Monday, November 05, 2007

Fuzzy Navels

We pan back from the environmental mission statement hanging on the wall of the Cheatin' Heart. Stephanie tends bar. Mr. Sleazeball walks up. "What'll you have," asks Stephanie.

"Virgin sex on the beach." That rules Stephanie out, but the salacious remark upsets her anyway.

Max steps in and saves the damsel in distress. Mr. Sleazeball leaves. "Anytime you need help," says Max.

Nick shows Chelsea a letter he got from the ambassador, "It came with his personal seal."

"You don't have room for a dog, let alone a seal," says Chelsea. The letter is an invitation for Nick to come to an embassy ball being thrown in his honor for helping Artemis and DeMarquette. He invites Chelsea. She kisses him.

Jett interrupts. Chelsea asks, Is something wrong?"

Jett says, "Yeah, you could say that. We've got a problem with Ford Decker."

Nick asks, "What kind of a problem."

Jett says, "He may wind up getting away with rape."

Sami wishes she could have seen the look on EJ's face when Lucas showed up at Steve and Kayla's with the court order. She's happy they have their beautiful children and just wants to enjoy the time with them. Lucas pouts and walks off.

Shawn and Belle scream at each other as Shawn heads for the door to track Phillip down. Belle stops him cold when she tells him she wrote the letter that trashed his career. Shawn asks why. Belle tells him she wrote it because she didn't like the idea of him being a cop, "Salem is dangerous enough without a numbskull like you on the police force."

Bo has a meltdown, "Belle slept with Phillip? Shawn has to know about this." Hope asks him what will happen once that news bomb hits Shawn. Bo swears they aren't keeping this a secret. He asks how Hope found out. She tells him about walking in on Belle. "This just gets better and better," says Bo, "This happened in the pub? Does she think she can get away with this?"

"Belle claims she wasn't thinking straight," says Hope.

"That proves it's a lie right there," says Bo, "Everyone knows Belle isn't capable of thought. Why didn't you tell him?"

Hope says she was trying to protect her son. Bo decides there is only one thing to do.

Hope begs, "Brady, the fight between Shawn and Phillip – Think about it. Shawn will throw more than punches this time."

Bo simmers down, "And ruin his chances at the academy. I can't believe Belle betrayed him." He picks up the phone.

Belle whines and cries as Shawn goes into a rage. Belle rationalizes. Shawn nukes. He wonders why she didn't come to him. She was afraid he would hate her, "And I was right – you do."

Jett tells Chelsea and Nick that Ford Decker's father is a top lawyer with major connections, "Cordy better be ready to defend herself." Chelsea asks about Morgan's corroboration. Jett says there is no proof a crime took place, "Anyone at the party could have drugged her drink. Cordy is the key."

Stephanie reads the Bartender's Guide and says she doesn't know how Max can remember how to make all those drinks. Max teases her and says he thinks they can make a good team. Stephanie tells him she might have a few tricks up her sleeve herself. She pulls the old trick of tying a cherry stem into a knot with her tongue and challenges Max to try it. Morgan walks in and Max decides he has better things to do with his tongue, "The bar's all yours, gorgeous." He walks off.

"Thanks... a lot," stammers Stephanie.

Sami asks Lucas not to talk about the DiMeras. She just wants to live in the moment. "That's all we have," says Lucas, "The moment."

"We've been over this," says Sami, as they go over it again. And again. And again.

Lucas says, "The thing is, I don't know how to let you go. I can't. I don't know how to do it."

"I suppose we can add that to the list of the other things you don't know how to do," says Sami, "Like keep a job."

Morgan says she didn't want to talk about her adventure with Ford because she was embarrassed. She thinks she was stupid to drive Ford home, "You warned me. So that's why I'm here right now. To give you a chance to say 'I told you so.'"

Jett tells them Billie is afraid for Cordy and the other girls on campus. Nick and Chelsea will make sure Cordy shows up at the hearing. Jett compliments Nick on the way he took care of Artemis and DeMarquette. Chelsea agrees with that. Jett leaves. Nick says he thinks it's starting to look like he has a shot with Chelsea. "You would if you shut up and kiss me," she says.

Shawn says he could never hate Belle. Belle wails. Shawn reconsiders. He hugs her as she flashes back to her little Philladillo.

Hope makes Bo hang up so they can argue more, "You don't think Belle will do it again do you?

"For all I know," yells Bo, "She could be cheating twice a day."

"You don't believe that, do you," asks Hope.

"I didn't believe she would cheat in the first place," says Bo. He shrugs his shoulders, "There goes that belief. I told Shawn not to go after Phillip. I was wrong. I gotta tell him. You want us to wait until he finds out? He will. Phillip will make sure he does. No Kiriakis will get away with this."

Hope asks, "Kiriakis? Who is this really about? Shawn or you?"

