Friday, August 10, 2007

The Pocket Man

Billie and Phillip come back to Lauren's apartment to get Phillip's cell phone. They find it's locked again. Billie says, "Once' you've entered an apartment illegally, it doesn't much matter if you do it again." She picks the lock. Inside, Lauren watches the doorknob wiggle, runs and hides. Billie and Phillip come in. "Well, It's much easier the second time around," says Billie, "And it's a good thing that security system I invented turned out to be such a bust or she might have it installed in this apartment right now."

Phillip grabs his phone. Billie smells something, "It's perfume, and it ain't mine." Lauren paces.

Belle and Shawn are in the hallway outside the apartment. Belle says Phillip deserves to know Shawn flew there on the 4th and met with Lauren. Shawn wants to know Belle believes he had nothing to do with any of this.

Kayla takes the baby. Lexie tries to talk sense into her. Abe asks what about Steve. "It won't be a problem," says Kayla, "He let me keep a puppy I brought home once." Mrs. Meyer interrupts the conversation. Kayla assures them all Steve will be just fine with this, "He will want to give this cutie a home as much as I do."

Steve barges into the room and growls, "He will want to give which cutie a what?"

Bo and Hope come into the church out of the pouring rain. They bicker about getting wet. Hope tells Bo to open the box. Bo stands there. Hope yells, "Why aren't you moving?"

Shakespeare looks in on the scene and makes revisions to the Taming of the Shrew. He changes the main character's name to Hope.

Bo says, "I can't just open it. This is a holy tabernacle. Only a priest can open it."

Hope asks about the nun praying there, "What about her,"

Bo says, "No. She's a nun."

Hope says, "That's all right."

Sister Andre looks up.

The Guinness Book of World Records announced today that Salem has become the first town ever to have had every male citizen dress up as a nun.

Kayla stammers. She says she is glad Steve is there, "Take a look at this little bug." Steve takes a look and calls the exterminators. Kayla hems, haws and comes to the conclusion that they might want to take it in. The social worker asks if there is a problem.

Patch looks the kid over, "Problem? He's got all his fingers and toes, and eyes, right?"

Abe vouches for the Johnson's and takes the social worker outside to talk to her. Lexie follows. Abe makes a case for Steve and Kayla, "And I'm sure your screening procedures are by the book."

Lexie jumps in, "That's the way my husband runs his department, too, by the book. Unfortunately, the book is the Dummies Guide to Police Work."

Abe says, "And I'm sure that's the way Heidi Seyman does things, too."

Mrs. Myers gasps, "You know my supervisor!"

"Yes," says Abe, "Let's go give her a call." Abe and the social worker go off to make the call.

Lexie goes back in and cautions Steve and Kayla about what they are getting into, "This is the time to speak up if you want to back out."

Kayla is just bubbly. She bounces the kid and says, "You're going home with us!"

Steve's dark side emerges, "I think you just blindsided me."

"That's pretty easy to do from your left side," says Kayla.

Belle knows Shawn didn't encourage the phone calls Lauren made to Phillip. Shawn knows Philip doesn't trust him and he doesn't trust Phillip, either.

Phillip figures someone came in after they left and could still be there. They start the search, but a knock at the door immediately interrupts it. "What's that," asks Billie, "Girl Scout cookies?" Phillip opens the door and sees the kiddies standing there. He asks what they are doing there. They walk in and Shawn tells Phillip he met with Lauren there in Indianapolis.

Phillip seethes, "You SOB! Why didn't you tell me this?"

Bo insists they need a priest as Hope tries to approach Sister Mary Butt-uglya. Bo stops her and we go through more inane cutesy arguing as they go for the priest. Andre the nun follows.

Abe is on hold. Lexie comes up. Mrs. Myers is off checking other clients. They discuss Steve and Kayla taking the baby. Abe thinks Steve is reluctant. He thinks Steve isn't up to 2am feedings, especially since they plan on breast feeding. Heidi comes on the line. Abe requests a fast-track approval.

Steve and Kayla bicker over taking the baby. He thinks this will all be over when they do the background check on him anyway. He brings up Stephanie and driving her away. Kayla says that will work itself out. She admits there will be questions about Steve's past, but Abe is standing up for them. "Maybe he shouldn't be," says Steve.

