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Baby Needs A New Pair Of Shoes

Belle shows Shawn a check. His eyeballs pop out as she explains, "It's for my first year's tuition. It was from the college fund they set up for me when I was a kid and they were really shocked. They thought they'd never have to spend it since I'm such a big fat airhead."

Shawn immediately jumps to her defense, "THAT'S NOT TRUE! You're not fat."

Shawn thinks she will be the hottest thing is scrubs. She asks if he is really OK with her becoming a nurse. Shawn has decided to be a big boy about it. He won't argue with John and Marlena about footing the bill, either, or that wardrobe Marlena bought Belle. Belle tells him she hasn't been completely honest. She tells him Phillip bought the wardrobe. Shawn's big boy days may be over.

Billie and Phillip snoop around an apartment, which a woman named Selena Doyle leases. Phillip knocks. Nothing. He knocks again. Noting. "Billie speculates, "Maybe she's shopping – you know, Baby needs a new pair of shoes." Billie breaks out her handy dandy lock-picking kit.

Kayla is at the hospital. She actually came to work for a change. She sees a baby and makes over it. The nurse on duty tells her it's an abandoned baby, with a note and everything, "Please take care of my baby."

EJ encourages Sami to come with him and stop fussing over the refrigeration truck. Sami wails and says she is scared. She just doesn't know what she would do without EJ. "Lean on me," he says. She leans. He leads. Lucas frosts.

Sami runs back to the truck. She screams. She knows Lucas is in there. She finds a brick on the street and starts pounding it on the lock, "Help me EJ! Help me get this open!"

Belle tells Shawn about the wardrobe. Shawn continues to be a big boy and says she doesn't have to give it back. Belle is a little surprised Shawn feels that way since the gift was so personal. "A thong is personal," says Shawn. He's thrilled the clothes made her happy. They argue over who asked who to get married first. He thinks Phillip was trying to make him look bad, though.

Billie and Phillip search the apartment. Billie sees things that were in the picture, so she thinks they are in the right place. Phillip thinks they are barking up the wrong tree, "If there was a baby here there would have to be something left behind. Blankets, diapers something left behind to prove..."

Billie holds up a little teddy toy, "Something like this?"

Phillip grabs it from her, "Dammit!"

Kayla lifts the baby. She tells the nurse to alert Abe and report it. She turns to the kid, "Hi there, mister! What is your name? We're gonna take very good care of you. You are a little bug aren't you? Just a little bug."

EJ tries to stop Sami as she goes nuts and pounds the lock with the brick. Sami screams and begs Lucas to say something if he is in there. Lucas reaches for the tape recorder and presses the button. The monotone voice drones, "Help me!" That sends Sami to a new level of freaking out, "I knew someone was in there! What are you doing, EJ? Help me!"

Shawn thinks Phillip reminded Belle she was with a guy who can't do as much for her as Phillip can. Belle thinks he's exaggerating. "Yeah," says Shawn, "When the Ferrari Spyder shows up in the drive, send it back."

"What if it's for you," asks Belle.

"To err is human, to forgive is divine," says Shawn.

They argue about Phillip's generosity. Belle finally decides, "I'll give the clothes back."

"What," asks Shawn, "And make me look like an idiot?"

"OK," says Belle, "I'll keep the clothes, but you'll still look like an idiot."

"You know he made a play to get you back," says Shawn, "Phillip has the same agenda he's always had – to get his life back with you and Claire."

"Phillip doesn’t stand a chance," says Belle.

Shawn says he can't offer her the same life Phillip can. Belle says, "I'm not after money. Just the things it buys."

Phillip wonders why the mystery woman bolted. "Probably because you told her you were bringing a detective," says Billie. She finds a gym ID with a picture. Phillip recognizes Lauren. He tells Billie about the embryo switcheroo. Phillip starts to call the cops. Billie stops him.

Dr. Davidoff checks out the baby and declares him to be in good condition. Abe and Lexie walk in and Kayla makes all the intros. Dr. Davidoff leaves and Abe takes a look at the note, "He writes pretty well for an infant." Abe says he will check the surveillance videos and call CPS. Kayla says she really hates for a tiny baby to go into that system. Abe leaves. Kayla and Lexie make over the baby.

Kayla can't imagine someone walking away from him. She reminisces about her own baby – the grown woman who now hates her parents. Kayla tells Lexie she and Steve have been talking about adopting. She says Steve isn't so enthusiastic about it, but she knows the second she lays a baby in his arms he will melt.

"Why would you want to melt a baby," asks Lexie.

Billie insists Phillip can't call the cops. It seems what they have done might be construed as Breaking & Entering by those pesky boys. "Besides," says Billie, "What if your kid really is out there?"

