are we in a Salem time warp? Have they switched to the next day? Were EJami together all night? Did Labe just drop by the marriage couseler at 4:00 a.m. or something? I can't believe all this stuff going on in the middle of the night! Two or three episodes ago Sami came downstairs to see EJ and asked him, "You couldn't sleep either?" Since then all sorts of stuff have been going on all over Salem. Either everyone works, the prison has 24/7 visiting hours, and all the mom & pop pubs are open until 2-3 a.m. or Sami tried to go to bed about 3:00 p.m.

Dr. Carrington questions Abe and Lexie about Theo's meltdowns. He thinks Theo is suffering from a disconnect from the two of them. Theo doesn't get a lot of face time with them.

Hmmm, let me see. First Abe was supposedly dead, then he came back. Then Lexi was supposedly dead and Abe/Celeste were the caretakers; then Lexi came back but didn’t let them know she was alive; then when she did she didn’t live with them; then Abe went blind and pushed everyone away. Now they are together as a loving family and what has Theo suffering a “disconnect” is that his parents don’t get a lot of face time with him NOW?

I can tell Labe why Theo is suddenly not talking. They took him to some sadist who scalped him!! When Prevuze mentioned a "Mohawk" haircut yesterday I was envisioning short side hair with a little crest. I mean, the kid is only about 4 or 5 years old. How drastic could it be?

Well, I saw most of the show at lunch and the poor child's head is SHAVED with a stupid Mohawk strip down the middle. Classmates have probably teased him into complete withdrawal.

Patch beams, "Joe Johnson. Joe Caroline Johnson." JC for short. LOLOL

Enough rants. Loved today's post!

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh, the whining and the crying and the repeating lines over and over again......welcome back Lucas.

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you, Scolly.

Even the actress acknowledged the stupidity. In last week's SOD she joked about her alter ego's resistance to the doctor-ordered bed rest: "Kayla is such a goofball: couldn't she have just gone to bed?" HAHAHA



1:02 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Loved the pictures/captions -- Extras are needed in the days to come to help compensate for scrunched up face shouting scenes. Pretty, Pretty Please!

I love this site!! :)

1:07 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I so did not miss Lucas. Why did he have to come back? At least EJami finally had sex, but it was ruined with Lucas returning. And why is Lucas under house arrest at John's house? He's not related to anyone there but Allie. More sense would be for him to stay with Maggie and Mickey. Who wants to live in a house with their shooter?

I just want more EJami. Too bad Lucas didn't get shanked in prison.

I won't even mention that someone serving 10 years wouldn't get out after 4 months (2 months Salem time) even if the prisons are overcrowded. I'm sure there are some guys doing 1 year + 1 day who are screaming, "What about me?!"

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

“If I were in Lucas's shoes, Sami and EJ would both be counting themselves lucky to still have their heads attached to their bodies and all Lucas wants to do is take his daughter and leave? Seems like that's a pretty grown up reaction over what I would do to EJami!!!”

…and you take pride in that comparison? I suggest that some anger management courses are in order but leave the spitballs at home. Better yet, I prescribe a dose of reality. As reinforcement, get thee to the nearest blackboard and write 25 times…It’s only a soap opera, and my life is not coming to an end.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

I know interjecting reality into DOOL is like trying to explain how Santa does it all in one night, STILL....

First off, THIS is the REAL Statesville Prison in Joliet IL:

It's not a nice clean modern prison. It's a hole. It houses the worst of the worst in IL. Richard Speck spent most of his sentence there.
Statesville Image 1

There is a minimum security section, but it's a work farm. Again, not a nice clean place.
Statesville Image 2

The large front entrance was once called Joliet prison, and is now closed. It has been used in several movies and TV shows. Some of the most famous being the old Batman series where it was Gotham Prison, and The Blues Brothers, where parts of the movie were actually filmed INSIDE the prison with real inmates as extras.

In the last few years the show Prison Break was filmed there.
Statesville Image 3

The real Statesville is only slightly overcrowded. Also Il has what's called the "truth in sentencing" act. It means if someone is sentenced to 10 years he must serve at LEAST 50% of his sentence before he can even be considered for parole. As a violent offender Lucas would not be eligible for any kind of release, even "conditional" house arrest for at lest 5 years.

Also there is no way Maggie would have made it past the visitors screening with the donuts, or dressed like she was.
Info On Statesville

Okay now that I've educated everyone, not that it does any good, LOL...

What is up with Sami running after Lucas going on about how much she LOVES him blah blah blah.

And yeah, where did Lucas think he and Ali were going to "leave" to?

And for that matter what was up with Rolf just letting Lucas in, in the first place. Some butler he is.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:52 PM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

Geez....they couldn't give EJami even a little after glow. And why should Lucas be upset...he's the one who just moments ago wouldn't speak to Sami and told her to move on with her life.

