Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Tooth Fairy

Kate comes into the cop shop complaining about having to come down there. Bo confronts her about the gun. Kate tells Bo she threw the gun in a dumpster, but doesn't know which one or where, "All dumpsters look alike."

Bo says, "We searched every dumpster for fifteen miles around and guess what we found."

Kate takes a stab at it, "Garbage?"

Bo is dumbfounded, "Lucky guess." He gets in Kate's face, "Where the hell is the gun?"

Caroline comes up to Shawn in the pub and taps his shoulder. Shawn jumps. Caroline asks, "What? Are you a little nervous? About getting married?"

"Noooooooo." He insists he's the happiest groom in the world. Caroline says she is happy she gets to host the party, "It's been a tough year, but seeing you marry John's daughter reminds us to be thankful."

"Unless you're marrying Belle," says Shawn."

Patch comes inside as they go to check out the party doodads. He goes straight behind the bar, but Shawn comes back out. Shawn says, "Hey, Steve!" Patch jumps out of his skin and coughs. Shawn asks, "What's going on?"

Billie stops by to see Lucas. He tells her he has good news and bad news. Billie has had a tough day so she wants to hear the good news. Lucas beams, "EJ said he wants to die." Billie wonders how she wound up in such a crackpot family. She says if that's the good news, she really doesn't want to hear the bad news. Lucas, who is deaf except to the sound of his own voice tells her anyway, "The bad news is Sami is with EJ right now."

Billie is shocked. She wants to know how Lucas knows, "Do you have someone watching her?"

Lucas says he doesn't. He wants Sami just to shrug off the shooting. Billie can't believe it, "Sami and EJ have been through a traumatic experience and that creates a..."

Lucas almost sprains his jaw interrupting, "Go ahead... you can say it... It creates a bond."

"Connection," says Billie, "It creates a connection." Lucas looks the word 'connection' up in the dictionary. He finds the definition, "See bond." Billie hugs him and tells him it will get better.

Lucas thinks it's about to get worse, "Johnny D is about to be raised as a DiMera. And, as for ________... I need the name and number of a good lawyer you know."

Billie asks, "Why do you need a lawyer?"

Lucas says, "Just trust me, all right?"

Billie says, "If I do, then I'll probably need a lawyer."

Lucas tells Billie he is going to sue for sole custody of _________.

EJ questions Sami, "Did you just say Lucas is not the one you love. Sami evades. EJ insists he's dying, "One way or the other." He says he's not the man he was, and has given up. Sami gives him the 'snap out of it' lecture. EJ cuts her off, "If I have to live like this, I really don't want to live."

Out in the audience, the Lumis cheer, "DIE, RAPIST, DIE!" The Ejamis retaliate, "HANG IN THERE, PRETTY-BOY!" The riot squad has to come in and break it up.

Bo tells Kate to start talking, "If I have to get a... uh..." He turns around and asks a trainee, "What do you call those things again?"

"A warrant," says the recruit.

"Yeah," says Bo, "If I have to get one of those thingies, I might have to ransack your apartment. Except for your underwear drawer, which I would go through very carefully." Kate says she can't swear she put the gun in a dumpster after all, because she panicked. Kate breaks down. Bo tells her to cut it out, "You haven't cried since you found out the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist."

Belle comes in to find Shawn and overhears, "The Tooth Fairy? You can't be serious!"

Patch claims he's just getting himself a drink. He pours a shot and then remembers he's driving, "So I guess I'll have a double." He says he has to go, "But I'm looking forward to the wedding."

"That makes one of us," says Shawn.

Outside, Patch dials his phone, "It's me. No luck – there was no time. I'll try later, but I'll get it." He goes off and Shawn watches through the window.

Billie says she didn't know Sami and Lucas were arguing over custody. Brainchild says they aren't. He's just going to take things into his own hands and make sure she winds up hating him. He wants custody in case EJ and Sami have to move because of EJ's condition, or something else comes up.

"You just said he was dying," says Billie, "How can he live across the hall or move out if he's dying?"

"You let facts get in the way of everything, don't you," asks Lucas, "I want it in writing. I won't let little _________ grow up under a DiMera roof, but, by God, I'll let her grow up without a name."

EJ says he knows Sami didn't come there on her own. "I didn't talk to your father," says Sami.

EJ looks her in the eye, "Never lie to a liar. Now get out of here."

Sami says she isn't leaving. She won't let him die, "Because I care – About you. Do it, if for no other reason than for your son. Are you going to abandon him because you feel too sorry for yourself to care?"