Phillip's head spins, "Talk about déjà vu. This time I want to go through the proper channels. Come on, we can tell the cops the door was open. I'll explain it all." Billie OK's it but she doesn't want Phillip to get hurt. Phillip dials.

Belle says, "You are #1 with me."

"What a coincidence," says Shawn, "That's my IQ, too."

They go through more endless arguing without saying a single new thing. It finally wears Belle down, "I have been totally blind."

EJ finally gets with the program. He goes at the lock with the brick. It doesn't work. He goes for the tire iron in Lucas' car and breaks the lock. He struggles with the door, opens it and Sami rushes in. She finds Lucas and falls apart, "OMG, EJ, he is so cold." Rather than drag him out into the warm air, she slobbers over him in the truck.

Finally EJ picks him up and drags Lucas out as Sami bawls. Outside, Sami begs him to wake up as EJ goes to call 911. Lucas looks up at Sami and says, "I love you."

Belle says Phillip has provided and she convinced herself he was trying to make up for the craziness surrounding the mix-up with Claire. Shawn thinks if Phillip wants a family he should stop obsessing over Belle and maybe he will meet a girl of his own. Belle insists he wants someone to love who will love him back. Shawn says, "Tell that to Phillip."

Belle says she will. She decides to give the clothes back or, if Phillip won't take them, to a church, "Phillip has to realize you belongs with me."

The cops have arrived at the apartment. One of them questions Billie and Phillip about the baby. He says the woman in question isn't a fugitive or a missing person. Billie suggests he put out an APB. He isn't sure he should do it, "What're you a cop or something?"

"In a former life," says Billie. Well, that makes things just cozy, so the cop says he will see what he can do. He gets called out and Billie shows Phillip a bib.

"So what does that prove," asks Phillip, "That the kid had peas for dinner?"

"No," says Billie, "This will have DNA on it. We can use it to find out if you are the father."

The cop comes back in, "The lady next door says the woman here had a baby. He was a real cutie."

Billie sighs, "I guess he can't be Phillip's then."

As Billie, Phillip and the cop talk things over, Lauren comes back, sees them and beats a hasty retreat.

Abe brings Mrs. Myers form CPS into the room. He has a list of babies born there in the last couple months – Over 100. Mrs. Myers says the kid will be placed in foster care. She tells Kayla not to fret, "He'll have a warm bed."

"But what about love," asks Kayla. Mrs. Myers starts to leave but Kayla stops her. Mrs. Myers reminds Kayla about some of the little inconveniences of having a baby, like the 2AM feeding. Kayla remembers the 2AM feeding and says she always thought it was a time of peace and quiet. Mrs. Myers says it's not like that for everyone. She says she will find the child a good home. Kayla says the kid is at an age when he should be bonding with his mother.

Mrs. Myers looks down at the baby and says, "Well, you're stuck with me now, huh?"

Kayla gasps, "Don't go! I'll take care of him."

The cop says he will check the local hospitals to see if he can find out where the baby was born. He gives them his card and leaves. Billie wonders why Phillip isn't a little more enthusiastic, "You may have just found out you have a kid. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say that's an OMG." Phillip tells her the surrogate was supposed to terminate the pregnancy. He doesn't know why she wouldn't, "Unless someone talked her into having it – Shawn Brady."

Shawn says Belle doesn't have to give the clothes back. He wants this to end, all of it. He says there is more. He wasn't telling her the truth about the 4th, "I wasn't in Cleveland."

Belle asks, "Where were you."

Shawn says, "Indianapolis with Mimi. She's the best liar Salem ever saw and she's helping me with the bull I'm dumping on you. He says the weird phone calls started there. He got a call from Mimi. Bonnie is doing time outside Indianapolis. Bonnie told Mimi she got phone calls about a baby and Bonnie owing money. Mimi asked Shawn to step in.

Belle thinks Mimi should have stepped in herself, but Shawn says she couldn't leave Tucson because of her brother. He says Lauren never terminated the pregnancy. Bonnie paid her, figuring she would put the squeeze on Phillip later.

Shawn says he went to see Lauren, but didn't see a baby. He told Lauren this was all her problem and gave her Phillip's phone number. Belle wonders why Shawn didn't tell her all this before. "That would have made too much sense," says Shawn, "Besides, Phillip would try to convince you I was in on it."

"Why," asks Belle.

"Because we are in the love with the same woman."

Phillip tells Belle he thinks Shawn is involved in this. He thinks Shawn is jealous and is trying to distract him. Billie is skeptical. She wonders if the baby involved might not even be Phillip's. Phillip is sure the baby is his.

Sami holds Lucas, "Popsicle man, next time you are overheated, find an air conditioner." The medics say he will be OK. Sami will go with him to the hospital. After they wheel Lucas off, Sami thanks EJ for saving Lucas life.

"Let's just hope we don't have to make it a third time," he says. He stops himself, "Oh, I'm so sorry. That was inappropriate. Believe me, I am a different man. You have nothing to fear from me."

