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I'll Save A Bullet For You

Stephanie sleeps as dutifully vigilant Max lies in the other bed beside her leering. She dreams about her night of horror and wakes screaming, "Get off me! Get off me!" Max jumps out of his skin, goes over and assures her it's just a nightmare.

Hope and Kayla talk in the pub. Caroline has disappeared with Claire after saying something about a surprise in the kitchen. Ciara is out climbing the Andes. Hope can turn any conversation into an exercise in prying into someone's private life, "Speaking of kids, how did your appointment go with the fertility doctor?"

"It went great." Kayla smiles and follows up with a tongue move reminiscent of a garter snake with some sort of spastic tongue disorder. Definitely a replay moment. If Patch knew she could work her tongue like that they'd be out trying to have the kid right now.

She tells Hope Dr. Walters has a great success rate with older women. Hope assures her she isn't that old. In the meantime, the Guinness Book of World Records stands by in case she actually does have a baby. Kayla tells Hope now Steve has to go see the doctor and then it's a go, "He hasn't even tried to get out of it. I him to want the kid just as much as I do."

Roman tells Patch Abe wants an arrest and soon. Bo jumps in and tells him about Lucas being arrested, nearly murdered, yada, yada. They talk about the threats to Marlena and Claire. Roman tells him about Crystal. Bo tells him the building is rented to a dummy corporation and the owner is CB DiMera. They can't find a connection to Stefano. The judge has denied a search warrant for lack of probable cause.

Stefano comes into his study, "John, what are you doing?" John sits at Stefano's desk and smokes one of Stefano's finest Cubans. He also has a cigar going. Stefano is impatient. He wants him to study the dossier. John is silent. Stefano wants to know what is wrong.

John pauses to let the cigar smoke curl around him, "I wanna go out." Stefano shakes his head.

Marlena packs heat and remembers threatening Stefano. Belle is headed to pick up Claire. Hope is the last person Belle wants to see. Marlena wishes her luck. Belle nervously asks Marlena if she wants to accompany her, but Marlena says she has an appointment, "Keep the bodyguard close by."

Outside, the cop tells Belle he has to go with her for protection. "I hope you can protect me from my mother in law," says Belle.

"Who is she," asks the bodyguard.

"Hope Brady," says Belle. The bodyguard runs screaming down the hall never to be seen again.

As Belle and her bodyguard go off, Rob and Crystal follow. Crystal is on the phone, "The police are all over Belle. What do you want us to do?"

Roman and Bo tell Patch about Marlena's flameout at the police station. Patch thinks there are ways around not having one of those pesky little warrants. He offers to snoop. Kayla drags him off and reminds him of the appointment. He looks at the time and says he's got to go. She asks if he wants her to go with him.

Patch is resigned, "I can handle it."

"Do you really want to do this?"

"I'm starting to think you don't believe me."

Stephanie apologizes for breaking down like that. Max suggests talking to someone like a professional. Or Marlena. Stephanie is reluctant. She thinks there is more going on and she doesn't want to go there. Max presses. Stephanie whines. Max sits down and takes her hands, "I am not an expert but I do know if you have to fix a car, you have to do it piece by piece." He isn't much help with her psychological problems, but he offers to replace her fuel pump. Maybe while he's at it he could do something with the vacuum hoses running to her head. Stephanie doesn't want to relive it all over again.

"What if you had someone with you," asks Max, "Like me?"

Stefano tells John they have been lucky no one saw his face when he was out before. He has told him he is a wanted fugitive and will be thrown in jail if someone discovers him. Rolf interrupts and announces Marlena, "She won't leave." Stefano tells him to stall her. Rolf leaves. Stefano gives John a listening device and tells him to be quiet and stay out of sight.

Just as John leaves, Marlena barges in. She demands to know where Brady is.

Kayla says she knows Patch so well. He changed his mind quickly and she wants to know he's not just doing this for her. He insists he wouldn't bring a child into the world he didn't really want. She apologizes for being neurotic. He's used to it. He assures her they are on the same page, even though it's blank.

