Monday, November 19, 2007

Invitation To A Hanging

Stephanie comes into Steve and Kayla's place and calls for them. Silence. She goes to the couch, sits down, pulls a pregnancy kit out of her bag and cries. Kayla joins her. Stephanie stuffs the kit back into the bag, but Kayla sees it. She pulls it out, "Baby what is it?" Stephanie cries.

Kayla sees what she has, "Oh, sweetie..." Kayla's mind reels. Thoughts swirl and then, finally, the full gravity of the situation materializes. That awful word comes to mind. No matter what she does she can't avoid it. It hangs in front of her like a terrible black fog... grandmother.

Phillip sits alone in a bar. Miss Bimbo comes up and asks, "Is this seat taken."

"Help yourself," says her prey.

"That's exactly what I had in mind," says Miss Hotpants. She asks what Phillip does. He says he works for his family's business. She thinks that is just terrific. Phillip says, "How do you know I'm not the janitor? I haven't told you what I do."

"Anything you want," says Miss Golddigger, "I can tell. You're big money."

Phillip twirls his drink, "Big money gets you everything you're greedy little heart desires."

"I'd like to find out sometime," she says, "Who's got you drowning your sorrows? Buy me a beer and I'll make you forget about Miss What's-her-name."

Belle comes into Bo and Hope's house. Hope has it all set up for the wedding. Belle doesn't know why Hope would do this.

"Why wouldn't I," asks Hope.

"Because I don't deserve it," whines Belle.

Lucas comes home to a brooding Sami. She asks where Will is. She says she was looking forward to a quiet evening with her family. Lucas snorts, "Are you lost in TV land somewhere? That isn't us anymore." Sami just wants to be normal. Lucas says they don't do normal any more. He tells her Will is on the way back to Zurich. Sami goes postal. She says Will was supposed to talk to them about that first. Lucas tells her, "He told me. I put him on the plane."

Kayla gets it. Stephanie tells her she is three days late. Kayla says that's not unusual. Stephanie breaks down and tells her the make out session they talked about went further than she said. She's worried about STD's and being pregnant. She falls apart in Kayla's arms. Kayla herds her into the other room for the test. She assures her Steve isn't there, but the doofuses leave the pregnancy kit box on the couch.

Miss Hottie asks if Phillip is going to take her up on that beer and suggests they go find a table. "Which one," he asks.

"It doesn't matter," says Miss Hottotrot.

"I thought you'd want the one you've already broken in," says Phillip, "I'm sure I'm not the first.

Oh, do we ever get indignant. She slides off her barstool, "My mistake. I thought you were a gentleman." She huffs off in search of other fresh meat.

Max comes up to Phillip with condolences. He suggests Phillip just have a little fun. Phillip wonders what will happen when he gets some girl home to bed and yanks his leg off along with his shoe, "That's when she remembers she has to go home and feed the cat." Max doesn't remember Belle ever having a problem with his missing leg. "No," says Phillip, "Belle is the only woman who ever saw me for what I really am. But she overlooked it."

Hope is thrilled at the prospect of having an evening alone with Belle so she can incessantly remind her of her little tryst with Phillip. Hope thinks hard times have brought Shawn and Belle closer and driven them apart also. Belle insists she loves Shawn. Hope wonders if she loves him enough, "I know Shawn wants to spend the rest of his life with you. I need to know for sure it's what you want as well."

Belle thinks it over, "Yes. I do want to spend the rest of my life with me."

Sami has a meltdown. She wonders how Lucas could let this happen. Lucas says, "You weren't here, Sami. You're with EJ more than you are here. Your family feels abandoned." Sami wonders if Lucas did this to hurt her. He says no, but he was the only one there and he had to do what he had to do. He gives her a note from Will while he goes to check on the babies.

Sami reads and cries, "I want my mom back. I want a Friday pizza and DVD blast, camping trips and us running from Dad on April Fool's Day. I hope we get that back, but I don't think that will ever happen."

Lucas comes back out. Sami wads up the note and throws it at him, "DAMN YOU! What difference would one day have made so you could talk to me about this, and I could talk him out of going? You kept me from kissing my son goodbye. How could you do that to me?"

