Friday, November 30, 2007

The Only Thing Missing Is A Pole

Chelsea shows the IFT sisters the pictures from Ford's room. She passes one of them around and says, "This is called a mortar and... uh..."

One of the sisters who is actually in college getting an education helps her out, "pestle."

"Whatever," says little Einstein.

Carmen says, "I can't believe you actually broke into his room." With her history he's lucky she didn't burn it down.

Slone asks what drug Ford uses. Chelsea struggles, "Something-lax... Ex-lax! "

Morgan looks at the picture of the bottle, "That would be Somulax."

Chelsea also shows them the picture of the journal and they talk about the rankings. One of the girls asks why he would keep a journal. "Because," says Chelsea, "He's a disgusting pig in love with himself."

Meanwhile Ford dresses.

Chelsea says Bo told her they couldn't use the pictures because she and Nick broke into his room to get them. Carmen asks, "Can't the police do something?"

Chelsea says, "No and that's why we have to go after Ford ourselves."

Stephanie closes up at the Cheatin' Heart. She shows Max her last big tip, "They really appreciate good service."

"What did he leave you," says Max, "a $10?" Stephanie holds up a $20. Max freaks, "That does it! We've got to have a ladies night here!"

Adrienne has to help Joey study. His grades have been a little too high lately. Max volunteers to close and tells Adrienne that Stephanie will help. Stephanie beams.

Sami comes out of her bedroom dressed in a revealing thingie. Lucas gets up from digging a baby bottle out from under the couch. He sees Sami and nearly faints. "Do you like it," asks Sami.

"The only thing missing is a pole," says Lucas. Sami doesn't appreciate his weak attempt at humor. Lucas recovers, "You look hot. Real hot." Lucas heats up himself, "Are you sure we should to this? It'll be the first time since you had the babies."

"I am ready to rock your world," says Sami.

Stefano wheels EJ down the hall. He rants about EJ not being at the mansion where he could get better care. EJ decides to stop and give Sami a surprise.

Stephanie says she doesn't mind sticking around. Adrienne runs out, "Oh good. Joey thanks you. I thank you. Goodbye."

Stephanie and Max. Alone again. Max apologizes for roping her into having to stay and work. Stephanie is oh, so happy to stay. She goes to work scraping goo off of a table.

Max watches, "Most girls wouldn't go near that crud."

Stephanie isn't subtle, "Meaning Morgan? You have to admit the girl is high maintenance."

"She's just used to having things I didn't grow up with," says Max, "It's actually kind of nice to have a night off from Morgan."

Chelsea tells the girls if they stick together they can take Ford down, "It won't be like it was in the dean's office."

As she encourages them, Ford turns on his iPod and prepares the wine. His latest victim walks into his room.

Chelsea charges up the sisters, "Who is with me on this?" They don't exactly all rush in at once to volunteer.

Sami and Lucas romp. Well Sami romps and Lucas yaks. He finally decides they should seize the moment. Sami seizes him. She rips open his shirt. Three guesses what happens next... We have the proverbial knock at the door. Amidst Lucas' protests, Sami gets up and looks through the peephole. Stefano! Sami panics, "What if something happened to EJ?"

"With any luck it did," says Lucas.

Sami decides to open the door. She whispers, "Button your shirt!"

No. Lucas isn't going to do that. It's time for the gratuitous DOOL eye-candy shot of the week. He takes the shirt off and throws it on the couch, "I don't mind showing him what we are up to." With Sami dressed the way she is, they would know anyway.

Sami opens the door. Stefano stands in back of EJ's wheelchair. EJ says, "Hello, darling. You're husband's home." Sami huffs.

Morgan is worried about what Ford might do to retaliate if they go after him. Another girl thinks they could get in trouble for this.

As they talk, Ford parties with his latest victim. He spikes her drink.

Chelsea keeps up the pitch. She has a plan, "What's the one thing Ford can't get enough of?"


"Besides that," she says, "Here's what we do – We offer ourselves in a package he can't resist and then we nail him."

Stefano asks, "Where is Giovanni?"

Lucas' hackles rise to the occasion, "His name is Johnny and he's asleep." Sami offers to bring him over later. Stefano insists he won't leave without his grandson. Lucas wants them out. EJ asks Stefano to let him handle this.

"If you insist," says Stefano as he leaves.