Stephanie has made her appointment with Dr. Whitney, the world-renowned shrink who just happened to have an immediate opening. Max offers to drive. She resists but he convinces her. "Thanks for everything," says Stephanie.

Max says, "We're friends. All right. What I said here last night about me being here every step of the way... I meant it."

Stefano insists he knows nothing about Brady. Marlena accuses him of being involved and also wants to know about the psychic. Stefano doesn't have a clue. Marlena doesn't buy it. Stefano asks Rolf to escort Marlena out. Suddenly, Marlena pulls the pistol out of her bag and points it gun at Rolf and Stefano, "I'm not going anywhere. Step back right now. I'll have some answers."

Rolf asks, "Did choo vant fries vith zat?"

Bo tells Roman they should make a trip to the storefront. Belle comes up with the bodyguard. They leave and Belle remembers one of Hope's patented lectures. Then another. Then she remembers her grand denouement when she threw Patrick Lockhart back in Hope's face.

Inside, Belle joins Hope and Kayla. Kayla decides this is a good time to skedaddle. Belle and Hope share small talk. Finally, Belle gets to the point. She says she knows she messed up and it's her fault.

Hope is soooo understanding, "Yes it is."

Marlena tells Stefano and Rolf she likes this gun of John's, "The serial number has been scratched off, so it can't be traced. I could blow you away, Stefano. No one knows I am here."

"Rolf knows," says Stefano.

Marlena turns to Rolf, "I'll save a bullet for you."

Stefano tells her to go ahead and shoot, "Unless you can't do it." John sneaks and listens. He remembers Marlena pointing the gun at him.


Patch arrives for his appointment. He talks to Kathy and asks for Dr. Walker's office. He leaves and just misses Max and Stephanie as they come in for her appointment. Dr. Whitney meets them and assures Stephanie this will be confidential. Stephanie thinks her dad would freak if he knew.

Belle says she can't blame Hope for being happy her marriage is over. "I'm not happy it's over," says Hope, "My gossip mill has run dry."

Kayla comes back from the kitchen with Claire. Belle takes her and leaves. Belle isn't even out the door before Kayla is prying for details. Hope tells her what a saint she was.

Bo and Roman snoop around the old building. Roman pounds on the door, "Open up! Police!" So much for sneaking around to find clues.

Rob comes out and says he was just leaving. The boys ask what he's doing there. Rob tells them he's been hired to make building renovations. Bo and Roman are sharp as tacks. They just happen to notice Rob has no tools. Rob tells them he's just checking the place out today, but they haven't started making the renovations yet. Bo and Roman ask if he knows who owns the building. Rob says he's never talked to the owner. Bo asks, "Does CB DiMera ring a bell?"

Rob thinks the name sounds familiar, but says a company is paying him. Bo says they'd like to go in and look around. Rob asks, "Do you have a warrant?"

Bo smiles, "Nice chatting with you." Rob walks off.

Hope and Kayla talk about Belle and Marlena. Hope thinks what with John's death and everything, Marlena has been pushed to the edge. Knowing Marlena passed the edge a long time ago, Kayla hopes she doesn't take things into her own hands.

Shocked Stefano looks at the pile of wood splinters that used to be his desk, "My God you are insane Marlena!"

"I told you I wasn't bluffing," says Ma Barker.

"You could have killed me," gasps Stefano.

"Why don't you call the police," asks Marlena, "But, of course, you won't do that, because if they came, they would want to search the whole place. The shots were a warning. Next time I won't miss." Stefano smirks as Annie Oakley leaves.

Out in the hall, Marlena stops and looks around as if she senses something. John watches as she heads out the door.

Inside, Stefano laughs, "She's really something." John stares.

Roman and Bo speculate about the building. Roman decides to stake the place out. Put me down for the night shift," says Bo.

Max sits in the hospital waiting area and remembers Stephanie telling him about the rape. Stephanie and Dr. Whitney come out. Dr. Whitney tells Stephanie they got off to a good start. She leaves. Max asks if she is OK. She says yes, "Dr. Whitney was great. She asked me about my wreck on the racetrack. I told her I remembered it but she pointed out that although I remembered the pain, the pain was gone. I reminded her that the pain in the butt who caused the accident was sitting in the waiting room. She said we're all built to heal. And have flashbacks."

