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The family has left poor Caroline alone to clean up the pub and get it ready for opening after the OMB wake. Hey, what did you expect, love and support? Get real! Cleaning up that pub is work. She hears someone come in and breathes fire, "I'M SORRY! WE'RE NOT OPEN YET." She turns to see Victor sniffing around. All he wants is coffee. Caroline softens.

Max meets Nick at the Java Café. Nick wants to see him about his grant project. Max plays dumb. It's not a stretch. Max says, "I know this grant is important to you."

Nick says, "Why are you trying to screw it up?"

Chelsea, Morgan and Stephanie are jogging. They stop to rest after the first block and give Chelsea a big pep talk. Chelsea decides she's in training to be there for her dad. Morgan and Stephanie assure her things will be OK and she'll have their support because they are all friends. Stephanie chimes in, "In fact, we're more than just friends – we're sisters."

Morgan says, "In a couple of days we could be at each other's throats."

Chelsea says, "Only if things improve significantly."

Marlena arrives at the mansion. John continues to snoop through Stefano's stuff. The doorbell rings and John asks her to get it. Marlena gives him a look that says, "What – am I your maid?"

John gives her a look that says, "Yes." Obedient little Marlena goes to the door and opens it. Rolf.

Caroline tells Victor she is sick with worry about Bo, "But I guess no change is better than him getting worse, and I know they will find out what is wrong, especially now that they've brought in an actual doctor instead of Lexie." Victor says he needs someone to talk to. For starters.

Morgan says they are all going after the same thing. Oh, I can't stand the excitement. All three of their cell phones ring at the same time. A triple! All three girls pick up and blather into their phones. Whoever is on the other end, Chelsea tells the person she will get back with her. Stephanie makes her appointment, as does Morgan. They all snap their phones shut at the same time in an amazing display of choreography. They stare at each other and decide they all got the same call. "It's already starting," says Chelsea.

Max continues to play dumb. It continues not to be a stretch. Nick wants his support. Max assures him he has it. Nick says Morgan told him Max ripped a page out of his notebook. Busted!

Tony startles Anna as he walks into her office at the Lumburg Agency. She tells him he's busy and doesn't have time for the desk gymnastics they had the last time he was there. She orders him out. Tony thinks she's being harsh. She gets a call and turns syrupy sweet as she sucks up to a potential client. Tony listens with interest as Anna sets up the appointment. When Anna hangs up Tony tells her, "That client came to me first."

Marlena stands at the door and calls, "John?"

John approaches. Rolf says, "Goot mornink, Mr. Black."

John says, "I'm glad you could make it."

Marlena asks, "What's going on here?"

Rolf Explains, "Zince Stefano is gone, I have a new job. Vould you be interested in zome aluminum ziding?" John tells Marlena he has decided not to press charges. Rolf is eternally grateful. Marlena is indignant. Marlena wonders how Rolf convinced people John was dead. Rolf plays dumb. It's not a stretch.

As they move into the study, Marlena wonders why John keeps ignoring her advice.

Max admits tearing a piece of paper out of Nick's notebook. He claims he needed something to write a phone number on. Nick wonders why Max didn't just take a blank page. Max says the piece he took just had a couple of scribbles on it. He says he still has the paper and offers to give it back. He yanks it out of his jacket pocket and hands it over. Nick wonders why Max is so interested in his project.

The phone calls to the girls were for the intern interviews. Chelsea is on a downer. She decides to reschedule her interview and then goes to finish the run and check up on Bo. Morgan and Stephanie compare their interview schedules. They have a slew of them lined up and they are all in the field of, guess what, advertising.

Anna says Tony can't possibly know who she just talked to. Tony gives the details of the conversation and rattles through a list of everything the client probably wanted. Anna plays dumb. It's not a stretch. She's just sure the potential client will select Lumberg. Tony wants her to come and work for him.

"You mean under you," says Anna, "No thanks." They agree they're crazy about each other, but Anna says she would have to be really crazy to work with him. She wants to succeed on her own terms. He wishes her luck and leaves.

John thinks Marlena is trying to tell him what to do, and that has nothing to do with valuing her opinion. Rolf says he no longer works for Stefano, since poor ole Stefano is pretty much out of the picture. Marlena says she is there to invite John to a family supper, "Just the two of us, Belle, Shawn and Claire." John wonders why she isn't inviting all the rest of the crazy clan, too.

"People lose their appetites around Belle and Shawn," says Marlena. She says she just wants to start with something small. He says he will let her know. Marlena sulks off.

John asks Rolf's opinion of what that was all about. Rolf thinks Marlena did it because she loves him. John wonders if she can cook. Rolf says not from what he has heard. "How do you know that," asks John.