Shawn tells Belle he loves her. Belle is distant. Shawn asks if something is wrong, but Belle just says she feels bad. "You have to understand, I need to do this for myself," he says. Generous Belle decides they can move on if he wants. "Good," says Shawn, "In that case, I think it's time to make it official – Don't you?" Judging by the look of total shock on Belle's face, we'll take that as a 'no.'

Max tells Morgan he isn't an 'I told you so' type of guy. Morgan blames herself for not being smarter. She says she has learned her lesson. She didn't get hurt thanks to Max, "People are actually believing Ford, though. They are saying Cordy led him on and I can't believe what they're saying about me."

Max sighs, "Blame the victim."

"If Ford comes near Cordy," says Morgan, " he'll find out how strong our sisterhood really is." Stephanie has had enough. She calls Max back to work. Before he goes, however, Morgan kisses him on the cheek.

"What was that for," asks Max.

"Being a man," says Morgan, "A real man." Stephanie desperately searches for a barf bag.

Stephanie finishes up making a couple of drinks and hands them to her customers, "There you go – my first fuzzy navels."

Suddenly, Ford stomps up to the bar and booms, "Who do I have to kiss to get a beer?" The bar goes silent. Ford yells, "A room full of I Felta Guy's partying – I'm up for that. So... Give me a draft."

Stephanie freezes. Ford shouts, "Hello – can you hear me? What – Can't take your eyes off of me?" The crowd watches and murmurs.

Stephanie spews, "We don't serve pigs!"

One of her sorority sisters backs her up, "Attagirl. IFT forever!"

That gives Stephanie a little more courage, "Get back you your pen, Porky."

Porky picks up a glass from the bar and shatters it on the floor, "Not until you serve me like the wage-slave you are."

Macho Max steps in and grabs Ford by the lapels, "I'll serve you. In a bowl next to the pretzels."

Ford threatens, "If you touch me again..."

"What," taunts Max, "You'll call your daddy? Start dialing on the street. You can either walk through that door, or I will throw you through it. What's it gonna be?"

Sami and Lucas go over the same old junk. EJ interrupts the dreadful boredom. He says he's selected three destinations for the honeymoon and wants Sami to pick one.

Lucas steps in, "Guess what. Sami isn't going." Translation: Sami should start packing her bags. Lucas reminds EJ Sami is a new mother and has twins to take care of. EJ says he's arranged for a nanny service.

Sami wants him out. Lucas changes his tune, "Don't be too hasty. Maybe you can get a nice trip out of this and take the DiMeras for all they're worth."

EJ says one of the destinations he picked is Toscana, but of course they'll be spending so much time there after they're married, that might not be the best place to go. So he is also considering the Amalfi coast.

Lucas looks at the brochure, "That would be nice, but... you know... Sami is very fair skinned and I'm worried about the sun there." He rips up the brochure, "What else you got?"

Ford taunts Max, "Oooooooo... Blue collar barking! Too bad I don't take orders from grease-monkey grunts with a bar rag."

Nick steps in and breaks them up. Max goes for Ford. Things get serious. Time for the big guns. Jet pulls them apart. "That's OK," says Ford, "I'm leaving. Big day tomorrow – I can't be late for the disciplinary board. But don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. Especially not to jail." Ford struts out.

Bo says, "I'm not sitting back and letting Victor's son make a fool of Shawn. Shawn can do that himself." Hope has realized it will destroy Shawn if he finds out the ugly truth. Bo says it won't be easy to keep his mouth shut, "And I won't be able to look at Belle the same way ever again."

Belle wonders if this is the right time to get married. Shawn says he will find work soon. Belle adds that she could get a part-time job herself, "Maybe something nursing related – like construction." It's just that she isn't sure the time is right.

Shawn decides not to push her, "OK. It's no big deal."

Wrong choice of words, Shawnnie-boy. She selects one of her meaner personalities to manifest itself and cut him off at the knees, "NO BIG DEAL?" Shawn backpedals like Muhammad Ali's sparring partner, "That's not how I meant it. I think we should get married sometime around Thanksgiving. We don't have any money, but we can honeymoon in Salem, in the back seat of the car of your choice."

Belle perks up, "Phillip's car?"

"Marry me," says Shawn, "For real." The blood drains from Belle's face. She flashes back to Hope telling her she has to cut Phillip out of her life.

EJ says, "Of course, we could honeymoon in the most romantic city of all."

"What's that," grunts Lucas, "Beirut?"

EJ hands Lucas a brochure for Paris. Lucas rips it up. Sami thanks EJ for stopping by. EJ gets nasty, "I thought we could do this pleasantly, but apparently not. Bring me my son, Samantha. Now!"

Max asks if Stephanie is all right. She sighs, "When I saw Ford I went blank." Max thinks she handled things well. He was proud of her. He suggests she take the night off. She thanks him, hugs.

