Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Personal Touch

Nick and Chelsea go through the printouts of pictures from Ford's dorm room. Nick is impressed with the detail. Chelsea says the pictures are that good because she had this really good, really sexy photographer with her. Nick asks, "Do you think they're good enough to arrest Ford?"

"I don't know about that," says Chelsea, "But they're certainly good enough to prove we were in his dorm room and get us arrested for breaking and entering."

Chelsea has him sit down and wait for Cordy and Stephanie. Nick can't wait to see Bo arrest Ford.

Inside, Patch and Bo have a couple of beers. Patch taunts Shawn about his new supercop status. Bo says, "We got a match for the bullet and the fingerprints – Kate Roberts."

Shawn gasps, "I nailed Phillip's mom?"

"Every guy in town has nailed her," says Bo, "But technically, your Uncle Roman got credit for the arrest." Patch sneaks off while they talk. Bo says Shawn's application to the academy has now been fast-tracked. He wonders if Belle will be happy about this.

Chloe tells Belle she doesn't want to be a honeymoon crasher. She says she is back in town for the big high school reunion, but Brady didn't make it, "Who's lame idea was it for you and Shawn to honeymoon at the airport?"

Belle sweats, "I have to go."

Chloe is confused, "Shawn is spending the night here by himself?"

Belle squirms, "Great to see you."

It doesn't seem like it," says Chloe, "Is Shawn in there, or should I see who is behind door 1026?"

Roman grills Kate. He says her fingerprints are all over the gun. Kate clams up. Roman tells her to call Phillip and get him over there. He leaves. Kate calls.

Bo and Shawn discuss Belle's letter. Bo rambles about how tough it is to be a cop, "You're never on duty, you sit around at a bar in the middle of the day drinking with your friend..." Shawn insists Belle is behind him. Patch comes back with a bottle of champagne from OMB's private stock and tells Shawn he should take it and celebrate with Belle. Shawn reminds him she is with her study group.

Patch encourages him, "Go give her a reason to get away from the study group. Don't let the fun stop. Any idiot can open a bottle of champagne."

"Well," says Shawn, "Then maybe if Belle and I work on it together we can figure out how to do it." He leaves. Patch senses something is wrong. Bo swills his beer. A drunk down at the end of the bar wonders how he'll get his next drink without a bartender on duty.

Belle wishes she had more time to visit with Chloe. Her phone rings. She tells Shawn the study group is wrapping up. Chloe figures it's Shawn and gets curious. Belle hangs up and suggests they all get together for dinner sometime. Chloe suggests bringing Phillip. The blood drains from Belle's face.

Kate tells Roman she couldn't reach Phillip. She insists she didn't try to kill anyone. Roman is stern, "The gun, the slug and the hole in my daughter's dress say otherwise."

Stephanie arrives without Cordy. She, Nick and Chelsea go into the pub and meet Bo and Patch. Chelsea gives Bo the packet o' pix, "We... um... found some evidence on Ford Decker. Everything you need to arrest him is right here."

Stephanie squeals, "Are you crazy? Why would you do that?"

Bo passes the pictures around. He asks how they got them. "We stopped by his room," says Chelsea.

Patch was born at night, but it wasn't last night, "You mean he invited you in?" Bo figures they busted in.

"Who made you two FBI," grumbles Chelsea.

Bo is reluctant to do something. The pictures are illegal. Patch gets an idea, "Maybe someone just dropped them off at the Salem PD and you don't know who." He grabs a picture, "Let me see that." Chelsea talks about Ford's rating system.

Phillip picks up his things. His cell phone rings. Kate. She tells him she's charged with attempted murder because of the gun he promised he would get rid of for her.

Roman soaks it all in, "Kate, Do you really want me to hear this?"

Kate cups the phone and snorts, "I'm not going down alone."

Phillip has a conniption as he listens in. He yells, "Don't say another word! I'm on my way."

Belle tells Chloe Shawn and Phillip aren't friends any more, "But Phillip and I have been very friendly lately."

Chloe asks for Phillip's number, "How does he look?"

Surprised. Phillip walks out of the hotel room, "Chloe?" Chloe soaks it in and adds it up.

"This is weird," says Chloe, "Speak of the devil."

