Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Brain, No Pain

The girls pass out posters at the Cheatin' Heart. Adrienne asks what they are doing and Chelsea hands her one. Adrienne looks at the poster and works her jaw, "You're not messing around. The good news is you're really getting the word out. The bad news is you're going to get your socks sued off."

"We're putting Ford Decker on notice," says Chelsea.

"You'd be better off putting your attorney on retainer," says Adrienne.

Chelsea suggests an Internet site. Adrienne tells them they can put posters up in the bar. The girls sit down and discuss their strategy. They decide the mall is next. They encourage Cordy as Adrienne brings drinks. Chelsea toasts taking their lives back as Cordy leaves to put posters up in the women's room.

Chelsea toasts, "Here's to Ford Decker. May he go down in flames." Ford stands at the door and looks in.

Stephanie stammers and asks Patch when he got home. As they hug each other, Stephanie passes the pregnancy test to Kayla behind his back. Stephanie tells him she's there cramming for a biology exam.

"I used to be pretty good at biology," says Patch, "Until I shot up the class*."

*We have received notification that instead of saying:

"I used to be pretty good at biology," says Patch, "Until I shot up the class."

This should have read:

"I used to be pretty good at biology," says Patch, "when I showed up at class."

"Showed up," "shot up," hey, it's Patch.

I figured there was something from his past I had forgotten about and, given the nature of the character, it made perfect sense. Think of it as a Prevuzism.

Shawn is impressed with Hope's decorations, "By this time tomorrow I'm going to be a married man."

Hope says, "One out of two ain't bad."

"Belle and I finally made it to the finish line," says Shawn.

"And Belle's trying to score the Daily Double," says Hope.

Phillip is on the phone barking tough tycoon talk. Belle walks in. She says she's not sure this is a good idea. Phillip thinks it is. He tells her to stay, "I'm glad you came." He kisses her. Phillip's phone rings and he takes the call, honking more orders. Belle contemplates.

Stephanie says she doesn't want to think about exams. She asks to talk to Kayla alone. Patch gets the hint. He heads for Blakely's for hot chocolate. He says he'll take his time. As he leaves, Kayla whispers, "Thank you."

As Kayla looks at the test, Stephanie whines, "I just can't tell him. Am I pregnant?"

"No," says Kayla, "It's negative." Big sigh and hugs. Stephanie is so glad Kayla was there. She promises to be careful from now on.

"Don't put yourself in this position," says Kayla as she hauls out the STD lecture, "And you should get an HIV test."

Billie finds the girls at the Cheatin' Heart. She looks at the posters and tells them not to back Ford into a corner. She says Jett and she have put security cameras all over campus. Cordy comes back. Billie goes on to say she has stepped up patrols, but declines to help putting up the posters. Morgan and Carmen leave to put on some lively music. Billie tells Chelsea this isn't a game. She doesn't want Chelsea to get hurt. Chelsea assures her they are being careful. Billie wants her to move back in with her until Decker is caught and behind bars.

Hope brings Shawn pretzels, "Tonight I wait on you but tomorrow it's Belle's turn."

Shawn didn't know about this thing about the wife waiting on the husband, "Do you wait on Dad?" Hope drags him into the bathroom and washes his mouth out with soap.

Shawn decides to order pizza. Hope asks, "Are you ready for marriage."

"I'm more ready for pizza," says Shawn. Hope rolls out the 'hard times' lecture.

Phillip gets on the intercom and asks Donna to hold his calls. Belle tells Phillip about Hope telling Kayla, who probably told Patch, who... one thing led to another and the next thing they knew there was a billboard out on route 70 announcing it... Phillip chuckles and says Hope blabbing was predictable. Belle decides she can't get married tomorrow. She wonders how she could ever face the people.

"You have to do what feels right," snorts Phillip, "Now... I have work to do."

Bo walks in with the tuxedos. Shawn will spend the night with his parents and Belle is staying with Marlena. They chuckle about Hope dragging out the pictures of Shawn in diapers. Hope sends Shawn upstairs to try on his tux.

Bo thinks Shawn seems happy. "I hope it lasts," says Hope, "I let it slip and told Belle I had told Kayla about her and Phillip."

Bo says, "This is Shawn and Belle's commitment. We should butt out."

Hope grabs a dictionary and looks it up, "Hmmmm... I don't find 'butt out' in here, so I guess we can't do it."

Belle walks over as Phillip talks on the phone. She sticks out her hand and hangs up. Phillip asks what she is doing.

"DON'T IGNORE ME," yells the princess.

"Look," says Phillip, "I'm not your 'guy friend.'" Belle thinks it was a mistake to come there. "Coming here is never a mistake," He says.