"It was his choice," says Lucas, "He didn't want to see you."

Phillip says, "Belle is special. She ought to be. When she was in school, she attended special class." Max suggests he find another special girl. Since Max is standing up for Shawn tomorrow, Phillip thinks he should shut up about Belle.

Belle says Shawn is the guy she wants to be with. One of them, anyway. Hope thinks Shawn set the date for the wedding and Belle just went along with it. "I will always feel guilty," says Belle, "And I know you'll be there all the Days Of Our Lives to make sure I do."

Hope thinks her wedding should be one of the happiest days of Belle's life, "Settling for less would be unfair."

Belle asks, "So. What... you just want me to cancel it?"

Hope tells her she just needs for her to be absolutely sure. If she isn't ready Hope will help her bow out gracefully. Belle wonders if Hope just doesn't want her to marry Shawn.

Patch comes home and calls for Kayla. She comes out. Patch dives in. She nervously backs off. Patch is in the mood. Kayla isn't. He works her onto the couch. "Wait," says Kayla, "Stephanie is here." Patch says he wants to see her. He gets up and heads for the next room. Kayla panics, "Stop! Don't go in there!"

PrevuzeMorgan shows Max the poster: "Ford Decker, Rapist!" She says the sisters are out plastering them all over campus right now. Morgan says her daddy wanted her to get a pistol. She tells Max she's a dead shot at skeet but doesn't know how she would do aiming at a person. Max wonders if they could be sued for liable for this. Morgan says Chelsea is leading the charge so they can blame her when Crawford Decker sues them and the national chapter of IFT for everything they've got.

"That's our Chelsea," says Max. He asks about Cordy. Morgan says Cordy has retreated into her shell and is taking online courses and never leaves the house. Max gets it, "In other words, she's costing her parents who had to work three jobs each a fortune being at the university, when she could be taking the courses while sitting at home on her couch." He cautions Morgan to be careful, "This could turn dangerous." She feels safe around him.

Phillip interrupts their conversation by banging his glass on the bar and demanding service. Max thinks Phillip's had enough.

Hope claims she doesn't have an agenda. She checks her agenda to see what comes next. She claims she wants the best for Belle, Shawn and Claire. But she wants to know Belle wants this marriage as much as Shawn does. Belle swears Phillip is in the past. Hugs. Tears. Yapping. We almost get the mutual admiration society off the ground when Hope lets it slip that she told Kayla about Belle's little dalliance.

Belle is shocked, "OMG, who else have you told?" On the television behind them, the Salem News Network plays Hope's interview on the subject.

The donnybrook continues at the Roberts... uh, Horton household. Sami asks, "Do you think I'm actually leaving you for EJ? Or is it that you just don't love me enough to wait for me?"

Patch wants to know what's wrong. Kayla evades. "You got that mama lion protecting her cubs vibe," says Patch.

"It's just personal," says Kayla. She says the second year of college is more grueling than the first and Stephanie is just frazzled and needs some time to get over it.

"OK," says Patch, "If she needs some time..." He figures any additional physical activity is blown to smithereens since Stephanie is there, so he needs a couple of kisses to tide him over. When Patch kisses, he don' mess around. He flings her onto the couch and dives in. Of course the telltale pregnancy kit box drops onto the floor. A neon sign points to it and flashes, "PREGNANCY KIT... PREGNANCY KIT!" Patch picks it up and looks at it, "Are you sure there's nothing I need to know about Stephanie?"

Morgan says her parents are coming for Thanksgiving and invites Max to go to Chez Rouge with them. The blood drains from Max face. On his list, meeting the parents ranks somewhere below the flaming wreck that nearly killed him and Stephanie. Morgan says, "You look like I just gave you an invitation to a hanging."

Max throws it in reverse, "Are you forgetting I am related to this whole town? The Bradys are having a wedding on top of Turkey Day."

"Anybody I know going to be there," asks Morgan.


"And her best friend Stephanie?"

"Yeah," says Max, "Are you jealous?"

"That she gets to spend time with you," asks Morgan, "Absolutely. I must have been Scarlet O'Hara in a previous life."

"That's fiction," says Max.

