Friday, January 04, 2008

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

Murderess Chelsea tells Murderess Stephanie Nick is coming over and she plans to spill the beans about Ford. Stephanie thinks that is a reallyreallyreally bad idea and they argue. When the doorbell rings, Chelsea tells Stephanie to scram. Stephanie sulks off.

Unfortunately when the brat opens the door she finds Nick has brought company in the form of Max. Chelsea is gracious, "Uh... umm... this is a private party." Nicks eyes light up and he tells Max to scram. Max thanks Nick for throwing him under the bus and wonders what he will do with the extra time he now has on his hands.

No problem. Scramee A comes up and tells Scramee B, Stephanie says, "Uh, Max, I could use a little company... I mean if you don't mind hanging out with me."

Hope is just ecstatic. Well, I mean it's not like she has just dug up another piece of juicy gossip to spread all over town, so I guess we should say Hope is happy. She bounces around the room singing about how proud she is of her little boy going off to the Police Academy. Shawn is mortified, "Mmooommmm... It's not my first day of kindergarten..."

"I know," says Hope, "But if you work hard and are successful maybe someday you can make it into kindergarten." She takes snapshots while Shawn tells "Claire Bear" how proud of him he wants her to be. Bo suggests they stop for a donut or two on the way. Yes he really said that.

Belle thanks Phillip for coming right away. HA! He probably redefined the speed of light getting over there. She tells him Marlena has gone off to meet the mystery woman, but they don't know where. Phillip says, "Be careful. If this is the same woman who tried to nab you and Claire, she's dangerous." She tells Phillip Shawn is at the police academy so Phillip jumps in and takes Claire. Belle leaves.

Sami is at the police station trying to see Lucas. The officer in charge tells her visiting hours are over and rules are rules. Sultry Sami asks him to bend them.

Meanwhile, chaos reigns back in the only jail cell in Salem. Carmine feels a little cramped in the cell and is depressed he cant run around town as his Godzilla persona crushing buildings to let of steam. So he crushes EJ instead. Lucas assists EJ by standing as far away from the fracas as he can and screaming for help at the top of his lungs.

Sami hears the screams, "That's Lucas!"

Marlena tells they mystery figure to stop or she will shoot.

Hope makes a total nuisance of herself taking pictures. Bo and Hope give Shawn a little present to commemorate his first day in the Academy. It's a St. Michael medal. As we all know St. Michael is the patron saint of morons. "St. Michael will protect you," says Bo, "Your grandma got Roman and I one of those for our first day on our jobs and we've had them ever since."

Shawn contemplates the stellar careers of Bo and Roman, "I didn't realize St. Michael was such a klutz." As Shawn leaves, Hope tells him she is soooo sorry she didn't tell him about Belle and Phillip. She's even more sorry about the gossip shortage now plaguing Salem.

Phillip has asked Chloe to meet him. He tells her he's concerned once Shawn's ego heals he'll forgive Belle. Chloe doubts it, "Do you really think that Shawn would take Belle back?"

Phillip says, "Your job is to give him a reason not to."

Marlena continues to warn the mystery zombie, who is brandishing a knife. He continues to approach. Just as Marlena is ready to blow him to kingdom come, he reaches out and clears her windshield wiper so it will work. He's a full-service creep. Roman yells for Marlena in the background and Mr. Zombie man becomes Scramee C in today's episode. Belle and Roman run up to Marlena and she explains what happened. Roman listens attentively and then offers advice, "You should have those wipers checked at least annually." The three stooges head out on their quest to meet up with Crystal.

The SPD has quelled the riot in cellblock 11. Carmine spits a series of threats at Lucas and EJ as the cops haul him off to what is sometimes called the "rubber hose room."

Sami asks, "How did that guy get in the cell with you?"

"I don't know," says Lucas, "With buns that size he barely fit in there alone. Lucas thinks EJ had something to do with it, but EJ claims he knows nothing (that shouldn't be too hard to prove).

"You knew he was in here to kill me," growls Lucas.

"Yes I did," says EJ, "And lucky for you I was here." The cops decide to haul EJ to the rubber hose room and find out what he knew about this. As they start to pull him away EJ says, "I saved your life, man."

"Oh, yeah," says Lucas, "It's the other way around. If I wouldn't have cowered in the corner screaming like a little girl, you'd be a piece of compacted trash right now." Lucas claims EJ is a part of the setup and thinks he's a coward.

