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Prevuze fully supports the efforts of the brothers and sisters of the Writers' Guild in their fight against oppression. We openly condemn the efforts to restrict writers' God-given rights to pump sewage, filth and muck into viewer's minds while sipping Perrier in their Hollywood cabanas. How dare viewers demand quality, consistency and intelligence in programming! Television is the opiate of the people!

OK. The Prevuze part of the strike is over. Now, let's have some fun.

Kate pays Phillip a visit. Phillip, it seems, has finally returned to his office. It must be "Bring Your SELF To Work Day" in Salem. "Work," he says, "Really piled up while I was gone. It's amazing how much you miss in a year."

Kate asks if he regrets giving Tyler up. Phillip thinks it's the right thing to do. And Belle has told him to stop coming around. Kate says he had to know that would happen. "They are staying together out of guilt," says Phillip, "The man she loves is me."

Shawn waits for a reaction from Bo and Hope. Crickets chirp in the background. Finally, we learn Bo and Hope just can't contain their enthusiasm. Bo hugs Belle without touching her. He invites Shawn downstairs for a father-son drink, leaving Belle and Hope to share their discomfort. Belle tells Hope this was all Shawn's idea, "If I had said no, he would have asked why."

"That's what lies do," says Hope, "They grow."

Sami wants more time. EJ turns up the heat. Lucas plays the part of the gadfly. "In 36 hours we will be husband and wife," says EJ.

Shawn wants to know what's up, "If this is a facts-of-life speech, you're way late." Bo wonders if this is the best time to get married. Shawn wonders how this would not be best for everybody, "This might not be the best time, but if we don't do it now, we may never do it." Bo stammers. He just wants to know this is what Shawn really wants.

"Belle is as committed to me as I am to her. If Willow were alive, she'd back me up on that," says Shawn. Bo says he wants Shawn to see the big picture. He points to the wall where we see a big picture of Belle and Phillip romping. Shawn asks, "Why don't you just come out and tell me what is on your mind?"

Belle vows it will never happen again. "I won't lecture you," lectures Hope, "But if you are marrying him out of guilt..."

Belle interrupts, "That's not it. I'll make him happier than anyone else ever could."

Hope says, "In spite of the fact that tells me he will have a dreadful life, that's exactly why we've decided not to tell him."

Belle gasps, "Bo Knows?" This would be an excellent place to put in a Bo Jackson reference except for one small problem... nobody remembers who the heck that flash in the pan was.

"Keeping secrets destroys marriages," says Hope, "I said I wouldn't tell Shawn. Bo knows people make mistakes because he's been married to me for a long time. What counts is what you do afterward."

Kate wants to know what's going on. She wonders how Phillip can be sure he's the man Belle loves. "Nothing happened," he claims, "At least not yet. We had sex, but sex with Belle doesn't amount to much."

Kate says it had better stay that way. She thinks Phillip needs to be reminded Belle is with Shawn. "When we are together," says Phillip, "it adds up to something special – three faces, three legs and the combined IQ of a sand flea. The only reason she wants Shawn is he is Claire's biological father."

Kate tells him to back off, "If you love her as much as you say you do, then you have to let her go."

"You mean like you did when they were together before," asks Phillip, "Or like you let go of Lucas to let him be with Sami." A shrill whistle blows. A yellow flag flies. A referee runs out and gives Phillip a double "unsportsmanlike conduct" penalty.

Lucas gives EJ the third degree. He wonders if EJ will be making the decisions for Sami in the marriage, just like his unilateral decision to get married tomorrow. EJ reminds Lucas he's marrying Sami on her terms and doesn't see how that makes him a bad guy. Sami insists this isn't enough time. EJ says they don't have time, "Father has taken a turn for the worse. It has to be tomorrow. We don't have a choice."

Kate insists the thing with Sami and Lucas is different, "Sami destroyed Austin's life."

Phillip drones, "She loves him mom."

"Yes," says Kate, "She probably does love EJ."

"You know I meant Lucas," says Phillip, "So it's OK for you to interfere in Sami and Lucas' life, but not OK for me to interfere with Shawn and Belle."

"You're becoming an important executive and a powerful man," says Kate, "You shouldn't be caught in the arms of another man's wife."

Phillip disagrees, "Belle isn't Shawn's wife and I intend to make sure she never will be."