"Correction," says Morgan. "That's good fiction. This is DOOL." She smooches him and leaves.

Phillip wants something high-octane to put in his coffee. Max has a better idea. He offers to call a cab for Phillip so he doesn't have to drive home. Phillip says he has a driver waiting.

Belle nukes. Hope says she doesn't not need to defend telling Kayla, "We have both made choices."

Sami thinks Lucas sent Will away to spite her. Lucas says Will loves her and Lucas loves their babies. It's just a lovefest. He says he will do whatever he can to protect little _________. He isn't sure Sami is on board with that, so he drops the sole-custody bomb.

Do not be alarmed. That mushroom cloud you see is not an act of terrorism. It's Sami reacting to the Lucas' latest insult, "So this is how you show your trust in me! Don't you dare say this isn't out of spite!" Lucas says he will not allow his daughter be raised by a DiMera. If Sami loves him she'll sign the papers. Sami refuses.

"That's fine with me," says Lucas, "If you don't want to give up custody, then just stay here and forget about EJ."

Kayla says, "Don't jump to conclusions."

Patch jumps to conclusions, "There is only one conclusion I can jump to!"

Kayla lies like a rug, "That pregnancy test is mine."

Max gives Phillip more coffee, "Drink up half pint."

Phillip gets defensive, "Don't call me half pint! The name is peg-leg. I've seen my future and it stinks."

"So," says Max, "You've decided to go after Belle, I see."
Phillip tells him not to forget the first rule of bartending, "The customer is always right. I have a life most men would kill to have, but the barstool next to me is empty. And so is the space where my leg goes. There is only one woman who can fill my empty spaces and that's the one woman I can't have. Hare's to being in love and all the things money can't buy."

Belle thinks the whole family will be there judging her. Hope says she kept her promise because she didn't tell Shawn, "Tomorrow will be a beautiful day. You're marrying my son."

Patch picks his jaw up off the floor. Kayla says she's late and just wanted to make sure, but it turned out that she's not pregnant. She tells him Stephanie is just fine, "Frazzled but fine." Patch is clueless. He asks if Kayla is disappointed that she isn't pregnant. If having a baby is what she wants, he'd be OK with that.

Max finds it hard to feel sorry for Phillip, since he used to live on the streets. Max walks off.

Phillip cries in his beer... uh, coffee, "I'd trade it all for Belle."

Belle thanks Hope for all she has done for the wedding and for keeping her secret. Hope is sorry Marlena couldn't be there doing the mother of the bride thing, "You're more daughter than daughter-in-law to me, honey. I'm just thrilled about all this. Before things get too crazy tomorrow, I want to welcome you into the family, Belle Brady."

Sami storms. She's been working hard to end the vendetta and nobody appreciates her. Lucas tells her she can't keep fighting with his daughter. She begs him, "Please don't take little _________ from me."

Sami insists she's just trying to do the right thing. Lucas knows that's true, "But this is killing you and me." Promises, promises. She says she feels like he doesn't trust her. He says it's EJ she shouldn't trust. Sami says she doesn't trust him, but she is stuck. Lucas hands her a card, "It's a family lawyer. Call her and we'll work something out that is best for everyone." Lucas claims he's just trying to protect his family, or what's left of it.

Kayla says Patch makes her happy. The pregnancy test wasn't a wish. It was just a test. He says he'd be all for it if she got pregnant.

Stephanie blasts out of the next room holding up the pregnancy kit, "Mom, will you look at this and tell me if it means what I think it means... BUSTED!

Belle remembers Phillip telling her she can't marry Shawn while she is confused. If that's true, they can call off the wedding forever.

Phillip leaves a big tip. His phone rings. Who else would it be – Belle. She tells him, "I need to see you."

"Meet me in my office," says Phillip, "Take the private elevator." Belle hangs up and stares into space.


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Blogger Deb said...

DOOLism of the Decade!!! Maybe even the Millenium!

Lucas snorts, "Are you lost in TV land somewhere?"
Thank you Mr. Obvious!!

Anyone who DOESN'T thing Belle is going to take Sami's place as the next Queen Of The Bad Weddings
say AYE!


