Monday, November 12, 2007

I Was Aiming At Both Of Them

Hope meets Bo at the church and says Abe told her where he was. Overworked Bo has been there all night. She asks, "Did you find anything that will help solve the mystery?"

"No," says Bo, "It's impossible to find any clues with bullets, casings and footprints all over the place." He says there are a lot of suspects, but Hope wonders who would actually do it. He says it's tempting to turn this into a cold case.

"You make the rules," says Hope, "you don't break them."

Bo goes over the details. He wonders if the shooters were working together and had a signal to shoot.

You mean like a Brady conspiracy," asks Hope.

Bo says, "I'm really trying hard not to..."

Hope interrupts, "Yeah, well there is not a member in this family who has murder in their heart." Bo checks his driver's license to see which family she's talking about.

Bo says it wouldn't be right if the family he brings down is his own.

Stefano directs as the wheel EJ in. Roman shows up, but Stefano says he wants to be left in peace. Roman says he has to talk to EJ's doctor. Stefano protests but Roman has a job to do. Stefano growls, "If my son dies, there is not a Brady on this earth that will have a moment of peace."

Lucas is glad Roman talked Sami into coming back home, "I wish I could have been there for you. Except when the lead was flying." He says they will deal with this by being a family and being there for each other. He promised the twins he'd do what it takes to make sure she came home. She did and Lucas feels that's a sign. He vows never to let anyone take her away from them again. Translation: Pack your bags, Sami.

Kate meets Phillip for lunch. Phillip takes the gun out of his pocket, puts a spotlight on it, waves it around and fires it a couple of times for good measure, "I want to talk about this." Kate is shocked he brought it. Phillip thinks this could land him in big trouble. Kate swears it has nothing to do with EJ's shooting. Phillip asks if it matches the slug in EJ's back.

Bo can't rule out a conspiracy, "At least one of our shooters was a good shot. The others may have been Salem cops." Hope wants to know if Roman is a suspect.

Stefano wants Roman off the case. Roman says he offered to step down but the cops trust him, "Did I want to shoot him? Yes. Did I? No." Stefano goes to be with EJ. Roman will wait.

Dr. Berman sees Roman. He says EJ is still critical. Roman asks if Dr. Berman was able to extract the bullet. "I've made your job much more difficult," says the doctor.

Sami says she came home because she needs Lucas, but Stefano wants her back at the hospital.

"To hell with what he wants," snorts Lucas.

Sami says, "If EJ dies..."

Lucas interrupts, "Then that's one less psycho in this world we've gotta worry about."

Sami says, "Yeah, one down, 572,093 to go."

Lucas asks, "Where did you dig up that number?"

Sami says, "That's the population of Salem."

Lucas says, "We aren't victims any more. If Stefano comes after us I'll give him what his son got. I'll pour a can of paint over his head."

Kate claims the gun had nothing to do with EJ's shooting. Phillip wants to know, if that's the case, why she is so jumpy. Kate says, "I formed an alliance with Stefano when Myth-Ick was going under. A merger, so to speak." She says she bought the gun for protection and never fired it.

"Then who did," asks Phillip, "There was powder residue on the handle. Tell me or I will give it to the cops."

Dr. Berman says EJ has regained consciousness, "The bullet is lodged in his spine and he is paralyzed from the waist down." Stefano wants another opinion. Dr. Berman understands, but says EJ faces a challenging future and maybe should get counseling. He leaves.

Woozy EJ calls for Samantha. "It's me, my son," says Stefano.

EJ asks, "What happened?"

Hope says Roman would never murder anyone. Bo says there are other suspects. Hope asks who they are. "Lucas," says Bo, "He acted like someone hiding something."

Sami says she can't get the shooting out of her mind. She thought EJ was dead. Lucas rants about EJ, but she says, "He was just trying to end the violence."

"Don't turn him into a saint," growls Lucas. Sami says there will be more violence if he doesn't survive. Lucas hopes both Stefano and EJ die. Sami thinks if people hear him talking like that they will think he is involved. Lucas struts. He tells her the cops questioned him. He told them he was at the apartment the entire evening.

"Of course you did," says Sami, "Because it's the truth."

"It's OK," says Lucas, "You can ask me."

"I don't have to," says Sami, "because I know you love me." Hugs.

Hope doesn't think Lucas would do it. Bo says, "I want to search Lucas' place, but I can't without... uh... what do they call it... something like 'probably cause.'" He tells her about Kate's threat.

