Friday, November 16, 2007

Being Human Is Highly Overrated

Belle strolls down the street and gets into her car. She fumbles around and inserts her key into the ignition. Phillip jumps into the car, "Hey, Belle."

Belle sighs, "Oh, God..."

"Phillip closes the door and looks around, "You know, I never realized what a big, comfortable back seat your car has... Anyway, I just want to talk. You haven't returned my calls. You're afraid of what would happen."

"No, I'm not," insists Belle, "I'm marrying Shawn tomorrow." She tells him to let it go.

Phillip can't. He loves her and knows she loves him, too, "You can't marry Shawn while you're confused."

"Then I guess I'll never get married," says Belle, "Look, I told you, Phillip is everything I've ever... Oh, stop! You know I meant to say Shawn."

"What I know," says Phillip, "is that's the most honest thing you've said in weeks."

Roman asks Kate if the gun in a baggie looks familiar. Kate claims ignorance. Roman says her fingerprints are on it and it was fired recently. Kate wants to call a lawyer. Roman insists he's trying to make it easy for her. Kate insists she wouldn't shoot EJ since he's the one keeping Sami out of her son's life.

Roman launches into, "You have the right to remain silent..."

Patch stoops down and pulls the hidden gun out from under the bar as Bo walks in, "Hey, whatcha got there, Steve." Patch jumps out of his skin.

"Hand it over," says Bo.

Shawn comes out of the kitchen and tells Patch he's the one who found the gun. Patch figures he must be slipping if these two boobs can catch him. He chuckles, "Another detective in the family." Bo asks about the shooting. He wants to know how Patch knew EJ had been shot.

"I guess I haven't told you about my psychic powers, huh," asks Patch.

Bo gets in his face, "Did you shoot Junior?"

Sami asks EJ, "What are you thinking?"

"You're hard to get rid of," says EJ.

"The whole town knows that," says Sami, "I want you to get better." EJ doesn't know what to think. Sami says if he doesn't believe her she has to prove it. She dives in for a hot kiss.

Roman asks Henderson to process Kate on charges of attempted murder. Kate protests. She gives Henderson the look of a snake about to strike, "Touch me and you'll regret it!"

"I can vouch for that," says Roman. Henderson backs off. Kate tells Roman to be prepared to lose everything. She'll sue him, the police department and the city of Salem.

Roman asks for a minute alone with Kate. Henderson is all too happy to leave. "Tell me the truth," says Roman.

Kate figures Roman was lying about the gun in a baggie having her fingerprints on it, "I did not shoot EJ."

"Prove it," says Roman, "Turn over your weapon."

Patch evades, "You know me better than that. He tortured me and turned me into a psycho. But, hey, that's no reason to shoot him."

"This gun was clean," says Bo, "But you might have cleaned it after the shooting."

"When would I have time," asks Patch.

Bo says they both know it doesn't take that much time to clean a gun, "Besides, why would you hide a gun that hasn't been fired? Maybe you changed your mind."

Patch gives Bo the auto parts store story. He says he was at Hayes Auto Parts when the shooting happened. Well, it's just so happens Bo and good ole Bob Hayes are old chums. He suggests going to visit Bob and seeing his surveillance tapes. Suddenly, Patch decides it was the day before that he was at the auto parts store, "I was at the church. The DiMeras stole years of my life."

"So," says Bo, "You did go intending to shoot Junior."

"Yeah," admits Patch, "As a matter of fact I did."

Sami cries, "I'm so scared of losing you. Your son and I both need you."

"I love you," says EJ, "And if you love me..."

Sami corrects him, "I didn't say that."

EJ starts over, "I mean, if you have some feelings for me..."

"You are the father of my son."

"Yes I am."

"And he needs you and I need you."

Sami senses something is wrong. EJ says he did not believe after the "unfortunate incident" the night of Lucas' accident she would forgive him, "You do forgive me, don't you?"

Belle tells Phillip he has to stop doing this. What they had is over. "I can't accept that when I know you can't," says Phillip, "I know you have feelings for me."

"It was just sex," says Belle.

"If you can tell me that's all it was, I'll leave," says Phillip.

Patch says he went to the wedding to shoot EJ, but he didn't. He runs through what he did when he got to the church. The ceremony had already started. He thought about his family and decided it wasn't worth the risk. He heard shots and saw EJ down. He didn't see any of the shooters, "And since EJ is in the hospital proves I didn't do it. I'm a better shot than that."

Roman begs Kate to fess up and give him her gun. He will do everything in his power to help her, "The truth, Katie."

