Thursday, January 03, 2008

Play Nice, Boys

Phillip is a spectator as Belle tells Marlena about her encounter with "the woman" and her companion at Sami's apartment, "They seemed to have a sense of urgency."

Marlena mulls it over, "At least they had some sense. That's more than we can say for you. So you say there were two people?"

"Yeah," says Belle, "They said they just moved into the building."

Marlena says, "Tell me exactly... exactly what she said."

"Exactly exactly," asks Belle.

"Exactly," says Marlena.

That would require memory," says Belle, "And memory requires a brain. Do you see where I'm going with this?"

"Give it the old college try," says Marlena.

"College," gasps Belle, "I knew I had forgotten something!"
Anyway, Belle says the woman did the talking. She wanted Claire and Belle to go with her, "It was like a stranger offering a little kid candy. And you know I always fall for that." Phillip says this was all too coincidental, because of what Chloe said. He reminds them the guys who broke into Chloe and Brady's apartment were interested in Belle's picture. He wishes he knew why.

"What the hell is going on," asks Marlena.

Sami is on the phone with Carrie. Not surprisingly, it's not the most congenial of conversations. Carrie says Will isn't there. He's out ice fishing.

"Can't you just buy ice at the grocery," asks Sami, "Why would you have to fish for it?" She tells Carrie to have Will call her. Sami hangs up and rants that Will never takes her calls. Roman figures Will is still upset with her and wonders where he got his bull headedness. They can't figure that one out since bulls actually have brains. Sami frets, "If I hadn't married EJ none of this would have happened, and now who knows what the DiMeras have planned for Lucas."

EJ walks into the cop shop and asks to see Lucas. The officer in charge tells him he isn't on Lucas' visitor list. EJ says, "Officer, I understand that, but if I don't see him he will be in serious danger. For one thing, I'm sure Carmine doesn't have protection."

Stefano swills brandy. His cell phone rings. He picks up, "Is it done? Oh for God's sake! Lucas must pay for what he did to my son! Of course, Given away I feel about Elvis right now, I'd say fair market value is less than two cents."

Carmine undresses Lucas with his eyes, "I'm Carmine. You got a name?"


"You got a last name?"

"This week it's Horton."

"Good to meet you, Lucas," grunts Carmine, "What you in for? Too many traffic tickets? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"It's a Long story," Amazingly, Lucas doesn't want to talk about it.

Belle insists she is fine and nothing happened. Phillip begs to differ. Marlena piles on. Phillip wants Belle to have a bodyguard. Marlena says she will call Roman and set something up. Belle whines, "Why don't you ask me what I think?"

Marlena says, "It never occurred to us that you had a thought."

Roman tells Sami Lucas is safe at the station. Sami thinks Will hates her. Roman suggests having Lucas call Will instead. He'll bend the rules so Lucas can make the call.

EJ rants, "I want to see someone who knows what he is doing. Where are Roman or Bo or Abe?"

The officer says, "Why would you want to see one of them? I thought you wanted to see someone who knows what he is doing."

Kate walks in and EJ tells her Lucas is in serious trouble and they won't let him see him. He asks Kate to talk to the officer. Kate goes over and tells him she is Lucas' mother. The officer OK's her visit. Kate asks why EJ is so concerned about Lucas. "I'm not concerned about Lucas," says EJ, "I'm concerned about Sami."

Stefano hurls his brandy glass into the fireplace. Rolf wants to talk about Guestenstein. Stefano wants results, not talk, "Because there is a pest in a jail cell that needs to be squashed."

Carmine asks for a smoke. Lucas says he doesn't smoke. "You don't even smoke after sex," asks Carmine.

"I don't know," says Lucas, "I never looked."

"It's good you don't smoke," says Carmine, "It's not healthy. I'm trying to quit before they send me to the chair."

"Look," says Lucas, "No offense, but I'm not trying to make new friends right now." The guard interrupts their conversation and takes Lucas out to see a visitor. "Sami," asks Lucas, as he runs out.

Lucas walks into the visitation room. His smile fades as he sees Kate, "I was hoping you were Sami."

"No, darling," says Kate, "It's your mother. The mother of all mothers."

Sami tosses a ball into a glove over and over as she tells Roman he doesn't have to hang out there. Will forgot to take his ball glove with him, so Sami has been planning to send it to him along with some cookies. "If you try to bake cookies for him," says Roman, "He really will hate you." Sami thinks Will won't open the package when he sees it's from her. Roman thinks it might work if he calls Will. He thinks the kid will talk to him.