EJ says, "If your idea of courage is shooting another man in the back and then lying about it for weeks, then congratulations. You're a braver man than me." The referee awards EJ two points for a reversal as they drag him off.

"Happy trails," says Lucas.

Stephanie yammers and babbles and offers to get Max a drink. "You can't stay still for two seconds, can you," asks Max.

Stephanie apologizes and sits down, "Are my two seconds up?" Max wants her to talk to him.

They run through some small talk, but Stephanie tells him they can't pretend their lives are normal. "What is normal," asks Max.

"For starters," says Stephanie, "Most people don't have a dead body sitting on the curb in a water heater on trash day." Max presses. Stephanie bobs and weaves and ducks his questions. He says he thinks she's been acting "different" lately. Finally she tells him it all started when he was dating Morgan. She saw them making out one night and that put her over the top. She thought if she found someone new it would help. Max asks if she found someone. Silence.

"OK," says Max, "Do I know him?"

"It was Ford."

Chelsea stammers and whines, "We promised we wouldn't keep any more secrets, right? Well, I have a whopper."

"Are you breaking up with me?"



Chelsea struggles, "I have to tell you what actually happened the night Ford Decker disappeared."

Bo and Hope have breakfast and decide Shawn will be a great cop. Hope wishes he could find a woman who will fight for him. Bo thinks maybe he already has. When Hope finally stops laughing uncontrollably, Bo says, "It ain't over 'til it's over. If he can forgive her, can you?"

"Are you kidding," asks Hope, "If they could end up as happy as you and I..."

"I wouldn't wish that on anybody," says Bo, "You know what would make me happy right now," says Bo.

"Not in public," says Hope. Bo goes to powder his nose.

Crystal is on the phone telling her cohort Marlena never showed up. She doesn't know what happened, but will check in when she talks to her. Hope butts in, "Excuse me, but I heard your conversation."

"How could you," asks Crystal, "You were clear across the room."

"It's a skill I have developed," says Hope, "I can hear something that's none of my business miles away." She asks about Marlena, "Waitasec, you're that psychic."

"I'm... an acquaintance of Marlena's." Hope asks why she told Marlena John is alive. Crystal answers, "Give Marlena a message. She's in danger."

Stefano and Rolf come upon the abandoned scene of the windshield wiper caper. Rolf surveys the scene and announces Frankenguest was there, "He is a powerful specimen. I gave him the maximum dosage of drugs. He should be in a passive state." Stefano lectures Rolf for failing him. He gives Rolf one more chance, or else. Rolf gulps, "Or else what?"

"I'll make you go out with Marlena." Rolf would rather die.

Speaking of people who would rather die, Lucas is with Sami. She beats him up for telling Will about the shooting. Lucas claims he didn't tell him, but Will figured it out himself. Sami describes their bleak future as Lucas will try to be a father to Will and the twins with his weekly letters from the State Penitentiary. "I will not fail them," insists Lucas, "I'll write two letters a week."

Sami rips out his heart and has it for lunch, "You already have failed them."

Bo asks, "Are you sure it's the same woman?" Hope is sure it was the same woman and tells him she said Marlena is in danger. A call from Abe interrupts. Abe tells Bo about the riot in cellblock 11 and how EJ saved Lucas' life. Bo hangs up and gives Hope the details. Now that the trouble is over, Bo has to get down to the police station.

Sami tells Lucas they can't fix this. She walks off. Lucas stares at his big lonely cell and remembers the tender moments he shared with Carmine.

Hope, Belle, Roman and Marlena talk about what Crystal said. It's not particularly juicy, but Hope is happy just to have anything to spread around town. In that vein, Hope also tells them about the attempt on Lucas' life. Now that the trouble is over, Roman has to get down to the police station. Marlena decides she has to go with him. Roman tries to talk her out of it. Marlena won't have it, "I'm no longer playing the victim. Come on, let's go."

Nick doesn't care if Ford Decker ever comes back. "Wellllll," says Chelsea, "He's definitely not coming back. The last time he was here, he didn't really show up drunk. We invited him over."

Stephanie tells Max she went up to Ford's room. Max says he won't judge her, "Just tell me. We are still friends. What happened that night with Ford?"

Lucas weaves his own version of the incident. He tells Marlena he's the guy who pulled Carmine off EJ, not the other way around. He says Sami told him they are through. Marlena doesn't think that could be true. "Try telling Sami that," says Lucas.

"I will," says Marlena.