Kate caves in. She says she gave the gun to Phillip and asked him to get rid of it. As of yesterday, he still had the gun. Roman tells her to call Phillip and tell him to get over there.

Sami tells EJ all the ugly things they have done to each other are in the past. EJ says, "If I had it to do over again..."

"Stop it," she orders, "I know you are a different man now."

"You changed everything for me."

"We have changed each other," Sami asks him to promise to fight to get better. EJ zones. She begs him to think of his son and fight to live.

Bo checks out the gun and says he sees the serial number has been filed off. Patch claims he found it that way. He says he got it at the DiMera mansion.

"Let's go," says Bo.

"Cuffs or no cuffs," asks Patch.

"You want 'em, I got 'em," says Bo.

Patch turns to Shawn and tells him he's been quiet. He asks if Shawn thinks he did it. "For Kayla's sake, I hope not," says Shawn.

Patch says, "You sound more like a politician than a cop-to-be."

"If I sounded like a cop, that would disqualify me for the Salem PD," says Shawn. As Bo hauls him off, Patch says goodbye to "Mayor Brady."

Belle. Phillip. Staredown. Phillip says she can't look him in the eye and say she doesn't care. Belle says she cares, but Shawn means more to her.

Phillip's phone rings. He ignores it, and says it's only a matter of time till Shawn finds out because Hope will eventually blab. Belle says it meant nothing to her, and she can live with Bo and Hope watching her every step, "Because it won't happen ever again."

"It's only a matter of time," says Phillip, "Go ahead – marry him if you don't think of me when you lie next to him."

Belle says, "I can lie whether I'm next to him or not."

As Phillip leaves, he tells Belle to call him when she changes her mind.

Sami tells EJ it's important to her that he fight. He says she has given him something to live for. Sami believes he can make a miracle happen. EJ says, "The fact that you're here, we're married, you are starting to care, and DOOL is still on the air, that's a miracle."

"You are the strongest man I know," says Sami, "I know you can beat this." Another kiss.

Sami starts to leave. He asks where she is going. "I have to get back to Johnny D and _________. He asks her to bring his son the next time she comes. She says she can't bring him into the ICU, but that's another reason for him to get out of here. Sami backs out of the room. Outside, she tells Stefano she thinks she's going to be sick.

Roman tosses Stefano's file onto his desk. Bo rushes in and Roman tells him about Kate giving the gun to Phillip. Bo tells Roman about Patch and his gun. "Do you think he's involved," asks Roman.

Bo thinks so. He starts to rattle off all the reasons, "He said he was at the church just before the shooting..."

Roman interrupts, "Bo... Bo...,"

Bo asks, "What?"

Roman says, "It's my gun. Steve was lying to protect me."

Phillip meets Kate at the station. She tells him she told Roman about the gun. Phillip nukes, "You just told them I'm an accessory after the fact! You told me the gun went off by accident. Is that true?"

Kate says, "You don't believe me, do you? You think I shot EJ."

Stefano has Sami sit down and asks what happened in the room. She says she did what he asked and gave EJ reason to live. Stefano says he will not forget it. As long as EJ is alive and happy Sami and her family have nothing to fear. Sami huffs off.

Belle arrives at the pub. She shows Shawn the dress she bought for Claire for the wedding. Shawn tells Belle he got Bo his first lead on the EJ shooting. He tells her it involves Patch. They don't know if Patch was involved, "but it doesn't look good."

"Poor Kayla," says Belle, "Poor Stephanie." Shawn gives her the details.

Patch goes over his story with Bo and Roman. Roman insists he didn't shoot EJ.

"But you went to the church with that intention," says Bo.

"Phillip comes in. Bo asks, "Where is Kate's gun?"

"I'm taking the fifth on that," says Phillip, "And if you want to search my home, get a warrant."

Bo turns to Roman, "What the hell is he talking about?"

Phillip leaves. Bo says, "I'm gonna have to bitch slap that brat one of these days."

Belle thinks Shawn will make a great cop. He wants to be a great husband and a great father.

"You're already a great father and as a husband... I think you'll do OK," says Belle. Shawn thinks they have a great future. He senses something is wrong. Belle says she is just tired. Shawn volunteers to take Claire to the doctor.

Belle tosses one in out of left field, "Shawn I wanna marry you."

"I never said you didn't," says Shawn, "Is someone telling you that?"

A nurse brings EJ lunch. Stefano comes in. EJ says he's feeling better. The nurse leaves. Stefano asks what he and Sami talked about. EJ says, "She admitted to having feelings for me." Stefano says he knew it was only a matter of time.