Oh....and let Payla see Joe-Bob Caroline Peanut Pants. Even if he was on a respirator, the parents would be allowed to see their child. Sheesh....

2:19 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...


Sorry about the late posting of Prevuze II today. Life happens. I got caught without a computer.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Junk in the trunk said...

PUH-LEEZE Lucas, try and take Ali.

Statesville is waiting.

Laughing at him getting upset he doesn't know that Sami moved even though he wouldn't allow her to contact him.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And why does he think he has the right to take that baby ANYWHERE? She's not his personal property!

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that Lucas didn't win any friends among the staff at the prison!

For a man in uniform to refuse to have homemade donuts as a gift says volumes about what the guards thought of Lucas while he was imprisoned.

No doubt he was an even bigger pain the back in there than at home--if that is possible.

I've always loved the character of Sami, but I'm ready to declare her legally brain dead after having such steamy hot and romantic lovmaking with EJ and then rejecting him in favor of a posturing adolescent jerk like Lucas!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

Yah know....I've been going around all afternoon thinking about Joe-Bob Peanut Pants. It does have a nice ring to it and it honors all of the various incarnations of Payla namings.....

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

EJami is better than Lumi!!!

If she goes back to Lucas, Sami is officially, brain-dead.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again I have to tell my rape support group that DOOL is a TV show. Not reality. They wanted to kill EJ and thought Lucas should really kill him this time.

Lucas, I have 19 women ready to testify you were not there when EJ got his cajones cut off.

6:20 PM  
Blogger Rachel said...

Sorry if I repeat anybody's comments, but I didn't have time to read them all.

EJ knew that Lucas was getting out, so he goated Sami into getting it on. He planned for Lucas to see that.I mean a woman needs sex sometimes. We all have needs. I'm just mad that they have made EJ good when he raped her, locked Lucas up in a freezer to kill him, etc., etc., etc. And I guess they can't get their marriage anulled now since they had sex. I can barely watch this drool anymore. For the record, I like Lucas better than EJ. EJ is way to sly and cocky. But Lucas should just leave after seeing those two in bed together.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Lucas was released on house arrest to the DiMera Mansion. He's not married to Sami anymore so he has no legal bounds. And Sami could certainly bring Allie to see him. As someone else said, he should have been released to Mickey and Maggie.

Let Kayla and Patch see their baby. Any person knows that's the best medicine.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lucas grow up!!!!! What did you expect Sami to do? You refused to see or talk to her everytime she tried to visit or call you in prison, you sent her an email (or so it is perceived at this time) stating you wanted her to move on. A girl can only take so much. Whine, whine, whine. If you hadn't been so self-absorbed and tried to kill EJ you wouldn't be in this perdicament. Lucas, I hate to say, but you made your bed, now you have to lie in it.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

I have to say, most of the Lucas-bashing is pretty amazing. I hated Lucas when he threw tantrums because Sami had breakfast with EJ.

Lucas caught his supposedly loving wife, in bed, having sex, with her rapist, who is also the man who intentionally tried to ruin their marriage.

I always lol when anyone's SO tells them 'calm down, it was just sex' or my favorite 'I have needs'. I would die laughing if someone told their SO 'stop throwing a tantrum' after being caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

The fact that EJ's attractiveness somehow makes him immune to the moral backlash that any other person would receive is sad.

Yes I know it's just a show.

But overall it's hilarious to me that EJ can 'rape and pillage' because he's handsome and Lucas can't even throw a rightfully earned hissy fit.

1:00 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I too would like to see Lucas take Allie and leave. Then he'll have violated his parole and have to serve his full 10 years. Then EJami can have the peace and sex they deserve.

Interesting that EJ knew Lucas was coming home. That's certainly a possibility. We didn't hear the other side of the phone conversation. Of course, at that time it wasn't a done deal.

I used to work at a jail and I know it's TV, but I do wish they'd put a little realism in the jail/prison scenes. Visitors can't bring in photographs let alone food. This isn't Andy Griffith. Maggie just traisping in there with her basket of goodies was so ridiculous. And no CO would take food from an inmate. You don't know where those hands have been. It would have been better for Mags to have brought Lucas soap on a rope, but since he's out, it doesn't matter.

And John agreed to Lucas living with him? He's already complained enough about the lodgers he's already got. I hardly think he'd be pleased to have another freeloader in the house. At least EJ has a job. Maybe Lucas can get a job as a telemarketer. Sometimes if you're on house arrest you're allowed to leave for work and doctor appointments, but I guess not in Salem. And why didn't John tell Sami?

8:26 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I was bored with the Abe/Lexie scenes and hardly paid attention. And that orange shirt Abe was wearing reminded me of orange jumpsuits some inmates wear.

8:27 AM  

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