Max suggests lunch. Patch comes out as they start to leave. Then Dr. Whitney comes back and tells Stephanie she forgot to give her the prescription for sleeping pills.


Patch jumps right on that and asks what she needs sleeping pills for. Max chickens out and heads for the hills. Stephanie says she talked to Kayla about this and Kayla is the one who set her up with Dr. Whitney, "It's no big deal."

"Meaning none of your Papa's business," says Patch, "It's OK, I know how it is. Some things are girl stuff. I'm not gonna pry, but..." Everybody say it with him, "I'm there for you."

She asks why he is at the hospital. He tells her just a checkup. Smoochies and goodbyes. After he leaves, Stephanie goes back to Max, "He'll go straight to Mom and not stop until he knows the truth."

"Would that be so bad," asks Max.

"What? Are you nuts," gasps Stephanie, "How could we drag this out forever if he knew the truth?"

Hope and Kayla are standing at the bar. Bo comes up and gooses her. She jumps like she's on a turbocharged pogo stick. Bo apologizes and says next time he'll grab Hope instead. He asks if she has plans for the evening. Hope says she is free. "How would you like to spend the evening with your favorite guy," says Bo.

"He's out of town," says Hope. Bo explains what he has in mind. "Thank goodness," says Hope, "A stakeout. I was scared silly it would be something like dinner and dancing. When do I get debriefed?"

Bo's feeling frisky, "I'd like to debrief you right now."

Patch returns and Bo tells him they'll let him know if they need some shady character to get into the building.

Kayla runs up to him, "That was certainly fast."

"I just thought about you," he chuckles, "Let's do it. Let's make a baby." Hugs and flashbacks to another century when they were only middle aged.

Stephanie rants about Patch knowing. She thinks he will freak out. She decides to call Kayla and do damage control.

Kayla gets the call. Patch leaves to give her privacy. Stephanie tells her Patch saw her at Dr. Whitney's office and she thinks he will ask Kayla what's going on. Kayla tells her he hasn't said a word. She thinks Stephanie needs to learn to trust him and promises she won't say anything.

Kayla hangs up, gives Patch a raised eyebrow and he comes back. He asks if everything is all right. Kayla thinks it will all be fine. She suggests going home and celebrating his test results. Patch is ready to go, "I learned some new techniques at the doctor's office."

"You should see what I can do with my tongue," says Kayla.

"Is it anything like what you do with your eyebrows," asks Patch.

Belle returns to Marlena's. She says things could have been worse with Hope. Marlena says she made her point in the meeting with her friend. Belle takes Claire to make tea. Marlena cocks her head.

Well, we'll give that ending a zero on a scale of ten.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous evilgenius said...

That was a crack-up as usual guys, though I think Marlena went through the "change" sometime back in the 1970's.

4:30 AM  
Anonymous DaysPossessed said...

This makes not sense..Marlena had the guts to shoot EJ. Why not blow Stefano away?  It's not like she will get convicted..She'd get another key to the city!! 

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Kayla drags him off and reminds him of the appointment. He looks at the time and says he's got to go. She asks if he wants her to go with him.

Patch is resigned, "I can handle it."

...and he’s bringing along the palm sisters, Rosa and Rosita.

Stephanie goes back to Max, "He'll go straight to Mom and not stop until he knows the truth."

"Would that be so bad," asks Max.

"What? Are you nuts," gasps Stephanie, "How could we drag this out forever if he knew the truth?"

Truer words were never written.

Havin' my baby
What a lovely way of sayin'
How much you love me

Yuke. Deb, just how hold is Kayla? You reported that he Patchman is 52 and Marlena is 51! That makes me about 45. I think it’s time for the botox and collagen injections. I’m packing my bags and moving to Salem.

5:49 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

An ENTIRE episode without EJAMI... The silence was beautiful.

I only wish Marlena could've done one of her "talk to herself" moments when John was watching her leave. She could've said something like "I love U John" and kissed the gun or something. Something that would let him know she knew him...

Rumors are that Billie may get killed off. As much as I don't like her character, I hope not.

