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Maniacal But Brilliant

Lexie brings Bo back to his room and tends to him at his bedside. Bo trembles in fear. She knows he's trying to be upbeat but tells him he can drop the act with her. He tells her his stomach hurts a lot all the time. Since he's in terrible pain Lexie decides to keep him off pain medication. Bo tells her he couldn't make it though this without her, even though they brought Dr. Jonas in.

Sami comes into the pub with EJ tagging along. They dump the kids on Caroline and then sit down and order. "Hold the tomatoes," says Sami.

"What," says EJ, "You mean you don't like tomahtoes?"

"I say tomato, you say tomahto," says Sami. EJ tells her he thinks he has the immigration situation in hand. Sami says, "I hope you've got a way to figure this out, because otherwise the government's going to deport you."

EJ thinks it over, "So that means I'd have to leave Salem. Drat the bad luck." He smiles like a dork.

Hope finds Chelsea at the docks, "What are you doing down here."

Chelsea says, "Thinking about Dad – I don't know what I'm going to do if he doesn't make it."

Hope snaps her head around, "He's going to make it."

Chelsea tries to be upbeat. Hope hugs her.

Patch comes into Abe's office and asks about Ava. Abe says he has feelers out. Patch asks, "What about the plane crash in Greenland." Abe says, "The report from the FAA just came in."

Patch knows Ava is responsible but it's her word against his, "We need to find her."

Chelsea and Hope hold on to each other and have a bawlfest talking about Bo. Chelsea remembers all the hard times she has given Bo, "I also wish I had talked to Grandpa Shawn more. Or met him, for that matter. Hope shares her concerns about Dr. Jonas as he just happens to walk up and overhear their conversation.

Bo is glad Lexie is there not just as a doctor, but also as a friend. In fact given her doctoring skills, he decides she's a better friend. Lexie says she has checked Jonas' credentials, "He's world class." Bo is happy about that, but he wants Lexie to keep an eye on him, too. She promises to do that.

Sami dumps ketchup all over her meal. EJ notes ketchup is made of tomahtoes and says he doesn't understand why she would like ketchup but not like tomahtoes. Then he totally grosses out Sami by putting malt vinegar on his fries. Sami about hurls, "That's disgusting!"

"So is cute banter with the guy who raped you," says EJ, "But you seem to manage to handle that."

All this uber-cuteness is interrupted as Nasty Leonard Burke from immigration walks in. He introduces himself.

EJ smiles, "You can call me EJ."

Burke scowls, "You can call me Mr. Burke." Burke says he's had a hard time tracking EJ down.

EJ says that's probably true, since he has been in a safe house because he helped bring a criminal to justice, "My father, actually."

Burke isn't impressed, "We need to have a chat."

"Yes," says EJ, "We'll have a chit chat."

"Charm just rolls right off my back," says Burke.

Patch wants Abe to ramp up the search for Ava.

Kayla interrupts. She needs to talk to Patch. She wants to help Bo. Patch forbids her to go back to work. Things degrade. Kayla wants to know what's really going on.

Daniel says he didn't mean to intrude as he continues to intrude. Hope says she didn't mean to question his medical capabilities. Daniel is charming. He vows to do his very best to save Bo. They talk about the difficulties Bo and Victor have had. Despite that, Daniel knows Victor wants Bo to get well. Chelsea says she trusts him completely.

Burke wants to talk to EJ alone. He tells Sami to scram. She protests but heads for the kitchen. God forbid she should go check on the kids. Instead, she turns and watches as Burke interviews.

Burke notes that EJ is unemployed. Cheerful EJ says, "I'm married to Sami – that's a full time job. Doesn't my being married entitle me to stay in the US?"

Burke snorts, "Lots of marriages are in name only."

"We have a child together," says EJ, "That should take care of the problem."

"Your problems are just beginning," growls Burke.

Patch insists he is just worried about Kayla and the baby. He appeals to Abe. Abe leaves and tells him he is on his own. Patch and Kayla continue to argue. Patch changes the subject and goes to look for a fax on a person of interest. Kayla makes a call, "This is Kayla Johnson. I have everything all lined up, except for my possessive husband."