Kate asks if Lucas has had any unusual run-ins there. Lucas says there is a big guy in his cell and that's it. Kate is worried about what Stefano might try. Lucas doesn't think Stefano can get to him there. She says Phillip is doing everything he can to help. Lucas reminds her the lawyer Phillip dug up can't even get him bail. Kate wants Lucas to have a little gratitude for what she has done to help him. Cynical Lucas thanks her. Then he blows up when Kate mentions Sami. Kate tells him if he wants to see his family again he has to let her help him.

Belle don' need no stinkin' help either. Claire yells for her mommy and Belle goes into the next room, leaving Phillip and Marlena to snipe at each other. Marlena tells him she will be the one to take care of Belle and wants him to get out. Phillip tells her no can do. Belle comes back in with Claire. Marlena takes her for animal crackers, leaving Belle and Phillip to snipe at each other.

Phillip says he's not just going to stand around and do nothing. Belle makes excuses for Marlena and says Phillip doesn't need to give her a hard time. Phillip says he overstepped his bounds and starts to leave. Belle, of course, tells him to wait.

Roman and Will talk. Will is enthusiastic, but says he missed everyone at Christmas. Roman hands the phone to Sami. Will loses his enthusiasm. He asks if Lucas is there. She drops the jail bomb. Will has a meltdown, "I KNEW HE'D GET CAUGHT!"

Sami wants to know how Will knew about this. Will dodges the question and says to tell Lucas he loves him. Sami will do that. Will hangs up. Sami turns on the tears.

Lucas claims he doesn't need Kate's help. Kate claims he does. Back and forth we go. Lucas thinks she will ask him to choose between her and Sami. Kate cuts him to ribbons, "You chose Sami and look where you ended up."

Frankenguest puffs on one of Stefano's finest cigars. Stefano chuckles, "Don't be shy my friend. Make yourself at home. I see Rolf is making progress."

Guestenstein tamps out the cigar, takes the newspaper and leaves. Stefano slaps his knee and smiles as Guestenstein reads in the background.

Belle wants Phillip to stop. Phillip says she can't be sure nothing will happen to her and he would never forgive himself if it did. If she ever needs anything he wants her to call, "No ulterior motive. Just one friend bangin... er, helping another." He leaves. Marlena's phone rings and she asks Belle to pick up.

Belle answers. Crystal says, Marlena, I'm so sorry. We didn't mean your daughter any harm."

Belle snorts, "Who the hell is this?" She hands Marlena the phone and tells her it's the woman who came to Sami's apartment. Crystal apologizes for upsetting Belle.

"That was you that attacked her," asks Marlena.

"I was trying to help her," says Crystal, "She is in danger. I can't say why or from whom over the phone. Meet me at the Brady pub in fifteen minutes if you want answers. And don't be late." Crystal hangs up.

Lucas says if Kate's idea of helping him is to hurt Sami he doesn't want any part of it. He reminds her why he changed his name. She asks if Will were in jail, would he let him throw his life away, "I don't think so."

Sami becomes unglued because Will knows what Lucas did. She can't believe Lucas told him and then sent him away. Roman says Lucas was just trying to protect Will by sending him to Europe, I'm sure Will would rather be home."

Sami goes into overdrive, "Why would he leave there? It's not like he has to put up with this kind of crap from Carrie and Austin."

Roman makes her take a time out for being a potty mouth. He says, "I'm not defending Lucas, and I know you'd like to use him as a punching bag right now, but remember how much you love him."

Lucas says he doesn't need Kate's love. Kate flames out, "Who's do you need? Sami's? The same woman who won't return your calls? It's over between the two of you and she made that clear last night." Lucas wants Kate out. Kate says, "Remember, when the chips are down I am the one who will be there for you. I am never ever going to turn my back on you. I love you. Be careful." Kate leaves. Lucas stares.

Kate walks out into the main area and EJ asks how Lucas is. Kate says he's fine. EJ is relieved but thinks they have to be vigilant, "I don't want him to get caught with his guard down."

"With the cellmate he's got, we'd better hope he doesn't get caught with his pants down," says Kate, I think he's doing this to impress Sami."

Sami thinks the twins will never have a normal childhood. "When I had Will I was young and stupid and irresponsible. Now I'm not young any more. My biggest regret is all the wasted years with Will. I was determined not to make this mistake with the twins. This was supposed to be our second chance and I blew it." Roman says this was all beyond her control. Not all of it," wails Sami, "Now we will have to deal with this for all the Days Of Our Lives. The vendetta is up and running."

