Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Stuck Up Chicks

Chelsea wanders and tries to listen through the dean's door. Morgan arrives and apologizes for being late. Chelsea says the dean is in with her mom and Jett and has pushed the big meeting back an hour. Morgan says there won't be any way to prove Ford drugged her. Chelsea agrees with that and says Billie does, too.

Morgan asks, "So Cordy's the only way to prove Ford is the campus rapist?"

"It's looking that way," says Chelsea. She tells Morgan Chelsea is on her way.

Stephanie is on the phone with Kayla. She says she doesn't want Cordy to go through this alone. Kayla is proud of Stephanie for standing by her. Kayla asks if Stephanie saw Patch last night. Stephanie says she didn't. They hang up and Kayla goes into the church. Steve is down on the floor studying the carpet lint. Kayla asks what he is looking for.

Lucas tells Kate he wants his gun back. Kate says she got rid of it. Lucas says he doesn't want the police to trace it back to him.

Sami stands at EJ's door. EJ looks up at her, "Leaving so soon?"

"How are you feeling," asks Sami.

"Above or below the waist," asks EJ, "What are you doing here? Sami says she came because she was worried about him. He tells her he can't move his legs. Sami tries to be upbeat. EJ cuts her off, "DON'T!"

Patch says he's just scooping the place out, "Since the Salem PD has scoured the place, I figure there must be clues everywhere." Kayla hits him with a barrage of questions and he asks why she is giving him the third degree. Kayla says, "If you don't want me to beat around the bush, fine. Where were you when EJ was shot?"

"I have an airtight alibi," says Patch, "I was in church."

Dean Lochlan comes out of his office with Billie and Jett. Billie introduces Stephanie and Chelsea. They are still waiting on Cordy to show up. The dean announces Ford is coming. The girls are livid to find that out, but the dean says policy dictates everyone be able to present his case, "I expect everyone to conduct themselves professionally." He goes back into his office.

Billie tells them the dean can be abrasive, but does things by the book.

"That sounds just like my dad," says Chelsea, "Except for the part about doing things by the book."

Ford interrupts, "What's up, ladies?"

Sami insists she cares. She says she didn't know if EJ would make it.

"Part of me did," says EJ.

Sami wants to help, "What can I do."


"I can't."

"All right, stay."

Sami says she's sorry for what he is going through, "The pain the you must be in, I feel for you, that's all."

EJ says, "That's a laugh, coming from somebody that promised to make my life miserable... Congratulations, I'm in hell and you're loving every second of it."

Kate insists she didn't shoot EJ, but also says she doesn't have the gun. Lucas threatens to tell Bo if she doesn't say where it is. She says she gave it to Phillip. She tells him about threatening EJ. Lucas gets in her face, "I want the truth, did you shoot EJ?"

Lucas tells Kate Sami may have been a target and asks if she tried to shoot her. Kate evades. She says she hates Sami, but won't let him accuse her of attempting to kill her.

Sami says she wanted to make the marriage miserable but not like this. EJ says she got what she wanted within moments of being married. "Look," says Sami, "I wish I could leave..."

"What's stopping you?"

"You," she says, "You won't believe this, but I didn't leave after you were shot. I was holding you in my arms and sat with Stefano waiting to hear your prognosis. I thought you might need me. How stupid is that?"

"No more stupid than the rest of this plot," says EJ. He doesn't want her pity. He's providing enough of that all by himself. Sami says that's not what she is offering. "So what are you offering," asks EJ.

"I'm not sure."

"I certainly didn't think I would spend our first married night dead from the waist down," says EJ.

"I expected to make sure part of you down there was," says Sami.

She tires to encourage him, "It might not be permanent." OF all the machines surrounding him, the one measuring self-pity goes off the scale. He tells her to get out and be with Lucas.

Ford is smug, "Can we hurry this along? I have a date tonight."

"Cancel it," snorts Billie.