"I'm sure Shawn will always be grateful if you can pull that off," says Kate.

Belle is sure she wants to be Shawn's wife, "I've known that since I had a high school crush on him. Last week. Phillip has to accept it. I will never betray Shawn again." Hope wants her word. Belle promises.

"I'll never forget this," says Belle, "Even though remembering anything is a challenge for me. What about Bo? Do you think he will keep my secret?"

"He'll do whatever is best for his son," says Hope.

Bo beats around the bush, "I'm not beating around the bush. This just isn't the time to get married." Shawn asks if this has something to do with Belle. Bo chokes on his beer, "It has something to do with both of you. You've both been married before and it didn't work out."

"That's because we are meant to be with each other," says Shawn, "What are you not telling me?"

Lucas tells Sami she doesn't have to do this. EJ says Stefano will be unhappy if they postpone the wedding. Sami says, "Lucas, my stepfather is still dead. As far as I know, that is. The Brady's have been terrorized for decades, but the vendetta will end tomorrow night for good."

Lucas steams. He decides to leave them so they can plan the wedding, and stomps out.

"I'm sorry," says EJ.

Sami strikes like a rattlesnake, "You're not sorry about anything."

"This is a new beginning," says EJ, "for us and our family. Speaking of which, get me my son, Samantha, now!"

Lucas is with Stefano. Stefano tells him this wedding ends the feud, so Lucas' sacrifice isn't in vain. Lucas says he doesn't believe anything Stefano says, "And I can't believe how you sacrificed my mother."

"What's that supposed to mean," asks Stefano.

"You sent your goons to kill her."

Stefano denies it all, "If I wanted somebody dead, they would be."

Lucas asks, "But for how long?"

Stefano asks where the alleged attack happened. Lucas tells him to go to hell and storms out. "At least you didn't sucker-punch me," says Stefano, Someone should teach you some manners, you little pipsqueak."

Kate and Phillip argue. Kate finally tells him about Sami and Lucas' divorce, "And now she will marry EJ."

Phillip says, "You finally got what you were after. You earned the victory and made me realize there is hope for me yet."

Shawn presses. Bo swills his beer, "I think Belle will make a great wife... not to mention a great fence post."

Shawn toasts, "To my future bride to be. The next in a long line of great Brady women."

Hope and Belle keep it up. Belle worries Bo will tattle. Hope tells her there is not guarantee he won't. The guys come back. Belle tries to be cheerful and asks what took so long.

"You'll get sick if you drink three pitchers of beer too quick," says Shawn, "Besides, it took Dad a while to say what he had to say. And it took me longer to understand it. But, in the end, he gave us his blessing." Hope perks up and smooches Bo. We share hugs all around as Hope and Bo have a staredown.

Sami brings little Johnny D out to EJ. EJ beams. Sami would rather he didn't hold him. EJ grovels. Sami has him sit down and hands the kid over, "This is it, EJ. From this moment on nothing will ever be the same. His needs have to come first, before yours and mine and Stefano's." EJ agrees. Johnny D coos.

"What he needs right now," says Sami, "is to be with his sister."

"OK," says EJ, "He can stay tonight, but tomorrow the three of us start our lives together. We will live happily for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Lucas is really making the rounds today. He busts into Phillip's office. He tells Kate Stefano said he had nothing to do with the attack on Kate, "And I believe him because neither of us is a Brady."

"John wasn't a Brady," says Kate.

"He was an honorary Brady," says Lucas, "This has your and EJ's name written all over it."

Kate asks, "What do you think, I did it myself, and cut my own forehead?"

"You made it up so I would go ahead with the divorce," says Lucas.

"That hurts me," says Kate. Lucas takes out his cell phone and calls EJ. EJ answers. "Awright, EJ," booms Lucas, "my mother has just admitted you faked the attack on her."

EJ snorts, "It was her idea."

"That's all I needed to know," says Lucas. He hangs up.

Kate realizes she has just been hornswaggled, "If you're gonna take his word..."

Lucas goes off the scale, "You did it again! You betrayed me!"

Lucas rants. Kate backpedals. She claims she was scared. None of them are safe until Sami marries EJ. She wants the vendetta to end. Lucas thinks the vendetta was a godsend to her. It allowed her to break up his marriage.


EJ can see little Johnny D is special. Sami wants to know why Lucas called, "I heard you say, 'It was her idea.' Who were you talking about?"