EJ promises he won't allow Stefano to go to the airport with Johnny D. He promises to be there with Stefano and his grandson the whole time. Sami agrees. Lucas struts, postures and blows his stack. Sami goes to get Johnny.

"I don't want you barging in here unannounced any more," says Lucas.

"What are you suggesting," asks EJ, "That I have to make an appointment to see my wife? As of now she lives across the hall with me." Lucas stews.

Chelsea presses. The bait has to pretend she's drunk, and then they will spike Ford's drink.

Stephanie and Max dance around each other. He fixes sodas. Stephanie suggests doing this again sometime. "We make a hell of a team," says Max.

"We sure do, Uncle Max." He asks about Jeremy. Stephanie zones.

Sami comes out with Johnny. Stefano is back. Sami gives him to EJ and Stefano makes over him. Lucas simmers and walks off. Sami suggests maybe she should go with Stefano and EJ. They tell her that's not necessary and leave.

Lucas has a meltdown, "This makes me sick. So much for our night to remember. Is this how it's gonna be from now on?"

As they both walk to the door and stare across the hall, Sami reminds Lucas she EJ's his wife. "Thanks for reminding me," he growls, "You shouldn't have let them take him." Sami decides to go over there and set some ground rules.

Stephanie tells Max Jeremy is out of the picture, "I don't know what I ever saw in that guy."

"You saw the bad boy in him," says Max, "That's what good girls like."

Stephanie is heartbroken, "Are you saying I'm not bad?"

"Oh," says Max, "You're the baddest, especially your judgment." She wonders if Morgan has any faults under her diamond tiara. "I've actually seen her sneak candy into a movie," says Max, "And the other day she used one of the worst four-letter words I've ever heard – DOOL."

Stephanie asks, "What you said about Morgan earlier... is that true? That it was nice to have a break from her?" Max stares.

The girls mock Chelsea's plan. Chelsea says they have to do it together or it won't work, "So each girl will put a tiny bit of drug into his drink." Cordy just can't do this.

Ford gets forward. His latest victim stops his advances.

The sisters decide they are all in. Carmen gets sinister and decides they should come up with things like were in the movie "Saw." Chelsea tries to convince Cordy to join them. Cordy decides she's in if they are just going to scare him.

EJ and Stefano make over Giovanni, who lies there like a wood block. Oh, sorry, he is a wood block. Sami watches as Stefano tells him he will grow up to be an imposing figure, "And all the girls in Italy will come after you."

Sami interrupts, "You are not taking my son to Italy! Do you understand?"

Chelsea promises they won't hurt Ford, but will just teach him a lesson. Of course the Jigsaw killer didn't kill his victims. He found ways for them to kill themselves. Goodbye Ford. Not that the DOOL writers would ever steal a plot.

Ford molests his semi conscious victim. She tells him to stop. Ford moves in.

The girls are in. All for one and one for all.

The victim begs. Ford attacks.

Chelsea and Morgan confront Slone and ask if she is the other Theta girl Ford raped. Slone is silent.

Max says he and Morgan are from completely different worlds, "You know, that first night I took her to the pub, she had never had chili fries before."

"If she ate chili fries from the pub, she'll never have them again either," says Stephanie.

Max goes on, "Do you know 'Sleepless is Settle is her favorite movie? I tried to watch that piece of..."

Stephanie stops him before he does more damage, "Watch it. I love 'Sleepless in Seattle.'"

Max nearly breaks his neck doing a 180, "She calls vegetables 'crudités.'"

"CRUD-ités is what I call chili fries at the pub."

"She vacations on the island of Bequia."

"I go there all the time."

"Me too," says Max, "Look, I know we're joking but don't tell her about this. I really like her and don't want to hurt her feelings."

"You're secret is safe with me," says Stephanie, as she makes notes for the front-page ad she will place in the Salem Enquirer detailing the conversation.

Stefano says, "Mrs. DiMera, you misunderstand. I will not separate the family. A boy needs his family. I want you to come to Florence with us."

Sami puts her foot down, "We're not moving to Italy." Stefano makes his pitch. Sami insists Johnny will grow up in America. End of discussion. HA! We only wish. Sami takes Johnny back to his new crib in EJ's apartment.

Stefano sighs, "She is going to be a problem."

"These are difficult circumstances," says EJ.

"Then I will handle things my own way," says Stefano. He shows himself out.

Slone swears she wasn't Ford's victim.