Ava paces and looks at Hope's picture. Big Eddie brings her lunch tray into the room. She tells him she wants to go to a restaurant instead. Big Eddie tells her Daddy is afraid she will run away. She rants at him about the plane, "You were supposed to keep it from taking off and instead you botched the job." She asks for a computer. Big Eddie says no. She says she wants to find out more about Patch, and reminds him how quickly she found out his real name is Steve Johnson. She throws a pillow at him as he leaves. That'll teach him. Ava vows to figure a way to get out.

Hope, Chelsea and Dr. Jonas come back to Bo's room. Hope asks how Bo is doing. "They checked my blood," says Bo, "I'm down a quart." Hope thinks that was a groaner. "That proves I'm going out of my mind," says Bo.

"You proved that a long time ago," says Hope.

Bo asks for Abe to come to visit and bring paperwork. Lexie and Hope think that's a bad idea. With Bo out of the way, the SPD is firing on all two cylinders. "You can call him or I can call him," says Bo, "It's your choice."

"You can follow your doctor's orders or die," says Hope, "It's your choice."

Ava obsesses over Patch's picture, "Oh baby why did you ever leave me?" She sets the picture down and picks up Hope's, "What can you offer him that I can't, Kayla?" Ava has a flashback to a beach scene with Patch. He smothers her body with kisses, but decides he wants some sun before things go father.

Ava asks, "Are you happy."

Patch smiles, "Yeah."

"I have never been so happy," says Ava, "I don't know what I'd do if you left."

"That won't happen," says Patch, "I'm crazy about you." Ava moves in. Patch moves in. The camera moves out.

Ava snaps back to reality, "Can you offer him that, Kayla? I don't think so. Sorry, honey. You're gonna lose him."

Kayla is still on the phone, "I'm looking forward to it." She hangs up as Patch comes in and pries. "You've got your secrets and I have mine," says Kayla, "I don't like being kept in the dark." She trusts him but thinks he doesn't trust her, "I'm going back to work and there is nothing you can do about it."

Burke says, "The government is clearing out undesirables. When I'm done, Salem will be a ghost town. You're a DiMera and that's about as undesirable as it gets." EJ tells Burke the DiMeras have disowned him. Sami comes up and backs him up. Burke won't just take her word for it.

Abe arrives in Bo's room with paperwork for Bo to look at. Lexie doesn't think it's a good idea, "Let's keep him so bored he won't want to live." Hope also doesn't think it's a good idea for Bo to work. Abe agrees, but hands him the files. Bo is disappointed, "These are cold cases!" Victor comes in. He also doesn't think Bo should be working. Suddenly, Bo has an attack, triggered by the stress of a room full of nagging people. Lexie kicks everyone out. Hope walks outside and plasters herself against the glass like a snail crawling up the side of a fish tank. Jonas and Lexie work on Bo.

Burke wants to interview Sami, "I have questions about this so-called marriage." He asks EJ to leave them alone, "Did you marry Mr. DiMera for love."

Sami evades, "What kind of a question is that?"

"Are you in love?"

Sami bobs and weaves, "Why else would people get married? We have a child together."

"That was a red flag," says Burke, "I understand the twins have separate fathers. That isn't how it's usually done."

"You're from out of town, aren't you," asks Sami.

"I understand," says Burke, "There were forced sexual relations." Sami hyperventilates.

Victor assures Hope that Dr. Jonas is the best. Hope just wants Bo to get well. Chelsea hugs Victor and thanks him for bringing them Dr. Jonas. Grandpa and the brat share a tender moment.

Patch is resigned to Kayla going back to work. She promises to be careful. Hugs. "I love you, baby," says Patch.

Sami barks, "It sounds like you are calling me a slut!"

"I'm saying you don't have a marriage based on love," says Burke.

Sami nukes, "You dried-up paper-pushing bureaucrat!" The customers all turn and watch the Sami smackdown. She runs amok and tells him the pub is her family's establishment and she wants him out of there right now.

"I'll leave," says Burke, "But I'll be back – with an order for your husband to leave the country." EJ watches and smiles.

Jonas tells Lexie the test results aren't good. Bo is unconscious.

Burke leaves. EJ runs up to Sami, "That was amazing! Maniacal, but brilliant. You certainly took care of him."

