Friday, December 07, 2007

You're Cookin' With Mama Now

Patch and Kayla are in the pub. Kayla bounces Ciara on her knee. Patch blows through his straw into his cola and it erupts into a volcano of bubbles. The baby giggles with delight. So does Ciara. Caroline joins them and says she is taking care of the baby while Bo and Hope are gone. Kayla says she and Patch could help out. Patch chokes on his chowdah. Caroline declines, "OMB and I are thrilled to spend all the time in the world with Ciara while her irresponsible parents go gallivanting all over God's green earth, not to mention the fact that their son and that tramp he's married to dump Claire on us while he screws up evidence at the cop shop and she romps around with her peg-legged boytoy. But I'm not bitter."

Caroline takes Ciara off. "She's adorable isn't she," asks Kayla.

"Yes," says Patch, "So is Ciara." Kayla thinks Patch is a natural born daddy. "I've been thinking," says Patch.

"Not again," wails Kayla.

Patch says, "Maybe we shouldn't have a baby."

We zoom in on: CINCINNATI – THE QUEEN CITY. Hmmm... I always thought San Francisco was the queen city. Anyway, Bo and Hope come across a trash fire on the street. This is the address Abe gave Bo for Lee Elroy. Bo pounds on the door, "Lee Elroy, we're gonna do some business." Hope goes to check out a pickup truck.

A hooded figure walks behind Bo carrying a box of 3x5 cards. She starts to throw some of them into the fire.

Lucas stares out the window. Kate arrives. She wants to come up with a plan. Lucas thinks it's a good idea to fake an attack so Sami will think the vendetta is not over. Kate says she is doing this because she wants Lucas back in her life. They sit and discuss the plan. Lucas doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Kate tells him he can't be Mr. Nice Guy. He lectures her for letting the gun fall into the hands of the police, "Do you realize the trouble I could be in if they trace that gun back to me?"

Kate says, "They won't!" Lucas is also peeved she may have been aiming at Sami. Kate claims the gun went off accidentally. Lucas again says he doesn't want anyone to get hurt.

"You're cookin' with mama now," says Kate, "You wanna bake this cake, we gotta crack some eggs."

"If you cook like Sami," says Lucas, "someone will get hurt."

Bo stops the figure, "Ms. Elroy, I'm detective Bo Brady of the Salem police department. I need to talk to you about a gun." She flings the cards and runs.

Lucas says he is out if someone is getting hurt. Kate claims she's not violent. Lucas reminds her she opened fire at a wedding. She wants him to trust her. Lucas thinks her plan won't work because they need someone to play the part of a DiMera.

"We need a plan with maximum impact and minimal risk," says Kate, "I know! We cut the brake lines on Patch and Kayla car."

"Well that will have maximum impact when they bash their car into a building anyway," says Lucas.

Kayla makes the case for a baby. Patch plays devil's advocate. He's worried about how his history can affect a kid, "If there is a chance I could be anything like my father we shouldn't have a baby."

Hope returns and Bo tells her what happened. Hope looks at the cards and says she was burning gun sale records. Bo thinks the sales might be illegal. With a mind that quick, Bo should be a cop. Hope says the truck is registered to a man named Lee Elroy.

Bo breaks down the door. Hope crouches with her gun ready and says she has his back.

Lucas rants. Kate pushes for the plan, "We can do this! I know I can do it, anyway. I have intestinal fortitude." Lucas goes for the Gas-x.

Lucas says cutting the brakes is attempted murder. Kate says, "We're just going to make it look like attempted murder."

"What are you going to do," snorts Lucas, "Line the highway with pillows?"

"No," says Kate, "When I cut the brake lines, I will also drain the gas tank."

Lucas ponders, "It might work. But if it were anyone but Patch, the giant puddle of gas and break fluid beneath the car might tip them off."