The crowd at the pub sits at a table. Patch looks over the pictures from Ford's journal, "He has dates, sorority houses and ratings in here." Stephanie thinks it’s a waste of time to look at illegal pictures. Chelsea tells them about Ford bringing in another girl while they were there. She says he saw the broken window and open journal and got the girl out before anything happened. Bo wants to hurt someone.

Chelsea says they found out another Theta sister was a victim, but they don't know who she is. Bo says he will use the pictures but wants Chelsea to stay away from Ford. Nick pipes in – he will make sure she does that. He tells Bo Ford took the evidence with him. Bo's attitude deflates like yesterday's cheap balloon, "That means the pictures are meaningless. Without evidence, the case against him is no good."

How many idiots does it take to change a light bulb? Apparently, just one, but that's just if he's only unscrewing it. Screwing it back in is way above Shawn's level of intelligence. Shawn is up on a stand. He unscrews the light bulb, gets down and says, "Maybe it's time to slip into something more fun."

Chloe greets Phillip. He says he's at the hotel because he's flying out on business tomorrow and it's easier just to stay at the airport. They exchange numbers. Chloe leaves for her room.

Belle panics. Phillip says he will explain they were both there to talk about Claire. He won't let anyone hurt Belle, "Everything is going to be all right."

Roman quietly asks another officer if ballistics has completed its testing on Marlena's gun. The officer says he will let him know as soon as the tests are complete.

Phillip and Kate argue. Phillip says his lawyers say there isn't enough evidence to hold Kate. Kate wants loyalty from her son. He insists he's doing everything he can. He's sorry about the gun. Kate doesn't think it's a coincidence Shawn found the gun. If Phillip had gotten rid of it when she asked they wouldn't be in this fix. She wants him to get the gun and get rid of it. She thinks this has something to do with his lust for Belle. Kate hopes whatever Belle gave in exchange was worth it for selling her out. Phillip leaves. Kate pouts.

Belle comes home. She flicks on the light switch, but the room remains dark. A flashlight beam blinds her. Shawn appears, decked out in an officer's uniform, complete with cheap sunglasses. It makes you want to break into a chorus of 'YMCA.' Officer Shawn is deadly serious, "Step away from the door, ma'am."

"Certainly," says Belle, "I wouldn't want to interfere with an officer doing his duty. What are the charges."

"I hear you've been stealing hearts, miss."

"More than you know. Do you have a warrant?"

Shawn shows her his warrant. The fourth amendment will never be the same. He dangles handcuffs.

Bo says he would love to put Ford away but can't do it without evidence. Patch says they should look at it from the other side, "The judge will think Chelsea has a grudge against Ford and might think the photos are fake."

Bo says, "I'll give the photos to some guys I know and have them sweep the area. God knows, Street sweepers make better cops than the Salem PD."

Patch suggests he and Bo pay Ford a little visit. Stephanie tells him to stop it.

Bo asks why. "Because," says Stephanie, "Ford doesn't just get mad – he gets even."

"He's a coward," says Bo, "Once he knows we're after him, he won't even cross the street without looking over his shoulder."

"Too bad John Black didn't look over his shoulder when he was crossing the street," says Patch.

Bo says there isn't much else they can do, "We'll give Ford the personal touch." Bo and Patch leave to take care of Decker.

Stephanie has a meltdown. She turns to Chelsea, "Do you ever think of anyone but yourself? You always have to be the big hero no matter who gets hurt!"

"How am I hurting you?"

"I mean Cordy. She doesn't want to relive this. No one does."

Roman comes in, "Can I get you anything?"

Kate asks, "Is this the return of the good cop? No thanks." Kate rambles on about Phillip. Roman wonders how many times Kate is going to implicate Phillip. She settles down and asks how much trouble she's really in. Roman will get coffee and they can discuss that. She insists the gun just went off, "I'm scared Roman."

Roman consoles her, "I know you are."

Belle. Shawn. Sam Spade music. The cop asks, "How do you plead for making so many great things happen in my life? Do you want to confess to officer Shawn?"

"I'd rather confess to officer Phillip."

Phillip calls Chloe and asks her out for a drink.

