Monday, November 26, 2007

Hormones And Hysteria

Belle is with Lucas. She thinks the twins are adorable. Lucas runs through how he manages to take care of them without Sami. Belle thinks the job sounds overwhelming. Lucas says, "Sami helps when she's around."

Belle decides to hang out for a while. She says she is unnerved without her cell phone, "I feel like I'm missing everything."

"There's not much you don't miss anyway," says Lucas.

Belle picks up a stuffed toy, "Aawwwww... this is cute."

Lucas gives his patented growl, "Gmxlropsnort, I don't know how cute it is. It's a gift from EJ."

Belle throws it down like yesterday's garbage. She philosophizes about the EJ situation. Lucas wonders if she shouldn't be with Shawn, "Or is the honeymoon over already?"

Shawn works in the pub. Phillip comes in and walks up to him. "You break it you buy it," says Shawn.

"Easy, big boy," says Phillip, "I'm not here for another fight." He says he thought Belle would back out of the wedding. He congratulates Shawn and sticks out his hand, "You won. As an officer and a gentleman, I'm backing off. Put 'er there, pal." Shawn gives him the stare of death.

Bo grills Marlena. Marlena insists she was not at the wedding, "I was babysitting Claire."

"And Claire can confirm that," asks clever Bo. Marlena claims she also talked to Roman on the phone at the time of the wedding. Hope interrupts and asks for a word with Bo. She gets on him for giving Marlena the third degree. Bo justifies his actions. Hope thinks he could be wrong. Bo is hoping he is. He turns to Marlena, "I have a witness who said there was a woman in black at the church."

Marlena asks, "And you assumed that was me because..."

Bo asks, "Was it?" Marlena says she wasn't there and he can cross her off his list. Well. That settles that.

EJ asks Sami to take the baby to Stefano. Sami refuses. She tells him about Lucas fighting her for custody of Alley. EJ is sympathetic but Sami continues her nukefest, "If Stefano wants an audience with my son he can get in line."

EJ says, "That's not acceptable."

Lucas serves drinks. Belle tells him she and Shawn are not attached at the hip, "That wouldn't leave any room for Phillip." They couldn't afford a honeymoon so they just stayed home together instead. Lucas thinks they are lucky to be able to do that. Belle asks, "Why do you say that, are things worse than I thought?"

"Well," says Lucas, "It's no secret my wife left me and married EJ. The whole thing just stinks like a DOOL script in a fish market dumpster. I feel like I'm a pit stop between the babies and EJ. I mean, how would you feel if Shawn were running around on you. Or better yet, how would Shawn feel if you were seeing another man?" Belle's deodorant fails her.

Phillip reminds Shawn they have been good friends in the past. Shawn says those times are gone. He prefers the present with Belle and Claire. There is no point in going back. He suggests Phillip limp on.

Belle doesn't know what she would do in Lucas' situation. Lucas talks about bonding with the twins. He just wants them to be together. He knows Sami wants that too, but he's afraid Alley will end up the poor relation. Belle thinks this must be hard on Sami, too. "You know what I think," snorts Lucas, "I think Sami has fallen in love with EJ."

Sami says, "I will not let Stefano sink his fangs into my son." EJ says he would never put their son in any danger. "I know Stefano has to meet him," she says, "but this is not the right time. I'm trying to avoid a nervous breakdown here."

"It must be hard to accept failure," says EJ.

"I want my son to learn to read and write before he learns to cast the evil eye," says Sami.

Marlena says, "Today was the first day since John... ahem... died that I could get out of bed. I came here looking for comfort but got an interrogation instead. I thought you were my friends."

"We need to pursue this because we are friends," says Bo. Marlena admits to having a black dress, and reminds Bo she wore it to John's funeral, "And I know John had guns," says Bo, "I need you to prove you didn't try to kill EJ."

"Then I need a search warrant," says Marlena.

"A what," asks Bo.

"Don't worry," says Marlena as she leaves, "I won't skip town."

"That went really well, I think," says Hope.

Bo and Hope discuss Marlena's motive. Bo thinks she was at the church and is lying about it. Hope asks what he is up to. Bo says he wanted to get Marlena worked up enough to get her to dispose of the evidence. Bo plans to catch her in the act.

