Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Bad, Bad Girl

We pan up from a picture of Ford on a poster. Chelsea, Nick, Stephanie and Cordy sit at a table and try to figure new and more irresponsible ways to get back at him. Cordy and Stephanie tell about Ford showing up at Patch and Kayla's apartment making threats. They think he will keep it up since he's really mad about the flyers.

Chelsea defends passing out the flyers. She says they had to warn people. Nick says a guy like Ford will retaliate.

Cordy whines, "We put flyers up... we had to warn people..."

Chelsea interrupts, "No. These aren't enough. We have to give him ammunition for a really big defamation suit. He's never going to stop unless we stop him first."

Officer Ohanion talks to Bo about his irresponsible son, "Hey, Bo, you told me to treat him like everyone else." Ohanion turns and leaves. Shawn admits to ruining the footprint. Bo lectures, "You screwed up man, and when a cop screws up, he owns up." Shawn plays the bobblehead.

Marlena wanders around her place. She stokes the fire in her fireplace and zones. She flashes back to her conversation with Hope about Belle's "mistake." Belle calls from a distance and brings Marlena out of her stupor. Temporarily, that is. Hearing Belle, Marlena dives into another flashback. She finally gets up and goes to the door. Belle opens it and we have a full-blown hugfest. They establish that each is not OK. Marlena asks how married life is. Belle ignores the question and says she was worried about her when she didn't come to the reception.

"What did you expect," asks Marlena, "I was just the mother of the bride. So, really, how is married life?" Belle claims it's perfect. Marlena tells her it's OK if things aren't perfect. Marlena asks if Belle is really happy, "I'm trying to ask you if you're happy, or if you wish you'd married somebody else."

Belle faces a paradox, even though she doesn't realize what that is. The thing is, Belle is never happy unless she's unhappy. While she contemplates this, Marlena asks, "What about Phillip?"

"Been there, done that," says Belle.

"I know," says Marlena, "But have you done Phillip recently? " She dances around things and tries to get more from Belle.

Belle gasps, "Hope talked to you, didn't she. Does she not think you are dealing with enough right now?" Marlena digs deeper.

Shawn knows he made a mistake but thinks Officer Ohanion overreacted. Bo doesn't give a damn. He will understand if Ohanion wipes the floor with Shawn. Bo continues the lecture. Shawn continues being the bobblehead.

Cordy claims she just can't fight Decker anymore. She breaks down and Nick tells Chelsea to back off. Stephanie comforts Cordy but Cordy says everything comes back to her when she sees the flyers. Stephanie offers to take Cordy back to the sorority house. They leave.

Chelsea says she didn't mean to make things harder for Cordy. Nick changes the subject and asks if she has plans for tonight. "I'd like to do something private," says Chelsea.

Nick wants to hear more, "Private – you... or private – you and me?" Chelsea wants to include Nick. Nick likes what he hears.

"Of course it might be kind of illegal," says Chelsea, "I want to break into Ford Decker's room."

The sound of the lead balloon crashing startles everyone in the pub. Nick asks, "Are you serious?"

Chelsea says they have to stop Ford. Nick resists. Chelsea makes the case. She wants to get in and find evidence to take to Bo. Nick refuses to be a part of it.

Bo continues the lecture, "...And when someone chews you out, you gotta suck it up. You don't wanna ruin a good thing."

Belle thinks Hope has it in for her. Marlena asks, "Does Hope have any cause to... did you sleep with Phillip?"

Belle tries to be evasive, "Is that what she told you?"

Marlena sees through it, "You're not answering me."

Belle says, "She found me in the room right after Phillip left. It looked bad and Hope assumed the worst. Maybe Hope is lying."

"Hope isn't a liar."

"And I am?"

Marlena knows there is something Belle isn't saying. Belle tries to worm her way out of it. She says Hope accused her with no proof at all but promised she wouldn't say anything if Belle promised not to do it again.

"Do it again? So you did sleep with Phillip?"

"I just made that promise to get Hope to keep quiet."

"So you didn't sleep with Phillip?" Belle rambles. Marlena interrupts, "Stop right there, Belle. I really want to help you. I'm just sad and disappointed. I'm so glad you came. It's so good to see you. Let yourself out. I have some things to do."

Belle whines, "Mom, wait."

Chelsea says she can't do this without Nick. Nick suggests she not do it at all.

Chelsea says, "So... I Guess this is how you'll always be there for me."