Stephanie says she got an HIV test. It was negative, but they will repeat it in six months. Stephanie wonders how Kayla can be so calm about all this. "We all make mistakes," says Kayla, "I was your age once and I made them. Just not as many. And my big mistake was having a kid." Kayla says she will go with her for the next test. Stephanie frets that the first test might have been wrong. Kayla tries to reassure her.

"I'm so proud of you," says Kayla.

"Pride," says Stephanie, "That's one of the seven deadly sins, isn't it? Anyway, I don't think you have anything to be proud of. I came running here like a scared little kid."

"You're an adult," says Kayla, "Adults face their mistakes and you faced this like a grown slut."

Billie wonders what Chelsea expects to accomplish. "Maybe Ford will pack up and slither into the night."

"To what," asks Billie, "the girls at the next college? He hasn't been convicted of anything. He can go wherever he wants."

Ford barges into the bar and storms over to Chelsea. He sticks a wadded up handful of posters into her face, "What do you think you're doing, bitch?" Billie tries to referee as a group of sisters surrounds Ford and Chelsea. Ford looks up and says, "WOW! A whole coven of witches. You're going to find libel suits are expensive." Billie tells him to get out. He reminds her it's a public bar and he's innocent, "These chicks are desperate. All I did was turn them down. Call off your dogs or you'll be sorry. I can handle trouble." He turns, "How about you, Chelsea?"

Stephanie tells Kayla she got a message from Chelsea at the Cheatin' Heart. She says she's going over there. Kayla suggests bringing Cordy home for the holiday, "Is that guy still on campus?"

"Yeah," says Stephanie, "And he's claiming he's a victim."

Patch comes back. Stephanie tells him she's headed for the Heart and leaves.

Patch asks, "What's up? Why did you lie to me about the pregnancy test?"

Bo and Hope discuss Belle. Hope thinks she probably shouldn't have said anything. Bo asks if she will hold it against Belle.

Hope waffles, "Yes... I don't know... Will you? Oh, God!"

Belle thinks maybe she should tell Shawn. Phillip thinks that's a bad idea. "You are my only friend," says Belle, "But this isn't right."

Phillip says, "You're not ashamed of making love with me. You're ashamed because you can't stop thinking about it the night before you marry Shawn."

Belle claims that's not true. Phillip doesn't want her to insult him by saying he's a 'friend.' He thought she was coming there to tell him the wedding was off. He thinks marrying Shawn is a huge mistake. Belle turns sarcastic, "Well, thanks for the support."

"Stop acting like a brat," scolds Phillip, "You want Shawn and you want me waiting in the wings. I'm not playing safety for Shawn. Not even for you."

Bo and Hope go over well-trodden ground. "I hope Phillip doesn't ruin the wedding," she says.

"Shawn says Phillip can't ruin anything," says Bo.

Kayla backpedals and says Stephanie's pregnancy test was negative. Patch growls, "Was it Jeremy?"




The evening wears on as Patch continues to go through a list of every bum in town. Finally Kayla tells him she doesn't know who it was, "It was a one night stand."

Patch goes through the ceiling, "WITHOUT PROTECTION?" When the dust settles from the explosion, he grabs his cell phone to call his darling little tramp.

Kayla stops him, "If you tell her you know, she will never trust me again."

Ford says he will leave when the girls do. Threats and confusion reign. Chelsea winds up and gives him a right cross that would send Evander Holyfield to the floor. Ford crashes against the bar and turns around. Blood spews from his nose like the Bellagio water show. Ford looks at Chelsea and screams, "You're going to regret that!"

Billie stands there with a baseball bat to make to make sure she won't regret that right now. Stephanie comes into the bar in time to see the show. "I was assaulted," screams Ford, "You all saw it."

Adrienne says, "Gee. I didn't see a thing."

"Me either," says Carmen.

Everyone in the crowd mumbles, "I didn't see anything."

"Looks like you have a credibility problem, son," says Adrienne.

"This isn't over," yells Ford.

It's over for tonight," says Billie.

On his way out, Ford bumps into Stephanie, "Well, if it isn't the campus slut. Call me."

Kayla comes out and asks if Patch is talking to her. "Who said I wasn't talking," asks Patch. She asks if he would really want Stephanie to come to him with this kind of thing. Patch just wants her to know he can help if she needs it, "Who did this?"

Kayla tries to calm him down, "Beating him up wouldn't help."

"It would help me," growls Patch.

"Girls are complicated," says Kayla.

"NOOOOO," says Patch, "I'd have never guessed." Kayla says the important thing is Stephanie feels safe there. "Because of you," he says.

"Because of us." Smooches.

