Friday, February 22, 2008

I'll Meet You In Heaven And Kick The Hell Out Of You

Roman is visits Bo in his hospital room. Bo tells him Hope is worn out and is sleeping, "The duties of letting someone else take care of her infant have just exhausted her."

"How do you feel," asks Roman.

"Like a million... pennies," says Bo.

"Crummy old pennies," asks Roman.

"Why would you ask that," asks Bo.

"Because we've always suspected you of being a... [are you ready for this one?] dirty copper."

Roman says the NTSB will want to talk to Bo about what happened in the plane, but Roman wants to question him about it, too. "Does the SPD jurisdiction extend to Greenland," asks Bo.

"Of course," says Roman, "Our jurisdiction must be world-wide. Whad'ya think, we're a bunch of small time screw-ups? Heck, no. We are world-class screw ups and proud of it."

Bo fills him in on what happened, missing a few details.

Roman gets philosophical, "You know what they say about landings..."

Bo knows, "Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. It wasn't such a good landing for Pop. They reminisce about OMB.

Patch sleeps and gurgles in his hospital bed. Kayla wakes him up. He asks how she's doing. Kayla says she's doing well. "How about the little peanut," asks Patch.

"A goober just like his daddy," says Kayla.

Patch feels like he's ready to get back in the ring. Not with 'The Fridge,' though. He tells her the sooner she goes back to her room the sooner they will let them out of there. Kayla asks, "You gonna be good?"

"Am I ever anything but?"

"Hack." Kayla nearly chokes up Peanut.

After Kayla leaves, Patch digs out the threatening card and stares. With one eye, of course.

The Thetas gather with Chelsea and Stephanie for the inquisition. Sister Bambi tells Chelsea, "You know, you might be off the hook with the cops Chelsea, but you're not off the hook with us."

Stephanie gives Chelsea a look that says, "Oh, boy. Things are going to get juicy," but she defends her. The bimbos gang up. They claim they were a-scared and Chelsea didn't trust them. They've decided she told the truth, though and had the most to lose. They admire that. Admire yes, understand, no. So the verdict is... She's in! Oh, lucky Chelsea. Morgan gives her a sisterly hug, then they share the Theta handshake, which mimics the moves of a surgeon doing liposuction.

Shawn and Belle come into Bo's room with Claire. They also bring Caroline. Upon seeing Caroline, everyone gets a bit uncomfortable.

Patch and Kayla get back home after their double-miracle-recovery. Snuggling on the couch is tough in Patch's condition. Kayla asks what it was he was going to say last night. Patch stammers. He claims he doesn't remember what it was. He bribes her into lying down by promising to go get something to eat. The way to Kayla's heart is through her stomach, and that's a highway that continues to expand.

Hugs all around in Bo's room. Caroline wants to talk about OMB. Belle decides the conversation will be uncomfortable, so she takes Claire to get some candy, "If we can't kill you off by force feeding you junk food, we'll at least make your teeth rot out." Bo tells Caroline OMB died because of him. Shawn and Roman chime in telling her what happened on the plane.

"Grandpa died so that his family could live," says Shawn.

Bo blames himself. Caroline insists OMB made a choice, just as Bo would give up his life for Shawn. And Shawn says he would sacrifice his life for Claire. If we keep up this train of thought we may be able to get rid of the whole lot.

Bo says, "I'm sick. What if Pop did this for nothing?"

Lexie steps into the room, "He did not do it for nothing. If nothing else, none of us has to go looking for him wandering the streets at night in his bathrobe again."

Patch wanders through the seedy side of Salem tailed by a pair of long legs in nylons and pumps. Could it be... could it be... Jack Devereaux?

Patch turns and discovers the Mystery Woman. He rushes her and slams her up against a wall, "It was you, eh?"

"I was hoping you knew it was me," she says. They fight, and Mr. Uglycreep comes out of nowhere and helps whomp Patch. He collapses in a heap and asks what she is doing there. "We never said goodbye, PATCH," she snarls, "Or should I call you Steve?"

Patch scrapes his guts off the pavement and gets up, "If that's all you want, AVA... goodbye."

That's not all Ava wants. WHAM! Right in the old bread basket. "You said you wanted me to have your baby," screams Ava.

Right about now, Patch feels like he's going to have hers. "I changed my mind," he grunts.

"I guess the new Steve will have to pay for the old Patch's mistake," says Ava, "I want you back."

Patch groans, "Yeah, well, you got my front. You've sure got a funny way of showing me you want me back." Ava thinks he needs to suffer the way she has. She vows to get him back.

He figures out her people sabotaged the plane. She admits it but says they did too much, "Bottom line... You didn't die."

Patch points out that others did, "Are you really that crazy?"