"You'll have to ask Lucas," says EJ, "It's a shame he doesn't understand what we are doing."

"You mean what we are forced to do."

EJ assures her they will be happy together. He thinks what she finds out may surprise her. He says he will see her tomorrow night and leaves. Sami sighs, "God, this isn't what I wanted."

"Try watching it," says God, "It's so boring it's making me regret ever saying, 'Let there be light.'"

Colleen pays Sami a visit, "Don' be tellin' lies to y'rself, Samantha. Yer gettin' what ya wanted, as we both know."

Bo and Hope come downstairs and sit at a booth in the pub. "I know Belle knows I know and I know she knows I know she knows I know," says Bo.

"I know you both know," says Hope, "I'm not sure why Shawn is doing this, but I laid down the law to Belle. She says she won't do it again."

"Do you believe her," asks Bo.

I think she believes it. And I think she thinks I think she thinks she believes it." They both hope they are doing the right thing. I think they think they are doing the right thing and I know they know I think they think they are doing the right thing...

Shawn and Belle hug. Belle pries about the conversation he had with Bo. Shawn tells her and says, "On Thanksgiving I'll be giving thanks for the best thing that ever happened to me. If the Lions win."

Sami claims all she feels for EJ is disgust. Colleen says if that's the case, there is nothing that would make her marry him, "A stone isn't a potato na matter how ya cook it."

"A potato is a stone if I cook it," says Sami, "Are you lecturing me? You're the reason for the vendetta."

"And it's fitting you should end it the right way."

"What was so special about Santo," says Sami.

"The same things ya see in his grandson," says Colleen, "Danger. Desire like nothin' ya have e'er known. Freedom ta be the woman I was – not what athers wanted me ta be."

"That's not how it is for me," says Sami.

"I think t'is," says Colleen, "We are alike. Look in the meerror and inside yerself to see the man you desire the most."

EJ tells Stefano the wedding is set to go. They talk about his grandson. EJ says he's perfect. He tells Stefano he left him for one more night with Sami. Stefano is not certain that is best. EJ doesn't want to take him to Italy, "I can't do that to Samantha."

"What bout my grandson," asks Stefano, "All he can learn from the Bradys is buffoonery and weakness."

"Lucas isn't a Brady," says EJ.

Phillip reaches for the phone and hesitates.

Belle and Shawn smooch. "You smell like beer," says Belle, "That certainly is an improvement."

Shawn chuckles, "And you hate beer."

"I think I've just learned to love it," says Belle. Shawn wants this to be perfect. He runs into the bathroom and brushes his teeth while Belle sits and contemplates her sin. Her cell phone interrupts the fantasy. She sees it's Phillip and snaps, "What do you want?"

"I need to see you to talk," says Phillip, "Someplace public. I can't stop thanking about you." Belle tells him about the Thanksgiving wedding plans. Shawn comes out and Belle claims it was a wrong number. Shawn says that's good because he doesn't want any distractions. Belle is distracted.

Phillip stares out the window and seethes.

Lucas rushes up to Bo and Hope, and tells them about the wedding. He wants to stop Sami. Bo and Hope wonder how they can pull that off. "Just tell me you will be there," says Lucas, "I need all the Bradys there for an intervention."

Sami protests. She claims she doesn't feel anything for EJ. Colleen says she will know the truth soon enough. Sami has a meltdown, "SHUT UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" Colleen dematerializes. Sami huffs.

EJ insists he and Sami will raise the child together, but the boy will be a DiMera through and through. Stefano can't wait to get back to Toscana, "Santo would be proud of you. I'm proud of you. You have given your grandfather's soul the rest he deserves. Your work is not done. The future of this family is in your hands and Little Johnny D's hands, too. Don't forget that – no matter what."


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Try watching it," says God, "It's so boring it's making me regret ever saying, 'Let there be light.'"

HAHAHAHA!!! Does Prevuze replace keyboards and monitors due to the coffee damage that just happened when I read that? :-)

4:36 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Let me see if I am reading this right, EJ intends Sami to separate her twins and leave the girl with Lucas?
And Sami either isn't figuring this out or if she has, she is going along with it??? I REALLY can't see that.

She's a twin herself. There is no way she would consider raising hers apart.

I loved the ghostly visit from Colleen. Sounds like they are taking it the direction I thought they would and putting Sami and EJ together.