Roman brings decaf. No caffeine for Kate. Kate insists she would never have tried to kill Sami even though she wanted to. She points out Sami has returned the favor many times. Roman says if she had come to him before the gun turned up, maybe he could have helped. Kate says, "I don't need a lawyer. I need a tried and true friend who will get rid of the gun. Are you that kind of friend?"

Chloe tells Phillip she and Brady are divorced. Everything went wrong. Then she discovered she was a fifth-tier opera singer in a town full of divas. Her career fell apart. She says she has returned for the high school reunion. She says she heard Phillip and Shawn are on the outs. "You could say things are tense," says Phillip, "But don't get the wrong idea about Belle and me."

"Why would I get the wrong idea," she asks, "Because she came out of your hotel room and lied about it? I'm pretty good at keeping secrets."

Nick and Chelsea try to convince Stephanie they have to go after Ford. Stephanie argues and storms out.

Ford checks his computer. Someone pounds on his door. Ford yells, "I'm busy. Go away!"

Bo booms, "Salem PD!" Ford opens the door. "Mind if we come in," asks Bo.

"Yeah," says Ford, "I do mind." Bo and Patch steamroll into the room.

"I want a warrant," says Ford.

"I want to know what a warrant is," says Bo, "I guess I shouldn't have lied about being here on official Salem PD business." Patch says they are there to have a little chat about their daughters.

Bo gets in his face, "Sit!" Ford keeps standing. "It wasn't a request," says Bo, as he plows his fist into Ford's gut. Ford hits the floor and scrapes up his intestines.

Phillip tells Chloe it's easier to get updates about Claire on neutral ground. She wonders why Belle wouldn't tell her that. "It's not a problem unless someone decides to make it one," says Phillip.

Chloe announces she's moving back to Salem, "Things sound a heck of a lot more interesting this side of the ocean."

"Unless you're watching DOOL," says Phillip.

Officer Shawn would never doubt his number one suspect. "There are no secrets between us," lies Belle.

"I'll start by coming clean," says Shawn, "It was Kate's gun I found. Now I'm a shoe-in for the academy." Belle kisses him and says she is proud of him.

"I love you," says Officer Shawn, "I sentence us to a lifetime of this... and much more of this..." Officer Shawn moves in.

Chloe thanks Phillip for the drink. He thanks her for not asking too many questions. Phillip vows they won't lose touch again. She thinks they should get together. Phillip says, "I'm not trying to take anything of Shawn's. I'm just trying to hold on to what is mine."

He thinks Chloe should let Shawn know she is back. She leaves. Outside, she takes out her phone and makes a call.

Ford insists he doesn't know Chelsea, "This is harassment."

"Report me," snorts Bo. Ford gets in his face. Bo asks, "Did I say you could stand up?" Once again, Bo performs stomach surgery and once again, Ford has to clean his guts up off the floor. Bo threatens, "You even look at our daughters again and I swear you will lose a very valuable body part, and it will be very painful. I don't give a damn who your daddy is." Bo gives him another uppercut in the solar plexus for good measure.

Patch picks up the pile of flesh by his hair, "Feel free to report us. We have pictures of your stash and your journal." Bo and Patch leave. Ford oozes.

Chelsea wonders why Stephanie is mad at her and not Ford. "Because you're not a threat," says Nick. He suggests they give her time, "I know it's impossible to stay mad at you. I'm your boyfriend and I will protect you even when you come up with outrageous plans."

"I have a crazy idea," says Chelsea.

"I can't say no to you," says Nick

"Good." Kiss.

Roman says the gun stays in the evidence room, "I'm a cop. I can't tamper with the evidence. In fact a lot of times I have trouble identifying it, let alone tampering. But I'll do you a favor and forget you asked that."

An officer comes into Roman's office and tells him the ballistics report is in. Roman apologizes for having to leave and goes to look at it.

The officer says, "It's a match to Marlena Evans."

Roman whispers, "Don't use her name. Ever."

The cop asks, "Not even with you?"

"Nobody," says Roman.

Kate watches. "I'll take it from here," says Roman. Pan to Kate.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, come on! I'm definitely NOT watching this episode. Totally cheesy dialogue between Officer Shawn and his suspect. Give me a break. And I gotta say, Belle sure doesn't know how to think her way out of a tight spot. Surely she could have come up with SOMETHING when running into Chloe. Oh wait, I forgot, Belle can't think even when she's NOT in a tight spot.