Yeah I thought so. I can see this turning into a clone of Sami & Austin Part 1, or Was that Sami and Lucas Part 2? Wait maybe it was Carrie and Austin #2? Or maybe it was Sami and Franco...?

Then again there is always the wedding scene in the smash hit movie "Who's That Girl?" Anyone remember Madonna interrupting the weding by standing up and objecting in the middle of it all by yelling "I Object! The groom is in love with me!"

And speaking of weddings, just a side note; when Sami married EJ why (other than obvious reasons) did she wear that black dress? Why didn't she just grab one out the "Sami Brady collection"?


Oh and in case you missed it, check out my blog for a very special weekend DOOL parody;

Law & Order SCS - Stupid Criminals Salem.

These Are The Daze Of Our Lives

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Angel said...

It looks like Belle and Phil will throw it down one last time at Titan according to these previews at -

Another Days website reported Stephanie to be knocked up. This will prove either that Ford is a rapist or that Max is the cave daddy...

Another rumor is that John's death was faked and that he went to Italy to find Colleen who is supposedly alive. I wondered if she was the mysterious woman in black at the EJami wedding or if it was Marlena. I didn't see the episode so height could point to either or (Colleen or Marlena)...

Then again - maybe it was ALICE for not getting enuf air time - LOLOLOL just kidding.....

5:59 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

LOVED the pictures today! Especially the Salem Sleazebucket front page, I almost choked on my coffee. Great Prevuze today!

6:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Patch thinks it's ok if Kayla is pregnant? Wasn't he totally opposed to it before 'pocket'? Did I miss something?

Maybe Kayla and Stef could be pregnant together... They could share Saltines, look at baby catalogs, go baby clothes shopping together...etc....

Why, oh why would Phillip be 'drowning his sorrow' over Belle??? If anyone else watches AMC - they are doing the EXACT thing with JR over Babe (ex-wife).... Maybe the writer's strike has finally caught up and they have to share scripts between the soaps....? Boorrriiinnnggg Zzzzzzzzzzz!
I have to give credit to Hope. I know I couldn't do it.... act like her soon to be daughter-in-law ISN'T a hussy!!!!!!! How could Hope let this go? She's the mother of her's not fair to Claire! (Who????? Where's Claire????) Think about it.... Could you allow someone to decieve your son or daughter and just sit back and watch them get married????? Doomed, Doomed, Doomed!

One last thing.... Where's Marlena? She missed Sami's wedding and now she's missing Belle's? C'mon, Marlena's character is much more compassionate than to miss these events!!!! She's also much stronger than to be sitting at home 'vegitating' over John's death..... They should have at least put her out of the country or something.... Let's face it, they lead us to believe that John had more money than God!!!! Did he not leave it to Marlena? Hmmm' Leads right into the 'John's not dead' theory. But this is so stupid and unbelievable... (Oh I forgot, this is 'Days').
Thanks Prevuze. Great job - as usual.... Very funny stuff!

7:01 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Well, since Anonymous just ranted about everything I was going to rant about, not much more to say. HAHAHA

Oh, there is one other rant - Lucas shipped Will off without letting Sami say goodbye?! What a cur!

LOL at the pictures, especially Chelsea's pout that Billie always ends us the life of the party.

7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never watch the show, just read Prevuze, so I'm do they refer to the nameless baby girl _______ on the show? Not naming the baby is so ridiculous.

How stupid that Stephanie is going to be pregnant. Hard to believe that NOBODY uses birth control, not even sluts, then they act surprised when they get pregnant.

I saw a couple soap opera mags in the supermarket checkout line with pictures of John, hinting that he's coming back in January. What do you have to do to someone to make them STAY DEAD? Put them through a chipper shredder?

7:55 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

If Steph was raped, it's not a surprise that she didn't use birth control.

Drake may come back as John or a relative of John. Don't know why they killed him in the first place.

They just refer to Lumi's daughter as daughter, twin, baby, kinda same as they do with Johnny.

Hope next blabs to Marlena about Phelle. I think she wants to steal Mags' gossip crown.


8:15 AM  
Anonymous Mitzi said...

What's the word on Marlena?