Anyone (or everyone) else thinking they are going to set the Shelle wedding up to be a big disaster along the lines of a Sami Brady wedding? Belle will be walking down the aisle, with Marlena (in tribute to John she'll be carrying a picture of him).
Shawn will be standing up at the alter, grinning like a moron.

Belle will start crying, which everyone will mistakenly think is out of happiness. But it will be because she'll be flashing back on her Phelle romp.

Belle will get up to the alter, the wedding will start, Phillip will burst in, proclaim his love for Belle, yell she's in love with him and pregnant with his child.

Shawn will look confused, Belle will pull out her handy dandy Sami Brady Guide To Wedding Day Disasters or How To Blubber In Your Bridal Gown, opens it to Chapter 3: Deny Deny Deny, whip up some fresh tears and repeat the now famous line, "I am so so sorry! I never wanted this to happen! You have to believe me.

See DOOL doesn't need writers! Recycling scripts is easy and will help save the planet!

4:42 AM  
Anonymous Kristi said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Bo knows! I remember Bo Jackson. Had the shirt!!! Although I would have never thought of it - haven't in years. That's why you're Prevuze and I'm not!

Why was all the time devoted to finding Tyler, the child Phillip signed away his rights to, and now the story is pretty much dropped? Any ideas out there? And I will quit watching, well, reading, if Belle ends up pregnant with Phillip's child when he has male issues which explains how they could not get pregnant the "natural" way before. I will puke! I don't care if Belle ends up with Phillip, but I don't want a miracle baby and another baby story line. Disgusting.

Okay, so is EJ saying he is NOT going to raise little no-name? He assured Sami and Lucas both that he would raise them both as his own, even if neither were his at all. What's up with "the three of us" beginning a new life? And what's with Sami not giving him grief over it. Talking about "his" needs. What about no-name's needs?

5:15 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

I don't get it about the twins being separated either.

From Prevuze:

EJ says he's perfect. He tells Stefano he left him for one more night with Sami. Stefano is not certain that is best. EJ doesn't want to take him to Italy, "I can't do that to Samantha

Is EJ going to take Johnny away from Samantha and leave her with Junebug? But then he goes on to say this:

From Prevuze:

EJ insists he and Sami will raise the child together, but the boy will be a DiMera through and through.


Deb, that was a typical wedding disaster script( Shawn and Belle) for DOOL. I can't wait to see the Samantha and EJ debacle.

And I can't believe Phillip gave Tyler up after all the ballyhoo about Claire. Hmm,maybe he didn't give him up and he is being kept in a secret nursery in the Kiriakis mansion and he will raise him in the Raising Cane tradition to wreak havoc on Belle and Shawn or maybe Tyler will stay with his adoptive parents until he's SORAS'd into a young adult next summer and comes after Phillip for abandoning him.

Lucas dupes the heir apparent of the Dimera Empire with the oldest trick in the book? Thought EJ was smarter then that. Maybe he needs to read Sami's book and learn to deny, deny, deny.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out to the Lions!


6:07 AM  
Anonymous Leslie said...

Belle gasps, "Bo Knows?" This would be an excellent place to put in a Bo Jackson reference except for one small problem... nobody remembers who the heck that flash in the pan was.

Nike commercial, bionic hip, played for the hated White Sucks, can’t remember the football team. Do I get a prize?

"When we are together," says Phillip, "it adds up to something special – three faces, three legs and the combined IQ of a sand flea.

Oh, Prevuze, I’m so glad you have not joined the writer’s strike! My, my, Colleen was quite the randy novice after all, and, as usual, Sami is in denial. Great stuff, great Prevuze!!!

6:11 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

Yeah, I'm still stunned over the Tyler storyline's abrupt end. After MONTHS of chasing Loren and the baby Phil gives the baby up after one day of thinking about it??? I saw the scene where he told Belle that MAYBE it would be best to give up Tyler, but never saw him actually make that decision. Did I miss an episode?

LOL at the SyBelle picture. I'm not sure, though, that Belle actually has 16 personalities. I've only seen two for the past three years - Whiney Cry-Baby interspersed with Spineless Indecisive Waffler.

Also loved the "Save the Earth" t-shirt and the ratings chart.

I think that you think that we think we know that you think like I.....uh, think Prevuze is the GREATEST!

