Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Tramp Is Back

Stephanie brings Max a hot chocolate down at the docks. "But I ordered a Happy meal," says Max.

"Well," says Stephanie, "I guess your Happy Meal is missing a few pieces."
They argue over whether he should share.

Stephanie thinks he must be exhausted. "Yeah," says Max, "The sooner I can finish these community service hours, the sooner I can get back to hauling dead bodies." She thinks sooner or later he will have to deal with other things, too.

Ava encourages Patch to kiss Hope/Kayla, "Go ahead, lay one on her." Patch says he doesn't like an audience. Ava reminds him of a few times when he did. Ava thought it was fun, "I'll bet Kayla isn't half as much fun."

Patch says, "We've had some good times."

Ava says, "Show me. Give her a kiss."

Nicole sends Pookie to go play. Victor's dog Bowser is out in the hall waiting for his dinner. As Pookie walks out, Bowser says, "Oh boy, Hors d'œuvres!"

"Nicole was just leaving," says Victor. Nicole wonders where his manners are. She turns to Henderson, "Please feed Pookie, too."

"Too late," says Henderson, "I already fed Bowser."

Nicole looks across the table at Chloe, "Where is Brady?"

Before Chloe can answer Kate asks, "What are you doing here?"

Nicole says, "I'm back. I couldn't stay away. This place is a lot nicer than the cardboard box I was living in. You know Salem has always been my home."

Chelsea and Doctor Miracle excuse themselves. Victor threatens to throw Nicole out. She asks if he would do that to his wife. Victor still thinks she killed Colin. He says she's playing with fire by being there. Nicole takes a good look at Daniel, "Well, I've always liked hot things." She introduces herself to him and then turns and gives Victor the raspberries.

Chelsea takes Daniel aside and explains the situation. Daniel finds the human endocrinology system less complex.

Kate and Victor discuss why Nicole might be there. Victor again tells Nicole to get out. He reminds her she tried to kill him. "And I'm so glad I didn't," says Nicole, "If you had died, who would take me in?" She begs him for a place to stay, "Nothing like the cozy Casa Kiriakis."

Max remembers stooping at OMB's grave and telling him he'll never go back to school. OMB doesn't remember. He and Stephanie banter around about the lap of luxury at the Kiriakis mansion. Stephanie would rather be there with Max.

Ava waits. Patch gets close to Hope/Kayla and whispers into her ear, "Follow my lead."

"No way," says Hope/Kayla, "You dance like a drunken rhinoceros." Patch moves in and they maul each other without really touching.

"Enough! Enough," says Ava. All in all, the kiss wasn't passionate enough for Ava.

"Hostage situations don't do it for me," says Hope/Kayla. Patch asks what happens next. Ava dunno.

"You got me," says Patch, "I'm yours. Now you can let her go."

There is no place Stephanie would rather be.

Ava isn't going to let Hope/Kayla go, "She won't forget you. She has your little bun in the oven."

"No," says Patch, "She has my peanut in the roaster."

Hope/Kayla asks, "What if I said I would let him go?"

"I wouldn't believe you," says Ava, "You'd go to the cops."

"In Salem, that would assure you'd never be found," says Hope/Kayla, "I don't even know where I am."

Patch says Hope/Kayla makes sense, "Come on, babe, let her go."

Ava melts, "Babe?"

Nicole says she's not there for money. Victor asks her to step outside to discuss things in private. They leave.

"Wow! I can't believe the tramp is back," says Sister Kate.

Daniel thinks Nicole is pretty hot. Kate drops a big warning about her.

"She's that bad, is she," asks Daniel.

"No," says Kate, "She's worse."

Chloe thinks this is a nightmare, "I can't forgive Nicole for trying to keep me from Brady. If she would have succeeded, I'd never have had the opportunity to kill him." Phillip thinks Victor may not have much choice about letting her move in.

"She's a real firecracker," says Daniel, "Must run in the family."

"Wasn't she also married to Uncle Lucas," asks Chelsea. Kate insists she did that because she cares for her children.

"So let me get this straight," says Daniel, "Nicole is a tramp, and she's worse than I could ever imagine, but you had her marry your son because you care so much for him. You must spend a lot of time polishing your 'Mother of the Year' trophy."