Chelsea suggests Morgan sit down and relax while she tries to get the party restarted. She stands up on a chair and suggests everyone celebrate. She tells them they have little presents for everyone to thank them for their hard work. They contain environmentally friendly products, "But you can't take one unless you are having a good time. We got all the houses to sign the pledge. They agreed to bring energy consumption down by 10% next semester, and we're all going to start by turning off DOOL and reading Prevuze instead." Applause.

Belle thinks it's too soon to tie the knot, "Besides, your parents won't want you to marry me when they find out I wrote the letter."

"It's not up to them," says Shawn, "This is our ever-after." Notice how he strategically left out the word "happily." "It's You , me and Claire for all the Days Of Our Lives. And, of course that little bun in the oven of Phillip's you are now carrying, too."

EJ snorts, "I'm not going to ask again." Sami says the twins are asleep. EJ had his lawyers prepare something – a court order.

Lucas looks at it and growls, "The baby isn't going anywhere with you."

"You are not taking my baby," says Sami. She begs him to have some common sense, "You got what you wanted."

"You did too," says EJ, "This vendetta is over."

Sami says they can't rush things, "The twins don't want to be in a strange apartment."

"The twins are infants," says EJ, "They don't care which apartment they are in. Everything you see here is gone. There is no looking back."

Bo comes steps out of the shower and comes into the bedroom with his glistening wet body. Hope thinks he still is irresistible. Fortunately, she has an eye exam scheduled for tomorrow. Bo can't decide who is more beautiful, Ciara or Hope. Fortunately, he has an eye exam scheduled for tomorrow. The phone rings. Shawn wants Bo and Hope to come over to the pub right away. He has the kind of news he doesn't want to tell over the phone.

Shawn answers the door. Bo and Hope come in. Shawn drops the bomb, "Guess who's getting married Thanksgiving day. We wanted to see the look on both your faces when we told you." The faces don't look so good.

"Mom? Dad?"

Sami says she wants time to adjust. EJ insists, "You know how difficult scheduling a wedding can be. Someone cancelled and I got the church for us."

"When," asks Sami.

"We will be man and wife tomorrow night," says EJ.

Stephanie and the girls dance around as Morgan and Max contemplate the possibility of tying some cherry stems. Stephanie sees Ford peeking inside and flashes back to her night of horror.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website.


Blogger Deb said...

Well let's see, we've spent the last 3 months listening to Lumi argue about DVM (divorce, vendetta, marriage) and now we get to listen to Shelle argue for the next, what 6 months? About PPM (Phillip, Police Academy, Marriage).


And of course we all know what's going to happen, Belle is pregnant, Phillip is the daddy and she has to choose.


Then we have the I-Felta-Guy crowd.
Crystal ball says:
Stephanie will get around to telling everyone about Ford, but
Max will accuse her of saying it to get attention and won't believe her.


Well it's a good thing somthing like .... a writer's strike won't happen! I mean what would we do without all this drama, and passion and

4:56 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

They agreed to bring energy consumption down by 10% next semester, and we're all going to start by turning off DOOL and reading Prevuze instead."

Not to worry Prevuze. We’re already doing that.

Finally, something new in this episode…Sami and Lucas arguing. How old are the twins in Daze days? Are they less than a week old? Instead of Steve and Kayla, they are to be handed off to a nanny. With so much separation from their parents, the quality of parenting these twins are getting should be a concern to the viewers. However, we’re not worrying because we know Sami and EJ won’t be going on a honeymoon anytime soon. I just wonder how quickly the twins will disappear into the Kate Zone.

6:18 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

I've been unable to watch the actual episodes lately, and I think I missed something. Is Ford the guy Stephanie was making out with at the party? And did she sleep with him?

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

cfish -
That's what they are making us believe, that Ford drugged and attacked Stephanie. Altho her flashbacks are all the viewers know about it at the moment.

Wouldn't anyone in Bo's position tell that stupid Shawn if you want to tell me something get your butt over here, I'm not dragging down to the pub just to hear what you want to tell us?

I totally agree with Deb, it's such a snoozefest with Lumi going over the same old argument. Didn't I hear this morning the writers are going on strike after all? Hey - maybe DOOL will actually improve if they get scab writers in there! HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze to wake us up on a Monday. I LOL over Ho and Dope needing eye exams. :D

7:27 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

It wasn't clear in Prevuze, but could you tell if the "embassy ball" was going to be in Salem? Who knew Salem had embassies. If true, Deb will need to update her Salem map. HAHAHAHA

Once again we are led to believe that a girl who survived the male-dominated racing circuit and a season as a stewardess flying semi-drunken gamblers to Vegas needs to be rescued from a bad pick-up line in a bar? Puh-leeze!