Shawn says he knows he should have told Phillip. He tells them about Mimi, Bonnie and the whole deal. Lauren wanted to get to Phillip through Mimi, but Mimi wouldn't give her his phone number. So Lauren gave up on Mimi and turned to someone dumb enough to give her the number. Shawn says he gave her the number because he didn't think there was a baby. Phillip can't believe it. Suddenly, they hear something. Billie and Phillip rush into the back bedroom.

Kayla. Patch. Baby bickerin' blues. Nothing new. Kayla thinks the kid is totally cute and so little he would fit in your pocket. And thus, another idiotic DOOL name is born. "I guess that's better than Benjy part II," says Patch. Kayla says it's just for a couple days and then they can talk about their own adoption.

"This whole situation is out of control," says Patch, "You're out of control."

Apparently, Lauren got out the window. The apartment is on the 17th floor and, coincidentally, she passed Claire dangling from the flagpole on the way down. Billie calls detective Waite. Phillip goes to look for Lauren in the alley. Shawn says if he can't find her, Phillip will focus all his energy on Belle and Claire, "Why didn't I just believe her when she said she had his baby? Man, I just made this whole thing worse."

Bo and Hope come back into the church and find Sister Nunzilla's footprints on the floor. "Pretty big feet for a woman," says Bo.

"You mean for a rhinoceros," says Hope. She wonders if father Wallace came through. Or perhaps Sasquatch. Bo goes to find the nun and wants Hope to wait for the father. We have more stupid arguing about Hopes rain soaked shoes. Hope wonders if Andre followed them to Ireland. Bo tells her to stay there. He leaves. Hope strolls over to the tabernacle, which looks more like a Starbuck's espresso machine, and contemplates it. "So... only a man can be trusted to open a tabernacle, eh?"

Kayla knows this is happening too fast and Patch is overwhelmed, but, by God, she's going to press it anyway. She says Pocket needs them.

"What I need is a new name," says Pocket.

"He needs somebody, so why not us," pleads Kayla. Patch thinks he isn't qualified to handle the job. He doesn't know if he ever will be able to, or if he wants to be.

Phillip returns. No sign of Lauren. He badgers Shawn about his little holiday rendezvous with her, "I think you found a way to get back at me because you know I can take better care of Claire than you can."

Claire sits on the start-finish line of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway as the cars zoom by her at 225 mph, "Man, this is the best seat in the house!"

Bo returns as Andre sneaks around. Hope suggests they open the box. Bo says they can't tempt fate. Hope thinks nobody is safe until they find out what is in there, "We need to do it now while we still can. God knows who we are. He knows we mean no offense."

Bo agrees and sticks the key into the tabernacle.

Kayla backs off. She says she wasn't thinking about Steve. She picks up Pocket. I guess that makes her a pickpocket. Sorry. I know that was awful, but sometimes you just can't resist. She says she was thinking about where he might end up and what they could do for him. She agrees the priority is her, Steve and Stephanie getting their lives back.

"But you're already too far gone, aren't you, Sweetness?"

"Totally out of my mind," says Kayla, "From the second I saw him... I know it's my problem."

"Your problem is my problem," says Patch, "He's really cute. It's the daddy thing. I'm not saying I'll never do it, just not right now."

"You're looking in the rearview mirror at your mid-fifties," says Kayla, "Just when were you planning on doing it, then?" She starts to go tell Abe the deal is off.

Patch stops her, "Just hang on a minute." Several people in the audience grab their barf bags after that quick turnaround.

Belle says Phillip has no right to say that to Shawn. Shawn and Phillip go back to arguing. Belle tells Phillip he would be dead if Shawn weren't the Salem town idiot. She reminds him Shawn was one of the Four Mouseketeers who came to Iraq to save him.

"I wish he had saved my leg," says Phillip.

Belle also reminds him Shawn has never thrown it in Phillips face.

"That's only because I change faces so often," says Phillip. He rages, "You're no friend of mine. Maybe you never were." Shawn tells him to believe what he wants to believe. Phillip believes Shawn was in on it all along. Billie backs him off, "It's not doing any of us any good to stand around and rehash old wounds. We're not getting anywhere so snap out of it!"