Kate says she took practice shots with the guns. Phillip is skeptical. He asks exactly where she took them. "Out in the woods," says Kate, "I don't remember exactly where I was." Phillip wants to know where she got the gun. Kate tells him an old business associate gave it to her.

Phillip shoves the gun across the table and turns a neon sign on that blinks and says, "GUN." He says, "You'd better hope that old business associate has a 30-day money back guarantee. You're going to need it."

Stefano tells EJ he was shot and when he finds out who did it, the shooter will suffer. EJ asks if Sami was hurt. Stefano says no. He also tells him this all happened after they were pronounced husband and wife.

Sami says they can't pretend the wedding didn't happen. Lucas asks her to remove the wedding ring. She says if she shows up at the hospital without it Stefano will think she is backing out. Lucas wants her to get an annulment, "Then we can get married again."

Sami says they can't do that until the violence ends. Lucas reminds her Stefano is already threatening again. She tells him EJ wasn't the only target, "One of those bullets was meant for me."

Bo says Kate wouldn't elaborate on her threats to the DiMeras, "I'm not jumping to conclusions until I get Kate's gun. Then I'll jump to conclusions." Hope wonders if Kate still has it.

"You're a perfect partner," says Bo, "In and out of bed."

"And which is your preference," says Hope.

Bo gives his usual answer, "Duuuhhh."

Kate tells Phillip the more he knows the more involved he will be. She tells him she didn't want to be out of Lucas' life again. EJ made Lucas angry and she went to the DiMeras intending to shoot EJ, "But I didn't go through with it."

Phillip asks if she went to the church. She tells him she did. She hid until the ceremony began. Then she took out the gun, but realized she didn't know which one she hated more – Sami or EJ. She claims her gun went off accidentally, and then she heard two other shots and ran.

"Did you shoot EJ," asks Phillip.


"How can you be sure," asks Phillip.

"The last person I was aiming for was Sami."

Sami says, "One of the shooters was aiming at me."

Lucas says no one in the family would hurt her. A call interrupts their argument, and then the lovebirds argue over whether she should answer.

Sami answers and Stefano says he isn't surprised to find Sami with Lucas. He says EJ has been asking for her, "For your family's sake, I hope you do the right thing."

Sami hangs up and tells Lucas, "He says he wants me to do the right thing for my family's sake."

"That's a threat," snaps Lucas, "He just left out the 'or else' part." Lucas rants. "You have to put your foot down or he will keep making threats. Do you want a life with me and the kids or one with EJ?"

Hope suggests bringing Shawn in on the case, "We need an experienced pre-trainee to really foul things up."

Bo tells her Shawn was on the case, but he disappeared. He tells her about Claire's accident, "Shawn heard about it and just took off without telling anyone." Hope tries to defend Shawn.

Roman interrupts. He tells them the bullet is still in EJ and that's where it will stay.

Kate backpedals, "I was aiming at both of them."

Phillip says, "You must be a better shot than I thought you were. You could be charged with attempted murder. Or at least carrying a weapon without a clue."

Kate thought if she got rid of EJ, Lucas could marry Sami and would be happy with her. She couldn't go through with it, though, "I love my children, and what do I get in return? Not a hell of a lot."

Sami has to go but says she will always come back to Lucas. He gives her the wedding band from their wedding, "I want you to keep this with you for all the Days Of Our Lives." Sami kisses him and asks him to tell the twins she loves them. Lucas says they need her to do that. Sami whines, "Lucas, I am doing this to save our family."

Roman tells them another operation is too risky. Bo wants to get his hands on Kate's gun. Roman says she isn't a killer. "You know," says Bo, "You've been close to Kate. Now... if you approached her as a friend, and offered to take her home, and watch over her, and if you just happened to see something while you were there..."

Roman is indignant, "Are you asking me to spy on Kate?"

"I didn't hear anything like that," says Bo.

"Me either," says Hope.

Roman refuses.

Phillip says he will take care of the gun. He takes out a megaphone and announces to the restaurant, "But we never had this conversation."

"How do I know you won't turn against me like your brother," asks Kate.

"I don't have my PDA set up with a reminder to disown you every five minutes," says Phillip.

EJ wonders why he doesn't remember what happened. He asks when Sami will be back. Stefano tells him she is on her way.

