Friday, November 23, 2007

A Selfish, Dashing Rake

Sami walks up to the door to EJ's hospital room. The guard, William "The Refrigerator" Perry, nods and lets her in. She opens the door. EJ is eating. He sees her come in and hurls a big hunk-o-garbage at her. Sami ducks. The hunk-o-junk goes flying into the hallway. The Fridge gets on his radio, "Cleanup on aisle seven."

Sami squeals, "EJ, What happened to you?"

EJ lets out a belly laugh, "You did, darling. You're the best thing that ever happened to me, and the best medicine any man could have. By the way, this chowdah they sent up from the ICU is great."

Stefano finds Bo in the pub. Bo has nothing to say to Stefano, but Stefano wants to know why no one has been arrested for shooting EJ. Bo assures him the investigation is ongoing. Stefano rages about Kate. He wants to know if she's a suspect. Bo tells him she hasn't been eliminated. Stefano asks if he's looking at other suspects. Bo reminds him more than one shot was fired. He assures Stefano they are being thorough.

"There is one suspect who is being overlooked entirely," says Stefano.

Bo gets defensive, "The SPD is an equal opportunity police department. We overlook all the suspects."

Hope tells Marlena she knows the wedding was tough for her without John. Marlena says she left early because she had an important meeting with a disturbed patient. She looks at pictures of the wedding – the first dance. Marlena thinks Shawn and Belle look so happy together. Hope works her jaw. Marlena thinks Belle sees a lot of her dad in Shawn and that's why she chose him. Hope zones. She says she's not sure Belle has made a choice, "That's why I asked you over here. I can only hang on to a juicy piece of gossip for so long. Belle didn't end things with Phillip. She and Phillip are still seeing each other. They are still in a relationship." Marlena scoffs.

Shawn and Belle wake up together. "I can't believe we did it," says Belle, "We're actually married. I love you. I want you and I never want to lose you."

Shawn says, "That's one thing you don't have to worry about." Worry, no. Prepare for, yes. As they romp, we pan to Phillip's watch on the nightstand.

Marlena is skeptical. Hope lays it on the line. Marlena says she doesn't believe it. Hope says, "Belle promised it would never happen again."

"All right," sighs Marlena, "Then it's over. Maybe Belle made a mistake. Now she's married to Shawn."

"That's Shawn's mistake," says Hope, "It's not over by any means. Belle lied."

Sami says she is shocked that she could have had such an effect on EJ. EJ says it's not all her, "I got a sponge bath earlier from Bertha. She's a... hearty girl." Sami thinks the change is remarkable, given the terrible mood he was in before. EJ says that was before she said she cared about him, "That made all the difference. Samantha, you're the reason I'm not dead."

Bo asks who the new suspect is. Stefano says it's someone right under his nose. He wants Bo to figure it by himself but won't hold his breath. Bo brings up the hit on John black, but Stefano denies having anything to do with it. "I will find EJ's shooter," says Bo, "Whoever he is."

"Or she."

Bo is exasperated, "OK, Stefano, what is it that you are dying to tell me but can't... or won't?"

"Perhaps I could provide a clue," says Stefano.

"Good," says Bo, "That's something I don't have."

Stefano tells him about the woman in black, "The church was empty so she stood out." Bo looks interested.

Belle asks what's on Shawn's mind. "My mind can't carry much of a load.," says Shawn, "But what I want is maple syrup."

"Whipped cream would be less messy on the sheets," says Belle.

Shawn says Belle made him work up and appetite. Belle is hungry too. Shawn gets up to cook a feast. Belle thinks he's shaping up to be an excellent husband. She searches for her phone to call Doug and Julie about Claire.

Hope shows Marlena Belle's phone, "This is how I know she lied." Marlena rages because Hope has the phone and then turns right around and begs for more juicy details. Hope is only too happy to provide them. Marlena still doesn't believe it. Hope says she didn't tell Shawn, but made a deal with Belle. Hope kept Belle's dirty little secret, but is terrified she did the wrong thing. "Well," sigh's Marlena, "At least I'm glad you came to me first." Silence. "You did, didn't you?" Hope stares. Outside, the Salem Enquirer sits on the porch with the headline, "BELLE BOINKS PHILLIP!"

Stefano says he doesn't have any details about the woman in black. He doesn't know how long she was there, nor does he have any idea who she was, "Whoever shot my son will pay, and pay dearly." Bo says there isn't a lot to go on, but he thinks she showed up in black because she was in mourning for the bride.