"Daddy doesn't like me to get out of the house much," says wacko Ava, "Sometimes I get away. I got to Ireland and I got out today. That's pretty good for me, eh?"

"You're sick," says Patch. She wants him to go with her. Ava backs away as Patch huffs and puffs. As she backs up, she rolls her eyes at her partner. She moves away as Mr. Uglycreep moves in. Patch laces into him. Uglycreep collapses, but the whole thing didn't do Patch's ribs much good. As he staggers off he tells Ava to keep away from his family.

Ava stares, "It's not over."

Oh, we are just so happy at the sorority. They all need to start thinking about what they should do when they get out of school, since jobs are out of the question. They look over available internships. Chelsea finds something, "Here's one for an intern in the Clinton administration. Oh, never mind. It's for a guy."

Lexie vows Bo won't die. She asks for a word alone with him. The gang leaves after a chain of tearful goodbyes. When it's Roman's turn, he leans over Bo and says, "If you don't recover I'll meet you in heaven and kick the hell out of you."

God turns to Roman, "You might want to plan on meeting him somewhere else."

Chelsea finds an internship at a news station but fortunately Max arrives just in time to break up this nonsense about the possibility of actually getting a job. Stephanie hugs him and offers condolences. Chelsea doesn't know what to say, "I'm not good at the whole... this kind of thing."

"It's called conversation," says Max. Chelsea goes to check on Bo.

Max says he never got a chance to say goodbye to OMB. Stephanie insists OMB loved him, "I'm sure he wanted to tell you that as he took his last breath."

"He probably wanted oxygen more," says Max. Hugs. Morgan watches.

Patch comes back with cheeseburgers, chocolate shakes and fries, from Buddy's Burger Barn. The slogan on the sack says "We make your unborn baby fat so you won't have to." Suddenly, Patch hears a huge noise. It's probably Kayla crashing through the floor after eating those burgers and fries.

Patch wonders what the heck that was. Kayla tells him it's been going on since just after he left. Patch decides his meds have run out and gets up to get some. On the way, he locks the front door. "Expecting trouble," asks Kayla.

Bo and Caroline share a tender moment talking about OMB. Caroline goes on and on, "He was loyal, caring... There is a whole list of things he was... trustworthy, generous, senile... hardworking..."

"I remember how devastated I was when he told me there was no Santa Claus," says Bo, "It was one of the worst moments on my trip to Ireland last week."

Bo breaks down, "He was there for me at the end." Caroline says he's there for Bo now and all his children. "He'll always be there for you, too," says Bo. They fall into each other's arms crying.

Morgan stomps into the room and hugs Max. Max wishes he had been there with OMB when he went, "I could have used up even more oxygen." Max thinks maybe it would have been better if he were the one to die, since OMB was a much better man than he ever could be.

Stephanie and Morgan tell him what he wants to hear – what a great guy he is, "We are," say it with them, "there for you."

"I'm sorry for being such a wus," says Max.

"No need to apologize," says Stephanie, "You are what you are." Stephanie leaves so she can check on Patch and Kayla. Smoochie. As she goes he thanks her.

Kayla cleans up after the exercise in gluttony. She looks at a picture of Caroline and OMB and goes all maudlin on us.

Patch tries to encourage her, "Your pop went out on his own terms saving the people he loves. I would do that for you and Stephanie."

BOOM-KNOCK-BANG! Patch jumps out of his skin. Kayla wonders why he is so jumpy. He says it's left over adrenaline from the plane crash. They decide they are safe together. He suggests she go lie down and he will join her. Kayla goes into the bedroom. Patch grabs his gun and then chains the door.

Morgan tells Max, "You know Stephanie loves you and trusts you."

"There is no reason she shouldn't," says Max. Morgan says if it were her, she would never let him out of her sight. She knows Max doesn't love her and is ready to move on as friends. Max hugs her and says he doesn't want to lose her as a friend, "You can be the first runner up."

Bo asks Lexie what's the worst-case scenario. Lexie says she doesn't know what's wrong with him, "Making diagnoses isn't my strong suit." Bo wants her to tell him before she tells his family. The Fridge wheels him out.

Patch buries the gun between the couch cushions as the lock on the door rattles. He digs the gun out, cocks it and hides behind the door. The chain stops the door.

Patch wheels around and nails the intruder, "Hey!"

"Geez," says Stephanie, "It's harder getting in here than a safe. Patch conceals the gun and lets her in. He sends her in to see Kayla. Patch chains the door again, sits on the couch and buries the gun in between the cushions.

The headline screams from the next morning's edition of the Salem Enquirer:



You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous botoxlady said...

Ahhhh, kudos to the pictures. The Scarlett and the "Old Geezers" pictures are particularly appropriate.