"That was a cheap shot," says Nick, "I work for the university and if we get caught, I'll lose my job. I already lost my job at the lab trying to help you."

Chelsea apologizes and asks him to forget it, "I'll see you later."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to stake out Ford's room and then break in." Chelsea runs out. Nick chases her.

Shawn says, "You know, I didn't get into the academy. If I would have, I would have learned how to work a crime scene. Then this wouldn't have happened. If Belle's letter hadn't ruined my chances... I mean Phillip's letter..."

Bo interrupts, "Shawn, who wrote that letter?"

Shawn hems and haws and then comes clean, "Belle. She's the reason I didn't get into the academy."

Belle pouts. Marlena asks again if there is something she has to say. Belle tells her it hurts her that Marlena doesn't believe her. Marlena says Hope doesn't jump to conclusions. She wants to help Belle, "You can talk to me. I am so on your side." Belle wonders what makes her so sure Hope is right and she is lying.

Marlena tells her Hope checked her messages, "Now there are only two people in Salem who don't know you were with Phillip the night before your wedding. Shawn and Jan Spears. And Jan is in a coma. Trust me!" Belle is a tower o' tears.

Outside, Nick catches up with Chelsea and insists he won't let her break in herself. "And how are you going to stop me," she asks.

"By appealing to your sense of reason." Even Nick realizes how ridiculous that sounded. Chelsea's sense of reason has long since left the building, "What if you get caught?"

"If I get caught you get all my CDs."

Nick does a 180, "If we're going to be there all night, we need sandwiches." Hugs.

Shawn and Bo argue about Belle's motives for writing the damning letter. Bo goes off the deep end but Shawn claims they are past it. "Tell me something," says Bo, "Do you trust Belle?"

Belle wails, "Phillip said this would happen! He said Hope and Bo would tell everyone."

Marlena tries again, "You did sleep with Phillip?"

Belle evades again, "How could Hope check my messages? I just needed a friend to talk to."

Marlena asks, "Do you want to save this marriage?"


"Then you've got a big decision to make," says Marlena, "You and Phillip as friends won't work. That can't happen. You can't be around each other. You have to give him up. You have to get him out of your mind."

Belle cries, "But if I get Phillip out of my mind, my brain cell will be so lonely."

Marlena insists, "You have to give him up forever."

Nick goes though his knapsack and takes inventory of the food they have for their night of crime. He wants to stop and pick up a throwaway camera so they can take pictures of the evidence, but won't have to take anything from the room. Chelsea says they can use her phone camera. "Maybe Bo could get a warrant based on the photos alone," says Nick. Chelsea plants a hot one on him.

Nick smiles, "How did such a good guy like me end up with such a bad, bad girl?"

Chelsea skips out of the pub, "Just lucky I guess."

Shawn thinks Bo isn't telling him something. He presses for more info. Bo just says either Belle has changed or he didn't know her at all in the first place. Shawn defends Belle and says he trusts her. Bo sighs, "I hope you're right."

Belle blubbers. She insists she has chosen Shawn, "Sometimes I just... I want Shawn to be Shawn but just be more confident. Or competent." Marlena recognizes a confused cookie when she sees one. She asks how Phillip makes her feel. "Different. Phillip is always in control. Shawn needs me. Phillip takes care of me. But I must admit, Shawn is a real stud."

"You mean he's good in bed," asks Marlena.

"No," says Belle, "I mean he has the IQ of a two-by-four."

"You can't have them both," says Marlena, "You can't have two men."


Roman interrupts Shawn and Bo. Shawn decides he wants to go apologize to detective Ohanion. Bo thinks that's a really bad idea. Roman tells Shawn OMB isn't feeling well so he should go tend bar. Shawn tramps through the crime scene on his way out.

Bo tells Roman if Shawn gets written up it might jeopardize his chances. Roman wants to talk to Ohanion and ask him to go easy on Shawn. Bo asks Roman to stay out of it, "Getting written up is part of the job. If word gets out that we are protecting Shawn, he'll never fit in with the guys. Tough love will do Shawn good. I know he has problems with authority..."

Roman jumps in, "Oh, and I wonder where he got that."

Ohanion interrupts, "I found some shell casings in the cabin."

Marlena tells Belle she knows all about being caught between two men. Or three... or... "We both lost John and that makes us both vulnerable and, of course, justifies slumming."