"I knew she wouldn't let me down," says EJ. He says he heard a surgeon talking about his legs, "I can't feel my legs." Stefano tells him the bullet is lodged in his spine. "So I'm paralyzed," he sighs.

"Don't worry about anything," says Stefano, "We will not give up."

EJ asks, "Will I be able to walk again?"

"The doctors are not gods," says Stefano.

EJ asks, "Does Samantha know?"

"No." EJ asks Stefano to leave. Stefano protests, but goes.

Roman says Kate is no angel but he cares about her. Bo tells him to park those feelings. Hope referees as Roman says he won't go behind Kate's back, "I know Kate hates her, but how will tramping all over Kate's rights help Sami?"

Bo says, "I can't let you know that until I get that... uh... thingie."

"You mean search warrant," says Hope.

"Do you think I'm a suspect," asks Roman.

"Abe has given you a long rope," says Bo.

"I didn't ask about Abe," says Roman, "I asked about you."

Bo and Hope leave the sanctuary. Outside, Bo rants. Hope says, "If it turns out Kate is the shooter, Roman will just have to let the chips fall where they may."

Kate says Lucas hates her and Stefano is her enemy, "If they link me to the murder, Stefano will kill me. Please, Phillip, be the one man left that I can count on." Phillip says he will take care of it. She hugs him, thanks him and leaves." Phillip stuffs the gun in his pocket.

He walks out of the restaurant and bumps into Belle. She asks, "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you happy to see me?"

Sami walks up to Stefano and clears her throat. Stefano says, "You need to be by your husband's side... for the rest of your life."

Sami flashes back to her wedding.

Lucas looks at their wedding picture.

Stefano says he expects Sami's complete devotion. Sami expects him to end the violence. "It's not over," says Stefano, "Elvis is paralyzed. So our truce is as fragile as your infant children, Samantha."

Lucas plays with a teddy bear.

Sami goes into EJ's room. EJ zones.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Lucas hopes both Stefano and EJ die. Sami think if people hear him talking like that they will think he is involved. Lucas struts. He tells her the cops questioned him. He told them he was at the apartment the entire evening.

"Of course you did," says Sami, "Because it's the truth."

"It's OK," says Lucas, "You can ask me."

"I don't have to," says Sami, "because I know you love me." Hugs.

So when Lucas told Sami there was never any reason to lie, that no matter what she told him he'd still love her; that didn't apply to him?

I really hope that Lucas DID shoot EJ and when Sami finds out she freaks out and dumps him like he did all those times.

And Kate is admitting she was aiming at Sami. Well isn't that special? It's okay because she missed. And as we all know "attempted" murder is okay in Salem.

4:59 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Sami says, "If EJ dies..."

Lucas interrupts, "Then that's one less psycho in this world we've gotta worry about."

Sami says, "Yeah, one down, 572,093 to go."

Lucas asks, "Where did you dig up that number?"

Sami says, "That's the population of Salem."

Very funny, Prevuze!!

Lucas is strutting around all puffy chested and proud of himself. He probably thinks his mother finally came through for him and shot EJ. I guess it’s time for him to undisown Kate once again. Why did Kate give the gun to Phillip? She could have easily gotten rid of it herself. Instead, she has another son judging her and thinking she’s an idiot. What’s with Bo already wanting to call the shooting a cold case? Bo, we’re dealing with the November sweeps. This is not the time for too many suspects, too little time.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Lucas says, "We aren't victims any more. If Stefano comes after us I'll give him what his son got. I'll pour a can of paint over his head." Loved it!

What I couldn't understand was why Lucas kept getting that gun out of the locked box, fondling it. If Will was the shooter this was a way to get gun powder residue on Lucas so he'd look guilty. But, there was no logical reason for Lucas to.....oh, "logic". Never mind.

Bo says, "I want to search Lucas' place, but I can't without... uh... what do they call it... something like 'probably cause.'" LOLOLOL

And, from the "I Know They Are Totally Incompetent, But Still..." category - what was up with Roman at the church??? He didn't fire one of the shots, but after the three shots rang out he just booked?? He's the Deputy Police Commissioner (or something like that)! He was right on the scene! He couldn't take a couple of minutes to try and catch the real shooters on the spot??

Sorry for the rant. I just had a chance this weekend to catch up on the week's worth of shows. Luckily, because of Prevuze, I got through five hours in about 60 minutes. Love you, Prevuze!