Morgan accuses him of trying to rape her. "Why are you doing this," asks Ford, "You came to my room willingly."

"You drugged me," says Morgan.

"Can you prove it," asks Ford. Morgan is silent. "That's what I thought," he smirks, "It's my word against yours. Who will the dean believe... Stuck up chicks or the son of one of his board members? Once this is over, I'm going to ask dean Lochlan to revoke the IFT charter."

Chelsea unleashes on him. Ford asks, "What's your problem? Don't you like guys with a backbone?"

Stephanie flashes back to her night of horror.

Ford piles on, "You know, if you paid me I would take you out... Oh, I forgot, you're involved with Nick." Chelsea rushes him but the crowd pulls her back. Ford smirks.

Morgan says she can't believe she ever trusted him, "You are nothing but a spoiled brat and looser who can't get a girl."

"I got you didn't I," asks the jerk. Billie takes Morgan aside and tells her to back off and stay focused. Ford taunts, "You're Chelsea's mom, aren't you. I'm sure you'll be unbiased."

Chelsea tells Jett she just wants to kill Ford. He tells her to back off. She wishes Cordy would hurry and get there.

Patch tells Kayla he was at an auto parts store buying a fan belt for the old Bluesmobile. Kayla asks to see his receipt. Patch says they didn't have the right part. "Bo will want proof you were at that auto parts store," says Kayla.

Patch asks, "And if I can't verify my story, are you gullible enough to believe me?"

Sami asks what about the vendetta. "It's fine," says EJ, "Talk to my father and say this is what I want."

"Why would you do that for me," asks Sami.

"I have nothing to offer you," whines EJ, "But you have a life with Lucas."

"So I guess my life is over, too," says Sami. She encourages him. She says he's had a shock and it's too early to be processing all of this.

He says he loves her too much to have her stay, "Go home. Go be happy."

"Well, which is it," asks Sami, "Do you want me to go home or be happy?"

Kate insists she did not try to shoot Sami. Lucas tells her to get his gun back. If Phillip tossed it, he needs to know for sure, "If they find out about that gun, I'll go right to the top of the suspect list."

"Did you shoot EJ," asks Kate, "I will cover for you. All you have to do is ask."

Ford taunts, "The Halloween party rocked, but that auction was lame. I only go to those for the hot chicks. You have to invite hot babes to those things."

Billie gets in his face. She says she knows a lot of women are scared of him, but she isn't, "If you say one more thing I will personally remove you."

Ford's father walks in and overhears. He tells Billie to back off, "I'm Crawford Decker... His father and his lawyer. I'm the head partner at Bilkum & Cheetham & Blow."

Lucas tells Kate to get out. She insists she can help him. He remembers when he shot Franco Kelly and Kate covered it up. Kate says she would do it again.

Sami says this isn't the time for EJ to be making decisions about the rest of his life.

"This isn't a headache," screams EJ, "I have nothing to offer you. Be with Lucas and be happy.

"Would you please make up your mind," says Sami. She tells him to stop feeling sorry for himself."

EJ rages. He flings the covers off, "See! I don't have a leg to stand on."

"When we met," says Sami, "I was not attracted to your legs. I was attracted to your charm and charisma. She reminisces about the night they danced, "You made me feel special."

"That isn't going to happen again, is it?"

Sami grabs his chin, "EJ, don't you dare give up!"

"I have nothing left to live for."

"Wrong," says Sami. She plays her trump card, "Or have you forgotten about your son." She shows him a picture, "He is counting on you."

EJ wallows, "He's counting on me to chase him when he learns to walk and run beside him when he learns to ride a bike and stand on the football field when he plays, but I can't do those things. So go be with Lucas."

They argue. Sami wants him to fight. He wants her out. Sami tosses the picture on his chest and leaves.

Ford says, "Gosh, Dad, they actually believe the allegations." The dean comes out. He and Crawford have a hand-shakin', back-slappin' good time greeting each other.