Patch does a 180. He thinks one of the little pieces of the puzzle of his life just hooked up to a bigger piece. He remembers the day Stephanie was born. He feels it all over again. Mrs. Meyers comes back and says they have been approved. Kayla is soooo sad. She turns to Mrs. Meyers and says, "I'm sorry, but..."

Steve interrupts and says that's good news. He takes the Pocket Man while Kayla goes to sign the papers. Kayla is in shock. "Get out of here before I flip-flop on you," says Steve.

"You already did," says Kayla. She leaves to sign the papers. Patch bonds with Pocket, "I'm kinda flyin' blind if you know what I mean."

Pocket sucks his pacifier, "I could tell you were half blind just by looking at you."

Patch suggests, "Hey, let's go celebrate with wings and burgers. Oh, I forgot, you need teeth for that. What do you think of global warming? Hmmm... That's too heavy. How 'bout them Cubs? Are you a Cubs fan?"

Phillip wants a straight answer from Belle, "Did you know about this?"

"Of course not."

Phillip tells Shawn to take his apology and shove it. He goes to look for the baby. Belle chases him down and says they are still his friends. He rejects her. He's had all the help he needs from them. Phillip walks off.

Bo asks God's forgiveness for what he is about to do. "He forgives you," says Hope.

"How do you know," says Bo, "Do you have your own pipeline to Him?"

"We've done a lot of talking the last too years," says Hope.

God slaps his forehead, "Ugh! Don't remind me."

Bo tries the key in the lock and it doesn't work. A kid walks into the church and asks, "Would ya be the Brady's, then?"

"Yes," says Bo, "How did you know." The kid says the priest told him they were in there. So, how did the priest know? The kid says the priest will be in to see them in a few minutes. He will go tell the priest they are waiting. The kid leaves. Bo and Hope discover his backpack. Hope chases him but can't catch him. She comes back, and Bo finds a toy truck inside. Bo wonders why he had it in there. Three guesses, folks.

Patch sings to the Pocket Man.

"Don't give up your day job," says the Pocket Man.

"I don't have a job," says Patch.

Abe comes in. He says Kayla is finishing things up. "He's a cute kid," says Abe.

"Yeah, he looks like me," says Patch.

"I said cute," says Abe. Steve thanks Abe for helping them. Abe wonders if Steve is ready for this. He doesn't think Steve is ready for dirty diapers and 2AM feedings.

PrevuzeKayla comes back and announces everything is ready to go. Abe welcomes them to parenthood. "Good thing it's only temporary," says Steve. Lexie takes out her cell phone to take a picture.

"Say cheese," says Abe.

Steve smiles big, "Change me."

Billie leaves. Belle says Phillip will calm down. Shawn thanks he won't. He thinks the friendship is over. Shawn says they have to pack and leave the mansion when they get back to Salem, "He'll kick us out, Claire or no Claire."

Claire stands in Victory Lane with the winner of the Indianapolis 500 and guzzles champagne like water, "I never get to get plastered like this when Mom and Dad are around."

Bo thinks the little truck is great. He tells Hope he never had a toy truck when he was a kid because pop didn't allow them. Suddenly, Bo hears something, "Hope, it's ticking!" FF.


Hope screams, "Bo! Bo!" Bo runs toward the door with the truck as Andre (probably) watches in the background.

Jeremy tells Max, "The trunks of designer knockoffs... That was just a cover for what I'm really doing. I've been smuggling women into the country from eastern Europe."

Nick sits in a booth at the pub. He puts his arm around a beaming Chelsea and tells China, "This is the girl I plan to spend the rest of my life with, and no money grubbing, opportunistic tramp from Vegas is gonna get in the way of that."


Blogger Deb said...

For those who missed my Spoiler from yesterday, (I was late), the "Key" to ending the vendetta is.......cue music......dum dum dum..........ready?......are you's gonna surprise you.....I promise.......okay.....hold is a..............................................................

Dissapointed? Yeah so was I.
After all the letters crap now we have to listen to the Scooby Doo gang read Dear Diary, I met a boy, wow he's keen. We had peas for dinner tonight, I hate peas..
Oh boy.