Stefano asks, "And who would be in mourning for the bride?"

"Anyone who cares about her," says Bo, "Including my family and hers."

"Exactly," says Stefano. He walks out.

Hope tells Marlena she blabbed to Bo and Kayla. Hope decided to put it behind her but that's when she discovered Belle lied, "I did something I'm not proud of." She tells her Belle's call was not from Mimi, "It was Phillip. He clearly stated he and Belle were still seeing each other."

Marlena gasps, "Oh dear."

"I know," says Hope, "Shocking. I agonized about telling you for at least three or four seconds."

Marlena gets nasty, "But you didn't think twice about violating my daughter's privacy. That isn't right, Hope."

"I know," says Hope, "But it sure is fun."

EJ asks what's wrong. Sami says she can deal with her problems by herself. EJ reminds her she is his wife. Wifey tells him everything, "It's Lucas. He sent Will to Switzerland without checking with me, and then named our daughter without telling me."

EJ is sympathetic, "I think Lucas is manipulating you and being cold."


EJ sits in the aftermath of the nuclear blast, "Well, I hope he at least gave his daughter a nice name."

Sami says, "EJ, she's my daughter, too."

"Poor girl," says EJ.

"Her name is Alice Caroline Horton," says Sami, "It's a perfect name. We're going to call her Alley for short. I feel like I'm being pushed out of my children's lives." She bawls. He takes her hand and promises it will be OK.

Marlena looks at wedding pictures and stews. She says they should leave Shawn and Belle alone and let them deal with their own problems. Hope thinks Marlena should tell Phillip that.

Marlena says, "I will tell Belle, without judgment or criticism."

"Why would you want to take all the fun out of it," asks Hope. Besides, we wouldn't want Belle to think she's done anything wrong, would we?"

Belle and Shawn search for the phone. Suddenly, Belle remembers she left it at Bo and Hope's house, "GASP!."

"That's not so bad," says Shawn, "I'll just bet we can talk mom into bringing it over to us."

Belle panics, "I'VE GOT TO GET THAT PHONE! I have to check on Claire." Shawn tells her to relax and enjoy their time together. He wants to fix breakfast. Belle calms down. She expresses her undying love and the happiness she feels because she married him. Sami and Belle – two sisters, dozens of personalities. "I wish things could stay like this forever," says Belle.

"If they did, I'd starve," says Shawn. He goes to get breakfast. Belle stares at Phillip's watch.

Marlena thinks Hope is overreacting. Hope says she knows what she heard in the message. Marlena thinks maybe Hope misunderstood. Hope gives a recap of what the message said. Marlena says, "Belle must be very confused." BINGO! "Belle has been though a lot and probably feels like she just can't say one more goodbye."

EJ says, "You have turned me from a selfish dashing rake into a dull family man." Sami doesn't know what she wants or why her life is such a mess. EJ counsels her. He tells her to go home and get some rest. Sami protests. She thinks he needs her there. "I have Bertha," says EJ, "Go home. Get some rest."

Belle picks up the watch and stares. It's nine o'clock, do you know where your brainless slut is?

The mother-in-law Smackdown continues. "It just has to stop," says Marlena, "We have to find a way to meddle... uh... I mean help." Hope suggests putting their heads together. Two times nothing is nothing. Marlena says she will talk to Belle and not tell her Hope listened to her message.

"You can tell her," says Hope, "I did it and I will live up to it." Marlena thinks about John, "He would know how to reach Belle. I'm not sure how to do it. After all, I'm only a psychiatrist."

Sami asks, "What's the catch?" EJ insists there is none. Being a father has given him a sense of purpose. Sami thinks there is more. He says when she held him and kissed him and released all those feelings she hadn't even admitted to herself, it changed him."

Bo busts in. He says he has to talk to Sami. Outside, Bo asks about the woman in black. Sami remembers her. Bo asks her to think back and try to remember if there was anything familiar about her.

"She looked like a widow," says Sami, "OMG, MOM!" Bo nods.

Belle watches the watch. She stuffs it into a drawer as Shawn comes in with breakfast. Before they eat he wants to give her something. He hands her a present. It's a photo album. Shawn wants to take pictures and have memories of everything and everyone they do – even the tough times, "We've been down a long, hard road, and survived. We got our dream come true." She kisses him and looks at the pictures. Belle always prefers books with pictures. She says it means so much to her.