Chelsea leaves the room and stomps on Ford's toe as she walks by. Billie asks the dean for more time. Cordy isn't there yet. Ford smiles and nods.

Chelsea leaves a phone message for Cordy.

Kayla challenges Steve's alibi. She throws their vows in his face. He stood right on that spot and promised he would never lie to her, "So, did you shoot EJ?"

Kate says if Lucas gives the word she will swear she shot EJ. Lucas growls, "Nobody's swearing to anything. We will both be suspects, so we should take precautions. First off, we should not be seen together. That will be easy for me because I can't stand you."

Sami interrupts. Kate huffs off. Sami asks Lucas what she was doing there.

"Nothing," he says, "It was just my mom being my mom." He wants her to stay home. She tells him she will be. "Thank you," he hugs her, "Thank God." Sami zones. Perceptive Lucas senses there might be trouble in paradise, "What aren't you telling me?"

"He's dying," whines Sami, "EJ is dying."

"What do you care," asks Lucas.

Chelsea comes back inside and announces that she can't find Cordy. Stephanie says she promised she would be there, "I wonder if Ford did something."

Billie assures the dean Cordy will be there. Crawford says if they were in court it would be over by now. The dean gives Cordy ten minutes. Ford smirks. The impartial dean invites Crawford and Ford into his office for an emergency meeting of their mutual admiration society.

As they head in with the dean, Morgan tells Ford to stop being smug, "Cordy will be here."

Sami tells Lucas EJ may never walk again, "And he isn't even going to try." Lucas says he had to face a similar situation himself. Sami continues, "Whether he lives or not could depend on his will and Stefano will hold us responsible."

"He sent you home," says Lucas, "That's good enough for me. Let's move on."

"If he dies it doesn't just end there," says Sami. The audience groans. "Stefano will get custody of little Johnny D and raise him as a DiMera. Is that what you want?"

"Well," says Lucas, "Maybe then we could turn our attention to little _________ and finally give her a name."

Stefano comes into EJ's room and says Sami just told him EJ turned her away. He lectures. He wants EJ to snap out of it, "No self pity!"

EJ remembers dancing with Sami, "I'll never dance again." Suddenly, EJ's machines go berserk. EJ goes into convulsions. Stefano begs him to stop.

Kayla presses. Patch insists he didn't shoot EJ. Kayla is skeptical, but accepts it.

"Let's get out of here," says patch. He walks off. Kayla doesn't follow. Patch stands at the other end of the sanctuary, "I'll warm up the car, since I didn't have any luck warming you up." Out in the narthex, Patch flashes back to the shooting. We hear gunshots and see Patch stashing his pistol into his jacket. He crouches and leaves the church.

Patch turns around, "Come on, Sweetness." Kayla follows the lying dog.

Billie sends Jett to watch the store. Ford keeps up the taunts, "In one minute you'll all owe me a huge apology."

Dean Lochlan comes out of his office to announce time's up. Suddenly, Cordy rushes in. Billie asks for a few minutes to talk to her. Crawford butts in and says the dean shouldn't allow that. Dean Lochlan says he will let Billie talk to Cordy, but invites the Deckers back into his office for more back-slapping.

Cordy breaks down, "I can't testify!" Stephanie flashes back.

Lucas wants Sami to take a nap. She says she couldn't sleep. He has her lie on the couch. A baby cries and Lucas goes into the bedroom.

Sami sits alone and stares. Suddenly she looks up to see Colleen. "Yer right," she says, "He has laast his will to live. Ye alone can give him a raisin."

"Do raisins cure paralysis," asks Sami.

"Ye know what'cha must dew," says Colleen.

Lucas stands in the bedroom holding little _________.

EJ convulses. Dr. Berman and his team rush in. Berman screams, "Get the crash team!"

Outside EJ's room, calls go out to Max, Stephanie, Phillip and Shawn.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger luvpumpkns said...

Prevuze, you have really outdone yourself with the pictures today. I've been laughing so hard, everyone in my office thinks i'm crazy!!

