Monday, December 10, 2007

The Jolly Bouncer

Belle helps Shawn straighten his tie, as they get ready for the big high school reunion. Shawn can't wait to tell everyone about joining the academy.

Bo and Hope bring Ciara into the pub. When you're a Brady, you can't start getting used to being around alcohol too soon. Once they can remember her name, they bounce over around and reintroduce her to Shawn and Belle. Bo is impressed that Shawn is wearing a tie for the second time in a month. Hope is impressed that he got it tied around his neck without choking himself to death. "Actually," says Shawn, "I cut off my air supply for about fifteen minutes, but with me, brain damage is no biggie."

Belle and Shawn head out as Abe comes in. He tells Bo, "I've got it right here," and pats his coat pocket.

Lucas tells Kate things just hit the fan. He blames her for making things go haywire and lectures her for cutting Patch and Kayla's brakes.

Kayla wonders who would tamper with the car. Patch says it's probably kids messing around. Kayla nukes. For once, Patch is the one who mitigates things. He remembers a night just like this at Shenanigan's. He suggests calling a tow truck later. Since the outside of the car has already been tampered with, he wants to do a little tampering inside. He opens the door, "Step into my Bluesmobile baby."

"I know what you are doing," says Kayla.

Patch turns on the sweet-talk, "I love you."

Sami knocks on EJ's door and asks if he is OK. EJ says he needs a little help. He's trying to open a jolly bouncer. He's going to put it together for when the babies arrive. Sami says she has to go back to get her keys at Alice's. She says she will come back later. "Why do I get the feeling you are avoiding me," asks EJ. Sami says it's just that she's dealing with twins and leaves.

Abe tells Bo, "We know Lucas purchased guns illegally, so we have probable cause, which enabled me to get the warrant."

"What does that mean," asks Bo.

"I don't have a clue," says Abe, "But it sure sounded good, didn't it?"

Bo says forensics has new equipment which can do a high resolution scan, and they may be able to pick up markings on the bullet inside EJ. He asks if they really want to put Lucas behind bars. "A crime by the DiMeras is still a crime against the public," says Abe, "But DOOL is a crime against all of humanity."

Lucas tells Kate the other gun is not there. It's on a delivery truck. Kate thinks he's joking. "I sent it to the one person I could trust," he says. Lucas flashes back to mailing the package to himself.

EJ assembles the jolly bouncer and remembers his conversation with Lucas, "Does she or does she not? Inquiring minds want to know. And so does mine."

The high school reunion is getting into full swing. The Last Blast has turned into the Last Gasp. It appears they are having it at Chez Rouge. Belle says she is nervous as Susan and Penny run up and squeal. Shawn can't take it. He goes inside.

Kevin recognizes Shawn. Kevin says he runs his own Internet travel business. Shawn tells him about becoming a cop and being married to Belle. Kevin offers his sympathies, but says he can set Shawn up with a great deal on a honeymoon.

Penny is in law school. Susan is a self-image therapist, "I have you to thank for that, Belle. You were so screwed up it got me interested in the profession."

Cynthia is there looking for Phillip, "I've heard he's still hot as ever."

"I can certainly vouch for that," says Belle.

In the background we hear, "Hellooooo, Ladies."

The ladies turn, "Helloooooo, Newman."

Phillip walks by them as he goes inside. "Happy birthday to me," squeals Cynthia. Mr. woods comes out. He says he's assistant principal now. They all go inside.

Kevin was hoping Mimi would be there. Jason comes up. Just as he introduces himself he sees Chloe, "Looking hot! I will see you guys later."

Kevin and Shawn decide they don't care for Jason. "Once a jerk, always a jerk," says Shawn.

Chloe tells Jason ghoul girl grew up, "You should try it." She stares at Phillip, "These days I'm looking to the future." She remembers seeing Phillip at the hotel, and then her conversation with him.

Hope has dumped Ciara on OMB. Caroline says, "They're off to their high school reunion, but it only seems like yesterday Shawn was just a kid."

"That was yesterday," says Hope. Caroline says Shawn has picked the right girl for life. Hope's face falls. Caroline senses something is wrong. Caroline tells Hope she did a wonderful job of raising him. Hope changes the subject. She says she saw the Bluesmobile outside. She wonders where Steve and Kayla went.

"Maybe they are window shopping," suggests Caroline.