6:39 AM  
Anonymous daysfanalways said...

"Lucas dupes the heir apparent of the Dimera Empire with the oldest trick in the book? Thought EJ was smarter then that. Maybe he needs to read Sami's book and learn to deny, deny, deny."

personally i think he did it on purpose. he wanted kate to get caught. it didn't matter to him because the divorce is finale and he gets the last laugh by having kate take the blame!!! of course i think the last laugh will be on him, i'm thinking the divorce is not legal. something to do with the whole name change. it seems so obvious!!!

6:40 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I totally had to spit the water I was about to swallow back into my cup when I got to "she knows I know" and "I think she thinks..." HAHAHAHAHA

They must've dropped the Tyler storyline so Phil can start obsessing about the upcoming Phelle kid.

Loved the news bulletin that Lucas disowned Kate (you're kidding!!) and the writer's chart. A great Prevuze today.

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Prevuze knows what we all have known but really doesn't know if we know for sure!!!!Huh? that was GREAT!

It makes me sick to think that one of the twins could possibly be raised by 'Pucas'.... OMG, who would even think such things? EJ should be beaming in having BOTH of the twins with him... He's soooo controling.
And the fact that Sami would even think this is 'somewhat' acceptable behavior? Oh Please!!!!!! Maybe with the writer's strike - we could have better scripts and storylines with 'scabs'.... 'cuz the regular writers are terrible!

Funny, funny stuff with Bo and Hope and Shawn..... A wedding....
It kills me that this couple - who claim to be sooo broke they are living in a 2 room apartment above the Pub - can even afford a wedding. Shawn is such a 'leach'!

And finally.... I have to ask (again and again) -
Where's Claire?????????

Keep up the GREAT work Prevuze... We Love You!

7:29 AM  
Blogger Linda25314 said...

Belle and Phillip couldn't get pregnant when they were married, so, IF Belle is pregnant from her little romp in the hay with Phillip we are to believe that he now has swimmers? Can anyone remember the last couple that actually had their own baby without any question of paternity? Sami? No. Hope? No. Belle? No. Marlena? No. Lexie? No.

8:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since they are without funds, will Belle save money by wearing Caroline's gown for the wedding? Would this be too confusing for Shawn?

8:15 AM  
Blogger Linda25314 said...

Why is Belle so broke? Didn't her dad leave her any money? John Black was wealthy and we are expected to believe that his daughter doesn't have a penny to her name?

8:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last baby with on question of paternity? Wasn't that Jennifer's son?

If Philip's problem is a low-swimmer count rather than a no-swimmer count, then abstinence could help the problem...and it's been a while for ol' Phil, hasn't it?

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant no, not on.

8:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Belle could just borrow one of the 20 or so gowns that Sami has hanging in her closet....

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Phillip said...

If Philip's problem is a low-swimmer count rather than a no-swimmer count, then abstinence could help the problem...and it's been a while for ol' Phil, hasn't it?

An eternity.


9:16 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

Hey, Daysfanalways, good catch on the "name-change-legal-divorce-question" twist. I also wonder about having to go to Santo Domingo to get the divorce -- if both parties are willing to sign, there isn't any reason the divorce couldn't have been granted right here in the good ol' US of A ...

9:42 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

HA! I just watched PREVUZE II. Is Sami wearing black at her wedding to EJ? Boy, she's really working hard at trying to convince herself that she really hates having to marry EJ, huh?

9:45 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Just watched Prevuze II, since Kate is shown waving a gun around, we can assume that somebody else does the shooting right? Will everybody be packing for this wedding? Sami in black. Yeah, she's hot for EJ, always has been.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spoiler - Lucas files for custody of Junebug. WTF! this whole SL is a joke. I still don't get why Lucas doesn't just live with them as a "manny" (male nanny). The big V ends when they get married but no one says that they can't have live in lovers and had to be faithful.

I think Chloe spills the beans to Shawn about Whore, I mean Belle and Phillip, before the wedding/on the wedding day. Just a guess - maybe because I don't want to see this SL go on much longer.


10:31 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Kate insists the thing with Sami and Lucas is different, "Sami destroyed Austin's life."

Do you mean Lucas?

I think Belle should just tell Shawn what happened.

So Hope said she wouldn't tell Shawn, but she didn't say that she wouldn't tell someone else who would tell Shawn. That sneaky Hope!