Bo is skeptical that EJ had himself thrown in jail to save Lucas. EJ claims he's drawn a line with Stefano and said no to violence. "That's sweet of you," says Bo. Sami butts in and says she is scared for Lucas. She's afraid someone will kill him and she will lose the opportunity to make his life miserable. Bo turns to EJ and threatens, "If your old man sends someone else for Lucas, we'll go after your old man."

EJ trembles, "You mean like you've been going after him unsuccessfully for the past twenty years?" EJ rants. He says violence is no way to solve things. He also says when his father finds out he saved Lucas' life, he will feel betrayed.

Marlena walks in on the rampage, "I know exactly how Stefano feels."

Bo, Roman and Abe discuss how they will get Lucas away from Stefano. "My daughter doesn't need to be a widow with three kids."

Belle and Sami meet up and get in a huge fight over who is more depressed and who has the crummiest life. The answer, of course is anyone who knows either of these basket cases. Sami is really steamed at Lucas. Belle insists he's a good husband. "Then why did he shoot EJ," asks Sami.

"I don't know," says Belle, "Maybe he ran out of practical jokes." Sami just can't believe Lucas kept this big important secret from her after all the times he's lectured her about being open and honest, "How can I ever forgive him for this."

Roman barges in and tells Sami to suck it up and forgive him, "He's forgiven you a lot of times."

"Dad, I am thinking about our children and what he is putting them through."

Roman asks, "Where are the twins now?"

Meanwhile, out on the streets of Salem, Johnny, Ali and Ciara wander around looking for trouble. "Too bad Claire grew up so fast," says Ciara, "She's missing all the fun."

Roman orders Ethel and Lucy to go across to the diner and have something to eat, "Do what sisters do."

"How can we," they ask, "Neither of us owns a habit.

Chelsea tells Nick about spiking Ford's drink.

Stephanie cries, "He slipped something into my drink."

Chelsea tells Nick Ford pulled the double switcheroo and spiked her drink also. She tells him Ford did a dying swan off the staircase, literally, "We sat there staring at him for what seemed like hours."

"It probably seemed like longer than that to the viewers."

Stephanie breaks down and tells Max that Ford ripped her clothes off and raped her.

Nick asks, "What happened after Ford woke up."

"He didn't," says Chelsea, "He was dead."

Abe thinks the three of them should talk strategy. Bev, the DA's rep shows up and the guys tell her they would like to plead down the charges. Bev tells them to make their pitch. The guys give it their best shot. Bev promptly cuts them off at the knees. "So Lucas stays in jail," asks Bo.

"My guess is for a very long time," says Bev.

EJ tells Marlena he won't have his son grow up afraid of him the way he is afraid of Stefano. Marlena asks him to prove it by giving Roman something that will stick so they can put Stefano away for good.

Rolf and Stefano continue to search Salem in vain. Rolf tells Stefano there are things beyond his control, "He is a person, not a machine."

Stefano threatens, "You'd better find him or I'll turn you into a machine."
Someone grabs Rolf. He chokes and gasps, "Help me."

Stephanie says she wanted Ford to feel the way she did, ashamed, humiliated and used.

Chelsea tells Nick the other girls were there when Ford died. She tells him about burying the body and that Max helped. Nick can't believe they didn't tell the cops. Chelsea insists it was an accident.

Abe, Bo and Roman try again to convince Bev. "NO DEAL," yells cold-hearted Bev. She storms out.

"That went well," says Bo.

Belle and Sami find Marlena. They have brought her food, but Marlena isn't hungry. Marlena tells them EJ tried to persuade her he's a changed man. But Marlena knows Lucas is a good man who loves Sami. Sami is indifferent. Marlena says Lucas is a member of the family and they will do all they can to help him.

Chloe meets Shawn on his way back from orientation. She tells him Phillip has Claire and he can pick her up from Marlena's.

Chelsea asks if Nick would be happier if Ford had raped her instead. Nick says of course not, but Ford's family still thinks he might show up. "Not unless they need a used water heater," she says, "I feel awful."

"But not awful enough to tell the truth," he says, "A man is dead. I can't be part of it."

Stephanie reminds Max he can go to jail for helping them. He says he can take care of himself. He's concerned about her. He wants her to get some sleep. He will stay with her and be there when she wakes up.

Crystal tells her compatriot they are running out of time. People are getting suspicious and they will have to take Belle and Claire by force.

As the Three Amigos discuss their next move, Marlena busts in and demands to know what they are going to do to keep the family safe. They say they will do whatever they have to within the limits of the law. Marlena has lost faith in the law.