Marlena walks into her home, closes the door and leans against it, "Oh John, my love. I need you so."

Belle insists Sami doesn't love EJ. Lucas thinks she cares about him. "That's a far cry from being in love," says Belle, "That's what Dr. Phil says, anyway." Lucas thinks there is something going on. Belle tells him not to give up.

Lucas has no plans to, but he's worried about the babies, "Sami is spending all her time with EJ. I will protect the twins from all the DiMeras, Sami included."

Sami and EJ keep it up. Any new information in their conversation is well concealed. Suddenly, EJ doubles over in pain, "OMG! I think the baby is coming! "

George and Gracie continue their conversation. Belle thinks Shawn is beyond the reach of temptation. Lucas thinks Sami keeps secrets.

"We all do," says Belle. Belle is the Burger King of secrets... Home of the whopper.

"Big enough to destroy a family," asks Lucas.

Belle flashes back to her romp with Phillip and says, "Maybe Sami is just feeling lost, like Shawn would be there for her no matter what."

Lucas calls her on it, "Shawn? You said Shawn."

Belle chuckles, brushes it off and decides it's time to go. She asks if Sami heard from Brady yet. Belle tried to call him on Thanksgiving and left a bunch of messages, but Brady never got back with her. Lucas suggests maybe he and Chloe are off on vacation. Belle thinks that's weird, "A married couple being together sounds really strange." Belle gives a parting shot as she goes, "Just remember, this is as hard on Sami as it is on you."

Sigmund Freud watches in awe, "How come I nezzer came up vith great ztuff like zat?"

Roman arrives at the Bo and Hope household. He announces a big break in the EJ Wells shooting, "My men found a shack two miles from the church."

"What does that have to do with the shooting," asks Bo.

"Nothing," says Roman, "I just thought it was a miracle my men found anything."
That's enough for Bo. He and Roman head for the shack.

EJ's labor pains subside. He just wishes he could walk out of there. Dr. Sami assures him that will happen. He tells her the fact that she is there means the world to him. Sami wants him to talk to Stefano. She says they have to lay down the law with him. EJ says Sami doesn't understand. "Use your spine," says Sami.

"I would if I had one," says EJ.

Stefano interrupts. "I'm glad you're here Sami. This gives us an opportunity for a della famiglia."

"I'm not hungry," says Sami.

Marlena unlocks a drawer and pulls out a shiny silver pistol. She puts it in a trash bag, walks over and opens her door. Of course, Hope is standing there, "Can I give you a hand with that trash?"

"Looky here," says Marlena, "Bo put a tail on me."

"How else were we going to find your home," asks Hope, "Bo had a hunch you'd try to get rid of the evidence," says Hope.

"Where is he," says Marlena, "outside with the posse?" Hope says she knows this feels like an ambush, but she and Bo want to help. Marlena says to tell Bo she's sorry she didn't trust him but she is not sorry for what she did. Hope suggests tea and a fresh start from the beginning.

Phillip fiddles with a piece of paper. Belle comes in. She passes him and clears her throat.

Stefano and Sami trade insincere amenities. He asks for pictures of little Johnny D. Sami says she doesn't have any with her. Stefano suggests a photography session at his house. EJ breaks in and says Sami will bring pictures another time. Stefano asks if EJ has talked to her. Sami breaks in and tells Stefano he has nothing she cares to hear about the way a child should be raised.

Stefano rambles on about the male bonding in the DiMera family. Sami nukes. She won't have anything to do with Stefano shaping her son's life. Stefano asks why EJ is allowing Sami to have such disrespect. EJ tells Sami she isn't the only one with a say when it comes to raising their son. He talks about the DiMera tradition, but says now is not the right time.

Stefano sighs. He says he is disappointed, but agrees it is their decision. He leaves. Sami thanks EJ for supporting her. EJ asks her to give Johnny a kiss for him, "Kiss both of them in fact."

Sami reminds him that the Bradys have traditions too, "Handing my son over to the DiMeras to raise? Not in this lifetime!"

Marlena drones, "I feel like a stranger in a strange land – that would make a good title for a book, don't you think? . She feels like she's being pulled by the tide while her daughters marry men unworthy of them, "Life goes on no matter how hard you try to stop it."