Back in Ford's den of sin, his latest victim cries. He gets in her face, "This stays between us. By the way, you were great tonight." The poor girl cries and runs.

Chelsea suggests Slone be their decoy. She isn't sure. Morgan and Chelsea say if Slone won't do it, Emily might. They go to talk to Emily, but Slone calls them back. She decides to do it, as long as they don't leave her alone with him.

Max... Stephanie... closer... closer... Suddenly, the jukebox starts up on its own. Max decides the thing is possessed. He takes her hand, but she jerks away and remembers her night from hell. Max is confused. Stephanie claims she got shocked. Max suggests trying again. It works better this time. Max suggests having some fun. They dance to "I will save a dance for you for the rest of my life."

EJ unpacks Johnny's bag. Sami comes out and says he's sleeping. EJ asks for his weight bag. Sami struggles with it, but brings it to him. He asks for a glass of water. Dutiful Sami hauls it over to him. He asks for peeled grapes...

Sami thinks a newborn might be too much for EJ and wonders if Johnny should stay with her tonight.

"I have a better idea," says EJ, "Why don't you stay here?"

Max and Stephanie dance. She wonders what Morgan would do if she walked in right now. Max says, "She knows I'm not the guy for her. And if she didn't realize that her parents would set her straight."

"Her parents are idiots."

"Yeah," says Max, "You'd think I'd fit right in." Max dips. Stephanie giggles. Chelsea interrupts. Stephanie jumps away from Max like he's on fire. Maybe he is. Chelsea tells Stephanie they need her back at the house. They've developed a plan to get Ford. Max gives her the OK to go. Stephanie apologizes, thanks him for the dance and leaves.

EJ tosses toys at Sami as he suggests she stay. Sami giggles. He asks her to bring Ali, too. Sami doesn't think that will work. She thinks he should hire a nurse to help him. He grabs her and pulls her into his lap, "I don't need a nurse when I have you."

Lucas walks in, "OMG."

The girls are all hush-hush while Slone calls Ford. She tells him she thinks the sisters have been unfair in accusing him. She says she has the sorority house all to herself tonight and invites him over. Ford says he is busy, but will clear his schedule for her. "I'll be waiting," says Slone.

Meanwhile, Ford's victim wanders the woods and cries.

"There is no turning back now," says Chelsea. Every single girl in the sorority turns and looks at Stephanie as if she just cut the cheese. Pan to Stephanie.

"The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously." – Henry Kissinger

"So does the absence of brain cells." - Belle Black Kiriakis Brady


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Just when things start to get interesting....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Come on already. Unleash Chloe!
Let the madness begin. I could care less about Ford Festiva and the gals at I-Felta-Thigh. About LuEJami. About Who Shot EJ.

I just want something interesting to happen. Anything.

4:55 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I just want something interesting to happen. Anything.

The juke box turning on all by itself was interesting.

5:09 AM  
Anonymous sue said...

the thought of Sami giving Stefano h*ll in her "revealing thingie" is amusing ;)

Loved the prevuze and the captions -- and I'm with Belle, there's no reason she can't have two men! TY for the laughs!!

5:18 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

The juke box turning on all by itself was interesting.

Only if Max would have hit it like Fonzie, given Chelsea a thumbs up and said AYYYYYYYYE

5:32 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

the thought of Sami giving Stefano h*ll in her "revealing thingie" is amusing ;)

To be honest, it really wasn't that revealing. The "pole" remark was pretty exaggerated. Most pole dancers have less material in their entire wordrobe. The outfit provided Sami with enough fabric to be modest later in the episode.

6:11 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

But we would never expect Prevuze to exaggerate! HAHAHAHAHA

Whatever the outfit looked like, Alison Sweeney probably felt dumb wearing it in front of the cast and crew.

I'm so tired of everyone doing what the Brat wants to do. I love how she volunteered Sloan to be the guinea pig. "What do you mean ME, Kemosabe?"

I LOL over the gratuitous eye candy and over EJ's "dependence" on Sami. Wonderful Friday Prevuze and pics today. :D

7:24 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

The pictures were great and many seemed to have a similar theme...a bonanza of Belle/Marlena and two men.

..."revealing thingie"...I'm afraid Prevuze will never make it as a fashion commentator on the red carpet. HAHAHA

I can't believe that Lucas/Sami would let the Dimeras walk off alone with Johnny for even two seconds, let alone considering letting the baby stay overnight alone with a man, just out of the hospital and paralyzed to boot!

