Thursday, February 28, 2008

Specific, But Vague

We peer into Stefano's eyes. A hand reaches for the doorknob to his room and opens the door. Anna steps in and tells Tony she is totally creeped-out to be there.
Marlena arrives at the mansion at John's request. John asks her to take her coat off and stay a while. He offers her coffee, which Marlena rejects. John is amazed there is a full-time cook in residence. He scared the hell out of him, but makes damn fine coffee.

Marlena urges John to give Stefano's fortune away because it's blood money. John says, "That's not gonna happen. Anyway, I was wondering if you would help me."

Bespectacled Sami sets a baby monitor on the coffee table and flops onto her couch. No sooner does she get down than there is a knock at the door. Sami huffs and goes to answer it, finding EJ. Sami tells him Johnny is napping but has been awake since 4AM. EJ thinks she should have called him for help. He wants to talk about last night. Sami sighs, "EJ, the only thing I want to talk to you about it how quickly we can get that annulment."

Bo wakes and looks up at hovering Hope, "Good news, I made it through the night."

"You'll continue doing that," says Hope, "We are going to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together."

"Does that mean you are going to keep my urn at the house," asks Bo.

Things are tense outside in the waiting area. Chelsea tells Shawn she couldn't get through this alone. Shawn wishes he and Chelsea had been closer. "We were close," says Chelsea, "You were the brother I didn't kill. I can't take it. They say Dad's pancreas is shutting down."

Victor overhears, "OMG! Bo has pancreatic cancer?"

Lexie jumps in and says it's not cancer. Victor is relieved, "No sign of cancer is a good thing, right?"

"I don't know," says Lexie, "I missed that class in med school."

Hope tells Bo the test results came back, and leaves him hanging.

Victor has a meltdown, "Dammit, Lexie, what's happening with Bo?"

Lexie says, "Whatever it is, it's out of my field of specialty. It involves medicine."

Bo gives hope his puppy-dog eyes, "How long do I have?" Hope leaves him hanging.

Sami lets EJ in, but only so the neighbors won't know their business. He agrees to the annulment, but says he has enjoyed playing house. Sami doesn't want to go on pretending. He offers to draw up the paperwork himself. Sami wants to have Mickey do it, "If we're going to botch this up, we might as well do a good job of it." Crying babies interrupt the fun. EJ goes in with Sami to help.

Anna feels like Stefano is staring at her. Tony assures her he can't see anything. He bends down to Stefano, "Can you hear me?"

"Yes," thinks Stefano, "But I can't tell you."

Anna is ready to go. Tony isn't finished. Anna waits outside. Tony wonders if Stefano has regrets. We have a flashback to Stefano working on John. Tony leans over the foot of Stefano's bed and looks him in the eye, "I wonder if you'll ever know the true extent of all your evil."

John asks, "What do you say Blondie, are you going to help me with this mess?"

John offers to pay her 10% of everything they get if she will help. Marlena says she wouldn't do it for ten times that. "That would be 100%," says John, who is one of the few people in Salem bright enough to do math. The doorbell interrupts. John answers and finds Belle and Claire standing there.

"Hi Pop-pop!" Claire also says hi.

Sami and EJ have successfully gotten the twins back to sleep. Sami thinks it's easier when she has help. EJ thinks the annulment is cut and dried and they don't need a lawyer. A deliveryman comes to the door looking for the guy across the hall. EJ announces that's him and the deliveryman gives him a certified letter. Proof of identity is not required for a certified letter in Salem.

John says he is busy. Claire begs to come in. John caves in, and offers her juice. "It's a little early in the day to start drinking," says Claire. John asks Claire if she wants to be his assistant. She agrees to that, so John carries her to the desk, gives her a pen and tells her to write everything she can remember. Claire scribbles. She proudly holds up the paper. It looks more like everything Belle can remember.

John wonders why Belle came. She says what with OMB's death and all, she has been thinking of him. John thinks her sentiment would make a terrific greeting card. He suggests she come back Saturday. Belle sulks off and pouts. Marlena scolds John, "That was mean." She comforts Belle, "He's not himself."

Belle decides they should go. She gives John a picture of Claire and him. Claire fiddles with the junk on the desk and comes up with a CD, "What is this?"