Kayla gets upset. She insists Patch couldn't be like his father. She reminds him of Stephanie, Benjy and Pocket, "Stephanie grew up to be the town slut and Benjy wound up dead. Pocket may have been taken from us before the curse had time to take hold." Patch says none of them were lifetime commitments for him. Kayla says Adrienne came from the same abusive home and is a great mother, "And Joey is such an angel he's having to work for free at the Cheatin' Heart because he ran her phone bill through the roof. When you said you wanted to have another child, was that because you thought I was already pregnant? When you put all the concerns aside, do you want to have a baby with me or not?"


Bo sneaks around and yells for Ms. Elroy to come out, "I want info about a gun. It was used in an attempted murder. You give me that information and I'll be on my way. If you don't help me, I may have to reconsider. So come out. Give me five minutes."

Elroy comes out of the shadows and points her gun at Bo, "Go away! Get out of here right now or I will shoot you dead where you stand."

Bo whirls around and points his gun at her. We now have what is commonly known as a 'Salem Standoff.' In order to be efficient and avoid the possibility of anyone else getting hurt, the two participants stop pointing their guns at each other and instead point them at their own heads.

Bo tells her to put the gun down. She tells him to drop his. Crafty Bo notices the safety on her gun hasn't been released. He whirls, twirls, kicks, grabs her gun and gets the drop on her. Hope comes in to cover him.

Bo sees Hope rush in, "Where did you come from?"

"I heard you say all you needed was five minutes," says Hope, "I thought that meant you wanted to make love and I came running."

Bo turns to the woman, "You're not Elroy. Who are you?"

"His widow," she says, "My husband died and left me with a house full of hot guns. I was trying to sell them so my baby didn't starve."

Lucas wonders how this plan will work. Kate says when Patch and Kayla run out of gas, they will call someone and when he comes to help, he will notice the brake lines have been cut, "Then Patch and Kayla will realize the vendetta isn't over."

"Or," says Lucas, "Steve will go for gas, put it in the car and they will drive into a tree. Drop it! It's not going to work."

Kate thinks about other plans. Suddenly she beams, "I've got it!"

Patch tells Kayla if he thought he wouldn't do any damage to the child he would want a kid. Kayla puts on a full court press. She tells him he is nothing like his dad. He would make a great father, "We'll just jump in and do the best we can."

"Jump in," says Patch, "Just like that?" Patch thinks she's already proven what a good mommy she is, "Just look at Stephanie. I think you're a good mommy in spite of her." Smooches ensue. Patch OK's the plan, "Let's do it. Let's also have a baby."

Later, Patch sits alone and heaves a sigh. He flashes back to reuniting with Kayla. Then he remembers making love. Kayla comes back and tells him he makes her happy. Patch says, "When I see that look on your face I know nothing would make me happier than having a baby. Let's plan it."

Kayla wants to start right away, "There is just one thing."


"We're old enough to be the kid's grandparents."

Kate asks if Lucas wants her to run through the plan again. Lucas don' wanna do it. Kate makes the pitch. Lucas resists. Kate says, "We've been through this before. Steve and Kayla will believe Stefano tried to kill them but they will never be in any danger. When did you become such a boy scout?"

"I am not a boy scout," says Lucas, "I don't meet their qualifications. You know, the trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly part. I'm not putting Patch and Kayla through this."

Kate scolds, "What has happened to you? It's survival of the fittest for a reason. I've had to do all the dirty work while you kept your hands clean."

Lucas is defensive, "Oh yeah, watch me go into action if you want to spray them with a fire extinguisher or dump paint all over them."

Hope and Mrs. Elroy sit at a table and go through her records. Hope asks bout Kate and gets nothing. She hopes the record on the gun they are looking for isn't one she torched. Mrs. Elroy asks if they are going to put her in jail. Hope doesn't know.

Bo comes back, "Well, meet Lindy Elroy."

Lindy is impressed, "You sure are some clever cop! How did you figure that out?"

"The flashing neon sigh above the door, 'Lindy and Lee's Gun Emporium' tipped me off," says Bo.