"It's far from over," says Sami.

Victor thanks Daniel. He leaves to take care of some business. Chelsea asks if Bo will die. "Not on my watch," says Dr. Jonas.

"Thanks," says Chelsea.

Jonas looks at the time, "Well, my watch is just about over."

Hope asks what Bo's chances are. Lexie mumbles something about a snowball in hell.

Abe comes back. Lexie cries, "I'm afraid I just had to give Hope some difficult news."

Abe hugs her, "So you showed her the bill, eh? "

EJ vows to do everything to stay in the country, even if it means getting a job. He asks for Sami's help.

Kayla heads for the hospital. Patch makes a call, "It's Steve Johnson. I'm going to need a guard put on someone. My wife. I think she might be in danger."

Ava slams a butcher knife into Hope's picture, "If Daddy would let me out of here I could take care of everything." Big Eddie comes back in for the tray. Ava breaks down, "I'm so lonely."

"Your father would do anything for you," says Big Eddie, "And you've got me and George."

Ava wails, "They let a caged animal out once in a while! Please help me." Ava turns on the charm.

Big Eddie melts, "I think I might have found a way." Hugs.

Hope tells Bo he can beat this. She begs him to fight, "I love you. I love you, Brady." Bo vegetates.

Chelsea watches as Hope cuddles with Bo, "I hope I get to experience love like that someday." Jonas stares.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger *Tricia* said...

Run Jonas Run!!...Sleep, see Bo Sleep...

watch out for sami, you wont like her when she's angry...can they create at least one character that is a non bipolar mood swinging personality...that would still make for good soap opera...THAT character would be a total fantasy!

would love to see ej as the super nanny

4:01 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Hope shares her concerns about Dr. Jonas as he just happens to walk up and overhear their conversation.

Salem is large enough to have an international airport and a hospital with a trauma center but everyone seems to be able to converge on the same spot at the docks. Is this just a coincidence or hackneyed writing? I know how I’m voting.

"That won't happen," says Patch, "I'm crazy about you."

…or just crazy.

Burke says, "The government is clearing out undesirables. When I'm done, Salem will be a ghost town. You're a DiMera and that's about as undesirable as it gets."

Does this mean Jawn gets the old heave ho too?

Sami bobs and weaves, "Why else would people get married? We have a child together."

Taking a cue from Mohammed Ali, Sami does the rope-a-dope.

Ava slams a butcher knife into Hope's picture,~~

…so when her keepers pass Ava her dinner, she gets a butcher knife instead of a steak knife. Someone with anger issues should be using plastic utensils.

Chelsea watches as Hope cuddles with Bo, "I hope I get to experience love like that someday." Jonas stares.

Apparently, there is love trouble on the horizon for Nick.

It appears we have another DOOL episode loaded with holes but yet another recap loaded with excellent Prevuisms!!!

5:30 AM  
Blogger Firstfall said...

Talking about holes, when are they going to explain how EJ can get deported when he was born in America? I thought that would be explained today.

On the other hand, I was laughing at the tomato & ketchup thing, so me - then vinegar on the fries, so my husband! :)

6:20 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Firstfall I was wondering the same thing.
EJ was born to an American mother, Susan.

He was raised in Europe, but unless Stefano did something to revoke it, or EJ relinquished it later when he became an adult, EJ would have dual citizenship.

Just being married to an American citizen does not grant citizenship btw. You still have to apply and be accepted. Being married just lets you stay here for a while.

NEW SPOILERS FOR 3-17 thru 3-21

Monday, March 17th
Kayla and Lexie begin prepping Bo for surgery; Daniel lectures Chelsea for getting drunk; John bribes the customs official; Marlena meets with Philip to warn him of John's plans.

Tuesday, March 18th
Hope refuses to give in and say goodbye to her husband; Daniel, Kayla and Lexie think they've found a drug to keep Bo alive for a few more hours; John lies to Marlena about bribing the customs official.

Wednesday, March 19th
Bo's family members arrive to wish him well before the surgery; alone with Kate, Chelsea admits how scared she is; Marlena feels like she is making progress with John, but doesn't realize he's keeping secrets.