Stefano praises Rolf's captor.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Leslie said...

Bo says, "It ain't over 'til it's over.”

Bo shows he is well read by quoting that great 20th century philosopher, Yogi Berra.

He is a powerful specimen. I gave him the maximum dosage of drugs.

This proves Frankenguest is John!!

"I will not fail them," insists Lucas, "I'll write two letters a week."

…in crayon.

If Marlena has no faith in justice system, it should be because she and Kate aren’t sharing a jail cell. They both should be locked up for attempted murder. How low can Lucas go? Now he’s lying about who was saved from Carmine’s advances. Good grief!

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

How true the Prevuism "It probably seemed longer than that to the viewers." Thank God for zappers!

I also loved Lucas screaming like a little girl. Then turning around and lying about it. And that baby's shirt is probably a huge seller in Salem. HAHAHA

This show was all over the map today. But at least they're getting on with it a little, like the Brat and Sexfannie finally spilling the beans.

Great Friday Prevuze! :D

6:25 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Lucas cowers in the corner and screams like a little girl.

Just when we all thought the "cajones" fairy had finally paid him a visit. Guess we were wrong.

And what is up with Lucas's outfit?
Is he channeling Tony Moreno?
For the 70's impaired out there, that's the character John Travolta played in Saturday Night Fever. Here's a link to the opening sequence of the movie.

Lucas of course having none of the charm, smoothness, or abs.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony Manero. I can just see Lucas in the white polyester leisure suit!!

6:36 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I am really not looking forward to Higley's writing. I really fear that she is going to ruin Days (more than it already is).

What happens when the strike ends and Hogan and his staff return?

Also, last time there was a strike, some major character was killed off on AMC, much to the chagrin of the writers. Now he's returning. Guess they don't stay dead on AMC either.

I don't think offering Crystal's portrayer a contract is a good idea. They better have a good story to go with it. I'm not too happy that a reality show winner got a role on Days. It's like they had to create a role despite whether or not story dictated the need. And considering Salem already has Celeste as the resident psychic, Crystal is not needed.

7:05 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Hmmm. Boring. Thank God for Prevuze.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous victoria said...

No wonder Sami is so messed up - both of her parents think Lucas an ATTEMPTED MURDERER is a good man. Stefano tries to kill someone and he is evil, Lucas is great. The writers have blurred the line between the good guys and bad guys far too much.

7:23 AM  
Anonymous em said...

Lots of agreement here that Lucas shrieking like a little girl (& then lying about his heroism) makes stellar Prevuze material.

Can someone post a pic of Lucas wearing a dress while locked up?

Now, let's also count how many daze in a row busybody Hope scores! Omitting the past year, count one for 'overhearing' the phone call. (The bionic woman must be jealous.)

As bulldog said, lots of forward action on dool. Good.

But I am dreading the shawn/chloe pending crap. And what will we call them: Shoe? Showey?

7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Sami if you want to know how to forgive, how about replay your wedding to Lucas. You'll see how its done.

All of a sudden Sami can't get over lies. Whatever.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Shawn and Chloe portrayers are supposedly dating IRL. Who knows fer sure though.

I think it's harder for Sami to forgive Lucas than EJ because she expected more of Lucas.

I frankly wouldn't mind if Lucas hit the road. I like EJami.

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about chawny? chlawn? they should only put characters together if their names can be blended easily, just as a courtesy to us crazy addicted people

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just picked up the newest SOD. It shows Shirley Jones coming to Salem. Her character's name is listed as TBA. Seems like we have the new Coleen:)


10:03 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Prevuze, loved your Uncle Ernie reference, very good.

I haven't watched in so long and admittedly, my Prevuze visits haven't been very regular; which leaves me confused as to why Sami is rejecting Lucas now?

10:21 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I think Shloe (slow-e). Ha Ha

10:56 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Sami is rejecting Lucas because he shot EJ and thus put the Brady family in jeopardy because now Stefano will retaliate.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Don't know if this was previously posted but, Judi Evans posted on her site that she got a script that says her and Justin and the boys are moving to Dubai. So, she's exiting the show as well.

I went to her Web site and can't find her post.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Managed to squeeze in Prevuze this morning, but not enough time to post. By now, most of my comments have been mentioned by others. I did also get a kick out of:
Sami butts in and says she is scared for Lucas. She's afraid someone will kill him and she will lose the opportunity to make his life miserable.