Kate offers to take Chelsea back to her room. Daniel agrees. He thinks she should go rest. Chelsea expects a report from everyone about Nicole.

Max says, "I'm just not sure about our direction. Knowing up from down has always been a problem with me." Gruff cigar-chomping Rusty interrupts. He's the dock boss and he thinks Max might want to consider getting back to work. He lectures Max for having his little tea party. Max tries to explain things but Rusty isn't interested, "Just get back to work."

Max tells Stephanie he's just a grunt down at the docs, "Down here I'm Grunt #3, and my dream job is Grunt #1." He doesn't want Stephanie to feel like she's missing out on something, "I don't want you to come down here any more."

Ava thinks this is a trap. Patch tries to reassure her. Hope/Kayla steps in, "What, you want a relationship with him but you don't trust him?"

Ava asks, "Did you trust him when you first met him?"

"Not at first," says Hope/Kayla.

Ava says Patch has to prove she can trust him, "But the little lady isn't going anywhere."

Kate thinks Chelsea seemed happy tonight. There is a twinkle in her eye when Daniel is around. Chelsea is glad he came but it's because it's nice to have a distraction around, what with her worrying about Bo and all. Kate offers to take her to see Bo tomorrow. She can't believe Nicole is back. She also thinks Victor brought it on himself, "That's what happens when you don't think with your head. I think she will make his life a living hell."

Victor tells Nicole she won't get a penny of his money. Nicole isn't so sure, "I talked to an attorney and he thinks I'll get a nice settlement."

"How many times did you have to sleep with him to get him to come up with that conclusion," asks Victor. He blocks the slap.

Nicole insists she isn't going anywhere, "Traveling is such a chore."

Victor grumbles, "Yeah well, get used to it."

Ava gets a headache. Patch tries to reel her in, but Ava goes to the darkside, "SHUT UP!" She bounces around the room, "I have to stop these headaches. I get these migraines and the doctors just can't figure out why." She turns to Patch, "I blame you. That's why you have to pay."

Max thinks the docks aren't safe. Stephanie reminds him she used to handle race drivers so she thinks she can handle tough talking dockworkers. Max would do anything for her, "So, now, can you do something for me?"

Phillip, Chloe and Daniel discuss Victor's "death." Daniel decides to call it a night. Phillip thanks him for saving Bo's life. "I'm just doing my thing," says Daniel.

Max asks Stephanie to stay away from the docks. He loves seeing her, but not there. Stephanie doesn't get it, but she's used to that.

Stephanie agrees but asks about seeing him at the pub. Max says she can see him there. "I'll be eating a lot of chowdah, then," says Stephanie.

"Not after you taste your first helping," says Max.

Patch says he didn't mean to hurt Ava. She reminds him of the little thing about him leaving her at the altar. She thinks he can start making it up to her by having dinner with her tonight. Patch asks, "What about Kayla?"

Wacko Ava nukes, "This is about US! Two is company! She touches Hope/Kayla's tummy and tells her to go get some rest. Hope swipes her away. "Wow," says Ava, "Your stomach is really flat. How far along did you say you were?"

Hope says she's 12 weeks along. "You must be having a little girl," says Ava, "You start showing later with them." she talks about wanting to have kids with Patch. She doesn't have any because she only wanted kids with him. She asks, "Are you sure she's pregnant?"

"I was there for the sonogram," says Patch, "I saw the pictures and everything." Ava wants to have a doctor check Hope/Kayla out. Hope/Kayla doesn't want her to go to the trouble. "He makes house calls," says Ava. Hope figures that would be OK since no real doctor makes house calls.

Kate encourages Chelsea to keep up with her schoolwork. Daniel comes in. Kate decides it's time to go. After Kate leaves, Chelsea asks, "So is this an official visit? Am I gonna be poked and prodded... that didn't sound good did it?" Daniel wants her to come in for a checkup and then regular visits. Chelsea can handle that. Daniel leaves. Chelsea smiles.

Hope/Kayla insists she's fine. Ava agrees but doesn't want to get blamed if something happens to the baby.