Deb, I guess after tomorrow night EJ and Sami will be married. Therefore, Sami, EJ, and the twins will be living together. Whereas tonight, before their marriage, EJ had wanted to take Johnny home with him. (Please drop the D when referring to the kid. It sounds really stupid. Just as Shawn.)

Didn't Mimi wear Caroline's ugly gown? Belle can wear one of Sami's.

To make Days better they need to recast Shawn and have him have a major attitude and brain change or write Shawn off completely.

If Lucas knows that the attack on Kate was staged, why would Sami still go through with the wedding to EJ?

11:28 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Ooops, that should be Just ask Shawn.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't Belle used to design clothes? Most people I know that aspired to design knew how to sew. But this girl doesn't seem too bright. Besides someone made a good point when they said she should have inherited a LOT when Daddy died.


12:11 PM  
Anonymous moposh said...

The storyline with Belle having no money is so stupid. I'm sure she would have had a trust fund. Regardless, John and Marlena would have GIVEN her money. John had plenty. So it doesn't surprise me that with John's death, Belle is still penniless. She would have had money all along. And didn't Phil give her some money when they got divorced? Maybe $100,000? Invested well, she could have made some.

Yes, Belle worked for Kate at Basic Black designing clothes. Why isn't she getting back into that instead of going to nursing school. She has never mentioned being interested in being a nurse. Just like Shawn never expressed interest in being a cop until he realized he didn't have any employable skills. That's why these storylines are so stupid and why fans don't care.

12:33 PM  
Anonymous LB said...

To cfish-
Not that actual laws or anything to do with reality usually affects DOOL, but in most states in order to get a divorce you must first file for a divorce and go for a legal separation. Each state differs on the length of separation, however, most of them have much longer periods when the couple has minor children. So fir instance, if it's just the husband and wife, it might be 6 wks to 6 mns of separation then the divorce. But with kids, it could be a year of legal separation first (Virginia, I think, for one). So in SD, I guess they could get a quickie divorce regardless of the fact that they just had kids. But that is such a minor point in comparison to the rest of it (Sami leaving her kids after day 1 to fly out of the country, EJ wanting both then just the boy, etc.)

I am so glad someone finally pointed out about Belle being a trust fund baby and having plenty of money from her parents and the settlement from Phillip. That's been bugging me for a while. And for that matter, back when Bonnie was trying to get Mimi hooked up with Shawn, wasn't it because of his big ol' Horton trust fund or something. Not to mention, I'm sure Victor would have set something up for his grandson--at least before their falling out. Bonnie wanted Mimi with Shawn bc he had money. I guess replacing church windows and walls of mansions can get expensive.

And Days could have had a decent SL with John's will and began to bring things back to some of the businesses. Who is running Basic Black?

1:33 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

Who is running Basic Black?

John's partner Joe Basic.

1:48 PM  
Blogger cfish said...

BTW, loved Stefano calling Lucas a "Pipsqueak". That was almost good enough for PREVUZE to have written!!

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where does the d in johnny d come from? isnt his name john roman roberts...or is it horton now? who signed his birth certificate? when are they gonna name the girl?

2:18 PM  
Blogger Prevuze said...

where does the d in johnny d come from?


2:39 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

LB you must remember, Salem is in Illinois.
And here in the Land of Lincoln, (where I happen to live) we have "no fault" divorces.
If both parties are willing you can get a divorce 1-2-3 no waiting no separation just sign and bye-bye.

So Sami and Lucas didn't have to fly off to Santo Domingo to get a "quickie" divorce.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous sue said...

lucas a gadfly - and Stefano calling him a pipsqueak ROTFLMAO!!

Sure wish EJ and Sami would take both twins and give that poor little girl a name already. Love the Colleen stuff.

Thanks for the laughs :)

12:15 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Actually, Salem is in the U.S.A. in the State of ?. Whenever we see an envelope being mailed to Salem, the address is Salem, U.S.A. with no state listed.

Yes, the show makes reference to being near Chicago and rooting for the Cubs but I think Salem must be a state, province, entity all unto itself.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous moposh said...

Also, didn't John sell Basic Black? I thought I heard something on the show about that. Or maybe I was imagining it. Kate left to form her own company with EJ. And wasn't Basic Black really just a cover for John's ISA work?

11:39 AM  

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