Of course, my favorite had to be Lucas cowering in the corner screaming like a little girl. HAHAHA

Too bad about Adrienne. They sure didn't use her as well as they could have.

Thanks for the Friday send-off, Prevuze!

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

LOL over the Lucas/Tony comparison. Thanks, Deb, for the link. SNF is my all time number one favorite movie and I was getting into it again just watching your clip!

Now I'll have to get the DVD out..

11:30 AM  
OpenID Man1cMama said...

How about Chlown for a Chloe and Shawn pairing?

11:40 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

man1cmama said...
How about Chlown for a Chloe and Shawn pairing?

11:40 AM

Now that is inspired

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prevuze, you should try actually reporting what really happens on the show. I just watched the cell block scenes and Lucas didn't stand in the corner screaming. He jumped on Carmine and helped fight. I get that you don't like Lucas, but stop making crap up!

12:14 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

OMG! If Prevuze didn't "make crap up" this show wouldn't be worth watching. HAHAHAHA

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Aliaron said...

Its one thing to make jokes and cracks. Its another thing to re-write a scene. Lucas didn't cower in the corner and he didn't lie about helping.

I know this is an anti-Lucas site my goodness but I always thought atleast they give us a summary of what happened.

Whether you like the quips or not, atlest you get to know what happened on the show.

Turns out they don't even do that any more.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous Anon said...

Was Lucas cowering or not cowering that big a deal? Did it have anything to do with moving the plot along, solving a mystery or was anything vital with the continuing story?

NO. If you can do better you should get your own Days site.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Aliaron said...

If it had said Sami rolls her eyes, and says "Oh that's Lucas"... would that have made a difference?

Yes, cause it changes the state of the character. And if it didn't happen that way, you're seeing the character in an entirely different and unfair light.

But they didn't just missinterpret a look or expression, that's understandable. The writer totally rewrote a scene. You trust the writer to write what they see as well as comment on it, not make up scenes then not let you know that the scene's made up. That's a misuse of trust.

Each scene is important and should be reported corrected. Add comments and jokes are fine (those pics are usually funny), but scenes should be reported correctly.

And if you're a reader whose going to attack a character, you want to attack them for what they did, not for something made up.

And calling this site on what it did that's wrong isn't bad to do. And if you don't like that someone's going to call them on it, that's a problem you should look into.

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

"Each scene is important and should be reported corrected"


That was the best line all day

4:25 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Its one thing to make jokes and cracks. Its another thing to re-write a scene. Lucas didn't cower in the corner and he didn't lie about helping.

I know this is an anti-Lucas site my goodness but I always thought atleast they give us a summary of what happened.

There are no guarantees with Prevuze. The really old timers can remember when Prevuze started and even for a while after we came to this site there were no italics. We just wrote whatever we felt. When we started to get a really big following, some people just didn't get it. So we added the italics to indicate when things really weren't happening in the show. Still, no guarantees.

Second, we are not "anti-Lucas." We're "anti-everybody," if you want to put it in simplistic terms. As much as possible, we try to be equal-opportunity bashers. People always think we are "anti" whatever character they like. We are "anti" stupidity and "anti" bad writing; and lately, Sami and Lucas have been written to be about as stupid as you can get. Click here for details.

For the record, here are the DOOL characters we are not "anti:"

1) Bart
2) Max the Dog

As you can see, with the remaining characters, Prevuze has a lot to work with.

Having said all that, Prevuze was done on the road today. I won't go into the technical mess it takes to get the feed while traveling, but we don't recommend it. Things did not go well and all we got was the audio. So we reported things as we heard them and tried to be as accurate as possible. In the jail cell scene, the only audible part was Lucas screaming for help, and so we reported it as we heard it.

On Monday, we'll be back at the Prevuze compound and won't have to go through such a technical kerfuffle to get the posting out. So we will be able to more accurately report what happens.

If we damn well feel like it.

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My how Claire has grown.....and her hair has grown about two feet since the last time we saw her LOL! The poor baby has been SORAS'D already! Great Prevuisms today as always :D

5:46 PM  
Anonymous theresa said...

So we reported things as we heard them and tried to be as accurate as possible.

My mental picture:

A group of slightly inebriated people hovering around an RCA model radio trying not to fall asleep while taking notes.

If y'all ever make it to Central Texas give me a hollar..... I wanna play.

6:32 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Excellent prevuze, I've read all week but haven't watched DOOl since monday or so. I'm sticking with 'Shloe' which is just awesome. 'Chlown' is excellent too though.