"Bad dialogue, too," says Hope, "Is that what you did? Did you try to stop it?"

Phillip says the paper in his hand is for Belle. Belle reads the note and tells Phillip, "It says Shawn went with Bo to help shadow a case." Phillip asks how she would like to make it up for sabotaging Shawn's chances at the academy. "How," asks Belle.

"Leave it up to me."

Belle wants one good reason why she should trust him. "A piece of evidence has come into my possession," says Phillip, "I could use it to make Shawn look like a hero."

"What's in it for you," asks Belle.

"An evening alone with you."

Bo and Roman arrive at the cabin.

In the distance, they hear a very unhappy officer, "DAMMIT! YOU MESSED UP MY CRIME SCENE!" Abbot and Costello hustle up to the cabin to see what's going on. They find an officer chewing out Shawn.

"It won't happen again," says Shawn.

"It had better not," growls the officer.

Marlena rambles, "Sami – she's stubborn and bull headed. The best intentions always led to the worst disasters with her, but worst of all, she married the man that shot John. I was so angry at her I could barely grieve for John."

"It's always more difficult to grieve for someone who isn't dead," says Hope, "Besides, I didn't think you knew when the wedding was."

"You can't keep a mother form knowing when her daughter signs a pact with the devil," says Marlena, "I took Claire to a neighbor and dressed in black and attended the wedding with a gun." She gives her evil SSK chuckle and continues, "I had hoped Sami wouldn't marry him, but she went ahead with it, so I shot him. I wasn't even sure I could. My hand was shaking so badly I could barely aim. Then there was another shot. It startled me so badly I pulled the trigger. And then there was a third shot. Then I heard somebody running."

Hope thinks she can't know if it was her shot that hit him. Marlena says it doesn't matter. She pulled the trigger.

Lucas tells the phantom mother she missed two feedings. Sami insists this will not happen again. Lucas tells her about Belle stopping by. Sami cuts to the chase, "Lucas... Do you still love me?"

Marlena says she just wanted to help Sami and do something courageous to avenge John's death. She thinks she ruined everything. She asks for a little time to hold the twins and her girls and put her affairs in order, and then they can cart her away forever. Hope tells her to slow down, "We don't know for sure that it was your bullet that hit EJ."

Marlena zones, "I shot a man. I meant to kill him. I don't know what any of you can do at this point."

The officer rages at Shawn, "You ruined a footprint! Bo – tell him about the rules at a crime scene."

"OK, don't get so excited," says Bo, "It was only evidence. If no donuts were involved, we're all going to be OK."

Belle resists, "You just want to use what you have to get me into bed."

"That's not what I had in mind," says Phillip, "Get your mind out of the gutter." That's got to be the cleanest gutter in Salem.

Belle scolds Phillip for pulling the stunt with the watch. He grabs her arm and tries to explain.

"Let go of me," she screams.

Phillip says, "One night is all you need for me to prove we are not done. Afterwards, if you don't agree, you can just leave and that's it." He claims he just wants to talk and share things, "You have my number. Call if you change your mind."

Dear Abby:

I am a newlywed. I suspect my girlfriend, now my wife, is having an affair with an old friend of mine. What should I do?

Shunned in Salem

Dear Shawn... I mean Shunned:

You didn't give me many details, but this case sounds strangely familiar to a situation one of my friends, let's call her HB (I certainly HOPE that doesn't give her name away), confidentially related to me (Well, actually, she didn't tell me directly. I heard it when she drove a panel truck through town announcing it on a loudspeaker). If this wife of yours is the same pathetic floozy she told me about, I suggest you and your old friend go out, have a few beers, patch things up and both drop the little slut like a white-hot potato.

Lucas wonders how Sami can even ask him that. He says he isn't the one who is running out. Sami insists she isn't running out. They're in this together, "What's mine is yours and what's yours is mine." Lucas says it kills him he doesn't get to see her any more. Sami falls into his arms and promises to spend more time with him. Crying babies in the background interrupt.

"My babies need me," says Sami.

"We all do," says Lucas. Sami kisses him and heads for the nursery.