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Patch laces into him. Uglycreep collapses but the whole thing didn't do Patch's ribs much good.

Even after the Mystery Woman has softened him up, Mr. Uglycreep gets bested by Steve and his damaged ribs. Here we have yet another example of DOOL logic or is it lack there of? Geez.

After only a semester of school, the Theta sisters are looking for jobs. Let’s see. They majored in partying and had a minor in body disposal so they might consider operating a funeral home with an open bar.

Very entertaining Prevuze and great photos and captions!!!

5:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bo wants her to tell him before she tells his family.

Gee, I thought that was how it was supposed to go down. But, I guess with Lexie in charge, she needs all of the reminders that she can get on patient/doctor rights.

Wonder what Carrie thinks of Lexie having her license back AND being chief of staph??

- nanny_74

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's one for an intern in the Clinton administration. Oh, never mind. It's for a guy."

im still not so sure on this one. LOL

6:24 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Just a note to the last Anonymous poster of yesterday who wondered, "...the writers can't possibly be this inept?" Oh, Anon. Yes, yes they can. And it gives all of us so much yummy ammunition. LOLOLOLOL

Loved ALL of the pictures. I don't know how you all come up with this stuff. Evilgenius - your pic was evil AND genius!

And who IS looking after whatshername? All known babysitters are at the hospital.

A zap-worthy show and award-worthy Prevuze. Thanks

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I agree - love how Bo had to ask Lexie to tell him he's got cancer or whatever before she calls everyone she knows like she did with his test results. Sheesh.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

loved the very last comment about removing the bullet from Patch's butt. It made me lol

7:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

loved the last comment at the end of todays spoiler about removing the bullet from Patch's butt! lol

7:32 AM  
Blogger Paula B said...

"dirty copper"
"nearly chokes up Peanut"
"intern in the Clinton admin"
"remove bullet from butt"

OMG! How do you come up with this stuff day after day? They say 15 minutes of laughter a day is good for heart health--you certainly have improved mine! Also, thanks for the reminder about Jack; I miss his antics.

Re Nanny_74's comment "Wonder what Carrie thinks of Lexie having her license back AND being chief of staph??"

I wonder what Carrie thinks about being Lexie's cousin.

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does the DOOL writers realize that they just ruined the lives of many many children by having Bo say "I remember when OMB told me there was no Santa Claus"
So many little kids watch this shows with their moms.....
Thanks a Pant-Load DOOL!

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone remind me of the Dimera family tree??
How many children does Stephano have and with how many different woman?
If memory serves me correctly, Kristen and Peter Blake were not acutally his blood relatives, right?
So that leaves Tony(?)and Lexie. E.J's mom is Susan. But who is his bio dad?
DROOL has changed history so many times I can't keep up.


9:05 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I can see some recycled script opportunities coming up when the Brat gets an internship at a tv station. In a few weeks she'll have her very own Deveraux-style tv show.

Any speculation on who Crazy Ava's Daddy is going to be? And if Patch really had broken ribs and got punched like that he wouldn't even be able to breathe much less take on some tough. Come on!

LOL over him getting shot in the backside and all of the pictures were great! Thanks!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carrie and Lexie aren't cousins. Carrie's parents are Anna & Roman and Lexie's parents are Celeste & Stephano. The only people who become DiMera's thru this are Belle and Brady via John's newfound heritage.

11:08 AM  
Anonymous tj7812 said...

"he only people who become DiMera's thru this are Belle and Brady via John's newfound heritage."

So now Belle and Brady are BOTH half-siblings AND cousins??????


11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, no, somehow now they are related, if John is now Colleen's son, that makes Roman his cousin, so Carrie is John's neice??? Dang I seriously need an updated family tree.

About the prevue coming up, where EJ may/maynot get deported unless he can "prove" his marraige to Sami is legit, I thought Susan Banks was his mom, and Stephano or John impregnated her, and she had the baby in the mansion before Kristen sent her to be in the Harem. Of course, many years have past, (what 14?) so I may be wrong.

- nanny_74

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for run-on sentence above, was hyper-typing/thinking.

- nanny_74

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great prevuze today. I loved the Marlena separated at birth and geezer sex pictures and the headline from the Salem Enquirer.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

As I remember, Stefano had EJ with Susan Banks. Susan and Edmond took baby EJ off to raise away from Stefano's influence. (Kristen got tricked into the Harem which is the last time we saw her.)

Next thing you know EJ turns up in Salem having been raised by Stef with no references at all to Susan or Edmund. Writers writing without any regard to past history strikes again!

6:29 AM  
Anonymous Dazed said...

Am I the only one who doesn't know who Ava is?

1:53 PM  

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