Shawn stares into space and wonders what Steve was looking for.

Kate insists she has told Bo everything about the gun. Roman comes in. Kate appeals to him, "Call off your bulldog." Roman wants her to cooperate.

Abe called," says Roman, "He's got it."

"Got what," asks Kate.

"You've got one last chance," says Bo.

Kate says, "I told you..." Bo cuts her off. He has them take her in to write up another statement. Kate resists. Roman threatens to charge her with perjury.

They haul Kate into the next room. Bo says, "Remind me again... how long were you married to her."

"They cut me before they cut the wedding cake," says Roman.

Roman leaves to help search Kate's apartment. Bo gets a call from Shawn. He heads for the pub.

Billie comes out of the bedroom and says she thinks the twins are gorgeous. Lucas says, "Thanks. And I can be there for _________ even if I can't be there for Sami."

Billie promises to get him a list of lawyers, "But I want you to think this through. If you don't tell Sami, she will think you don't trust her."

"Well, Billie, I don't," says Lucas, "I don't know what to think. Andre is dead, Stefano is about to die, Tony has turned his back on the family and EJ is paralyzed. There is no one left to carry on the feud any more, but Sami is still there with him. Why? I don't trust her any more."

Sami says, "Lucas and I used to hate each other. And that was this morning at breakfast. I used to trash him in front of Will. Luckily Will grew up to be a wonderful kid in spite of me. If Lucas and I aren't able to... everything has changed and I don't know what the future holds."

EJ looks up at her, "Are you saying there is a possibility for you and me?"

Sami says, "I can never be in love with someone feeling sorry for himself. Nobody loves a loser."

"So you are saying you don't love Lucas," says EJ.

Bo comes into the pub. Bo lectures him for leaving the cop shop without telling anyone, "The review board won't like that. You have to stay at your post until you are relieved, and that's sometimes a very tough thing to do. There aren't a lot of bathrooms at the police station."

Lucas thinks something is going on between Sami and EJ. We'd have never guessed that. "I know she loves me, too, but that's not enough."

Sami tells EJ to try. EJ throws a fit, "You wanna see me try? Watch!" We watch as nothing happens, "See! Nothing! I don't want to live like this!

Sami says she cares about him. He can't just give up. He can't abandon his son, "Do it for your son."

Bo continues the lecture. Shawn admits he made a mistake and it won't happen again, but he points out he's not a cop yet. "When I'm a cop, I'll make those sacrifices like you and Roman and be on the job one day each month. Lesson learned."

Bo asks what he called him there for. Shawn tells him about Patch sneaking around, "So I checked around and found this..." Shawn slams the gun onto the counter. It goes off, severely injuring two diners across the room.

Billie says if that's how Lucas really feels he should talk to Sami. Lucas says Sami's heard it before. A guy from the audience stands up and yells, "So have we!"

"I just want my wife back," says Lucas.

"Which one," asks Billie, "Because you won't get Sami if you hire a lawyer behind her back. I'll get the list, but I strongly advise you to think before making that decision."

"Thinking isn't my strong suit," says Lucas.

EJ appreciates what Sami is doing but he wants her to stop. He thinks she's trying to manipulate him by bringing up his son. He tells her he loves her and cares too much to let her throw her life away on half a man.

"Then why do you want me to go back to Lucas," asks Sami, "Being a man means you don't get to run away from responsibility."

"I couldn't run away from a dead turtle at the moment," says EJ, "I'm not going to saddle my son with an invalid father, or to let you play nursemaid for all the Days Of Our Lives. That's it. I want out."

Bo thinks Shawn was smart keeping his fingerprints off the gun. He passes it around the pub and says, "Look what my son found." He asks why Shawn had suspicions.

"There was something about Steve that seemed off," says Shawn.

"So," says Bo, "He was acting normally. Instincts. You've either got 'em or you don't. Good police work. I'm proud of you. We'll have to work on that, though. Don't worry. After six months of SPD training, you won't be able to find your butt with both hands. I sure hope Steve didn't have anything to do with the shooting, though."

Sami and EJ. Same-o. She says she will help him fight this. He chuckles and tells her she's strong, but not tough enough for a life with him.

"We can do this together," says Sami, "You want a miracle? We'll make one. I've seen it happen, but you have to want it."

He thanks her for the pep talk, but says it's a dream. He tells her to go back to Lucas, "Forget about me."

Shawn thinks it looks like Steve is involved. Bo says they have to know for sure whether or not he was looking for the gun.