"Nothing can stop us now," says Shawn, "Remember that for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Stefano comes in to see EJ. EJ tells him he can thank Sami for helping him get stronger. Stefano asks why he hasn't met his grandson. EJ says he should give it some time, "Besides, they don't allow infants in the ICU and Samantha wouldn't want to bring him up here."

Stefano tells him to nip that in the bud, "You don't want your wife calling the shots." EJ thinks she won't listen and won't bring the kid to the ICU.

"You're the man," says Stefano, "Don't take no for an answer." Sami walks in.

Shawn notices Belle didn't touch her pancakes. She says she's just too excited about being Mrs. Shawn Brady to eat. Shawn asks what happened to his watch. Belle dunno.

Bo walks into the mother-in-law meltdown. Marlena says she has to go, but Bo wants to talk. Marlena agrees. Bo asks about the wedding, "I know you were there, but I don't know if you put a bullet in EJ's spine."

Stefano leaves Sami and EJ alone. On the way out he whispers to EJ and tells him to take charge. EJ asks if Sami is OK. She flashes back to the woman in black and says she is just tired.

EJ tells her it's time to introduce Johnnie D to Stefano. Sami refuses, "No! Absolutely not."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Applecheeks said...

The "Mother-in-Law Smackdown" sounds like a riot. And I loved - "I know," says Hope, "Shocking. I agonized about telling you for at least three or four seconds." I can't believe they are making Hope into such a buttinski.

Unlike DOOL, Prevuze exhibits a remarkable sense of continuity. For example, tying in yesterday's "ICU" Prevuism to today's scene with EJ. HAHAHA

Prevuze helped to penetrate my post-Thanksgiving stupor. Thanks!

6:50 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

So Hope is now the mother in law from Hell huh?
Although it is nice to see Marlena not only back in the show, but defending Belle and actually having something to do with the plot of the show.

And speaking of there one???
They couldn't come up with a better killer than Marlena? How obvious is that??

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I'm glad I wasn't eating when I got to that ICU reference. HAHAHA

Loved the bullhorn picture. Belle will really freak when she finds out Hope has blabbed yet again. Let's hope so - CAT FIGHT!!!

I wish they'd get on with the EJami or Lumi triangle. Have her make up her mind already and get on with it!

Thanks, Prevuze. I'm glad you stayed home from the stores that opened at 4:00 a.m. to diligently get our Prevuze to us today! ;}

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohh... EJ "The Puppet" Wells-DiMera and Sami "The Bi-Polar" Brady need to just get rid of Stefano.

And what the hell... Marlena's OTHER kids are normal but why are Belle and Sami so darn bi-polar?

9:56 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

"It's Lucas. He sent Will to Switzerland without checking with me, and then named our daughter without telling me."

EJ is sympathetic, "I think Lucas is manipulating you and being cold."

Presumably, both have forgotten that Sami named Johnny without checking with EJ first.

Glad to see Marlena stick up for Belle. Hope needs to get another hobby. Is she still a cop or is she on paid not to show up? She can't still be on maternity leave. Marlena should tell Belle that Hope is telling everyone the secret. And Marlena is right. They should butt out.

We all know that eventually Shawn will overhear someone talking about the secret.

I hope Sami gets smart and dumps Lucas once and for all.

Next week: Philip gets his wish this week, when Belle finally admits she loves him.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

And in the oh so predictable news.....I read in SOD that John is indeed coming back in the early part of next year. Of course if the writers are still strking and he was not previously written into the show, we may not see John for a while.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you mean Drake is coming back or John is coming back? I heard that Drake may return as a relative of John (stupid). Or maybe he'll be another one of Stefano's pawns who had plastic surgery to look like John. Who knows?

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If both the twins were at the wedding then who was in the baby carriage with stefano?

2:21 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

If both the twins were at the wedding then who was in the baby carriage with stefano?

We're now thinking the baby carriage was empty and Stefano was "preparing" for his grandson's arrival.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I'm glad you stayed home from the stores that opened at 4:00 a.m. to diligently get our Prevuze to us today! ;}

What? Miss the Black Friday 4AM openings? NEVER! We actually did a remote link up this morning from the parking lot at Kohl's.

3:07 PM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

How long is Shawn going to be in the dark about Belle and Phillip? About 10 seconds longer? Hope, Bo, Marlena, Kayla and Patch are in the know. Billie knows Phillip wants Belle. Duh.

9:27 AM  

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