8:44 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

•Philip tries to stop Belle from marrying Shawn.
•Marlena makes a deal with Stefano.

I guess Chels and the sisters have never heard of slander or libel.

Lucas is still a jerk. I can't believe he just let Will leave without consulting Sami or letting her say goodbye to him.

Shelle do get married, but I bet it won't be long before Shawn finds out about Phelle, Belle has sex with Phil again, or Belle finds out she's pregnant and doesn't know who the father is.

I would not be spending the night before my wedding with my future mil especially if future mil knew I had cheated on her son. I'd rather spend it alone.

I actually like Belle. I'd much rather see her with Phil than idiot Shawn.

Why are they bringing Chloe back?

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw that marlena is in pictures at the wedding. so why isnt' belle staying there?

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometime next week we found out the name of the woman in black.

Chloe is coming back next week, so maybe Belle and Shawn are actually getting married and staying that way for awhile, the Phillip will get all hot and heavy with Chloe again, and Belle will find out she is pg.

11:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not slander or libel if it's the truth. Slander is oral defamation, libel is written. You can take out a huge billboard and not get in trouble if it's the truth... Wow. Business law actually came in handy for once...

12:18 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

Chelsea and her sorority sisters actually ARE (or at least can be proven) guilty of slander/libel. Ford has neither been convicted of nor even charged with rape, so in the eyes of the law he is an innocent (i.e., non-rapist) man. (Remember "innocent until proven guilty" ??) Therefore what Chelsea and her sisters are doing IS slander/libel. Until Ford is convicted of rape, he cannot be called a rapist, at least not legally. So there's our screwed-up justice system -- even though Chelsea and her sisters are "morally" right, they are not "legally" right and can get the book thrown at them, since they are calling Ford a rapist before he has been proven to be one.

12:39 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Anonymous, like cfish said, Ford hasn't been found guilty of rape so even though Morgan and the gals believe he is a rapist, nothing has been proven. So Daddy Ford can sue them for libel and slander and win. Now, if in the future, Ford is convicted of rape, then the judgement might be reversed, but in Salem, who knows?

1:19 PM  
Anonymous I love Prevuze said...

I think we all know the show is ridiculous, which is why we read Prevuze, which, by the way, is the most hilarious blog ever. The comments used to be fun, but now they seem "angry" and constantly analyzing everything. Who cares? Can't we just revel in the insanity that is DOOL? I'd rather worship at the altar of Prevuze and get a good laugh every morning than worry about every little thing that DOOL writers come up with. JMO.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

Late to Prevuze but better late than never!

Anon - I LOL over the question would putting someone thru a chipper shredder actually make them dead on this show? I don't think so.

I also LOL over the Prevuism
"Belle Thinks it over, "Yes. I do want to spend the rest of my life with me." HAHAHAHAHAHA

If they actually do have TWO who's the daddy storylines going I don't know how we're going to survive it.
Well, with Prevuze I guess. That'll be the only way! :D

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I rarely watch the show because the story lines move sooooooooooo slow! I could miss a month and it would still be the same day in Salem. I just read the sites. Usually just Dustin's page for years but I just stumbled on to this one while I was looking for the early edition which apparently doesn't exist anymore. I love this sense of humor totally!

Anyway...did Stephanie make up the "one-night stand" story because she didn't want to say she was raped? Or was she raped and had a one-night stand too? Is she gonna be pregnant and not know if its whatshisface's or Max's? Is Max the one-night stand? Has she slept with Max? Has ANYONE slept with Max? I don't think Max has slept with any of his girlfriends...maybe a "Max is gay" storyine is coming?

Has Nick slept with Chelsea yet? I love Chelsea's character. Perfect casting for Billie & Bo's daughter. And who exactly is Nick? I know he's a Horton but half of Salem is a Horton so where does he come in? That would mean he's related to Chelsea's brother Shawn right? And isn't Max Bo's brother? Oh, brother........Salem has GOT to be bigger than that! There's a problem when your 2 ex-girlfriends are your "nieces". And then they hinted at setting him up with Abbey? His brother's step-daughter? COME ON! I think they need to import more girls. BTW...where did Abbey go? And are they ever bringing back J.T.? Doesn't Bo and Hope get visitation or something? And where is Sierra? I didn't see her at the wedding. Where do the residents of Salem get their babysitters? I would love to get in touch with them!!