Tony wonders what Stefano had planned for John. Stefano thinks John has no past or future and will never get either back, "He will never know how."

Hope insists Bo won't die, "You have no choice. You know how cranky I get when I haven't had enough beauty sleep."

"Yeah, you haven't had enough beauty sleep in years," says Bo.

Victor rages at Lexie. He'll bring in experts, actual doctors, and won't lose Bo. Caroline steps up behind them, "Neither will I."

Tony is there to reassure himself Stefano can't hurt anyone else. He says goodbye and leaves. Stefano has another flashback where he shows John the disc with John's entire life on it.

John looks at the disc, "Not labeled. Probably blank."

"If it's blank," says Belle, "That must be the disc that restores my mind."

John urges Claire to go home. He promises she can come back. Belle scoops her up and says they will come back on Saturday. The doorbell rings again. This time it's Richard Griffin, Stefano's lawyer. He says he has interesting news about Stefano's estate.

EJ takes the letter. He says he'll look at it later. He reminds Sami he went to law school and would be capable of drawing up the annulment papers. Sami still wants Mickey to look it over, but says she is OK with EJ doing it. EJ is going to get started right away. He heads for the door.

Hope says, "You are going to do what I say, Brady. You're weak, I can definitely take you."

"What does that have to do with me being weak," asks Bo.

The crowd outside talks about Bo's condition. Victor promises he won't let Bo die. Caroline says, "I think Bo's life is in God's hands."

"That's what I said," says Victor, "I won't let Bo die."

Shawn tries to comfort Chelsea. She worries that she will lose Bo.

Richard looks around the room and gives John a look that says he wants to talk privately. "They're family," says John, "At least that's what they tell me."

Richard says he is the executor of Stefano's estate, or at least part of the vast empire. He has Stefano's will and associated documents, which tell how Stefano wanted his estate distributed, "The documents are specific, but vague."

John needs time to wrap his mind around that one. He decides to call a DiMera meeting and invites Marlena to stay.

EJ gets his call from John and agrees to be there. He tells Sami that was John, who wants him to come to the mansion. He invites Sami to go with him and she agrees, "I'll get a babysitter."

"Which one," says EJ.

"The one the twins are starting to call 'Mommy.'"

Anna paces. She begs Tony to go. Tony gets his call to the mansion and agrees to be there. Anna will tag along.

Caroline and Victor enter Bo's room.

Chelsea and Shawn go through the old 'don't want to lose Bo' scene again. Blah, whine, hugs.

Back at the mansion, the kid amuses herself with a coloring book. So does Claire. The crowd has arrived, except for Lexie, who has her hands full with an actual medical case. Richard says although Stefano isn't dead, he is permanently incapacitated and his treatment has stopped.

John sighs, "Yeah, why spend more money on doctors when you can put it in your pocket?"

Marlena scolds, "That was a little harsh, John."

Richard says Stefano never assigned anyone power of attorney, so Richard must appoint the person capable of carrying on Stefano's legacy. EJ asks, "Which one of us gets that dubious honor?" John smiles.

Shawn and Chelsea keep it up. Shawn assures her, "We'll support Dad." That'll cure him.

Lexie thinks Bo's mystery ailment might be genetic, "His family might have a faulty pancreas. That might mean the pancreas is closely associated with the brain." Bo wants the bottom line. Lexie says if they know the cause of this it will determine the course of treatment. Then she launches into some real gibberish about how his recent motorcycle accident might be related to this because if he has a predisposition to this his weakened body may have triggered it.

Bo recognizes a crock when he hears it, "Just tell me how long I have." She leaves him hanging.

Richard announces Lexie is out of Stefano's will. Tony and EJ haven't been behaving, so they are out, too, "There is, however, a generous trust for Giovanni." Sami don' wan' no stinkin' trust.

Little Johnny pipes in over the baby monitor, "Speak for yourself, Mommy." Richard reminds Sami it's not her trust in the first place, so she can butt out. "Amen to that," says Johnny.

John grows impatient, "I'm paying you by the hour. Who gets the old man's money?"

"There is only one surviving blood relative," says Richard.