3:54 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I think I finally figured it out.
DOOL doesn't have a writing staff they have SOPGS! Soap Opera Plot Generating Software!!

This software churns out standard SL then plugs in tried and true lines based on years of research into what characters say in given situations.

For instance:
Beautiful but troubled heroine is in love with handsome rogue but can't bring herself to admit it.

Said handsome rogue is sick/injured and is feeling large amounts of self pity.

Heroine (who has in the past vowed to not love this man no matter what) says:
"I didn't want it to be like this"

Rouge: "Just go. Go to HIM"

Heroine: "But, you need me!"

Rogue: "I don't need. . . anyone"
Turns away and flashes the standard I'm-hiding-my-true-feelings face.

Heroine goes to be with Standard Soap Opera Boring Good Guy Hero (BGG) He is happy she's back and tells her he loves her.

Heroine does the standard look-away-and-try-to-hide-her-true-feelings
But says, "I love you too"

Oh the drama, the heart wrenching feeling of loving the "wrong man", (the nausea..oops sorry).

Plug in the names of ANY soap opera super couple from ANY soap.
It's a standard SL.

And before anyone pops up and says the I love my rapist theme will never work I have two words:
Luke and Laura.

4:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you really have to kick poor EJ while he's down? (picture caption.)

Don't worry, I love Prevuze too much to ever stop reading it.

Plus I truely did LOL at him throwing the covers back and saying, "I don't have a leg to stand on."

All in all, thank you for another great Prevuze! :)

5:49 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Did you really have to kick poor EJ while he's down? (picture caption.)

Kicking people (a.k.a. fictional characters) while they are down is an integral part of the Prevuze manifesto.

6:33 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

'EJ rages. He flings the covers off, "See! I don't have a leg to stand on."'

Loved that one Prevuze, but you missed the follow up:
'Sami says, "Wait, I'll go get Philip and you can hold each other up."'

I also loved Sami telling EJ to make up his mind about her either going home or being happy, and the picture of Lucas' gun. BEAUTIFUL!!

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for kicking EJ while he's down! I was beginning to think he might be immune from equal opportunity Prevuze snarking.

6:57 AM  
Anonymous Cindyjh said...

Ya know, I am getting more than a little irritated that the writers are having such difficulty remembering history. Last week it was Hope's, "Don't you use your father's death as an excuse," to Belle when Belle had her lttle laspe in judgement, forgetting all about her own laspe in Patrick's arms after Zack's death.

And now this: Kayla challenges Steve's alibi. She throws their vows in his face. He stood right on that spot and promised he would never lie to her, "So, did you shoot EJ?"

Ummmm....gazillions of Days' couples were indeed married on that spot, but Patch and Kayla were married on a boat for gosh sakes!

I know, details, details.....but it would be nice if the writers gave a little nod to those who have been watching DOOL for more than the last half hour.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The difference in Bell and Hope's lapse in judgement was the fact that Hope went to a sleazy hotel room and saw her husband in bed with old flame Billie. And Chelsea and Billie were setting it up to look like Bo was having an affair with Billie. OK - that didn't actually happen but all those things after losing Zach sure made Hope not trust much. Shawn is not cheating on Princess Belle and nobody is making it look as if he is.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I find the Ford,Daddy and dean friendship circle nauseating. How fair is that and since when is rape privately handled by the college staff rather than law enforcement? I suppose if someone was found dead the dean and his cronies would investigate, cover up for the favored ones and then maybe notify the police?

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just read a spoiler that Sexphanie gets caught taking a pregnancy test. Do we really need another the guy that raped me got me pregnant SL? Or will it be a who's the daddy SL even though she had sex with Uncle Max, Jeremy and was probably raped by Ford? Please let this not happen. This script has been beyond recycled. I'm all for saving the environment but how is this script still legible on a piece of paper that has been passed around so many times?!