Send her away to find Brady.... geez....

Prevuze - U forgot to insert Bo asking "what is a warrant" to the guy who asked him if he had one.... hehehehehehe

Keep up the awesome work!!!

6:45 AM  
Anonymous Linda said...

If Shirley Jones turns out to be Colleen, are we to believe that she is older than Stefano? Boy, the makeup department will have their work cut out for them! Further, why would Colleen be "C.B. Dimera"? Colleen and Santo never married, did they?

8:06 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

They don't have a warrant to search the place, but they managed to get authorization to stake the place out?

Yeah, I don't know why I even try to inject some kind of reality into this train wreck.

Leslie, Kayla was 21 in 1981 when she first showed up on DOOL.
So that means she was born in 1960, which would make her my age, 47.

A bit long in the tooth to be popping out a youngen' but since when did that ever stop anyone on DOOL?

Since age has become such an issue lately, here is a repost of the birthdays and ages of DOOL characters:

January -
19 Mickey Horton 1932 Age 75
23 Alice Horton 1911 Age 96

February -
19 Stephanie Johnson 1990 Age 17
21 Phillip Kiriakis 1995 Age 12
21 Elvis Banks Dimera 1997 Age 10

March -
02 Steve Johnson 1955 Age 52
03 Carrie Brady 1977 Age 30

April -
06 Shawn-Douglas Brady 1987 Age 20

May -
22 Chelsea Brady 1998 Age 9

June -
15 Jack Deveraux 1962 Age 45

July -
29 Lucas Roberts 1975 Age 32

August -
17 Abe Carver 1953 Age 54
26 Roman Brady 1950 Age 57

September -
11 Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux 1976 Age 31

October -
07 Marlena Brady Black 1956 Age 51
19 Sami Brady 1984 Age 23
19 Abby Devereaux 1992 Age 15
21 Belle Black 1993 Age 14

November -
09 Bo Brady 1963 Age 44
16 Will Roberts 1995 Age 12

December -
29 Hope Brady 1974 Age 33

This means:
Lucas and Sami went to his prom together. Now either he was held back ALOT of years or he took a second grader to prom.

Sami had Will when she was 11 (She must have gotten pregnant at prom)

Hope had Shawn at 13

Bo, Jack and Shawn should be in jail for messing with underage girls.

Sami wins the the Mary J Letourneau award for her marriage to EJ.

Chelsea must be a genius, she's in college.

Belle will need an adult to administer medications for her when she graduates nursing school.

How did Phillip even get into the Marines??

And before I forget, yep, NEW BLOG Gang!!! Let's see how long it takes before the "replacement" writers at DOOL latch on to THIS SL and steal it from me.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

8:09 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Normally, I hate math problems on Prevuze, but the b-day list was very thought-provoking. Thanks!

Stellar pics today!

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

IF this John turns out to be Colleens son like it is prompting us to be, that would explain why the tranplant worked, cause they are brothers, and Stefano knew this.

9:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The birthday thing was great! Oh and I have a question....Claire is supposed to be around what...3 or 4 now? Can't the girl walk on her own?? Why are they always carrying her???

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Buldog said...

If Hope is 33 then I'm 33! HA

I wondered the same thing about toting poor Claire around. I loved the jackrabbit picture.

Can someone explain what the point of shooting the desk was? Marlena had already gone over there once and threatened Stefano and EJ. I'd call the trusty Salem PD and have her butt hauled into jail (altho we all know Pard would find arrange it so she wouldn't even see a jail cell).

I wonder why a fertility specialist and psychiatrist share an office?

Great Prevuisms and pictures to brighten this gloomy day! :D

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cause if you want kids that bad you need a shrink (jk I love my twins---most of the time) But this is salem, the shrink is to make sure they really want to know who the father is, most couples in salem dont.

10:34 AM  
Anonymous chaya said...

Have you noticed - the more boring the show, the better Prevuze is. We must be in for a lot of good Prevuzes coming up.

Maybe "CB DiMeara" is just the handle for a trucker?

11:13 AM  
Anonymous theresa said...

An ENTIRE episode without EJAMI... The silence was beautiful.