"I wish I could believe that," says Sami, "I am afraid of you and I think I always will be."

EJ insists she can trust him right now. What he did to her was vile and inhuman. "But you are a different person, right," asks Sami.

EJ flashes back to setting up the refrigeration truck, placing the dummy and the tape recorder. "I love you," he says, "I truly love you, and that has changed me."

"Don't talk to me like that," says Sami.

EJ thinks this has Andre's fingerprints all over it. Sami's says to tell Stefano the next time she shows up with a gun she will finish the job.

Shawn swears he didn't know what Lauren would do. He tells Belle he spoke to her today at the beach. She asked for his help with Phillip. Belle says they have to find Phillip and tell him.

Phillip thanks Billie for going the extra mile on his behalf. Lauren listens as Billie says, "You wanted a son, now you may have one."

"Wherever he is," says Phillip.

Billie promises, "We'll find him." They leave. Lauren rushes into her apartment. She rummages through her desk, "Dammit! Where did I leave it?" Phillip and Billie return. Phillip left his cell phone. Lauren watches as the knob wiggles.

Kayla tells Mrs. Meyer she wants to take the baby home. FF Kayla.


Shawn asks, "Why didn't I just believe her when she said she had his baby?" Belle asks, "What?" Shawn says, "Man, I just made this whole thing worse."

Patch looks at the baby and says, "I'm kinda flyin' blind if you know what I mean." The baby sucks his pacifier.

Bo and Hope walk into a church and see a nun praying. Hope says, "What about her," Bo says, "No. She's a nun." Hope says, "That's all right." Sister Andre looks up.

Shawn and Belle look on as Billie yells as Phillip, "It's not doing any of us any good to stand around and rehash old wounds. We're not getting anywhere so snap out of it!"

Colleen says, "Oh, Mr. DiMeeeeera! I'm not in the habit of doing this!" Santo leers, "If you weel a-notice, you're not-a in your habit at all-a at the moment-a."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

memo to dool writers... this is ALREADY the third time EJ saved Lucas's life. There was also the fire in Carrie and Lucas's apartment about 13 months ago where EJ had to come to the rescue of the doofus in distress.

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Sarcasm On said...

OMG - EJ is just SO redeemed by this. He's as genuine as that "diamond" that Shawn gave Belle.

3:52 AM  
Anonymous Law Student 2011 said...

Ummmm, what type of health insurance to Sami and Lucas have?? The Salem plan, neither are employed and racking up frequent flyer miles at the hospital.
So is Phillips baby going to wind up being Belle and his in the end, another one of those egg switch stories??

4:54 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I really hope the baby isn't Belle and Phillips in the end. They need to do something about this triangle already, and I'm tired of Belle not being ok with Shawn lying yet it's okay for her to lie and keep things from Phillip?!Lets see where this goes....Sigh*

5:02 AM  
Blogger Deb said...

Law Student- with all the petri dish swapping last year, that egg could have been Kayla's for all we know.

...hmmm now THAT WOULD make things interesting......

anonymous- true EJ did save Lucas from the fire, BUT he didn't save him for Sami. So it doesn't count.

If EJ wants to do something truly helpful he should put Shawn on ice.
I am sick of his macho ravings about how he is going to take care of Belle and how Belle should be home in high heels and pearls like some demented June Cleaver baking cookies and reading to Claire.

Just wait, in 2 months when she is all done with nursing school he will be blowing up about her having to work the night shift at the ER.

We all knew Kayla would end up with the Phimi baby, but honestly it is so very sad that Kayla is going to fall in love with another baby and once again have it taken from her when it's found out who the real parents are. Everyone remember the Benji incident?

5:15 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

'Kayla lifts the baby. She tells the nurse to alert Abe and report it. She turns to the kid, "Hi there, mister! What is your name? We're gonna take very good care of you. You are a little bug aren't you? Just a little bug." '

Oh, no -- not another Doodlebug!!! Maybe they'll call this one "Littlebug".

"Kayla is at the hospital. She actually came to work for a change." HA! LOL!!

"Phillip tells her the surrogate was supposed to terminate the pregnancy. "

Now, does anyone besides me specifically remember Mimi saying that after all she went through with her abortion that she would never ask another woman to make that choice? Anyone? Anyone?

Oops, there I go again trying to infuse facts and logic into a DOOL storyline ...

6:23 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

cfish, you beat me to the punch! Kayla said little bug twice and I'm officially irritated already.

The dummy in that picture does kind of look like Kate. HAHAHAHA

Is anyone willing to bet Andre will manage to take the key away from Ho and Dope?

Loved the evidence Belle was there and the motorcycle gang. Great Prevuze!!