"Whoa, huh, wha... huh, waitaminute," say Tony and EJ in unison, "Stefano didn't know about being related to John."

Richard says Stefano just knew he didn't want the money to go to Tony and EJ. Marlena asks just how much money is involved, "There are tens of millions," says Richard.

"There's my new jet," says John.

Marlena makes a note never to fly on it, "You're not thinking of keeping that money, are you?"

Lexie gives Bo her best medical advice, "Hang in there." Victor vows to get more opinions.

Shawn and Chelsea walk into the room. Hugs from Chelsea. They're gong to help him beat this.

John gives Marlena a look, "You don't think I should keep tens of millions? For a shrink you're working the wrong side of the couch." Marlena says she's disappointed in him. John has some advice, "Lower your expectations and you'll never be disappointed."

Richard says he will get all information to John. John's eyes light up, "SCORE!"

"Not today you won't," says Marlena.

Richard, Tony and Anna leave. As Sami starts to leave, John says he'll send her the trust info. He tells EJ not to worry because in time he would have been cut out eventually anyway. EJ thinks his big mistake was ever telling people John was alive in the first place.

Belle says goodbye. Claire runs up to him, "Bye-bye, John." Smooch.

John goes for a cigar. Marlena says the man she knows would never have taken Stefano's money. John smirks. Marlena lectures, "This isn't a joke, you know."

"You're right," says John, "There is nothing funny about giving away that kind of money. I think I'll have a big steak to celebrate. How would you like to stay for dinner?"

"Letmethinkno," says Marlena. She walks out. John puts his feet up on the desk and lights his cigar.

We leave the episode where we started. We peer into Stefano's eyes. Oh, the artistry! Stefano remembers John telling him he will enjoy his life and all his things. Stefano's mind laughs, "John, you'll never know how close you are to finding your true identity. Your new life will be unbearable for your loved ones. They will wish you had stayed dead."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Gordon Davidescu said...

Your new life will be unbearable for your loved ones.

Who knew that the audience was considered his loved ones? Certainly not me.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Gordon Davidescu said...
Your new life will be unbearable for your loved ones.

Who knew that the audience was considered his loved ones? Certainly not me.

6:00 AM

I love it. My sentiments exactly.

Stefano says:"John, you'll never know how close you are to finding your true identity.

How many identities does John have? His parentage and past change every five years or so.

Deb, you got a timeline on all of the incarnations of Pawn-Roman-John-Alamaine-DiMera-Black-Brady-FrankenJohn?

No cookies or donuts for Claire today? The Memorex Man offers her juice, the only healthy item we've seen this kid ingest in months.

Great Prevuze today, I wonder what genetic pancreatic problem Bo has. Maybe we'll find out that Caroline isn't his mother.

6:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze, thank you for another wonderful Blog! You were helpful too - I'll have to remember that "Proof of identity is not required for a certified letter in Salem."

Don't you just love it when they pay attention to details? :)

6:30 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Note to all: I got caught without a computer yesterday. I read the comments yesterday evening and saw the questions about whether I meant "Caroline" when I typed "Colleen." The answer is, of course, "Caroline." I guess I just had "Colleen" on the brain - what's left of it - and it's easier to type than "Caroline." Perhaps I should just start calling her OWB.

I received many emails I couldn't respond to as well as the comments. Sorry about not getting back with you. I won't bore you with the details, but I will say this about life in general... You know it's going to be a long day when your dentist says, "Uh-oh."

6:53 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Specific, but vague; smart, but stupid; dead, but alive;clear, but unclear

Who wants to place bets that Marlena will bring Stefano out of his fugue state to do battle with the now not-so-good John, only to find John transformed back into Squints after viewing the CD/DVD/ROM thing found by Claire. Thus reviving the Dimera-Brady feud. Now the battle will be between the half brothers John and Stefano......wait, I forgot....John will wish he'd have stayed dead after finding out his true identity....scratch my theory.

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

Marlena scolds, "That was a little harsh, John."

Yeah it's harsh for John to talk about leaving Stefano that way but not for Marlena to do it to Stefano??!!That woman drives me nuts!

7:33 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Man, as fast as family relationships change in Salem ol' Stef must've updated his will every other week!

