Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Peso Talks

Marlena zones. She must be watching DOOL. She remembers John's death. We go through the tortuous scene again, along with the tear-jerking goodbyes. YAWN. I'm glad they showed that. I had completely forgotten how John died. What do you know? A car hit him. I thought Mr. Superspy got trapped in a giant martini vat which was shaken, not stirred. What a mundane way to die. At least he could have been sawed in half by a laser or taken Hot Job's hat in the forehead.

Hope snaps her out of it. Marlena says she just wasn't up to being at Alice's for Christmas. Instead she went to the dry cleaners and psychic emporium. The dry cleaner had called her and said she would throw away John's suits if Marlena didn't come. Then, when she got there, it was closed. She tells Hope about the psychic telling her John is alive.

Stefano zones. He must be watching DOOL. Rolf interrupts and says the guest escaped through the tunnel. Stefano rages.

Houseguestenstein plays with a kid's soccer ball. The kid runs up to him and looks into the hooded face. The blood drains from the kid's face, "Never mind, mister. You can keep it." The kid starts to leave, but Frankenguest hands him the ball.

EJ has a GPS tracking system. He tells Sami he can track Kate's car with it.

Kate zones. She must be watching DOOL. Lucas calls. He says he's freezing. She tells him she wants to make sure no one is following. He protests, so Kate gets out of the car. She lets him out of the trunk. They get in the car and Lucas tries to warm up. They are at the airport. Phillip will send a truck, and then they can head for Mexico.

Chelsea zones. She must be watching DOOL. Max and Stephanie arrive and she tells them about Crawford Decker being there. Max zones...

Hope can't believe it, "She told you John is alive?"

"Seems strange doesn't it?"

"No," says Hope, "In Salem, it would be strange if she told you he is dead."

Marlena tells her about her close encounter with Crystal. Hope tells her to get a grip. Marlena lost her grip long ago. She tells Hope Crystal had a vision of a man in a forest.

"Well," gasps Hope, "That narrows it right down to John, doesn't it?" Marlena tells her about the plaque and wonders how she could she have known that. "I wonder if she has an inside source," asks Hope.

"No," says Marlena, "I think he's alive. I can feel it." A figure watches. We all feel it.

EJ plays with the GPS. Sami wonders why he's so willing to help Lucas. He says he's not helping Lucas; he's helping her.

Max sends Chelsea to call Billie and find out where things stand with the warrant. Stephanie wonders how things got so screwed up. "They don't call us the Three Stooges for nothing," says Max. But he's glad he got involved. It shows Stephanie trusts him. Chelsea comes back and says Billie said when the warrant is issued the posse will be on its way.

Kate says she's going with Lucas, "It's not negotiable. My Mexican contacts will only deal with me."

"Ahhhhh," says Lucas, "The peso talks."

"Not as much as you do," says Kate. She says it's the only way they can get him to Europe. Lucas says if he goes he knows he will never come back. Kate thinks Sami will join him. This isn't the way Lucas thought things would work out. Kate says Phillip will help and the Kiriakis name has clout. When it's all settled Lucas can come back. He thinks Sami will hate him when she finds out what he has done.

EJ finds Kate's car with his handy-dandy GPS, "They are at the airport." Sami blithers. EJ says he will watch the twins and tells Sami to head for the airport.

Max will dig up the body while the girls wait for the cops. Stephanie thinks this might not work out. Huh? When did she grow a brain?

Hope thinks someone is conning Marlena. Marlena doesn't agree. Hope asks what if it was her telling Marlena all this. Marlena says she would recommend professional help. Not a bad idea anyway. Marlena reminds her she told Hope John came to her in her dreams and told her not to grieve. She wonders if it is possible he is trying to reach her through Crystal.

"Maybe Crystal is not your average con artist," says Hope, "Maybe she's working for the DiMeras."

Stefano and Rolf have found the kid who had the Frankensteinian encounter. They hand him a wad-o-cash and he shows them the right direction. Stefano and Rolf head that way while the kid goes to buy his own major-league soccer team.

Sami thinks EJ may run off with Johnny if she leaves them alone. EJ insists he won't. She wonders why he's so eager to get rid of her. EJ claims his motives are genuine. Sami remains suspicious.

A door opens into the dark cellar. A flashlight beam breaks the dark. Chelsea says her knees are knocking. Max turns on a light to reveal a new, uninstalled water heater sitting next to the old junker. Max starts digging.

Upstairs, Stephanie frets. The doorbell rings.

EJ says he knows he's given Sami no reasons to trust him. But he's told her he wants to be a good father. He can't take away the pain he's caused, but if helping to stop Lucas makes him his own man and stops him from following in Stefano's footsteps, that's a good thing.

