Friday, February 29, 2008


Stephanie and Nick sit in the pub and talk about a grant he is applying for. Nick explains, "It's about the science of going green." Chelsea walks in looking like something the cat dragged in. Nick looks up at her and, what a coincidence, goes green. Chelsea joins them.

"You don't look so good," says Stephanie.

"She looks the same as she always does," says Nick.

"That's what I mean," says Stephanie.

They ask how her dad is doing. Chelsea says, "If he was doing well, would I look this bad?"


Chelsea don' wanna talk about it. So she talks about it. The blithering basket case fills them in on Bo's condition. Stephanie asks, "What does that mean?"

Chelsea whines, "He could die Stephanie, if they don't do something about it quick. I'm just all torn up about it, even though we all know six months from now I'll probably be plotting to kill him."

Chloe comes into Phillip's study. "Gee," he says, "You slept in – AGAIN." Chloe says it's because she is just so comfortable there. She wonders why Phillip isn't at work. He says he's waiting for a call, "We had the phones removed from Titan as a cost-cutting measure." Chloe says she has a favor to ask. Phillip's a bit miffed. He tells her Victor believes she is responsible for Brady's disappearance, but Phillip believes her cock and bull story, "So what's this favor? I can't imagine it's any bigger than what I've already done for you."

Chloe says, "It is bigger."

Patch comes out and tries to bundle Kayla up. She declines. He tries to force feed her chips and dip, or get her a drink. She tells the pandering idiot to sit down. Patch sits, but a knock at the door gets him back up immediately. She asks why he's so jumpy. "I'm not jumpy," he says as he puts the chain on the door and peers out.

Abe looks through the crack in the door at the crackpot behind the door. Patch turns to Kayla and tells her it's a pizza delivery. He goes into the hall. Abe says he couldn't find anything in the local files, so he ran the info Patch gave him through state and federal databases, which means he committed a crime on all levels of government.

Chelsea insists she will be fine. They call her on it and she admits she's putting on an act. Max comes into the pub and joins them. He announces he's been to court. Stephanie slams her hand into her head and grimaces, "I could have had a V-8! And I also forgot about your hearing." She apologizes and asks how things went.

"I was a jerk with the judge," says Max, "I told him I only did it once and it was the SOB who raped my girlfriend. My lawyer told me to shut up and I told the judge about my pop. I got community service, the same thing Chelsea got for murder. I just miss Pop. That's all that matters. At least the Ford Decker deal is dead and buried."

"Was that supposed to be funny," asks Stephanie.


Max wants to change the subject. Stephanie says she and Chelsea have decided to apply for internships, but haven't actually filled out the applications. "I don't even want to go to class," says Chelsea, "I mean, why start now? "

Morgan rushes in and announces she has applied for an amazing internship. Monica Lewinski turns around and says, "Just keep your hands off my man." Morgan thinks Chelsea and Stephanie should get their applications in as soon as possible.

Chloe tells Phillip she is running out of money. Phillip says she can stay there a while longer. As they hug, Phillip asks, "Why do I feel like this is the biggest mistake I have ever made?" Chloe smiles.

Phillip thinks there is more to Chloe's request. Chloe insists she is being completely open with him, "As much as I need to be." Translation: Fort Knox is more open.

Chloe runs outside in the cold where she finds a mountain of baggage. Well, actually it's luggage. Chloe already came with baggage. She tells Phillip it was in storage and she had it sent over. Phillip can't believe it. He thinks she was pretty sure of herself to have it delivered before he told her she could stay. He also can't believe how much there is. Chloe insists she just brought the basics. Phillip wants to know the real problem with Brady. Chloe says love wasn't enough and the rest is none of Phillip's business. She explodes and runs upstairs. Phillip stares.

Chelsea tells Morgan about Bo. Max reminds her his dad just died. Morgan will do anything she can to help. She asks Nick about his grant. He says he still has to give a presentation. Morgan is just sure he will get it. Nick says there are other things going on in his life that might stand in the way of getting the grant – like a lot of stuff with Chelsea. Nick thinks it affects everything. Chelsea says he shouldn't let it affect him. She knows he will get the grant and she will get through her problems.

Morgan takes Nick aside. She tells him blowing the grant won't help, "You need to focus."

"You're right," says Knick.

She creates a small breeze in the pub batting her eyes, "Morgan is always right, sweetie."

Patch says he appreciates what Abe did. He asks Abe to keep it secret, but tells him Stefano did to him what he did to John, "Only he was able to download my mind to a small jump drive instead of a whole CD. At one point, though, I managed to escape, and that's when I hooked up with Ava."

Abe raises his eyebrows, "Hooked up... romantically?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Before Abe gets the juicy details, Kayla steps into the hall and asks where the pizza is.

Ava paces and obsesses. She goes through the pictures again – Patch, John, Hope... the rest of them.

Kayla is suspicious. She didn't realize Abe was moonlighting as a pizza deliveryman. They lie to her and say they're talking about the sabotage of John's plane. Patch asks her to go back into the bedroom and they all move inside.