"I wish I had talked to you about this sooner," blubbers Belle.

Marlena asks, "You mean before you married Shawn?" Inquiring minds want to know.

"Just sooner."

Marlena tells her she has to honor her marriage and decide soon, "You are not a girl who sneaks around or cheats. Much. Make up your mind before you start to tear yourself apart." Too late.

Belle says she will, but asks Marlena not to say anything to Hope. Marlena says, "You just have to make your decision before you lose everything."

Nick and Chelsea sit in his car and watch Ford's apartment. They see the light go out. Chelsea asks how they will get in there. Nick points out a tree standing right outside his window, "That's our ticket in."

Bo looks at the casings Ohanion has gathered and put into a baggie, "I wish we could compare these casings to the one in EJ's spine." Roman reminds him EJ was shot with a bullet, not a casing. They wonder who might have known about this cabin. Roman figures Kate wouldn't touch a place like this with a ten-foot pole. Bo thinks it looks like it's a place kids might come to get some privacy.

Roman says, "I'll bet that mattress over in the corner could tell some stories."

Bo looks at the mattress with disgust, "I don't want to get near that mattress, let alone be entertained on it. I prefer to be entertained in a gas-filled pit, myself."

Belle comes into the pub and gooses Shawn. Shawn is distant. He tells Belle about fouling up the crime scene. "Nobody's perfect," says Belle. Shawn tells her he thinks Bo had something else he wanted to say to him, "I don't think he has faith in me anymore."

Belle feels guilty, "You would be in the academy if it weren't for me."

Shawn shrugs it off, "Everything is good as long as I've got you. You and Claire. Speaking of Claire, she's upstairs with Caroline. You could go up and say 'hi.'"

Belle thinks that's a good idea, but has to get something from her car first. Outside, she makes a call, "Phillip... if you can guarantee you can help Shawn's career I'll give you what you want... one night alone with me."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger luvpumpkns said...

great pictures today everyone! the purity ring and the hope billboard were my favorites.

3:38 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I just can't believe Hope has become such a Biotch!!!

And I really can't believe Marlena has turned into such a WUSS!!

If I found out my daughter's mother-in-law had listened to my daughter's phone messages I would be completely p**sed!!! I don't care if Belle DID sleep with Phillip.

NONE if this is ANY of Hope's business. Yes, I know Shawn and Belle are immature idiots. But they are still adults (sort of) and married. Hope needs to keep her nose out of their business.

DOOLism of the day:
"You can't have them both," says Marlena, "You can't have two men."
Yo Marlena...POT?..KETTLE?...yeah you get the idea

5:13 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Looks like Hope is the meddling Mom in law when it comes to Belle and Stefano is the meddling Dad in law when it comes to the boy twin.

I have to admit that I'm curious as to how Shawn will react when he finds out Belle slept with Phil.

Knowing Shawn, he'll be like "I knew already. I'm just glad U chose me." or something along those lines....

PS - It will be cool to see Belle jealous of Chloe and Phillip....

What do U think Deb?

5:24 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

"Of course it might be kind of illegal," says Chelsea, "I want to break into Ford Decker's room."

Finally, Chelsea recognizes she is doing something illegal but she’s still more than willing to add breaking and entering to the list of offences.

Belle says, "She found me in the room right after Phillip left. It looked bad and Hope assumed the worst. Maybe Hope is lying."

"Hope isn't a liar."

"And I am?"


But I must admit, Shawn is a real stud."

"You mean he's good in bed," asks Marlena.

"No," says Belle, "I mean he has the IQ of a two-by-four."

Oh, Prevuze, that’s a good one!!

I do not have a PC at home so I had to haul my bucket to the public library to get my holiday Prevuze fix. Since eating and drinking is prohibited, public property was saved from me spewing my favorite beverages all over it. However, stifling my giggles was definitely harmful to my health. Prevuze, you were on quite a roll! For once, I had a great time watching my tax dollars at work but I think it’s time to ask Santa for my very own PC with a high speed internet connection.

5:46 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

'"You can't have them both," says Marlena, "You can't have two men."


Now THAT made me LOL!!!!

Angel said, "I have to admit that I'm curious as to how Shawn will react when he finds out Belle slept with Phil.
Knowing Shawn, he'll be like "I knew already. I'm just glad U chose me." or something along those lines...."

I think you're right on with that one, Angel -- especially since they could just recycle the Lumi "I knew about you and EJ but I still love you anyway" scripts ...