Rolf enlightens him, "Zince you don't have zee memory, you probably aren't aware of zee great Zalem fire of 1999, vhen Marlena turned a package of Mrs. Paul's Fish Sticks and half of Zalem into charred rubble. Besides, you zaid she couldn't cook vonce vhen you were rambling incoherently down in zee lab."

"If it was incoherent," asks John, "How could you understand it?"

"It's a zkill I've developed over zee years vatching DOOL," says Rolf.

"So what should I wear to this shindig?"

"How zhould I know," says Rolf, "I'm a zcientist not a butler."

"Wrong," snaps John, "I'm offering you a job as my butler." Rolf declines. "Do you have a better offer," asks John. Alas, Rolf has no offers. "Then you're hired," says John, "But you have to lose that accent."

"But zis iz zee vay I talk," insists Rolf.

"Find another way."

Victor says he shouldn't be burdening Caroline with this as he continues to dump his burden on her, "Lately I haven't been sleeping well. I've been short-tempered, taking things out on the staff and I can't concentrate."

"At least things are getting back to normal," says Caroline.

"I can't stop thinking about Isabella," says victor, "I miss her so much and can't bear the idea of losing Bo the same way. I'm devastated."

"Is this the same Bo you tried to kill several years ago," says Caroline.

"That's the one," says Victor.

Morgan arrives at Tony's office for her interview. Tony goes through the preliminaries and tells her he's impressed. He's impressed with her resume, too. He outlines the job duties and Morgan asks when she starts. Tony just loves her attitude. She says she will cancel her other interviews if he gives her the job right now. Tony says he will do that if she passes his little test.

Stephanie arrives for her interview with Anna. Anna tells her the secretary is out to lunch, but then comes clean and says there is no secretary at all. She tells Stephanie she shouldn't want to work there, "My boss is a voice on the speaker phone and I think this agency will go under unless I can turn it around." Stephanie decides she is still interested. Anna says she has to prove things to Tony.

"What do you care what Tony thinks," asks Stephanie.

"You know," says Anna, "I don't. I shouldn't be doing this to prove myself to him. I should be doing it to prove myself to me. Stephanie wants to help. Anna smiles.

Max tells Nick he has to get to work, "Good luck with all your calculazations." Max bolts.

Tony makes up a hypothetical scenario much like the one he was discussing with Anna. He asks Morgan to give him some slug lines for this theoretical campaign. Morgan reels off a chain of saccharine phrases and voila! Tony is so impressed he hires her on the spot. He says she is such hot stuff he will call and cancel his next appointment, "I don't think I'm gonna get better than you."

Anna doesn't think Stephanie or anyone else can turn this place around, "I do, however, have a new potential ad campaign coming up. We'd be helping a client sell quality goods at discount prices."

Stephanie reels off a few suggestions, "You may not be as rich as a star, – but you can look like one at discount prices." She tries another, "How about, "Quality goods at discount prices – if you don't mind buying your Rolex from Jimmy the Snake out of the back of a panel truck."

Anna thinks it could work. Stephanie says she loves a challenge. "This place is definitely challenged," says Anna. Stephanie decides she will cancel her other appointments if Anna hires her.

"Welcome aboard the sinking ship," says Anna.

Rolf flashes back to Stefano explaining what the disc is. He asks John his duties. "Whatever I want," says John, "so I don't have to throw your sorry butt back in jail. The old John would have left you locked up, wouldn't he?"

Marlena arrives at the pub and finds Caroline. They talk about Bo's condition and compassionate Marlena offers to do anything she can. "I'll have a cup of hot tea," says Marlena, "John is being very frustrating these days. He's not himself at all."

"Is he Roman again," asks Caroline, "Maybe you should clear your mind by concentrating on work."

"My mind is pretty clear already," says Marlena, "but it's worth a try." She decides she needs to see patients again and even add new ones. Caroline looks over at Victor sulking at a table.

An unidentified genius looks over Nick's calculations. He points to one of the formulas, "You're off. And so are your calculations."

Chelsea wanders aimlessly by the dock. Morgan asks what she's doing there. Chelsea says she came back there to wait while Bo has tests. Morgan offers to hang with her. She tells her she got the job, and then makes a call to cancel her appointment with Anna. Anna says she has already given the internship to someone else. Stephanie shows up. She says she got the internship she wanted. She gets a call from Tony and they settle things. Stephanie and Morgan give each other a goofy smile.

John asks what the old John would do to Rolf. "I shudder to zink," says Rolf, "For my tazte, zee olt John vas a goodie-two-shoes."

"Mine, too," drones John. He decides they have to trust each other. He asks what Rolf is thinking. Rolf was thinking about what would happen if the old John came back.

"Bad, huh," asks John, "Consider yourself lucky he's not coming back." We pan to the disc.