Suddenly, Hope finds the card they are looking for, "The serial numbers match."

"Who signed the sales record," asks Bo.

Hope reads the name, "Otis Shockley."

"AHA," says Bo, "Good ole Otis. Who the hell is that?"

Bo asks Lindy if she has anything else on this transaction. She claims she has nothing. She tells them she was evicted form her house and is living in the warehouse. Social workers took her kid and will give him back when she has a real place to live. Bo says they will try to lift some prints off the card. He threatens to call the FBI.

Suddenly Lindy remembers a picture, "Lee rigged the door to take a picture whenever someone went in or out." Lindy goes for the picture.

Hope asks, "What will happen to her? I want you to cut her some slack."

Kayla says there are no guarantees she will get pregnant. Patch says he still remembers how to make that happen. And, if it doesn't work, they can adopt, "The best day in the orphanage was the day Marcus got adopted." Patch says they will get on all the lists, "In the meantime, and here's the good part, we work on it. A lot." Kayla thinks it's a sensible plan.

Patch toasts, "So here's to a new addition to the Brady-Johnson family."

Kayla smiles, "However it happens." Clink!

Lucas says Kate would be surprised how dirty his hands could get. Kate says he isn't up to the task.

"Everything will be OK," says Kate as she leaves. Out in the hall she calls Kayla. Kayla tells her they are at the pub. Kate says she has gifts for Sami and Lucas and asks if Kayla could deliver them for her since they aren't talking to her. Kayla agrees.

Bo says he can't leave Lindy with the guns. It's the woman and the child Hope is worried about. Bo says he will let her walk. Hope smiles, "You're the best."

"I know."

"I know you know." Bo asks for five minutes of her time when they get home.

Lindy comes back with a picture of Otis. Bo looks at it and chokes, "LUCAS!"

Kate stands and remembers initially proposing the plan to Lucas in the pub. She looks into the pub, sees Patch and Kayla, and then sneaks off.

Patch says he is excited. As they leave the pub, Patch stops her and asks, "Did you see that?"


"Some guy just crawled out from under our car." He runs after the guy as Kayla begs him to stop.

Bo shows Hope the picture of Lucas. He points out the gun in his pocket is a Glock instead of a Walther PPK, which is what Kate used. He tells Lindy he's not going to turn her in abut will have to take the guns. Lindy figured he would have to do that.

Bo goes outside to call Abe, "Get this. Lucas bought two guns while he was here. We're on our way back to Salem. I'll call when I get there."

Hope comes out. Bo asks, "How much did you give her."

Hope asks, "How did you know?"

"Because I know my wife and her big heart. It's part of the reason I love you so much." They head for Salem.

Patch comes back and tells Kayla he lost the guy. They walk over to the car. He crawls under and finds tools. He shows them to Kayla, "Looks like someone was tampering with our brakes."

Kate arrives at Lucas' apartment. She says she did it. Lucas explodes. As she wipes the grease off her face, she says Lucas just said he didn't want to be involved. So she did it herself, "Steve chased me but I got away. Now you will have Sami back soon."

Lucas' phone rings. He picks up, "Yeah this is Roberts... I mean Horton... Or Shockley... Or whatever. Yeah, I remember your name. What's up? What did you say? Don't you hang up on me! You promised no one would find out!"

He hangs up and turns to Kate, "It all just hit the fan. The police traced your gun. We're in deep trouble now." The big brave boy scout is close to tears.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous felis said...

hahaha stupid lucas

4:25 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Ah yes, let's cut the break lines of Steve and Kayla's car and Sami will think the Dimera's did it because no one else in Salem commits any crimes.

There are no other criminals huh?


4:51 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

From yesterday's Prevuze Previews I could tell that we can now say hello to the Wanna Be A Soap Star winner.

Other than that, sounds like my zapping finger will be getting workout on this episode.

Prevuze, on the other hand, had some real gems. Loved Caroline's rant, the "Salem Standoff" and the Gun Emporium's flashing neon sign.