Kate thinks Lucas was justified in shooting EJ. Lucas wonders if they should scrap the whole plan. Kate argues. She doesn't think he has many options. She thinks things will be much better once they get to Paris and start enjoying the high life in Gay Paree and all the good food.

"I hate Paris. I hate good food," screams Lucas.

"You've been married to Sami. How do you even know what good food tastes like," asks Kate. Kate thinks if Lucas spends even one night in jail the DiMeras will make sure he never comes home.

Stephanie answers the doorbell. It's Billie and Sergeant Dodd from the crime lab and, of course, a search warrant. Dodd goes upstairs. Stephanie says Chelsea and Max are outside sunbathing in the –10° wind chill. Billie wants to talk to Chelsea. She goes upstairs and Stephanie continues to worry.

Chelsea can't believe the smell. Max takes a breath mint. He's decided they will put Ford in the old water heater and install the new one. Then they will get by the camera by his ingenious plan to call a maintenance guy and tell him there is a problem with the porch light. The maintenance guy will block the camera when he gets on his ladder to inspect the light, and they will whisk the combo water-heater/coffin out the door."

Chelsea asks, "You're making this up as you go along, aren't you?"

"Gee, how could you tell," asks Max, "But, hey, plans are for wimps. Now, go make that call to maintenance."

Hope reminds Marlena Sami is in the way of Stefano's plans for his grandson. Marlena's instinct tells her this isn't a setup. Hope insists, "JOHN IS DEAD!"

"No," says Marlena, "Paul is dead.

Marlena remembers her encounter with Crystal. On and on and on it goes. YAWN. Hope suggests going to see Crystal. Marlena stares.

EJ says if Sami doesn't trust him, he suggests she call someone else to go to the airport, "Lucas doesn't have a lot of time." He leaves. Of course, Sami chases. She agrees to go while he watches the kids. She threatens him, "If you do anything that hurts my children you will live to regret it."`

Chelsea calls the maintenance guy and asks him to come and look at the light. He will be there between the hours of 8AM and 5PM and someone must be home. She will be charged for a service call even if nothing is wrong with the light. No one can touch his Mercedes while it is parked in her driveway, and under no circumstances can she have DOOL playing on the TV while he is there. Understanding the rules, Chelsea assures Stephanie things will be fine.

Stefano and Rolf search a cabin. Stefano says they have to find him before he shows his face.

Marlena and Hope arrive at Crystal's psychic emporium. A man comes up as they pound on the door. He tells them the building has been empty for a long time and is condemned.

Lucas says he isn't afraid of Stefano. He doesn't care if Stefano kills him. Kate argues. Lucas thinks she should have some clout because she has been close to Stefano in the past. "Stefano's affections are like the tides," says Kate, "They roll in and out. They come and go. And then he pays me. Lucas doesn't care if he goes to jail. Kate screams, "How the hell are you going to protect your son when you're lying in a jail cell with a knife in your back?"

Kate insists she's thinking of Lucas, his son and Sami. Ali be damned. Lucas finally agrees to go. If he stays, Stefano will declare open season on him. The delivery truck arrives. Lucas ducks. Kate meets the driver, a Jesse Ventura clone. She has Lucas get out of the car and haul luggage.

Billie startles Stephanie. She asks for the key to the attic. Stephanie says, "It's behind the killer's poster." Billie gasps. Stephanie clarifies things. "The Killer's" is a rock band.

The maintenance guy arrives. He whines about having to work outside where it is cold. Stephanie asks him to fix the light and she will make coffee.

Max and Chelsea drag the water heater upstairs and out the door. The maintenance guy is there working on the light, "I think I'll pass on that coffee. It smells like a dead body in a water heater."

We get the view from the surveillance camera, showing nothing but the maintenance man. Billie tells Stephanie they are ready to look in the basement.

Marlena tries to get into the old building. She says she knows what she saw earlier. Hope says she believes her. She thinks someone is playing a cruel joke on Marlena. They go off to figure out who is doing this. Crystal follows.

Stefano barks orders. He wants all his men on the street and if they don't find Guestenstein, heads will roll. As he rages, Frankenguest walks back into the house. Stefano lectures him for leaving. The guest runs off. Stefano stops Rolf form chasing. He orders all exits blocked and gives Rolf a taser. Rolf thinks Stefano should guard the houseguest, "It seems our houseguest could be very dangerous."

Stefano chuckles, "I am counting on it, Rolf. I am counting on it."

Lucas handles luggage as Sami runs up and begs him not to go.