Great Prevuze today.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, if Johnny, or Johnny D., or Giovanni (whatever the kids name is) is going to stay the night at EJ's and Alley is staying the night at Lucas' then what is Sami going to do? Leave one boob at Lucas' and one at EJ's? Or run back and forth all night?

Actually, if those were my babies; I could give 2 sh*ts what either daddy said; they'd both being staying with ME. But, I forgot...this is Sami. She hasn't seen the babies for 5 minutes since she delivered them!

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here here! Since Lucas was so intent on changing his name, he should have just used Sami's. That way the twins would be Brady's, not one Horton or one DiMera. Both are hers any way. With the amount of marriages Sami has, it would be easier for her to just keep her own name!

9:48 AM  
Anonymous theresa said...

As a mother of twins, when they were that young I would never have separated them!

Leave one boob at Lucas' and one at EJ's?
Either way she'll have a boob in each apartment!

LMAO at Stephanie cutting the cheese...and applecheeks reviewing prevuze red carpet abilities!

Yeah I'm easily amused, it's a gift

10:39 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Leave one boob at Lucas' and one at EJ's?
Either way she'll have a boob in each apartment!

Fabulously astute comment, Theresa! LOLOL

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What no prevuze II today??? WHen will it be up. My day is not complete with out it......

1:03 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

What no prevuze II today??? WHen will it be up. My day is not complete with out it......

Shoot. It's been up almost all day. We just forgot to post the notice. Sorry about that.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

It was just pointed out to me that "This storyline again? and again? and again?" had left me a question on a Prevuze from a couple of days ago.

"This Storyline" - I've had my "identity", Applecheeks, since back in the good old days when every car sprouted a CB radio antenna and every hip motorist had a "handle".

I got my handle from a friend of my husband. He thought it was appropriate since I was an "applecheeked girl from the midwest".

Hmmmmm. Did I just totally date myself or what?! HAHAHA

7:19 PM

7:24 PM  
Anonymous that storyline again? and again? and again? said...


Just wondering cuz that old Stephanie sure had some cheeks on her didn't she?

Oh, also, that at MY comment about Sami's separating her boob's. I just didn't have time to log in before posting it so I left it anonoymous. Its just the first thing that popped into my head while reading about where Sami was going to sleep was: where's her boob's going to sleep?
I don't ever get credit or come up with anything when I please?:) thank you :))

Seriously, though...that was Sami's "out" (you know: keeping the twins & boobs together) out of sleeping at EJ's. I wonder is she's going to take it? Actually; I'm not wondering too hard at all.

Thanks guys!!

1:29 AM  
Anonymous this storyline again? and again? and again? said...

Okay, I'm pleading ignornace (after all; I DO watch DOOL)...whats a Prevuze II? Do you post 2 posts a day? Are you 2 days ahead? I'm so confuuuuuused! Thanks!

And btw: How come only BO got to hit Decker? How come Steve didn't get any shots in? Maybe his turn is a comin' after he finds out Decker raped Stephanie? ...and then since BO was the only one who assulted him; he will be the suspect...guess DOOL couldn't have their future murderer committing any assaults? Aw, who he heck knows how these writers think.

Oh, is JER still a writer for DOOL? Just wondering cuz if so; I was wanting to place my money on what father/daughter son/mother son/father DOOL pregnancy was coming!

1:36 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Okay, I'm pleading ignornace (after all; I DO watch DOOL)...whats a Prevuze II? Do you post 2 posts a day? Are you 2 days ahead? I'm so confuuuuuused!

Prevuze II is a site where we post videos of the show's previews for the following episode which, in fact would be fot the show that is two days ahead. Click here to see Prevuze II. As far as your ignorance and confusion go, don't be too concerned. We are confident scientists will uncover a way of reversing the IQ-lowering effects of watching DOOL in due time.

3:02 AM  
Anonymous this storyline again? and again? and again? said...