I'm totally not with the Chloe/Brady split. The "great romance" is gone. All the drama and them going off together to be divorced so soon. Get real. At least if they stayed on the show we could see all the crap going wrong and know why they split. I despise them sending off couples and then bringing one back later. Exception, bring Carrie back and her ending up with Austin again.

Kudos to Bo and Patch. LOVED IT!!! Anyone think Ford will really stay away from the girls???????

4:48 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

OMG you should have started today's post out with a coffee snort warning:

Shawn gasps, "I nailed Phillip's mom?"

"Every guy in town has nailed her," says Bo

That goes in the classic file!

To anonymous: considering Ford Festiva will die either tomorrow or Monday I think he'll have no problem staying away from the girls. But then again you never know.

So happy to see that Bo and Steve are back doing their Lone Ranger and Tonto schtick. I missed them going out, taking the law into their own hands, saving the world.

And now to the best part CHLOE IS BACK!!
The sneer, the sarcasm, the pouting looks, the OH POOR ME whine....ahhhhh so refreshing.

Who's lame idea was it for you and Shawn to honeymoon at the airport?"

Belle sweats, "I have to go."

Chloe is confused, "Shawn is spending the night here by himself?"

Belle squirms, "Great to see you."

It doesn't seem like it," says Chloe, "Is Shawn in there, or should I see who is behind door 1026?"

5:17 AM  
Blogger Vampire Bear said...

Gyammm.... I have to step in here and wave the yellow flag at DOOL. Not even a bit of confusion from Chloe when she sees Philip? She recognizes him instantly? When Abby saw him outside of Chez Rouge (when he was meeting up with Willow) she had no idea who he was but somehow Chloe knows immediately? Come on.

5:24 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Not even a bit of confusion from Chloe when she sees Philip?

Oooooo... Excellent observation, VB. That one went right past us. They could have had a little more fun with this if at first Chloe had just thought he was a generic boytoy.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous LB said...

Thanks, Prevuze. You've saved me two hours this week so far!

6:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps The girl identified the voice and he said chloe
she is Not stupid

6:38 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

My very first thought when Chloe recognized Philip the minute she saw him was, "HUH?"

As has been pointed out, she was gone when he had the face transplant. 'Course, since the "new" Philip is actually the "old" old Philip - the one Chloe knew - maybe that's why she wasn't surprised. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Given the above, I did expect Prevuze to make something of this: Chloe asks for Phillip's number, "How does he look?" You just can't capitalize on every golden opportunity I guess.

Although the Belch stuff is zap-worthy, I'll enjoy watching Ford being used as a punching bag.

Great pictures (loved Hope's fashion tip to Doc) and Prevuisms!
I was laughing out loud by the time I got to:
Roman says the gun stays in the evidence room, "I'm a cop. I can't tamper with the evidence. In fact a lot of times I have trouble identifying it, let alone tampering.

Thanks, Prevuze.

6:56 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Roman doesn't tamper with evidence? Didn't he throw away a certain hairbrush?

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kind of figured that since Phil is Victor's son and Brady is Victor's grandson, maybe Chloe learned of Phil's war wounds before her and Brady split. Possibly Vic sent photos to Brady of Phil and Claire together. IMO - it would be crazier to not know about Phil's surgery since she was married to his nephew.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

If Ford's father is such a powerful bigshot it looks like he could get Bo on police brutality or just plain assault since they did all of this without any official charges against him. Too bad, as Deb pointed out, he's going to be offed before he could do that.

Can someone explain what Chloe's statement "I was a fifth-tier opera singer in a town full of divas" meant? She was better than the rest? As I recall she was the diva-est of them all. HAHAHA

Great Prevuze today. I loved the forbidden link. Thanks!

8:53 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Can someone explain what Chloe's statement "I was a fifth-tier opera singer in a town full of divas" meant?

She meant she wasn't as good as she or others thought she was. And apparently over in Europe she ran into some divas who out-diva'd the Dool Diva.