Lucas leaves a message for Sami to call. He hangs up and answers the door. An officer stands there with the same Will who Sami said grew up to be such a wonderful kid. The officer has hauled him home after catching him drinking with his buddies, "For underage drinking, we sign them over to their parents on the first charge. We found him with a group at the lumberyard drinking."

Lucas assures the cop it won't happen again. He drags Will in and reads him the riot act. Will claims he just had a few sips, "No big deal." Lucas grills him. He asks who bought the beer.

"Some guy named Pocket," says Will. Lucas reminds him of his own alcoholism.

Will says he wants to go back with Aunt Carrie and Uncle Austin, "When I'm with them, I don't have to watch Mom wrecking our lives."

EJ and Sami keep reading from the same script. GIVE ME A "Z"... GIVE ME AN "A"... GIVE ME A "P"... WHAT'S THAT SPELL? ZAP! ZAP! ZAP!

Kate paces. Roman comes in. He says they just searched her place. Kate has a hissy fit. Roman says everything is where she left it, "Except for this..." He slams a gun on the desk. It goes off and severely injures an officer just outside the door. "Looks like that statement of yours might need a couple changes before it gets logged in," says crafty ole Roman.

Patch comes back into the pub and sees Shawn. "Hey, man, I came back to order some chowdah so I can take it home and surprise Kayla."

"If she eats our chowdah, she'll get more than a surprise," says Shawn. Shawn and Caroline go into the kitchen to prepare the order. Steve immediately heads for the place where he left the gun.

Bo comes in, "Hey, Steve, what'cha doin' back there?" Steve didn't get surprised by the chowdah, but the effect on his pants is the same.

Lucas gets off the phone. The private school will accept Will's credits so he can graduate. He tells Will what has happened lately isn't his fault.

"I know that," says Will, "My writing isn't that bad."

Lucas says these are important years for Will, and he needs a stable home, "So we're going to let you go be with Aunt Carrie and Uncle Austin, and they will let you live in the stable." Lucas will arrange the ticket while Will packs. Will just wants Sami and Lucas to be all right. Lucas says will find a way to make it right, "We will always be a family until Sami finds out I hired that lawyer behind her back."

EJ, Sami, retrocircularloquation. Sami regurgitates her desire for him to fight. He wants her to stop talking. "We don't have to talk," says Sami. She hops into bed with him and puts her arms around him, "If you're going to will yourself to die, I'm going to make you do it in my arms."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Getting out my crystal ball here, it's time for my next great prediction.

It will turn out that Lucas is the one who shot EJ. He of course will try his best to keep it from Sami, which means he will keep acting like a nervous wreck in front of every cop and freak out every time someone even hints he may have done it.

Kate will be charged with the murder, even though ballistics reports will not be able to match her gun to the one that shot EJ. Details like evidence don't matter in Salem courts you know.

At the trial Kate will deny deny deny, and be convicted.
Lucas will stare and look constipated the entire time.

As the verdict is read, Kate will break down and scream for Lucas to tell the truth. Lucas will have to look up truth in the dictionary and stand up and admit he was the one who shot EJ.

Sami will flip out and ask Lucas how he could do such a thing. Lucas will drag out the "I did it for you, so we could be a family" argument. Sami argue back he is the one who is tearing the family apart since he took custody of little "???".
Lucas will counter with he did it so she wouldn't have to suffer being raised a Dimera.

Sami will shoot back with the "You always told me to be honest and never be afraid to tell you anything" line. She'll remind him of all the rotten stuff he said to her when she hid things from him.
And decide she would rather be with EJ since he accepts her for her lying, scheming, evil, true self.

Opinions anyone?

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I could go with your scenario, Deb. But on the other hand, I see even more soapy goodness if it turns out that the lady in black (who I believe to be Marlena) shot EJ, but because Lucas is running around acting like a nervous twit in front of every cop in Salem he will be blamed; go to trial, and be convicted. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Kate and Sami will be devastated at first. But then it will suddenly occur to her that...wait a second!!...that very same thing happened to me because I was set up when Lucas really did kill someone. In fact, I was one syringe shy of meeting my maker before the truth came out!
I guess Karma really is a bitch...

5:27 AM  
Anonymous sanmango said...

Yeah I can see Sami haveing a cow when she fins out aboutt Lucas wanting custody of nameless baby. But Lucas is supposed to roll over and let Sami bring her Rapist back to life. I Haven't even been watching the show anymore I just read about here because I skip over the story lines that irritate me. I am also tired of the teeny boppers. I want to see more of the old timers. How about a good story line about Shawn and Caroline and Colleen coming back bring some more old timers in, How about the old timers giving some good advice to the yougins.