9:46 AM  
Anonymous mayfield said...

Ford's father's name is CrawFORD??? Seriously?? Where do these writers come up with names? Or in the case of poor little _________, she's probably begging for a name by now.

Let me look into my handy dandy crystal ball for the ending to this storyline: Sami stays with EJ out of pity that he can't walk. And a little blackmail from Stefano won't hurt either. Somewhere along the line, she falls in love and forgets old Lucas. EJ eventually begins to walk, but keeps it a secret from her making sure she sticks around longer.
Yep, been there, seen it, again and again and again.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Yes, Mayfield. We could see that coming the minute the shots rang out.

LOL at the pictures, especially Lucas's gun going to ballistics.

I'm going to have to zap the stuff at the dean's office. That sort of lame, unrealistic story-telling drives me nuts! And it's a short drive now-a-days! LOLOL

Another rough day that Prevuze has brightened immeasurably.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Do raisins cure paralysis," asks Sami. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!!!

Also LMAO at the crew that was called into EJ's room!

Thanks Prevuze!!!

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

The whole Ford/Cordy drama is beginning to make my head spin. Cordy has accused Ford of rape. Shouldn’t this be handled by the SPD instead of campus security and the dean? Billie is not supposed to be stupid. After assessing the situation, shouldn’t she realize that there is no way that Cordy is going to be treated fairly? Just a year ago, we were all reading about the Duke University lacrosse team and the utter insanity surrounding that case. What are the DOOL writer’s thinking? Oh, that’s right. We’ve already determined that they don’t think.

Speaking of insanity…Lucas gives his psycho mother a gun and now he’s worried about how she’s disposed of it. Why? He doesn’t want to be fingered for something he asked her to do…stop EJ and Sami’s wedding. Lucas, you are such a putz.

Great Prevuze!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remind me never to get injured in Salem and have to rely on their crash team: Stephanie, Max, Phillip, and Shawn.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Poor little Johnnie and ------- must be in the same place all the other kids are continually dumped while their parents are out running around.

I'm still LOL over "Ye alone can give him a raisin." "Do rainins cure paralysis," asks Sami. HAHAHAHA Loved the other pictures, too.

Prevuze, thanks for the much needed laughs today!

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How many rapists are going to walk around free on this show?
Actually I think Ford will get hammered and the girls will come out looking like roses, 3 cheers for the airheads, and they will have a big campaign on campus about it all. PUKE.

I think what should happen is Sami will fall for EJ, eventhough she doesn't really want to (whatever) and then it will be revealed that Pukas is really a Dimera, and have that whole triangle.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Moon Dancing Nana said...

EJAMI need to leave. This is a sham or shame for a storyline and now the campus rape? Cordy can't testify because she has fallen in love with Ford...according to DOOL storylines.

If I was a victim of a crime in Salem I would NOT call the SPD.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Jenifer said...

Is it just me, or does today's picture of EJ look a little like Brad Pitt?

James Scott is a hunk-a-hunk! Now can he lift up his gown? ;-)

The Ford-Cordy rape thing IS nausea inducting. While I get that the DOOL writers are trying to appeal to the younger crowd, it's just a stupid plot....

Lucas is a putz... Can't stand his whinning... Love it when Prevue's whines for him! I am loving the whole EJ-Sami spin. Makes for some agonizing watching.

Been watching Dool for 16 years... I use to run home from High School to catch it. (Thank god for TiVo)


3:48 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

deb - you said it all - TY for making me feel a lot better :)

The prevuze were great and should help me get thru tomorrows show with one box of tissues instead of two.

Now if Days can make both lucas and kate take the fall for the shooting, I'd be a very happy person!

5:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loved the constant "Go to Lucas and be happy" followed by "Make up your mind!" LOL...that's exactly what I was thinking. And the raisin bit was pure genius.

Love EJ, standing, sitting, lying down....this is good TV.

(Oh, and I thiink you meant loser, not looser)

8:09 PM  

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