Roman says, "In Lucas screwed up way, he did all this for you." Sami rages about Lucas lying to her. She wonders who's side Roman is on.

Marlena tells Belle to stay locked inside while she goes out for a while. Belle thinks something else is going on. Marlena won't tell her where she is going. She leaves. Outside, Marlena checks her pistol.

Rolf talks to Guestenstein about the fog. He says it's time for his next injection. Rolf starts to move in with the hypo, but Frankenguest stops him.

Roman insists he's on Sami's side as Sami continues to feel sorry for herself. Roman reminds her Lucas is the father of her children. Most of them, anyway. He thinks Sami should go visit Lucas in jail.

Belle calls Roman. She says she's worried about Marlena, "She wouldn't tell me where she was going." Roman tells her to lock the doors and stay put. He will find Marlena. Belle just can't do that. She will meet Roman at the police station. Sami asks what is going on. Roman tries to smooth things over. He tells Sami to take care of her own stuff and think about what he said.

Carmine gives Lucas a girlie magazine. Lucas looks at the cover and hands it back to him, "I don't read that kind of stuff."

"Really," asks Carmine, "So, does that mean you like guys? "

Lucas sits and remembers lecturing Sami as the cops pulled up to nab him, "Things scan never be the same again."

Fade to Sami. Phillip comes to the door, "We need to talk about Lucas."

EJ thanks the officer for his help. The officer puts down a stack of mug shots. Carmine's is on top. EJ does a double take, "Officer, is this man here?"

The officer asks, "Why would I tell you?"

SUCKERPUNCH! EJ lands one right in the kisser. Cops from everywhere descend on EJ and haul him back to the lockup.

Sami doesn't want to talk. Phillip says Lucas is being stubborn. Sami hopes he rots in jail for the rest of his life. Phillip tries to convince her to talk to Lucas. Sami refuses. Phillip plays the Ali/Will card. "You're right," says Sami, "I'll go see him all right, and I'll give him a piece of my mind."

"You don't have much to spare," says Phillip, "Go easy on him."

Sami swears she has it all under control. She shows Phillip out, "I know exactly how to handle my ex-husband."

Phillip yells through the door, "You can't do that. The SPD doesn't allow conjugal visits. Besides, Carmine has dibbs."

Carmine makes his move but stops as they haul EJ into the jail cell. The guard tosses EJ through the door, "Play nice, boys."

EJ looks at Carmine, "I know you."

Carmine growls, "What are you going to do about it, pretty boy?"

Marlena can't believe her car won't start. She gets out and bangs on the hood. That ought to fine tune the fuel injection system. Her phone rings. She digs around in her purse but can't find it before it stops. Feet approach. Marlena looks up and gasps, "Who are you?" She pulls out the gun and points it at the intruder, "Stop right there! I SAID STOP!"


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger *Tricia* said...

haha!...the food in here must be terrific!...also sammi's cooking always cracks me up...when the heck does she have time to learn??...between dressing up as a men...and drugging men for sex...its a hard knock life!

5:55 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

Prevuze, you never cease to amaze me. I don't know how you can do this day after day and still come up with some of the best Prevuisms ever! Loved all the Belle slams especially. You are my hero! Thanks!

6:15 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

I find it interesting how Sami is making a big fuss about Lucas lieing - yet - has FORGIVEN her rapist EJ. What wonderful logic.

Atleast Shawn is consistent and wants to divorce Belle like he did Mimi. I dunno - I think Shawn and Mimi had more chemistry on screen anyways.

I read that the lady from the Partridge Family will play the role of Colleen. Ain't that a hoot.

On another note, wasn't Marlena supposed to be in on the whole fake death of John...? I guess that was just a rumor.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

OMG, I have just caught my breath after laughing through the entire Prevuze.

Carmine asks for a smoke. Lucas says he doesn't smoke. "You don't even smoke after sex," asks Carmine.

"I don't know," says Lucas, "I never looked."

I don’t know how you do it. This is funny, funny stuff! Poor Lucas, I don’t know who he needs to fear more…Carmine or Prevuze’s rapier wit. He gets it in the end either way. OK, come on, double entendres are not just reserved for Prevuze. All the photos were hysterical.

Stefano slaps his knee and smiles as Guestenstein reads in the background.

Guestenstein is checking out all the DOOL spoilers trying to determine which come from a reliable source because he would like to know exactly who he is.

The Marlena and Belle stuff is classic. Great, great Prevuze!

6:19 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Great job as always, Prevuze, but I think you missed one ...