5:34 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I had problems getting my comment to post yesterday, kept getting an error message and then I was froze up.

Does this back and forth arguing between Sami and EJ remind anybody of something? Maybe the incessant, beating a dead horse argueing between Sami and Lucas about divorce Lucas/marry EJ thing?

Where is Marlena? Does she only go to the first five marriage attempts for her daughters?

TWIB? I think it's Susan Banks.

Does anyone have a clue when the last original episode will be aired because of the writer's strike? Maybe they will play old classic episodes to fill the void until the strike is over. What story line or episode would you like to see aired? I think it would be great for TPTB to air classic episodes in order, not montage or best of.

6:38 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Out in the audience, the Lumis cheer, "DIE, RAPIST, DIE!" The Ejamis retaliate, "HANG IN THERE, PRETTY-BOY!" The riot squad has to come in and break it up.

So true, so true. In the words of Rodney King, “people, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along?” In the words of Prevuze, “it’s just a soap opera.”

On the other hand, Sami says, "I can never be in love with someone feeling sorry for himself. Nobody loves a loser."

"So you are saying you don't love Lucas," says EJ.

That one made me laugh out loud.

Phillip planted the gun in his mother’s apartment?! I guess Kate needs to be more careful about handing out keys to her digs to her son. Phillip is getting to be really smarmy.

Deb: Lucas is really looking guilty as sin, framing his mother is certainly in character, and doing it for Sami and no name is right on the mark. Sounds good. Noting that “truth” is not a word in the Lucas Roberts Horton lexicon was the best.

7:16 AM  
Anonymous Nancy said...

It amazes me that this storyline continues. All women watchers should protest a storyline that allows Sami to be attracted to her rapist. Where is your sense of honor and respect for women? I stopped watching months ago; however, I still read Prevuze. I guess I think things will change?? Not a very good excuse? As much as I like to "see what's going on," I cannot handle this from Days writers or anyone else.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Camilla said...

I have to admit i'm an Ejami fan. I just look at the rape storyline as a mistake on the writers part and now they're trying to correct it. Why are people okay with getting away with murder storylines and other getting away with rape storylines in soaps but this one is making them stop watching? It's just a soap and EVERYONE knows how pathetically unrealistic they ALL are!

8:30 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Given that the majority of soap writers are men, who are writing a show aimed primarily at woman, I just don't understand the markedly unsympathetic rape storylines of late.

They are sending a very very bad message to young women, that date rape is something that won't be prosecuted so don't bother reporting it.

And if you are raped by someone you know or are married to, or was once upon a time in a romantic relationship with, you just need to get over it.

Shame on NBC and Days of Our Lives.

8:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are looking for good morals and realistic storylines quit trying to find them in a soap! To say EJ raped Sami, now that is disrespectful to rape victims. A real rape victim doesn't get a choice to baragain with her body, the rapist just takes it.
The Ford storyline, give them a chance, this one is almost realistic. The rich powerful jerk gets away with rape. I think he'll get his due in the end though. That is rape and I think even the DOOL writers are smart enough to make him pay for it.

Funny how everyone hates rape but Jack seemed like a pretty popular character.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I couldn't run away from a dead turtle at the moment," says EJ.

Okay, come on people, this is absolutely RIDICULOUS, even for DOOL. I'm so sure that Sami hated EJ and resisted marrying him, blah blah blah, then makes a total turn-around in a couple hours. Hopefully this is some kind of set-up and they she's not really doing a 180 on her feelings that fast.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think most of the men and women on the show have either raped or been raped at one time or another. It's a show written by men whose just acting out their fantasies, or maybe they think that is a woman's fantasy. Soap Operas are nothing more than pg rated Porn.
Sheesh, there are times when I have to change the channel when my kids come in the room!

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Colleen in the one who shot EJ.

Great Prevuze today -as always!

9:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with all those who dislike the rape stories and how they are treated. Yes, those of us who are older and more experienced know that things that happen in soaps are very unrealistic, but I started watching this show when I was about 16, and at that age, I don't think you think about it as being realistic or not. So, if a young girl sees this Ford storyline, she might think twice about reporting it based on what happened here.

Okay, enough of that, here's something else I don't understand - why in the world did the three shooters wait until AFTER the "I Do's" were said before shooting. And how is it that they all shot at precisely the same time???

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Bama Fan said...