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And if Chloe already knew of the face change, wouldn't Phil more than likely know of the divorce? Oh, I forget, Chloe had to explain to the viewers. How lame. Never thought about her recognizing Phil. Would have been cool to have her thinking of Belle's boytoy. Good one.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sick to hear of the Brady/Chloe break-up. Couldn't the just have recast him? DOOL writers give us some romantic couples like Chloe and Brady. Yes, I loved them and Julie and Doug. Belle is so suffering from brain drain. Oops, have to have a answers.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hated Brady and Chloe. I'm glad they broke up. The cheesiest couple ever on a soap.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Brady Black fan said...

Hated Chloe, Loved Brady. Too bad he isn't come back

5:58 PM  

Good day all...I missed the show today cuz my dvr messed up but not to worry; I have this site to catch up on what I missed. And truthfully: I'm rather read this site than actually watch the show. It is MUCH more intertaining and is great intervention during those times when I wanna hurl my remote, phone, power drill, coffeemaker...whatever is closest; toward the TV during the 90% of the time when the characters act like they all share the same brain. A very SMALL brain at that.

I wonder how many mental patients are in a mental hospital soley due to daytime soaps? Makes you wonder.

Also I have to give kudos' for the blogger who writes the summaries: After reading yesterday's post about "SuperShawn" and his "whirling and twirling" half nelson thing...well, like a pervious post stated...there went my coffee out my nose. Alot of the prevueism's (sp) are hilarious but that one sent me to the floor. Its a good thing I wasn't at work. I was in complete hysterics with no end in sight. I couldn't talk. I couldn't breath. I don't know whether my kids thought I was dying or just insane!


I, thought that too (I missed the show but read the summary) how Chole recognizing Philip. But, they are family; Chloe being married to his uncle and all. Maybe pictures were exchanged. Or maybe it is because Philip looks exactly the same when she left town. I don't think she ever met the other Philip.

And girls aren't stupid (well most girls anyway) Chloe KNOWS why Belle was in Philip's hotel room. She JUST arrived in Salem and she alredy knows...THIS SUPPORTS MY PREVIOUS POST OF SHAWN BEING A COMPLETE DUFUS.

So, if Chloe is divorced from that Millionaire'ses' son (the money comes from both sides with Brady (Kiriakis & Black; unless, like with ALL the othe rich offspring in Salem - the wealth is NOT being spread) I'm sure she's doing well. If they make her a down on her luck poor girl (like Belle; another one with a millionair father) I swear I will start to look into other soaps. Pre-nup or not; in the "real" world; CHLOE HAS MONEY! (ITS CALLED A SETTLEENT & SPOUSAL SUPPORT) BELLE HAS MONEY!(HER FATHER IS A MILLIONAIRE) SHAWN HAS MONEY!(HE IS A KIRIAKIS AFTER ALL!) How is DAYS going to explain all that? Or are they?

Ford can file complaint after complaint after complaint against Bo and Steve and nothing will come of it. NO WITNESSES. (unless his webcam was on) Just like there were "no witnesses" when Chelsea decked him at the cheatin' heart. Anyway, if he ends up money is on MAX or STEVE. Somehow Max or Steve found out that the other sorority sister Decker raped was Stephanie and one of them will killed him. He sure associated that pregnancy test with Stephanie (not kayla) pretty quickly. Then again; maybe he'll try something with Chelsea; he does seem pretty stupid after all. And then Chelsea kicks his ass and kills him. Self-defense and a 2nd murder charge for Chelsea and she isn't even 21 yet is she?

I dont' know why everyone is so hard on Belle. She's got Shawn AND Philip. YOU GO GIRL! (btw; the actor who plays Philip was on a rerun of CSI Miami today. Played a model. Different haircut but still GORGEOUS).

Belle SHOULDN'T have married Shawn with the feeling she has for Philip. She loves them both so PICK THE RICH ONE GIRL! Not just cause he has money but because the sexual tention between Belle & Philip (even though he only has one leg; love overlooks that)doesn't exist with Belle & Shawn. However, if Belle can get them to stay with her even though she's seeing both of them; again: YOU GO GIRL!

Belle's dad is MILLIONAIRE right? So, she's probably used to getting anything she wants; which is why she acts like a brat and probably why she only wants what she can't have. Belle wants Shawn AND Philip and she's used to getting her way.