Shawn wants to know why Bo and Hope were talking about Phillip. He doesn't know if he's coming to the wedding, but insists he and Belle are through with him.

Belle vows this is the last time she will come to Phillip like this. "Go ahead and get married," says Phillip, "Leave me out of it. You're kidding yourself if you think we are over. You couldn't walk out that door if you had to." Closer... closer...

Bo decides to call and "uninvite" Phillip, "Consider it a wedding present to you and Belle."

Phillip moves in, "Every night you lie with him you'll wish it was me. When you close your eyes, you'll see my face."

"Which one?"

"Don't do it to yourself, or to Shawn."

Belle protests, "I've loved Shawn for years."

"Not like this," says Phillip. He mauls her. Belle sprains her jaw opening her mouth.

Shawn tells Bo it's his job to draw the line with Phillip. "If Phillip shows up, there is nothing like a good Irish brawl to make a wedding," says Bo.

"I can handle this," says Shawn.

Phillip handles Belle.

Billie tends to Chelsea's crushed and swollen hand. Chelsea winces in pain and says, "I don't know how guys do this."

"No brain, no pain," says Billie.

Billie tells Morgan to stop the campaign against Ford, "I'll put someone on him, but can't make any promises."

Patch smooches as they talk about Stephanie. Kayla asks about the pregnancy, "If it were mine and if it was positive, would you be happy about it?"

"I would be happy," says Patch.

Kayla presses, "But would your choice be to have another child?"

"I would do it if we were both 100% into it," says Patch.

Kayla won't give up, "So, where are you on this, 50-50?"

Patch asks, "Are we talking bout a horse race? I am 100% sure we should practice a lot. Just in case." Patch moves into a practice session.

Cordy wishes she could be strong like the rest of them. Stephanie invites her home for the holiday. Cordy resists but Stephanie talks her into it. She turns to Chelsea, "You can't stop this campaign against Ford now." Then she flashes back to her night of terror, "The next girl may not be as lucky."

Speaking of getting lucky, Phillip and Belle romp at Titan. As things get hot and heavy the secretary calls in and tells Phillip he has a call from Shawn. Phillip fires her immediately. He takes the call. Shawn tells him not to come tomorrow, "No gift or card."

"Aw, man," says Phillip, "And I was going to give you a sports car... but I was going to test drive it first."

Shawn threatens, "If you feel like trying something, my family will be ready."

"Good luck tomorrow," says Phillip as he hangs up. He turns, but Belle is gone. He runs out. No Belle. Phillip buttons up and stares.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Let's see if I have today's episode down: Stephanie's not pregnant, Belle is confused, Bo and Hope yammer about the wedding, the I-Felta-Guy girls are headed for a slander lawsuit, and Shawn proves once again there are no limits to his stupidity.

Is that about right?

Okay, now for some spoilers:
Bo begins to investigate "the woman in black" who was at the church.
Everyone who wants it to be Andre raise your hand!

Marlena learns that Belle slept with Phillip. What did Hope do? Put up a bill board on Rt. 5?

Chloe Lane Black returns this week! Chloe sees Belle and asks her about Phillip.This should be good. I can smell the Prevuizms already!!

Roman arrests Kate after her gun is found. Oh boy, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

On a side note since there will be no DOOL Thurs, that means no Prevuze tomorrow.
Be sure to tune in to my blog

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

So we can all write it ourselves!!

Happy Turkey Day all!!

4:30 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

Maybe Chloe and Phil can exchange faces.

5:11 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Great Prevuisms today. Hope grabs a dictionary and looks it up, "Hmmmm... I don't find 'butt out' in here, so I guess we can't do it." LOLOL

I was shocked at this:
"Stop acting like a brat," scolds Phillip, "You want Shawn and you want me waiting in the wings. I'm not playing safety for Shawn. Not even for you." There is actually a writer out there who has given a character a backbone AND a line everyone in the audience has been waiting for someone to say?? It's a miracle.

Loved all of the pictures, but I'm glad I had finished breakfast before I saw Bulldog's "Chowdah" caption with Patch. Just the thought, euuuuwwwww.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Phillip said "You want Shawn and you want me waiting in the wings." That's exactly what I've always thought about Marlena - she wanted Squints but loved the idea Pard was in the wings pining for her. Like mother like daughter.

And speaking of Phelle, maybe they should go upstairs and use the good ol' Titan boardroom conference table that Marlena and Squints used when Belle was conceived. Just for old time's sake. (Eeeww!)

I LOL over Hope posting the big secret on a billboard and Kayla having her own grandkid. HAHAHA Thanks, Prevuze, for the laughs this morning!

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Frog said...