6:12 AM  
Anonymous Carol said...

Great Prevuze, as usual!
Oh I can't believe Belle... I mean I can - but I can't....Huh???????

And AFTER, the whole Marlena talk - doesn't Belle realize she DOES look like a complete LIAR??????

What are they doing with this storyline? Is it all a buildup for Chloe returning? If so, Belle will have absolutely NO SAY in Phillip and Chloe together!!!! I can't wait to see her squirm! And pleeez people - no feeling sorry for "lil' ole Belle." Regardless of what ANYONE says - she DID cheat on her fiance... she did and has no excuse! I don't care how confused someone is, or how he manipulated her - let's face it she wasn't raped!!! That WAS a 'big 'ol' smile on her face in bed with him!!! I'm getting so tired of people saying how she is so confused, or Phillip is manipulating her. SO WHAT! We all have to take responsibility for our actions, (right or wrong)... OK, THANKS FOR THAT RANT!

And how funny was the whole 'Shawn messed up a crime scene'? He's such a dufus!!!! Yet, he still has that immature attitude of - 'Well, I didn't mess it up TOO bad!' That's something my 11 year old would say!!!!! What does that tell ya?

Keep up the GREAT work! Love reading PREVUZE!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"No," says Belle, "I mean he has the IQ of a two-by-four."

OMG--I am doing some testing with students today. I should know better than to read Prevuze when I have to be quiet. Trying not to LOL is very difficult!!


6:40 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Bo lectures, "You screwed up man, and when a cop screws up, he owns up." You mean like when Pard, the POLICE COMMANDER, went to his daughter's wedding planning to kill the groom, left the scene without trying to catch ANY of the three shooters and then had a friend hide a gun that HADN'T EVEN BEEN FIRED?? You mean like that? LOLOL

The "Shawn's a real stud" also had me laughing like a loon.

Not only is the whole Bellip thing none of Hope's business, it isn't any of Marlena's business either. As someone else mentioned, all three are semi-adults. If questioned the stock comeback should be MYOB>

Bulldog's billboard was funny not only for the content, but for the fact that there were palm trees in the picture. So appropriate for a town that apparently exists in all dimensions and all climates. HAHAHA


6:47 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

It's obvious that Chelsea inherited her brain cell from the Brady family - she's going into a rapist's dorm room alone. Then Nick agrees to bring the sandwiches, ok we have lunch covered, but no idea how to get in???

Maybe she can join the SPD someday too.

I know - Belle could call Carrie to share ideas on how to screw around on your new hubby. Yep, Marlena's a stellar mother figure isn't she?

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The billboard was too funny. I love all the comments.

Are we sure Chelsea is not really Hope's daughter.

7:16 AM  
Blogger Missy said...

I know its days and the SPD is about as corrupt as it gets, but HOW can Chelsea expect them to get an arrest or search warrant on the basis of illegally obtained evidence. Silly little thing called the 4th amendment.

i know, i know, i'm using "logic" and inserting "reality," but that one has really been bugging me.

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Prevuse today! I had to laugh when I read that Marlena told Belle to honor her marriage vows,what about Marlena & Carrie,they honered their marriage vows didn't they?

7:42 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Here's my 2 cents on the "what will Shawn say" question.

I think they have it planned to drag out for a while. When Chloe comes back of course she and Phil will be an item right off the bat.

Belle will seethe and scheme and turn into a huge whiney mess, (yes she can and will get worse) and then Shawn will find out.

Based on the speed with which he kicked poor Mimi to the curb when he found out she lied about Claire (a lie which was entirely justifiable to spare his feelings)
he will be out the door in a flash.

And where will he go? Yep, straight to Chloe.

Why you ask? Well because it's time to recycle the PhillipMimiShawnBelle story.

Phillip once again gets to rage about how Shawn gets all his women. And Belle will get a taste of her own medicine, by getting to find out how Mimi felt. Chloe will be reveling in the fact that two men are fighting over her.

7:53 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Deb --
About Shawn dumping Belle when he finds out she lied just like he dumped Mimi -- don't forget, Shawn was just looking for an excuse to dump Mimi and be with Belle, even if he didn't consciously realize it. He always wanted to be with Belle, and that gave him the perfect excuse.