"I take a bullet and her feelings come to the surface," says EJ, "I'm really allowing myself to believe we will be husband and wife in a real sense of the word. She makes me happy. I want to do the same for her and raise our son together."

"We will rear Johnny D," says Stefano, "He is a DiMera and is a part of us."

Shawn figures it out, "You ran into Phillip and he put these crazy ideas into your head."

"I ran into him," says Belle, "But the crazy ideas are a permanent fixture." Belle claims it's pre-wedding jitters. She tells him not to worry, "It's normal for a bride to be stressed out." Shawn takes the dress to try it on Claire.

Belle remembers Phillip telling her to call. She gets his card out of her purse and zones.

Phillip tells Kate he took care of things. She tells Phillip she's sorry.

"If I never heard another woman say 'I'm sorry' I'd be a happy man."

Shawn brings Claire out all dressed up. Claire babbles. Belle babbles. She can't wait to marry Shawn. Smooches. "As long as we show up, things will be perfect," says Shawn.

Belle gets a call from Hope and tells her she's on her way. Shawn will take Claire. He reminds Belle the next time they see each other they will be exchanging vows. "Oh yeah," says Belle, "I almost forgot – I'm spending the night with Bo and Hope, so we can go over and over my little peccadillo with Phillip and beat that dead horse into a heap of mush."

After Shawn goes, Belle grabs her things and leaves. She wads up the card. But does she throw it away?

Roman knows lying to Bo put him in a bad position, "I'll clear it up with Abe."

"No," says Bo, "As far as I'm concerned it didn't happen." Roman doesn't want him to put his career on the line. Bo is sure he wants to do this. He wants Roman on the case. He says they know Kate is one of the shooters. They speculate about who the other ones are. Bo says, "We gotta find these shooters before Stefano does."

Stefano tells EJ he doesn't want Johnny D brought up as a Brady. He says if he had left EJ with his mother he would be weak.

"Maybe I would be more human," says EJ.

"Being human is highly overrated," says Stefano, "My grandson is one of us. Never forget who you are." He turns and leaves. EJ stares.


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Blogger Deb said...

Would a little consistency be too much to ask for here?

Belle sends a letter that gets Shawn kicked out of the Police Academy but now the WANTS him to be a cop, and thinks he'd be a good one.

And Phillip gives Belle his CARD? With his phone number on it?? She was married to him, he still babysits Claire, and she's known him forever.
WHY would she need a card to remember his phone number???????

And there's no point in even commenting on EJAMI.

4:56 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Deb --
I had the same thought about Philip giving Belle a card with his number. Even though he said it was his "private line" that only he would ever answer, why wouldn't she have that number already?? Oh, sorry, there I go with that "LOGIC" thing again!!!!

6:14 AM  
Anonymous dazeisdum said...

The card has a simple's so Bope can find it, do some police work, figure out that it's Phils, smack Belle up side the head and finally, tell Shawn. You have to think like an idiot to understand this show. Logic has no purpose here.

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

It appears that Roman could be one of the shooters but his bro still wants him on the case. Yikes! Patch even lied for Pard…a novel concept for Daze.

I loved all the pictures. However, the Dumbin’ Donuts ad was Prevuze at its snarkiest best.

6:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where's Marlena, Celeste and Lexie during all this investigation? And, more important, how long with THIS pregnancy, I mean, storyline drag on?

6:27 AM  
Blogger Linda25314 said...

Belle is staying with Bo and Hope the night before her wedding? Why wouldn't she stay with Marlena?

7:03 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

Speaking of pregnancy - I hear Stephanie will be knocked up. Is it conception from the cave with Max? (not sure how far into it they were when they were caught) or is it Ford Decker's kid?

Wouldn't it be a hoot if both twins were EJ's and they faked the paternity to force Sami to CHOOSE who she loves and then she finally admits that she loves EJ and another Brady/DiMera love affair starts up...... The only other one I know about is Anna and Tony.

Speaking of Anna, I never knew she was Carrie's mom. I wish I knew the storyline behind that one....

7:42 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Angel --
Roman was married to Anna many moons ago. She was thought to have drowned in a boating accident (I believe). Carrie is their only child. So Anna is not really a Brady, just as Marlena is not really a Brady -- they are mothers of Bradys. But I still think Marlena is going to offer herself to Stefano to end the vendetta so that they will let Sami go back to Lucas.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am thinking that Belle is staying with Hope to give her some lines, she hasn't said anything all week, I don't think.