That's what I'm talkin about! Truer words have never been spok....errr typed...

11:34 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I wonder why a fertility specialist and psychiatrist share an office?

If I didn't make it clear, both of their offices are at the hospital.

Can someone explain what the point of shooting the desk was?

It's like we said last Friday during the little confligration. We report what we THINK we see or hear. I only got a quick look at it and I THINK it was the desk she shot up. And I know what you're thinking... why don't we go back and watch the tape and find out for sure. HA! We rarely, if ever go back and check things like that out. God forbid we should have to watch this drivel a second time. It's bad enough watching it once.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous theresa said...

I wonder why a fertility specialist and psychiatrist share an office?

This is Salem! Shrinks and baby makers are probably a dime a dozen and on every street corner!

Bulldog your pictures are always my favorites. Funny, funny stuff! Too bad you couldn't sell them....I bet Prevuze is LOADED! just sayin'

11:40 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Why did they recast Claire? All they're doing is carry her around. I liked the twins better.

Why is everyone so peeved that Belle left Claire with Philip? HELLO!!!! He was Claire's father. Geez....

Marlena needs a chill pill. She is so over the top. Too much coffee in the morning or something.

Does John have blue eyes now or is there another houseguest? Is this John the same John as before or a new person altogether? And why did Days have to "kill" John? Why couldn't they just have had John disappear or be kidnapped or just appear dead to Salem, but not the viewers?

I think Kayla spent more time at the hospital getting checked out then she clocked on the job.

Oh, I thought Shawn's orientation thing was so stupid. Since I watched every ep of "The Academy", I am now an expert. The recruits went to class in business attire. They didn't put on a uniform until many weeks into training. I also think it would have been better for Bope to give him the medal when he GRADUATED from the Academy because that's when he'll face actual danger. Right now, in school it's just mock danger.

When is Hope going back to work? I'm sure there is lots of juicy goss there.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John has always had blue eyes!!!

12:52 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

John sits at Stefano's desk and smokes one of Stefano's finest Cubans. He also has a cigar going.

Naughty,naughty, but very funny.

Question, has John worked out the Squints and other mannerisms?

12:54 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

He has? For some reason I thought John had brown eyes. You can tell how memorable they are.

1:10 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

How could you tell WHAT color John's eyes were -- you couldn't see them through all that squinting!!!!!!

1:47 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I bet Prevuze is LOADED! just sayin'

I was, but my New Year's resolution was to stop drinking.

2:22 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Stellar Prevuze and comments today. Since I'm getting in so late, most of my observations have already been made! (Shared offices, dubious point of Doc's visit to Stephano, Patch's ability to "handle things himself" at the doctor's.)

LOL at the picture of Marlena. I can definitely empathize with the hot flash remark.

One TLT I can bring up that no one else has yet --- why is Stephano calling John "John"? He's taken this poor schlub. Brought him back to life. Brainwashed him into his pawn again. Why give him a name that might trigger John's memories?? The writers too lazy to come up with something new?

And what is it with the "C" names lately? Crystal, Ciara, Claire, Carmine!

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Why give him a name that might trigger John's memories??

You think John needs a new name? How about Stud Muffin? No, wait, I bet that’s what Marlena calls him. Just think of the memories that would conjure up. Yikes. At least, she won’t be drooling over his photo any longer. I swear it looks like she’s going to pick it up and lick it.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

At least, she won’t be drooling over his photo any longer. I swear it looks like she’s going to pick it up and lick it.
Ewww, don't remind us of the geezer sex that will ensue when the two of them get back together.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, old folks need love too...

6:23 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Theresa -

Thank you for the kind compliments on my pictures! Sometimes I think I'm running out of ideas and I don't know how Prevuze comes up with so many day after day!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Dazed said...

Maybe I'm late to the party, but did anyone mention that Zombie-John is probably the kidnapped Brady, transformed by the evil Dr Rolf into a clone of his (Brady's) father?
I'm just sayin....

11:24 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Anything's possible!

. . .

I'm watching this episode now, and just got my first look at John (cigar scene). No squinting! Wow.

That would be like asking me to quit eating.

12:07 PM  

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