And just my two cents on poor Mimi -- I never thought she was any worse a liar than the rest of Salem, she just got a bum rap.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I, too, LOL when I shouldn't have when I got to the two by four Prevuism. And then went right on laughing when I got to Pard reminding Bo that EJ was hit by a bullet not a casing. HAHAHAHAHA

Why doesn't Nick just let the brat do what she's going to do anyway and when she gets caught let her butt sit in jail? Oh...wait a minute...this is Daze. Not only would he not be that smart, no BRADY kid (other than Sami) would ever have to sit in jail. Sorry I suggested it!

GREAT Prevuze and pictures today!!

8:47 AM  
Blogger chaya said...

Oh thank you Prevuze - now I know how to refer to dumb people in conversation. As a stud!

I think this is a term for the ages.

9:14 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Very true cfish, Shawn may have been looking for an excuse to dump Mimi.
BUT, Belle will be on her third strike pretty soon.

She wrote the letter that kept him out of the police academy, then slept with Phillip and got busted by Nope
(That's Nosey + Hope btw) and now she is going to do the horizontal mambo with Phil AGAIN to get Shawn INTO the police academy.

Her sobbing excuse will sound strangely familiar...

9:15 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I forgot to mention, my Map of Salem has been updated!

Check it out to see where all the action takes place.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seemed to me like Belle was trying to be cute and coy, and then looked so pleased and almost smiled whenever she called Philip. I don't even think she is in denial anymore.

10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

About Belle and Phillip. Look at the preview for the next episode, the little smile and seducing voice Belle uses when she calls Phillip. She is SO using this latest Shawn´s error as an excuse to get what she wants.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Speaking of the preview, is Kate being arrested too? She and Marlena will make great cell mates.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

can we say hiar extentions for belle. I was going thorugh the old previews 2 and the night before the wedding she had shoulder length hair and in bed with shawn it was the same and now ..... wish my hair grew that fast

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My take on the Shawn-Belle-Phillip-Chloe triangle, I mean square.

The comment that Belle made yesterday about Shawn being beyond the reach of temptation looks to be a little foreshadowing of a Shawn and Chloe affair (just a hunch!) Also, I read somewhere that Brandon Beemer (aka Shawn) and Nadia Bjolrin (aka Chloe) are dating. So wouldn't it be sweet if they could play an on-screen couple?

12:50 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Belle gets all sorts of advice from Hope and Marlena, the main thrust being--stay away from Phillip if you want things to work with Shawn. And then she initiates contact with Phillip. I don't feel for her at all. She sure didn't look like she was resisting his kisses in the previews.

Now I WANT Chloe to come back to town so Belle will be kicked to the curb.

Marlena seems zombified doesn't she? Just strange behavior.

Bring on Chloe and the WIB.

Wonder what Chelsea finds? Ford's showgirl outfit? His date rape drug stash in toy bead form? Date rape scrapbook?

12:52 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Brendamouse --
My guess is that Chelsea either finds something that belongs to Stephanie, or she sees something that indicates that Ford raped her --and that's how Stephanie's "little secret" comes out.

1:02 PM  
Blogger cfish said...


Hmmmm, just read a ***SPOILER*** that indicates that what Chelsea finds may be Ford's dead body ...

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good theory about what Chelsea and Nick will find in Ford's room!

Quick question, if Belle was really sorry for sleeping with Phillip, like she tells him over and over... why wouldn't she go to him and confess? And ask for his forgiveness?

Doesn't make sense..... what are the writer's going to do here?
I think they are just creating this mass-confusion for Belle so that when Chloe hits town and falls for Phillip, Belle will seethe!

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole storyline with Belle and Phillip is ridiculous. The whole time she was with Phillip she wanted Shawn. Now she finally gets Shawn and wants Phillip. This soap needs to come up with some better plots. I am so annoyed with all of these storylines.

I was thinking that Chelsea will find a video of Stephanie's rape.

1:16 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...


I like the idea of Chelsea finding Ford's dead body. Just think of all the suspects for that little mystery. Oh wait, they haven't cleared up the EJ shooting, what happened to Colleen, who ran over John.............................

1:18 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...


Monday - Dec. 3
Sami seduces Doofus with a sexy outfit;
Chelsea convinces the Felta Thigh girls to fight against Ford.