Rolf thinks being the butler would be preferable to being incarcerated. John tells him to go shut down the lab and bring him the key. Rolf protests. John threatens. Rolf does his bidding. John chuckles and sneers.

Marlena joins Victor at his table. Vic is near depression.

The unidentified genius has found an error in Nick's formula, "You should be using this as a constant instead of a variable. You need to check and recheck everything." He leaves. Max watches.

Ethan brings Anna into Tony's office along with storyboards for the next presentation. He runs through Tony's schedule.

Stephanie and Morgan talk about their jobs. Chelsea sees problems because they will be rivals. Stephanie shrugs her shoulders and does her best bobblehead imitation.

Nick calls Max. He wants to know why he tore that page out. Max plays dumb. It's not a stretch. Nick decides it's nothing and hangs up. Max watches as Nick says to himself, "It must be a coincidence."

Ethan rambles on as he leaves Tony's office. Anna tells Tony things are going great. Tony claims things are going great with him, too, "I love you. Do you know that? I want you to succeed."

"That means a lot to me."

"I won't pitch or bid against you," says Tony, "You can have it if you want it."

Anna snorts, "I don't want or need your charity." She huffs out.

Dr. Marlena - Evans - Craig - Bradford - Brady - Black - North - Black counsels Victor. She offers to have Victor come in. Victor decides to give it a try.

Rolf announces the lab is closed. He gives John the only key he has, but says he thinks Stefano may have had one, too. John tells him to clean up while he goes to eat protein, "I'll see you in an hour and 37 minutes."

"Why an hour and 37 minutes," asks Rolf.

"That's how much time we have until the oxygen runs out." A countdown timer starts in the lower-right corner of the screen. John leaves.

Rolf swipes the disc and puts it in the safe behind the picture of Stefano, "Yes, zee olt John Black is gone vor goot and vor my zake it hat better stay zat vay." He closes the safe and walks away. We pan in on the picture of Stefano.

A crowd gathers on the US side of Niagara falls. Ciara revs up her motorcycle and rolls out onto the high wire stretched across to the Canadian side. The crowd gasps as the bike lurches.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Besides, you zaid she couldn't cook vonce vhen you were rambling incoherently down in zee lab."

"If it was incoherent," asks John, "How could you understand it?"

"It's a zkill I've developed over zee years vatching DOOL," says Rolf.

Very funny, Prevuze!!!

Dr. Marlena - Evans - Craig - Bradford - Brady - Black - North - Black counsels Victor. She offers to have Victor come in. Victor decides to give it a try.

If Victor actually takes Marlena up on her offer, that would really be dumb but that isn’t a stretch is it?

I hope Rolf gets to keep his accent. If he loses the accent, it would be a real shame. Hiding the disc behind Stefano’s picture is rather ironic…something different for DOOL writers. The question that begs for an answer…will it ever be found? Silly me. Of course, it will. Otherwise, Rolf would have flushed the disc down the toilet.

Loved Prevuze and all the photos and captions especially “The Graduate” spin!!!

5:25 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Great Prevuze! LOL at the clock in the corner of the screen. And I love the Rolf accent (and the way Prevuze writes it!). I hope it's not going to go away.

As for the disk behind the picture... I think we should all prepare ourselves for about six months worth of camera shots of that silly picture of Stefano. Think "letter from Aremid", where we got to see Marlena's purse from every conceivable angle.

Does Marlena counseling Victor mean we're going to get to see a DOOL character actually WORKING? At their PROFESSION??? Nah. Can't be.

Thanks again for a great Prevuze!

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure if I just wasn't paying attention or what, but what is this deal with Max and Nick? I'm sure it's just something silly... like everything else... but I'm still very confused!

I also like to think John has already used the disc to restore his memory and is just playing with everyone now!

I read Prevuze everyday and it is fabulous! Thank you for helping to make this show interesting again! And Deb... Welcome back!!

6:18 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I have no idea what Nick and Max are cooking up or what adventure the writers will have them getting into. But suffice it to say, it will probably make Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure look like Academy Award winning fare.

So now all the I-Felta-Thigh girls are going to be advertising executives? Oh well why not, they have about as much experience as Tony and Anna do.

Everyone who DOESN'T think Caroline and Victor are going to end up together, sound off now.


Yeah, I thought so.

Anyway, new blog today gang.
And thanks for the welcome backs!!

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

6:37 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Funny play on the Sue Grafton novels - especially P is for Prevuze. LOLOL

All the other pics were great too - Alias99 and Bulldog are on a roll.

Welcome to the new comic duo of the show - Jawn & Rolf. Now, if only Bart were still around. He and Jawn would be a killer combo!

Marlena wonders why John keeps ignoring her advice. Many prevuisms occurred to me after that line including, "Maybe because he's grown a pair since his 'transformation'?" HAHAHA

"F" is for FABULOUS Prevuze today. And that's not a stretch at all.