When did Bo have a recent motorcycle accident? I thought Jr. did that for him. HAHAHAHA

Very clever separated at birth and Blondie pics!

Not fair - Prevuze has left us hanging for another day. Not for the DOOL info but just for the Prevuisms! Guess we'll have to hang on until tomorrow. ;}

8:04 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

When did Bo have a recent motorcycle accident? I thought Jr. did that for him. HAHAHAHA

Peter Reckell had a motorcycle accident sometime last summer. (?) Not sure about the timeframe. They worked that into the show to explain why he was all bandaged up.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Peter Reckell had a motorcycle accident sometime last summer. (?) Not sure about the timeframe. They worked that into the show to explain why he was all bandaged up.

8:33 AM

Specific, but vague--teehee

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

give it up to Claire to move a storyline along.
they need to keep her on the show shes the only one to make sense.

and i notest any time they try to get her off camera she protests lol

god help us all when she relize shes going to receive the dimera power. shes going to make uncle stefano proud lol

9:03 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Specific, but vague--teehee


Very, very clever, Brendamouse.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm loving the new John. He seems a little bit of an A$$ but at least he's more creative.

Anyone else worried about Deb. She was down with a pneumonia and now we haven't heard from her in a bit. Hope you're OK Deb.


11:09 AM  
Blogger cfish said...


I was just thinking about Deb yesterday, hoping that the pneumonia didn't progress to the point that she had to go into the hospital.

Best wishes and hope you're well soon Deb!!! We miss you!

11:30 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I'll add my concern about Deb along with others. I was thinking about her yesterday or the day before as well!

I loved the pictures of Tony and MAOMB* were a hoot. The separated at birth pic was inspired.

The whole deal with the lawyer was utterly impossible. Heavens, Stefano has only been in a coma for a couple of months! He's been dead for a couple of decades without his "assets" being divided out. And, I'm sorry, but a lawyer can't just assign power-of-attorney or distribute assets. A Court would have to do that. I know, I know, this is a soap and DOOL at that! But stuff like this drives me nuts!!

As for trusts - what about Stef's other grandkids - like Benjie's children?? TLT

Great Prevuze!!

12:01 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Oops! Forgot my "*".

*Middle-Aged Old Man Brady.

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I, too, have been concerned about Deb, and Prevuze I feel your pain. Dental torture is no fun.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous NitaV said...

EJ went to law school and now he wants to draw up annulment papers???? These writers certainly don't read what was written in the past do they???!!! EJ in the past has says he doesn't know the american laws when he got into trouble with the SEC but now he knows them enough to draw up annulment papers. And good for EJ for saying ok sami you can get an annulment. I am sick of hearing him say but I love you blah blah blah. Too bad immigration is going to come to mess it up. I would have liked sami to sign the annulment papers and then Nicole comes in to woo ej and Sami is pissed and Nicole says something like you married him and didn't want him but now he's mine and I will marry him.
And as for Stephano's will what about ej's trust and monies do they all go bye bye and does he still have them. AGHHH!!! the inconsistencies.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

Ok - so why would Stefano say that about "when John finds out his true identity.... bla bla bla" - Is there something I'm missing? I thought it was established by all that John is Stefano's half brother.

Deb - what is the point of Bo being sick? I don't get it.....

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about Peter and Kristen? They may not be blood relatives, but Stefano raised them as his own. Are we to assume that they're dead or that their existence has just been erased from Days' history.

Although the whole idea of the Kristen/Tony romance got even weirder with the revelation that it was actually Andre during those years. The two grew up together and apparently fell in love at some point, and yet Kristen never even had a clue that Tony had been replaced by his cousin?

7:31 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

I'm so glad they have Victor back on. Sami and EJ need to split, (I wouldn't be surprised if Days decided they where cousins or something) Bo and Isabella where half siblings, so the pancreatic thing could very well be inherited.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Is Peter still alive?

So, now are Tony and EJ going to want to revive Stefano so John doesn't get his/their fortune? I sure hope so because I miss Stefano being up and adam.

Sami needs to chill. Last time I checked, neither she nor EJ have a job. Lucas may have a job eventually, but prisoners don't earn much money (at the local jail they get $2 a day) so she needs that trust fund.

12:03 PM  

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