"No promises," says Hope/Kayla. She says she's angry about what Ava is doing but isn't going to let Ava see her anger. Ava calls Angelo in and asks him to take Hope/Kayla away.

Angelo asks, "Are you sure you wanna do this?"

Crazy Ava screams, "Don't question me!" Angelo takes Hope/Kayla out.

"Alone at last," says Ava. She moves in. Patch goes with the flow.

Hope/Kayla asks Angelo how long Ava has been like this. He says since Patch dumped her. If he had his way Angelo would have killed him, "Stay on her good side or bad things will happen to your man in there." He takes Hope/Kayla away.

"So," asks Max, "we're good, right?"

"Yeah," says Stephanie, "I am very proud of you. You've gone all the way from a world-famous race driver to being Grunt #3 at the docks. You're my hero." I've Got Friends In Low Places plays in the background.

"That's a lot to live up to," says Max.

"You can handle it," says Stephanie. Max handles something else.

Stephanie's cell phone interrupts, "I'll be right there." She hangs up and tells Max that was the hospital saying they just admitted Kayla.

Victor and Nicole walk back into the party. He announces Nicole will be staying with him until his attorneys can have her removed. Now that the show is over, Kate decides it's time to go. Victor says she may have won this round but the battle isn't over. Nicole says she intends to win and take home all the spoils.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, I guess none of the castle-dwellers bothered to tell anyone that Colin was alive on Melaswen, then, huh?

4:38 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Stephanie brings Max a hot chocolate down at the docks. "But I ordered a Happy meal," says Max.

"Well," says Stephanie, "I guess your Happy Meal is missing a few pieces."

…his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, and he is several sandwiches short of a picnic.

Before Chloe can answer Kate asks, "What are you doing here?"

Nicole says, "I'm back. I couldn't stay away. This place is a lot nicer than the cardboard box I was living in.

I also understand Lucas is single again, and I could sure use $5,000,000.”

"She won't forget you. She has your little bun in the oven."

"No," says Patch, "She has my peanut in the roaster."

Good one Prevuze!!!

Patch says Hope/Kayla makes sense, "Come on, babe, let her go."

Ava melts, "Babe?"

Ava, honey, don’t get excited. There is a movie about a pig named Babe.

The whole Daniel/Chelsea thing is really annoying. Nick has stuck by Chelsea through every dumb *ss stunt she has pulled. She may be redeemed by saving her father but Chelsea certainly is one shallow bimbo.

Alias 99 that was a very funny picture and caption and ever so true. Great Prevuze as usual!!! You work so well without censorship!!!

5:26 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

LOL at Bo getting it over with. Harsh. Very harsh. But oh, so funny!!

Ditto with Alias99 and, of course, Bulldog comes through again with the racing pits discussion caption.

Last time we saw Nicole, she was showing up at Roman's for what turned out to be a one-night stand. Why didn't she head over to his place and pick up where she left off??

Oh, yeah. Pard = low paid cop. Victor = rich old bastard. Never mind.

Thanks, Prevuze.

6:10 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I truly hope they don't put Chelsea and Dr. Wonderful together.
I agree with Leslie, Nick has done all the work, why should Dr. Wonderful get all the reward.

Although being with Chelsea isn't exactly a reward. More like a punishment. So maybe Nick is better off after all!

Why is Patch so reluctant to lay one on Hope. He didn't seem to have a problem sucking her face when he was helping her sneak into the Dimera mansion to steal pictures of the diary pages. Maybe he finally got a good look at her.

For those who don't know Nicole's past:
She was a model who managed to become a Titan executive and cause general mayhem and chaos wherever she went.

She married Lucas and Victor, and had a romance with Eric Brady.

Her brother is Brandon Walker, who married Sami for like a day due in part to Nicole being part of the "paternity posse" who uncovered just one of Sami's many forays into musical DNA results.

And speaking of Sami, Nicole is kind of like a "Sami light".
She kept marrying guys she didn't love then whining about it.
She married Lucas, then spent a great deal of time fighting with Kate. She had a thing for Austin.
She kept insisting everyone hated her because of her past.

She hooked up with Larry Welsh to try and kill Victor. A plot that ended up with Rolf's dead body being incinerated in the back of a police car. Looks pretty good for being a former chunk of charcoal doesn't he?