Bulldog's pic about Tanna's extended trip hit the mark too.

Thanks, Prevuze.

5:52 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

We zoom in on: CINCINNATI – THE QUEEN CITY. Hmmm... I always thought San Francisco was the queen city.

Oh, Prevuze, that is too funny!!

What designer outfit was Kate wearing when she cut the brakes? Has she taken a course in auto mechanics? No, wait, Kate has a side job at Jiffy Lube and can spot a brake line a mile away. I bet Kate doesn’t even pump her own gas.

Finally good old self-righteous Lucas is about to get his butt in a sling. Did he shoot EJR? Using DOOL logic, probably not.

Very funny photo and caption, Bulldog, and how very true. There is only one good reason to send Tony and Anna on a world tour. If Andre is really Rolf’s science project, there would be no problems with mistaken identities.

As usual, great Prevuze!

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

"We're old enough to be the kid's grandparents." HAAHAHAHA

The whole Payla having a kid thing makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up (and not in a good way). They can't have Kayla get pregnant yet anyway until she gets involved with someone else because no kid in Salem can be born without a paternity question.

How conveeeeeenient some gun dealer not only takes people's pictures but they're clear enough to actually show who it is. Not like the real-life security pics where you can barely tell they're human. Oh well, I'll forgive that if it MOVES THE STORY ALONG.

I'm still LOL over the Salem Standoff and the great forbidden link. Excellent Prevuze to get us going on a snowy, icy day! :D

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Chloe left, I rejoiced because I thought it meant I never had to hear her ridiculously slow monotone voice again, but alas it's not true! Well, I didn't watch the show much thanks to Prevuze, but now I can never watch again as long as Chloe's around. Her voice truly makes me want to put my hands over my ears and go, "lalalalalalala"

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

OK, I think I missed something (which is easy since I don't actually watch the show). Kate had a gun that Lucas bought, was that the same gun that Lucas pulled out of the drawer in his place?

8:31 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Kate had a gun that Lucas bought, was that the same gun that Lucas pulled out of the drawer in his place?

No. Lucas, as we saw in today's post, had two guns. One he gave to Kate "for protection" and the other all we know is he shipped it to himself. As far as we know, it's not back yet, which means he must have used UPS 110-Day Ground.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Ashley from I wanna be a soap star debuts on Dec 26th, just read that somwhere.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous MoonDancingNana said...

Stupid AGAIN the whole Ford's burial...GET NEW WRITERS!. The other stupid idea is EJ...the whole EJAMI story is boring.

Hey writers put on a good mystery involving Alice and her donuts.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous donuts said...

HEY leave me outta this!

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do i have a feeling that Lee Elroy will end up having a middle name and that will all be unscrambled to "cOlleeN BrADy"

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh I'm sooo glad I read this... Now I know NOT to watch this episode. Boy, talk about repetitive, YIKES!

Kayla and Steve - Yada Yada Yada... Baby - No Baby! Geeez... Give us a break already!

Bo and Hope - traipsing around the country (ok, here we go again with the Salem Time Warp Machine).

And then there's Lucas and Kate. Haven't they learned by now - that ANY plan they cook up with NEVER works...
And the writer's want us to believe that Kate Roberts actually crawled under a car???? That's laughable! Kate freaks out if she chips her black nail polish! To actually get on the ground for anything, (wait... ok not everything) but anything that she would get dirty for...Uhhh! Writers we're not buying it!!! That was a stupid idea!

Finally, WHY oh WHY do the writer's always feel compelled to put these 'helpless women' with kids into EVERY storyline?
This one with the gun salesman, The two boys Nick had, Willow-with her un-born baby, Lauren on the run with Phillip's baby, Mmmmm and how many others???? One of the writer's must have some kind of a 'fetish' with helpless woman! Viewer's are tired of it!!!!!

Great Prevuze and thank's for the fore-warning!

8:14 PM  

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