Back to John's will/estate: (whether he's dead or not; we all know he's not). But Marlena, Brady, Belle & Claire should have inheirited his money. MILLIONS. But Belle can't afford a decent wedding in a church? A honeymoon? Or even to get Shawn a wedding present? Shawn's Grandfather is a millionaire too but Shawn's broke and tending bar?

Why doesn't Shawn have a job at Titan?

Why doesn't Belle have a job at Basic Black?

Is OMB the ONLY bartender at the Brady Pub?


And whats the problem with these Brady/Black girls: THEY DON'T WORK. (with the exception of Carrie who allegedly owned a company that we never saw) Sami has millionaire parents thru marriage and used to work at Titan. John is her step-dad after all.


Does Steve even have a J.O.B.? Did he ever used to be a cop? And whats with the SPD allowing all the non-cops on their crime scene: Steve, Shawn, Hope?

When did Hope stop being a cop?
When did Billie stop being a cop?

WHY IS EVERYONE SO EXCITED ABOUT CHLOE'S RETURN? To start a squared storyline with Phil, Chloe, Belle and Shawn? I bet Belle is going to continue to go after/sleep with Philip cuz she's jealous of Chloe and Shawn will find out and turn to Chloe. Its not like Shawn doesn't have a habit of turning to Belle's friends. He married Mimi. And wasn't that a SUPERQUICK divorce? I don't even think he gave Mimi 2 seconds to explain.

Okay, last question...before they all broke up (shawn dumping Mimi and Philip running out on Belle cuz Claire was Shawns) they lived in lofts. WHY CAN'T SHAWN AND BELLE AFFORD THE LOFT NOW? Belle lived there BEFORE Philip even moved in! But they can't afford it now? Doesn't John own the building?

And if Bo is so about "taking the law into his own hands" regarding Decker...then how come he didn't let Marlena ditch the evidence? Does the Salem PD REALLY want to put anyone (and of course every cop of the force is a brady, married to a brady or friends with a brady) He'll ignore Chelsea's B&E and make up another story but he won't get rid of Marlena's gun?

Another funny thing: Bo asked Marlena "do you have a black dress"? WHAT GIRL DOESN'T HAVE A BLACK DRESS? Duh Dufas Sr.

One last thing: Did DumbDumb REALLY say "I nailed Philip's mom" or was that a prevueism? Seriously though; Shawn is probably the only man in Salem Kate HASN'T slept with! Except her son's that is. I hope Days doesn't go there...thats a storyline stole straight out of Passions.

9:19 PM  

BTW: Brady is probably not returning with Chloe because the actor who portrays him is married to the actress who protrayed NICOLE and they probably decided against it if Nicole wasn't returning. Besides; if Brady returned could Chloe mess up things for Belle & Philip? Remember a long time ago in high school; Philip (this philip) was in love with Chloe who dumped him for Brady. But a high school reunion? I didn't think they held those until a 10th reunion. It hasn't been 10 years; but this is DAYS...they are not bound by logic or reality.

So the rumor is that John is out of the country looking for Coleen. Wouldn't that be funny if the WIB was Coleen? John could of saved a trip. On the other hand; didn't Isabella "die" in Rome? You know that no one ever dies on DAYS, so their are bringing back Chelsea but not Brady. What if Brady and John are with Isabella? Anything's possible on DAYS.

Also, did Stephano promise to let Sami divorce EJ and be with Lucas if Marlena would be with/marry him? And she said no? Gimme a break. Thats her daughter...she should have taken him up on it; and with John not being dead-the marriage would be void anyway.

Hey, what if something went wrong with Sami & Lucas' 2 second divorce and Sami & EJ's marriage is void.

But, why would DAYS do those storylines...that would make fans happy and DAYS likes to torture their fans so neverind.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK! I have a question please anyone answer it!! All of the spoilers going around said that kate was supposed to seduce (Kiss) Roman as an attempt of getting out of her arrest! I didn't see where that happened so does anyone know if she is seducing him at all or did I just miss part of an episode?

8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know if Kate is actually going to try to "seduce" Roman; but she asked him NICELY. Don't know if such a temptation would work anyway...they're already divored with 2 kids, countless step-kids and shared grandkids. I think that maybe Roman have be a little immune to Kate at this point?

1:15 AM  

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