Okay, I have another comment/question:

Its crazy when its 3am (6am for you east-coasters) and I can't sleep (well, not because of DOOL but I can blame it on them if it makes me feel better) cuz you know: there is a rapist on the lose (raped a BRADY. And while he is still an un-admitted one - he cannot be accepted into the Brady clan: Like, EJ (raped a BRADY), Jack (raped a BRADY), Laurance raped a Horton who (who married a deveroux who raped a BRADY) and then married a BRADY, some paralizer (3 or more; SPD never took math in skool) Suspects: Kate Roberts-BRADY, Marlena Evens-BRADY-Black-North-Black, Roman BRADY, Steve Johnso(married a BRADY), Bo BRADY, John Black (former BRADY and father of BRADY), several serial marrier-er's (Sami BRADY (reed-roberts-horton-wells-dimera. Sami marries enough w/o marrying men with TWO last names! BELLE (black-kiriakis) BRADY, Carrie BRADY-reed-roberts-reed), serveral adulter-er's (Belle BRADY: who learned the ropes from mommy BRADY and sister CARRIE BRADY. (Amazingly; I don't think Sami has every committed adultery). Tattletales (BIG, FAT, MOUTH Hope BRADY, Bo BRADY, Kayla BRADY, STEVE (married to BRADY), Marlena (blah, BRADY, blah, blah, blah), Faked deaths: (EVERYONE IN SALEM and John Black (formerly a BRADY, married a former BRADY, son named BRADY) Countelss babymama's who don't know who their babydaddy is: (ALL BRADYS: Marlena, Sami, Sami, Sami, Belle, (soon to be again: Belle) Hope, Hope, Caroline, (soon to be: Stephanie). A newly returned tanning addict with an obvious boob job; I though Chloe Lane-Black (whose ex-hubby is named BRADY) was a opera singer: not a porn star. And last but not least...all the BRADY FAMILY being found innocent of all crimes due to the obvious corruption of the laughable Salem PD: Run by Commander Roman BRADY, Detective Bo BRADY and even Abe; though not a Brady; he did raise Zack Brady as his own before Bo & Hope got him back AND I believe he's all Roman's kids' GodFather...which means he's either "jumped in" as a Brady or its some sort of mob thing. Then again, he's married to Lexi, who is EJ's sister, who is married to, if you trace it back far enough...EVERYONE IS SALEM IS A BRADY. Well, there are my thoughts for the day. My brain is offically fried. I do still wonder though - did Lucas and EJ fight over which boob they got left with or did it matter? WHICH BRINGS BE BACK TO MY QUESTION BEFORE THAT NO ONE ANSWERED: All this talk about Sami's frequent, long trips to the hospital and how she missed 2 feedings and the milk she left was gone? Uh, didn't Sami LEAVE THE COUNTRY when the twins were 1 day old? How'd she leave enough milk for that???

So, my little 3am mind has concluded that if someone just did away with all the Brady's (blood, married, adopted, whatever) cuz they are obviously a well-covered CORRUPT family; Salem would actually be a pretty safe place.

3:17 AM  
Anonymous this storyline again? and again? and again? said...

Okay, one last parting thought:



3:26 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

"This Storyline" - sorry for giving props to the wrong person on the "boob" quote.

As for Sami regaining her shape so soon after birth - that was nothing! They actually had her in loose clothing with a little paunch for about two episodes.

The championship goes to Hope. She not only had a 12 month pregnancy, but ONE DAY AFTER GIVING BIRTH she was out of the hospital and prancing around the pub in size 1, low-rider jeans!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Staxelle said...

so what artist is the song "I will save a dance for you for the rest of my life" by (the one that stephanie & max danced to)?

1:56 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

so what artist is the song "I will save a dance for you for the rest of my life" by (the one that stephanie & max danced to)?

I looked for that information when I made the post but couldn't find it. I did notice the show has used that song for other couples, including Belle and Shawn, in the past.

3:06 PM  
Blogger Small Town Celebrity said...

Is anyone ready for Lucas to vanish from the whole Sami/Lucas/EJ triangle? I honestly wish both twins had turned out to be EJ's, I'm growing to like Sami and EJ together a LOT better than listening to Lucas whine and gripe every time he's near Sami.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I so wish Lucas disappeared, along with Shawn.

Why hasn't Sami moved in with EJ along with both twins? He surely can't be living by himself (Gianni doesn't count). He just got out of the hospital. I'm surprised the doors are big enough for his wheelchair. His bathroom surely isn't wheelchair compliable. He will need a nurse who can lift him into and out of bed and help him dress, bathe, etc.

12:52 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

What is Sami doing? She would actually trust EJ not to run off with Johnny?

1:07 PM  

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