Yeah, Prevuze is equal opportunity. But how can anyone be 'anti-Bart'!?

Faith in the justice system? HAHAHA!! Half the Brady's should be in prison. I suppose her faith will further fall when Stephanie/Max/Chelsea suffer nothing for Ford's death.

Lucas is sorta a good guy, I mean, I feel his attempted shooting of his wife's rapist is justified, not by the law of course.

Didn't Sami choose to leave EJ before she found out the 'truth' of the shooting? Leaving EJ would have started the V-word again. Lucas shooting EJ would make Stefano take out Lucas (solely) I think.

She will be keeping a close eye on Lucas, anything he does will be suspect to criticism. Which is annoying, Lucas shot someone 'bad' to 'protect' his family. Most of Sami's lies were selfish. Hypocrisy.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Aliaron said...

Well, now that I know that's your policy, I say that's a bleeped-up policy. Replace the word bleeped with whatever you want.

This is why I say this new media isn't worth the salt that goes in cornbread, and that's only a pinch. This is why no one should put an ounce of trust in this kind of medium.

Because the kind of people that control a website that has, I dare say, thousands looking it but they don't believe they have to be accurate... its a sad kind of website if you ask me. One that has totally lost my respect.

But I guess they didn't care much about trust and respect to begin with.

7:29 PM  
Anonymous Aliaron said...

Can I add:

All you guys had to say was that we didn't see it. We were writing what we heard and that's where the mistake happened.

But you have the nerve to act like people don't think your report is accurate to begin with and if they do then they're the idiots. That is the lowest attitudes to take for any writer and a flip off to anyone who reads this website.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I add:
If I was looking for accuracy I would've stopped reading right about...

I post Days of Our Lives previews here a day before the show airs. I find Daze pretty humorous on occasion, so if anything I say here offends you, well, sometimes I just can't help myself. Days Of Our Lives -- Embrace the Lunacy™

While I'm here I might as well add that I came over to Prevuze when The Early Edition stopped and have "Embraced the Lunacy" myself. Prevuze and all the regular posters, you guys are just too funny!
"And that's a fact."

I vote for Shloe. As in how (shlow) can you go.

Keep up the good work!

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

From errata to some grandiose argument about respect and journalistic ethics.

Information is reported with a humorous slant. This means facts will often be blurred when humor can be gained.

Ann pointed out, in a nicer way than what I was about to.

While I'm here I might as well add that I came over to Prevuze when The Early Edition stopped and have "Embraced the Lunacy" myself.

That's the exact same for me.
You guys rock.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is something of a disclaimer about Prevuze's "comments" at the top of the post, if you would bother to read it. I had quit watching Days until I found this site. I think Prevuze is hilarious! I sometimes watch the actual show, because of what Prevuze has posted.

8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, some of you are BRUTAL today. Prevuze is one of the funniest sites I've found in a long time! I PREFER to read it than watch the show. I think it all depends on how seriously a person take the soap opera! And again, let me say... soap opera.
Prevuze is like 'soap opera lite, with a double dose of comedy!' Wouldn't miss it for the world.

If you are THAT committed to reading EXACTLY what happened on the episode, (and that's cool) you should probably check the NBC website for the actual synopsis. But, here at Prevuze we LOVE 'the lunacy!!!"

And KUDOS to all of the people who send in their funny pix! They just add to the fun!

Keep up the GREAT work!

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Aliaron said...

This is the last time I'm writing.

"facts will often be blurred when humor can be gained"

Blurred facts are still facts. Falsity does not equal a fact. When its not true, its lame to use as an argument "who cares if its not true".

Its rediculous for Prevuze to attack someone for pointing out they're wrong. Especially when line after line of comments laughing about what supposedly happened actually didn't.

And credibility counts even in what you think is not important.

This isn't just a commentary site. Its a preview site. Its commentary on something that is really supposed to happen.

If you don't care about accuracy, just say you don't care about actually previewing the show.

The "disclaimer" they have now just basically says expect crude jokes, not that they don't care about writing what happened.

" So we will be able to more accurately report what happens. If we damn well feel like it."

But that is the comment that really fired me up. It showed a big lack of respect for anyone who calls you on being wrong, which is a weak position to take. Instead of owning up to the mistake, they went on the attack like they did nothing wrong. And no one deserves to be cursed at. Period.