Inside the car, Patch is trying to convince Kayla to get their family started in a back seat, "It's a Brady tradition." The windows steam up. Giggles.

Lucas tells Kate he sent the gun by air express to himself. EJ comes to the door. Lucas opens it and snarls, "I already gave at the office."

"Impossible," says EJ, "You haven't had a job in months." He asks Lucas to give Sami the package he has brought. Lucas takes it and slams the door in his face. He puts the package on the table. We peer into the sack and see that Lucas has fallen for the old "baby monitor in a sack" trick.

Kate says, "You should be nicer to EJ, especially if you shot him. You really have to get hold of that package." EJ listens on the baby monitor.

Patch and Kayla struggle to hook up in the small back seat. Kayla wonders how they ever managed this before. Patch points out they were much younger then and could do things like this without their walkers. Kayla dramatically slams her hand on the window.

Kate Winslet knocks on the door and yells, "That's not how it's done. You're supposed to slam your hand into the glass and then smear the fog on the inside."

Hope comes out and ignores the bumper sticker, "If this car's a rockin', don't come a knockin'." She opens the door. SURPRISE! SURPRISE!

Cynthia walks up behind Phillip and covers his eyes, "Guess who!"

"Cynthiaaaaaa," says Phillip. He turns.

"Yeah," says Cynthia, "Who the hell are you?"

Cynthia says she's working with a magazine. He passes on a photo shoot. He tells her about running Titan. Cynthia makes her play as Chloe comes out and says Phillip is taken. Cynthia leaves. Phillip thanks Chloe. Chloe asks, "Did you mind me saying you were taken?"

"It did the job."

Chloe's little balloon bursts, "Is that it?"

Lucas calls to track the package, "Yes. That's right. Lucas Horton... H-O-R-T-O-N."

EJ listens, "Well, what are you hiding Mr. H-O-R-T-O-N?"

Someone pounds oh Lucas' door. He opens it to find Abe, Bo and the fuzz. "We have a warrant to look for a gun," says Abe. EJ listens and stares.

Lucas feigns surprise, "Come in and do what you gotta do." Kate and Lucas go outside while the cops work.

"The gun's not here," says Bo.

"You're right," says Abe, "He's way too calm. Let's toss the place anyway."

EJ listens and remembers getting shot, "Lucas?"

Lucas calls again to ask about the package as Sami comes up. She wonders what the police car is doing outside.

An embarrassed Kayla comes into the pub. Caroline thinks Kayla is flushed. She claims she just went for a little walk. Hope can't contain herself. She and Kayla go off. Kayla says she is embarrassed. Hope is sorry for interrupting, "You secret is safe with me, until I can get to the press."

"Good," says Kayla, "I wouldn't want to have to strangle you."

Hope brings up her favorite subject, Belle and Phillip. Kayla says, "I thought you just said that you weren't going to say anything as long as Belle stayed away from Phillip."

Hope says, "But she didn't. They were together the night before the wedding. I don't know what happened, but they were together." Kayla thinks hope should tell Shawn.

Chloe says, "I've never forgotten you. Just what you looked like."

"But you married Brady," says Phillip. Chloe says it didn't work out. Phillip is soooooooo sorry.

She wonders if they could be friends again, "In time... who knows, right?" Belle interrupts. Awards are coming up. Phillip goes inside. Belle is going to stay out for some air. Since Chloe stays, it will be hot air. Chloe asks what's going on between Belle and Phillip.

Belle doesn't know what she means. Chloe sees through it. Belle thinks Chloe may be trying to cook something up with Phillip behind Brady's back. Chloe tells a shocked Belle that she and Brady are divorced.

Lucas tells Sami why the cops are searching their apartment. Sami thinks this is all happening because of Kate. She heads for EJ's apartment. Lucas asks he why she's going in there. Sami says she doesn't want the twins sleeping in their apartment while the cops search. She walks in and EJ grabs the monitor. Sami asks, "Hey, what are you doing?"

EJ claims the monitor is broken. Sami evades the issue of what's going on outside. She has more important things to tend to, "Someone's diapers need changing."

"No," says EJ, "I'm fine."

Lucas calls again to track the package. He tells them he won't be home and he will pick it up at the warehouse. He gives them the tracking number. EJ listens through a crack in the door and writes it down.

Belle is shocked that Chloe and Brady are divorced, "Why?"

"My scars came back."