With Kayla out of the way, Patch tells Abe he had no clue he was Steve Johnson and fell in with Ava, "Her family was into all kinds of sleazy things... guns... drugs... extortion... watching DOOL. Ava wanted to marry me, but something in my subconscious told me she wasn't the woman I loved. I felt there was someone else for me. I prefer a more full-figured woman, if you know what I mean."

"Big buns."

"You got it."

He tells Abe Ava is in Salem.

Stephanie thinks Max needs downtime. He excuses himself and joins Nick and Morgan. Max shoos Nick away and tells Morgan not to move in on Nick. Morgan says she would never do that. "You just did," says Max.

Chloe is on the phone rambling in German as Phillip watches.

Phillip goes into the room and sets a digital recorder down on a desk where Chloe can't see it. Chloe watches as Phillip leaves.

Patch says this all happened five or six years ago. Abe asks if Ava is obsessed. "She was," says Patch, "But not now. The Ava I've been seeing is not the same as that one. Her father always kept her on a short leash." Abe says Daddy is still out and about. Patch says Ava is resourceful enough to sabotage the plane. He tells Abe she admitted doing it, but he can't report it.

"Why," asks Abe.

"Because that would be the responsible, reasonable and intelligent thing to do."

Abe rages. Patch shushes him because he doesn't want Kayla to hear. Abe says he has to report it. Patch says there is no actual proof Ava did it.

"When has that ever stopped the Salem Police Department," asks Abe.

Patch warns Abe that Ava has people who can hatch her nefarious plans, and he knows she has a bead on Kayla. Patch wants access to police resources. Abe doesn't know how they will find her, "And if she is after you, why would she want to kill everyone on the plane?"

"She's crazy," whispers Patch.

"I could never have figured that out," asks Abe.

Morgan insists she isn't after Nick.

Chelsea and Stephanie wonder what Max and Morgan are talking about. Chelsea decides to go see Bo. Morgan hugs her on the way out. Chelsea leaves and Morgan goes to greet an old boyfriend.

Nick sits with Stephanie and tells her the conversation with Morgan was nothing important.

"You sure you don't want to start dating her again," says Stephanie.

"Hell no," says Max, "She's not even a distant cousin."

Stephanie leaves. Max leafs through Nick's grant proposal and pulls a page. Morgan watches.

Stephanie returns and asks what Max is doing.

Patch doesn't know how Ava found him. Abe offers police protection for Kayla. Patch don' wan' no stinkin' protection. He wants to keep this from Kayla because he thinks she can't handle the stress in her delicate condition. He thinks Ava is dangerous, though.

Chloe continues to rattle off German on the phone. As she hangs up, Phillip steps in and asks if there is any news about Brady. Chloe says that's not what the conversation was about. She says she left some of her things in Vienna and is having them shipped. Phillip can't believe she could have more stuff. He gets sarcastic, "I'd love to be your bellhop."

"I'll bet you'd like to hop her frequently," says Chloe. She leaves. Phillip picks up the recorder and makes a call, "I need your help. Get over here fast."

Patch says he doesn't know if Ava is out to kill him. Abe doesn't believe him. Patch says she was pretty sweet when they were together but he headed for the hills when Ava started pushing him to marry, "She wanted it too badly. Even though I didn't remember anything, I knew there was someone else I wanted to be with. I thought she would get over it. My mistake, huh?"

Patch didn't think her daddy cared one way or the other if he left.

Abe asks, "Why didn't she just kill you?"

"She said she suffered all these years since I left her, so she wanted me to suffer, too," says Patch, "I need that report."

As Abe leaves Patch thanks him for not playing by the book. Abe hasn't read the book. He leaves. Patch locks up.

Ava stares at the pictures. She deals them out one by one and then freaks out. She starts wadding them up and tossing some of them across the room. When she gets to Patch's picture, she stops and contemplates it.

Phillip thanks his interpreter for getting there so quickly.

Stephanie thinks it's odd that Max should be interested in the "scribble-scratch" in Nick's binder. She doesn't think he could understand it anyway. This hurts Max' feelings. Stephanie tells him, "You're special, too. Just in a different way. My knight in shining armor."

"You might not always think of me that way," says Max.

"Why not?"

"Never mind."

Some drunk wonders where the bartender is. Max announces that it is time for his shift and he goes to work.

Morgan hands Nick his binders and tells him he shouldn't leave them lying around, "I have something to tell you about our friend Max."

Patch serves popcorn with Parmesan cheese. Kayla pops one in her mouth, gags and nearly has the baby on the spot. Patch takes the bowl from her and tosses the popcorn in the wastebasket, "I should have made it the way we always do."

Kayla corrects him, "You mean the way I always do."

"Right," says Patch, "How is that you do it?"

"Three minutes in a microwave," she says.

"Don't you get a little uncomfortable in there," he asks.

"How did you ever survive without me?"

"I don't know baby."