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Max and Nick, I thought the show actually remembered Max was smart enough to create his own excellent race car engine, so his looking over Nick's stuff is kinda neat to me. Can't wait to see where it goes.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, could Anna POSSIBLY be more annoying and immature??? I mean, come on lady!! How could any man stand to be in her presence, much less be in a relationship with her. I realize some people like the weird dynamic b/w her and Tony, but I wish they would make the character more of a real woman. Then the romance b/w her and Tony would be watchable.

Thanks Prevuze!

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Everyone who DOESN'T think Caroline and Victor are going to end up together, sound off now.


Yeah, I thought so.

I’ve really missed Deb and her intrepid little insects!!! Deb, here’s hoping you feel much better.

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Since the obvious upcoming summer-try-to-grab-the-young-set storyline is going to be the Tonna and Stephanie/Brat/Morgan internships, Deb - you'll have to include the two ad agencies on your Salem map. I must say, tho, it holds a lot more interest for me than the Vegas Touch This Guy crap. Tonna being involved really help.

I agree - in real life (what am I saying? HAHAHA) Rolf would have just pitched that disc in the river or the fireplace. Not in a safe Jawn is going to eventually open. Of course this is the only way to eventually get goodie-two-shoes John back. I don't want that. I LOVE NuJawn and how he doesn't cowtow to Marlena's every wish!

Great Prevuisms and pictures today - E is for Excellent!! :D

8:40 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I thought Shawn was the one that developed the racecar engine, which blew up in Max's crash? I don't know. In Salem, one day you can be an unemployed bum and the next day you are an executive in Fortune 500 company. In the same vein, your parents can be rich, establish a trust fund for you and then you still have to live in a one bedroom dump over a pub.

So, what job/internship/opportunity are Max and Nick both suited for? Nick is a labrat and Max is a driver-mechanic-bartender. Hmmmm

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So who thinks that the ad agency crap is going to turn Morgan and Stephanie against each other so that they'll hate each other and then find out they really are ... da da daaaaa... sisters. I think when Stephanie said "we're more than friends, we're sisters" was a wee bit of foreshadowing that Morgan is going to end up being the long lost child of Ava and Steve. But they have to make Stephanie and Morgan enemies because they couldn't have siblings like each other when they find out they're related. Where's the excitement in that? Thoughts? Welcome back Deb got any spoilers?

10:49 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Lisa --
I think one of Deb's spoilers from a while ago was that apparently Stefano engineered a Steve/Anna baby while Steve was "dead". It's my thinking that Morgan is the Stenna baby. I have no idea what's up with this Ava chick, but Steve said he only hooked up with her about 6 years ago.

11:36 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Yes cfish, somehow or another Morgan is supposed to be the child of Anna and Steve. A hint is given when Morgan is interviewing for the internship, Tony will notice and possibly remark how similar she and Anna are.

I don't know how Ava figures in, if she does at all.


Casting alert:
Alexa Havins(ex Babe, AMC) has been cast for the role of Jessica Davis .

Jessica is a trash talking, country music loving, Nascar fan who had a one night stand with Max Brady five years ago in Daytona. She shows up in Salem with an adorable five-year-old, looking to cause trouble for Max.

Monday, March 10th
Marlena, Belle, Shawn and Claire arrive at the DiMera mansion for dinner with John; Bo and Hope reminisce; Kayla and Lexie learn of an experimental procedure; Bo's condition suddenly worsens; Stephanie finds Steve talking to an unsavory character.

Tuesday, March 11th
Bo's condition is grim as his family arrives to say their farewells; Daniel is unwilling to perform the experimental surgery; Kayla urges Daniel to try the operation; Victor and John meet at the hospital; John boasts of his plan to control the docks.

Wednesday, March 12th
Lexie, Kayla and Daniel analyze the donor samples in search of a match; Daniel insists that surgery may kill Bo; Hope urges Bo to hang on; Steve makes Kayla take a break from the hospital; Nick runs into Max at the docks; Marlena is disgusted with John.

Thursday, March 13th
Bo asks Steve to take care of his family; Shawn tells Bo to get better so he, Belle and Claire can sail the world; Ava looks at photos of Steve with Hope; Steve and Kayla reaffirm their belief in miracles; Daniel and Lexie find a match for Bo.

Friday, March 14th
Kayla, Lexie and Daniel ask Shawn to round up the family to tell them a match has been found; Kayla tells the family who the donor is; no one can find Chelsea; Chelsea drowns her sorrows at the Cheatin' Heart; Kate finds Chelsea drunk and passed out.

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Prevuze today,Just one Question,Wouldn't you think Marlena would try to get Dr. Rolfe to try to save Bo's life,afterall he did bring John back to life,he's certainly best docter in Salem.

7:53 PM  

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