Stefano comes back to see EJ. He says EJ let him down. He wants EJ to be a man and demand what is due him. EJ rationalizes, "Samantha is riding on hormones and hysteria. I'm not putting any pressure on her yet."

Stefano booms, "If you cannot handle this woman, I will – my way!"


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Anonymous hberg87 said...

Gotta say I loved the Stefano grandstanding comment along with the "With Phillip it's heels over head" - that was pretty dang funny Prevuze.

5:15 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I have come to the conclusion that there is no way any of the writers on DOOL are women, and the men on the staff have never had children.

Lucas tells Sami she missed two feedings. As a mom who breast fed two babies I can tell you, unless she had a portable breast pump with her, she would not only be in physical pain, she would be soaked. And before anyone pops in with the usual "this isn't reality it's DOOL" argument; I know that!!
But it would be nice to at least have biology function normally.

And speaking of normal...since WHEN does the Salem PD worry about anyone and everyone wandering all over their crime scenes?
Shawn is getting bawled out for destroying forensic evidence??
Did someone at DOOL read my CSI blog? Hmmmm.

And in the Who Shot EJ game let's all mark our scorecards:

Roman: Aimed but didn't shoot
Marlena: Shot but isn't sure she hit anything.
Steve: Was there, had a gun.
Kate: Had a recently fired gun. Gave it to Phillip to get rid of.
Lucas: Lied about being at the church, mailed a gun to himself.

That means......EJ shot himself!



5:31 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Many, many great Prevuisms and loved the pictures of the twins wanting an audience with their Mom. Holena's conversation just about rated a censored link. LOL

Lucas obsessing about him and Ali being wealth-challenged is so absurd: …but he's afraid Alley will end up the poor relation. So why doesn’t he go get a freakin’ job already!!

Prevuze was also chock full of great allusions today:
Commercial allusions - Belle is the Burger King of secrets... Home of the whopper.

Literary allusions - Marlena drones, "I feel like a stranger in a strange land – that would make a good title for a book, don't you think?

Allusions to professional competency - The officer rages at Shawn, "You ruined a footprint! Bo – tell him about the rules at a crime scene."

"OK, don't get so excited," says Bo, "It was only evidence. If no donuts were involved, we're all going to be OK."
Like the Salem PD has ever shown any respect for a crime scene before. HAHAHA

Love to kick-start Mondays with Prevuze.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'm glad you posted the gunshot scorecard, Deb, for us old geezers who can't (or truthfully won't) commit this to memory. I hope every time the scenario changes you'll recap it. It's funny when you actually see the ridiculousness on paper. HAHAHAHA

Applecheeks stole all of my other comments! But I concur, Prevuze is the only way to get thru a dreary Monday. Thanks! :D

7:18 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

My personal favorite..."Belle's deodorant fails her."

That was a coffee out the nose experience.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She feels like she's being pulled by the tide while her daughters marry men unworthy of them - she actually said this to the mother of one of those men? WHAT??

I am also confused b/c the "Woman in Black" was listed as being played by someone else, so how could it be Marlena? Maybe there were two WIB....

7:57 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

That was a coffee out the nose experience.

Thanks, DID, Prevuze considers that to be the ultimate compliment.

She feels like she's being pulled by the tide while her daughters marry men unworthy of them - she actually said this to the mother of one of those men? WHAT??

Yes, Anon, As I heard it, she actually said that. I about had my own coffee out the nose experience when she did.

I am also confused b/c the "Woman in Black" was listed as being played by someone else, so how could it be Marlena? Maybe there were two WIB....

We read the same spoiler. Maybe Marlena is a wigged out wacko who is making all this up?

8:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Prevuze. You are right, it is definitely possible Marlena is a wigged-out wacko who is making all this up.

So how did Hope react when Marlena insulted her precious Shawn?

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'She feels like she's being pulled by the tide while her daughters marry men unworthy of them - she actually said this to the mother of one of those men?'... I had to read that part of the preview a couple of times myself... what a cut down for Shawn - don't you think? Especially since Hope knows about the whole Phillip thing!!!! And that Phillip's family has money!She should have walked away at that point...but I guess we were'nt suppose to think that deep!