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For pete's (or whoever's) sake, Aliron, get over it. It's a web site reporting on a soap opera...if you want total "accuracy" then watch the show instead of reading about it on the web. Those of us in other countries who cannot watch are slap-happy with this web site, 100% accurate or not! Post on, Prevuze! I love ya!!
Melissa from Budapest

2:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get back on the meds....IT'S A SOAP OPERA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this person's name is Allison and she's married to a moron so her name is "Aliaron".

3:15 AM  
Anonymous mudcat said...

I'll put my two cents in and state that aliaron makes a good point about misrepresentation. When it is pointed out that Lucas DID help fight, then prevuze should admit they lied about Lucas lying. There is enough stupidity on the show to laugh about with creating any.

4:02 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Prevuze is using artistic license, not making up crap. Prevuze is painting a picture with words…albeit, a snarky picture. Daze should be half as entertaining.

4:19 AM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

Re: Aliaron

Oh for God's Sake, go back to Early Edition.

Oops, it's not there anymore.

You know, it's a blog. You can have your own blog. Prevuze can do whatever Prevuze damn well likes. We're just trying to have some fun here, not save the world via watching soap operas. Get off your f-ing high horse and get a life. If you don't like it, then don't read it. It's not that difficult. You must be fun to live with.

5:27 AM  
Blogger Sarolite said...

Murderess Chelsea tells Murderess Stephanie Nick is coming over and she plans to spill the beans about Ford.

What part of "carry this secret to the grave" do neither of these two understand? If every sorority sister told one person, and made them promise to keep the secret, and that person told one person, and made them promise... see where this is leading???

9:49 AM  
Anonymous Salemnite said...

LMAO, thanks for the laugh Prevuze!

That fight between EJ, Carmine and Lucas was even more pathetic than Prevuze let on. Lucas jumped on Carmine's back, holding on for dear life! While EJ beat the living hell out of Carmine. Nice going Lucas, assuming the woman's role, lol. He will make his "War Daddy" proud!

Nice to see the D.A. actually doing her job. The Bradys are nuts. Lucas shot EJ and it was premeditated. What's their answer? "Cut him some slack"? ROFLOL, I enjoyed watching the D.A reading Roman and Bo the riot act. It was "Definitely" a long time coming!

Is Anyone bracing themselves for the impending "Shloe Trainwreck"? Shawn's constant "Moaning" combined with Chloe's perpetual "Whining"? Should prove to be a nauseating mixture. But, as long as it gets Phelle back together? I'm all for it!

As for Shawn Douglas going to the Police Academy. I have a weakness for "Men in Uniform". After seeing Sean's debut? Acting like a Twenty-Five year old going on Seven? I can honestly say, I was turned off completely.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get back on the meds....IT'S A SOAP OPERA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this person's name is Allison and she's married to a moron so her name is "Aliaron"."

OMG! First of all ROFLMAO on Anonymous's comment regarding Aliaron's spouse's name!! GREAT ONE!

Now 2 things:
One: I can't believe I forgot to print out Prevuze yesterday! So, I am reading it un-hardcopied which is why I am able to leave this comment - (yes, I print out Prevuze everyday at work and read it at home every night) sometime (more often lately) I simply read Prevuze and leave DOOL unwatched on my DVR) - however, given the unbelievable topic of today's comments; I would have tracked down a computer if it took me all day - in order to add my two cents!!

Two: OMG! is Moron's wife serious? There is war in Iraq (and in my neighbors apartment) children are starving in africa, George Bush Jr. is President, the store is out of my brand of cat food: THERE IS MORE IMPORTANT CRAP GOING ON IN THE WORLD TO CONCENTRATE ON INSTEAD OF WHINING THAT PREVUZE ISN'T PREVUWING DOOL TO YOUR SPECIFIC SPECIFICATIONS!! If you don't like the site; DON'T VISIT IT. Its as simple as that. You find a site you don't like; you don't go there again. If you like it; you do. Its not a hard thing to comprehend. To see that - instead of you simply deciding to find another DOOL site to visit - you actually left a - what looks like a well thought out comment that took a bit of time to post - only shows that you are simply BORED and need ATTENTION.

To further continue commenting on other's and Prevuze comments regarding your initial and follow-up comments shows that not only were you BORED and needed ATTENTION but that you also CONTINUED TO VIEW THE SITE AND COMMENTS IN ORDER TO COMMENT ON ANY COMMENTS RELATING TO YOUR AFOREMENTIONED COMMENTS.

My unofficial, unqualified (cuz, you know...I don't want to give an "inaccurate" decription of myself) is to GET A LIFE.