Chelsea comes back inside. Billie and Dodd head for the basement. The girls hug, cower and huff.

Down in the cellar, Dodd checks the dirt by the new water heater. Billie asks if he has found anything. "I'm not sure," says Dodd.

Upstairs, the girls zone. They must be watching DOOL.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous botoxlady said...

Great comments today. Loved the Tony and Anna pic...Loved where his hand was........freaking loved the comment, and so true:-)
So, Frankenguest didn't throw the kid in the lake? That woulda been exciting!
Marlena, Marlena....I looked high and low over 50 miles for a one hour cleaners who was still open the weekend before Christmas and you found one on Christmas Day? The world bows to you!

5:00 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Kate thinks if Lucas spends even one night in jail the DiMeras will make sure he never comes home.

If, or is it when, Lucas ends up going to prison, I don’t think it’s the DiMeras that Kate ought to be worrying about. She should be warning her son not to drop his soap in the shower. The spoilers say Lucas’ character is to disappear for a couple of months. If this is true and Lucas does go to prison, we will be spared DOOL’s version of “Oz” or the trails and tribulations of a pretty boy doing hard time. Yikes!

Max and Chelsea stuff a decaying body in a water heater. I can’t even imagine what a treat for the senses that has to be. At a former place of employment, our little kitchen area was smelling rather rank. We pulled out the refrigerator from under the counter and discovered a tiny dead mouse. If a mouse could be that smelly, what about Ford? Ewww!

Stefano and Rolf are concerned about their wandering houseguest. Instead of reality, DOOL is giving us a cheesy horror film knockoff. What do you think we’ll get..”Night of the Living Dead” or “The Tale of the Body Snatchers”? Where are Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi when you need them?

Great work Prevuze! I didn’t zone once.

5:45 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Where are Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi when you need them?

I forgot to mention... They're in the water heater, too.

6:04 AM  
Anonymous Dazed said...

I guess the writers have never moved a hot water heater, especially one with a full grown dead guy inside. Max and Chelsea dragged it up the stairs????
Chelsea must be working out.

6:34 AM  
Blogger *Tricia* said...

that eyeball does not look like it could be brady's...unless being married to chloe was truly pure hell...ok scratch that last was prolly all that singing...

6:35 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Not to mention it must have been some big water heater since Ford was bigger than Max. And how did they open the thing? Did Max drag his torch down there and cut it open?

Love the "zoning" characters. DOOL must be on a 24-hr loop.

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

This whole water heater thing has got to be the most idiotic DOOL plot yet. However, let me say if they get caught and it advances the story in any way I'm all for it.

Now, the Frankenguest thing is a close second. I thought Sheffer wasn't going down that same road Reilly did with the brain chips and mysterious people in the dungeon and so on. Maybe they hired Reilly during the strike and he's really written this stuff.

I haven't laughed so hard for a long time as I did over Mrs. H's Jr. comment. I'm still chuckling over it. It's got to go into the Prevuze Classics folder!! :D

Thanks for starting this gloomy day in a great way, Prevuze!

8:12 AM  
Anonymous cfish said...

Like Dazed, I thought Guestenstein might be a Steve double, quite possibly created from Benjy's body. If you look at the skull x-ray from the episode the day they bring him alive, one of his eye sockets has a funky look to it. It has a kind of six-pointed star shadow on it -- and it's the left eye, just like Patch's "bad" eye. But then I got to yesterday's Prevuze (I'm a little behind due to the holidays) and when I got to the line 'Stefano lectures the guest. He tells him can't just roam around, "If you show your face they will hurt you!" ' This comment makes no sense if Guestenstein is supposed to look like Steve, Benjy, Brady or John -- why would the Salemites want to hurt any of them, at least before they found out he was a "double"? So I started trying to think of someone from the past who might have stirred up some bad blood and could be tied in to the Brady/DiMera vende**a somehow, and I only came up with one name -- Colin Murphy. I know he supposedly "died" in the escape from Stefano's Melaswen island, but we all know that doesn't always "take" ...

Also, has anyone seen Victor lately?

And I just watched tomorrow's Preview -- this is the second or third time now they have mentioned Renee (as in Stefano's daughter, Renee DuMonde). I'm wondering if either she or her mother (Lee DuMonde) could be Stefano's "female nemesis"?

8:18 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Interesting guesses cfish. I thought about Colin as Frankenguest too.

I believe both Renee and Lee are dead, but since that doesn't mean anything on DAYS they could be contenders for the female nemesis.

There is also Peter & Kristen's mother - the Lady in White. Also supposedly dead. (As an aside, what about Peter? He could still carry on Stephano's legacy if he ever got out of jail. Is it because he is just adopted?)