I totally agree about the 'writers must be MEN' comment! I have said it all along. They don't 'get' the whole child-birthing (and afterwards, etc...) at all! Anyone who has had a child would know - Sami couldn't have ran off to have a romantic night, with Lucas, (when she and Lucas ran off to get the divorce)! That was absurd.
One last thing... I think the writer's have gotten themselves into a 'pickle' abut this whole 'twins' thing. The only way to straighten this out is to have the DNA results be wrong and have lucas find out he is a Dimera... Seperating the twins - would NEVER go over in any court!!!!!

Ok, thanks for the chance to vent....

By the way, if Belle takes Phillip up on his 'devious little offer' I'll be totally convinced she's completely WACKO!!! No matter what the circumstances are - for G*d's sake, Belle, you have a child! Would you pleeeeze grow up and act like a responsible parent???? Quit acting like a child at a toy store that can't decide between 2 toys... Save that for Claire! (-sorry for the rant again!)

Great job Prevuze! As usual!

8:25 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Awesome way to start out a Monday!

Heels over head will have me laughing all day.

I totally have to agree about Sami missing 2 feedings. Of course, that ranks right up there with Sami & Lucas's romantic night right after she gave birth to those twins.

My take on Marlena being the woman in black - she's got an agenda. She's taking the rap to hide the real shooter. We already know the WIB is played by another actress. And it's way too early in DOOL time to ID the killer - we're talking about the Salem PD, remember? They'll drag this out for months.

Isn't this the week that our pal Chloe returns? Is Prevuze warming up for that one?

9:35 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

I don't know, if Prevuze warms up anymore it will spontaneously combust - not unlike the Phoenix picture. LOLOLOL

Other mention-worthy pics were Clair assessing the wedding presents and EJ not being able to lift his foot in order to put it down.

I, too, had to read Marlena's jab at Shawn. Can't believe Hope let that ride.

If Lucas were actually taking care of newborn twins he wouldn't have time to stand around and b*tch to Billie, Belle or anyone else about his terrible lot in life. TLT

9:52 AM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Of course, that one sentence should have read, "...I had to read Marlena's comment to Hope several times."

9:54 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

OK. I did something I rarely do. I went back and listened to dialog a second time. God knows, it's tough enough to get through the first time. Here is exactly what Marelna said:

Marlena: I feel like I'm just being pulled along by the tide, while my daughters marry men that are completely unworthy of them - Sami marrying that monster and Belle may lose the most important relationship in her life becuase of Phillip. I don't know what happened.

Hope: I know this is hard for you.

Marlena: Well, life goes on, no matter how hard you try to stop it.

Hope: Is that what you did? Did you try to stop it?

So Maybe we should interpret this that Marlena is saying the unworthy men were EJ and Phillip, but is not including Shawn. This may be supported by the fact that in the scene, Hope gives absolutely no reaction at all when Marelna says it. Frankly, I think it would have been a lot more fun if Hope would have attacked and scratched her eyes out.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved your dear Abby post.

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I must be slipping - that whole daughters marrying unworthy men comment went right by me. I guess I was too busy wondering how long Hope was going to plant herself outside Marlena's door waiting for her to come out! HAHAHAHA

11:27 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

uhhh....what's with the Titanic music playing in all the scenes involving EJami? Anyone else notice that?

12:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding Parenting skills of Sami:
Does anyone see the similarities between Sami and Britney Spears? Maybe the kids do belong with K-Fed, um, er, I mean Daddy, um, er, Daddies.

Wouldnt it be a hoot if EJ and Lucas were...gulp, Twins!!

12:33 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Why is Stefano so concerned about seeing Gianni? I would think he wouldn't want to see the kid until he's talking, walking, and potty trained.

Lucas needs to chill about Sami spending time with EJ. They are married!!! Whether he likes it or not. And EJ just got shot, had major surgery, is paralyzed, suicidal...

Speaking of which, Stefano too needs to chill on his demands of EJ for the same reasons listed above.

12:57 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Marlena drones, "I feel like a stranger in a strange land."

I grok that.

All I have to say is the women are nuts in this town.

1:05 PM  
Blogger miss peaches said...

well all i'm gonna say is i love dool and i love me some prevuzes

8:48 PM  

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