If you have the time, here's a link to summaries of the show for 1999. Time saving hint: Do a page search for Nicole.

New blog today!
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

7:44 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Please refresh my memory. Didn't Nicole pretty much get forced to leave town? I know we have a DOOL historian among us.

Stephanie could visit Max at a garage and a bar, but the docks where everybody seems to go for clandestine meetings and just to sort out their thoughts and feelings (such as they are) are too dangerous for her?

Love the Prostitute photo and comment.

7:44 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Re-post of the link to read about Nicole.
I messed it up before:

All About Nicole

7:47 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

Nicole left town to run the Eurpoean division of Austin's company. I'm thinking the company went bankrupt?? I guess we're supposed to forget why she left. Oh well. I love that she is back!!! The scenes between Sami and her are absolutely hilarious. Does anyone remember when Nicole and Sami schemed to blackmail Kate via Eugenia??? Nicole provides great comic reliefe because she is always drunk and always after money.

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

The dogs came over to see what I was laughing at when I got to the dearly departed Bo.

And speaking of Bo, does anyone else think he's starting to resemble a monkey? Doesn't that hospital offer shaves and haircuts to their patients?

I'm glad for the clarification, Deb. I couldn't remember all of Nicole's sordid history. Altho I thought they said she left to marry an actor in LA or something like that.(?)

Excellent Prevuze and pics! I'll be chuckling over Bo all day. :P

7:51 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...


We must have been writing our comments at the same time! Thanks for the update on Nasty Nicole.

7:59 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...


We must have been writing our comments at the same time! Thanks for the update on Nasty Nicole.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

that chick that plays chloe is gorgeous but an AWFUL actress! "Shut your stupid mouth?" She sounds like a 3 yr old!

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it her acting, or is it the dialogue she's been given?

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could someone remind me how Collin is that Victor keeps referring to? The name rings a bell, but I am having difficulty recalling the story line that went along with him. Nicole tried to kill him????

11:40 AM  
Anonymous Hourglass Girl said...

I am so excited to watch today's episode with Nicole! I think she is going to bring lots of creative drama to the show!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Roselyn said...

Is Nick even still on the show? He is so boring, Chelsea needs to drop the dead weight. Or maybe he will be more interesting if he hooked up with Morgan.

Nicole is back! Let the fun times begin!

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i knew nicole would go after victors money, but it doesn't make sense, before she left didn't she get a settlement from victor and didn't austin say she married a soap actor in la...

2:32 PM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I recall Austin saying Nicole was seeing a Soap Star in LA, I don't think he said she was married. And I don't believe they ever resolved the Colin storyline. Last I remember he was alive somewhere, maybe Melaswen, but never did find out what happened to him, he just sort of disappeared.

4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Colin Murphy was OMB's nephew from Ireland. I believe he was shot outside the Kiriakis mansion but was later revealed to have been on Melaswen (which I don't even want to try to explain)

4:23 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

A little more on Colin Murphy as I remember it.

As stated, he was OMB's nephew from Ireland. When he first came there were a lot of hush-hush conversations with OMB, some discussions of horrible fights between the Dimeras and the Brady's, a flashback of a big explosion, and the general hint that they were going to get to the bottom of the big feud.

All that got dropped, practically overnight. Next thing you knew Colin and Jen were flirting and Jen was acting as coy as a 13 year old. Colin moved on to Nicole and used the opportunity to get some dirt on her. He was blackmailing her (for the $5 million she got from Kate to marry Lucas) or else he was going to use the blackmail to jinx her marriage to Victor.

On Nicole/Victor's wedding day, Colin ended up shot (presumably killed), Nicole had motive and a torn wedding dress. Victor used what he thought was evidence Nicole had killed Colin to make her life a living hell while she was married to him.

In between all this, it was revealed Colin was working for the evil Tony/Andre. And when everyone ended up on Melaswen, who should be in an adjoining dungeon, but Colin.

As stated, once the island blew up Colin just disappeared.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In reference to Prevuze II,
I am so excited to have Nicole back if for nothing else than to mess with Chloe. I am so sick of her whining!!
Thanks for the daily fix Prevuze!

7:02 PM  

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