Back to Stephanie and her pregnancy test...she told her mom that she had a HIV test already but they didn't give her a pregnancy test too? She had to buy a home kit? Huh? What clinic test you for HIV and STD's but makes you buy a home kit to see if your pregnant? DUMBDEEDUMBDUMB

I don't like the new Shawn. Well, maybe he isn't the "new" Shawn anymore...just Shawn...but I still don't like him. Sure, he's cute an all...but he's just not SHAWN. He'd make a better Max. And Max should be Shawn. On the other hand, I like the new Belle. Okay, maybe she's not the "new" Belle anymore...but I still like her. She's made the character her own, cheap, easy, slutty and so NOT the virginal, pure old Belle...but still, her own. I like her much better than the orignial Belle. And the new/old Philip. Okay...again, maybe he isn't the NEW/OLD Philip anymore - just Philip, but I like him. Maybe cuz I used to watch Days more when he was the original Philip and no so much with the 2nd one. Anyway; I didn't like him at first but he kind of grows on wonder Belle can't stay away from him. There's really something VERY sexy about a guy who knows how to take charge; ala Philip and EJ. Otherwise...they are both pretty despicable men. Still - I can't help myself from rooting for them. I mean, think about it - where would you rather be: at the hospital taking care of a gorgeous, british accented hunk or at home with a crying, whining baby (oh, and the twins of course)? Or with rich, handsome Philip or broke Shawn? Okay...thats really bad but tell the truth! And while I'm on the subject...Shawn IS Victor's grandson so how come he has no money??? And Belle dad was/is (depending on if he's really dead or now which we all know he isn't) A MILLIONAIRE; SO HOW COME BELLE AND SHAWN HAVE NO MONEY? THEY'RE FAMILIES ARE BOTH MILLIONAIRES???? AND THEY CAN'T AFFORD A HONEYMOON? THEY WEREN'T GIFTED A HONEYMOON? GET REAL! HELLO: WRITERS OF DOOL!

Anyhow...the fact that I still think of Shawn, Belle and Philip and the "NEW" ones shows how often I actually watch the show.

Back to Stephanie...MUCH better than the orignial Stephanie; though I don't know why they'd cast a girl with such dark hair when Kayla and Steve are blondes? Oncoming who's the daddy storyline? Stephanie's really Jack's daughter from when he raped Kayla? Hey...the writers gotta think WAY ahead on their stories...they tend to run out of idea's and the copying from soap to soap is enough to make you dizzy! That first Stephanie...did she ever stop smiling? Even when it was a sad storyline...there she was: smiling...all cheeks. Acting is definately not her forte. Perfect example of BAD CASTING...kind of like that Belle inbetween the Old & New Belle. If you blinked; you would have missed her. Took the casting a lost longer to catch on to Stephanie than Belle.

Wow...this is fun. I needed to rant. At least when your fed up with your own life and don't know what else to do; you can always tune into Salem and laugh hysterically at the stupidity of their residents. It must be something in the water. But the writer's think we're idiots?

EXAMPLE: Sami give's birth to twins and then sleeps with Lucas the next day? Are all the writer's MALE? There is suppose to be a "recovery" time. DUH.

And like I'd notice a watch on my soon-to-be/soon-to-be-ex/husband's (you know a Shawn/Belle divore is coming) wrist while I'm walking down the isle. Not like there ain't a million other things going on or that maybe the watch isn't one of a kind.

I bet this is how its going to play out: Philip and Belle were never divorced (for some reason or another) Shawn and Belle's marriage isn't valid. Belle's still married to Philip (kinda a Teresa, Alistar, Ethan storyline but kinda not. Any by the way...the Teresa/Alistar thing? GROSS!!) AND...Belle is going to end up pregnant (C'Mon; we all saw that coming) and there's the "who's the daddy" storyline for this year. But, will she tell Shawn? Or will Shawn end up raising a child for the first year only to find out that its Philips. DEJAVU - And totally predictable to boot. BUT it sounds like a very interesting storyline. I hope they go with it.