Okay,these are my thoughts.I think they should name the baby Alice, but try to do it before her 1 month birthday. I think John may be alive. I think the woman in black is Colleen and Santos kid, who has been in hiding all these years. I think they should put Lucus in a room alone so he can hear the sound that he so loves and maybe it will kill him.:)

I do not condone rapist, and I think the story line with the sorority girls is a lot more real than the one with Ejami. I mean really, do you think they ask first? As for Marleana, Belle Shawn, Caroline, Kayla, Steve, Roman, OMB and lets not forget the santimonious(sp) Hope. Who the H**l cares? They are so boring even the writers couldn't make up anything for them to say. Sorry I have watched this show for sooooo many years that, I just get tired of the same ole story lines over and over and over and over and over.Not to mention the dialog. Whats up with that.

10:16 AM  
Blogger Moon Dancing Nana said...

I thank God everyday I have Prevuze and DVR. I record, FF thought all the stupid EJAMI storyline and the teenybopers. Give me the oldsters to make storylines interesting. Colleen you sin'n Nun go back to the grave. Sami you need serious meds. At the moment I can watch DOOL in 11 minutes. I have watched this since the very first episode when I came home from High School. The writers have dummied down our collective intelligence.

11:01 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

For those concerned about the Sami/EJ situation, TPTB have decided to do something about it to fix it. Apparently, they are shooting a do over of the “rape”. The possibilities are limitless. I can’t wait for Sami’s explanations or will it be retractions. Geez.

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Rach said...

I disagree with that one anonymous posting about rapist taking and not giving the victim choice. Rapists do give a choice: let me rape you or I'll kill you. EJ did have a gun. People who keep on saying that EJ didn't rape Sami are pretty naive. Rape and abuse aren't always what you see on Lifetime. A husband can even rape a wife and the alternative is having a worse threat played out. And I personally do get mad when these people on soaps aren't charged with murder. I guess if everybody did then there would be no characters. How come people on soaps can get raped, extorted, murdered, but when one of them gets pregnant it's not okay to get an abortion? Or if they get raped it's not okay to get the morning after pill to stop the conception?It just shows how twisted the writers and networks are. And if you think that EJ didn't rape Sami then you are twisted too.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

One of the spoilers I saw said little no name will finally get a name later in November and that it will be Alice Caroline. At least they aren't dumb enough to stick "Kate" in there. That would be totally unreal. Or Marlena, seeing how supportive she's been thru this whole thing (--NOT!)

Patch getting a surprise from more than the chowdah made me LOL. All of these suspects (Patch, Lucas, Kate, etc.) look and act so guilty it surely won't be any of them.

Great Prevuze and pictures today!

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have said from the start - it was really hard to see EJ rape Sami. I had loved EJ from the beginning, even though he was pretty devious and sleeping with Kate, but they never should have had him shoot John then rape Sami. Watch - EJ will have an evil twin out there and it will turn out to be him!!! LOL!!!
Sami gets in the bed with him? I don't care for what reason that's just tooo creepy! Even for her. I WISH Lucas would walk in!!!! How stupid!
And what's up with Steve? WHO is he hiding the gun for???? Could it be JOHN????? Was JOHN in the BLACK garb at the church????? HMMMM....
Just a thought!

11:45 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I, too, wondered about the shooters waiting until after the "I do"s to shoot. At first I thought they waited until the marriage was official so that they could say the terms of the vendetta had been met. Then I started thinking maybe the whole thing is a set-up -- maybe EJ wasn't shot at all, it was all just a grand charade cooked up by Stefano and EJ to get Sami's sympathy and get her to fall in love with EJ. I mean, it's gotten her in bed with him already ...

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just being a devil's advocate.... Does anyone remember that one of the greatest love stories in soaps (Luke and Laura of General Hospital) started with rape and if I remember correctly; she was just supposed a teenager when it happened.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Alice Caroline? Yeck. Lucas names her on November 23. What about Colleen???

Wasn't Sami paralyzed when Austin accidentally hit her and she was in a wheelchair? Why doesn't she bring that up to remind EJ that she knows what it's like and that look at her now baby!

Someone needs to tell Hogan about this since he wasn't with Days then. Sami may still have the wheelchair in that cavernous closet of hers.

I just want EJ and Sami together, happy and in love. Why doesn't Lucas go with Will to Europe? Adios muchacho!

1:42 PM  
Anonymous mudcat said...

Anonymous said...
Just being a devil's advocate.... Does anyone remember that one of the greatest love stories in soaps (Luke and Laura of General Hospital) started with rape...

Just being a devil's advocate...
that's about when I stopped watching GH.

3:37 PM  

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