Tuesday - Dec. 4
The Felta Thigh girls set a trap for Ford;
Belle makes love to Spawn while fantasizing about Phillip

Wednesay - Dec. 5
ford has a fatal accident

and Max buries Ford and Marlena gets arrested

1:28 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Monday - Dec. 3
Sami seduces Doofus with a sexy outfit;

Does the sexy outfit come complete with a nursing bra? You’re right Anonymous. Unless Miracle Gro has a line of hair care products, Belle has rather pricy hair extensions. Maybe, Belle has a trust fund that pays for all her bath and beauty needs.

3:18 PM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

I knew Ford would die, he doesn't have a good charm/disgust ratio like EJ. Jeremy didn't either.

I can't predict how Shawn will react, Belle is his goddess after all.

And yeah, Shawn was just begging to dump Meems. He took the first opportunity to bail and hung onto that for sweet mercy.

I like the Chloe/Shawn thing, but Shawn is such goody goody dumbass I can't see it happening.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous tvc818 said...

Conversations we wish we could hear on Days:

Picture EJ and Phillip at a bar over a pint....

EJ: She said what?

Phillip: Yeah man, all I gotta do is save Shawn's stupid ass (again), and she'll sleep with me...

EJ: Um...dude...don't do it!

Phillip: Why the hell not?

EJ: Trust me man...if it ever gets out thats not the version she will tell....

Phillip: So? I'm uber-hot, wealthy and charismatic...Shawn is a whiny semi-unemployed doofus...where's the downside?

EJ: Phillip, I am uber-hot, wealthy and charismatic...I mean come on, I'm a freakin Adonis wink.gif !

Phillip: Belle can be a litttle melodramatic...

EJ: Uh-huh, and Sami "can" have anger management issues...Listen to me man...I've been down this road...

Phillip: Yeah, but I dig her in a strange "double-dawg dare you to be bad" way...

EJ: Phil, man...she'll have you villified, and with your luck she'll end up pregnant with twins, which may be yours, then not, then possibly, then not, then only one of them...

Phillip: Man thats crazy!

EJ: Did I mention you'll be branded a rapist on all the websites?

Phillip: What websites?

EJ: Ummm, nevermind...anyways...you're probably right...my family and the Bradys have a torrid history of affairs and betrayal and unrequited love and all that rot....you should be fine!

Phillip:(spits beer out his nose thinking of Victor and Caroline) Holy S*** Batman...you are right! Screw this...lets go bowling....

EJ : Sorry, I can't. Gotta get back to the whip and chains, I mean ball and chain.

Phillip: Sure, c'mon gimpy...

EJ: (downs beer, and wheels out behind him) No problemo peg-leg!

5:15 PM  
Blogger Angel said...

At NBC, Belle admits to Phil she loves 2 men..... big deal.... I love the look on Belle's face though when she sees Chloe.... It almost seems like she's looking at Chloe's chest..... LoL like she's thinking "there goes my chance w/Phil" lolol

Check out this week's video preview - http://www.nbc.com/Days_of_our_Lives/video/#mea=189144

7:32 PM  
Anonymous Victoria said...

tvc818, that was hilarious!! Thanks.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Shawn Sr.'s contract about to expire? They've been having him feel sick a lot. Is this a foreshadowing? It seems I remember reading somewhere that he will die off this year and leave the show. Does anyone know?

1:53 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Like mother like daughter, right Marlena?

Hope is such a Nosy Nellie.

Shelle need to get a place of their own where family does not reside.

Where is Marlena living?

Chloe returns for their high school reunion.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous that storyline again said...

TVC818: YOU ARE FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!! Do another one!

I noticed Belle's hair right away too. It was shoulder length in bed and half-way down her back later on. I thought she was broke? How can she afford hair extentions?

Has Chelsea slept with Nick? I hope they are not going to do a Decker raping Chelsea storyline cuz I think she's a virgin.

I also think that Marlena isn't as upset as a "widow" should be. She knows John's alive. Maybe she was at the church, with John's gun; waiting for a signal from John that never came? Maybe a phone call to tell her that he found Colleen but he didn't call so Marlena shot (at a guy standing next to her own daughter and she admitted she didn't even aim!) she could have killed Sami and face it: Days would never be the same without Sami. She's almost as popular as Jennifer was.

Can anyone think of some more names for Shawn? Dufas, Dudly Doright, dense...hey, those all describe Lucas too.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The writers definately need to team up Phillip and EJ they are truely the bad boys of Salem you love to hate plus they have so much in common with them loving the confused sisters.

1:59 AM  

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