So now Patch and Kayla have another baby. A boy this time.
Let's see, how they can mess this one up. Hopefully they will at least get then chance.
Maybe Phillip will just kind of forget he has a kid AGAIN.

Once again Prevuze readers correctly predict what's going to happen on Days.
Jeremy is smuggling girls into the US.
Kind of makes you wonder if maybe, just maybe, TPTB are readers too.
Maybe they are one or more of the anonymous posters we seem to have so many of lately.......hmmmm.
That WOULD explain a lot.

5:08 AM  
Blogger Kiki said...

I was very disappointed in the secret of the vendetta....DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!

5:52 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

A JOURNAL??!?!?!? They've had months to develop a story that's really exciting and tantalizing, and that's what they come up with?
Oh, well, after all it IS DOOL.

"Apparently, Lauren got out the window. The apartment is on the 17th floor and, coincidentally, she passed Claire dangling from the flagpole on the way down."
ROFLMAO! I almost choked on my cruller on that one!!

And Deb -- LOL at your Scooby Doo diary entry! Let's just hope the writers come up with something at least that interesting.

Great as always guys!!

6:17 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

A frickin' journal, how lame. They can't even get the letters read fast enough without adding a journal. Will the journal be in Gaelic Or Ogham?

Everybody's in Indy and no Claire in sight. Is the Tot Garden open 24/7? There's a new baby in town, forget about Claire?

6:26 AM  
Blogger Brendamouse said...

Pocket? How are you going to call a baby Pocket with a straight face? Isn't that akin to Michael Jackson calling his youngest son Blanket?

Doodlebug -Sierra
Stick- Chelsea
Lips- Kate
Cuecard- OMB
Bikini- Stephanie

Come on!

6:47 AM  
Blogger Angel said...

A few random thoughts -

1 - I'm guessing the baby Kayla/Steve adopted is Tyler Kiriakis?

2 - It seems that Indianapolis is minutes away from Salem since Belle & Shawn made it there so fast.

3 - Who's babysitting Claire? (rhetorical question) & Ciara...

4 - It seems John's private plane goes in warp speed to Ireland.

5 - A journal? Bummer. I was hoping Colleen would be old and alive so she can hang out with Alice.

I read thru this prevuze too quickly. Prevuze rocks and I guess has improved my reading cause I zipped thru this one....

Keep them coming.... I don't know what I'd do without you.

6:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

was there any ticking props they havent used yet so far we had a musical box, flowers,briefcase, now a toy truck. whats next a pacifier.
I cant beleve they put us through the colleen santo story all summer just to have a jounal.
it wouldve been cooler that santo has hidden colleen in a safe house and thats what the key was for.

or the journal would give directions on how to find her

7:06 AM  
Blogger Applecheeks said...

"Why didn't I just believe her when she said she had his baby? Man, I just made this whole thing worse." Shawn, I refer you to Wednesday’s Prevuze (Thursday’s episode) where you said, and I quote, "Well," sighs Shawn, "Nobody said I was smart." LOLOLOL

I'm thoroughly enjoying the Adventures of Claire The Forgotten. They are a lot more entertaining than DOOL.

Of course, NOTHING is more entertaining than Prevuze. "Sister Butt-uglya" and "Nunzilla" had me LOL. And the Touch The Sky salute picture still has me laughing.

Wonderful pre-weekend send-off. Thanks Prevuze.

7:19 AM  
Anonymous Scam said...

OMG! I am laughing soooo hard at Prevuze! Sister Butt-Uglya! Pick-Pocket...


7:52 AM  
Anonymous Bulldog said...

I will never walk into a Starbucks again without wondering if the magical tabernacle is in there. HAHAHAHA

The viewers grabbing their barf bags at Steve's 180 is right. Wouldn't it have been a little more realistic (and interesting) if he'd just left in a huff??

Great Prevuisms today - Claire at the Speedway, Billie's long forgotten security system and the picture of EJ changing his mind. All great stuff! :D

8:06 AM  
Blogger cfish said...

"The Adventures of Claire the Forgotten" -- LOL!!!