Kayla invites him to sit down. She snuggles in and asks why he is being so good to her. He evades and mentions her pregnancy. "You haven't taken your eyes off me," says Kayla.

"You mean my eye."

She asks if this has something to do with what Abe was there about. He says he just likes being close to her.

The interpreter tells Phillip Chloe was talking to her agent, "She said he owes her because she made him a lot of money and asked him not to tell anyone she threatened Brady. She didn't mean it when she said, 'I'll kill you.' She said if he keeps quiet, she'll owe him."

Chloe walks into the room, "What's going on here?"


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Abe says he couldn't find anything in the local files, so he ran the info Patch gave him through state and federal databases, which means he committed a crime on all levels of government.

Just business as usual at the SPD.

"Her family was into all kinds of sleazy things... guns... drugs... extortion... watching DOOL.

Well that certainly explains why she’s the psycho b*t*h from hell.

"Right," says Patch, "How is that you do it?"

"Three minutes in a microwave," she says.

"Don't you get a little uncomfortable in there," he asks.

Good one Prevuze!!

This episode sounds like must sleep through TV. It’s a good thing Prevuze keeps the laughs coming!!!

5:49 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"I was a jerk with the judge. I told him I only did it once" says Max. You mean he only buried, dug up, stuffed a body in a water heater and then reburied somewhere else only once? Amateur!

OK, we all know from the spoilers Morgan's fabulous new job is with Tony.

Great picture, Applecheeks! And I LOL over the Claire and baby monitor pics, too. Excellent Prevuze today!

6:18 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

I can't even begin to list all the great stuff in Prevuze this morning.

But, I'll begin anyway....

First off - what a great line-up of pictures including an amazing group of references to pop culture: Little Mermaid, Superman, and the fabulous tie-in to Dark Shadows.

Loved Phil's "big favor" to Chloe on the death flight. And the piece-d'resistance was Claire explaining the non-binding informational codicil. LOLOL

Then there were some classic Prevuisms (that Leslie hasn't already mentioned):

[Phil] says he's waiting for a call, "We had the phones removed from Titan as a cost-cutting measure."

"I don't even want to go to class," says Chelsea, "I mean, why start now?"

Altogether a fabulously funky feature Friday! Thanks, Prevuze.

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I was reading(and laughing out loud) prevuze this morning I couldn't help but think about my other favorite snarky blog site.
Now, I love prevuze!! I read it everyday and am generally amused every day. But for anyway that really wants to doubly wet their pants laughing, I highly recommend a site called
It is a site dedicated to the crappiness that is American Idol. It's very funny, even if you love AI. All those who enjoy prevuze sarcasm and whit will love vftw.
That's my plug.


7:02 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Still no Deb?

9:12 AM  
Blogger ~*Robin said...

Prevuze II?

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze II is up (probably with Robin's gentle reminder). And for a split second I was overjoyed.

The picture that first comes up is from the last few seconds of the feed and I thought for sure the guy in the photo was Bart! Returned to us again!!

Alas, it is apparently the translator. ;-(


9:53 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Prevuze II is up (probably with Robin's gentle reminder). And for a split second I was overjoyed.

Yes, Robin, thanks for the reminder. Kotu, If Bart ever comes back, you won't need a quick video clip to get the message. Prevuze will shout it from the rooftops.

10:34 AM  
Blogger jeremy said...

this would be cool Bring back Mystery Science Theater 3000 but make it daily but with days episodes and all the prevuzism
then again instead of robots have shadow images of prevuze and deb

great prevuze today

and thanks for making days more bearable for the rest of us we know how tough and painful it could be
come back soon deb:-)

11:11 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Deb says that she's been taken meds, sleeping and being bored.

I asked her in horror if the were making her actually watch DOOL.

She said she will be back soon and has a lot of great ideas, so look out.

Not more competition for Nick, geez. The dork has become an absolute chick magnet.

Morgan and Tony working together equals a shrill, pissed off Anna.

What is Chloe up to? Is she the one responsible for Brady's disappearance? It kind of sounds like it. Does anybody know or have any ideas?

Geez, was Ava a zygote and she and Patch had a thing? Did he run from her and then become Nick? I'm confused about the timeframe.

Guess we need and identity/parentage timeline for Patch as well as John.

11:22 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Sorry about the typos in the above post. You guys know what I mean.

11:23 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Sorry about the typos in the above post. You guys know what I mean.

I should post something like that after every Prevuze. Caroline... Colleen... what's the difference, eh?

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

KOTU - you weren't the only one who thought at first that was Bart! I was so happy and then disappointed. Of course I know he was sliced open with a sword or something but on DOOL what does that matter?

11:42 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I also heard from Deb. She seemed to be in good spirits and said she will be back soon.

Hope you continue to improve, Deb.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's going on with Max? Is he going to turn out to be the new Salem-sleeze bag? Why all of the negativity with him - and why was he snooping with Nick's stuff?
Any ideas?

6:20 PM  

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