Belle accuses her of hitting on Phillip. Chloe goes for the jugular, "At least I didn't string Brady along and meet other men in a hotel room. Meow. Belle, what has happened here? I don't recognize you any more. I also don't recognize Phillip anymore, but we'll talk about that later. I think Shawn deserves a lot better."

Shawn tells Kevin things are great. Phillip butts in, "Famous last words." Chloe joins the group and asks to speak to Shawn in private.

Hope thinks it will kill Shawn to find out. "That does it," says Kayla, "You've got to tell him right away."

Patch saunters in looking like the cat that ate the canary, "You ladies OK?" He says the mechanic thinks someone tampered with the car, "Someone cut our break line."
The cops finish with Lucas' apartment. Abe announces they didn't find a gun, "I want a tail on Lucas."

"Given his level of intelligence, I'm surprised he doesn't already have one," says Bo.

Lucas tells Kate the package will be at the warehouse. Kate tells him to get rid of it permanently. Bo comes out with a list of things they are taking from the apartment. "Don't leave town," says Abe.

After they leave, Kate says, "Get rid of the gun or you will be the next person they arrest."

EJ soaks it all in and scowls. He conjures up a fantasy. Lucas watches cartoons. Well, OK, that part's not a fantasy. Sami rushes in and announces, "EJ was just shot."

"I know," says Lucas, "it was me. I'd rather go to prison than have him with you." Sami tells Lucas she has a plan – she'll make EJ think she loves him and want to live. Lucas thinks it won't work.

"Trust me," says Sami, "It will work." Kisses.

Back to the scowling EJ.

Sami comes out and asks, "Is something wrong?"

EJ says, "I get the impression I can't trust you."

Chloe blabs to Shawn about running into Belle and Phillip at the hotel, "I HAD to tell you."

Shawn slowly walks over to Belle, "You're sleeping with Phillip?"

Belle hesitates, "Not with the parts that are missing."

In the background, Mr. woods announces Shawn and Belle are the winners of the award for the high school sweethearts who defied the odds and made it to the altar. Cheers. Flash to Chloe... Phillip... Shawn gives the stare of death.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Ahh finally. Someone put the drama back in DOOL.
Chloe equals chaos!!!
Wait, that's a great name for her.

Chaos couldn't wait to tell Shawn she witnessed Phelle. Now we get to see if he'll treat her the same way he did Mimi. (Rubbing my hands together and giggling).

And of course in our Captain Obvious moment of the week. Who here doesn't already know that EJ will pick up the gun from the shipping company before Lucas gets there.

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

"until I can get to the press."

Haha. Awesome.

I actually think I'll watch this one.

I can't see Shawn treating Belle anyway like Mimi. I see:

Shawn: Are you sleeping with Phillip?

Belle: Um well... I... You don't...

Phillip: Hay gaiz!!! wuts goin' on here. lol.

Shawn: OMG. You did! Phillip must have tricked you!

Belle: *silence* *stares*

Phillip: Belle, teh truths plz.

Shawn: Don't talk to/Get away from my wife!! (punch)

Anyways, it's not a reunion unless theres a beat down.

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Klaus said...

Ah I see via the

That I am somewhat wrong.
That EJ is able to walk. (Surprise surprise).
EJ gets the gun.
Some other boring stuff.

My shot in the dark:
I think EJ will come oh so close to winning Sami but it all will be ultimately ruined by his faux-paralysis which I believed will be 'accidentally' revealed by Stefano.

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

Anyways, it's not a reunion unless theres a beat down.

Would have spewed my drink on that one.

1) At least Chole's telling a friend the truth about his cheating wife. Kind of like a real friend telling you when your fly is open or you have a booger hanging.
2) Like EJ's "scheming." Ready to see more sparring between him and Sami. Lucas, you're so nosy I can't believe you didn't look in the bag. Stupid.
3) Everything else - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

5:21 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Got a good laugh out of Doc & Kate's club membership pics and Justcallmetracy's pic of Belch.

I thought it was ridiculous that the package Lucas mailed to himself WEEKS AGO hadn't gotten back to him yet when I assumed it was going by land. But AIR EXPRESS and it still hasn't arrived???? Maybe the shipping clerk misunderstood and sent it by "Hare Express" and a little bunny is dragging it along.

And this really got me going, "Shawn can't wait to tell everyone about joining the academy." Yeah, it's only been five years since graduation and Shawn D has finally grown up and ALMOST has a job. I'm sure everyone was real impressed. LOLOL

Great Prevuze!