Thursday, March 20th
Tony and Anna get intimate at the ad agency; Chelsea and Daniel share a tender moment when she gets out of surgery; Belle tells Philip about her plans to sail the world with Shawn and Claire; Kayla is worried about her baby.

Friday, March 21st
John finalizes his deal with the customs official; Steve decides to wait to tell Kayla about Ava; Victor has his first therapy session with Marlena; Max realizes Paul is Morgan's father.

My blog today, well lets say it's 3 min of your life you won't get back! LMAO!! As always, don't drink and read!!!
These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

6:47 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Sami comes into the pub with EJ tagging along. They dump the kids on Caroline and then sit down and order.

Well, about time. It's been a whole day since they buried OMB. Caroline needs to suck it up and get back to what's important...babysitting.

As many of us have pointed out - there is no logical reason for EJ to be deported. (He was born in the US. His mother is a US citizen. He apparently spent most of his childhood growing up at Mason Blanche in Louisiana.) So I imagine a previous commentor was correct. This will turn out to be an EJ ploy to have Sami stayed married to him but make it seem like it was her idea.

Great Prevuisms today:
Chelsea, "I also wish I had talked to Grandpa Shawn more. Or met him, for that matter."

Lexie cries, "I'm afraid I just had to give Hope some difficult news." Abe hugs her, "So you showed her the bill, eh?"

One of Burke's statements, "Charm rolls right off my back.", just begged for a prevuism. Unfortunately, my caffeine hasn't kicked in yet and nothing came to mind. Anyone else?

And today there was a truly great line-up of pictures - the SPD's report on the plane crash, the Kleenex shortage, the donut overload, Hope's dilemma, EJ's nanny tips - all had spit-take potential. Luckily I try to remember not to have liquid in my mouth when I read Prevuze.

This was a great mid-week pick-me-up.

6:53 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Fabulous post, Deb! I think Dr. Dan and Lexi need to check it out. Between your post and Alias99's picture today, there is a big clue as to the cause of Bo's pancreatitis.

Forget genetics. Physical trauma! Puh-leeze. It's all due to................donut (carbohydrate) overload!!!

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would a hot doctor like that be interested in that homely girl? Isn't she too young for him? Yuck!!!

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think you are all givnig the writers way too much credit as far as teh EJ born in the USA thing goes. I think we are supposed to forget all that nonsense. Remember this is DOOL, where consistency goes to die.
Re Deb's spoilers: Who the heck is Paul??????


7:36 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I guess I've forgotten Daze history altogether. I thought Susan and Edmund took baby EJ off to raise in England or somewhere without any DiMera influence and Stefano didn't know where they went. What did I miss? When did they say he was raised at Maison Blanche?

7:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul is Morgan's Dad.

He will be doing business with John.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Scolly - Yeah, we all thought Elvis was safe with Susan and husband over in England. Who knows when Stephano "acquired" him. But, when Lumi were down in New Orleans doing their Katrina-honeymoon thing, working on Maison Blanch, EJ showed up and revealed that is where Stephano raised him.

Remember the big letter find in the wall?

Also remember my motto: "Consistency is the hobgoblin of puny minds." Apparently it's DROOL's as well.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Seriously, Prevuze. Are you trying to get me fired?? I know Prevuisms are oft exaggerated but when I got to Hope pressing her face against the glass like a snail in a fish tank it was all I could to to stifle my laughter. And of course in my mind I added her lips to the glass, too.

I wondered who Paul was, too. And how close could Vic be to Bo or Daniel considering neither one of them even knew about the other?

Deb - I enjoy the spoilers.

Prevuze - I'll forgive you for the near pink slip because of the great Prevuisms and pictures today! :D

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who exactly does Steve talk to when he makes his 'secret' calls, barking orders to? He doesn't work... Does Kayla's salary cover all of their expenses and sending Stef to college?

Why don't these men of Salem work? Steve, EJ, Max, yet they always seem to be dressed nicely, well groomed - they don't look malnurished???

And finally, where does Sammy actually get her diapers, formula and baby clothing? Is she on welfare? She never talks about having to pick up her food stamps...(?LOL?)