So, Roman is single and Marlena is a "widow". Hmmmmm....

BTW: Didn't Roman date Billie before he married her mother? So, he dated the mother of his brother's daughter (isn't there rules about that?) and then married his daughter's mother-in-law? Of course, that made Sami & Lucas step-siblings. You know...if you really thought about it; you could trace everyone in Salem to each other. I guess its a good thing that Belle turned out to be John's too...cuz if she had been Roman's; Shawn would be married to his cousin. Instead, he's married to his cousin's sister and his cousin's sister. (Belle is Sami & Eric's sister and also Brady's sister. - Brady being Isabella's son & Victor's grandson; just like Shawn). Of course Isabella is who Belle is named after. So, Shawn marries the girl Victor's daughter was named after and still Victor doesn't give his grandson any money?? Why is Philip & Victor the only Kiriakis' with power & money? What about Bo? What about Shawn? What about Brady? What about Sierra? No college fund/trust? What about Chelsea? She's Victor's grandaughter but she couldn't find money for college?? (btw; she's also Kate's grandaughter and Kate & Victor were married; making Billie & Bo not only Chelsea's parent's but also step-siblings. Don't you love Salam?

WHAT'S WITH THE PARENT'S OF MARRIED KIDS MARRYING EACH OTHER???: VICTOR & KATE. ROMAN & KATE. Okay...thats all I can think of. Maybe its just Kate. She does get around doesn't she?

And how many kids does Kate have? Austin (who's married to Carrie: ROMAN'S daughter; so they were once step-sibling's too). Billie (who has a daugher with Bo; Kate's ex-step-son; so Billie & Bo are ex-step-siling's). Also, Billie had a fling with ROMAN so her ex-step-father was also her ex-boyfriend. YUK! Then Lucas (who's a Horton; so he's related to EVERYBODY. Mike & Jennifer are his siblings. But, he and wife Sami are also ex-step-siblings. Of course, Lucas and his ex-wife Carrie are too. Of course Carrie ran off with Mike awhile back; Lucas' brother. Carrie does have a thing for brothers doesn't she? Austin, Lucas, Mike? Then Lucas's ex-wife Nicole married Lucas's ex-step-father Victor. Making his ex-wife, his brother, Philip's step-mother. GEEZ! Let's not forget Cassie & Rex; Kate & Roman's twins; Carrie, Sami & Eric's siblings. Where did they come from and where did they go? Roman had kids with his brother's babymama's mama. So, Cassie/Rex's brother's: Lucas & Ausin; Married their sister's: Carrie & Sami. (multiple times and they even mixed it up!) Only in Salem! (Actually; in Harmony too!) And now Philip. Kate & Victor's son. So Kate had a son with Roman and also with Roman's brother's father. That Kate sure gets around. She's even slept with Sami's current hubby. HOW ABOUT KATE FINDS OUT SHE'S PREGNANT; AND WHO'S THE DADDY? EJ OR STEPHANO? THEN KATE'S NEW BABY COULD BE LUCAS'S DAUGHTER'S SIBLING! (if its EJ's of course) So, Philip married his nephew's (Brady) sister. Whom he stole from his cousin Shawn. Now, his cousin is married to her and sleeping with Philip on the side. So, Lucas & Sami's brother & sister (Belle & Philip/Austin & Carrie) married each other. And Carrie & Austin's brother & sister (Sami & Lucas/Belle & Philip) married each other. (yes, I know Belle & Carrie are only step-sisters; if even). And Bo was married to Billie awhile back also. Awww...Philip's sister's ex-step-son/Philip's sister's brother stole his woman! I'm just rambling bigtime!! This should be a form of therapy!

8:29 PM  
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OKAY...maybe I wasn't done yet.