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Wouldn't you think Meems would have come back if for no other reason than to find out about the baby she supposedly so desperately wanted??

And I agree with Kristi - as jealous as Lucas is you know he'd look in the sack first thing. TLT!

Payla in the car.....there are just no words.

The dogs came running when I burst out laughing over this one: "I want a tail on Lucas. Given his level of intelligence, I'm surprised he doesn't already have one." HAHAHAHAHA

Funny Prevuze and pictures today!

7:08 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

And this really got me going, "Shawn can't wait to tell everyone about joining the academy." Yeah, it's only been five years since graduation and Shawn D has finally grown up and ALMOST has a job. I'm sure everyone was real impressed. LOLOL

Well, it really started out that Shawn was reluctant to go because he was such a failure and everyone else there would be so successful and yada, yada, yada. Then Belle talked him into getting excited, or at least less than suicidal, about telling people about the Police Academy.

Also, I'm not exactly sure now that you make a point of it that Lucas said "Air Express."

I'd go back and check but, hey, I already had to sit through this drivel once.

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, I think the writer's may deserve some clapping for this episode (after MANY boring ones).

I have to agree, having Chloe return HAS put spark back into a sagging storyline! Let's see Miss Priss wiggle herself out of this one! Too many people KNOW (thanks to Hope!). Shawn has to find out!
And then we'll have to put up with Belle moping around again! Oh and by the way, WHERE'S CLAIRE?

Steve and Kayla doing 'the nasty' and Hope finding them... Kayla should be embarassed - since Miss Blabbermouth was the one to find them.... YIKES!

Great job Prevuze, as usual!

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess Chloe thought Philip was going drop everything and come running to her again. Ahh well, the Diva is back.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

I wish Mimi DID come to the reunion to find out about precious Belle's rendezvous with Philip and then throw in Shawn's face how unforgiving he was with her when she was trying to protect him and say "How is Belle trying to protect you here? No one loves you more than I do." Then she can be the next fatally attracted X and make Belle's life a living hell. Mimi could get her kid Pocket back and wave him in Shawn's face in the name of "it could've been ours." Then she could convince Phil to be part of Pocket's life and some twisted cat fight storyline between her and Chloe could ensue.

Ok - I'm breathing again.... LoL

I can't WAIT to here how this will continue tomorrow at the reunion. I can now understand why Shawn's face was the way it is in the NBC previews for this week when Belle is talking with the microphone.

Ok babbling is done here. Deb - your thoughts on my Mimi what if theory?

Thanks again Prevuze for the pics and comments. I love this website!!!

9:05 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

I just thought of something else. Wouldn't it be cool if Pocket was indeed Shawn and Mimi's.... Then they can recycle the Billie/Bo/Hope story line with Shawn loving Mimi but loves Belle too. Torn between 2 loves.... Oh the drama.... LoL

Actually, they can probably bring Mimi back have her BE THERE for Shawn..... Then in the heat of the moment, they will throw it down for old times sake and she FINALLY gets pregnant by Shawn....

Now THAT would be awesome.......

9:08 AM  
Anonymous MoonDancingNana said...

Ok-why should Kayla be embarrassed? They aren't high school kids boinking in Daddy's backseat.

Chloe-you do girl! We need someone to become the younger moral watchdog. You can take Hope's place when she ages out!

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Doc said...

One comment about Chloe not recognizing Philip -- Chloe would recognize the old Philip since, when she first started at the high school, he had that old face. They dated -- with the old face -- and then he basically dumped her when fake pornographic pics of her spread around the school. That's when the whole Brady-Chloe thing started and Philip was basically less psycho-scary and more whiny.

Oh, and as far as EJ being able to walk, I think that KATE will find out the truth but EJ will blackmail her into keeping quiet ("I have Lucas's gun..."). So when the truth finally does come out -- big shock -- Lucas has another good reason to disown Kate again. (For the record, Stefano once pretended to be paralyzed -- and amnesic -- to get Marlena...nice parallel, eh?)

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

go chloe! i can't wait till everyone finds out that belle is not a saint. it's kinda lame that susan told belle that she became a self image therapist because of belle being there for her...just another way to prop saint belle, when in reality it was chloe who befriended susan and talked to her about that stuff not belle

7:11 PM  

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