6:54 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

My first reaction when I read the title, "Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes", was that it referred to Claire. My thought, "Jeez, the baby needs a new pair of parents!" HAHAHAHA

Great Prevuze and so much to comment on. The pictures were all a hoot. I came "this close" to having something in my mouth as I reached the "August in Salem" pic of Lucas. It would have been sprayed all over my keyboard.

Missed Prevuism opportunities: The already mentioned reference by Kayla to the baby as a "little bug" when Doodlebug was already taken.

Then there was this exchange:
Besides, Phillip would try to convince you I was in on it."

"Why," asks Belle.

"Because we are in the love with the same woman."

The audience asks, "Why?"

And, finally:
Billie insists Phillip can't call the cops. It seems what they have done might be construed as Breaking & Entering by those pesky boys. Unlike the SPD, Indianapolis cops actually do their jobs.

Random TLT observations:

I hope the "abandoned baby" doesn't need whatever meds were in that prescription bottle.

So Belle has a college fund? Why didn't that come up three years ago during her one and only year of college?

Thanks, Prevuze!

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can hear it now...." Hey, Sweetness. Where's Little Bug?" " I'm right here, Papa."

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I confused are the writers trying to turn EJami fans into Lumi fans. I don't want EJ to kill people to get Sami. If they ever got together she would leave him once she found out what he did. Another thing, if Sami is so scared of EJ then why in the world would you hang out with him and then tell him she doesn't know what she would do without him? I was pregnant a couple of years ago and I went through some mood swings but this chick is acting loopy. Either love him or left him but make a decision. No wonder the guy is so confused.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Who called it on the Phimi baby being taken in by Kayla? This show is really predictable.

College fund? Didn't Belle say she needed to borrow money from John in yesterday's episode? Or is it just a nice, fat lie from Belle to Shawn?

Why would Sami hang with EJ. She's getting as bipolar as Belle and as bloodthirsty as Andre.

Hmmm, will the key open up Colleen's crypt? I thought I hypothesized about that a couple weeks ago. Maybe we'll get some more Santo-Colleen action in the next millenium.

"Why would you want to melt a baby," asks Lexie.
That's awesome.

Anybody else tired of Belle resisting every idea people give her about getting a place of her own? No marriage dorms, apartments or starter homes for Princess Belle. Nothing less then the Kiriakis mansion will do for her.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I thought John was some kind of gazillionaire, why does Belle even have a "college fund"? More like Trust Fund, if you ask me. Doesn't Hope have some kind of trust fund Bo doesn't want to touch "in case of an emergency"? It's like there is money everywhere but no one get can get their hands on it for some reason. Argh!

11:12 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

And speaking of trust funds ...

Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't I hear Shawn mentioning his "trust fund" on yesterday's episode? Assuming he meant the one Victor had set up for him, didn't he wipe that out to finance the Three Stooges' (Shawn, Rex, and Lucas) little jaunt to the war zone to rescue Philip (on his first tour)?

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Besides, Phillip would try to convince you I was in on it."

"Why," asks Belle.

Maybe because Lauren asked Shawn to take her baby to Philip. The big dummy would not do that... If Lauren's baby is the one Kayla wants to take care of, then that is going to cause Kayla a lot of heartache when the truth comes out. I wonder if then Belle will think Shawn was not 'in on it'.

12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm ready for these people to get back to WORK, we do remember what that is right? You want some drama, try paying the rent,utilities, car insurance (o' that's right people in Salem don't have car's..maybe a couple of motorcycles) The point is no one actually earns a pay check, and there is no better place for drama than the work place!
Dear DOOL writters,
Contact me for ideas...please
Faithful follower,

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just can't wait until Sami has those babies so her hormones will go back to normal.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Deb said...

Quick Spoiler for Monday:

Hope will finally find out what Stefano has kept hidden all these years.....a diary!!
Only to have it stolen by Andre after she and Bo fight with him in the church.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Cindy. Let's see them at work. Yesterday, Marlena said, " I love my work." I turned to my husband and said, " How does she know, she's never AT work." And, Sami asked in one scene is Will was ok. I said, " He's fine. He and Claire are out there somewhere in oblivian just having a blast."

11:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victor took Will and Claire and started a new chain of Baby Gap on Tinda Lao. Hey, it could happen...this is DOOL.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was actually a little disappointed with yesterday's episode. Nurse Crimmins went away, and the hot little spunky nurse came in to give Lucas his sponge bath. The beginning part actually had some fun scenes. For a brief moment, I thought they were going to introduce a new character who would bring a love triangle with Lucas and Sami -- spunk (sorely needed), fun, no relation to others on the show and somewhat intelligent. That, after a decent playout, could have left Sami free to pursue others and given a more natural point in time to place her with EJ, potentially as another "bad" Sami who feels rotten that Lucas rejected her. But I was wrong... just a no name character who's already gone for good. *sigh*

6:42 PM  

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