So, they cart Bonnie off to jail (thank god cuz I really couldn't stand that character) dye her hair and bring her back as her original character Adrianne. First, why would DAYS cast her as any other character than Adrianne anyway? Where there a shortage of actresses? Okay, so Adrianne's back and running the cheatin' heart. Last we saw her she was married to Justin Kirakis (okay...there is another Kirakis that has money other than Victor and Philip) with like 3 kids and TONS of money. Now, she's brunette and bartending in a seedy bar? Where's Justin? Where are the kids? Is Justin's ex-wife or first babymama the same one who gave birth to Philip? (something about stealing kate/victors embreyo because she still wanted Victor or something...ala teresa/gwen/ethan. Aren't writers ever original)? Well, if so than that makes Justin's oldest kid Philips great-nephew/sibling - in a way. At least they shared the same womb. If its the same lady. So, back to my original question: Where is Justin & the kids and why is Adrianne tending bar? Shawn's tending bar? Philips drinking at a bar. Whats with the growing number of Kiriakis' hanging out at bars?

Where'd Maggie's restaurant go?
Where'd the penthouse restaurant go?
Where'd Bonnie's restaurant go?

Where'd Willow and Shawn's baby go?

Isn't Alice to old to fly to London?

Why did Philip fight so hard for Claire but give up his own baby? Why did Mimi? What was with that whole dud of a story line? Why did Steve & Kayla lose the baby?

And where have I seen this story before?: Wife is always at the hospital taking care of her ex/new husband while her current/ex understanding husband stays at home to take care of the kids?
Sami, Lucas and EJ? Or is it a boring rerun of Jennifer, Jack & Frankie? Now DAYS is stealing storylines from themselves!

Except for the fact that Sami "hates" EJ. Well, for "hating" him so much; she sure is with him alot. Even refusing to leave when he tells her too. We all know whats coming; Sami is going to fall in love with EJ just like Jennifer went back to Jack. Its kinda a given actually. Lucas or EJ? They both come with evil parents so you can't hold Stephano against EJ. He just makes Sami too mad for her NOT to fall in love with him. Its just like Belle still being in love with Philip. Both relationships have too much passion. Lucas and Shawn? BORING.

If Marlena shot EJ; like I guess all the Brady's wanted too...then why doesn't Hope & Bo just dispose of Marlena's gun and be done with it? And why was everyone trying to shoot EJ and not Stephano? SHOOT STEPHANO!!

Marlena heard a gun and got scared and pulled the trigger? Of a gun pointed in the direction of her daughter?? EJ was standing next to her DAUGHTER and she wasn't even aiming! And WHY did all 3 shooters wait until AFTER they were pronounced married before shooting? If it were a Brady; wouldn't they have shot EJ BEFORE they were pronounced married? Hmmmm....maybe EJ wasn't the target - or Sami didn't have a pre-nup! I know who shot EJ: It was JOHN (you know; cuz he's not dead...but being dead is a very good alibi).

How long do you think DAYS writers are going to wait before they reveal that Zack has been alive all this time and being hidden by Lexi and the DiMera's? Even though Claire had a liver transplant, you only need a portion of a liver; Zack could have still donated it and lived (ala Jonathan/Little Ethan).

And when did Shawn become so dense? Maybe thats why I don't like him. He's so DENSE! Everyone is Salem knows about Belle & Philip EXCEPT Shawn. You know who he reminds me of? Ethan. Ethan is, hands down, the most DENSE-EST guy on daytime television; with Shawn a close 2nd.

And what right does Hope have to be up on her high horse with Belle about sleeping with Philip? Didn't Hope cheat on Bo and think she was carrying Patrick's child?? And Marlena? She cheated on Roman with John and thought Belle was Roman's baby. Those are 2 women who have no right to judge Belle. You know what they say about those who live in glass houses...Yep, Belle is gonna be preggers and everyone is gonna know that its Philip's baby, except Shawn. And then Claire (who of course is going to suffer from RAPID AGING SYNDROME and will be at least 15 when the baby is born)she's gonna kidnap the new baby for some reason; after switching the DNA samples at the hospital to show that her daddy is the daddy. Oh, wait...that storylines already been done. Oops.

Oh, and btw...Marlena conceived Belle when my daughter was 3 months old. My daughter is 14; and how old is Belle? Way older than 14. And another thing thats funny is that Shawn Douglas was born WAY before Philip, Belle, Stephanie even Brady but I guess he has decreased aging syndrome.

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