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, so we're supposed to think that Kate fired at Sami. Knowing that Sami just had the twins, and one of them is her son's, (sounds soooo stupid, I know), and that her grandchild, (by the way, what's her name?) would be left without a mother for the rest of her life? - as would Will... Oh, ok that sounds logical!!!!! Huh?????
When the writers sit around the table and come up with storylines, ARE THEY HIGH? Who, in their right mind, could actually sit there and say "Good job, xxxx, that's a GREAT idea for a storyline, let's go with it!..."
Oh my goodness!!!!!
I get the whole 'who shot EJ' thing, and I think it could have really been done well, HOWEVER, I think we need some more 'pieces of the puzzle' to be thrown out there for us!!!! Steve? Kate? C'mon. I could see Roman and Lucas, but the other two???? Huh?????

And why would Bo confide EVERY detail of the case to Hope? I know she used to be a cop - but until there have been some evidence ANYONE could be a suspect... You NEVER lay all of your cards on the table - leave it to Bo to compromise the investigation!!!!!

And the comment about getting Shawn involved... excuse me, I didn't think Hope still received a paycheck from the SPD... And she wants Bo to throw that 'nit-wit' into the mix of this investigation... YIKES. Bo might as well mark it a cold case... It will NEVER get solved. Shawn's too busy running around town trying to convince Belle how much he loves her, (and she' too busy running around feeling guilty and trying to avoid Phillip-or is she?)!

Can you say, (or spell?) Nepotism?

Sorry for the rant... Great job, as usual, Prevuze!

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I have to laugh any time Prevuze says someone took out a megaphone or the loud speaker and announces something. Why would Phillip and Kate have this discussion out in public? Can anyone spell DUH??

Yeah, I bet the other cops, the new cops and even those in the academy would appreciate Jr. being brought in on anything over them. Maybe for that reason it was one of the Salem PD who did the shooting. The rampant nepotism and Brady favoritism finally sent someone over the edge. HAHAHAHHA

Great Prevuze, loved Pard examining Sami's dress and the rest of the pictures! :D

10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time, someone should shoot Stefano.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

I have decided I truly must be a psychic.

When I wrote my CSI-Salem blog I hadn't seen the chaos that has since ensued at St. Lukes.

It's a CRIME SCENE!! Yet true to DOOL fashion there are a zillion cops milling all over the place.
And when the one cop, comes up with ALL THREE shell casings in his HAND!
How will he tell which one was found where? And he obviously touched them so there goes any fingerprint evidence.

Oh snap, there I go being all logical again.
Shame on me.

11:26 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Silly and oh so DOOL.

11:40 AM  
Blogger Moon Dancing Nana said...

All righty then...Kate might have accidently shot EJ. Not one nitwitted Salem PD is doing the graphite hand test to see if someone, anyone, shot EJ. This whole EJAMI thing is driving me to fast forward most of the show. I read prevuze and then watch/FFF through. Hmmm. I still think Alice did it. She is older then God and wouldn't get the chair or life.

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think Alice did it. She is older then God and wouldn't get the chair or life.

I'm not THAT old.


2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm tired of the EJami storyline too. I'm sure Lucas, Kate, or Roman was the shooter. I'm sure it is a character that we haven't seen in a long time. Maybe is someone new though. Who knows? Hopefully the writers come up with something more interesting than this. I'm sure a man came up with this "marry me to end the vendetta" storyline. He's probably thinking about one of a woman that never loved him back. Sicko DOOL writers!

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I meant to say that I'm sure Kate, Roman, or Lucas was NOT the shooter. I have so many complaints about DOOL running through my head it's hard to concentrate.Sorry!

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this storyline! Lucas should be going down for the shooting, but there's no way the DOOL writers would make that dream come true.

7:43 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

Why, why, why do they keep shoving this freaking moron lucas down our throats? Can't they at least give him new lines instead of having him say the same things over and over and over.

LMAO at "lucas struts" - great visual of a little banty rooster so full of itself it can't see the light of day, much less how worthless it really is. Time to put the poor thing out of it's misery and put it on a chopping block.

Loved the prevuze and pics/caps! TY as always!

8:14 PM  
Blogger Moon Dancing Nana said...

Sorry God. I just had a brain freeze. The shooter will be the Sin'n Nun come back for nefarious reasons. No one needs to have a logical reason on DOOL.

1:36 PM  

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