The fact that you spent so much of your precious time and left so many comments show that you are, indeed, intriqued by Prevuze and I would bet that you continue to view it. You simply wanted to start an issue because you were bored. Simple as that. Your post name should be: DRAMA QUEEN.

I too, found Prevuze once the Early Edition stopped and I LOVE this site! The Early Edition, as I recall, reproted DOOL "acurately" while Prevuze not only prevuze the following daze show but adds MUCH NEEDED humor as well. Having a site like Prevuze to read every day puts a little humor and lift into someones day and if you, spouse of Moron, don't agree - no one here gives a damn. (yes, I cussed at you too; Prevuze is not alone on that one).

NO ONE who is a long time viewer of this site and completely understands and relates to the writers intentions and humor; expects accuracy!! THIS IS NOT A SITE THAT REPORTS DOOL WORD FOR WORD. If it was; NO ONE would read it!

And Prevuze has NOTHING to apologize for. Often time (actually - ALL THE TIME) Prevuze description of the show is far better than the actual show itself! And for your information; I have witnessed Prevuze correct themselves on many occasions; when such corrections were called for.

At this time; no corrections are called for. I'm ROTFLMAO on Lucas hiding in the corner crying like a little girl! That is WAY more entertaining than him helping EJ!

I LOVE Prevuze take on DOOL as do all the other people who read this site. And for those of you who don't agree with Prevuze type of humor: FIND ANOTHER SITE - we won't miss you.

I also don't think I'd be too far off to say that alot of DOOL viewers are STILL DOOL viewers BECAUSE of Prevuze. If it wasn't for Prevuze: We'd all have stopped watching DOOL long ago simply due to BOREDOM!

So, to sum this up, spouse of Moron is simply a bored attention seeker who will NO DOUBT respond to my comment showing that, although they disagree with Prevuze and are not fans of this site - they obviously are still viewing it.

And for the record: Although I like Shloe - I think Chlown is HILARIOUS!! Shawn is about the biggest dufus I know (okay; its a tie with Ethan from Passions) so Chlown would suit him perfectly. And to the poster who said that him and Chloe were an item in real life: I HOPE SO! There needs to be SOMEONE, ANYONE who has chemistry with him!

Okay, I'm done. My rant is over. Oh, one more thing: I think it has been forgotten that it is probable that WILL shot EJ. Everyone is saying how Lucas shot EJ and lied to Sami, etc...and then Will said to Sami on the phone "I knew he'd get caught" and when Sami asked Lucas about it - he said Will guessed. I think Will shot EJ - Lucas found out - said he'd cover for Will an sent will to Switzerland. Will thought Lucas would get caught and when he did - Will said "I knew he'd get caught".

As for EJ saving Lucas and Sami being mad at Lucas...we're being set up here for Sami turning EJ into an honorable man (which is funny when you think about it - a man doesn't think he's worthy of Sami? Turning honorable for Sami? Haha) due to his love for Sami and Sami's anger at Lucas for shooting EJ (whether is cuz he lied or because she has unconscience feelings for EJ) and then EJ getting arrested to save Lucas...we all know whats going to happen now: Sami is going to turn to EJ. Which actually - SO WOULD I! When you compare Lucas and EJ - come on! There really is no comparison!

And one final thought: Who IS watching the twins?

(btw; I post here all the time but for some reason I can't remember my password! (my brain shuts off on Saturdays!) So...posting under anonoymous today.

3:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Prevuze everyday! It gives me laughs and lets me know if I want to record the show the next day.

Someone asked who was watching the twins. Sami mentioned calling Maggie to see if she could watch them before she went to the police station to see Lucas.

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Rach said...

This has probably been said already, but why the heck is EJ running free for rape and all the other crazy things he did? Everybody runs free except Lucas. Doesn't make sense. I like Lucas, but they have made him into a sucky character. EJ is getting on my nerves more than ever too. Evil, good, evil, good...make up your mind! Hopefully the real attempted murderer will fess up soon.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Rach said...

I guess Sami wouldn't be mad if Lucas had told her the truth. Sami has a lot of nerve being mad at him after all the crap she pulled.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous spankme said...

I still don't think Lucas did it, I think he may just be covering for Will.

Who knew all you needed to win "So ya wanna be a soap star" was learn the lines, "she's in danger" and "you're in danger" over and over and over and nauseum.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

If Lucas dies, Sami won't be a widow! She's no longer married to Lucas. She's married to EJ.

Geez....sounds like there's more drama on the message boards than on the shows.

12:11 PM  

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