Yea, the card thing is obvious, she crumpled it up but didn't throw it away..........

Ugh, Marlena and Stefano,(puke) I am so thankful for Prevuze I would not want to witness that on TV.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Hey now! Stefano is pretty hot for an older guy. Italian, cultured, romantic, lots of money. What's not to like?

cfish and dazeisdum: You're right!
NEVER EVER use logic when it comes to Daze.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

I agree, Deb, it’s hard to figure out where Ejami is going. First, we had Sami and Lucas fighting over the marriage to EJ, and now we have Sami and an incredibly depressed EJ fighting about ending their marriage and ending his life. At least, EJ and Sami are carrying on their war at a much lower decibel level than Sami and Lucas. My eardrums are no longer at risk.

At their evening wedding, EJ is shot. Since he needed surgery immediately, he’s taken to Salem Hospital, making it a trauma center. Trauma centers have specialized staffs to deal with this type of emergency. Sami should not be the only person trying talk EJ into finding a reason to live. Bringing Tony into the picture, only gave Stefano a dose of reality. EJ’s surgeon would not have suggested to Stefano that EJ might need a psychiatrist. Someone from psyche would have just shown up. Additionally, if the ICU staff hadn’t figured out that EJ was in a state of acute depression, the psychiatrist would most certainly have put EJ on a suicide watch. I’ve never seen an ICU with doors for the patients. Since the nerve center is in the middle, it’s curtains for everyone. With his endless supply of money, why isn’t Stefano flying in renowned specialists to look at his son? EJ’s pity party is rather premature.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of unrealistic hospital scenarios...have you noticed that everybody who's in the hospital, even people with spinal cord injuries, broken backs, you name it, are propped up in bed? There's never any breathing tube or anything that keeps them from talking, or any unsightly equipment that would mess up their hair or make-up. Some people stay in the hospital for days for a tummyache, while other people leave the hospital two seconds after a transplant. Maybe NBC used up their fake blood and medical equipment on ER.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I heart EJami.

Steph and Max have never had sex, unless that too was offscreen along with Steph's rape, so the kid could be Jerk's or the rapist's.

Henderson is now a police officer???? Last we saw Henderson he was butlering for Victor. Is it the same guy? Why didn't they pick a different name?

I read that Lexie and Jett are out.

Yes, why isn't Belle staying with Marlena? Or why doesn't Shawn go stay with Bope?

11:34 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Frankly, I think Stephanie and Max "did it" in the cave, so the baby could be Max's. Anybody smell the "I don't want him to be with me just because I'm having his baby" storyline being recycled?

12:35 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

At first I thought the Henderson who backed away from Kate was the Henderson at the Kiriakis mansion. Wasn't Henderson the head butler there? Maybe he had to go get a cop shop job since they never have Victor on there any more.

I can't wait to see the big Belle/Jr. wedding disaster. Maybe as payback Phillip can drive his car thru the church window. HAHAHAHA

Excellent Prevuze today! :D

6:04 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Fantastic pictures and caps -- the Carrie one was a total surprise and I loved it :) Also the Dumbin' Donuts and the Phillip noticing the back seat of Belle's car comment.

Belle's slip was interesting; guess it's no wonder Phillip thinks she might be a little confused.

Leslie I so agree with you on the eardrum statement - it's great to be able to listen without almost muting the sound. The hospital stuff is true too - but Days doesn't seem to even try to get things right. The only thing is our local hospital does have doors on the rooms in ICU -- it surprised the heck out of me because I'm used to the curtains too. (Then again I'm in a rural area and Salem seems quite large).

Loving Sami and EJ - maybe she's not being honest with him, but since Stefano accepted that EJ forced her out of his life and she rushed to the hospital when Kate called her... she's making some decisions on her own (and not based on threats). Love seeing her have some spark back!

Great prevuze as always!!

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe she was rape and don't want Kayla to know how she got pregnant. Make since for a teenage girl to hide the fact that she is pregnant.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Moon Dancing Nana said...

ok, I know this is a stupid addictive show, going on 42 years for me and rape. Over done. Stephanie and Max did it, didn't they in the cave? Lucas, run, run with the wind and your_____baby girl. At this point in time I don't care if EJAMI both die. So tired of stupid story line and with a spinal cord injury he would not be sitting up. Dazed writers are not the brightest. And Marlena not at the wedding?? Or Thanksgiving. Doesn't make sense, oops, sorry. This is DOOLS.

11:57 AM  

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