Loved the pictures and Prevuisms as usual. The episode's title of "fuzzy navel" brought up conflicting visions of someone picking lint out of their mid-section and of a type of drink. However, I believe a better title would have been Ford's great line about grease monkey grunts with a bar rag. Now THAT'S a memorable description! LOLOLOL

7:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does EJ remind anyone else of the Phantom? Same kind of character, the bad one you can't help but find attractive. When he tells Sami there's no turning back (or however he puts it) I just had Past the Point of No Return fill my mind.
Hope it ends better for EJ than Eric.

7:58 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

I believe a better title would have been Ford's great line about grease monkey grunts with a bar rag. Now THAT'S a memorable description! LOLOLOL

There were so many title possibilities in this episode it was hard to choose. Another was "the back seat of the car of your choice." And, of course, it was hard to rule out, "Virgin sex on the beach." So why did I go with "Fuzzy Navels?" First, it was really short and that's always good. Also, I like to have titles that keep you guessing.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so tired of all the drinking and partying, aren't they all freshman??? When I went to college I didn't get to drink until I was almost a senior, 21. The drinking age must be 18 in Salem??

Boring, Boring, Boring,

Thanks to Prevuze for making it enjoyable to read.

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Lawbreaking Lush said...

When I went to college I didn't get to drink until I was almost a senior, 21.

When I went to college I wasn't SUPPOSED to drink until I was almost a senior, 21.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Of course another rapist goes free in Salem. Nobody does time in Salem except for perhaps petty thieves.

Please, please Bo and Hope tell Shawn about Belle and Phillip so they can close this ridiculous triangle story and move on to something else. Match up Belle and Phillip and have them try to get Tyler or something. Get Shawn in the police academy and get him involved with something, anything.

I'm just bored with the inertia on this show. Where is the great love story? Where is the adventure? How about bringing the company rivalies back?

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

I agree with Brendamouse, I always thought they missed several opportunities for Basic Black, Titan and whatever Stefano is into to get into some realistic corporate stuff. But then, how could they when nobody is ever at the office? HAHAHAHA

And again, where is Victor? He would be pushing Phil just as hard as Stefano is EJ and yet he's nowhere to be found. Such a waste of a really good actor.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous LB said...

I think John Aniston (Victor)has been having some health problems off & on the past few years and that's why he's been scaled back some.

I'm not even going to comment about the current SL as my thoughts on the show are now repeating themselves just as much as Lumi.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous chaya said...

I've got an idea. The writers are on strike. Why don't we all start a petition to have Prevuze become the head writer on the show!

Personally the line about not having room for a dog, let alone a seal should have been a real part of the show. Then maybe some of us would start watching again ...

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Does EJ remind anyone else of the Phantom? Same kind of character, the bad one you can't help but find attractive.

Anonymous: Over the weekend, I was channel surfing and landed on “Gone with the Wind”. Atlanta was burning, and Scarlett was telling Rhett she wanted to return to Tara w/Prissy, Melanie, and Melanie’s new born baby. Scarlett was being her usual self-centered self, and Rhett was telling her they belonged together because they are both scoundrels. I believe something like that has come out of EJ’s mouth on more than one occasion describing his attraction to Sami. Of course, “Gone with the Wind” is a beautifully filmed, well acted, and well written soap opera. Soap opera is the only connection to DOOL. Then again, if you want to go gothic and “Jane” (in this case Eyre) and really want to stretch it, you’ve got Santo and Mr. Rochester wanting to marry the virginal young woman while still married to another. Now, I’m comparing a classic to DOOL. I think I’ve truly become delusional.

10:46 AM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

It wasn't clear in Prevuze, but could you tell if the "embassy ball" was going to be in Salem? Who knew Salem had embassies. If true, Deb will need to update her Salem map. HAHAHAHA

It wasn't clear in DOOL either. Maybe they'll fly Nick out to A&D's father's country and we'll actually get to find out what country he is Poo-Bah of.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

An embassy ball, I'd love to see some action there. A jewel theft maybe or the kids getting kidnapped again or something interesting.
DOOL really needs to get a juicy SL going and soon.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love Prevuze! Thanks for keeping up with this drool day in and day out.

I, too, am confused with the Stephanie and Ford thing. When did this happen? Was this when she was going to move back in with Kayla and "Papa"?

I miss DOOl of the 90's!

1:33 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

I was wondering if Martha (Belle) is pregnant IRL.

The Steph attack must have happened offscreen. It's very confusing.

If I didn't know better, I'd think Hope is genetically related to Maggie. She sure can't keep a secret.

Marcus (Jett) is leaving. Good.

Bo needs to remember he is a Kiriakis.

Shawn is just so stupid. It's ridiculous. I have never liked the actor. Belle would obviously rather be with Phil than an Neanderthal like Shawn.

11:13 AM  

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