"Rolf talks to Guestenstein about the fog. He says it's time for his next injection. Rolf starts to move in with the hypo, but Frankenguest stops him."
-- Refusing drugs? That proves it's not John Black right there!!!

And another one ...

"SUCKERPUNCH! EJ lands one right in the kisser. "
-- Inside his jail cell, though he doesn't know quite why, Lucas smiles and nods his head slightly.

And did I understand Angel correctly -- Shirley Jones is going to play Colleen?? I wonder if she still has that old rickety multi-colored bus?

6:27 AM  
Anonymous em said...

And so a new dool triangle starts in the jail cell: Will it be EJarmine or Carcas?

And will Carmine as the third angle split the usual EJ v.s. Lucas fans?

6:34 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Em, what an inspiration! And so a new dool triangle starts in the jail cell: Will it be EJarmine or Carcas? And will Carmine as the third angle split the usual EJ v.s. Lucas fans?

Now THERE is a love triangle that has real rooting power. EJ has the looks & the brains, but Carmine has the brawn. How to choose, how to choose? HAHAHAHA

Loved the pictures and great prevuisms. Especially, "Give it the old college try," says Marlena.

"College," gasps Belle, "I knew I had forgotten something!"
So, apparently, have the writers.

Lucas doesn't think Stefano can get to him there. Say what? Has Lucas been taking Belle's stupid pills?

Shirley Jones as Colleen should be great. And I am actually looking forward to John's return as The Pawn.

Prevuze fans pull your DrOOL buckets close, I forsee some great spit takes ahead. (Hey, maybe I'm psychic too!)

6:43 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

DrOOL buckets

LOL. That one got a spit take from me. Although I must admit, whenever that segment comes on Saturday Night Live, it's so gross I can't watch it even now.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Shirley Jones is going to play Colleen?? I wonder if she still has that old rickety multi-colored bus?

I wonder if she’s going to bring her Oscar to the set. Will wonders never cease? An academy award winning actress is joining the cast of DOOL but, then again, she was the mother on the “Partridge Family”.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous em said...

I hope Shirley Jones brings the bus along filled with her former family members. Not only would it add some color to the show, but dool needs some new blood.

The rampant stupidity is partly due to all the cousin-lovin'!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

It seemed to me watching yesterday's episode Nadia Bjorlin's acting is even worse than it used to be. "I did-dunt do it!" Can anyone get this gal an acting coach? (Sorry, just had to vent.)

I wonder how Max is doing with the water heater? HAHAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze and pictures today. Thanks! :D

10:00 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Leslie said:

Shirley Jones is going to play Colleen?? I wonder if she still has that old rickety multi-colored bus?

Shirley Jones as OMB's older sister? The way OMB shuffles and mumbles her would look like Shirley Jones' father.

Maybe Deb can come up with a Partridge(past and present) family meets the Salem populace. That ought to make for some surreal stuff.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok...since Will knows about Lucas getting caught I think the predictions were correct that Will shot EJ. Is he gonna get back to the country in the nick of time to save Lucas from getting the death penalty?

When do we find out who Frankenguest is?

10:17 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

With EJ getting thrown into the same jail cell as Lucas and Carmine I was going to make a comment about the SPD only having ONE holding cell.

However, I reconsidered. Given the SPD's lousy track-record with running down criminals they probably don't need more than one. LOLOL

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frankenguest is John, as per an interview with Drake in SOD. See Deb's attachements in yesterday's comments.


12:52 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Yes, John is returning and he's donw a lot of work to supposedly get rid of his mannerisms such as squinting, etc.

I don't believe it. And as Prevuze readers would we really want Squints to return without his squinting?

Can't be!

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Sue said...

Top Rate Prevuze!! From the pictures/captions to the spin all is A+++ A Carmine Sized Thank You!!

Stefano: "Because there is a pest in a jail cell that needs to be squashed" I FLOVE this man and the major punch he gives Days!!

LOL at "Amazingly, Lucas doesn't want to talk about it." For once, eh?

I'm loving Carmine!! Stefano's needed a bodyguard and this guy is perfect!! And these jail scenes are delicious!! Time to Party lucas!!

"Lucas says there is a big guy in his cell and that's it." Uh, dimwit isn't that enough? "Kate is worried about what Stefano might try. Lucas doesn't think Stefano can get to him there." Wow this dude seriously doesn't have a clue -- guess that's not breaking news though...

SUCKERPUNCH! Yeah EJ gets to deliver one!

2:03 PM  

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