And how appropriate they should have Chelsea MOPING and feeling sorry for herself AGAIN!!!! I thought she had grown up - gotten beyond that! And pleeeeez don't hook her up with the Dr. who HAS to be at least 20 years older than her!!!!!! But then again - I guess in that family age really doesn't matter, just look at Billie and Nick!!!!! Ohhhhhh,

Thanks Prevuze... Great job again!

Great job Prevuze!!!!!!

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who exactly does Steve talk to when he makes his 'secret' calls, barking orders to?

His imaginary friend.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"That was a red flag," says Burke, "I understand the twins have separate fathers. That isn't how it's usually done."

"You're from out of town, aren't you," asks Sami.

Good one, Prevuze. Funny

11:15 AM  
Blogger ~*Robin said...

Anon said Paul is working with John. is this Paul a new character on the show?

I thought I read on another site that Chelsea was introducing Dr. Jonas to Kate. I could be wrong though.

Why is Max trying to sabotage Nick's research? Was Max covering about needing a piece of paper to write something on? Still don't get that story line.

I agree with applecheeks that EJ set up this whole my visa is expired and I am getting deported story to stay married to Sami so she will eventually fall in love with him. Of course she will find out someday and it will be Lumi all over again.

Sorry to post my comments about the previous DAYS, but today was the first time I got to catch up on Prevuze. Thanks for all the work you do to keep us folks entertained.

12:52 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

I hate to say it, but the EJ "my visa expired and they're going to deport me" situation almost has to be a ploy on EJ's part. The Fed said he understood that the EJ/Sami child came from "forced sexual relations" -- Sami never filed charges of rape against EJ, nor was he ever detained or questioned about it, so how would an agent of the INS know about it? Or am I using too much logic again?

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Well, it looks like Max knew that were was an error on Nick's page and took it, when he was caught he offered an excuse and encouraged Nick to get a second opinion.

Max was smiling (I think) when Nick discovered there was a fatal error in his work and he would need to look it over. If Max wants to help Nick (who are now best friends. lol) I don't see why he just doesn't say so, does he enjoy being a 'guardian angel' or looking like an uneducated bartender?

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

cfish – this was in SOD.

EJ brings the annulment papers to Sami's apartment ['Unbeknownst to me, EJ has a law degree, so he prepared the papers himself," explains portrayer James Scott), where a registered letter falls out. "He says, 'I'll read it later. It's probably nothing," says Scott. "But Sami says it's a registered letter and of course, it's important, so he opens it and looks a bit miffed." Why? "The letter says he's being deported," explains the actor. "So he then says, 'What am I going to do?' and Sami says, "Surely you can stay in the country because we're married. I want the father of my son to be around.'"

Cut to the Brady Pub, where an immigration agent approaches the duo. "They should actually be fun, entertaining scenes," notes Scott. "They wrote EJ to be a complete nervous wreck, which, given the fact that he's had guys pointing guns in his face and it's not bothered him, it's funny that suddenly this man comes in and his knees are knocking together."

The agent asks Sami if she loves EJ, which she doesn't directly answer. That doesn't bode well for the Brit. "The last thing he needs to worry about is staying in Salem," sighs Scott.

It sounds like EJ didn’t know this was coming. On the other hand, the storylines tend to evolve in a weird way. Who can be sure what will happen? I doubt if the writers even have a clue.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought I read on another site that Chelsea was introducing Dr. Jonas to Kate. I could be wrong though.

On this show he could go for both of them.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous NitaV said...

I think definately ej set this up despite James Scott's commentary due to the registered letter just happened to be among the annulment papers for sami and suddenly this immigration officer showes up and knows more information than he should.

4:18 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

There definitely is more to this Immigration and possible deportation than we know yet.... An interesting twist and I wonder where it will lead. James Scott isn't going anywhere so it will be resolved.

OKAY if I refer to him as my "delicious man" ?? Any objections? Just in reference to a few days ago... If he took a job serving French fries, again, I'd eat a big helping right off of him!

If anyone's a die hard sucker like me and enjoys getting spoilers sign up for the newsletter in

Always a good week ahead!
Take care DOOL friends!


6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I read that the whole situation with EJ being deported was set up by John.

6:50 AM  

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