Others have made just about all of the comments I was going to bring up about the water heater SL (getting an old rusted one open), getting it up the stairs (without everyone hearing or noticing), leaving the cellar with freshly disturbed earth (and what has to be an overpowering smell of decomposition).

LOL at Philip's "hell" and was glad Alice got a picture.

I do have a few questions I can't help but ask:
1. Why in the world would Lucas be hanging around a full day after he "left" and after everyone now realizes he was going to flee?
2. What is the significance of Crystal mentioning "plaque" to Marlena? Did John have gum disease?
3. Finally, why does Killer Nagurski get all of the incarcerated Salemites in his cell?

Loved Prevuze - no post-Christmas let down here!

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

Great Prevuze today! Love the Mrs. H pic. Here's hoping we get to see her again on the show before next July 4th.

Applecheeks - the plaque was a reference to the fact that in 1986, John picked the name "John Black" off a plaque on the wall (listing veterans' names) at the midnight mission.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

2. What is the significance of Crystal mentioning "plaque" to Marlena? Did John have gum disease?

Applecheeks: Hmmmmm? Maybe John is the houseguest, and he had a periodontal cleaning before Stefano jabbed him with the hypodermic needle. The writers, being ever so clever, also got him a pair of blue contact lenses to fool us all. The other possibility is that the houseguest is the composite of all the people that have died or gone missing over the last 20 years. That could be interesting.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

3. Finally, why does Killer Nagurski get all of the incarcerated Salemites in his cell?

You'll notice they don't call him 'Mother Theresa' Nagurski. You want to be the one to say 'no' to Killer?

9:44 AM  
Anonymous cfish said...

Applecheeks --
I thought about Peter Blake also, but couldn't make any connection between him and the "V" word -- which doesn't mean he couldn't be the Guestenstein.

Forgot about TLIW -- who was that, anyway?

9:56 AM  
Anonymous not anonymous said...

Great comments today. Loved the zoning comments.

Tony's got roaming hands in that pic. LOL

I'm curious about the Renee comments too.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Tony's got roaming hands in that pic. LOL "

No, he's done roaming. He found his target. HAHAHAHAHA!

10:32 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Is Marlena losing her mind?

Do we have any clues to Rolfenstein's identity through contracts or anything?

There is nothing I can add to the Ford in a water heater S/L that hasn't been said. Obviously the show is written by men who know nothing about pregnancy, childbirth or household maintenance.

A lot of zoning in today's episode.

Great Prevuze as usual.

10:33 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Applecheeks --
Renee DuMonde was "killed" by the Salem Slasher (who turned out to be Andre DiMera) nearly 25 years ago. She would, at this point, be around 45-50 or so. Her mother, Lee DuMonde, was never reported as having "died", but simply left town. I guess she'd be about 70-75 by now.

I'm not sure why all the consternation about what Stefano did to Renee -- as I recall, he didn't have anything to do with her death, Andre killed her because she realized that he was impersonating Tony. Unless it's just all the nasty stuff Stefano did to Renee re her love for Tony and her marriage to David Banning and having to live with Tony as brother and sister to inherit Stefano's fortune (after one of his many "deaths") ... Ah, those were the Days ...

11:27 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

In the story (as I recall), Lee Dumond committed suicide in a fit of grief and depression after Renee was killed. In a macabre twist, the actress who played Lee did commit suicide not long after she left DAYS. I believe she suffered depression herself and the storyline managed to hit too close to home (i.e., losing a child).

The LIW (Lady in White) was Peter and Kristen's mother. Don't recall her name. The kids thought she was dead and she "haunted" the house in Amerid. Jen kept seeing her when Peter took her there for their (wedding? honeymoon?).

Turned out she hadn't died (was she in a fire and scarred?) but floated around in a white dress & scarf. As you can tell, I lose a lot of details after a while.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


For one thing, Lexie hates Stephano and won't have anything to do with him.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous MoonDancingNana said...

For some odd reason Stephano never warmed up or became obsessive about Theo, even when Lexie was on his side.

Blooper on Crawford Decker, "when she hit YOUR brother and killed him" Billie. Zach was Chelsea's bro. He's a bad actor anyway.

Marlena is turning into a real Biotch. Is she going the possessed route again?

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Not Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Tony's got roaming hands in that pic. LOL "

No, he's done roaming. He found his target. HAHAHAHAHA!

I saw Tony grab her butt live on TV. I thought, OMG Thaao so did not just do that. LOL But that's Thaao,and why I *heart* him so much. He's so bad. Glad to see the screencap confirms my memory.

8:16 PM  

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