Yeah, just like A Very Brady Wedding or A Very Special Walton Thanksgiving, Belle and Marlena could have A Very Special Titan Tryst....

8:22 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Aw, man," says Phillip, "And I was going to give you a sports car... but I was going to test drive it first

And Belle's trying to score the Daily Double," says Hope.

Stop acting like a brat," scolds Phillip, "You want Shawn and you want me waiting in the wings. I'm not playing safety for Shawn. Not even for you."

Belle, if you don't want him, stay away. I can just see it when Chloe comes back to town. The bipolar potatoe will be steamed!!

Good Prevuze once again.

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone who is glad Phillip found his 'man-ly-hood', say YEAH!!!!!!

It's about time someone called Belle a brat! And of course, now she will go through with the wedding because Phillip pissed her off... I guess Belle feels that no one should be able to resist her *charm*!!!! LOL!

Someone tell me what couple (like Bo and Hope) would ever stand by and let their son marry someone who just slept with someone else???? This is such a stretch - even for 'Days'.

Did anyone notice that the Claire they showed modeling her dress - didn't look like the usual Claire? UNLESS they straightened her beautiful curly locks, (which would be downright WRONG to do to a 2 year old!!!)

What exactly are the writers doing with this whole Belle, Shawn, Phillip thing? Shawn will NEVER be the man Phillip is - no matter if he's a cop or not! He really needs to quit trying to outdo Phillip. He just looks like an even-more idiot! JMO

Thanks Prevuze.... Great job, as usual!

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

As Kayla looks at the test, Stephanie whines, "I just can't tell him. Am I pregnant?"

Stephanie’s in her second year of college and has to ask her mommy to interpret her pregnancy test. What about the instructions on the box? Since Stephanie is the campus slut, she needs to stock up on tests with easy instructions. She’s probably going to need them. Geez.

Deb: With his vast assortment of women’s clothing, I’m sure Andre would be able to pull out an appropriate frock for the who shot EJR party. My hand is up, way up.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Boy, Hope and Kayla sure don't know how to keep a secret, do they?

Yes, Hope tells Marlena about Phelle.

Stefano agrees to let Sami end her marriage to EJ in exchange for Marlena. Yawn....

10:19 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...


We have received notification that instead of saying:

"I used to be pretty good at biology," says Patch, "Until I shot up the class."

This should have read:

"I used to be pretty good at biology," says Patch, "when I showed up at class."

"Showed up," "shot up," hey, it's Patch.

I figured there was something from his past I had forgotten about and, given the nature of the character, it made perfect sense. Think of it as a Prevuzism.

10:50 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Phil didn't tell the secretary "no calls" or "don't bother me"? Yes, she is so fired!

11:43 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Watching todays episode made me think. Lucas took Will and put him on an international flight, WITHOUT his mother's consent or knowledge.

Wouldn't or couldn't that be considered kidnapping? They have joint custody after all, and Sami certainly didn't give her permission for him to leave the country, much less without so much as saying good-bye to her.

And yes, I know, DOOL and reality don't mix. But come on! How many crimes are we supposed to ignore?
Rape, slander and liable, kidnapping, blackmail.
Things aren't this bad on other soaps are they?

12:20 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

The other soap I watch is "The Bold and The Beautiful" and it is more centered in reality than Days, even though it takes place in L.A.

The police officer(s) is recurring, although a new actor is going to debut soon as the son of the police officer and is on contract (he was the first winner of "I Wanna Be A Soap Star").

12:44 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

As for Will needing permission to make an international flight. He came from Europe and has a legal passport with the proper visas and his father bought him the ticket. He don' need no stinking permission from Sami.

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andre as the WIB!!!! ROFLMAO

3:39 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

"Slut-in-law"...... Oh my gawd I'm dying in laughter! HAHAHA....

(SB) Slut Brady = Belle
(OMB) Old Man Brady = Shawn Sr.
(BIB) Butt-In Brady = Hope
(SFB) Sh*t for Brains = Shawn

This is gettin' fun! I could go on for DAYS..... (pun intended)

Thanks for the spoilers
Deb!! Is Sami gunna give EJ some bedside "nursing-back-to-health" anytime soon? Hope she wears her old candy-stripper outfit... LOL!!

4:03 PM  
Blogger Jenifer said...

In regards to the dirt on Belle sleeping with Phillip... Here's the way I read it....

Hope + Kayla = MAGGIE HORTON

Yeah - Belle's indiscretion might as well be first page news in the Salem Spectator.

4:07 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Hope's excuse at Belle's outrage that Hope told Kayla was, "I promised I wouldn't tell Shawn." Let that be a lesson to all. Next time, make her promise not to tell anyone!!!!!

10:16 AM  

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