Good one, Applecheeks!! I, too, am enjoying them. Poor Claire probably wishes she was back with Evelyn (the Beauty Pageant mom/kidnapper) -- at least with her she had fun and got attention!

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Ellie said...

ROFL!! Love all the "pocket man" jokes today. That little baby should get out while he can and follow Clair to whatever mystery location she's been left in. And that Andre picture is HYSTERICAL. Thanks for a great Prevuze!!

9:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it was awhile ago (but with Days does that really matter?) and I'm curious, whatever came about with the whole black glove storyline? It was EJ right? Everyone was so determined to find out who the black glove was and I don't think they ever did. I swear, all of Salem must have ADD or something because they jump from one thing (albeit they drag it out forever) to another without any real resolution...that and they forget about their children.

A journal? They'll never get through it and something will always be kept secret about the Dimera/Brady feud.

Love Prevuze...keep up the good work.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know which I enjoyed more, Shakespeare changing the Shrew's name or God slapping his forehead. OR Claire at the starting line at Indy. Thanks for a GREAT start to the weekend.

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Prevuze for the laughs!
Santo's picture with Colleen just slays me! I love how you write Santo's accent.
I think you are the only website that has me laugh out loud.

Maybe the journal will lead to a place where Colleen is hiding or the Santeen kid is living. I can't believe that all of this is for nothing.


12:14 PM  
Anonymous Theresa said...

What do you think of global warming?

What do I look like a Hot Pocket? ha ha ha

Pocket and Patch, what is Kayla going to change her name to pants?

How retarded!

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Scolly said...

Did anyone keep an actual count of how many times Lucas woke up, tried to raise his head or hand and fell back into his stupor? Or was it just too many to count? HA

1:35 PM  
Anonymous theresa said...

Jeremy tells Max, "The trunks of designer knockoffs... That was just a cover for what I'm really doing. I've been smuggling women into the country from eastern Europe."

And WHO called the Hoochie Mamma airlines???? Remember, prostitution being legal in Vegas and someone pointed out I was incorrect, etc.... WHO called it?????

No applause, just send money.

Thank you...thank you very much

2:25 PM  
Anonymous KOTU said...

Scolly - You have hit a sore point there. Aside from the fact that there is no way that the stupid truck could have been cold enough to incapacitate Lucas that quickly or that there was absolutely no reason Sami would be immediately focused on the truck, my sister and I had the following problems with that whole SL.

- Lucas could have put on some of the clothes the dummy was wearing to keep himself warmer, including stuffing them with the straw that apparently made up the legs.

- He could have taken a chain or hook (whatever was holding up the paper mache beef) and try to jam that fan that was blowing in the cold air or that motor he was trying to cut the wire to.

- He could have turned the tape on high volume and put it up by the fan - which looked like it was just sucking air in from the outside. Or, put it by the door where someone might hear it.

- He could have used his cell phone to call for help.

I know - TLT.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theresa LOL at Hot pocket!!!!! Prevuze my hats off to you once again. I LUV the Santo/Andre picture (thought I was gonna split a gut over that one) and Loser Salute.

My prediction, Andre did something to EJ when he was knocked out by the briefcase gas way back when...

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Claire stands in Victory Lane with the winner of the Indianapolis 500 and guzzles champagne like water, "I never get to get plastered like this when Mom and Dad are around."



6:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was interested in Friday's episode. Billie and Phillip in Laurens apartment searching for evidence of a baby. They found a little teddy bear. Ok. Why did Billie keep going around the room looking under all the vases and objects de art? Will a hallmark on the bottom of a vase give evidence to a baby in the house? Was it me or did anyone else notice her only search involved the bottom of the vases in the room?

8:03 PM  
Anonymous gidg1949 said...

Oh, my gosh - I have got to quit reading Prevuze late at night! I just EXPLODE with laughter & have scared my poor old dog too many times to count!
My faves today were you calling Kayla a pickpocket (for picking up Pocket), and commenting on Philip "changing faces" so often. Keep up the great work - you are a bright spot in my life!
You know some men should just NEVER dress up like women! I think Thaao is a handsome guy, but he makes one ugly female - nun, or otherwise!!

11:19 PM  

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